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Dedication Souvenir of the Frewsburg U.B. Church
Dedication Souvenir of the Frewsburg U.B. Church which was dedicated on March 5, 6, 7, 1915. The original copy is in my possession which my mother (Edyth Emily Eddy White) picked up at the dedication when she was 8 yrs. old. The church was organized in 1894 by my Great-Grandfather Rev. C. D. Swart (Clemence David Swart). I attended the church with my family from the time of my birth in 1931 until I left for the US Air Force in 1949. My parents were active in the church, my mother was church organist for over 40 years. The history accounts the purchase and moving of the Busti Congregational Church and major refurbishing which resulted in the church appearance which lasted for many years. I would appreciate it if you would post the attached church history in the Church Records & Histories section of your website so all can read. Since there are many names listed in the Dedication Souvenir (many whom I remember vividly), I hope that many researchers can find connections via this church record documented in 1915.
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Ward Clemence White
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SOURCE: Ward C. White, 2005

I am the great-granddaughter of Roland Eggleston, who was the minister of what
was then known as the Frewsburg United Brethren or UB church in the 1930s. You
may or may not know that the UB churches later merged with the Evangelical
Church in the mid-'40s, which itself later merged with the Methodist Church.
It's now the Frewsburg United Methodist Church. (Sorry for the denominational
history if you're already well aware). He served the church from 1933-1937 &
was also the camp director for what is now known as Camp Findley thru the

Anyhow, I have some historical data on the church thru a wonderful quilt made
by an unknown person and given to his wife, Maude Eggleston, when they were
transferred to a church in Olean. The quilt has two or more names stitched
onto many squares of the quilt, which is interspered with cotton flower
squares. The names are stitched onto the plain quilt blocks, apparently by the
same hand. I was not aware of the quilt's existence until the death of their
son-in-law, James Campbell, in 1998, when I discovered it in a clothes closet
in near-mint condition.

At this point, I plan on making a photo scrapbook of the quilt squares, adding
some info about my great-grandparents, and providing copies to the local
church, the appropriate historical societies and the regional United Methodist
office in Jamestown. However, I would like to do some "web sharing" as well.

I would be willing to type the names out (there's no more than 40 names, if
that, on this quilt) and post it to the church records part of the website. I
am also willing to send digital photos of a particular family block or blocks
(or snail-mail) them, if necessary.

Let me know how I can best share this on your county website.

Cheri Campbell
Amherst, OH
(former Bradford, PA native, lived in Olean in the 70s & Jamestown in 1986)

SOURCE: Cheri Campbell, 2004