This pioneer cemetery, lying just back of Midway, so close one can hear the music, seems to have been started about 1825.  The late Clayburne Sampson says it was started in 1835, but I found at least six burials dated before that.  It was named for Abel Lewis whose stone I could not find last Monday morning when I went to check his age.  All the Lewis stones lie flat, as so many others do, and are almost covered with grass and loose weeds.
The flags were proudly waving.  I checked to see who deserved them and found them by Burton Manley, Stephen Pratt, Ezra Hayner, Seth O. VanWert, Joseph Boyd, a Revolutionary War soldier, and by a small buried, eroded, double stone that looked as if it might be William Scofield, another Revolutionary soldier.  But where was the flag for Jacob Annis a Revolutionary soldier known to be here?  And I am sure his brother John, also a Revolutionary soldier is here.  I checked with Frewsburg regarding John and Phineas, his son, and there is no record of either being buried in Frewsburg, though both died there.  John enlisted at the age of 16 at Andover, MA, April 1780 under Bradford.  He came to Ellery in 1815 with his youngest son Phineas and lived in Ellery until about 1834 when he moved to Carroll near Frewsburg, one mile from Phineas.  His house caught fire and he was so badly burned that he died.  Apparently that was not newsworthy, as I can find no account of it in the newspapers of that time.  (So many items never reached those early newspapers!)  John and Jacob were sons of Ezra Annis, also a Revolutionary soldier, and his wife, Sarah, nee Long, of Andover, MA.  I listed John and Phineas and their wives here in the Lewis Cemetery where they belong.
The Jamestown Journal for 3 March 1842 in referring to the burials gives the following:  "In Ellery on Feb. 27th, bu Rev. H. Smith… Mr. Abel Lewis and Mrs. Rhoda Richardson both of Ellery."  She must be the Rhoda who died in 1864 aged 81.  Abel left no will and I have been unable to find out anything about his children.  Perhaps a reader has some data on this family.
Mr. Sampson had the habit of putting in the maiden name of the wife. It is seldom on a stone, but I have continued his habit, but bracketed it.  It is a help for genealogists, but many times there is no reference that can be given.  He either knew or just called up a son or daughter and asked.  His records are all in the Chautauqua County Historical Museum at Westfield, and they are many!
There is a Wilham Marsh here who died in 1835, aged almost 81.  He would have been born in 1754 and should have been a Revolutionary soldier.  He is not listed by the DAR or in the official pension records.  Many soldiers never received a pension.  Many never applied.  Are there any descendants living who could help us with this?
Hannah, the first wife of Ezra Felton, was the daughter of Levi Sherman and his wife Thankful (Tripp).  Ezra later married Abigail Annis and had two children by her.  Abigail was the daughter of Jacob Annis by his second wife Deborah St. John, widow of John or William Underhill.  She was born 18 Mar. 1786, and died at Avon, NY in Nov. 1804. His first wife was Abigial Fowler of Thetford, VT whom he married 18 Jan. 1787 (Andover VR Vol 2)
Anyone having data on any family in this cemetery is urged to contact us.


A39  LEWIS:  Wanted correct age for Abel and list of his children.

A40  THUM:  Who was Melchert Thum’s second wife?  When did he die and where is he buried?

A41  CLARK:  When did Elias Clark die?  Is he with his family in the Lewis Cemetery?

A42  STARR:  Wanted data on Amassa Starr family.

A43  MARSH:  Wanted data on Wm. Marsh family.

A44  BOYD:  Wanted - the death date of Susan (Higley) Boyd, wife of Alvin.

A45 CHAMBERS:  Who was the Isaiah Chambers buried on the Frederick T. Williams lot?

A46  HABBERS:  Who was this Isaac?  Who has his death date?

A47  RIPLEY:  Need dates for Celestia, wife of Refine H. Ripley.

A48  ANNIS:  At the Annis reunion of 1873 at Warren Putney’s in the Town of Poland, there was shown a photo of Phebe Wilmarth Putnam Annis.  What was the relationship between the Putney’s and the Putnams?  HTA

A49  QUIGLEY:  John 1848-1910, son of William born MA, died near Sherman, NY.  Desire any information. EH

A50  TeCULVER:  William, born 1855, 6th child of Hendrikus teKulve 1812-1877 and wife Janna Willemina Warnshuis 1812-1872.  William is thought to have lived in the Lakewood area.  Where is he buried?  When did he die?  Whom did he marry?  Were there children, and if so, are they any descendants living in the Jamestown area?  FTC

A51  BELDEN:  Joseph E. lived in Town of Conewango, Cattaraugus County, brought land in Ellington, deed recorded May 17, 1864. Information on this Belden family is wanted.

A52  HARRINGTON:  Ebenezer was a Baptist minister in Jamestown in 1832.  Where is he buried?  Who was his wife?  "Sherman"

A53  HARRINGTON:  Stephen lived in Ellery in 1850 age 45, wife Sally Ann (Sarah), born RI aged 47 in 1850 census.  Sarah Ann died in town of Carroll, 30 March 1869.  Where are they buried?  Any information welcome.  "Sherman"

A54  SMITH:  Wanted names of descendants of Ezra and Fidelia (McBride) Smith who lived near Kiantone.  One son, Duane, married Sara Cobb and is supposed to have gone west.  We were told that a daughter married Theodore Frank.  Ezra was a son of Abram and Elizabeth Smith.  WGS

A55  WOLCOTT:  My great grandfather Ora Butler Todd of Stockton married Lorinda Wolcott 1810-1855 from Frewsburg.  They both died and are buried in California.  Can anyone furnish information about this Wolcott family?  PTB

A56  PARSONS:  Wanted birth and death dates for John H. Parsons and wife Caroline A. who lieved in Ellington and had the following sons and daughters:  Jay Charles born 26 April 1858; Willie H., born Feb. 1859; Carrie, born 1866; John Hunkford, born 5 Dec. 1868; and Kitty Ann, born 1870.  LHP

A57  WEEKS:  Wanted the death date of Liscomb Weeks.


A50  TeCULVER:  William was the seventh child of Hendrikus teCulver and Janna Willemina Warnshuis.  He was born 24 Aug. 1855 and died 26 Oct. 1869.  He is buried in the Clymer Hill Cemetery in Clymer, NY.  Ref. Reformed Church of the Netherlands in Winterswijk and headstone in Clymer Hill Cemetery.  TH

SOURCE: Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series.  From the Jamestown Journal 27 July 1968, compiled and written by Edna Ingham