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The AMES and connected Griswold family differs in dates and some surnames with the cemetery readings. I have added ALL names and dates from all sources; Anna Carpenter WAITE who read the cemetery and from the Griswold Genealogy of Ruth E Griswold of Cassadaga, and old cemetery records, and family data from census and other records when found.
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Elsie (LEHNEN) Barmore LaDow 9 Jul 1909 d 20 Dec 1999

Byron 1839-1921
wife Ellen M 1841-1913;  Ellen M. Beebe, the daughter of James and Eva Ann (VINCENT) BEEBE (see BEEBE in the cemetery listing), was the widow of George FISHER when she married Byron LANDERS.1
Sarah 1869-1937
Frank Fay Landers d 5/29/1952 age 75-6-21
Wife Sarah SPICER 11/11/1869 d 10/10/1937

Dr Enos T. Lazelle 1838-1888
Wife Cornelia, 1834-1916

James 1906-1968

George W. 1902 ssdi Death: 6 Jan 1991
Wife Mary E Wilcox Steward 1907 ? SS data 4 Jun 1907
D Oct 1995 Jamestown NY

Robert A. 1903-1979
Mary E 1882-1967

LEE Howard E Roberts Lee 1908-1912
Florence R 1907-1938
Shirley 5/26/1930 age 1 day

Michael C. 1878-1955
Wife Susan H. WANNAMAKER 1881-1960
Son Raymond 1906
Wife Mildred A TIBBETS 1908-1974
Son Raymond 1932-1973 unmarried
Son Jerome 9/14/1937 d 3/12/1981 VETERAN
Howard K, 8/1/1911 d 6/7/1988
Wife Phelonise B d 1/13/1987 age 72
Elsie R.(LEHNEN) Barmore LaDow, 90 formerly of Mitchell Road, Jamestown, and
Gerry, died Monday (Dec. 20, 1999) She was born July 9, 1909, in Dunkirk,
the daughter of Michael and Susan Whannamaker Lehnen.

Bernie, b 11/8/1884 Greenfield PA(Erie Co) d 12/26/1941
Wife Olive M. 1885 d 1/8/1958 in Buffalo NY

Bruce LeRoy 1875 Crawford Co PA d 8/2/1949
Wife Alice ROBERTSON 11/8/1877 d 11/8/1942 dau of Nelson and Ory (TERRY)
Son Bruce L. 1/27/1937 PA d 8/20/1985 Dunkirk WWII Army VETERAN

Died 6/10/1926 age 85 no name

LINK (Probably LYNK
Freeman Link d `0/4/1847 age 32-6-22

Howard A 1899-1913
Howard D. 1854-1918
Mary D. 1854-19-

Addie M. 4/6/1861 d 10/19/1937 Her dau ANNA married Lloyd DERBY

Edward C. 4/1/1897 d 3/11/1967 WWI VETERAN
Wife Leanna B 1898-1974
Kathleen 1921-1986

Lucy T. (LYON) LORD died May 5, 1851 age 36 she was a missionary to China
Lyon, Armille, w. Dea. Aaron, Feb.7,1867, ae 74

Schuyler 1792-1851
Wife Mary Ann 1807-1882
Edwin 1826-1851
Timothy 1839-1841
Joslyn H 1843-
Wife Lydia BURNS 1847-1894

Seth John LOUCKS d 7/11/1970 age 21 Son of Seth and Marian (CROWELL) Loucks
Floyd C. d 11/28/1953

Edwin 1881-1968
Wife Nellie 1881-5/28/1976
Clifford Cornelius Luce son of Aaron 1898 d 1/3/1950
Wife Florence VanSCOVIAK 1904-?
Clarence 1904-1/30/1985
Wife Georgiana STRONG 1910-?
Euphremia Marian NICHOLS 1873 2/4/1948
William B 1838-1913
Clarissa B 1850 d 6/21/1926
August V. 1849-1929
Louise M 1856-1938
Elmer d age 15 6/9/1925
Floyd Centenial Luce b 1876 d 11/28/1953
Wife Jessie BULGER 1885-1/24/1967 age 81 resided Hih St.

Adolph O. 1901-1973
Richard A son 1929
Raymond Paul Son 1933-1935

Marjorie Helen 1926-1935
Leigh Albert d 4/10/1957 age 56-6-27
Wife Bessie CLARK 6/1/1900 d 7/9/1948 Dau of Lewis CLARK and Agnes KLEIST

Anthony 1914- 29 Apr 1914 d 29 Nov 1995 Cheektowaga, Erie, New York
Marian 1919-

Matilda 1870-1950

Raymond 1916-
Wife Gladys HORTON, 1916-1981 Dau of William and May

Fred G. 1875-1946
G.A.B. 1880-1974
James T. 1906-1910

John 1858-1939
Florence 1884-1974
Nellie D. WOOD 1881-1932

Dorcas 2/29/1792 d 10/15/1869

Emma M. 1882-1915

Carl /Charles F 12/28/1847 d 11/26/1916 "Father"
Friedricka 1/27/1850 d 2/10/1913 "Mother"

Charles S. Martin , Son of William, 5/24/1896 d 12/29/1943 in Lackawanna NY
(Erie Co) of Carbon Monoxide poison
Son Theodore, age 13 died same time of Monoxide poison
William, b Germmany 7/14/1861 d 1/14/1938 Dunkirk
Wife Amelia HAHN b Germany 1862 d 3/22/1951
Son Ernest V 1883-1932
Wilda Ida 1920-1921
Reuben 1926-1938
Frank W. 9/25/1879 D 2/21/1972
Wife Clara B 9/9/1884 d 3/29/1946
Dorothy 1916-1917
Evagean 1905-1922
Fritz (BRINKMAN) 1/3/1859 d 18/7/1884
Albert 1892-1964
Clara, 1902-?
Howard I 1/16/1929 d 5/15/1982 Son of Walter and Florence Bekerink Martin
Wife Norvale LEHNEN 1929-
Lucille Martin 1928-
Ethel M 1896-1982

Carl B JR 3/27/1930
Geraldine S 6/28/1935
Amy Sue 2/1/1987
Jennifer Leigh 8/6/1976 5/5/1984
Michael L 1955-1977

Frank J 1901-1959
Martha E 1902-Feb 21 1990

Capt Samuel 1836-1919 Civil War Veteran

Caroline, no dates

P.S. Elliott Mattoon 1866-1911
Margaret ELLIOTT Mattoon 1840 d 6/10/1924

Minerva d 4/5/1930 age 78
Bell R 1850-1882
Roy 1877-1958
Marinda G 1850-1930

Charles C 1894-9/3/1959
Wife Isabelle BAILEY 7/15/1903 d 10/26/1973
Son Donald L 1/30/1926 d June 30, 1945 KILLED IN ACTION Army WWII

John born Edinboro PA 5/12/1876 d 1/15/1942 at Canandaigua NY VETERANS
Wife Lorena 1883-1953
Wife Maude C 1882-1975

William C 5/14/1894 d 4/12/1962 Son of Robert and Mary (McADAM) McCubbin
Wife Lillian A JONES 1880-1964
Son William H 1907-
Wife Enid C 1914-
Nadine b/d 1941

Leo L 1891-¼/1954
Wife Pauline WITHERELL 1900-/3/2/1983 Dau of Jane and Elizabeth (TURNER)

William Klare 2/19/1940 d 11/27/1958

Leonard 1809-1888
Wife Harriet BAILEY 1809-1895
These are related to the SABIN Bailey wives, buried beside

