Located behind the old Fluvanna Church, on the curve,
now called The Fluvanna Church Youth Center,
on Route 430, Town of Ellicott, Fluvanna,
Chautauqua County, NY.

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Burials updated to June 2001.
A daunting task;
This cemetery at one time was in tiers and at some point in time, the stones were all removed and the land plowed flat, so this does make for a lot chance for error; the old records we had online were found to have many errors and we hope this new record will help you find your kinfolk. There also were removals from other cemeteries buried here. As with any old data, this material to be used only as a guide and is certain to still have mistakes. This is a very large file so be sure to use your EDIT / SEARCH feature and all surnames will also show in the search engine on the main GenWeb page, As with any family, a lot of names are all mixed together.
Jacobs, Ruth. b. 1781. d. Sept. 8, 1846. Age 65. w/o Benjamin Jacobs.

Jacobs, Elizabeth. b. 1821. d. Aug. 22, 1839. Age 18. d/o Benjamin & Ruth

Jacobs, Sophia (Wheeler). b. Mar. 18, 1804 Concord, N. H. d. Jan 21, 1894.
w/o Nicholas Jacobs.

Jacobs, Nancy E. b. ca. 1811. d. Jan. 27, 1839. Age 28. s/o Isaac A. Noble.
Isaac b. Oct. 13, 1809. d. Mar. 16, 1894. Isaac is also buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. He m. 2nd Sibyl E. Bentley. He m. 3rd Mrs. Sarah Jane ( )

Jeffress, Etson B. b. Pilot Grove, Mo. d. May 20, 1954. Age 77/7/29. Buried
on May 22, 1954. Lot 291, Section E, Grave 64. At time of his death he was a

Jenkins, Luther J. 1934 - 1981.

Jennings, Dorothy . 1915 1975

Johnson, Oscar M. b. 1867 in Sweden. d. May 2, 1937 WCA Hospital, Jamestown,
NY. Age 69. w/ Henrietta Hansen.

Johnson, Henrietta (Hansen). b. 1870. d. Jan 29, 1937. w/o Oscar M. Johnson.

(Children of Oscar M. & Henrietta (Hansen) Johnson included: Arthur W.,
Edgar, Helen M., Fred, Harry, Albert, Rudolph, Mabel, and Hannah.)

Johnson, Arthur W. 1892 - 1910. s/o Oscar M. & Henrietta (Hansen) Johnson.

Johnson, Edgar. b. 1907. d. July 23, 1937 at Newark State School, in Wayne
Co, Newark, NY. Age 29. Buried on July 25, 1937. s/o Oscar M. & Henrietta
(Hansen) Johnson.

Johnson, Helen M. 1913 - 19__. d/o Oscar M. & Henrietta (Hansen) Johnson.

Johnson, Charles Ludwig. b. Nov. 6, 1852 in Smaland, Sweden. d. Sept. 29,
1938 at Ellery Center, NY. Age 85/10/23. Buried on Oct. 2, 1938. He came to
PA. when he was 20 years of age. m. July 15, 1877 in Jamestown, NY, Augusta
Matilda Johndol.

Johnson, Augusta Matilda (Johndol). b. 1857 in Sweden. d. 1937. She came to
Jamestown, NY, when she was 13 years old. w/o Charles Ludwig Johnson.

(Charles Ludwig & Augusta Matilda (Johndol) Johnson were the first Swedish
settlers in Ellery Center, NY. They had the following children: Leonard
Gilbert, Walter Sexton, Laura "Rebecca", Anna "Evelyn", Rudolph, Emma Agnes,
Stella Irene and Genevieve Augusta).

Johnson, Emma Agnes. b. June 17, 1890 in Ellery Center, NY. d. 1942. d/o
Charles Ludwig & Augusta Matilda (Johndol) Johnson. Emma m. 1st Fred
Johnson, the son of Oscar M. & Henrietta (Hansen) Johnson. Emma m. 2nd
Warren Condler.

Johnson, Dell A. b. ??. d. Aug. 29, 1972. s/o August Constant & Emma
(Bergquist) Johnson. m. 1st Anna Lawton Costells. m. 2nd Nov. 1967, Aline
Hong of North Vietnam. Dell Johnson, 68, of the Pancake Hill Road, Bemus
Point, died Monday night (Aug. 28, 1972) at Roswell Park Memorial Institute,
Buffalo. Mr. Johnson widely known as a farmer, landscape gardener and a
Republican, was popularly known as "The Mayor of Pancake Hill" and was a
frequent contributor to The Post-Journal's Reader's Forum." He spent four
years in Laos as a representative on International Volunteer Services,
spending much of his time teaching villagers modern building techniques and
how to increase crop production. He was active with the Polio Emergency
Volunteers at WCA Hospital and with the Gracchian Society.

Johnson, Anna Lawton (Costello). b. Dec. 22, 1899 in Town of Ellery. d. Mar.
1959 Jamestown General Hospital. d/o Michael Edward & Lottie Grace (Lawton)
Costello. 1st w/o Dell A. Johnson.

(Children of Dell A. & Anna Lawton (Costello) Johnson included: Kirk. Dean,
Murry W., Darrell J., Terrance, and Sandra).

Johnson, Terrance O. b. Dec. 17, 1924 Town of Ellery, Bemus Point, NY. d.
July 31, 1944 from a fractured skull, when killed in a motorcycle accident
near Swanson's Gas Station in Greenhurst, NY. Age 19/7/14. Buried Aug. 2,
1944. s/o Del A. & Anna Lawton (Costello) Johnson.

Johnson, Ephraim C. 1895 - 1978. m. Dec. 1, 1940 Frances B. Flint.

Johnson, Frances B. (Flint). (Frances m. 1st to Carl A. Brown). b. Sept. 6,
1899 in Jamestown, NY. d. Nov. 23, 1975 Jamestown General Hospital. Age 76.
d/o Frank & Hulda ( ) Flint. w/o Ephraim C. Johnson.

Johnson, Jacob. b. May 20, 1809 in Otsego C., NY. d. Jan. 1, 1884. Age
74/6/11. s/o John & Lavina (Foley) Johnson. Jacob was the hired man for
Truman Hills. When Truman died he married Truman's widow, Sarah "Sally" A.
Swan Hills. Jacob m. 2nd Sarah Ann Baldwin, d/o Newton Baldwin of Ellery. m.
3rd Oct. 1879 Martha Vernie Norton, Brundage Becker.

Johnson, Sarah "Sally" A. (Swan). b. Jan. 9, 1799 in Wilmington, Vt. d. Mar.
3, 1860 in Ellery. She m. 1st Truman Hills. m. 2nd Jacob Johnson.

Johnson, Jennie. b. May 18__. d. 1898. d/o Jacob & 3rd wife, Martha Vernie
Norton Johnson. m. Roy Terry.

Johnson, Fanny. b. 1863. d. Mar. 9, 1866 in Ellery. Age 3 years. d/o Jacob &
2nd wife, Sarah Ann (Baldwin) Johnson.

Johnson, Truman Hills. b. Feb. 11, 1837 in Ellery. d. Oct. 16, 1896 in
Norfolk, Va. Age 59/6/3. (His body was brought back to Jamestown, NY by
Barber Babcock, 1st husband of Truman's daughter Mertie). s/o Jacob & Sarah
"Sally" (Swan) Hills Johnson. m. 1st Emily E. Strunk. m. 2nd July 3, 1883
Jennie Grant Daniels of Buffalo.

Johnson, Emily E. (Strunk). b. 1838. d. May 13, 1878 (other records state
death date as May 12, 1876. w/o Truman Hills Johnson.

(Children of Truman Hills & Emily E. (Strunk) Johnson included: Mertie,
Minnie, Nellie, and Howard. Child of Truman Hills & Jennie Grant (Daniels)
was Helen).

Johnson, Minnie. b. 1866. d. Feb. 23, 1871 of diphtheria in Ellery. Age 5
years. d/o Truman Hills & Emily E. (Strunk) Johnson.

Johnson, Benona. b. abt 1819. d. Sept. 5, 1893. Age 74/3/16. w/ Sally Maria
Miller. s/o John & Lavina (Foley) Johnson.

Johnson, Sally Maria (Miller). b. Feb. 3, 1823. d. Dec. 6, 187l. d/o John
II & Betsey (Miller) Miller. w/o Benona Johnson.

(Children of Benona & Sally Maria (Miller) Johnson included: Alexander,
Mariette, Celestia, George W., Francis, Frank, Fremont, An unnamed baby
girl, and Emma Jeanette).

Johnson, George W. Aug. 12, 1856. d. May 12, 1876. Age 20/9/0. s/o Benona
& Sally Maria (Miller) Johnson.

Johnson, Mariette. b. Sept. 9, 1851. d. Aug. 17, 1876. Age 24/11/8. d/o
Benona & Sally Maria (Miller) Johnson.

Johnson Adelphia (Dunton). b. 1840. d. Dec. 6, 1863 in Ellery. Age 23/2/2.
w/o Richard Marvin Johnson. s/o Jacob and Sarah "Sally" (Swan) Hills
Johnson. Richard Marvin Johnson m. 2nd Josephine Kirkpatrick of Corry, Pa.

Johnson, Walter C. b. Apr. 13, 1881 Town of Ellery. d. Oct. 14, 1956 at 33
1/2 Main St., Bemus Point, NY. Age 75/6/11. s/o Charles 7 Augusta (Johndahl)
Johnson. m. Nov. 25, 1914, Ebba V. Philblad.

Johnson, Ebba V. Philblad. 1891 - 1964. w/o Walter C. Johnson.

Johnson, Ellen M. 1879 - 1952.

