Stockton Second Baptist Church

Church Letters (1830-1851)

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Stockton Nov. 12th, 1830

We the under signed do feel it our duty to address one more communication to
you Dear Brethren of the 2nd Baptist Church of Christ in Stockton, we made a
communication to you setting forth our grievance with the church and making
some inquiries of you what ground you was on as it relates to a great
subject which so agitates the churches at this time and we were unable to
understand as definite as we could wish but as far as we do understand your
answer and practice we take it as an assent to our views of your sentiment
except the last item on which we cannot conceive how you could with
propriety answer us as you have unless you have altered your sentiments
since the expression of the sentiments of the church about a year ago
therefore we cannot feel satisfied with your answer and feel that all hopes
of a union at present is past, we therefore state to you brethren that we
want the privilege of uniting with the Union Baptist Church of Stockton and
do wish you would dismiss us if you can anyway in conscience if you go no
farther than to give us one general letter certifying our Christian and
moral characters, we would be thankful for it and strive to live in peace
with you as far as we may be able.

Aaron Lyon Rebecca Richardson [?]
Arvilla Lyon
Gold Crissy [?] Kezia Smith
Ruth Crissy
Phineas Bidwell Mariah Crissey Mary
John Curtis Prudence Arnold
Julania Randall [?]
John Wilkins _______________ Sarepta
Issac Mills
Matilda Kimball
Chester Thompson
Susan Mills
John Filkins
Orpha Wilkins
Zephariah Baker
Hannah Mott
Aaron Leonard
Julia Barber [?]
John _________

The undersigned Brethren are grieved with the Church for releasing Br.
Charles Batchler from the requirement made by the Church March 4th 18[?]6
And we request the Ch to recind [sic] their act releasing [sic] him from
such requirement.
And we would further say that we were in the fault for neglecting our duty
in not moving forward in this business so important to the peace of Zion.

Samuel Crissey
J.L. Lampher [?]

Ora Winsor

Alson Crissey

John Mitchell

Sylvanus Crissey Jn

Benj. Miller

Ira Jenings [?]

Ethan Cooley

Chester Thompson

Jason Crissey

The Church of Baptised Christians in Fairfax County of Franklin and State of
Vermont Sendeth Christian Salutaions [sic]-----
This certifies that Nathaniel Crissey and Mercy his Wife members in good
Standing with us and as Such we Recommend them to any church of our Faith
and order and when we are informed of there union with any other Church
shall Consider them dismissed from us---

By order of the Church--Given under my hand at Fairfax this 26 of Sept 1826.

Erastus Safford, CC [??]

The Baptist Church in Fredonia to any church of the same faith ________ this
may identify that the bearer [?] Sister Catharine Damon is a member in good
standing in this church and as such we recommend her to any church of the
same faith and when she is added [?] to any other church and we notified
shall consider her dismissed from us.

_______________ Church


Chandler [?]

Fredonia Dec 3-1825

The Baptist Church of Christ in Laona [?]holding to one God in three persons
and unconditional election----perserverance of the ___________to
glory---Believes the subject of baptism and Immersion the _______Baptist
believrs, continuing steadfastly in the appostles [sic] doctrine, the only
proper subjects of communion. Also moving ______ fellowship with
Freemasonry or those who fellowship thr institution, neither
with Churches, who ________ embracing Masons in fellowship.

To any Church of the same
faith and order--------greeting, This may certify that Sister Olive Thompson
is a member with us in full fellowship, as such we recommend her to any
church as above where God in his providence may cast her _______ and when
joined and we officially notified shall consider her dismissed from our

Done by order of the church

June the 7th 1833 W. [?]


To the 2nd Baptist Church in Stockton

Dear Brethren
At a meeting of the church Dec. 27, 1847 5 M Voted
that Br. ______Thompson and wife be requested to present the Church a
statement of the acts of this church which have been a grief to them and
show what scripture rule has been violated in those acts--the following are
a few

July 24th 1840. Voted a com. of seven be appointed to visit Br. Calvin
Smith and to B. Quartus and investigate a difficulty between them. Sept.
8th 1840..the Brethren formerly appointed on the above named. Object report
that the difficulty between them remains unsettled, the church then Voted to
request B. Quartus Smith to commence a labor [?] with B. Calvin Smith
according to the 14th of Matthew. B. Quartus Smith refused to comply [???]
time elapsed and B. Quartus Smith above requirement at a regular
meeting of the church, some of the Brethren stated that something must be
done it could not remain as it was. The church voted that B. Quartus Smith
have the privilege of telling his difficulty to the church without taking
the rule laid down in the 18th of Matthew. To the church his difficulty
with B. Calvin Smith, the church heard and acted upon the same. April 25th
1841 5M Voted that a com. appointed to visit Brother Calvin Smith.
May 11th 1841, resumed the busniness of the meeting by taking up the case of
Br. Calvin Smith 1st voted to withdraaw the hand of fellowship from Br.
Calvin Smith and the above proceding a view not according to gospel rule---

