Stockton Congregational (later Presybterian)

Church Records (1819-1839)

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These records were transcribed from microfilm at the Family History Library at Salt Lake City.

Stockton Congregational Church, Book I
Organized Oct. 31 1819
Presbyterian Form 1831
Changed to Congregational Form 1840
To Oct. 1857 and
July 1 1858 disbanded
And joined Methodist
Church of Stockton
Property turned over
To Methodist Church
For $300.00.  M.E. Ch. not built here.

Names of the members of the Church in Stockton and Gerry
Joseph Dix
Ichabod Fisher
William Lewis
Simeon Abel
Martin Cleland
David Johnson
Benjamin Fisher
L??? Budgood
Henry Lock
Isaac Stearns
Peter P. Landes
Henry Goodrich
Zapheniah Rogers
Zenas Barrows
Calvin Hitchcock
Abel Stockwell
Foster Mitchel
Zanucel Olmstead

Names of Female members
Sibbel Fisher – Died Aug 1 1826
Lucy Fisher
Susanna Wasdeck
Amy Thomson – Died May 18 1827
Anna Warren
Lacy Picket
Hester Abel
Mehitabel Gill – Died Oct? 1843
Mary Goodrich
Mary Johnson
Sarah T. Johnson
Melissa Johnson
Bethiah Johnson?
Delight Fisher
Margaret Post
Susan Barber
Sallly Rice
Hepsebah Davies
Rebecca Landes
Mary Landes
Polly Rogers
Nancy Barrows
Hannah Ailsworth
Abigail Moore
Livonia Goodrich
Harriet Johnson

Church Records of Stockton & Gerry

Church organized Oct 31 1819
April 22 to 1830
Moriah Olmsted Rec. by C?

Church Covenant

We do this day publicly assent
the one only living and true God
to be our God, and as far as we
know our own hearts we love
him supreamely and are pleased
with his whole character and Law
and with the way of life and salvation
of Jesus Christ revealed in the
Gospel and by the assistance of
divine grace we resolve to make
us like the rule of our lord and
hope we do sincerely repent of all
our sins and receive the Lord Jesus
our only Savior and Holy Ghost
our Sanctifier trusting in the m?r??
God through the int??ment of Christ,
the only ground of your justification
and Salvation:  we also think we have
a true love of benevolence to all man-
kind sincerely wishing their b???
and happiness and a special love of
Complacence to all those who appear
To be real Christians; and through
Christ strengthening us, without who
We can do nothing, we resolve to deny
All ungodliness and worldly lust and
Give ours selves up to the Lord Jesus
Christ to be tought and governed by
In all things, and we bind ourselves in
His strength to walk with this ???
In all the Ordinances & commandments
Of the Lord and with the members
Thereof as becometh members assent
To the rules of the gospel.

Articles of Admission

In that the same qualifications
Are necessary for admitting persons to
Receive Baptisms for themselves or their
Children as for admission to full communica-
ion and none aught to be admitted
??? who mak a credible profession of
??? christianity
That candidates for admissions to full
Communion in this church shall make
Known their wishes to the Pastors in
??? their be no pastor, to the Moderators?
of the church and that the pastor
or moderator besides private conversations
with the candidate, shall call a meeting
of the church, and that in such meeting
will be a free Christian conversation of
discovery concerning the doctrines of the
church and views and motives to christian
conduct between the candidates and the
bretherin of the church, and that also
the bretheren shall have obtained ???
???en the candidates shall be probationed? a
fortnight at least before admission.
(Extraordinary case accepted)
That persons who are recommended
to this church from their churches in
a like manner is ??? ???
preceding article, afford the church
opportunity for free Christian conver??
And enquiry and that give their all
To the foregoing Confession of Faith & Covenant
And to those Articles of Admission

Assent to the foregoing
We whose names are under written
Do hereby give our cordial assent
And consent to the above Articles
Of Faith and Covenant and Articles
Of admission and acknoledge ourselves
Bound by the same

Joseph Dix
Ichabod Fisher
William Lewis
Sibbel Fisher
Lacy Fisher
Susanna Woodcock
A?? Thomson
Lacy Picket

Names of persons that unite with church
October 31 1819

Simeon Abel
Anna Warren

United to the church January 31 1826

Martin Cleland
Hester Abel

I may certify that on Thursday the
31th day of October 1819 a number of
inhabitants of the towns of Gerry
and Chautauqua in the vicinity of Casadaga
Lake met together for the purpose
Of attending to the formalities of being co?
??uted a visible Church the meeting
was opened with prayer, a sermon was
preached on the Creation, and the
above named persons, being duly sworn
to and giving each other ???
???ence of piety, voluntary and
freely gave their accent to ???
giving Concession of Faith and Covenant
and Articles of Admission, and in
consequence of it I then as a minister
of the gospel provenance them and
the Church of Christ and as such
chose Joseph Dix Deacon and Ichabod
Fisher Clerk and voted that Lewis? Dix
Preside as Moderator in all Church business?
In the absence of a regular Ministry
Gospel.  The Meeting closed with prayer.
Seth Burt, Moderator

Sabbath October 31st 1819
Then Mr. Burt preached in the after-
Noon and administered the Lords ???
The church had a meeting at noon
Attended to the cases of Simon Abel
And Anna Warren, Candidates for
???, and obtained satisfaction
and voted to receive them.  They were
both Members of sister churches
and Mrs. Warren presented a letter of
recommendation and dismission from
the church of to which they belonged.
Mr. Abell being one who it had been
??? would unite with the church
and its organization, but whose
??? character was then suffering,
satisfactorily acknowledged his faults
subscribed a written confession to be
before the congregation.

