Gerry Homes Inmates & Staff - 1920 Census
Gerry, Chautauqua County, NY

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1920 Census of INMATES and STAFF
Data added from burial records of the Gerry Homes Cemetery;
The Gerry Homes was established by the Free Methodist Church as an old folks home and orphanage
Now called Heritage Village, State Rte 60

In some names I have added what MAY be the Social Security death records for these persons, and cemetery data. To be used only as a guide, not proof and names are spelled here as they appear, may or not be correctly spelled.

SOUTHWORTH, Louis age 45 Head, b NY parents same
Wife Lena R. 42 b NY Parents same
Dau Nana 15 b PA
NEWTON, Pearl, Servant, 29 b NY single
BLAKE, Amanda Servant, NY married
SMITH, Lura, 26 b PA single
STRICKLAND Herbert, laborer, 17 b NY
STRICKLAND, Raymond, 17 laborer NY
WOOD, Mae 19 b US widowed servant
BROWN, Martha 67 b Canada , widowed Parents both Canada

SHANNON, Twila, 16 PA, Parents same
BARBER, Howard, 15 PA Parents Unknown US
SWIFT,, Arden 14, PA
SSN 210-07-8608 Residence: 95926 Chico, Butte, CA
Born 19 Jan 1906 Last Benefit: 95926 Chico, Butte, CA
Died Mar 1984
SWIFT, Florence 10 PA
SMITH, William Taft age 11 b PA Parents same
SMITH, Mary 10 b PA
LAKE, Elmos 10 b PA
LAKE, Harold 8 PA
ROSSENBACK, Ruth A. 4yrs 4 mos b NY Parents same (none show in NY for 1920
census this spelling)
PHILIPS, Bernice 12 b PA Parents same
YAGEAR Gordon, 11 b NY parents same
OSMER. Wilbur 6, PA
OSMER Wilbur
N 191-07-5565 Residence:PA
Born 13 Mar 1913 Last Benefit:
Died Jan 1966 Issued: PA (Before 1951)
EAKIN, Robert, 10 b PA
HANDERSON, Stanley, age 7 PA
GRINDER, Boyd 9 b PA parents same
NELLIS, A. Helen, 8 b PA
HANAWALT, Elizabeth 14, PA
YACHETTA, Anthony 9 NY
ECK, Frederick, age 5 b NY Parents father Sweden, Mother NY
ECK, Robert 3yrs 4 months parents same as Frederick
DAY, Allen 12 b PA
HETRICK, Harry, 7 PA
HETRICK, Francis A. age 8 PA
GREEGS, Floyd 9
GREEGS, Fred 8
GREEGS, Howard 10all born PA Parents same
COAN, Ruth A. 2 yrs 8 months NY Parents same
There are 3 males COAN in Jamestown 1920

ELLIS, Frank 67 b Iowa Parents England

KNISS, Frederick 88 Germany Widowed,
KNISS Frederick A. widower, b. Germany 7-18=1831 d 8-6-1925
ae 94-0-18, bur. Gerry Homes Cemetery
son of Conrad Kniss & Christina Sommers both b. Ger.

BERGSTROM, Charles 82 b Denmark Single

REYNOLDS William B. age 87 b NY parents b Rhode Island
REYNOLDS Wm. B died March 6 1923 ae 90-2-16 Bur. Gerry Homes Cem

HANSEN, Carrie 84 b Norway came in 1860 Single
HANSON Karen single, b. Norway 11-4-1836 d. 9-10-1926
ae 89-10-5. d/o Hans Hansen of Norway
inmate GerryHomes for 24 years

WILLARD, Hannah, single age 92 born NY Parents father MA, Mother RI

McNUTT, Elizabeth 67 widow, b Indiana father IN mother NH

COLE, Elmira, 84 Single b NY parents same
COLE Almina single, b. Watertown, NY 1839 d. 2-24-1920 ae
in Gerry 13-1- dau of Chauncey & Esther (Hoover)
Cole both b. Watertown- informant-- Mrs. Geo. H.
Grassupp of Buffalo.