Harry D. 7/4/1916 d 6/25/1973 Michigan, VETERAN Korea and Viet Nam

no data

Robert J 8/27/1905 d 11/6/1985 son of George and Dadie Miller Meger
Wife Marian S VIALL b St. Louis MO 10/8/1906 d 12/26/1984

George Peter 1863-11/16/1953
Wife Maude M 1870-5/26/1966
Martha E. 1902-
Baby 5/19/1926

Howard Audley 1899-1913
Mary D LITCHFIELD, Mensink 1854-1918

Sanford, July l,1857,ae 25
Benjamin, Mar.5,1806;Apr.25,1879
Alice S. his w. b Mendon NY Sept.25,1807;Mar.3,1888
Edie B. their da. Apr.17,1846;May 7,1864
Morris N 1892-1967
Wife Anna W. 1893-1985

Mary 7/27/1932 age 60

Anthony b Poland, 6/13/1890 d 6/19/1971 WWI VETERAN
Wife Balbina CEKAJ b Poland 1892 d 8/22/1962

Roman 10/4/1908 Millersburg PA Son of William and Jemima TROYER Miller,
Wife Camilla WEBSTER 1912-7/7/1985 dau of Fay and Nina PARKER Webster
Morris, 4/21/1916 d 2/5/1981 WWII VETERAN
Betty Ann 1926-
Son Jerry C 1952-1968
Rev Albert L 1919-1941
Olive B d 5/31/1968 age 63
Nicholas 1840-1916
Wife Margaret MICHELS 1850-1922
Son Frank J 12/4/1880 3/28/1962
1st Wife Grace CLARK 1878-6/13/1930
2nd wife Ann PUTNAM 1898-?
Son Richard 1906-1908

John O. 1862-1939
Hildur C 1914-1918
Albert V 1907-1957
Hilda C 1881-1954

Julius R 1904-2/22/1954
Wife Elsie HAHN 11/12/1904 Deer Park WI dau of Gustav and Emma ARNDT Hahn d

Allen 1839-1913
Wife Caroline BAILEY 1850-1917
Emma J HUFF 1843-1917
Cornelia SMITH 1847-1922

Callie 7/29/1893 10/10/1979 WWI VETERAN
Wife Delia FERGUSON 1902-3/21/1974
Son Russell 1922- age 77, of Putnam Road, formerly of Dunkirk, died Sunday
(Feb. 13, 2000) in WCA Hospital. He was born Dec. 15, 1922, in Westfield,
the son of Calvin ''Callie'' and Della Ferguson Moore.a veteran of World War
II, serving in the Philippines survivors include wife Myra Albrecht Moore,
whom he married Jan. 15, 1942 (pj obit)
Wife Myra J ALBRACK 1920-
Wayne, 9/20/1935 d 10/14/1976 son of Callie

William Gillette MORGAN 8/27/1913 d 6/30/1981 WWII VETERAN
Wife Marguerite SEIP b England, 1916-
Mother Florence Pierpoint Morgan 1877-1955

John B 5/22/1864 age 3-0-24 s.o J.C. & M.J.
Lydia T wife of John C d 3/26/1852 36-8-11

Delbert b Clarion PA 1934 d 5/12/1981

Ora Melford NEAR JR 3/25/1901 d 9/24/1973 WWI VETERAN, Navy
Wife Nellie SNYDER 1902 d 7/20/1978

Adariza L d 1884 age 74
Or Nelson, Adaliza L. 1904, ae 74 depends who read it correctly

Ella MEARNS Nenno d 11/27/1920 2/2/ 1988 Irving NY dau of Mackie and Nellie
PARK Menno

Grant, 1866-1949
Wife Emma 1869-1965

Earl Edward son of Harry and Susan 1898 d 1/12/1977
Wife Ruth H ERICKSON 9/10/1902 d 6/29/1983 dau of Arthur and Maude
Glen Paul 1939 - 9/1/1963 Car accident son of Earl
Edward James 1877-1959
Wife Canelia K 1883 d 10/20/1958
Harry E 1873 d 1/23/1953
Wife Susan CALHOUN 1879 North East PA d 6/9/1948
Henry A d 11/14/1931 age 86

Lawrence E.
age 61
born July 11 1927 in the town of Pomfret.
The son of the Late Reginald and Alice  Nickerson (Alice married after Leon Derby Sr)
married Donna Harvey
US Army WW2 veteran
Died Dec 29 1988 Dunkirk NY
Buried Cassadaga Cemetery
Provided by Jay Warner, 2005

Layfayette Nobles 1914-198114 Sep 1914 SS no issued in Arkansas died Apr
Wife Gladys M 1900-? 26 Sep 1900 d Oct 1988

Mary (PHILLIPS) Norman wife of Albert S Norman 1842-1910

Ida (CARDOT) 1864-7/9/1943 Gowanda State hospital, Widow of Sylvanus NORTON,
He died in Calif, in Vets hospital she is on her father Walter CARDOT'S

Albert R. son of James and Minnie (Schroeder) Nutt 3/20/1909 d 8/26/1976
Wife Beatrice CHRISTY 1911- (SS d index, 1 Jul 1911 d 15 Dec 1993
Son Ralph 12/18/1942 d 7/25/1943

Lucy died 8/11/1927 age 81
Harold L 1900-1961
Viola H 1899-1982

Ancel L 1901-1982 SSDI info 14 Oct 1901 d Jun 1982
Wife Florence G. 1911- 16 Nov 1995

Abigail, "Abbie E." 1847-1/29/1931

Robert J 5/24/1887 d ¾/1959
Wife Beatrice WAITE 7/23/1887 d 10/17/1897 age 99

Robert H. 7/10/1898 d 1/3/1983 Son of Alton and Maude (Rose) Page
Wife Alice PAYNE 1905-4/22/1975

Robert 1896
Wife Laura B 20 Dec 1899 d Aug 1968 Cassadaga
Robert either passed away, 19 Jan 1991 Erie PA or 4 Nov 1896 Death Date: Apr
Pima AZ

Charlotte (BRIGHTMAN) Bensch-Parker, 88 died Saturday (March 10, 2001) she
was born March 7, 1913, in Kelliville, Pa., the daughter of Charles E. and
Margaret ''Pearl''( Stroup) Brightman. She was preceded in death by her
first husband, Elmer J. Bensch, whom she married March 10, 1934, and who
died Feb. 20, 1984; her second husband, Vernon Parker, who died Jan. 6,
1995; two sons: Charles and Ronald H. Bensch; a foster son, Donald Edwards;
and six brothers: George Edwin, Delbert, Charles, Howard, Carm and Wilfred

Byron W. 1846-2/23/1930
Wife Emma GILLETTE 1853 d 1/19/1939 dau of Joseph Gillette
Flossie B 1890-1905
Floy 9/3/1886 d 9/7/971 Teacher, died Dunkirk
Josephine A 4/27/1852 Lima NY d Bemus PT 10/13/1934

Elijah d 3/22/1926 age 88
Wife Lucille d 8/4/1926 age 86
Marie, 1879 d 3/26/1945 St Pete FL

Claude 8/7/1872 Forestville, d 9/5/1945
Wife Alice HILL 1874 d 1905
Ellen CARDOT Fisher 1861-12/15/1946
Marshall B Payne 1852-12/9/1913 age 66
Marshall F 4/13/1908 d 3/7/1975 son of Clyde and Olive wife is Maxine
Clyde Burdette Payne 1879-10/17/1968
Wife Olive BEEBE 1879-½/1952 Dau of Frank Beebe and Lydia FISHER
Arthur G. 1881 d 10/20/1958
Wife Zella Lavada 12/22/1955 age 66-3-13
John B Payne b 1911-
Norma BRIGGS 1910-10/3/1908 Sarasota FL
Julius Melvin Payne 8/6/1869 d 8/5/1936 Falconer NY Son of Ransom
Wife Jenny d 5/13/1929
Edison W Payne 1915-1936
Patricia Lee 8/26/1937 age 3 months dau of Marshall and Maxine
Orrin Pierre PAYNE 5/22/1820 MA, 12/20/1886 Cassadaga
2nd Wife Lucina PUTNAM,, 1837-10/22/1911 Cassadaga

Mary H 1863-1949

Grover, 1884-1954
Wife Nellie M.