Johnson, Frederick A. b. Dec. 7, 1912 in Jamestown, NY. d. Oct. 16, 1986 in
Jamestown General Hospital. s/o Alfred & Hulda (Olson) Johnson. m. Oct. 24,
1970 Ruth Cederquist Bly. (Ruth was m. 1st to Wellman Bly). A lifetime
resident. Prior to retirement, he was employed by TRW Bearings Division for
36 years. He attended Fluvanna Community Church and was a member of Sylvan
Lodge F&AM of Sinclairville. Preceded in death by a brother, Alfred Johnson,
in 1986. Had a sister Katherine Carlson of Jamestown.

Johnson, Rudolph. b. May 6, 1906 in Sweden. d. Jan. 26, 1982 in his home at
229 Baker St., Jamestown, NY. Age 75. s/o Mr. & Mrs. Johan Johnson. m. Aug.
19, 1957 in Sinclairville, Georgia Louise McAdam. Rudolph Johnson was a
veteran of WW II, having served in the U.S. Army in Central Europe. He was
retired from Jamestown Metal Corp., where he had been employed as an
assembler. He was a member of Local 1558 IAM. Rudolph was survived by
sisters: Annie Soderbjer and Stina Lundberg, both of Goteberg, Sweden.

Johnson, Georgia Louise (McAdam). b. Feb. 4, 1921 in Bemus Point, NY. d.
Sept. 25, 1984 in Heritage Health Center, Gerry, NY. Age 63. d/o Arthur &
Laura (Johnson) McAdam. w/o Rudolph Johnson. She had formerly been employed
as a secretary at Jamestown Metal Corp. Surviving are a brother, John C.
McAdam of Sinclairville, and two nieces: Billie L. Nickerson and Jackie L.
Hilton of Sinclairville.

Johnson, Harvey S. 1884 - 1955. w/ Minnie C. Clark.

Johnson, Minnie C. b. June 24, 1874 in Town of Ellicott. d. Oct. 31, 1963
WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 89. d/o Albert & Kate (Moon) Clark. w/o
Harvey S. Johnson.

Johnson, John E. 1883 - 1957. w/ Nina E.
Johnson, Nina E. 1883 - 1959. w/o John E. Johnson.

Johnson, Mrs. Lizzie N. ( ). b. 1892 Ridgeway, Pa. d. Apr. 3, 1948
Jamestown General Hospital. Age 55/6/8. Buried Apr. 9, 1948, Lot 49, Section
10, Grave 2. At the time of her death she was married.

Johnson, Louis E. 1903 - 1979. Same stone (Christy & Johnson).
Johnson, Phyllis M. 1917 -1987. Same stone (Christy & Johnson).

Johnson, Robert E. b. June 15, 1916 in Jamestown, NY. d. Mar. 24, 1982 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 65. s/o Lewis & Gertrude (Anderson) Johnson. m.
Sept. 1, 1939 Marian Lawson. Robert E. Johnson was a life long resident. He
was a supervisor at Royal Metal and at the former Swanson Machine, retiring
in 1968. Member of Fluvanna Community Church and the Viking Lodge. He was
survived by 3 brothers: Paul, Norman, Wilbur and 3 sisters: Mrs. Oscar
Carlson, Mrs. Harold Noyd and Mrs. Paul Anderson. Was preceded in death by a
brother, Gunnard Johnson in 1975.

Johnson, Marian (Lawson). 1916 - ??. w/o Robert E. Johnson.

Johnson, Paul A. b. 1897. d. Oct. 10, 1968. s/o Andrew N. & Martha (Hanson)
Johnson. m. Belva Cowing Cederquist.

Johnson, Belva (Cowing) Cederquist. (Her first marriage to Axel Cederquist
who died in 1917). b. June 10, 1884 in Town of Ellicott. d. Oct. 3, 1981 in
Manor Oak Skilled Nursing Facility, Jamestown, NY. Age 97. d/o James R.&
Isabelle (Strunk) Cowing.

Johnson, Westley F. Sr. b. 1916. d. Nov. 7, 1980. m. Aug. 20, 1940 Viola A.

Johnson, Viola (Quist). b. Jan. 22, 1916 in Jamestown, NY. d. July 21, 1996
WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 80. d/o David & Patrea (Lund) Quist. She
was a 1933 graduate of Jamestown High School and was a member of the
Fluvanna Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary. Survived by a brother Al Quist
of Ventura, Calif. and a sister, Ruby turner of Portland, Ore. Preceded in
death by two sisters: Josephine Turner and Irene Hooker; and a brother
Reynold Quist.

Johnson, Albert J. b. Sweden. D. Sept. 14, 1953. Age 67/8/2. Buried Sept.
16, 1953. Lot 287, Section East, Grave 1A. Single.

Johnson, Hulda (Leonardson) Johnson. b. Sweden. D. Aug. 24, 1953. Age
68/0/3. Buried Aug. 27, 1953. Lot 47, Section 10, Grave 2.

Johnson, Mrs. Ellen (Anderson). b. Kane, Pa. d. Mar. 19, 1947 Jamestown
General Hospital. Age 36/9/19. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery Mar. 21, 1947,
Lot 62, Section 10, Grave 2. At the time of Mrs. Johnson's death she was a

Johnson, Otto Alfred. b. Sweden. d. Nov. 3, 1947. Age 67/1/16. Buried Nov.
6, 1947, Lot 47, Section 10, Grave 1. At time of his death he was married
and his last place of residence was 342 1/4 Foote Ave., Jamestown, NY.

Jones, Albert Chapin. b. July 1, 1844 in Ellery. d. Aug. 14, 1911 in
Jamestown, NY. s/o Luther Chapin & Angeline (Putnam) Jones. m. Sept. 28,
1887 in Warren, Pa. Emma Delilah Vanderwark. Civil War.

Jones, Emma Delilah (Vanderwark). b. Oct. 15, 1857 in Ellery. d. June 10,
1933 at Allendale, N.J. d/o James & Prescilla Ann (Lee) Vanderwark.
w/o Albert Chapin Jones.

(Children of Albert Chapin & Emma Delilah (Vanderwark) Jones included: Roy
Miles Jones and Ray Vanderwark Jones.

Jones, Roy Miles. b. Mar. 17, 1890. d. April 1, 1893. Age 3 years, 14 days.
s/o Albert Chapin & Emma Delilah (Vanderwark) Jones.

Jones, Josephine (Hollenbeck). ?? - ??.

Jones, Burdette. b. April 16, 1893. d. April 10, 1920. s/o ____________&
Josephine (Hollenbeck) Jones.

Joneson, Leonard B. 1925 - 1998. w/ Joyce E. Carlson. USAF WW II.
Joneson, Joyce E. (Carlson). ?? - ??. w/o Leonard B. Joneson.

Josephson, Inez V. 1913 - ??. w/o Louis O. Josephson.
Josephson, Louis O. 1916 - ??. w/ Inez V.

Joslyn, Charles B. b. Jan. 27, 1883. d. 1967. s/o Thomas Jay & Mary Francis
(Carpenter) Joslyn. m. June 30, 1923 Anna O. Johnson Nelson.

Joslyn, Anna O. (Johnson) (Anna m. 1st to Andrew Nelson). b. 1881 Town of
Ellicott. d. Nov. 28, 1943 of cerebral hemorage. Age 62/5/15. Buried Dec. 1,
1943, Lot 55, Section l0. w/o Charles Joslyn. Mrs. Anna O. Joslyn, 62, died
at her home in the Town of Ellery, Sunday at 2:45 p.m. Besides her husband,
Charles Joslyn, she leaves two daughters, Miss Myrtle Nelson, and Mrs. Mary
Hallberg of Greenhurst; two sons, Harold Nelson of Greenhurst and Herbert
Nelson of Blasdel, NY; two sisters, Mrs. Nellie Johnson of Jamestown and
Mrs. Ida Upton of Erie, Pa.; two brothers, Charles Johnson of Jamestown and
Theodore Johnson of Falconer. The remains are at the home, where funeral
services will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m.. Burial will be in Fluvanna
Cemetery. Post Journal clipping of Nov. 29, 1943.

Joslyn, Donald Ralph. 1909 - 1997. w/ Margaret V. Tibbets.
Joslyn, Margaret V. (Tibbets). 1911 - 1998. w/o Donald Ralph Joslyn.

Joslyn, Harold Raymond "Ray". b. April 8, 1901 in Town of Ellery. d. Feb.
10, 1990 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 88. Buried Feb. 14 in a double
funeral with his wife. Lucille V. Griffey, who he married July 10, 1929.
s/o Merritt Walter & Etta Pearl (Harvey) Joslyn. A lifelong resident. For 21
years he was employed by Kendall Refining Co., retiring in 1966. He was
formerly a teacher in the town of Ellery. Was active in Boy Scouts and
earned the Order of the Arrow and the Silver Beaver Award. For 18 years, he
served with Fluvanna Volunteer Fire Department, retiring in 1961. He was a
member of Greenhurst Homeowners Association and the Senior Citizens of Bemus
Point. He was well-known notary public. He was a volunteer for the American
Red Cross and the Civil Defense. Has a brother, Donald R. Joslyn of Bemus
Point. To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die.

Joslyn, Lucille V. Griffey. b. Nov. 29, 1912 in Kodak, Tenn. d. Feb. 11,
1990 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Buried Feb. 14 in a double funeral with
husband, Harold Raymond "Ray" Joslyn. d/o Thomas L. & Myrtle (McCall)
Griffey. She was preceded in death by two brothers: Robert and Boyd
Griffey. Has sisters: Nina Gentile of Hamburg, Edith Jackson of Virginia
Beach, Va. and Martha Ramsey of Anniston, Ala. To live in the hearts of
those we love is never to die.

