Compiled from Military records - by Donna Mills

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The Burying Ground

There was a very early need for a burying ground, and a site was set aside for such use. The first burial seems to be that of Nancy Lothridge in 1821. The first recorded child's grave is that of Elon Horton, son of Benjamin and Adah Horton, in 1823. The area was increased along Angell Rd. to the east and south along Old Hanford Road.

At a regular meeting in 1896, the trustees were empowered to form a corporation and change the name to Evergreen Lawn Cemetery Ass'n Inc.

There are graves of veterans of several wars:

Revolutionary War Amos Ingraham: 1755-1839. He enlisted in New London, Conn and served as a private. He may have first come to the settlement in 1809. Pensioned in 1823. William Ingraham: birth and death dates unknown. Enlisted at Woodbury, Conn. He is supposed to have drowned in Cattaraugus Creek. Thomas Nevins: born 1748 in Hanover, NH, died 1814. He and his wife Rebecca (Willoughby) came to the settlement with 4 sons and had 6 more children. Rebecca died in 1938, aged 90.

War of 1812 Leonard Bliss: 1794-1862 Private Marshall Brown: 1764-1838 Private Henry Davison: died 1840 Private. He was the grandfather of William Huntley, the inventor of the Excelsior Bran Duster, the basis of a major Silver Creek industry. David P. Fuller: died 1880 Jabez Holmes: 1795-1880. Enlisted at Hamilton, NY as a private. Samuel Nevins: son of Thomas Nevins, Rev. War. Served as drummer in Capt. Martin Tubbs' company, recruited in this area. Otis Tower: 1780-1854 Private. He was present at the burning of Buffalo. He came to Hanover from Vermont in 1811. John VanVlack: 1781-1859 Captain in charge of a small fort on the Hudson River and in Regular Army. Ashabel Watrous: 1786-1870 Private. His wife Sarah was the daughter or niece of Amos Ingraham.

War of 1812 - Members of NY State Militia Comfort Birdsey: 1813-? Served as 2nd and 1st Lieut and Capt of a light infantry company of NYS Militia Niram Sackett: 1797-1869. Appointed Captian by Gov. DeWitt. Lanson Tower: 1805-1888 Colonel.

Civil War Ezra Baird: 1838-1906 Sergeant 3rd NY Volunteer Cavalry Elmer J. Birdsey: 1840-1911 Private 68th NY Volunteer Infantry Chester Bradley: 1843-1924 Bugler 9th NY Volunteer Cavalry Frederick Christy: 1846-1873 Herbert D. Christy: 1844-1867 Private and Corporal 112th NY Volunteer Infantry. Wounded at Cold Harbor, VA. Brevetted 1st Lieut. 1864. Lucius Christy: 1839-1891 Orderly Sergeant, enlisted at Ripley Frederick A. Crandall: 1836-1898 Private 1st NY Lt. Artillery Wallace L. Cross: 1833-1883 Private 1st Colorado Cavalry Transferred from Balltown Cemetery Orville E. Crow: 1847-1929 Navy. Served as Leadsman on the flagship "Black Hawk" on Mississippi River. James H. Duffy: 1824-1907 Private 116th NY Volunteer Infantry George B. Elmore: 1836-1905 1st Lieut 61st NY Volunteer Infantry Jacob Everhart (Earhart): 1843-1862 Private 9th NY Volunteer Cavalry. Killed in action. Willard Gates: Private 68th NY State National Guard John Green: Private 9th NY Volunteer Cavalry. Headstone reads, "Our Johnny." Killed in action at Lovellsville, VA Julius P. Green: 1842-1873 Private 9th NY Volunteer Cavalry Lafayette Marcus Green: 1842-1918 Private 112th NY Volunteer Infantry John Harrison: died 1881 Captain. Jacob Hillman (Hilliman): 1822-1904 Private 9th NY Volunteer Cavalry Truman Horton, MD: 1823-1882 Surgeon 68th NY Infantry Curtis B. Hull: 1820-1904 Private 187th NY Volunteer Infantry Robert McCoy: 1823-1910 Private NY Volunteer Cavalry Thomas H. Roberts: 1831-1920. 3 yrs Co. A. 68th NY Volunteer Infantry John H. Root: 1838-1870 Private 10th NY Volunteer Cavalry Jasper W. Seeley: 1846-1926 Private 10th NY Volunteer Cavalry Gilbert W. Smith: 1843-1924 Corporal 78th NY Volunteer Infantry. Prisoner of war at Libby Prison, Richmond, VA. Truman Stoddard: 1841-1926 Private 13th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Daniel W. Whaley: Private 146th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Benjamin A. Whaley: 1844-1927 Private, Sergeant, 1st Lieut, 3rd NY Volunteer Infantry John R. Wickham: 1843-1986 Private 112th NY Volunteer Infantry Byron A. Wiggins: 1835-1863. Sergeant 154th NY Volunteer Infantry. Killed at Gettysburg, aged 28 years.