October 30th 1841. Voted that a further investigation of the difficulty in
Fredonia on the procedings of the association is foreigh to the legitimate
object of church organization and highly detrimental to the growth and
prosperity of the Redeemers Kingdom and the welfare of precious and immortal
souls therefore resolved that we will not intertwine or tolerate any
discussion of those subjects in the church, but as God's word directs [?]
to strive about words to no profit and that under strife. Nov. 11th 1841
Voted that the resolve of the Church _____ Oct. 30th be not so considered
or construed as to prevent the Church ______ considering and acting upon the
grief of Brethren. Voted to suspend the resolve of the Church passed Oct.
30, 1841.

3. July 16th 1842. heard the report of the ______ formerly appointed to
visit delinquent members, and some of them being present made some remarks,
and requested an opportunity to present their griefs and an investigation of
the same, and after calling up the subject in two succeeding meetings.
Voted to drop all those cases and affectionately invite them to resume their
walk with the church. Which I view is not gospel order, Now Brethren is not
this contrary to the practice and discipline of all regular Baptist
Churches. Is it doing as you like to be done by, in exchange of
circumstances. I think not----------

4. A church meeting. Voted that we will not receive to our communion
either body at Fredonia until their difficulties are settled. Brethren is
not the com. the Church has pursued for some years in _____________of the
above resolve.

5. Feb. 13th The 10th Resolution altered from approved to adopt, which I
view very materially alters the sense of the resolution and which was
afterwards made use of to carry their point in delegating to the

6. August 28th 1845. Voted to delegate to the Association by a majority of
one, to the grief of many members, and thereby destroying the peace and
union of the Church.
Romans 24th, 19th let us follow after the things which make for peace and
wherewith one may edify another. and others of a similar nature.

7. I noticed in your minutes of 1846 thirty five dropped. Brethren will
you show me the Gospel rule for such a course with members.

The above Brethren are some of the acts of this Church which I view contrary
to the Gospel and which has been a grief to me.

H. Thompson
Communication from Br. Horace Thompson

Stockton Jan 9th 1832

At a church meeting voted to withdraw fellowship from Br. Chester and Sister
Sarepta Thomson for neglect or refusing to walk with the church and meeting
with a body of people out of our fellowship

A copy by order this church H. Crissey, Church Clerk

Stockton Jan. 9th 1832

At church meeting voted to withdraw fellowship from Br. Aaron and Sister
Arvilla Lyon for neglect or refusing to walk with the church and uniting
with a body out of our fellowship who have adopted a principle and practice
in______ to communion which we view unscriptural.
The 1st Baptist Church of Christ in Bortland to the 2nd Baptist Church in
Stockton sendeth Christian salutations. Beloved Brethren this is to
certify that the bearer sister, Mary Crissey is a member of this Church in
good standing and having removed to your county we feel to recommend her to
your Christian regard and fellowship and when joined will be dismissed from
our watch care---

by order of the Church
Salem Sept. 12, 1835. __________Clerk

The first Baptised Church of Christ in Stockton to whom soever these
presents may come sendeth Christian Salutation

This may certify that Sister Susan Thompson is a member of this church and
in good and regular standing and as such we would recommend her to any other
church of our faith and order with liberty to unite and when united to such
church and we regularly notified we shall consider her dismissed from us
Done by order and in behalf of the Church.

Dated at Stockton this 8th day of March 1829 Ernac Scofield, Church Clerk

This may certify that Elder Washington Winsor is a member in and pastor of
the Baptist Church of Christ in ______________ and as such we recommend him
to the fellowship of our Sister Churches with liberty to become a member of
any church in our fellowship and when so joined and we informed shall
consider him dismissed from us.
Signed by order of the Church New___________
April 7th 1827
John Mayhew, Church Clerk

Fairfax Vt October 9th 1826

This may certify that Nathaniel Crissey is a member of this church and in
good standing. As such has a right to unite with any church of our faith
and order.
When united and we receive information thereof we shall consider him
discharged from us.
This by order and in behalf of the Church

Justin Walker, Church Clerk

To the Baptist Church in Stockton

Dear Bretheren, being satisfied for myself that you for some years past have
not as a body walked according to the rules of Christ's house and seeing no
prospect at present of any change for the better and wishing for a decision
on my part, thenceby withdraw the hand of fellowship from you not wishing to
be recognized as a member of this church in any sense whatever at present.

Nancy Thompson

Fairfax Nov. 1st 1832

This may certify that Brother Alvin Bliss is a member of the first Baptist
Church in Fairfax Vermont.
We can cheerfully recommend him as sustaining a good moral and religious
character to any other church of the precious faith.