GIFFORD, Malinda 73 single b NY parents same
GIFFORD Malinda single, d. 4-28-1933 ae 91-9-27
buried Collins Center,
dau of Joseph Gifford b. Hartfield, NY and
Mary Goodell. Inmate Gerry Homes

BARBER, Hattie, widow 69 b NY father VT mother NY

MILLER, Josephine 85 single NY parents same
buried Gerry Homes Cemetery
MILLER Josephine L. single, b. Lodice, Seneca Co., NY d. 1-28-1928
res. Gerry Homes 17 yrs. ae 93-1-25. dau of
Doloman B. Miller & Fannie Burton

MORROW, Jane K 83 Widow b NY parents same
Gerry Homes Cemetery
MORROW Jane R. widow, b. 7-26-1834, NY State d. 3-7-1923
age 85-7-13, res of Gerry Homes 12 yrs.
dau of Solomon R. Miller b. VT & Fannie Button b. VT
L D Powers undertaker

DAVIS, Dorothy E. 81 Widow, NY parents same
DAVIS Dora E. b. Lodi, NY 4-13-1839 d. 1-29-1924 ae 84-9-18
dau of Solom B. Miller & Fannie Burton, both b. Lodi
inmate of Gerry Homes buried Gerry.

COCKLE, Emma A. 78 widow, NY parents same
COCKLE Edna b. Attica, NY 7-15-1842, widow, d. 9-6-1927
age 85-1-21 dau of Joseph & Emaline (Hayes) Shadbolt.
buried Gerry Homes Cemetery

SOLVISBURG, Mary 70 Unknown Born Switzerland came unknown year
SALVISBERG Mary A. res Homes 8 yrs. d. Dec 31 1934 ae 85-7-18
b. Switzerland May 13 1849 son [sic] of
Nicholas Salvisberg & Mary Frideau.
probably buried Gerry Homes Cem

FRANK, Gertie, 78 NY father NY mother Illinois Single
FRANK Gertrude single, b. Warren Co. 2-14-1841
d. 2-4-1924 ae 82-11-20 Buried Gerry Homes Cem.
at Gerry Homes 22 years.

HICKS, Sarah Jane 74 widow NY father VT mother NY

WARD, Janet, 85 Nova Scotia, parents Scotland Widowed
WARD Janet d July 2 1928 ae 93-8-18, b. Canada Oct 14 1834
dau of Alexander McMichen and Isabel Thompson, both
born Scotland, Resident Gerry Homes 10 yrs 3mos

McKENZIE, Mary single, b Scotland,
MacKENZIE Mary single, b. 3-13-1848 Scotland d. 3-18-1937 ae 89-0-5
resident of Gerry 24 years. Res Gerry Homes. dau of
Angus MacKenzie and Catherine Ferguson both b.
Scotland. Informant Mrs. Mildred Turk of Gerry.

WRIGHT, Adeline, 74 widow, b PA Father NY mother PA
WRIGHT Adaline d. March 26 1932 ae 88-2-2 lived in Gerry 28 yrs
and res of Gerry Homes when died. Born Jan 24 1844
at Gresham, PA dau of Alanson Weed Jr born Ellery
and wife Rebecca McGinis born Crawford Co, PA
Perhaps buried Gerry Homes Cemetery.

DAVIS, Mary E. 79 widow b Wales
DAVIS Mary E. b. Wales 2-10-1840 d. 3-11-1923 ae 83-1-1
at Home 5 yrs. dau of Joshua Williams and Margaret
Powel, both b. Wales. bd Arcade, NY widow

SMITH, LydiaWidow, b NY German descent parents Unknown
SMITH Lydia d. Nov 23 1927 ae 83-7-24 born March 29 1844
in Grove, Alleghany Co., PA. daughter of
Michael Isaman b. Germany and Betsey Spoon b. PA
a widow, at Homes 16 yrs. Buried Gerry Homes Cem

MILLER, Abbie M. Servant, single 19 b NY
POTTER, Mildred worker 21 single b NY
BROWN, Virginia, Servant, single 28 b Ohio, parents NY
HAVELEYCHEEK Estella L. manager, 50 b PA widow father CT, Mother ?

Source: Provided by Dolores Davidson, 2002.