Spanish-American War Otto Shumaker

World War I Ralph A. Abbey: 1896-1963 Sherman K. Bailey: 1892-1956 Milton O. Barris, Sr.: 1894-1971 Carl T. Burmaster: 1891-1963 Homer Burmaster: died 1930 Lester C. Burmaster: 1894-1944 Norman Burmaster: 1903-1934 John V. Christy: died 1975 Louis E. Cummings: 1893-1969 Leigh L. Dailey: 1899-1948 Roy B. Dailey: 1897-1961 Nelson A. Elmore: died 1920 Allen R. Fancher: 1892-1960 Cecil W. Farnham: died 1962 Harry W. Foxton: died 1970 Henry B. Goodell: 1894-1974 Lyle B. Goodwin: 1897-1949 Lee M. Green, MD: 1887-1951 Raymond Hornburg: 1898-1963 Orrin Howell: 1892-1952 Harry C. Hull: 1895-1961 Arthur J. Hurd: 1895-1924 Floyd R. Krueger: 1893-1967 Minton M. Matteson: died 1962 Archie McBratnie: 1897-1970 Wesley McDaniels: 1890-1968 Charles F. Miller: died 1954


The following Roll of Honor appeared in the June 2, 1899 edition of the Dunkirk Union, a newspaper published in Dunkirk but carried news of surrounding towns.

Names of soldiers buried in our cemeteries:

St. Mary's Cemetery Capt. Patrick Barrett Co. E. Regt. 72 NYV C.F. Maloney Co. E. Regt. 72 NYV Philip M. McAvoy Co. E. 72 NYV Daniel F. Foley Jr. Co. E. 72 NYV Daniel Burke Co. E. 72 NYV John Burns Co. E. 72 NYV John Leanold Co. E. 72 NYV Thomas O. Conners Co. E. 72 NYV Victor Rider Co. D. Regt. 164th NYV Thomas W. Callahan Co. D. Regt. 9th NYC Thomas McDonough Co. G. 9th NYC Sylvester Huigel Co. B. 88th PAV Martin O'Brien Lieut. Andrew Graff Co. B. 9th NYSM George Clause 116th NYV Charles Smith Co. D. 2nd Mounted Rifles Fred G. Pfeister Co. K. 2nd Mounted Rifles John F. Hayes Michael Cummings 187th NYV Dennis Mangan 187th NYV Joseph Allgier 187th NYV

Town Cemetery Henry Grubb Co. H. 72 NYV John Shilling Co. H. 72 NYV Mathias Yerger Co. C. 72 NYV Theodore Winter Co. E. 72 NYV John Hessell 187th NYV Frank Dohler 187th NYV Charles Dettmer 187th NYV