E H Grant [??] ,
Go my Dear Brother and may the Lord be with you and while you traverse the
regions of Elijah

At Mr. Todd's in a conversation between P. Lazell and H. Crissey, H. Crissey
stated that a prominent reason why Esq. Smith did not vote to pay the
inspectors for visiting schools was because he did not like the law. Crissy
also expressly stated at the time that he would not say Esq. Smith used such
words, but that the sentiments of what he did say in substnace amounted to

L. __________

O. Taylor

Ammon Cramer [??]

Lucius Goodnight [?]

The above is a true statement of the conversation above alluded to so far as
I understood it and I think that I was present and have the close of their

O.E. Parker

Whereas some evil disposed person has circulated a report that I have as a
prominent reason that I did not vote to pay the inspectors of Schools was
because I did not like the law. I hereby state to whomever it may concern
that the said report is a malicious slander totally destitute of truth.
Stockton March 4, 183__[?] Calvin Smith
I certify the above
a true copy W.H. Grivend [???]

Stockton April the 8th 183____

Nathan Crissey stated to me that Calvin Smith said the reason he did not
vote to pay the Inspector of Schools was because he did not like the law and
that he could prove it by two or three witnesses but at another conversation
H. Crissey stated that he would not say these were C. Smith's words, but the
sentiment was substantially the same but H. Crissey stated that Calvin Smith
gave it as a prominent reason that he did not vote to pay the Inspector of
Schools was because he did not like the law and that he could prove it.

Signed by P. Lazell

John Curtis's Testimony

Mr. Phillip Lazell presented a writing to Harlow Crissey for his signature
Mr. Crissey refused but said that Esq. Smith gave it as a prominent reason
why he did not vote to pay the Inspectors was because he did not like the

Complaint and Testimony
Respecting the Difficulty between
Br Crissey and
Br. Smith

The reasons why I do not commune or walk with the church is because the
conduct of a number of the members of the church appears to me to be
unchristian and disaplinary [sic] and for which in ordinary circumstances I
should feel it my duty to procede [sic] according to the direction in the
18th of Matthew but I do not see it my duty under present circumstances to
take that course 1st because that a number of the prominent members of the
church are participants in the transaction and others have given an opinion
on the subject in favour of the members complained of and second because I
am aware that I am considered by a number of the members of the church to be
prejudiced by location or self interest and the influence of some of my
neighbours and thus deluded in my views and feelings on that subject.
Under such circumstances my judgment dictates that it is better for me to
let the subject drop where it is and suffer an exclusion from the church
than to disturb the church with a subject that I am aware will divide them
and result in a decision against me on account of the preconceived opinions
and self interest of many of the members.
And now brethren I leave the subject with him who knows the hearts of all
men and if you have done justly and truly in what you have done touching
this matter which is well know to most of you then go on and prosper in your
appropriation and let it be a blessing to your society and let the Spirit of
God work like leven in my mind until all the old leven of fear and prejudice
is purged out if not let the same Spirit open your minds too. See and
correct your faults is the prayer of your unworthy brother Chester

Gould Crissey Complaints

First I think it unreasonable to accuse a brother of slander and falsehood
for stating that you gave it as a prominent reason why you refused to pay
the inspectors for visiting schools was because you did not like the law
when at the same time he gave an explanation of what he meant by the

Second. Unchristian like conduct in neglecting the gospel rules and
publishing by handbills and otherwise publicly the supposed fault of the
said brother and in language too which seems unfriendly.

To the first complaint I answer
First that the said statement is false and slanderous-
2d that it was made without any explanation of a meaning different from
the common acceptation of the words, or if he did give such explanation it
is unknown to me.

To the second complaint I answer
1st that I followed the gospel rule according to the best of my
understanding of it.
2d That I did not publish a suppposed fault------but merely
contradicted a false statement that was publicly circulated, and had no
reference to any one unless they were guilty.

[This note is thoroughly X-ed out, but is still legible]

April the 29th 1837. The Church met by special apointment opened meeting by
Prayer to God.
1st heard a written[??] complaint presented by Br. Gould Crissey against
Br. Calvin Smith
2nd voted to [???] 1st heard the testimony of Br. Phillip Lazell. [??]
Crissey stated that Br. Smith did not vote for paying the Inspectors was
because he did not like the law after considerable conversation, He said
that Br. Smith gave it as a prominent reason why he did not vote for paying
the inspectors was because he did not like the law.

Miller-Smith's Testimony

P. Lazell & Mr. C [?] Commenced a conversation. Mr. L [?] presented a paper
to Mr C [?] for his signature. M. Crissey objected but said the paper
continued the sentiments that he advanced and further added that the reason
why Esq. Smith did not vote to pay the instructors was because he did not
like the law.

Br. Morse stated that Br. Smith observed that he thought it was of no use
for the instructors to visit common schools and futher stated the Town has
neglected to make provision for paying them.