Joslyn, Merritt "Walter". b. May 30, 1881 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Jan. 30,
1951 Jamestown General Hospital. Age 69/8/0. Buried Feb. 2, 1951. Lot 57.
Section 10. s/o Thomas Jay & Mary Francis (Carpenter) Joslyn. m. Mar. 29,
1900 Etta "Pearl" Harvey. At the time of his death was living in Greenurst,

Joslyn, Etta "Pearl" (Harvey). b. Mar. 9, 1876 in Randolph NY. d. Feb. 13,
1955. Age 78. Buried pm Feb. 15, 1955. d/o Oscar & Addie (Spaulding) Harvey.
w/o M. Walter Joslyn. Survived by son, Donald R. Joslyn, Pancake Hill
Road, son,
Harold "Ray". Joslyn, Jamestown; two brothers, Walter Harvey and Harold H.
Harvey, Greenhurst; a sister Velma Wilbur. Celoron clipping dated February
14, 1955.

Juul, Melinda M. (Harvey). b. Mar. 12,1960 in Wichita, Kansas. d. Murdered,
(shot), Jan. 20, 1993, between 3:30 & 4;30 a.m. at the intersection of
Foote Ave. and Marion St., Jamestown, NY, while on a break from her job at
the Foote Ave. Immediate Care Facility. Age 32. d/o Arthur L. & Mary J.
(Eckles) Harvey. m. Aug. 5 1979 Gregory W. Juul Sr. She was preceded in
death by a son Jacob J. Juul, who died Dec. 5, 1990 and her mother, on Nov.
5, 1991. Melinda was a member of the Buffalo Street United Methodist Church
and a committee member for the Cub Scout Pack 135. She was a graduate of
Maple Grove High School, class of 1978 and attended Jamestown Community
College. Our beloved Daughter, Wife & Mother We Will Love & Miss You Always.

Juul, Jacob J. b. ?. d. Dec. 5, 1990. s/o Gregory W. Sr. & Melinda M.
(Harvey) Juul.

Juul, Parker Lee Roy. b. ?. d. Sept. 2, 1999, Infant son of Gregory W. Jr.
and Melisa (Necker) Juul.

Keefe, William. b. July, 26, 1878 Bradford, Yorkshire, England. d. Aug. 18,
1940. Age 63. m. 1st ??. m. 2nd Minnie Wing Anderson. PJ Obit Aug. 19, 1940.
William Keefe, Beck Road, Town of Ellery, died last night at 9:28, aged 63
years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Minnie Keefe, a son, Fred Keefe of
Philadelphia; four sisters, Miss Mary Keefe, Mrs. Grace Wallin, and Mrs.
Rebecca Staples, all of Jamestown and Mrs. Florence Lawrence of Flat,
Alaska; five brothers, Sam Keefe of St. Petersburg, Fla., John, Albert and
Wallace Keefe of Jamestown and David Keefe of Frewsburg; three step-sons,
James, Joseph and Grant Anderson at home; three step-daughters, Miss Emily
Anderson and Mrs. Alice Elmeer of Jamestown and Mrs. Charles Lawson of
Celoron. He is also survived by four grandchildren. Mr. Keefe was born in
Bradford, Yorkshire, England, July 26, 1878. He had worked at the Jamestown
Worsted Mills from early manhood until he became ill two weeks ago. He was a
member of the Rescue Engine Company of the old volunteer fire department for
about 17 years, until it was disbanded. He was a member of the Exempt
Volunteer Firemen's Association.

Keefe, Minnie (Wing) Anderson. b. June 7, 1886 in Waupon, Wis. d. Nov. 19,
1940. Age 54/5/12. Buried Nov. 22, 1940, Lot 1, Section 10. 2nd w/o William
Keefe. Minnie m. 1st to Aaron Anderson, 1875 - 1928. Aaron also buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery. PJ Obit, Nov. 20, 1940. Mrs. Minnie Anderson Keefe, widow
of William Keefe, died at her home on the Maple Grove Road, Town of Ellery,
yesterday at 3 p.m., aged 54 years. She is survived by five sons, John
Anderson, of San Diego, Cal. Albert Anderson of Houston, Tex. James, Joseph
and Grant Anderson at home; two daughters, Mrs. Eskil Elmeer of Bemus Point
and Miss Emily Anderson at home and two grandchildren. Mrs. Keefe was born
in the town of Waupon, Wisconsin on June 7, 1886. She moved to Ellery in
early l;ife and had lived there ever since.

Keifer, Edgar Neil. b. 1910. d. Oct. 23, 1996. m. Sept. 8, 1928. Isabelle
Marie Clark. WW II VETERAN.

Keifer, Isabelle Marie (Clark). b. Dec. 23, 1910, in Jamestown, NY. d.
April 9, 2001. Age 90. d/o John O. and Elizabeth M. (RUSSELL) Clark. w/o
Edgar Neal Keifer. At time of her death she was of Heritage Park Health Care
Center, formerly of Rt. 60, Gerry, NY. She owned and operated the former
Hide-A-Way Kennel on Rt. 60 for more than 25 years. She is survived by a
son, Frederick Keifer of Jamestown, and a daughter, Barbara Johnson of
Jamestown, NY. She was preceded in death by her husband and a son, Dennis D.

Keifer, Dennis D. b. 1939. d. Oct. 31, 1975. s/o Edgar Neil & Isabelle Marie
(Clark) Keifer.

Kellander, Ernest. b. 1901 1911 in CT. d. 1911.

Kelter, John. 1900 - 1988.

Kemper, Grace "Louise" (Brown). (Grace "Louise" m. 1st _______Henning). b.
Jan. 16, 1914. d. May 26, 1943 in childbirth of Nancy Jane Kemper. Age
29/4/10. Buried May 29, 1943. d/o James Lorenzo & Grace (Stevenson) Brown.
James Lorenzo Brown s/o Alexander Sherman & Sarah Melvina (Hudson) Brown.
w/o Harold Kemper. Grace "Louise" Kemper and daughter Nancy Jane Kemper
buried in same grave.

Kemper, Nancy Jane. b. May 26, 1943. d. May 26, 1943. d/o Harold & Grace
"Louise" (Brown) Kemper. Nancy Jane is buried in same grave as her mother.

Kervin, John. b. 1886. d. Feb. 23, 1939 at Walter Reed Hospital, District
of Columbia. Buried on Feb. 27, 1939 Lot 286, Section East.

Kervin, Lester E. 1911 - 1931.

Ketchum, Ruth E. 1898 - 1918.

Ketchum, Clara Louise. b. 1868 Rushford, NY. d. Sept. 6, 1947. Stomach
Cancer. Age 79/7/25. Buried on Sept. 9, 1947 in Fluvanna Cemetery, Lot 40,
Section 10. Clara was a widow at the time of her death.

Ketchum, Edward L. 1904 - 1963. Same stone as SMITH, Grace K.
Ketchum, Everett H. 1859 - 1931.
Ketchum, Mary L. 1900 - 1030. d/o Edward Ketchum. w/o ________Ford.

Kiendal, Raymond Linberg. b. July 23, 1922 in Buffalo, NY. d. Dec. 9, 1992,
WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 70. s/o Leo & Florence (Margeson) Kiendl.
Raymond Linberg Kiendal and his wife (?) had 9 children. Raymond Lindberg
Kiendal was employed at Carborundum for 28 years retiring in 1984. He was a
veteran of WW II, and served in the U.S. Army in Germany and in Saipan. He
has a sister Geraldine Lundberg of Jamestown. Marianne Lundberg of Jamestown
cared for Mr. Kiendl for many years. SGT. US Army. WW II.

Kiesshauer, Erwin. b. Aug. 19, 1904 in Germany. d. April 6, 1955. Age 30. w/
Marie. (* from obit Erwin Kiesshauer, 30, Portland, died unexpectedly
Tuesday at Westfield Memorial Hospital. Mr. Kiesshauer was born Aug. 19,
1904, in Germany, coming to the United States at the age of 2. Surviving
are his wife, Mrs. Marie Kiesshauer; two sons, Walden Kiesshauer, Bethlehem,
Pa., and Sherwin Kiesshauer, at home; and one brother, Albert Kiesshauer,
Fresno, Calif. Burial Fluvanna. Clipping dated April 6, 1955).

Klein, Charles. 1892 - 1987. w/o Beatrice.
Klein, Beatrice. 1892 - 1969. w/o Charles Klein.

Much more data on this KLOCK family, of Ft. Klock;

Klock, David. b. Aug. 27, 1894 in Mohawk Valley. d. Jan. 7, 1863 in Ellery.
Age 68/4/10. m. Jan. 26, 1817 Catherine "Caty" Klock, his cousin. Served
in the War of 1812.

Klock, Catherine "Caty" (Klock). b. Feb. 14, 1797 Mohawk Valley. d. Oct. 12,
1887 near Corry, Pa. at home of her daughter Martha. Age 90/7/28. w/o David
Klock. At death of her husband David, Catharine went to Corry, Pa., to live
with her daughter, Martha (Mrs. Alphonzo Arnold). Catharine's obituary was
published in the Jamestown Journal in Corry, Pa.

(David and Catharine Klock buried in Fluvanna Cemetery, NY. David settled on
Range 12 Township 2 Lot 13 of Ellery Township Chautauqua Co., NY. Original
purchase from Holland Land Co., Sept 1818. Until H L & C W and Mr. Williams

went to Jamestown to interview Mr. Clayborn B. Sampson, Historian of Ellery,
New York in May 1952 this record contained only the names of David's
children. Mr. Sampson's records gave the descendants of David's children.)

(Children of David & Catharine (Klock) Klock included: Martha M., Jane,
Magdalma "Lana", Rosin, Franklin, Hiram, and Joseph.)