Forest Hill Cemetery at Fredonia, NY Col. Wm. O. Stevens Regt. 72 NYV Surgeon Charles K. Irwin Regt. 72 NYV Capt Wm. H. Post Co. D. Regt. 72 NYV Liet. Carl Zentz Co. D. Regt. 72 NYV Horace A. Fox Co. D. 72 NYV Henry Stillman Co. D. 72 NYV Wm. E. Elenan Co. D. 72 NYV Augustus A. Puge Co. D. 72 NYV James E. Bowen Co. D. 72 NYV John Rider Co. D. 72 NYV Richard Light Co. D. 72 NYV Martin Wirtner Co. E. 72 NYV Wm. Tweedy Co. E. 72 NYV Jacob Kummer Co. E. 72 NYV Wm. O. Sinfield Co. E. 72 NYV C.M.Benson Co. H. 72 NYV Wm. T. Stalls Co. H. 72 NYV John F. Snowble Co. H. 72 NYV Alex Kerst Co. H. 72 NYV Peter Bauer Co. H. 72 NYV John Pipp Co. H. 72 NYV Jacob Arnold Co. H. 72 NYV Capt. S.M. Doyle Co. H. 72 NYV U.S. Randall Co. H. 72 NYV Jonas Conger 49 NYV George Wheeler Co. K. 9th NY Cav. John Kern Co. K. 9th NY Cav. James Robinson Co. K. 9th NY Cav. George O. Smith Co. H. 9th NY Cav. George Bradley Co. G. 9th NY Cav. Cyrus W. James Co. G. 9th NY Cav. James is believed to be the first man of Union soldiers killed on the morning of July 1st, 1863, at Gettysburg. He was killed near the plain where the 9th NY Cav. Monument stands on the battlefield. Capt. Phineas Stevens Regt. 112th NYV C.F. Mulling Regt. 112th NYV Loren E. Patterson Co. C. Regt. 112th NYV Morgan Phillips Co. E. Regt. 112th NYV Wm. Steward Co. I. Regt. 112th NYV Francis Wilson Co. I. Regt. 112th NYV Lieut. Adolph Day Regt. 5th US Artillery Lieut. Henry Tyler Regt. 187th NYV Joseph Cleggs Regt. 187th NYV Anthony Loker Co. I. Regt. 187th NYV Henry Schaffer Co. I. Regt. 187th NYV Thomas Starr Co. I. Regt. 187th NYV William Weiler Co. I. Regt. 187th NYV Henry Wolfers Co. I. Regt. 187th NYV Anthony Wentz Co. I. Regt. 187th NYV Joseph Brunt Co. I. Regt. 187th NYV Frederick Rider Regt. 164th NYV R.B. Rose Co. I. Regt. 86th NYV T.P. Peck Co. F. Regt. 126th NYV Henry Waldorff Co. D. Regt. 27th NYV A.D. Welch Co. D. Regt. 68th NYV Ernest Studeman Co. E. Regt. 10th NY Cav. Wm. Babbitt Co. H. Regt. 10th NY Cav. Leonard Scott Co. A. Regt. 68th NYSM 2nd Lt. O.M. Hiller Co. D. Regt. 68th NYSM John Foss Co. D. Regt. 68th NYSM George E. Seybolt Co. C. Regt. 9th NYSM E.P. Adams Co. F. Regt. 129th NYV Albert Beuter Co. 4. Regt. NYH Artillery W.P. Reynolds Co. E. Regt. 88th PAV Joseph Graves Co. B. Regt. 55th ILV George T. Stickney Co. G. Regt. 8th WIV David G. Alling, Asst. Surgeon Regt. 91th OHV M.S. Gushing, Pay Master Navy

Buried Elsewhere Fred Platte Co. H. Regt. 72 NYV killed and buried at Gettysburg, PA Ed. B. Chapman Co. D. Regt. 72 NYV buried at Hornellsville, NY Eugene Chapman Co. K. Regt. 153 NYV buried at Versailles, NY H.V. Smith Co. C. Regt. 100 NYV buried at Smith Mills, NY Wm. M. Lynch Co. C. Regt. 112 NYV buried at Forestville, NY John D. Williams Co. D. Regt. 112 NYV buried at Folly Island, SC Capt. Daniel Loeb Co. H. Regt. 72 NYV C.E. Lucas Co. A. Regt. 5th MI Cav. V M.D. Hill Co. E. Regt. 5th MDV buried at Hornellsville, NY

I would like to add to the Spanish/American War soldiers.  My great uncle, Willis N. Beardsley served in the Spanish/American War.  He was born in Gerry, New York July 3, 1879 and enlisted as a Pvt. in Co. K, 202nd Regiment New York Infantry Volunteers July 26, 1898.  He was sent to the Philippines where he got Malaria and was sent back to Persidio Hospital, California where he died November 17, 1900.  He was the son of George Washington and Harriet Baker Beardsley.  He is buried at Lakeview Cemetery in =
Jamestown, new York.  Thanks for listing his name.

Geri Noyd Montanino