C. Winsor's Testimony

C. Smith says that he thinks it is of no use to visit schools and gave that
as a reason why he did not vote Stockton Sept. 3rd 1831

To the 2nd Baptist church of Christians in Stockton
Dear brethren we the undersigned wish to present to you our feelings in
relation to our unhappy difficulties if we are not deceived in relation to
our own hearts we are willing to sacrifice every consideration that we in
conscience can to affect a settlement, the long delay on your part to give
us the doings of a committee appointed by you and us had led us to think you
intended to do no more about it but as you have now sent it to us (we
received it Aug 16th bearing date May 23 1831) we say to you we believe all
the churches now in travel with the association have fully adopted the
Whitesborough Resolutions as explained by the late council at Fredonia and
we fully believe the Association will do it when they meet, now if they
should so do and you could feel to take your sect and travel with them as we
have always understood you to say you would as a part of the condition of a
settlement in such case we are ready to accept of your proposals for a
settlement and accomplish it as soon as may be. We had deligated [sic] to
the association before we received your communication and of course shall
go, but still if you will take your travel we will not be in your way but if
you do not we shall ask the privilege of becomeing [sic] a member amd we
think you will not be in our way.

Gould Crissy

John Wilkins

John Curtis [?]

Aaron Lyon

Chester Thompson

Dear Brethren I do not wish to proffer [sic] charges against the Church
but to give you some of my views or show you my opinion, the time has been
when I thought it was my privilege to be numbered with this church when the
saints could take sweet [?] council together and watch over one another in
love and attend to the duties of religion without preferring one above
another but that time has gone by and the one absorbing subject has taken
the ground how we shall expel Masonry from our churches the plan is formed
and driven forward and every church that does not fall in with the plan is
disfellowshiped and all other discapline [sic] to a great degree is
neglected for this one object the Minister driven away and the church
divided and distracted, now where the blame of all this lies is not my
object to say but as an individual I do most heartily confess that I am
sorry that I had not let alone contention before it was ___________[?] with,
but the happy time has since arrived with some of the churches in this
county when they become tired of controversy and were willing to compromise
with each other and settle their difficulties on honourable terms which
called up the attention of this church and a meeting was called on the
subject and the work as I supposed was accomplished the field of controversy
on that subject forever deserted and party [?] spirit buryed [sic] and under
these considerations I offered to take my place again with you in the church
but my joys were of short duration for I soon found that the church was
still absorbed in that subject and still pursuing their labours and
maintaining their exclusions on that subject and in a great degree on other
subjects deficient in government of disapline, now I have sketched some
general view of the movements of the church which I view to sound doctrine
according to the glorious gospel of Christ which being persisted in with
their consignment results in the reason I do not walk with the church and
unless there is a speedy reformation on that subject I think it would be
better for the cause of relation if there was no Baptist standard in this
place now my desire is that you study to be quiet and do your own business
and when this controversy is laid down I am willing to cast in my lot among
you if I may be permitted.

Yours affectionately
Stockton July 21st 1834
Chester Thompson

Fairfax May 2nd 1835

This may certify that Sister Lucy G. Bliss is an acceptable member of the
First Baptist Church in this place. We do cordially commend her to the
fellowship of any other church of "Like & precious Faith" as sustaining a
good moral and religious character.

By order and in behalf of the

Eli Grout [?], Clerk

The Second Baptist Church of Christ in Pomfret
To the Second Baptist Church of Christ in Stockton

Dear Brethren

This may certify that our beloved sister Nancy Thompson is a regular member
with us and in good standing as such can be heartily recommended to your
faithful watch care and fellowship when united and be notified we shall
consider her dismissed from us by request from her and by order and in
behalf of this church--------------Jan the 2, 1824 [?]

Henry [?] Willson, Church Clerk

This may certify that Sister Mary Safford is an acceptable member of the
First Baptist Church in Fairfax, Vt. We feel cheerful in commending her to
the fellowship of any other church of our religious faith as sustaining an
unblemished moral and religious character.

Given under my hand at Fairfax this 21st day of 1835 by order
and in behalf of the church

Elijah Grout, Church Clerk

I have visited Br. Joseph Luckett gave him the _____________[?] of the
church he received them with candor said he should not conform to the
requirements of the church that the church mite [sic] as well exclude him
first as last.

Foster Mitchell

I visited Br. Lanson Grovnor [sic] have had several conversations with him
find him on the same ground he has been for some time. he is on the ground
of a universall [sic] restorationism there is no prospect of his being
reclamed [sic] by human arms [?]

Foster Mitchell

J. Curtis

Mr. P. Lazell presented a writeing [sic] to Mr. Crissey for his signature
Mr. Crissy refused but Mr. Crissey said that Esq. Smith gave it as a
prominent reason why he did not vote for paying the inspectors was because
he did not like the law.