Klock, Franklin. b. Nov. 22, 1833. d Aug.21, 1866. Age 32/4/29. s/o David &
Catherine "Caty" (Klock) Klock. m. Loranda Simmons.

Klock, Loranda (Simmons). b. Nov. 19, 1838 Fluvanna, NY. d. Oct. 21, 1896 in
Brocton, NY. d/o Walter & Roxylana (Lyon) Simmons. w/o Franklin Klock.
Loranda (Simmons) Klock m. 2nd Charles Hapgood of Ellery.

(Children of Franklin & Loranda (Simmons) Klock incluced: Minnie Klock, Kate
Luella Klock).

Klock, Magdalma "Lana" b. 1828. d. Apr. 2, 1887. Age 59. w/o Hiram P.
Warren. Hiram b. Aug. 17, 1825 at East Aurora. d. Apr. 17, 1913 at home of
son, Enos. Age 89/7/28. s/o Enos & Polly (Pearsons) Warren. Both are buried
in Fluvanna Cemetery.

(Children of Magdalma "Lana" Klock & Hiram P. Warren included: Julietta
Warren, Enos A. Warren and possibly Lester Warren).

Klock, Kate Luella. b. Mar. 14, 1865 Ellery. d. May 18, 1934. Age 72/2/4.
d/o Franklin & Loranda (Simmons) Klock. m. Feb. 23, 1881 Hiram Smith. Hiram
b. May 25, 1861 Ellery. d. Nov. 21, 1927 Ellery. s/o Daniel "Eldridge" &
Mary Jane (Hale) Smith. Both are buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery.

(Children of Kate Luella Klock & Hiram Smith included: Mabel M. Smith. Mary
Loanda Smith. and Elizabeth Florence Smith).

Klock, Minnie. b. Mar. 14, 1865 Ellery. d. Oct. 23, 1930 Stockton, NY. (some
records state d. May 18, 1934.) d/o Franklin & Loranda (Simmons) Klock. w/o
Allen H. Seymour. 1849 - 1930.

Klock, Melissa. b. 1837. d. Aug. 2, 1913 Ellery. Age 74. m. 1st Wallace
Smiley. 1830 - 1864. Wallace s/o James Y & Hannah (Lawrence) Smiley. Buried
in Fluvanna Cemetery. m. 2nd. Nelson Orrin Fenton. 1836 - 1926. s/o Orren &
Lucy J. (Avery) Fenton. Melissa had brothers Elliott and George Klock of
Sheffield, Ill. and sisters, Mrs. Elna Richards of Kansas, Mrs. Sarah
Saunders of Chicago, Mts. Emma Mudge of Princeton, Ill. A brother, Martin
Klock died July 4, _____.

Klock, Lana. b. ?. d. Nov. 18, 1858. Age 86. A half sister to David Klock.

Klock, Milton E. b. Aug. 3, 1862 Town of Ellery. d. Feb. 21, 1949. Age
86/6/18/. Buried Feb. 24, 1949, Lot 25, Section 10. s/o Gleason Filmore &
Laura J. (Weeks) Klock. m. June 19, 1895 Mary M. Griffith.

Klock, Mary M. (Griffith). b. Sept. 21, 1866. (Some records state b. May 9,
1866) in Wrightsville, Pa. d. Sept 22, 1951. Age 80/0/1. Buried on Sept.
24, 1952 lot 25, Section 10 Grave 5. d/o Merritt F. & Mary Polly Reed
Griffith. w/o Milton Klock.

Klock, Rosina. b. 1825. d. Aug. 22, 1866. Age 41/9/22. d/o David & Catherine
"Caty" (Klock) Klock. w/o Orson Cowden.

(Children of Rosina Klock & Orson Cowden included: Keeler A. Cowden, Frank
Cowden and Eliza Cowden).

Knight, William John. b. 1926. d. ??. s/o William Henry Knight. m. Sept.
24, 1950, Betty Jane Lord.

Knight, Betty Jane (Lord). b. Dec. 31, 1923 Town of Ellicott. d. Feb. 25,
1980 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 56. d/o Frank & Jennie (Bottomley)
Lord. (obit of Betty L. Knight: Betty L. Knight, 56, of Fluvanna Townline
Road died at 8:55 p.m. Monday (Feb. 25, 1980) in WCA Hospital. She was the
wife of William J. Knight, whom she married Sept. 24, 1950. A lifelong
Ellicott resident, she was born in the Town of Ellicott, Dec. 31, 1923, the
daughter of Frank and Jennie Bottomley Lord. Mrs. Knight was a member of
Fluvanna Community Church. Surviving, besides her husband, are a son, John
William Knight, at home; three daughters, Judith Johnson of Fairport, Ohio,
Nancy Crede of Erie, Pa. and Lucinda Knight, at home, and a sister, Loretta
Melin of Jamestown.

Krusen, Lynn J. 1893 - 1975. w/ Hazel.
Krusen, Hazel L. 1900 - 1977. w/o Lynn J. Krusen.

Lake, Charles. 1828 - 1856.

Lane, Theodore. 1910 - 1984. w/ Mildred. WW II.
Lane, Mildred. 1908 - 1989. w/o Theodore Lane.

Langdon, Rev. A. S. b. Nov. 12, 1807. d. Feb. 18, 1890. w/ Nancy Farnham.

Langdon, Nancy (Farnham). b. July 7, 1814. d. Apr. 3, 1903. w/o Rev. A. S.
Langdon. (At time of death Nancy's home was 415 W. Fifth Street, Jamestown,

Langdon, C. Genette. 1827 - 1890. w/o Robert H. Sterling.

Larson, Raynold C. 1898 - 1965. w/ Bertha M.
Larson, Bertha M. 1891 - 1978. w/o Raymond C. Larson.

Larson, Edward. b. May 5, 1903. d. Apr. 30 1963. w/ Svea Hendrickson.

Larson, Svea (Hendeickson). b. Jan.1, 1912 in Holland, Sweden. d. Apr. 25,
1993 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 81. d/o John & Gertrude Henddrickson.
w/o Edward Larson. Svea m. 2nd John Heberle. She was preceded in death by
two brothers, George Hendrickson and Henry Hendrickson. For many years Svea
was a cook at the Apple Inn and the Fountain Bowl, retiring in 1966. She
was a member of Fluvanna Community Church and was a past secretary for the
Thule Lodge Ladies.

(Children of Edward & Svea (Hendrickson) Larson included: Ruth, Margaret Ann
and Holly).

Larson, Margaret Ann. b. Oct. 3, 1943. d. July 23, 1949. Age 5/9/20. Buried
on July 26, 1949. Lot 57, Section 10. d/o Edward & Svea (Hendrickson)

Larson, Winifred R. "Wink" (Oste). b. Apr. 12, 1915 Youngstown, Ohio. d.
Apr. 10, 2001 in Jamestown, NY. Age 85. d/o Edward & Esther
(Pearson) Oste. m. June 21 at her home in Fluvanna, Reece Larson. Winifred
attended JamestowPublic Schools and in earlier years had worked for the
Algot Larson family in Jamestown. A former Sunday School teacher. Served on
the Auxiliary Board of the Gustavus Adolphus Children's Home. He is survived
by two brothers: Gordon Oste of Ellery Center, and Duane Oste of Fluvanna.
Preceded in death by three brothers: Wallace, Clair and Kenneth Oste.

Larson, Hugo Oscar. b. abt 1903. d. Sept. 1952. Age 49. Buried Sept. 25,
1952. Lot Alley North of 38. Section West. Cancer of right lung. Residence
was Erie, Pa. in 1952.

Lauinger, Joseph J. 1900 - 1990. w/ Myrtle M.
Lauinger, Myrtle M. 1915 - ??. w/o Joseph J. Lauinger.

Lawergren, David A. Sr. b. Mar. 28, 1899. d. Nov. 20, 1966. w/ Elsie O.

Lawergren, Elsie O. (Kindberg). b. June 25, 1899 in Holland, Sweden. d.
Oct.1, 1981 at her home in Celoron, NY. Age 82. d/o Johan H. & Josephine A.
(Anderson) Kindberg. w/o David A. Lawergren, Sr. Elsie's brothers included:
Thore Kindberg of Jamestown, NY.; Gunnard Kindberg of Ullared, Sweden;
Herman Kindberg of Ullared, Sweden; Adolph Kindberg (deceased); Hjamar
Kindberg (deceased) and Victor Kindberg (deceased). Elsie's sisters
included: Agda Malmstrom of Gotenberg, Sweden; Lennea Swanson of
Falkenberg, Sweden; Josephine Johanson of Wesssingabro, Sweden and Hildur
Bengtson of Helsingberg, Sweden.

Lawrence, George L. 1855 - 1930. w/ J. A.
Lawrence, J. A. w/o George L. Lawrence. (there is a marker for J. A.
Lawrence at Fluvanna Cemetery - no dates).

Lawson, Axel. b. 1856. d. Jan. 4, 1927. Age 70/6/13. w/ Matilda. Axel was a
member of the Swedish Lutheran Church in Ellery Center and the Men's Club of
that Church. Funeral held from Ellery Center Swedish Lutheran Church in
Ellery Center. He had two sisters in Sweden. FATHER John 8-12 (possible
Bible verse).

Lawson, Mathilda. b. 1856. d. Jan. 29, 1928 at home of daughter, Mrs. Carl
Carlson of Fluvanna, NY. Age 72. w/o Axel Lawson. MOTHER John 11-25
(possible Bible verse).

(Children of Axel & Mathilda Lawson included: Lillian K. Lawson, Clara
Lawson, Mrs. J. S. Shanahan, Thyra Lawson, Mrs. Oscar Anderson, Mrs. William
Hood, Mrs. Paul H. Warner. David Saxton Lawson and Mrs. Carol O. Carlson).

