Gerry Homes Inmates & Staff - 1900 Census
Gerry, Chautauqua County, NY

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1900 Census of INMATES and STAFF
Data added from burial records of the Gerry Homes Cemetery ;
The Gerry Homes was established by the Free Methodist Church as an old folks home and orphanage
Now called Heritage Village, State Rte 60

lists sex, age, birth place and fathers and mothers birth places if known
PERKINS, unable to read Manager M 59 M NY NY NY
PERKINS, Lizzie Matron F 39 M Mi NY NY

ARSTER, James Inmate M 10 NY
COON, Anna Inmate F 8 NY Vt Pa
COON, Abram Inmate M 4 NY Vt Pa
COON, Benjamin Inmate M 10 NY Vt Pa
COON, Maybell Inmate F 1 NY Vt Pa
CRAGO, Delia E Inmate F 11 Oh
NECKERS, Gurtrude Inmate F 1 NY Pa
HAVRIES, Norman Inmate M 13 Pa
LEROY, Nellie May Inmate F 11 NY NY
MARTIN, Joseph Inmate M 2 NY Eng Eng
MARTIN, Lilian Inmate F 6 Ma Eng Eng
MARTIN, Marcel Inmate F 4 NY Eng Eng
NECKERS, Gurtrude Inmate F 1 NY Pa
ROBBINS, John M. Inmate M 2 mo. NY NY
SADDLER, Rolland Inmate M 11 mo. NY Oh Oh

SCHREVES, Everet Inmate M 13 Pa
SIMSON, Ardur Inmate M 4 Pa
Sweden Sweden
SIMPSON, Rudolph Inmate M 2 Pa
Sweden Sweden

Where no state appears birthplace is unknown.

BLOSSER, Jacob Inmate M 87 Wd NY Pa Pa BRITTINA, Symary Inmate F 86 Wd NY NY NY BROWN, Susan Inmate F 74 Wd Eng Eng Eng CALVIN, Prudence Inmate F 78 S NY Vt Vt CLOVER, Jane Inmate F 80 S Eng Eng Eng FALIN, Alma Inmate F 9 Pa Pa Pa FARBO, Mariah Inmate F 68 Wd Vt NH Vt GIFFERD, Levi Inmate M 81 Wd NY Ma Ma HAMILTON, Sarah Inmate F 79 S Ct Va Va HAYES, Thomas Inmate M 63 Wd Ire Ire Ire INDYSON, Orie Inmate F 79 Wd Ct Ct Ct LARCOMBE, Anna Inmate F 81 Wd Del Del Del LOWERLEY, Rachel Inmate F 69 S Eng Eng Eng MACRISON, Jennie Inmate F 66 S NY NY NY McKINNIE, Robert Inmate M 13* S NY NY NY PATTYFLACE, Maybell Inmate F 4 S Mi Mi Mi PEACOCK, Carolina Inmate F 77 Wd NY RI Ma SEWART, Ariana Inmate F 11 S Pa Scot Scotland SEWART, Peter Inmate M 13 S Pa Scot Scotland SMITH, Nichols Inmate M 68 Wd Eng Eng Eng SWITZER, Harry Inmate M 12 S In Pa Pa SWITZER, Ralph Inmate M 9 S Pa PaPa DUNN, Fannie Nurse F 20 S Pa Pa Pa POTTER, Elizabeth Teacher F 26 S NY NY NY FELLOWS, John Head 2C M 30 M Pa Pa Pa FELLOWS, Mertie Wife F 25 M Pa Canada Pa

Source: Provided by Jeanette Pratt Babcock, 2002.