Herbert A 1908-1979
Wife Vera 6/10/1911 d 4/7 1991 Cassadaga

Sarah (PICKETT) Pettit, "MOTHER" died March 11, 1873 age 85 (*ca 1788)
(Sarah may be the 2nd wife of James Pickett, DAR or wife of his brother,
James married to Lucy FELT)
James JACOB PETTIT Died 1885 age 80 (Is the son of James Pettit and Lucy
Wife Chloe WILCOX, died 1880 (* is the dau of Enoch Wilcox she was b ca
1810 and died 17 Jun 1881)
SON is Seth Pettit b Ca 1845-7 died 1897 He was married to PHEBE who died
March 11, 1873;
In the 1880 Census SETH is living with father JAMES and Mother Chloe in
Stockton Twp Seth age 33 Son Ernest PETTIT age 13 and he is listed as
Grandson to James
Enoch W. probable son of James and Chloe, PETTIT b ca 1841- 1843
Wife Laura, listed in Cemetery records as his 2nd wife, Laura (PAYNE) King
1841 d 1904
The also are in this census 1880, NO CHILDREN in house;
Enoch PETTIT Self M M W 39 NY
Occ: Day Laborer Fa: NY Mo: NY
Laura PETTIT Wife F W 39 NY
Occ: Keeping House Fa: NY Mo: NY

(There are several DAR connections for this family)
Philip Phillips JR 1764-12/18/1845 Born Ashfield MA Son of Philip PHILLIPS
and Mercy ; Father of Sawyer Phillips
Wife Elizabeth SMITH, b Ashfield MA 1767 died March 20. 1842 Dau of Chileab
Smith m. Elizabeth Sawyer
Son Sawyer PHILLIPS b Ashfield MA, 5/16/1791 Died June 4, 1871 "FATHER"
Wife Jane PARKER, b March 5, 1799 died March 2, 1844 "WIFE and MOTHER"
Otsego Co NY (dau of Benjamin PARKER (1765-1842) served three years
Revolutionary War, as a driver of an ox team and cart as a transport in the
Revolution. He was born in Rhode Island; died in Ellery, NY.wife Mary Davis
Son of Sawyer Charles Phillips 1830 1906
Wife Eunice M CUMMINGS 1833-9/11/1903
Son Of Sawyer, William Wallace PHILLIPS. 1829-1910
Wife Celestine ELY 1831-1910
Baby (They had other children )
Son of Sawyer, Williston PHILLIPS, 1824-1889
1st wife Mary ELLIS 1825-1857
2nd wife Eliza HATCH 1837--1913
(A dau named Winifred b 1864 m to John S. Lambert)
Isham 1873-1875
Son of Sawyer, Sawyer PHILLIPS JR died October 28, 1854 age 22-10-0
Son of Sawyer, Joshua, PHILLIPS d April 14, 1850 age 17-1-0
Dau of Sawyer, Rosina PHILLIPS, d Jan 17, 1836 age 10 
[I believe Rosina is "Ina" wife of Nilton E. Beebe [sic], with child Harry age 15, in the 1880 Census Index, Buffalo, Erie, New York. Milton and Rosina married 5 Nov 1862, Cassadaga, Chautauqua, New York; Nineteenth Century Marriages Reported in the Fredonia Censor , Lois Barris, compiler, (Fredonia: Chautauqua County Genealogical Society, 1991). They are also listed in the Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Chautauqua County, New York, Hon. Obed Edson, (Philadelphia: John M. Gresham & Co., 1891), pgs 501-502.] 1

(* seems to be INCORRECT, DAR files state Rosina dau of Sawyer married to Milton BEEBE
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 165, page 226
Miss Dorothy Lampert Beebe.
DAR ID Number: 164729
Born in Buffalo, N. Y.
Descendant of Benjamin Parker and of Chileab Smith, as follows:
1. Harry Beebe (b. 1865) m. 1888 Clara Lampert (b. 1868).
2. Milton Beebe (b. 1840) m. 1862 Rosina Phillips (1836-1917).
3. Sawyer Phillips (1791-1872) m. (Betsy) Jane Parker (1799-1844).
Son of THOMAS and Loretta PHILLIPS Charles PHILLIPS, b 1844 died 1916
Wife Sarah DERBY 1845-1/18/1927 age 81
Dau of Charles and Sarah Grace (PHILLIPS) DEAN Wife of A. Earl Dean
(cemetery data is incorrect on Charles parentage and Grace no age given DAR
ID Number: 155510
Born in Cassadaga, N. Y. Grace (PHILLIPS) Dean 1873-6/5/1924
Dau of Charles and Sarah, Blanche PHILLIPS 1869-1954
Son of Sawyer, Thomas D M.D. PHILLIIPS b 1822 died October 18, 1893
1st Wife Loretta HARTFORD b 1821 d June 26, 1847 age 35-5-4
2nd IS Sybil FISHER b 1821 d 1895 (She is in the 1880 census with Thomas D
in Stockton)
PHILLIPS Children of George Harrison PHILLIPS and Carrie BAKER (She the dau
of O B Baker)
Little Sumner, d 8/7/1867 age 11 mos 7 days
Little Ollie, 1870 age 8 mos 11 days
Little Alfred, Aug 24 1873 6 months,
Zephaniah PHILLIPS 1858-1938
Rosana 1856-1949
Schuyler Phillips b NYC 7/29/1876 d March 4,/1965
Wife Myrta 1896 d 1/5/1958
( burials on Sawyer Phillips lot)
These also on Phillips lot
Baker-Orson b 8/22/1813 d 12/10/1897
Wife Mary 10/9/1822 d 1/8/1873
Mabel FORBUSH d 3/3/1881 age 68-5-17
George Henry Bellows 1862-1945
Mary (PHILLIPS) Norman wife of Albert NORMAN 1842-1910

Alanson Pickett 1832-1920
Wife Malvina 1836-1920
Son Erie or Eric 1865-1896
In 1880 census is the family of Alanson Town of Charlotte;
Alanson PICKETT Self M M W 47 NY
Occ: Farmer Fa: NY Mo: VT
Malvina PICKETT Wife F M W 44 NY
Occ: Housekeeper Fa: NY Mo: NY
Eric P. PICKETT Son M S W 15 NY
Earl G. PICKETT d October 24, 1862 age 2-9-24 son of Daniel and Caroline
(1880 census Daniel and Caroline,)
Daniel PICKETT Self M M W 59 NY
Occ: Shoemaker Fa: NY Mo: NY
Caroline PICKETT Wife F W 51 CAN
Keeping House Fa: NY Mo: CAN

