1865 New York State Census
Ellington, NY

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Ellington 1865 Census

1865 NY Census:  Deaths


The following note was handwritten following the Population Schedule:

“Sally Hatch died May 1st 1865

Mary Billings died Sept. 7, 1864

Sarah Johnson died June 1864

Wilbur Bumpus died June 1864”


Notes concerning the transcription:

1.        The family number 26 was repeated; I have labelled them 26a and 26b.

2.        Family numbers 295 and 296 were skipped.

3.        The handwriting was at times very difficult to read; when possible, I looked for the name, using my best guess, in other censuses, to confirm my transcription.

4.       The original documents must have been badly faded, and the records were traced in darker ink at a later time.  In most cases, this helped, but, in others, the original words/numbers are obliterated.  Again, when I had to choose, I tried to confirm my choice using another census.

5.       In places, the faded writing was not traced over.  I used a photo editor to enhance the image and get the best possible transcription from it.

6.       I was unable to design this document to fit on a single page; several columns will run onto another page.  If printing pages, use preview first; then select the page(s) you want to print.

7.       Although there were pages for military information in the original, none were filled in.  The only military information is included in the right-hand columns.

8.       No agricultural schedules are included in this document.  The original contains such schedules.

9.       The SortedByName sheet contains the same data as the Census Data sheet, sorted by last name then first name.  Family membership is determined by looking at the family number listed before the last name.

10.    Searches may also be done using the Web Browser Find command.

11.    A copy of the Excel viewer may be downloaded free from the Microsoft website.

Transcribed by Donna Markey, November, 2013