[another note begun but crossed out on this same piece of paper is dated
April the 29th, 1837.]

The 2d Baptist Church in Stockton to the Union Baptist Church of Stockton

We received a communication from you requesting us to give you timely
notice if we had aught against any of our _________ our Sisters who
propose uniting with you. We would reply that we view it a violation
______ to publish the characters of our brothers and sisters. But feeling a
disposition to accomadate [sic] our friends as far as we can we will state
to you that ______ if we have have ought against any of those who propose
leaving us except what has arisen from the precedent great controversy will
endeavor to communicate it to such individuals as far as is _________
_______ and to your meeting.

Brethren appointed to visit Br. Aaron Lyon and wife John Picket Sister Lusia
[?] Smith. Robert [?] Pickens [?]. Report that Br. Lyon and wife have sent
their difficulty in writing. Br. Pickett thinks the Church requires two
[sic] much from Masons. Sister Smith complaint is because they do not adopt
Whitesborough resolves Sister Richardson wishes to have Elder Winsor for
her Minister.

Brethren appointed to visit Br. John Curtis and wife Br. J. Wilkins Issac
Mills Sister Mills report that Br. Curtis and wife think they have
communicated their difficulty in writing. Br. Wilkins and Br. Mills were
present . Sister Mills stated that she did not feel at home with the
There appointed to visit Vr. Gould Crissey and wife ________ Baker, Aaron
Leonard, John Wilkins, Mary Randall, ____________ __________ Orpha Wilkins,
_______Mott, __________Barber. Report Br. Baker thinks the Church requires
too much of Freemasons. Br. Leonard says he shall not leave the _______ at
present. Sister Orpha Wilkins is dissociated [?] with the Church because
she thinks they will not forgive Freemasons when they confess their fault.

Brother Wilkins cannot go with us because we adopted mutual ground as he
thinks, because he has been told by Mr. Mott that no _____ ______ absented
themsleves a year and then came forward and voted against Elder Winsor.
Sister Mott, said she had no difficulty with the Church
and Sister Juliaette said she had none.

Brethren appointed to visit Br. Chester Thompson and wife Br. P. Bidwell.
Sister B. Arnold [?] Jarus [?] Thompson. Report that Br. Thompson and
wife expressed their views to the Church in writing. Br. Bidwell thinks the
Church in their hearts wish to unite with the new Association and that the
Church had left him.

Sister Arnold says she had nothing agtainst the Church. Sister Susan
Thompson thinks the Church ought not to require Masons to entirely leave
that Institution-------------------------

Sister Mary Randall and Julia Randall say they have nothing against the
Church and the reason they cannot walk with the Church is because the Church
cannot walk with them.

Brother Gould Crissey and wife said their grief had been presented in

[This part hyas been crossed out, but is mostly readable]: Brother Crissy
said he did require freemasons to confess and forsaked that evil in his way
of acquiring satisfaction.

Palmyra 17th Nov. 1831

To the Second Baptist Church in Stockton, Greetings.

Dear Brethern,

Your letter of the 12th Nov. has just come to land and I hasten to give you
a reply. I feel gratified that your situation appears so favorable and that
you are not disheartened under the many trials you have had to pass through.
Not to hold you in suspense, I think I will visit your some time in January,
probably the 2nd or 4th Lords' Day if the Lord will. If there is like to be
any unfavorable obstacles, I will write you. My prospects here are quite
unsettled. There is some uncertainty whether I continue here longer than
the first of next May. Perhaps until fall. It may be possibly be known to
you that I have recently been writing against Masonry in vindication of my
self against an unprincipled attack upon my character, which has roused up a
host of unprincipled enemies who are seeking my ruin. My sickness through
most of the season especially since the first of August has prevented my
following up the subject and exposing the base treatment. I have and am
sweeping away thin refuges of lies; while this has given the enemy an
opportunity to infuse his poison into the minds of some brethern in the
church who seem [?] determined to make difficulty and to rout me from this
plan. This having said, and I have my eye on _______??, but it has not yet
come before the Church. What the issue of this concern will be I cannot
predict, but at any rate, it will be my business to see the Church through
this trouble before I leave them. It will I hope be concluded before
Spring. Those bretherans (six in number of those half renouncing masons)
and taking ground as inconsistent as masonry is deceptive; and I have some
hope they will see it and retract what they have done. I have lived 41
years, 23 1/2 a Church member and never had a personal difficulty in
_______[?] or religious society. No man ever brought ought against me in
any regular form, and I was never ___________ [?] to my knowledge only by
Masons and their friends. I am now charged with almost every crime but
stealing and murder, simply, because I have dared to be free. I hope God
may give me wisdom in this hour of trial. I mention these circumstances
that you may see that my prospects are precarious. I mean to keep my eye
upon the cloud [?] of divine providence and try to follow the path of duty.
I know not but it may appear duty to continue here for some time, but it is
quite uncertain. I cannot have any people without considerable
deliberation, but I should offend God. I however think that the climate
here will be likely to ruin my health in case of continuance [?] as I am
rather inclined to billious complaints----I am but just recovering my
health, yet rather feeble, and am on this eve of taking up my pen to wipe
away the reproaches [?] brought against me by Masons and their friends. I
hope to ______ the Spirit of Christ and to do nothing through a strife or
vain glory.

