A Ba-Bem Ben-But C Da-De Di-Du E-F G Ha-He Hi-Hu J-K La-Le Li-Lo
M Na-Ne Ni-Ny O-P Q R Sa Se-Sw Ta-Tem Ten-Tew Th-Tu U-V Wa Wh-Wi

These names are sorted as far as possible by the family names, And since most of the families buried here, came to Clymer from the Netherlands,and many of the names were changed a bit, I tried to be very careful with the difficult spellings some parents changed spellings for their children; we wanted to preserve the old names also; for example Te STRAKA or Te STRAKE became TESTRAKE and I spelled the separated names here as 1 name so the search engines will pick them up Old and new designate sections in the cemetery.
This cemetery is in excellent condition and well maintained by Rudy BURKHOLDER the care taker. These records were submitted to me by Harvey and Alberta Oonk for submission here; and it included almost all of the birth and death dates and PARENTS names, Much of the starred (**) Data is from the records of Robert S. Duggan, Jr. who has done many years of research and shared his family files with us; back to the Netherlands


data http://home.planet.nl/~poel1952/george.htm

This link has the immigration dates etc for those who came here and when; and lots more family data back in Holland. The site is well documented by Yvette, the owner.

Because of the many changes in name spelling use all possible ways to your edit/ find feature.

- Dolores Pratt Davidson, April 2007

SOURCE:  These records typed and respectfully submitted to the Chautauqua Co NY GenWeb by Dolores Pratt Davidson, April 2001

                        Updates and Corrections from Alberta Oonk, October 2007