Gerry Homes Inmates & Staff - 1930 Census
Gerry, Chautauqua County, NY

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1930 Census of INMATES and STAFF
Data added from burial records of the Gerry Homes Cemetery ;
The Gerry Homes was established by the Free Methodist Church as an old folks home and orphanage
Now called Heritage Village, State Rte 60

In some names I have added what MAY be the Social Security death records for these persons, and cemetery data. To be used only as a guide, not proof and names are spelled here as they appear, may or not be correctly spelled.


BARBER, Hattie, 79 b NY widow

BAGG, Anna 80 single b Sweden

BRADY, Marion, Sex ? 11 PA

BURRITT, Amelia, 84 widow, NY

BEUSHAW, Clara, 76 widow Germany

BROCKWAY, Edward A. 78 Widowed b NY

BUDD, Etta J. 70 single NY Gerry Village Cemetery 1859-1941

DEUEL, Bella, female, 71 single / Gerry Home Cemetery data DEUEL Belle
single, b. Caledonia, NY 11-7-1858 d. 1-17-1935 age 76-2-10 dau of Donald
MacKellar, b. Scotland Mother unknown. res Gerry Homes 11 years.

ELLIS, Frank, 73 single Iowa

FRELAND, Mabel, 77 widow, NY

GIFFORD, Malinda, 88 single NY GIFFORD Malinda single, d. 4-28-1933 ae
buried Collins Center, dau of Joseph Gifford b. Hartfield, NY and Mary
Here a long time

HALEY, Eugenia, 56 Single b Canada

HITCHCOCK, Mary 83 widow, NY

HOLDRIDGE Sarah E. 75 widow, England

HYLAND, Alexander, 74 widowed Canada English Descent
HYLAND Alexander 1855 - 1945 Gerry Village Cemetery

INGERSOLL, Cyrus, 86 Widowed, NY
( Cyrus INGERSOLL served in the Civil War, in 1920 age 76 lived in Dayton,
Cattaraugus Co NY stated then he is single)

JONES, Minerva 83 widow b NY

JONES Charles W 76 b Michigan age at marriage to Belle both 21
JONES, Belle, 76 married b Michigan

KENNEDY, Angeline 87 widow, b PA

LAWRENCE, Albro S. 73 widowed NY

McKEE, Elma, 78 widow NY

McKENZIE, Mary 80 single Scotland MacKENZIE Mary single, b. 3-13-1848
Scotland d. 3-18-1937 ae 89-0-5 resident of Gerry 24 years. Res Gerry Homes.
dau ofAngus MacKenzie and Catherine Ferguson both b.Scotland. Informant Mrs.
Mildred Turk of Gerry.

MINEGAR, May 55 Single NY ( b 1875 Jamestown dau of John Minegar )

PIER, Lizzie, 66 widowed, NY

PRESTON, Silas S. 74 married b NY father b PA mother NY age he married to
Flora, 28
PRESTON, Flora H. 65 Born Switzerland age at marriage to Silas, 22
(* in 1920 Silas S and Flora are in Riley Place, Binghamton City, Broome
Co NY he is then 64 was a woodworker in a toy factory )

SHEPARD, Mary 87 Widow, Ohio

SPAULDING, Mary E. 72 Widow, NY

WALKER, Addie A. 75 widow, PA

WELSH, Ada J or I 72 Widow NY

WHITE, Mabel, 56 widow, NY

WRIGHT, Adaline, 85 Widow, PA

Most of these are probably living individuals

CORCORAN, Joseph J. 10 New Jersey, father MASS

DYSHERE, Robert S. 8 Ohio
DYSHERE Richard H. 7 brother Ohio
( in 1930 one MILDRED DYSHERE b NY age 31 lives in Jamestown City and
these SAME children are here with her in census also ) she is married no
husband here)

EDMUNDS, George 16 NY parents NY

FOY, Clark A. 12 PA

GILLESPIE, Anna E 13, PA parents PA

HAGUE, James 15 PA father England

HOPE, Eleanor J 3 NY

HOUSLER, Stewart 11 Ohio parents Unknown

KOTELLE Phillip, 11 NY father Albania
KOTELLE, Olga, 10 Sibling
KOTELLE, Alfrida, 8 sibling
KOTELLE, Nicholas 5 Sibling
KOTELLE John 5 Sibling
( Listed here as ALBANIANS, this may be a misspelling, there are no other
names like this in any other records including SS)

LAY, Clair B, male 13 NY father PA

LISCO, Stephen 10 PA father PA

MARSH,, Gordon E. 13 NY father NY
MARSH, Harold O, 7 NY father NY

MENTOR, Eileen, 12 parents PA

MULLEN, Robert, 13 PA

OWENS, Walter J. 11 PA father PA
OWENS, Raymond J brothers, 9 PA
OWENS, Wanda, 6 P A
OWENS Donna or Dora J 4 + PA

PERKINS, Walter, 7 New Jersey father Unknown

POST, Gracia, 7 NY father NY

ROSE, Betty L 8 b PA father Illinois
ROSE, Margaret E. sister 6 PA

TILLOTSON, Paul 13 Pa father PA
TILLOTSON, Florence 12 sister

VAIL, Loren S. 12 Ny father Unknown

VANDERWARK, Warren, 15 NY father NY
VANDERWARK, Norman, C. 12 NY Father NY

WALLACE, Carolyn, 13 PA father PA
WALLACE, Gardner brother, 7

WELCH, Vivian, 10 Pa father ILL
WELCH, Kenneth L 8 sibling
WELCH, Betty J 6 Sibling

WILLIAMS, Harold, 13 NY father NY

WITMER, Robert 4 PA
WITMER, Irene 7
WITMER, Frances P. female 9
WITMER, Charles L 11
WITMER George W. 14 all these Witmer children born PA

Source: Provided by Dolores Davidson, 2002.