As you have intimated a desire to have me come and settle with you, it may
not be amiss to advertize you that I am a man of no pretentions, as to
talents or attainments. I have studied in no "School of the Prophets" If
you want a man of learning send not for me. If you want a popular preacher,
to gain general applause I am not the man

On the whole I think perhaps you had better make little or no calculations
on me, and embrace the first opportunity to get some other man. Should
you find any aspiring prospect that would preclude the necessity of my
coming out, you will write me, otherwise, I will come out as I propose, and
spend a fine day with you, if God will, in January most likely on the 4th
Lords day, but possibly on the second or third.
May the Lord bless and _______ you, and send you a pastor after his own
heart that you may be built up in the most holy faith _______________ and
_________ for now and for this church
Your unworthy Brother in Christ
Robert Powell

P.S. I suppose you have learned that I was unable to answer the letter of
the conference to which you refer, in time to answer your purpose, by reason
of sickness.

R. Powell

H. Crissey

N.B. The state of the traveling may have some influence with regard to the
time I shall visit you ---if there is no snow the forepart of January, I
shall defer a little as the expense will be less in good traveling. If
there should be snow, I shall take a cutter, otherwise the Stage.

Stockton, August 14, 1832

To the 2nd Baptist Church of Stockton----------------------

Dear Brethren, I feel it my duty to make a plain statement to you in
relation to the complaint you presented to me dated June 30th,
1832--------charging me with certain offenses against the Church with your
explanations made of the complaint July 26th 1832

1st you charge me with disregarding the express terms of my letter in
uniting with a body out of your fellowship. I say to you that I have united
with a church in the fellowship of that part of the association which you
have long since acknowledged to be the association and precisely according
to the expressed design [?] and meaning of the acting part [?] of the church
when they gave that letter and according to all your expectations and
______________[?] to your knowledge. I immediately commenced my labor and
amongst the Churches which you consider out of your fellowship and kept my
letter about three months before I put it into any church and have first
[?]------------------- before you had [?] even told me that I had wasted
the terms [?] of my letter by fellowshiping[?] and joining with those that I
did fellowship when I received my letter and you all knew

2nd you charge me with encouraging and actively assisting in affecting a
division of the two churches of this town. This is a strange thing in as
much as you cannot have forgotten that I said everything to persuade and
entreated [?] with many tears that you would not crowd [?] a division in
the Church, and I really [?] encourage the deserting Brethren on no other
ground than that if you made the division yourselves I would assist them.
In your explanation you go back to Oct. 1827 for records and actions which
took place in the course of our protracted debates did we not meet after
this and make a settlement and you acknowledged yourselves satisfied and
employed me for another year and I researched [?] and administered the
ordinances [?] to you.

Your next statement is what I stated to Br. Knowlton. I have talked to Br.
Knowlton on the subject. He does not remember but one part of the
I stated to Br. Knowlton that they were determined to gain and make a
division we should take further So that advise __________ of the fragments
[?] that nothing be lost we should come and take care of those bretheren
that they left you continue that change by stating that I met with the
deserting bretheran at Colbeys this was almost a year after the division was
made til ________[?] I had refused to give them any aid and as you may find
much proof if you want it by calling on them then I only advised them to ask
council of the Association-------
Next my meeting with the bretheran at Br. Wilkin's and I did but refused to
give them any council til they had decided they should go no farther with
the Church since that time I have been with them and ______ meetings to me
have had

3rd Item Some things in that are [?] correct and some I should think
needed raising the word criminal or any thing that amounted to that in its
extent. I do not recalled [?] but still I might [?] I said they had done
wrong [?] as to your following my advise I should differ from you in that.
As to asking for a letter and being denied it is was spoken with
particular references to individual brethren as to making any statements
calculated to give wrong impressions to the publick as I have understood the
subject I cannot admit [?]
but as to the particular changes of Sabbath Sept 5th 1830, I did on the next
sabbath next but one I think make a publick confession before you and to a
large assembly and trusted [?] in particular and of words and actions
generally through our debates and likewise when Elder Peck [?] was here [?]
I made a general confession of words and actions and asked again forgiveness
before this Church and the world--------------

4th Item. Adapting an inscriptural practice in communion. I do not know
that I have offered communion to any but Baptist Churches [?] and if I have
erred in that it must be in offering to commune with those that haave so far
decisted [?] from the denomination as to render them unworthy. My
sentiments are the same I think as the denomination in general.