Preston K Pierce 1861-2/26/1925
Wife Eva D.1862-
Bert died 12/8/1932 age 72
Wife Jessie (PIERPOINT) 1881-1942 dau of John

John E. PIERPOINT 1850-1933
Wife Florence TODD,1854 d 7/30/1915 dau of Caleb TODD and 1st wife Vesta C.
PUTNAM (dau of Abner Putnam and Vesta MALLORY)
Arthur Watson Pierpoint 1876 d 1/31/1954
Wife Maude WOOD b Fayette Iowa 4/9/881 d 3/2/1962 dau of Elwin and Sarah
Miss Charlotte Pierpoint, b Iowa 9/6/1884 d 3/2/1962 Dunkirk
Dau of Joseph W Pierpoint and Mary Ellen (HALL) who died Dunkirk, May 31,
J. Watson Pierpoint, 1839-1921
Ellen M 1843-1892
Claude Pierpoint b Indiana 1873 d 7/6/1945 in Jamestown lived Westfield
1st Wife Grace HALL 1/15/1874 Iowa d 6/14/1943

Charles H 1849-1915
Wife Annie A. MUSEWALD 1866-1940
Son Gilbert M Piersons b 8/1/1889 -7/27/1974 age 84
Wife Mary 10/4/1885 d 4/13/1968
Hazel l. Pierpoint 1880-1977

William B.S. PLATT 1845-1914 on the RAYMOND- PLATT Monument
Wife Rosetta RAYMOND 1850-1918

Dr. Isaac W POND b 7/21/1836 at Spring, Crawford Co PA (Son of Isaac)
Died 1900 was Homeopathic Physician He resided at Rounsville (Warren Co
PA) and Jamestown NY
Wife Fanny L WALDO 1836-1878
Lyman I. Pond 7/3/1858 d 1894
Willis E. Pond 188-1952 Monument / POND- LUCE
Wife Bertha E HARRINGTON 1890-1942
Joseph H DARLING 1890-1942
Mabel E 1885-1939
Fordice Pond 1855-1893
Mary ROOD 1861-1899
Glenn 1882-1899
Lynn I. 1858-1884 (may be Lyman above)

Edward P. Potter 1802-1911
William Edward Howard Potter 8/22/1866 d 8/11/1941 Arkwright
Wife Phebe 1850-1938

Arthur 1849-1922
Phebe E 1850-1938

Edward K. 1836*-1899
1st Lieut.Civil.War, CO G 9 Delaware Infantry.
Filed in PA for pension 10/21/1899 as an invalid
* Is probably the incorrect birth year, one Edward KING Prettyman b 11 Jul
1838 Sussex, Delaware
Parents Joel PRETTYMAN Mother: Sarah PARKER AIS Mortality Schedules Index

There are several families of PUTNAM in this county, not closely related;
Abner PUTNAM and wife Vesta are probably buried here in this cemetery but I
cannot find records except the BIO posted that they DID die here; Abner
(William, Elisha, Elisha, Edward, Thomas, John), born in Buckland, Mass., 28
July, 1794; died in Stockton, N. Y., 27 Aug., 1862; married at Buckland, 28
April, 1818, Vesta, daughter of Hiram and Hannah MALLERY, born Buckland, 1
Feb., 1795; died 18 May, 1872.

SON Corydon Putnam 4 Jun 1831 d 1917 (Son of Abner Putnam and Vesta MALLERY)
Wife Louise Wilson FULLER died 7/7/1870 age 36-0-14 (He married to SALLY
who was Celestia "Sally" Abigail Mathewson b 29 Mar 1844
Listed wife who is with him in the 1880 census Corydon PUTNAM Self M M W 47
Occ: Farmer Fa: MA Mo: MA
Sally PUTNAM Other F W 36 NY
Occ: Keeping House Fa: MA Mo: NY
Allice PUTNAM Other F S W 19 NY (married to William M. Thompson
In Cassadaga DAR files exist)
Blanch PUTNAM Other F S W 7 NY
Edith PUTNAM Other F S W 7 NY
Fred PUTNAM Other M S W 3 NY
Occ: At Home Fa: NY Mo: NY
(Another dau of Corydon and Louise is Elmira "Myra" Louise married Darius
Boyton Deane lived in Fredonia dau, Lotta Louise Deane member DAR
Dau Blanch and Edith were twins, )

Edwin PUTNAM died September 9, 1889 age 61 son of Abner PUTNAM and Vesta
1st wife, Harriet , d 9/5/1859 ahe 32
2nd wife Electa (MONTAGUE) WAITE, is buried at Sinclariville Cemetery
Son of Edwin and Electa, Edward David, 12/6/1865 d 5/2/1873
Son of Edwin and Electa, George Putnam d 1/12/1864
Forest C. Putnam 1885-1886 (may be son of Forest Putnam and Leila COTTON of
Frank Fuller Putnam son of Corydon and Louise b May 15, 1856 d 7/19/1880
William A Putnam M.D. b 1856 d 2/16/1931 age 76 resided Forestville Son of
Edwin Putnam and Harriet Irons He was born here in Stockton July 11, 1854.
He studied medicine at University of Buffalo, and was a physician in
Wife Mary A 1857-1947 (Manda (Mary Amanda AMES)
Dau Harriet A 1882-1936
(They also had a son Edwin)
Clayton S. Putnam 1864-1939
Wife Julia L 1863-1947
Howard F 1895-1899

Allen b 3 Apr 1824 d 1899 Son of Abner PUTNAM and Vesta MALLORY
Wife Martha A. (WALKER) died July 8,1859,ae 30 He married Martha Ann Walker
June 20, 1849
(*In the 1880 census Allen is 56 living in Stockton with wife Amelia )
Twin Sons, Clayton, Clifton and Son Herbert
Allen PUTNAM Self M M W 56 NY
Occ: Farmer Fa: MA Mo: MA
Amelia PUTNAM Other F W 45 NY
Occ: Keeping House Fa: VT Mo: VT
Clayton S. PUTNAM Other M W 16 NY
Cleffon A. PUTNAM Other M W 16 NY
Herbert E. PUTNAM Other M W 14 NY
Marilla SMITH Putnam 2nd wife of Allen, 1836 d 8/19/1866
Amelia M. WOOD Putnam 3rd wife of Allen 1834-1912

Clayton S Putnam b 1864 d 1939 Son of Allen
Wife Julia L. 1863-1947
Son Howard F. 1895-1899
Son of Allen, Ernest W. Putnam died 2/23/1875 age 17-6-24
Dau Mary G Putnam d 9/22/1855 age 5 months

Herbert E. Putnam , son of Allen 1866 d 1/9/1925
Wife Susanna 1868-1950 (On the Lorimer PUTNAM - JOHNSON lot)
Son d 1893
Dau d 1908
Son Lorimer PUTNAM 1900-1973 Wife Violet is interred at Steamburg Cemetery
in Catt Co NY (SSDI 31 Jul 1900 Death Date: Jan 1973
Sister Ellen no data

Gerald E. 1935-1974

Evelyn S. 1893-1948

Joan C. 1938-1974

Quincy D. Ranney d 1/10/1932 age 61
Gloria D, died Harmony NY May 9, 1942 age 2 dau of Ralph of Lily Dale
Deloris 1939-1942