Lords day 30th January 1820
Martin Cleland & Hester the ???
Of Simon Abell admitted as members.
Mr. Cleland baptized and the Holy
Supper administered by the Rev.
John Spencer

Lords day June 25th 1820
The Holy Supper administered Monday?
26 of October a L?tor preached and William
Moses Seers and Roland Sones? And Sa??
And Kitty Daughters of William & Sarah
Lears babtized by Rev. John Spencer

September 10th 1820
Deacon Joseph Dix asked for dissmission
From the church and a letter of recommendation
To the Church of Christ in Ellicot and
Was granted & a letter was given.

September 10th 1820
??? in Church, that Ichabod Fisher a member
of this Church and moderator of this Church in place?
of Joseph Dix removed to Ellicot.  Ichabod Fisher

January 17th 1821 at a ???
Ichabod Fisher be a Deligate to Represent the
Church of Christ in Chautauqua & Gerry at
Casadaga Lake to meet Prebitery in ???
And in concord.

February 3rd 1821    Church Meeting notified
That Ichabod Fisher at 2 oclock PM and opened with
??? and adjourned to four oclock of the 3rd Feb.
Closed with prayer Chruch met agreeable to
??mont had Christian Conversation and closed with
a prayer.

Lords day May 20th 1821 the Holy Supper admin-
istered by the ??? John Spencer

Joseph Dix Certificate from the Church of Christ
In Elicot to the Chruch of Christ in Stockton ??
??y January 27th Ichabod Fisher Moderator &

January 10th 1822 Church Meeting notified ???
??ble to appointment opened with prayer
Christian Conversation appointed and
?? Delligate at Presbatory and Closed with

Lords day March 30th 1822
The Holy Supper administered by the Reverend
John Spencer

April the 20th 1822
Church Meeting notified met agreeable to
Notice meeting opened with prayer had
Christian conversation appointed a commit
Tee in Church Simon Abell and Dea. Joseph
Dix and closed with prayer

May the 6th 1822
Church meeting appointed met agreeable to
Appointment meeting opened with prayer the
Candidates proposed to join the Church were e?
Ened and closed with prayer.

Stockton September 6th 1822
Church meeting appointed for the purpose
Of ??ing Deligates to presbetery and ???
Choice of Simon Abell for that purpose.

Lords day November 4th 1822
The Holy Supper administered by the Rev. John

Lords day April 13th 1823
The Holy Supper administered by the Rev.
John Spencer

Lorda day July 17th 1823 the Holy Supper
Administered by the Rev. John Spencer

April 15th 1827 baptism administered by
Rev. John Spencer to Rachel Baker
Daughter of William & Sarah Lewis

Lords day October 10th 1824 Baptism
Administered by the Rev. John West to Julia
Barnard & Andrew Jackson Daughters of
Martin & Polly Cleland

Lords Day March 6th 1825 The Holy Supper
Administered by Rev. John Spencer

Sunday March the 15 1826
Church meeting notified and the ??
?? Coks from Westfield Crossroads ??
to attend with the ??? the ???
for the purpose of becoming a member for
??? into the Church. Church met
agreable to appointment meeting was
Opened at 4 oclock in the afternoon with
25 preceded to business David Johnson
Examined and Received by the Church
The Widdow Mehitable Gill? Rec’d by [letter]
Mrs. Mary Goodrich Rec’d by letter
The Wife of David Johnson and Sarah ???
Johnson & Milissa Johnson Recevied by letter
Bethiah Warren wife of Calvin Warren
Received by Letter. ___ Bedgood was ??
On probation
Benjamin Parker and Delight his [wife]
Received by Letter
Mrs. Margaret Post the wife of
Isaac Stearns & Susan Barker his daugh-
ter Rec’d by letter, Also Henson? Look? and
Sally Rice the wife of Amos Rice
Received by Letter and meeting closed with

Sabbath Nov. 12th 1826
Mrs. Hepsibah Davis was received in
This church by profession.  At the
Same time, Mr. Peter P. Landers
And his wife Rebecca and Mary his
Daughter were received by Letter, after
Which the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper
Was administered by the Rev. Hugh

At a Church meeting held at the
Schoolhouse at Casadaga, after a
Lecture, preparatory to the admini-
Stration of the Lord’s Supper, May 11

Resolved, that the Rev. Hugh Wallis
Be the Moderator of this Church dur-
ing the time he continues to preach
within our bounds.
Mr. Henry Look was chosen to
The office of a Deacon in this church.
Mr. Look manifested his acceptance
of the appointment.