Lawson, Lillian K. b. 1878. d. Feb. 19, 1933 at home of her sister Mrs.
Carl O. Carlson, Bentley Ave. Fluvanna, NY. after a long illness. d/o Axel &
Mathilda Lawson. Lillian survived by brothers: David S. Lawson, of Bemus
Point, NY., and seven sisters: Thyra Lawson of China, Mrs. J. F. Shanahan of
Jamestown, Mrs. Oscar Anderson of Rocford, Ill, Mrs. Paul H. Warner of
Lakewood, O. and Mrs. W. C. Hood of Sluth Pasadena, Cal. SISTER.

Lawson, David Saxton Sr. b. Nov. 3, 1886. d. Mar. 13, 1971 Jamestown General
Hospital. s/o Axel & Matilda Lawson. m. Nov. 9, 1927 Sarah Ann "Margaret"
Boak. David Saxton Lawson, Sr. founded L-S Aero Marina Inc. in Bemus Point,
NY, in 1918. Was president of the Marina at time of his death.

Lawson, Sarah Ann "Margaret" (Boak). b. June 7, 1896 Town of Ellery. d. Nov.
21, 1985 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 89. d/o John william & Ida (Ayers)
Boak. w/o David Saxton Lawson Sr. Mrs. Lawson was a graduate of Jamestown
High School and Fredonia Normal School. She taught in Ellery and Jamestown
schools prior to her marriage. Her sister was Hattie E. Boak. She was
preceded in death ty two brothers, Thomas I. S. & William E. Boak and a
sister Mary Griffey.

(Children of David Saxton Sr. & Sarah Ann "Margaret" (Boak) Lawson included:
Jean C. Lawson & David Saxton Lawson, Jr.)

Lawson, Jean C. b. Dec. 24, 1928, Jamestown, NY. d. May 19, 2001 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 72. d/o David Saxton Sr. & Sarah Ann
"Margaret" (Boak) Lawson. Unmarried. She is survived by a borther, David
Saxton Jr. of Jamestown, NY. Jean C. Lawson was a 1946 graduate of Bemus
Point High School and 1950 graduate of Cornell's school of journalism and
floriculture. Was employed by Cornell University Alumni News. Then became
garden editor of "Flower Growers of America" magazine and "House Beautifull"
magazine in New York City. Later years was employed by L-S Aero Marine Inc.
in Bemus Point for 45 years, serving as vice president. Previously served as
photograph curator at Fenton Mansion. Her interests were flowers, writing,
photography, Chautauqua County History, local history and architecture.
(Post Journal orbit of 5/21/2001).

Lawton, Fabius H. b. Dec. 14, 1837 in Rome, NY. d. May 31, 1908 at his home
in Bemus Point, NY. Age 71. Probably s/o Nathan & Esther (Wiggins)LAWTON. m.
1st Amanda Rappole. m. 2nd Hamutual Thusher. He moved to Chautauqua County
in 1865.

Lawton, Amanda (Rappole) b. June 28, 1843 in Ellery. d. Jan. 24, 1931.
Funeral held at home in Bemus Point, NY. d/o John & Philetta (Smith)
Rappole. 1st w/o Fabius H. Lawton.

(Children of Fabius H. & Amanda (Rappole) included: Lottie Grace Lawton,
Rebecca Lawton, and adopted son, Henry Crum).

Lawton, Hamutal (Thusher). b. 1818. d. Mar. 31, 1901 Wellsville, NY. Age 83.
2nd w/o Fabius H. Lawton. Hamtual m. 2nd DeWitt Clinton Loucks.

Lee, Richard. 1839 - 1908. Age 69. w/ Sarah Harrington. Lived on the
Ellery-Ellicott Townline Road. FATHER.

Lee, Sarah (Harrington). b. 1839. d. Mar. 24, 1931. Age 91/7/26. d/o
Probably Stephen & Sarah Ann (Brown) Harrington. Sarah m. 2nd Joseph Wells
Pratt. MOTHER.

(Children of Richard & Sarah (Harrington) Lee included: Hattie E., Elmer E.,
Agnes M., John L., and Herbert A.).

Lee, Hattie A. b. July 31, 1865. d. Dec. 1, 1881. d/o Richard & Sarah
(Harrington) Lee.

Lee, Elmer E. b. Sept. 26, 1867. d. Oct. 4, 1893. Age 26 years, 10 days. s/o
Richard & Sarah (Harrington) Lee. w/ Ettie Cole.

Lee, Agnes M. b. July 3, 1869. d. Sept. 3, 1893. Age 65. d/o Richard & Sarah
(Harrington) Lee. m. Dec. 13, 1888 in Ellicott, Samuel A. Lord. Samuel b.
Dec. 23, 1861 in Sherman, NY. d. Feb. 15, 1927 Town of Ellicott. s/o Edmund
L. & Jennie (Cook) Lord. Both are buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. Samuel m. 2nd
Nora A. Johnson.

Lee, John L. b. Nov. 19, 1871. d. Aug. 2, 1894. (other records state he d.
July 31, 1894). He died at the Woodburn, West Third St. Jamestown, NY. of
peritonitis caused by a fall in YMCA bicycle race. Age 22/8/14. He was son
of Richard who lived on farm near Fluvanna. He was manager of Clark Bros.
Pharmacy. Last of family of five children, three of whom have died within
11 months. s/o Richard & Sarah (Harrington) Lee.

Lee, Herbert A. b. Aug. 13, 1875. d. Dec. 15, 1881. s/o Richard & Sarah
(Harrington) Lee.

Lee, Benjamin Lee. Sr. b. 1758 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Dec. 25, 1847. Age 89.
m. Catharine Simmons.

Lee, Catharine (Simmons) (believed to be sister of Jonas Simmons). b. 1759
Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Jan. 16, 1839. Age 80.

(Children of Benjamin Sr. & Catharine (Simmons) Lee were: Mary Lee, Julia
Lee, Benjamin Lee Jr., James Lee, William Lee and a son).

Lee, Benjamin Lee Jr. b. 1791 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Aug. 22, 1823. s/o
Benjamin Sr. & Catharine (Simmons) Lee. w/ Catharine Strunk.

Lee, Catharine (Strunk) b. Apr. 25, 1799 in Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Apr. 14,
1863 Ellery. Age 63/11/0. d/o Jacob & Elizabeth (Dator) Strunk. (Catharine
Strunk Lee m. 2nd John Vanderwark of Ellery. They had seven children)

(Children of Benjamin Jr. & Catharine (Strunk) Lee included: Harrison Lee,
and Almira Lee).

Lee, James. b. June 6, 1796. d. Aug. 27, 1875 on Ellery - Ellicott Townline
Road. Age 79/2/21. s/o Benjamin & Catharine (Simmons) Lee. m. 1st Polly
Gates. m. 2nd. Polly Harrington Babcock.

(Children of James & Polly (Gates) Lee included: George Lee, and Louisa

Lee, Polly (Gates). b. Oct. 1, 1800 in Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Aug. 11,
1832. (Cemetery records state d. Feb. 3, 1858). Age 60. d/o Zepheniah &
Abigail (Griffith) Gates.

Lee, Polly (Harrington) Babcock. (Her 1st husband was Barber Babcock. d. May
18, 1875/6. Age 77/8/17. She was a widow for 18 years then m. James Lee. Her
first husband, drowned through ice in Chautauqua Lake. w/o James Lee.

Lee, William H. b. 1794 . d. May 11, 1867. Age 73/8/12. w/ Delila Bentley.
War of 1812.

Lee, Delila (Bentley). b. Apr. 2, 1804. d. May 5, 1880. w/o William H. Lee.

Lee, John. b. 1786. d. Oct. 20, 1866. Age 80/9/17. w/ Hannah. War of 1812.

Lee, Hannah. b. 1799. d. Jan, 7, 1874. Age 75/2/18. w/o John Lee.

Lee, George F. b. May 2, 1901 in Jamestown NY. d. April 14, 1961. (see
Bio). m. Alice M. Stickney in 1936.

Lee, Alice M. (Stickney). b. 1913. d. September 20, 1978. Age 65. d/o
Clayton & Ina A. (Winchester) Stickney. w/o George F. Lee.

Lee, Elmer A. 1900 - 1967. w/ Eunice M.
Lee, Eunice M. 1899 - 1976. w/o Elmer A. Lee.

Lenox, Edward Robert. b. 1873 Gerry, NY. d. May 15, 1944 Jamestown General
Hospital. Age 70. s/o Franklin & Phebe Lenox. w/ Martena Hoadlund. Edward
Robert Lenox, 70, 522 West Fifth St., Jamestown, who served as a rural free
delivery mail carrier back in the horse and buggy days, died at the
Jamestown General Hospital today at 11:22 a.m. He is survived by a twin
brother, Robert Edwin Lenox of Cincinnati; a nephew Clare Lenox and several
cousins. Mr. Lenox served for 30 years carrying mail for the local
postoffice to the rural districts, retiring seven years ago, and during that
entire period covered one route, the former No. 76, which later became the
present No. 2, embracing the East Oak Hill and Buffalo St. Extnesion
section. When he started out on this job he used a horse and buggy,
changing later to an automobile to keep abreast of the times. He was a
horse racing enthusiast, throughout his life, devoting much time to the
sport and attending races in various cities. Born in Gerry, son of Franklin
and Phoebe Lenox, he spent his entire life time in this immediate vicinity.