T. Almon 1887-1964
Verna M 1897-19777

Alvah B. Raymond 1806-1883
Luanda or LUCINA 1810-1888
Israel Raymond, b 1842 died July 18, 1924 age 81 Civil War VETERAN
Served 112 N. Y. Infantry .rank at discharge Sergeant
John Raymond, 1836-1912
Caroline A. 1842-1934
Ellis D. Raymond, 1902 d 11/29/1982
Wife Mary D b 1910 d?
I.R. Raymond, 1862-1956
Wife Florence HARPER 1874-1934
Ellis Burr Raymond 1927 d 11/13/1928

James 1864 - 1922

Thankful, 1804-1897 Mother of George (Derby) Reynolds

Clark Rice d 2/25/1850 age 35
George d 2/21/1856 age 1 -4-0 son of C and J
Martin d 2/19/1850 age 5-5-0 child of C and J
Alora or Alura d 2/17/1856 age 4-9-0
Martie I. 1874-1944
Fred A 1869-1946
Estelle L 1860-1909

Aseneth (May be RICE Wife of Nathan R RICHARDSON SR, 1799-1840
Nathan S Richardson Jr 11/10/1828 d 3/27/1910
Rosa, his w. Aug.27,1835; no date
Reuben H. Civil War. 1824-1885.
Alice May, 1852-1927
Merle S. 1877-1922
Bessie A 1879-1931
Truman S. Civil War. 1846-1911
Aruna, 1809-1888
Keziah Smith, his w. 1813-1901
Chloe Irene, 1844-1867
Oliver Perry, 1848-1851
Perle E. 1880-1964
Wife Vesta AMES 1882-9/18/1926
2nd wife Florence E Waite 1890-1970
Squire F. 1841-1906
Carrie E. Devoll, his w. 1844-1889

George A 1882-1972 (ssdi 28 Apr 1882 Death Date: Apr 1972)
Wife Ellen E 1882-1955

Howard B. 1908-1912
William H. 1851-1922
Mary E. 1858-1928
Charles M 5/25/1821 d 12/6/1897
Howard P. 2/27/1891 d 9/8/1971 Son of William and Mary PUTNAM Roberts
1st wife Jessie M MURKETT dau of George and Marilla OBERG Murkett,
11/16/1886 d 12/25/1961
He married 2nd to Beartice CURRAN
Edwin L 1882-1920
Wife Emma MORLEY 1888-1961
Florence R LEE 1907-1938

George b 1879 d June 1, 1951
Wife Ocie SHAW b May 28, 1880 dau of Orrin and Annie SHAW died May 15, 1964

David H. 1844-4/11/1925
Wife Marcia A 1857-1935
Annie L 1881-1953
Ralph O, 1875-1946
Harriet J 1882-19676

Ernst Runge 1886-1960 Car accident
Wife Martha HAHN 1897-1972
Harold W. Runge, 76, formerly of Cassadaga, died Tuesday (April 25, 2000) in
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Tallahassee, Fla. He was born Oct. 12, 1923,
in Cassadaga, the son of Ernst and Martha Hahn Runge. a veteran of World War
II, serving with the U. S. Army in Europe. He was also awarded four medals
for his service Surviving is his wife, Hilda Boening Runge; four sons: He
was preceded in death by three brothers, Otto,Walt and Richard Runge
Son of Ernst, Waldemar RUNGE 1917-1954
Wife, Feryl A PENHOLLOW, b 1916 wife of Waldemar Runge, she married 2nd to
David J. Runge, 56, of Sinclairville, died Wednesday (Aug. 25, 1999) Born
June 28, 1943, in Dunkirk, he was the son of Feryl Penhollow Runge Johnson
of Charlotte Center and the late Waldemar Runge.
Richard G Runge, 1921-1960 car accident
Wife Iola K 1917-1961

William L 3/15/1913 d 7/20/1969 WWII VETERAN

Keith Russell b Oil City PA, son of Edwin and Sarah SIPES Russell, 10/8/1904
d 11/12/1962
2nd Wife Sylvia AMES 1916-?

Fannie F. Ruth "Mother" 1864-1950

David 1811-1887 (*Son of Nehemiah SABIN, and Zilpha PUTNAM)
Wife Louisa BAILEY 1810-1856
Wife Caroline Bailey 1824-1899
Zilpha (PUTNAM) Sabin, wife of Nehemiah and mother of David) 1794-1867

James A. Salhoff, 76, of Florida, formerly of Buffalo, died Friday (Oct. 20,
2000) in Good Shepherd Hospice Residence, Auburndale, Fla. He was born Oct.
31, 1923, in Fredonia, the son of Louis and Lizzie Martin Salhoff. a veteran
of World War II serving in the U.S. Army Infantry
Wife Evelyn H. JOHNSON 1925-

Maude H 1866-1948
William, no dates

George C 2/15/1898 d 12/15/1961 WWI VETERAN

Raymond G 1901-1978
Wife Catherine

Henry M 1898-1976
Wife Aurilla M 1902-

Harry G. 1915-

Wife Margaret H 5/14/1925 d 10/2/1985
Albert SCHWARTZ 1872-4/3/1928
Wife Edna ABELL 1873-8/9/1924

Mary nov 1959 no age

Mitchell, 1879-
Carole N. 1900-1947

Elbert 1860 or 1880 -1922
Mary L. JEWELL 1848-1928

Carrie L. 1884-1967

Lysander Shaw, 1840-1916 Civil War VETERAN
Son of Warren Shaw,
Service Record:
Enlisted as a Private on 14 September 1864 in Yorkshire, NY at the age of 23
Enlisted in Company A, 188th Infantry Regiment New York on 26 September 1864
Mustered out on 01 June 1865 in Washington, DC pensioned 1892 as an invalid,
Hallie May d ½/1924 age 46
Dr. Orrin Carlton Shaw 1848-july 1, 1915
Wife, Annie C. 1849-1917
Dau, Beulah Marian SHAW, R.N. 1882-10/26/1966 in Dunkirk age 84
Annie (LEWIS) 4/6/1861 d 1/9/1941
LaVerne F Shaw, 1912- 8/31/1978 WWII VETERAN Army son of Jesse and Isabelle

Ida E. Richardson, wife of George Sheffield dau of Nathan and Rosa
Richardson, 8/16/1855 d 9/3/1880

Albert L. son of John, 1862-1896
Elmer L, SHERMAN 1888-3/6/1966 VETERAN ?
Wife Florence L BACKUS 1889-1976 (*died 22 Mar 1976Dau of Hiram BACKUS and
Mary Elizabeth Wheaton)

Rev. Sadie 1897-1984

John Simmons, Mar.27,1827;Feb.19,1908
Marion S.HOUSE his w. Aug.9,1837;May 12,1900 Dau of Benjamin And Sophronia
(TARBOX) House
Son of John, Burdette B.SIMMONS 1862-1927
Wife Alida 1862 d 3/13/1932
Johnnie L. their s. Dec.26,1884;Nov.14,1890

Robert, 8/29/1895 d 7/1/1955 WWI VETERAN
Wife Lois J (ROLPH) her 2nd husband, 1887-1971
Ivan E HER son, 10/19/1907 d 11/2/1964 Veteran WWII

