1865 New York State Census
, NY

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Ellicott 1865 Census

    Military Deaths
    Marriages and non-Military Deaths

Ellicott, Jamestown Village, E.D. 01,   1865 NY Census
Transcribed by Donna Markey, April, 2014

1.       The only military information included is the list of military deaths, which is a separate worksheet in this document.  Note that this information includes “DEATHS OF OFFICERS AND ENLISTED MEN, which have occurred while in the military or naval service of the United States, or from wounds or disease acquired in said service since April, 1861, reported by the families to which the deceased belonged when at home, in the Town of Ellicott, County of Chautauqua, N.Y., on the 6 day of June, 1865.”  A second section is headed the same, but with a date of 3 Jul 1865.  Entries from this second page begin at number 21, John Nelson.
2.       No agricultural schedules are included in this document.  The original contains such schedules.
3.       There is a worksheet containing a list of marriages and non-military deaths.
4.       Family #156, Theodore & Nannie Seigel, contained an error:  the “G” to indicate that they spoke German was entered in the wrong column—the one saying they were blind, dumb or idiotic.  I corrected that mistake, entering the “G” in the column for “unable to read or write.”
5.       There is an anomaly between families 366 and 368.  The visit number and household number have been omitted.  It is fairly obvious that the first two entries belong with family 366, and the remainder should be numbered 367.  I have done so, filling in the missing information.  Family 368 begins normally on the next page.
6.       Family number 379 was inadvertently numbered “389” instead.  I made the correction.  This is the Alfred Clark family.
7.       Family number 444 changes the spelling of the surname when the original page changed.  I could not resolve the difference in spelling by checking other censuses; so I maintained the spelling as I saw it on the original.
8.       Searches may be done using the Excel Find command.
9.       A copy of the Excel viewer may be downloaded free from the Microsoft website.

Transcribed by Donna Markey, April, 2014