Lenox, Martena (Hoaglund) b. 1877. d. 1933 at home of sister, Mrs. Charles
Westerburg. Age 57. d/o Leander & Marie (Johnson) Hoaglund. w/o Edward
Robert Lenox. Martena (Hoaglund) Lenox had sisters, Mrs. Charles A.
Weserbury of Celoron; Mrs. Frank Cederquist of Fluvanna; Mrs. Amelia Beck of
Ellery; Mrs. Harry Cullen of Jamestown and brother Edwin C. Hoaglund of

(Child of Edward Robert & Martena (Hoaglund) Lenox was Robert C. Lenox).

Lewellen, William H. 1897 - 1963. w/ Freda L.
Lewellen, Freda L. 1895 - 1983. w/o William H. Lewellen.

Lewis, Sarah. b. July 2, 1791. d. Mar. 25, 1860.

Lindell, Edwin Carl. b. 1903. d. Feb. 9, 1949 of coronary thrombosis. Age
45. Buried Feb. 12, 1949, Lot 4 N.E., Section 10. The last residence of
Edwin Lindell was Millcreek, Pa. Brother of John Lindell. w/ Helen. (in 2001
Helen living near daughter, Marilyn in Calif. Age 97.)

Lindell, Phyllis C. 1926 - 1928. d/o Edwin C. & Helen Lindall.
Lindell, John W. 1899 - 1978. w/ Isabelle V. Brother of Edwin C. Lindall
Lindell, Isabelle V. 1898 - 1975. w/o John W. Lindell.

Lindquist, Charles. b. Aug. 12, 1888. d. Oct. 2, 1974. w/ Sigrid M.
Lindquist, Sigrid M. b. Mar. 11, 1892. d. Apr.28, 1959. w/o Charles

Livingston, James. b. July 1, 1775 in Sorrell, Canada. d. Apr. 11, 1851 Town
of Ellicott. w/ Patty Martha Griffith. War of 1812.

Livingston, Patty Martha (Griffith). b. Rensselaer Co. NY. d. ??. d/o Seth
(1) & Polly (Wescott) Griffith. Patty sister of Jeremiah & Samuel Griffith.
w/o James Livingston.

Lockwood, Grace. Stone in Fluvanna Cemetery has no dates. She might be some
connection with the Dunton family.

Loffredo, Dr. Ernesto. 1873 - 1923.
Loffredo, Dr. Georgiana A. (Strunk). b. Sept. 16, 1858. d. 1943 at her home,
12 Warwidk Rd., Town of Ellicott. Age 85. d/o Elias & Jane B. (Williamson)
Strunk. Georgiana is survived by 6 cousins: Fred, Henry and Hoyt Strunk,
Town of Ellicott, and Mrs. Lizzie Mathews, Mrs. Mabel Strunk Rulison and
Mrs. Maude Strunk Hiller, all of Jamestown. She received her medical
education in New York City. She opened an office in Jamestown in 1906 and
was actively engaged in practice up to a year ago, when she retired. Ahe
attended Hardin College, Mexico, Mo., studying landscape painting under
English professors, also receiving private tutorage in portrait work and
paint from life from a German professor. Extensive travel in the U.S. and
Europe, broadened her views and gave her an interest in all walks of life.
She was thorough and yet sympathetic in her medical practice and her happy
combination of wit and widsom were attractive attributes.

Lord, Samuel A. b. Dec. 23, 1861 Sherman, NY. d. Feb. 15, 1927 Town of
Ellicott. s/o Edmund L. & Jennie (Cook) Lord. Md. 1st Dec. 13, 1888 in
Ellicott, Agnes M. Lee. m. 2nd Ellanore "Nora" A. Johnson.

Lord, Agnes M. (Lee). b. July 3, 1869. d. Sept. 3, 1893. Age 65. d/o Richard
& Sarah (Harrington) Lee. 1st w/o Samuel A. Lord.

Lord, Ellanore "Nora" A. (Johnson). b. Sept. 11, 1874 Busti, NY. d. Sept.
10, 1951. Age 76/11/29. Buried Sept. 13, 1951, Lot 10, Section West, Grave
5. d/o Alfred & Christine (Aikens) Johnson. 2nd w/o Samuel A. Lord. Mrs.
Nora A. Lord, 76, of R. D. 1, Fluvanna Townline Road, died in WCA Hospital,
Monday after being a patient there four weeks. She had lived in the Fluvanna
area for 52 years and was active in community work. Mrs. Lord was a member
of the Fluvanna Community Church and the Ladies' Aid Society. She also
belonged to the Fluvanna Cemetery Society, the Union Grange of Jamestown,
the American Legion Auxiliary Post 947. Surviving are two sons, Samuel E.
Lord of Fluvanna, and Edmund W. Lord of Bemus Point; a daughter, Mrs. Joseph
T. Peterson of Lakewood; two step-sons, Frank S. Lord of Fluvanna, and
Herbert R. Lord of Jamestown; a brother, Edwin Johnson of Bradenton, Fla.;
two sisters, Mrs. Fred Palmer of Busti and Mrs. Harry Cale of Sugar Grove,
Pa.; 11 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. The body will be at her
late home until Thursday noon. Funeral services will be held from the
Fluvanna Community Church. Burial will be in Fluvanna Cemetery. (Post
Journal Sept. 11, 1951.)

Lord, Alice Mabel. b. Jan. 16, 1900 Town of Ellicott. d. Mar. 12, 1946 in
Buffalo Hospital. d/o Samuel A. & Ellanore (Johnson) Lord. m. 1st William
Marshall Bly. (Wm. & Alice divorced). m. 2nd T. Merrill Palmer.
Alice a twin sister of Alberta Lord. Alice a graduate from Jamestown High
School with the Class of 1919 and from Fredonia Normal School, Class of 1921
and for five years was a teacher at Jefferson Jr. High School in the grade

Lord, Herbert R. Sr. b. July 21, 1842 Ellicott. d. Dec. 13, 1958 Fluvanna.
s/o Samuel A. & Agnes M. (Lee) Lord. w/ Ruby Carnahan.
Lord, Samuel E. b. Feb. 4, 1898 Town Ellicott. d. Jan. 22, 1964 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 65. s/o Samuel A. & Elanore "Nora" (Johnson)
Lord. w/ Myrtle Hooper. Samuel E. Lord had brothers, Edmund Lord of Elmhurst
and Frank Lord of Jamestown and one sister, Mrs. Alberta Johnson, Celoron.
Mr. Lord had been employed as a chauffeur by many prominent area families.
He worked for Miss Marian Patterson, William Gifford, Mrs. Wycliff Clark,
Mrs. Robert Fisher and Cyrus Jones. He was a member of Fluvanna Community
Church, life member of Chautauqua County Firemen's Fraternity, life member
of Southwestern Assoc. of Firemen, Chautauqua County Fire Advisory Board,
member and past president of Chautauqua County Fire Chief's Assoc., and
treasurer of Board of Trustees of Fluvanna Cemetery Association.

Lord, Myrtle (Hooper) b. Sept. 19, 1895 Town of Ellicott. d. Oct. 14, 1985
in WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 90. d/o Fred & Ida Belle (Haskins)
Hooper. A lifetime resident. She was a member of Fluvanna Community Church
and belonged to the Fluvanna Fire Dept. Auxiliary and the Fluvanna Cemetery
Association. She was preceded in death by six brothers: Clarence M., Harry,
Leonard, Herbert, Clifford and Elmer Hooper; and three sisters Mabel Hooper,
Jessie Wetsel and May Hooper. She also has a brother Edwin Sr., of
Englewood, Fla.; and a sister Maude Cooke of Greenhurst.

Lord, Harry W. b. 1897 Fluvanna, NY, in the Town of Ellicott. d. Apr. 21,
1951 at Veterans Hospital in Buffalo. Age 54/9/11. Buried Apr. 24, 1951, Lot
14 1/2, Section Tree, Grave 6. s/o Samuel A. & Ellanora "Nora" (Johnson)
Lord. m. Aug. 7, 1920 Cynthia "Tiny" Vandusen. Post Journal Apr. 23,
1951...Harry W. Lord, 54, of the Fluvanna Townline Road, a farmer, died in
the Veteran's Hospital, Buffalo, at 9 p.m. Saturday, aftering being a
patient there since Jan. 30. He was a life-long resident of Fluvanna, and
belonged to the Fluvanna Legion, Ellery Memorial Post No. 947, and the War
Veterans Recreation Center at Fluvanna. Mr. Lord was also a member of the
Fluvanna Fire Company, the Southwestern Fraternity of Volunteer Firemen and
the Union Grange, Jamestown. He was a veteran of World War I. Surviving are
his wife, Cynthia Lord; a daughter, Mrs. Roy H. Atkinson of Montebello,
Calif; his mother, Nora A. Lord of Fluvanna; five brothers, Frank Lord,
Samuel Lord, Alfred Lord and Edmond Lord, all of Fluvanna, and Herbert Lord
of Jamestown; a sister, Mrs. Joseph Peterson of Lakewood, A son, Harry Lord,
Jr. was killed Feb. 1945, during World War II, while serviing in the
European Theater. The body will be at his late home on the Town Line Road
until Tuesday morning. Funeral services will be held from the Fluvanna
Community Church. Burial will be in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Lord, Harry W. Jr. b. Oct. 25, 1923. d. Feb. 23, 1945 Aachen, Germany.
Buried Dec. 14, 1947, Lot 14 1/2, Tree Section, Grave 4. s/o Harry W. &
Cynthia (Vandusen) Lord. Jamestown Paper, Dec. 12, 1947. The body of PFC
Harry W. Lord, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lord, Sr. of Town Line Road,
Fluvanna, who was wounded in the battle of the Bulge and died in Anchen,
Germany, Feb. 23, 1945, will arrive in Westfield, Sunday afternoon. He is
also survived by a sister, Mrs. June Atkinson, Los Angeles, Cal., his
paternal grandmother, Mrs. Nora Lord, Fluvanna; his maternal grandparents,
Mr. and mrs. Harry Van Dusen, Falconer; his great-grandmother, Mrs. Charles
Roberts, Kiantone. Born Oct. 25, 1923, he entered the service in April, 1943
and served in the 82nd Airbourne Division and 508th Parachuting Infantry. A
prayer service will be held at 4 p.m. Sunday at the Fluvanna Community
Church, with the committal service in charge of Ellery Memorial Post No.
947. He was a graduate of Bemus Point High School in 1942.