Now bretheren, it seems to me that after all you have much mist the real
point, the fact was the two Churches were divided because they differed in
sentiment about a certain point now if my sentiments were base and
unscriptural then the change would rest on me and others for our sentiments
I fairly own but if yours were ______ and unscriptural then the discusssion
rests on you both as to sentiment and practice for again did make the
dividing act by your in vote and I think you knew where you did it. as to
words which you charge me with which you find by ________ changing [?] the
terms [?] of our calendar [?] almost two years I do not feel to spend a
moment in justifying not [?] offering any excuse for those if I was to offer
as an apology and say some of you published me in the publick ______ as
corrupt while I was your minister. After that, I upheld murder and treason
others that what I said was not so and they could leave [?] it and again
__________say they did not blame me so much for I had the opportunity that
they had and again that I know better than I did
All this would not justify me for I never aught to have beeen off my guard a
moment in all the words and actions contained in your 2nd and 3rd items I
cannot state to you the exact way I view in each one of them Singly now can
I admit that they are exactly so in them ________ if they be presented in
the connexian of other things but in reviewing them there about to be
something wrong about them either in my feelings or in the Spirit or Time as
____________ that renders almost the whole view of our calamities wrong and
I heartily confess to you my wrongs as far as I see them and wish it was
different forgive me if you can in as far as you can.

I want you to understand expressly the above is not made as any part of my
defence before you as a Church but only explanatory and a confession, as I
would to any body
for I cannot appear in any way to make defence before a body for trial that
has no legal authority over me
Your church as a Church over me and I think without a precedent in the bible
and I know of none in history
My reasons why I cannot appear before you is I took a letter from the Church
and have used it exactly according to this express design and meaning [?] of
that letter and have been a member of this Church to which I now belong more
than one year and eight months and hold myself amenable to no other body as
I believe in the independency of churches.
If you consider as such that you must try me do it at your risk for I cannot
help you if you make use of my name and character [?] do it as carefully as
you can for remember you are touching a tender place and think of what the
Saviour said as you wanted [?] that men should do unto you do ye each so
unto them. I do not feel as though I could start preaching to sinners the
cause of Jesus looks [?] precious [?] to me and _______ of an infinite value
if you exclude me you will ______________shall we benefit will it benefit
you I fear not will it advance the cause of our master. I am so blind I
cannot see how it will though I am a poor sinner and you know that as such
earthen vessel be careful do not place too heavy a load on me lest my master
should disapprove if he does you will hear from him he loves his children he
rebukes them but tenderly my prayer to you is that he would sanctify this to
my God I am that he would keep me from every ________ and give me a spirit
to love as Jesus loved--------------------
Bretheran pray for me do not forget me in your prayers and when you ask to
be forgiven think _____ forgiven or must I have _____ for the last ______.
pray for my dear feeble but afflicted wife who feels this stroke sensibly
similarly my children that _________religion who expect the same dealing
from you but _________ all my childrne that have no hope how do you think
they feel that if our relgious _________dealing with them offends it will be
of no use to them so the religious fear they will harden their hearts
pray for us all we are sinners and subjects of prayers [?] I think you will
understand my views from the above broken [?] remarks that I cannot meet you
or a Church nor any council that might be called while you retain the soul
right of judging after all that can be done my mind is to send you no more
communication and wish to receive no more from you til you shall feel
desirous of laying down the subject of contention that has _______ us for I
have vowed to you that I will contend no more on this question but will try
to pursue the things that make for peace and will promote the spirit of
religion So Bretheran fare you well fare you well.
May the Lord direct [?] you
Worthington Winsor

Stockton Oct. 2nd 1830

At a conference meeting of a number of Brethren belonging to the 2nd Baptist
church of Christ in Stockton holden at the house of Brother John Wilkins for
the purpose of prayerfully considering the late acts of the church after
prayer to God for direction in our presant painful situation and a fair
christian conversation had upon our presant connexion with the church and
finding a number of brethren and sisters so grieved with the movements of
the church as to be unable at presant to travel with the same we therefore
agree to present our grievance to the church that if any mistaken
apprehensions on our part we may be corrected or if the church have erred
she may be disposed to correct such errors we therefore have requested
brethren L. Lyon, J. Curtis, G. Cirssey, J. Wilkins, C. Thompson to draught
[?] our views and present them to the church and receive your answer.