Eleanor (GLEASON) Skinner 1918-1/27/1968 wife of Edward Skinner

James P SKIFF 1823-1905 Civil War VETERAN
Service Record:
Enlisted as a Private on 28 August 1862 in Charlotte, NY at the age of 39
Enlisted in Company F, 154th Infantry Regiment New York on 25 September 1862
was POW on 02 May 1863was Paroled on 16 May 1863 Mustered out on 11 June
1865 in Bladensburg, MD
Wife Almina (CHASE) dau of Stephen Chase and Clarinda Holbrook 1827 died
Son Charles, 1850 died 1905
1st Wife Nellie S. 1857-1898
Pearl their son 1888
2nd wife Rosetta "Ettie C" 1844 d 12/22/1929 age 86
of Charles, Son Fred 1884 -1945
Wife Donnetta 1878-10/23/1923

Minnie, 1877-1904

Andrew died 10/5/1887 age 90-3-16
Abigail, his w. May 28,1881,ae 81-5-29

Ebenezer SMITH, May 20,1855,ae 89-1-20
Keziah (ELMORE or ELMER ), his w. died Mar.17,1869,ae 93-11-5
They were married, 17 May 1792 Ashfield, Franklin, Massachusetts
Son Ebenezer JR. d 2/22/1835 age 21
Rev Ebenezer Smith 1850 -?
Wife Lucretia CHASE 1850-1911
Leroy M.SMITH 1856-1928
Alice L. his w. 1859-1923
Alex, d 12/23/1878 age 48-2-0
Gerry d 7/1/1882 age 77 son of Ebenezer and Keziah b 1803
Elmer D son of Theron Smith and Matie Fry 6/28/1916 died ¼/1981
Wife Jane JONES d March 1973
Nettie Smith 1915-1924
Lewis W 1874-1952
Wife Lizzie L 1877-1963
Morrison, d age 30 minutes, 10/14/1927
Morris, d 10/24/1927 age 7 days
David Smith d 6/22/1923
Alice L d 7/14/1923
Mabel BRAGG Smith d 10/20/1924
In double grave with Nettie d 10/20/1924 age 9 years
Edison Smith d 6/16/1926 age 76
L. Bennett Smith 5/30/1884 d 3/7/1956
Wife Hazel Emily TURNER 12/28/1886 d 3/7/1977
Leopold, A 1875 d 3/2/1952
Wife Wilhelmina, 1877-1965
Warren Rex Smith 11/2/1914 son of Bennett
Wife Anna TORGESON b 3/14/1921
Herbert Leroy Smith 10/14/1907 d 5/28/1961 son of Bennett WWII VETERAN
R. Halley Smith 5/21/1910 d 2/21/1984
Wife Lenora PATTERSON 1918-
Earl H Smith, 11/14/1883 d 8/17/1966
Norman L 3/25/1907d 12/14/1984 WWII and KOREA
William A Smith son of Aaron, 2/15/1885 d 1985
Wife Mina Marie WHALEN 1883-5/14/1969
Emma M b/d 1876
Lydia V 1863-?
Frank A 1840-1912
Cordelia 1847-1922
Chester Earl Smith 1892-4/3/1943 Vetrans hospital
Aaron Smith, 1843-7/16/1928 age 84
Retta, 1860-1944
Almyron 1/9/1836 8/22/1896
Abby D 1858-1913
Alfred J 1880-5/7/1927

Philip 1854-1925
Wife Emily 1864-1946

Archie L 6/9/1874 son of Benjamin Sprague, d 11/3/1944
Minnie (AUSTIN) Sprague, 1876-1938
Blanche Louise, 1884 d 11/13/1964 Teacher at Cassadaga school

Mrs. L.O. d age 77

James Silas Steward 1/13/1904 d 10/3/1944 Husband of Mary WILCOX
Beth, age 3 days, 2/17/1926
James JR 1936-1939
David J d 2/1965
Elmer W 3/13/1913 son of Walker and Ethel CROWELL Steward 12/16/1974

Benjamin 1929-?
Frances M 1932-1979

George T 1877-?
Wife Minnie M 1891-?
George L 1926 age 19 days
Fannie F "Mother" 1864-1950

Donald Stover, 70, died Thursday (May 10, 2001) in Heritage Village Health
Care Center, Gerry. He was born Feb. 9, 1931, in Lockport, the adopted son
of John and Rita Schultz. a veteran of the Korean conflict, serving from
1953 to 1955 survived by his wife Eva May Moore Stover

Frank JR 10/23/1913 d 5/27/1972 Son of Frank and Daisy RICKENBRODE Stowell,
Wife Hollis M FISHER 7/20/1904 d 1/13/1988 dau of George and Hattie CLARK
Fisher, she was postmistress on Cassadaga

Eugene Straight 7/17/1860 d 4/30/1930
Wife Anna NELSON, 11/28/1865 d 1/30/1902
Albert A. Straight, 4/7/1889 d Mar, 4, /1966 Son of Eugene and Anna (NELSON)
Wife Isabelle GREINER 1894 d 8/24/1988
Albert A. ''Stub'' Straight Jr., 77 died Saturday March 17, 2001He was born
Oct. 19, 1923, a son of the late Albert A. and Isabelle Greiner Straight.
a veteran of World War II and served in the U.S. Army Air Corps in France
and England.
He was preceded in death by his wife, Irene Ames Straight, whom he married
July 3, 1946, and who died July 12, 1998; and two brothers, Robert and
Lawrence Straight.
Robert E. Straight, 7/1915 d 12/1/1981
Wife Irene SNYDER b 1913
Jeannette E. Straight, 77, of Cassadaga, died Sunday (Aug. 20, 2000) in her
home. She was born Dec. 31, 1923, in Jamestown, the daughter of George and
Gertrude Carlson Sheffer, and was raised by Norma Reynolds Sheffer. survived
by her husband of 58 years, Hugh Straight, whom she married Jan. 3, 1942( pj

Zimri Streeter, 1842 d 10/9/1924 Son of Zimri and Lucinda DEAN Streeter and
a descendant of John Streeter (1732-1810) served as private in Capt. Peter
Porter's company, Col. Benjamin Simond's Berkshire County, Massachusetts
regiment. He was born in Framingham, Mass.; died in Hampton, N. Y. (He
married Emma in Iowa, and the rest of the family is found there)
Wife Emma *PENDLETON, b 1848 d 3/21/1930 age 82
Son Ezra Streeter 1868-1954
Wife Ella M "Elsie" 1869-1947

John 1890-1967 WWI VETERAN< West VA

Lloyd, 1904-1979
Wife Alice 1914-1957

Irene 1902-1903

Leverett T. 1845-1919
Alice L. DERBY 1847-1930
Albert L 1872-1949
Alson C. 1848-1900
Flora F. 1850-1926
M. Jay 1874-1883
Archie M 1878-12/20/1923
Archie M. 1878-1923

Oscar, TARBOX 1848-1924
Wife Lucelia McNITT 1851-1923 Sister of Sylvania
Eder 3/18/1857 d 8/19/1934 Son of Albert brother of Oscar
Wife Sylvania McNITT 10/25/1860 d 4/24/1945 daus of David and Amy LOVE

Donald C 7/25/1915 d 12/2/1966 WWII VETERAN
Charlotte C 1887-1976

Henry C died 4/19/1893 age 46-9-19 VETERAN Civil War
7 Ind. Batt'y, Man. L. Art'y. Private Private 112 N. Y. V.
And BI 112 N. Y. Infantry. Private Private 7 Mass. Batty

