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Click on the "Young" link for excerpts from the History of Chautauqua County, 1875 by Andrew W. Young.

Chautauqua Bible Society (1837)
Sabbath School Anniversary, Presbyterian Churches (1842)
New York Baptist Union for Ministerial Education

Baptist Association Meeting Minutes (1836-1863)

Methodist Episcopal Church (1830)
A Christian Church (date unknown)

Baptist Church of Busti (1819)
Methodist Episcopal Church of Busti Corners (1819)

Frewsburgh Baptist Church (1858)
First Methodist Episcopal Church st Frewsburgh (????)
Frewsburg United Brethren Church (1894)

Methodist Episcopal Church (1812)
First Baptist Church of Sinclairville (1828)
First Congregational Church of Sinclairville (1831)
First Universalist Society of Charlotte (1850)
First Universalist Society of Sinclairville (1859)
St. Paul's Church of the Cross of Sinclairville (1871)

Baptist Church of Chautauqua (1808)
First Baptist Church of Mayville (1820)
The Chautauqua Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church (1820)
St. Paul's Church of Mayville (1823)
The First Freewill Baptist Church of Chautauqua Hill (1840)
First Methodist Episcopal Church of Dewittville (1835)
Summit Church (1849)
Christian Church (1852)
Mount Pleasant Church (1858)
The United Brethren in Christ of Elm Flats (1863)
St. Peter's Church (1871)

Methodist Episcopal Church (1817)
Christian Church (1839)
Free-will Baptist Church (1826)

     Record Book A (1838-1882)
First Baptist Church (1831)

     Record Book A (1831-1863)

CLYMER [Young]
Methodist Episcopal Church in Clymer (1825)
First Baptist Church of Clymer (1828)

Baptist Church of Dunkirk (1830)
St. John's Church (Episcopal) (1850)
St. Mary's Church (Roman Catholic) (1851)

   St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
       1860-1940 Census [Notes]
St. John's German United Evangelical Church (1856)
German Methodist Episcopal Church (1857)
First Methodist Episcopal Church of Dunkirk (????)
Zion's Church (Evangelical Association) (1865)

Baptist Church, West Ellery (1808)
Baptist Church, Ellery Center (1814)
First Universalist Church of Ellery (1817)
Methodist Episcopal Church, West Ellery (1831)
Methodist Episcopal Church, Pickard Hill (1835)
Baptist Parsonage, Ellery Center (1856)
United Brethran (1869)
Lakeside School of New Theology (1887)
Bemus Point United Methodist (1893)
Maple Springs Union Church (1908)
Ellery Center Swedish Lutheran Church (1910)
Church of God (1956)

Old Fluvanna Church (1834)

Congregational Church (1815)
Baptist Church of Jamestown (1832)
Presbyterian Church of Jamestown (1834)
Protestant Episcopal Church (1853)
Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church of Jamestown and Sugar Grove (1852)
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jamestown (1857)
Free Methodist Church (1871)
Swedish Misson Church (1879)
Swedish Christian Zion Church (1880s)
Swedish Immanuel Lutheran Church (1887)
Danish services at Y.M.C.A (1880s - 1890s)


Christian Church of Ellington (1823)
Congregational Church (1828)
Free-will Baptist Church (1828)

Baptist Church (1821)
Christian Church (1831)
Methodist Episcopal Church (1830)

Methodist Episcopal Church (1819)
First Baptist Church of Gerry (1820)

First Baptist Church of Hanover (1811)
Second Baptist Church of Hanover (1817)
Methodist Episcopal Church of Silver Creek (1819)
Presbyterian Church at Silver Creek (1831)
St. Andrew's Church, Irving, NY
Forestville United Methodist Church

Baptist Church in Panama (1817)
Bapist Church at Ashville (1828)
First Congregational Church (1830)
Methodist Episcopal Church, Blockville (1818)
Free-will Baptist Church of Harmony (1830)
South Harmony Free-will Baptist Church (1855)

First Congregational Church of Kiantone (1815)
First Christian Society of Universalists in Carroll (1853)

Methodist Episcopal Church and Society, Mina Corners (1858)
Methodist Episcopal Church, West Mina (1858)
American Reformed Church (1856)

Open Meadows Methodist Church (1833)

POLAND [Young]
First Baptist Church of Kennedy (1837)
Poland Free Church (1857)
Levant Wesleyan (Methodist) Church (????)
Freewill Baptists (????)
Episcopal Methodists (????)
Protestant Methodists (????)

Baptist Church, Laona (1829)

Baptist Church (1808)
    Early Records (1808-1841)
    Member Photos (1868-19??)
    Member Roster (1808-1841)
    Handy Marriages (1830-1837)
    Record Book A (1805-1832)
    Record Book A Members (1822-1832)
    Record Book B (1832-1841)
    Record Book C (1848-1870)
    Record Bood D (1872-1915)
    Record Book D Members (1872-1915)
    Church Correspondence by decade (1850 1860 1870 1880 1890)
    Trustee Books (1822-1884)

    Miscellaneous Materials

    Treasurer's Records (1858-1870)

    Eber M. Pettit, the Underground Railroad, and the Fredonia Baptist Church (2009) Wendy Straight

    The Underground Railroad in Chautauqua County (2010) Wendy Straight
Presbyterian Church (1810)

     Roster Book A (1810-1835)

     Roster Book (1836-1844)
     Roster Book B (1822-1867)
     Record Book (1810-1827)
     Record Book (1827-1835)
     Record Book (1836-1844)
     Record Book (1851-1945)
     Index to Records
Methodist Episcopal Church of Fredonia (1818)
Trinity Episcopal Church (1823)
    Early Records (1823-1850)
First Protestant Methodist Church (1859)
First United Methodist Church of Fredonia
Fredonia Methodists (2010)


First Congregational Church of Portland (1818)
Methodist Episcopal Church (1817)
First Baptist Church (1819)
West Baptist Church of Portland (1842)
   Records (1842-2010)
Universalist Society (1821)
Protestant Methodist Church (1858)
Free-will Baptist Church (????)
Brotherhood of New Life (????)

First Presbyterian Church (1818)
Second Presbyterian Church (1853)
Methodist Episcopal Church (1811)
Baptist Church (????)


First Presbyterian Church (1827)
First Baptist Church (1827)
Free Baptist Church (1835)

Baptist Church, Chautauqua (1808)
Baptist Church, Delanti (1812) : Baptism Records
Third Baptist Church in Chautauqua (1827)
Congregational Church (1815)
Methodist Church, Stockton (1828)
Methodist Church, Oregon (1840)
Methodist Church Circuit, Delanti (1857)
Christian Church, Delanti (1825)
Cassadaga Baptist Church (1843)
Union Church, Pleasant Valley (1862)

Methodist Episcopal Church, Hamlet (1823)
First Freewill Baptist Church of Villenova (1828)
Villenova Circuit, Fredonia District Records with Hamlet, Villenova, and Arkwright families.

Presbyterian Church of Westfield (1808)
Baptist Church, Cross Roads (1825)
Episcopal Church and Society of Westfield (1830)
Methodist Episcopal Church of Westfield (1821)
First Universalist Church of Westfield (1833)
German Lutheran Church (Evangelical Protestant Lutheran Church), Westfield (1863)
Methodist Episcopal Church, Howard's Corners (1837)


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