Lord, Cynthia "Tiny" (Vandusen). b. June 10, 1909. d. ?. s/o Harry Roberts.
Cynthia m. 2nd Nov. 24, 1951 Wm. Ramackers. She is buried ??.

Lord, Merritt C. b. 1865 Busti, NY. d. Mar. 19, 1933 at his home at 833 N.
Main St., Jamestown, NY. Age 67. s/o Edmund & Jennie (Cook) Lord. m. Oct.
10, 1840 in Busti, NY. Almeda M. Wilbur.

Lord, Almeda M. (Wilbur). b. Sept. 1, 1868 in Ellery. d. Jan. 1939 at her
home. Age 70/4/27. Buried Jan. 31, 1939. d/o Riley David & Betsey B.
(Warren) Wilbur. w/o Merritt C. Lord. Almeda survived by sister, Mrs. Alice
Morgan of Jamestown and brother Robert J. Wilbur of Middlebury, Pa.

Lord, Edmund W. "Ted". b. July 23, 1908 in Jamestown, NY. d. Aug. 10, 1973
Jamestown General Hospital. Age 65. s/o Samuel & Ellanore "Nora" (Johnson)
Lord. m. Sept. 18, 1929 Harriet "Hattie" A. Hall. Edmund W. Lord was a
member of the Fluvanna Community Church of which he was formerly a trustee
and chairman of the board. He also was a member of the Fluvanna Volunteer
Fire Dept. He was preceded in death by three brothers, Harry, Samuel and
Alfred Lord, by three sisters, Mrs. Alberta Johnson and Mrs. Alice Palmer
and two half brothers Frank and Herbert Lord.

Lord, Harriet "Hattie" A. (Hall). b. Sept. 23, 1906 in Indianapolis, Ind. d.
Jan. 5, 1991 in her home at 3517 Lake St., Jamestown, NY. Age 84. d/o Elmer
J. & Minnie (Bottomley) Hall. w/o Edmund W. "Ted" Lord. Harriet was a
Jamestown resident most of her life. She was store manager for Betty Dixon
Candies on W. Third St., Jamestown, prior to her retirement. A founding
member of Fluvanna Community Church, she was a deaconess, Sunday School
teacher and a member of its Fluvanna Church Aid. She was also a member of
Ellery Senior Citizens, Fluvanna Cemetery Society and Fluvanna Fire Dept.
Auxiliary. She was a RSVP volunteer in Jamestown. She was preceded in death
by a sister, Hazel May
Lupton, who died Jan. 28, 1974.

Lord, Fred. b. ?. d. at age of 25 years. Fred was given the wrong medication
by a nurse. s/o Edmund W. & Harriet "Hattie" (Hall) Lord. Employed in the
office of the State Training School. A resident of Ellery. A graduate of
Jamestown Business College.

Lord, Alfred J. b. Nov. 14, 1905 Town of Ellicott. d. May 23, 1951 Town of
Ellicott. Age 45/6/9. Buried May 26, 1951, Lot 14, Section W. s/o Samuel A.
& Ellanora "Nora" A. (Johnson) Lord. m. May 27, 1938 at Fredonia, NY, Dora
I. Frodelius of Sugar Grove. Pa. d/o Elmer Frodelius. Alfred J. Lord was a
farmer, owning and operating his own farm.

Loucks, Joseph. b. Feb. 22, 1754. d Apr. 20, 1825 in Ellery. Age 71. s/o
Johann George & Gertrude (Deigertin) Loucks. Came from Cazenovia, Madison
Co., NY, in 1814 and settled on the Dutch Hollow Road, Town of Ellery. m. in
1780 Margaret Mabie. Soldier of the American Revolution.
(* Joseph Loucks was born 22 Feb 1754. His wife was Margaret MABIE,
JOOST LOUCKS (Joseph Loucks)-- in some places recorded as Hon Joost
Loucks, or Jost Loucks, or as in his father's will, John Jost-- was the son
of John George Laux and Gertrude Diegertin.
He married MARGRETHA MAABIE in 1780.(See the BIOS).
Joseph & Margaret's present grave in Fluvanna Cemetery is their 3rd final
resting place. They were originally buried on their farm on the Dutch
Hollow Road, Town of Ellery.

(Children of Joseph & Margaret (Mabie) Loucks included: Peter, John, Daniel,
Hiram, Margaret, Polly, Joseph, Henry, David, and Charity).

Loucks, Margaret (Mabie). b. 1759. d. Mar. 16, 1839 in Ellery. (DAR says d.
Mar. 10, 1839). Age 80. d/o Joseph Mayvee. w/o Joseph Loucks.

Loucks, Dewitt Clinton. b. 1816. d. Sept, 11, 1865. s/o Peter & Roby
(Remington) Loucks Peter. s/o Joseph & Margaret (Mabie) Loucks.
m. Hamutual Thusher Lawton.

Loucks, Hamutual (Thusher) Lawton. She md 1st to Fabius Lawton. b. 1818.
d. Mar 31, 190l Wellsville, NY.

Loucks, Eva A. d. Aug. 31, 1855. Age 2/10/0. d/o Dewitt Clinton & Hamutual
(Thusher) Loucks.

Loucks, Henry. b. ??. d. ??. s/o Joseph & Margaret (Mabie) Loucks. w/
Margaret Rice. d/o John & Catharine (Hillegas) Rice. WAR of 1812.

Loucks, Harley C. b. Aug. 24, 1913 Jamestown, NY. d. Nov. 1, 1976 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 63. s/o Charles Henry & Myrtle (LeRoy) Loucks.
m. Jan. 23, 1937, Vera M. Coan. Harley had brothers and sisters: Allen,
Willard, Inez, Irene, Iva, Herbert, Dorothy, Madeline, Alton and Robert.

Loucks, Vera M.(Coan). b. Mar 14, 1915 Ellery. d. Dec. 30, 1987 Jamestown
General Hospital. Age 72. d/o Glenn & Ivalyn (Peck) Coan. w/o Harley C.
Loucks. Vera has sisters, Reva Norquist of Jamestown and Irene Rogers of
Ellery Center. She was preceded in death by 5 sisters: Ione M. Moore, Coral
Wilson, Myrtle Hallquist, Alvera Chase and Gladys Benson; and 3 brothers:
Lemont, Herman and Arthur Coan.

Loucks, Peter. b. 1788. d. Aug. 29, 1855 in Ellery. Age 67/7/10. s/o Joseph
& Margaret Loucks. w/ Roby Remington. In 1821 he was one of the surveryors
of the Ellery - Ellicott Townline Road. Served as supervisor of Ellery in
1822, and was a school commissioner in 1826. WAR 1812.

Loucks, Roby (Remington) b. Apr. 6, 1786 in Washington Co., NY. d. Dec. 4,
1881 Ellery. Age 95. w/o Peter Loucks.

(Children of Peter & Roby (Remington) Loucks included: Lovilla, Tompkins,
Alexander, Andrew, DeWitt "Clinton", Morgan Peter, Ann, Freelove, Charlotte,
Eleanor, Lasana, and Harrison).

Loucks, Charles. b. 1849. d. Dec. 10, 1856. Age 7/11/8. s/o Jacob &
Harriet Loucks.

Loucks, Lunett. b. 1859. d. Apr. 2, 1862. Ae 3/9/23. d/o Jacob & Harriet

Loucks, Charlotte. b. 1831. d. Aug 28, 1887. Age 56/4/8. d/o Peter & Roby
(Remington) Loucks. Peter s/o Joseph & Margaret Loucks. w/o Edgar Hickock.

Loucks, Helen S. b. 1847. d. June 19, 1847. Age 5m 19d. d/o Hiram & Cornelia

Loucks Catherine "Kate" (Rice). b. 1787. d. May 10, 1835. Age 48. A sister
of John Rice. w/o Joseph Loucks Jr. Probably married in Scoharie Co.

(Children of Joseph Jr. & Catherine "Kate" (Rice) Loucks included: Phoebe,
Morrison and Jacob).

Loucks, Morgan Peter. b. June 12, 1815. d. Oct 15, 188l Ellery. s/o Peter &
Roby (Remington) Loucks. m. Mar. 28 1849 Caroline Griffith.

Loucks, Caroline (3) (Griffith). b. Aug 1, 1819 Busti, NY. d. Nov 16, 1908.
age 89. d/o Samuel (2) & Nancy (Lewis) Griffith. Samuel (2), Seth (1)
Griffith. w/o Morgan Peter Loucks. Caroline's family removed to Ellery when
she was young. She was youngest of her father's nine children, five of whom
lived to be over 80.

(Children of Morgan Peter & Caroline (Griffith) Loucks included: Ernest A.,
and Emmett P.)

Loucks, Ernest A. b. Jan. 2, 1851. d. Sept. 9, 1851. Age 8mo. 7da. s/o
Morgan Peter & Caroline (Griffith) Loucks. Morgan s/o Peter & Roby
(Remington) Loucks.

Loucks, Andrew Jackson. b. 1823. d. Mar. 14, 1870. Age 47/10/6. s/o Peter &
Roby (Remington) Loucks. m. 1st Jan. 20, 1848. Elviria Hollenbeck. m. 2nd
Feb. 3, 1859 Cornelia M. Case. m. 3rd. May 5, 1863 Mrs. Elizabeth Wilcox.

