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Below is Copyrighted material which appeared in The Chautauqua Genealogist Vol. 17, No. 2 page 19 - May 1994.  Permission to digitize this article was given by the Chautauqua County Genealogical Society.

Jack T. Ericson of the library staff has provided us with an inventory of Federal and State
Census Records available in Reed Library, State University of New York, Fredonia.
From 1850 to 1920 microfilms are located in the Microfoms Room.  State census records
and copies of federal returns microfilmed by the Latter- day Saints in the respective
county courthouses are located in Special Collections.
Warren County, Pennsylvania, federal census returns for 1850 -1920 are located at
Special Collections.
The enclosed chart provides information on each census year.  Abbreviations are:
M    =  Microforms Room
SC   =  Special Collections
LDS =  Latter-day Saints [ added note by digitizer,  those marked LDS would also be
available through  the LDS Family History Centers.]

1810  M
1820  M
1825        SC - LDS
1830  M
1835        SC - LDS (plus transcripts SC)
1840  M
1845        SC - LDS ( plus transcripts & copies of originals - SC)
1850  M
1855       SC - LDS  (plus transcription - SC)
           [added note by digitizer - There is an Index for 1855 census]
1860  M  SC - LDS
1865        SC- LDS
           [ added note by digitizer - every name index pub. CCGS 1999]
1870  M   SC- LDS
1875        SC- LDS
           [ added note by digitizer - every name index pub. CCGS 2000]
1880  M   SC- LDS
1892        SC- LDS
1900  M
1905        SC- LDS
1910  M
1915        SC- LDS
1920  M
1925        SC- LDS

A chart for Cattaraugus County, NY appears in the original artilcle and is identical to the
one for Chautauqua County - with the exception of transcripts and copies.

Provided by Donna Mills, 2000.