Thomas G 1884-1913

William A 1883-1944
Wife Eliza A 1895-1977
Nettie 1869-1961

Alonzo H 1883-1946
Annie L 1851-9/18/1925
Alice M 1891-1969

Caleb Lewis Todd died May 16, 1903 aged 80-9-0 Son of Bela TODD and Lucy
(*Bela d 9-23-1862 ae 77-10-20 son of Caleb & Hannah
b. North Haven, Conn 11-3-1785
Lucy Hemmingway wo d 5-6-1856 ae 65 b 12-14-1791
(*Note- went from North Haven to Fairfield NY then to
Chaut Co. settling at Centralia town of Stockton,
later Pleasant Valley Kabob in Stockton. Data
from Todd Family (Reunion) and Young p 569 Bela and Lucy Are in Dewittville
Cemetery as is the Father of BELA, Caleb d. 7-8-1842 ae 78
Hannah GOODSELL wo d. 7-23-1852 ae 86 )
Wife, Vesta C.PUTNAM died Feb.8,1881, ae 54-6-19 Dau of Abner PUTNAM and
Vesta Mallory
Son Homer Franklin TODD 5 SEP 1849 died 12/30/1924
Wife Josephine DAWLEY 1852-1944
Dau Lucinda TODD is buried at Dewitville, with her Great and Grandparents
Edwin Todd d 8/18/1930 age 49
Stanton W Todd 1876-1952
Archie H 1875-1959
Emerson H Todd 1902-1986
Helen L 1905-?
John 1910-?
Edwin Lafayette Todd 1879-1929
Wife Gretchen BROWNE 1878-1948

Thomas H d 12/17/1902 age 51-9-29

Phebe, da. Abijah & Betsey SMITH Totman Dec.9,1848,ae 17
Rhoda J. (RAYMOND) ,2nd w.Abijah 1840-1918 (* or perhaps his dau) No sign
of Abijah He was born 1803
David J. 1830-1912 "Father"
Charity, M. his w. 1832-1900 "Mother"
George W. 1860-1912
Perry C 1858-1920
Wife Elmira V 1874-1929

Virgil W 1860-
Wife Rosella 1861-2/15/1928

Donald C 1935-1980
Annie E 1938-?

Hannah L. (*DAVIS?) w. Watson Tucker May 13,1856. (* Watson Tucker married
in 1840 to one Lucina DAVIS and she may be Hanna Lucina died 1856)
Wallace E. s. W. & L. June 9,1843, ae 1-1

Barrett Winchester Turner, 1860-4/9/1931
Wife Eliza LUTGEN 1866-1946
Corydon B 1834 d 2/16/1913
Wife Emily A HORTON 1/26/1836 d 1/16/1911
Isaac Graham TURNER JR 1863-1958 (*record states Father Isaac SR is buried
Bemus Point, 1788-1887 more likely GRANDFATHER Isaac Sr would be near 80
fathering a son )
Wife Maggie CRANSTON, 1864-1-/29/1924 at Salamanca NY, She was a medium at
Lily Dale
Roy Corydon, 1886-1913
Maggie A.C. 1864-1924
Esther C 1863-1967 Sister of Earl
Earl A Turner 9/24/1887 d 11/4/1969 WWI VETERAN
Wife Lucille was a medium at Lily dale
Son William Graham, 1945 d 3/24/1982
John Corydon Turner was a Vet. Dr in Jamestown 12/14/1889 d 1/5/1975
2nd Wife Ruth WOODWARD 8/23/1903 Ohio d 4/25/1984 was a teacher

Elvira Irons, 1829-1917

Jess W. 1888 -1976
Winifred L 1894-1976
Son Robert 1915-1964

Robert Ulrich, d 3/1/1996 age 81 Son of Rhinehart and Amanda Kickbush
Evelyn DARLING Ulrich d 9/23/1995 dau of George and Bernice Darling age 63

Werner W 1877-1959
Hilda M 1877-1935
Son Carlton D 4/1/1916 d 10/6/1974 WWII VETERAN

John d 2/14/1867 age 73
Wife Laura d 11/16/1871 age 78
Elizabeth M 1832-2/2/1924 age 91
Elizabeth A 10/1/1818 d 3/21/1905
Evaline 3/27/1825 d 11/5/1898
Peter d 8/17/1883 or 8 age 54-2-27
Vaill, Fred W. 1857-1926.
Lucina, 1858-1924
Mulford, July 25,1813;July 27,1887
Hannah, his w. Apr.17,1820;July 25,1887

Morris 1855-1941
Harriet 1842-1933
Minnie 1864-1952

Michael L 1/15/1915 d 12/10/1982 WWII VETERAN

E. Joy 1875-1962
Minnie J 1878-1953

Munford 7/25/1813 d 7/27/1887 His body was removed to Cassadaga from the
Stockton Cemetery in 1927 by S E BUCK
Wife Hannah "Sally" 4/17/1820 d 7/25/1887
Fred E Viall 1857 d 3/31/1926
Lucina E 1858 d 3/17/1924

Della d 11/4/1849 age 34-1-8 wife of Rev M.T. Wadsworth

Richmond Waite 1848- 6/22/1875
Henry 1842 d 2.2.1920
Wife Polly HART, 1846 d 12/8/1933
William D. May 21,1860, ae 44-8-9
Wife Nancy PUTNAM 11/8/1819 d 12/3/1906 dau of Abner and Vesta Putnam
Walter Burton Waite 5/13/1854 d 5/1/1932
Wife Corrine Nancy MELLETT 4/10/1862 WI 11/10/1926 dau of Dau of Herrick
and Eliza Barton Mellett
Orrin W Waite 1870 d 8/10/1925
Wife Gertrude WOOD, 5/18/1872 d 1962
Adelbert E. 2/17/1845 d 12/7/1889
Wife Louise Matilda BAILEY 6/22/1847 d 1/14/1932
William Gamaliel 1867 d 4/30/1947
Wife Mertilla BARD 8/18/1874 1968 Dau of Richard BARD and Harriet LEWIS
Charles Adin Waite 1873 d 3/31/1943
Walter Barton Waite 1885 d 8/26/1960
Wife Ruth EDDY 1888 d 2/3/1966
George H 11/21/1868 d 5/6/1960
Wife Clara Alton NORTON 9/21/1884 d 12/12/19655 dau of Sylvanus and 2nd wife
Ida CARDOT NORTON He was a Civil War Veteran died in CA
Catherine BULGER 1908-3/29/1968 Wife of Gerald Waite dau of Ernest and
Louise Grenier BULGER She was a Dunkirk Teacher

Maurice J. WAITE, 81, died Tuesday (Sept. 19, 2000) in the Veteran's
Hospital in Buffalo. He was born Sept. 10, 1919, in Colville, Wash., the son
of Maurice A. and Bertha A. Hills Waite. He attended Cherry Creek and
Cassadaga High School. He served in World War II's Central Europe Campaign
in the Army's 13th Division, Black Cats. He was awarded the World War II
Victory Medal, American Service Medal, European African Middle Eastern
Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal and the Purple Heart Medal. He was
employed as a head sawyer in the Catskill Mountains and locally. He retired
in 1986 from Payne Supply in Cassadaga as a tanker truck driver. He was a
life member of the Cassadaga American Legion Post 1280 and the Veterans of
Foreign Wars Post of Dade City. He was a direct descendant of Christopher
McManus, revolutionary soldier who served under Gen. George Washington at
Valley Forge and also a descendant of Baron Bohun, signer of the Magna Carta
in 1215. He is survived by his wife, Anna Carpenter Waite, whom he married
March 2, 1940, in the Baptist Parsonage in Falconer; two daughters: Helen
Burlett and Pricilla Lawson a son, Dennis Waite three grandchildren: He was
preceded in death by two sons: Robert, in 1942, and Gary, in 1966. A
memorial service will be held at a later date.