1st At a church meeting held August 30th 1830 it was proposed to the church
by some that they might take nutral ground and be at peace for this purpose
there was a church meeting afterwards appointed and held Sept 9th in which
there was a paper introduced said to contain the sentiments of those who had
proposed taking nutral ground and upon which the church would travel, now
brethren do you consider yourselves so to have settled the controversy upon
the subject of masonry and antimasonry as to make it necessary for us to
withhold fellowship from such churches as have adopted the sentiments of the
Whitesborough resolution in order to have your fellowship, if so it would be
a grief to us to be required to separate ourselves from a large number of
our sister churches in the state which we do not feel warranted from
Scripture to disfellowship.
2nd A number of the brethren now walking with the church have told us from
time to time that they could not walk with us because of our sentiments upon
this controversy, now brethren our sentiments remain unaltered and
consequently any attempt to walk with the church on our part must be a grief
to you unless your sentiments are altered

3rd We understand the sentiments of the church to require an examination of
traveling ministers missionaries, etc., as to the ground they have taken on
the subject of masonry and to take stronger ground than recommended in the
Whitesborough resolutions before they can be so called [?] to preach or
administer ordinences in the church however well recommended otherwise as
faithful and pious ministers of our own denomination, this we believe is
making division where it ought not to be made and would be to our grief.
4th that members who had not traveled with the church from six to nine
months some more and some less and had declared themselves out of fellowship
with the church should come in and claim the privilege of voting their own
questions and in so doing vote away the privilege of those who have
maintained the travel of the church and that directly contrary to the
expressed sentiments of the church. This is also a grief.

Now brethren we entreat you if we are mistaken in our apprehensions correct
us, and tell us where you are, if not ease our feelings if you can, and if
you cannot tell us plainly. we do solicit an answer in writing to each of
the above statements so that we may look upon it and if we can goe with you
it would be our pleasure.

John Wilkins Mary Randall
Gould Crissy Julania Randall
Chester Thompson Orpha Filkins
Pineas Bidwell Hanna Mott
John Felkins [?] Orpha Wilkins
Aron Leonaard [crossed out]
Zephaniah Baker Providence [?] Arnold
Issac Mills Ruth Crissy
John Curtis Matilda Kimball
Aaron Lyon Susan Mills
John ?? Mariah Crissy
Kezia Smith

[This letter was especially difficult to read: my typed version no doubt
has many errors. RB]

Ja [?] 30 1851 Church met ____________ to appoint

Opened by appointing Calvin Smith __________________________, Chauncy
Winsor be a committee to circulate [?] a subscription for the support of Ela
[?] Willoughby as Pastor of this church for one year.

2. ________ that this church _____four ______dollars for the support of Elu
[?] Willoughby for one year.

3. _______that Brth _____ and Scofield _____Crissy be a committee to
circulate a subscription to raise funds to _______________of Mr. Howard to
lead this _______in this church.

Sister Mary Thompson died the 29 day of December
in ________________held Dec 24 the following persons resolved [?] their
expenses and received as candidates for baptism and on th following day were
baptised by Elu Willoughby Merrell [?] Crissy, _______ Weld [?], Hannah
M. Brown, Philip Phillips, Nolan [?] Thompson, Susan E. Crissy
On Sunday the 4 of January the following persons were baptised Shepard
Crissy, Elisa Lanphere [?] Alan [?] Wilkins and the other daughter of Br.
in covanant meeting help January 10 1852 the following persons were
________________as candidates for baptism ________and on the following day
were baptised by Elu [?] Willoughby Edwin [?] Thompson, Jairus Crissy,
Emily B. Brown [?], Amarila [?] Ames, Lovilla [?] A. Ames, Jeanna [?]
Brigham [?].

Received Catharine Parker on ___________to the fellowship of the church.

Br. Goodno asked for a letter and the Brethern Samuel Shepherd and Jason
Crissy were appointed a committee to _______as to the ________________

Luthena Crissy The following
persons were baptised on ___
Caroline Crissy Br..
Harriet Crissy
Sister Brigham
Hannah M. Crissy Geneva
Laura P. Crissy David
Luisa [?] Crissy William
Mary A. Crissy Br. Ames
Larisa [?] Bump Martha
Emily ____ Bacon ________
Celia Lazell
Lucy Lazell
Flora [?] ________ Lorisa [?]
________ Tacy Philip
Jane Horton Merill
[?] Crissey
Sherman Crissy Amanda
[?] Weld [?]
Zerush [?] Joggoms Hannah M.
Daniel Horton
_______ Thompson
Malone [?] Thompson Susan E.
Franklin Rankins [?] Br.
William Brown
Sardis Crissy Edwin
Jane Eaton
Jairus Crissy
Polly Ann Larkin [?] Lovilla H
[?] Ames [?]
Antonete Lear [?] Amanda
Carolin Scofiedl Emily
Washington Winsor Fanny
Worth Ann [?] Winsor Shepard
___________Pember [?] Eliza
Julius [?] Thompson & her

Amy Thompson
Miriam Thompson
Nolan [?] Thompson

SOURCE - Dolores Pratt Davison, 2004.