Loucks, Cornelia M. (Case). b. Nov. 1, 1861. d. June 16, 1843. 2nd w/o
Andrew Jackson Loucks.

Loucks, Mira Ette. b. 1860. d. Nov. 5, 1861. Age 1/9/12. d/o Andrew Jackson
& Cornelia M. (Case) Loucks.

Loucks, Elmira (Hollenbeck). b. 1827. d. June 18, 1858. Age 31. d/o
Daniel & Phoebe Hollenbeck. 1st w/o Andrew Jackson Loucks. It is said that
she if buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery, however there is a marker for her in
the old Hollenbeck Cemetry.

Loucks, Mrs. Mattie May. b. 1876. d. Dec. 15, 1939. Age 63. Buried Dec. 18,
1939. Her husband (?) was living at the time of her death.

Loucks, Ann. 1846 - 1926. w/o William W. Callahan. 1848 - 1924. Both are
buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery.

Loucks, Lovilla. b. 1828/29. d. Aug. 6, 1908 at Fluvanna, NY. d/o Peter &
Roby (Remington) Loucks. w/o Harvey J. Smith. 1834 - 1891. Both buried in
the Fluvanna Cemetery.

Loucks, Phoebe. d. Apr. 7, 1855. Age 52. w/o Jonathan Spencer.

LOUN/LOWN (was spelled both ways back in the 1600's in Dutchess Co.)

Loun, Ethel May. b. Oct. 3, 1900 Town of Ellery. d. Apr. 1948 at her home in
Greenhurst, NY. d/o John E. Loun. w/o Axel I. Nelson.

Lown, John. (of German descent). b. Lyons, Wayne Co., NY. d. Feb. 9, 1865.
Age 77. w/ Mary Polly Tompkins.

Lown, Mary Polly (Tompkins). b. 1799. d. Feb. 17, 1885. Age 86.

(Children of John & Mary Polly (Tompkins) Lown included: Phebe, Betsey,
Andrew, Robert, and Susan Jane).

Lown, Phoebe. b. 1817. d. Aug. 10, 1832. Age. 5/8/24. d/o John & Mary Polly
(Thompkins) Lown.

Lown, Betsey. b. 1835. d. Oct. 11, 1841. Age 6/6/0

Lown, Andrew. b. 1830, Gerry, NY. d. 1912. Age 82yr. 21da. s/o John & Mary
"Polly" (Tompkins) Lown. Lived on a farm in Town of Ellery since 1884. m.
1857 Fanny Rhodes.

Lown, Fanny (Rhodes). 1836 - 1920. d/o John & Matilda (Rhodes) Rhodes. w/o
Andrew Loun.

(Children of Andrew & Fanny (Rhodes) Lown included: Emma E., Rosina,
Herbert, Charles, John S., Bertha, Emma L.).

Lown, Emma E. b. 1858. d. July 27, 1858. Age 1m 16da. d/o Andrew & Fanny
(Rhodes) Lown.

Lown, Herbert. b . ? d. 1896. s/o Andrew & Fanny (Rhodes) Lown.

Lown, Emma L. b. Aug. 29, 1868. d. Oct. 1941 on Town Line Road, Fluvanna,
NY. Age 73. d/o Andrew & Fanny (Rhodes) Lown. d/o Andrew & Fanny (Rhodes)
Lown. m. July 6, 1890. Charles H. Phillips. b. May 15, 1868 in Cattarauqua
Copunty. d. oct. 26, 1948 at home on Fluvanna Townline Road. Age 80. s/o
Leonard & Lovisia (Morey) Phillips. The Phillips had owned and operated
their farm since 1910. Both are buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery.

Lown, Rosina. b. 1861. d. Feb 1863 Age 2. d/o Andrew & Fanny (Rhodes) Lown.

Lown, Bertha May. b. 1875. d. Nov. 4, 1917. d/o Andrew & Fanny (Rhodes)
Lown. m. July 28, ____, Jay S. Chapin. b. Mar. 13, 1871 in Crawford Co. Pa.
d. 1940. Both buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery.

Lown, Hannah M. b. May 19, 1824. d. Dec. 6, 1883. Age 57/7/17. w/o George W.
Miller. b. Apr. 23, 1824 in Ellery. d. Feb. 15, 1885 in Ellery. s/o John &

Betsey (Miller) Miller. Both buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery.

(Children of Hannah H. Lown & George W. Miller included. Flora Etta Miller &
Corrilla Eva Miller).

Lown, Robert. b. Aug. 20, 1828 Town of Gerry. d. Feb. 11, 1917 Esbridge,
Kan. Age 88/6/18. s/o John & Mary Polly (Tompkins) Lown. m. 1st when Robert
was age 24, Mary Ann Hollenbeck. m. 2nd Mar. 29, 1857 Susan Mason. Robert
Lown is NOT buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. He is buried in Esbridge, Kansas.

Lown, Mary Ann (Hollenbeck). b. 1831. d. June 7, 1856. Age 25/11/25.
w/o Robert Lown.

(Children of Robert & Mary Ann (Hollenbeck) Lown included: Andrew and

Lown, Andrew. b. 1852. d. June 16, 1870. Age 18/8/11. s/o Robert & Mary Ann
(Hollenbeck) Lown).

Lown, Charles H. b. Town of Gerry, NY. d. Dec. 11, 1944. Age 81/8/22. Buried
on Dec. 14, 1944. s/o Andrew& Fannie (Rhodes) Lown. m. Apr. 11, 1895 Emma
Rhodes. Charles Lown was for about ten years engaged in farming, later
conducting a real estate business in Jamestown for several years, retiring
about ten years ago. He had resided on Fulton Street,Jamestown, for 36
years. Elected to the old Common Council on Mar. 28, 1918. He served
continuously until 1928.

Loun, Emma (Rhodes). b. Aug. 29, 1868 in Lander, Pa. d. Nov. 30, 1953. Age
85/3/1. Buried Dec. 2, 1953. Lot 180, Section East, Grave 5. d/o Daniel &
Maryette (Lenox) Rhodes. w/o Charles H. Loun. Clipping dated Dec. 1, 1953
(*1953/ Surviving are a son, Wilton A. Loun, Jamestown, and a cousin, Mrs.
Mintie Ames, Falconer. Her husband, the late Charles Loun preceded her in
death.) At time of death Mrs. Lown lived on Fulton St., Jamestown, NY. Prior
to moving to Jamestown 45 years ago, she resided in Fluvanna. For three
years she taught school in the West Oak Hill District.

Lown, Celia. 1842 - 1874. w/o Lowry Hooper. 1836 - 1907. Both buried in the
Fluvanna Cemetery.

Lumbard, James. b. ??. d. Oct. 20, 18__. Age 64. w/ Rachel Hoard.

Lumbard, Rachel (Hoard). b. 1794. d. July 10, 1856. Age 62. w/o James

Lumbard, Irene (Hoard). b. 1816. d. Apr. 14, 1848. Age 32. w/o Lyman

Lumbard, William H. b. 1846. d. Sept/ 14, 1848. Age 2/4/0. s/o Lyman & Irene
(Hoard) Lumbard.

Lund, Axel E. b. Apr. 29, 1914 Jamestown, NY. d. Dec. 26, 1981. Age 67. He
was stricken at home (57 Frederick Blvd. W.E. Jamestown, NY.) formerly of
Belleview, NY and pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. s/o Emil and
Camilla (Soda) Lund. m. 1st Dorothy W. Newman. m. 2nd Jeanne Hultquist. T

Lund, Dorothy W. b. 1915. d. Aug. 5, 1975. w/o Axel E. Lund.

Lundell, Oscar W. b. Sept. 7, 1896 Antrim, Pa. d. Sept. 14, 1978. m. July
20, 1917 Sirri M. Johanson. Mason's Marker.

Lundell, Siri M. (Johanson). b. May 1, 1895 Tvarskog, Kalmar Lan, Sweden. d.
Nov. 8, 1968. w/o Oscar W. Lundell.

Lundell, Virginia A. b. Feb. 13, 1919. d. May 7, 1990. d/o Oscar W. & Sirri
M. (Johanson) Lundell. w/o Bert J. Winzell. b. Feb. 16, 1913. d. Feb. 1,
1995. Both buried at the Fluvanna Cemetery.

Lundgren, Anna (Ostrand). b. Sweden. d. July 27, 1949 Jamestown General
Hospital. Age 75-7-6. Buried July 29, 1949. Lot 273, Section East. At time
of Anna's death she was married.

Lundqren, Erick. b. Sweden, d. Mar. 9, 1940. age 26/11/1. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery Mar. 12, 1940.

Lundquist, Florrie (Valchera). 1903 - 1973. 2nd w/o Paul Lundquist. (Paul
Lunduist. b. Oct. 15, 1884 Jonhoping, Sweden. d. May 24, 1973. He is buried
in Lake View Cemetery, Jamestown, NY.)

Lupton, Hazel M. 1905 - 1974.
Lupton, Sandra Jean. May 6, 1959. Sept. 1959.
Lupton, Talmage W. 1896 - 1973.
Lupton, Vickie Lee. b. July 2, 1960. d. Feb. 2, 1961.

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SOURCE: Compiled and digitized by Dolores Davidson, 2001.
Data from many sources, including the old records of Minnie Cohen transcribed in1932 and from the Enchanted Mountains Genealogy Cemetery site, compiled by EMGS Member James J. Emborsky with permission of the President, Mary Bryant, in a shared database old obits and bios newspaper clippings etc. and current obituaries and the records of Loraine Smith, and by family data; and all data corrected and edited by Loraine Smith, Town of Ellery Historian; according to her records.