Otto E. 1891-1980
Lottie B 1891-1980
John A 1885-12/15/1969 was a Casssadaga Mailman
Wife Mildred FOX 7/9/1889 d 12/27/1969 dau of Herbert Fox and Henrietta
William E. 1863-1923
Mary J 1861 1897
Inez M. 1891-1926
John A 1855-1936
Charlotte C 1859-4/5/1933

Richard G 1882-1974
Alice May 1885-1966

Darius Warner 1835-1909 Civil War VETERAN
Service Record:
Enlisted as a Private on 21 August 1862 in Chautauqua, NY at the age of 27
Enlisted in Company H, 112th Infantry Regiment New York on 29 August 1862
Transfered on 30 October 1862
Mustered out on 13 June 1865 in Raleigh, NC
Wife Polly DENNISON 1851 d 8/27/1927

Verland D. 1900-1980
Ruth L 1902-
Son Burton O 1923-
Frank J 1852-1939
Wife Doris SHARPE 1923-1967
Jennie H 1864-1921
Velma 1901-1902
Ada DAVIS 1860-1904
Merle B Waterman 1886-5/27/1955
Wife Alice V WAIT(E) 1886-10/28/1977

Fay H 1874-1965
Wife Nina B PARKER 1878-1956
Russell E 1901-1972
Wife Elsie J PATTYSON 1905-
Webster, Ella C. da. Sanford & Emily,d Dec.14,1860,ae 2-8

Wilbur F 1840-1902 may be Civil War Veteran
Wife Julia M 1850-?
George 1873-1955
Wife Elizabeth 1876-1961
Dau Agnes, 1903
Frederick H West 1870-1950
Wife Luella "LuLu" 1882-5/18/1930
Clarence G 1902-?
Nina H 1906-1960

George H Wheeler 1/23/1910 d 1/11/1988 Son of Clarence and Elizabeth O'Hara
1st wife Ferne A VOSE 1913-8/20/1965
2nd Nellie E 1916-12/4/1986

Thomas J. 1865-19?
Wife Anna 1855-8/15/1930

Walter A WHITNEY 1866-11/13/1930
Wife Alice ORCUTT 1869-1958
Arthur F. Whitney 1897-1983
Wife Ethel FIELD 1910-

Enoch WILCOX b 1776 -- Connecticut d 5 NOV 1844 (*Son of Isaac WILCOX and
Deliverance TULLER)
Wife Chloe COSSITT b 21 MAR 1778 -- Barkhamstead, Litchfield, Connecticut
Death: 14 APR 1852 Daughter of Timothy COSSITT Chloe BUTTOLPH (DAR Files
exist for this family)
Enoch Wilcox, 1834-1916 Civil War Veteran (*Son of Jarvis WILCOX and Sarah
A.T. WILCOX, 1859-1940
Jennie L. d 3/14/1929 age 79 "Mother"
Judson Wilcox, 1852-1880
Julia 1823-1892
Esther d 3/12/1848 age 20 wife of Horace Wilcox, (buried on the R. TOTMAN
Lyman W. Wilcox son of Porter and Mary FROST Wilcox 1/22/1894 d 3/22/1975
Wife Mabel BRIGGS 4/30/1897 d 2/13/1985
Brother of Lyman, James Merton Wilcox, 1892-1968
Wife Anna L CLARK 5/15/1893 d 8/30/1895 Dau of Hiram CLARK and Lettie WEAVER
Wayne L Wilcox, 1930-?
Wife Rena M HENRY, b 10/26/1934 d June 29, 1980 dau of Joe and Anna TURNER
Grace GREEN Wilcox wife of Gordon, killed car Accident, 3/1/1967 born
Phylis BARNES w3/o George Wilcox, 1936-1984
JARVIS WILCOX, died Sept 2,,1852 Drowned Cassadaga Lake, age 55
Amorett A Wilcox dau of Enoch and Chloe, ied 3/29/1841 age 45

Charles M 1902-1955
Wife Lillian no data

Roy T. 12/19/1926 d 8/10/1982 WWII VETERAN
Wife Geraldine MOORE 1930-

Monroe d 2/19/1930 age 84
Wife Hannah 1850-1937
Cora Adell dau of Rev E. SMITH 3/1/1870 d 9/3/1905

John F 1866-11/19/1932
Wife Elizabeth TURNER 1869-7/3/1933

G. Fred 1880-1947
Emma M 1863-1952

Harry G 1881-1958
Nellie D 1881-2/4/1932
Helen SMITH 1859-1940

Percy, 1898-?
Carrie 1892-1977
Albert J 1892-1984
Myrtle S 1893-1984

Charles, Feb.27,1858, ae 56-8-4
Abigail WAIT(E) his w.died Nov.8,1871, ae 70-11-28 (dau of Adin Wait SR)
Emeline O. their da. Nov.21,1859, ae 21-11-19
Laura M. their da. Jan.30,1859,ae 25-6-9
Charles, their s. Sept.18,1859,ae 23-11-10
Winter W. 1839-10/27/1913
Lura J. his w. 1836-1911
Kittie L. their da. Mar.14,1881, ae 16-5-20
Myrtie A GOODRICH wife and infant dau of ? 1872-1895

Levi WOODS died Sept.13,1844,ae 78 (born NH18 FEB 1768 Son of WM Woods and
Naomi LANGLEY William Woods m. 1757 Naomi Langley (1741-1815). William
Woods, (1734-1818) was a signer of the Association Test in Keene, N. H.,
1776; also served as private in the New Hampshire troops under Capt. Davis
Howlett. He was born in Chelmsford, Mass.; died in Keene, N. H).
Charlotte FARNSWORTH, Wife of Levi, .died Sept.30,1857, ae 85
Elijah WOODS 4/6/1800 d 4/22/1867 born Keene NH, son of Levi WOODS and
1st wife Fidelia SMITH 11/22/1798 Ashfield MA d 1/17/1840
2nd wife Lovisa FISHER 2/1/1800 d 3/17/1867 She was the widow of Rufus
FANCHER, married to Elijah 1842
Son Elijah WOODS 1832-1913
Wife Jane McGREGOR
Son of Elijah Jr Arthur P.Woods 11/17/1871 d 10/23/1932
Wife Harriet, dau Carrie, no data
Preserved, July 25,1827;May 16,1836.
Preserved, Nov. 11,1837;Aug.20, 1855.
Nellie J. 1861-1865
Carrie E. 1856-1898

Lailah BARROWS 1894-1984

Elmer L 1911-
Wife Juanita 1908-1982

John F 1860 d 11/7/1931
Wife Alice H no data

Lucy Augusta wife of Peter 1867-9/7/1926

John H 9/14/1821 4/1/1914
Wife Nancy 1818-5/6/1882
Tena Sutton, 1887-1909

Mahlon Yager 1903-1985
Wife Charlotte, 1904-1982

Jeffrey F Sept - Nov 1957

John P 1872-1950

Todd M 1969-1982 Son of Stanley and Kathleen ABRAM Zembryski

Alele Valent 1896-1975

SOURCE: Digitized by Dolores Davidson, October 2001

NOTES: 1- Additions and corrections provided by Sally Bailey, 2002.