Resolved to adjourn ?? ??
Concluded with Prayer.

Lord’s day May 13th 1827
The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper was
Administered, and David H??
Hannah Lucina and Arad ??
Children of David Davis and
His wife secured the ordinance of
Baptism.  Rev. H. Wallis administrator?

July 13th 1827
After a sermon delivered by ???
At the administration of the Lord’s Sup-
per, the Church held a members ???
Mr. B???y Goodrich presented a letter
Of recommendation from the ??? of
G??tsville and desired to be received
into this church which request was
granted and his relation transferred
to this church.

Mr. Zephaniah Bargare and
His wife, Mr. Zenas Barrows, and
Nancy his wife, and Mr. Calvin
Hitchcock presented their requests
To be received into this church, who
Were recommended? and approved
The church resolved to receive them
On the Sabbath following.
Concluded with Prayer.

Lord’s day July 15 1827
The following Persons ??? Zepheniah
Rogers, Calvin Hitchcock, Zenas Barrows,
Polly Rodgers, and Anson Barrows
After giving their assent to the con-
Fession of Faith and Covenant of
This church, and Zephaniah
Rodgers, Mary Rodgers, and Nancy
Barrows receiving the ordinance of
Baptism, were received into the
Church in full communion. After
Which the Lord’s supper was
Administered to the church
Rev. Hugh Wallis, administrator

May 18 1827
Mrs. Mary Thompson the wife of Abel
Thompson died.

Lord’s day August 12 1827
At the request of Mrs. Mehitable Gall
Voted to give her a letter of recommen-
Dation to communion with any other
Church where provenance may al-
At the same time Dea. Henry
Look was appointed on behalf of
This church to attend the next
Dated meeting of the Presbytery
Buffalo at Th??ville
Attest H. Wallis Church minister

This Presbytery approves of the
Above records of the Church of
Stockton with the following
Exceptions, vis, from 1822 to
The present time they have been
Signed by the clerk only once, when
The doings of every church minister
Should be signed, and many of [the]
earlier records or ministry ???
but imperfectly inscripted the words?
on which the meaning depends bring our
??? ??? and ?. Their church which has
been under the care of Presbytery
since Feb. 1827 has (as appears) revised?
before presented their records for
?? Member of the 1827
Presbytery thus ?? ??
And ?? records with the
Above exceptions
Attest Elihu Ilason? Moder
At a Church Meeting held at the School
House? At Casadaga for the purpose of presenting
?? Stockwell as a member of the Church,
letters and other business ???
the Prayer and proceeded to business. ??? ???
presented his letter and the Church Pastor ???
??? concluded with Prayer.
Ichabod Fisher, Minister
Aug 7 1827

Friday September 14th 1827
After a Lecture preparatory to
The administration of the Lord’s
Supper, the Church met at the
Schoolhouse at the outlet of Casadaga
Lake & was opened with prayer.
Present Rev. Hugh Wallis, Mrs.
Mrs. Polly, the wife of Obed
Handee? presented a letter
dismission from the first Church
in Pompey, & recommended
to this church on her making
this request, she was received
into this church as a regular
Attest H. Wallis, Clerk

Lord’s day Sep. 16 1827
Mrs. Dolly Batchelor the
Wife of Capt. Joseph Batchelor
Was received into ???
After which the Lord’s Supper was
Administered by Rev. H. Wallis
Attest. H. Wallis, Clerk pro temp

Feb. 10th 1828
The Lord’s Supper was administered
By Rev. Hugh Wallis

Lord’s day Jan 27th 1828
Deacon Ichabod Fisher was appointed
To represent this Church at the next
Meeting of Prebytery at Fredonia on
The 29 Jan 1828
Attest. H. Wallis Moderator

Thus far examined & approved by
the Presbytery attest
Wm. G. Wilcox, Med.

Friday January the 1st 1830
At a church meeting previously notified
Church member present. meeting opened with
Prayer had free conversation on Religion.
A Church committee was then appointed
Of three to look up Church members that
Do not attend Church meetings & those that [have]
Letters to unite with the Church, the Supper?
Was taken. voted that Abel Stockwell &
Dea. Henry Look & Henry Goodrich be in
Committee for one year voted that Church
Meetings be once in three months Voted [that]
Each member of this Church attend to
Close[s]t Prayer every Saturday evening at
Nine Oclock, and closed metting with

Friday February 5th 1830
At a Church meeting previously notified
Members present meeting was opend with
Prayer then went into the incoming
Of Foster Mitchel as a candidate for
Admition into the Church and got
Of his Christian experience and was
Propounded? for two weeks to which Church
meeting was ajourned to [unreadable]

February 19th Church met agreeable to adjourn-
Ment and the ???  Parmely? was
Appointed? to attend as an administrator for the
Church?, meeting was opened with Prayer the Candid-
ate Foster Mitchel, received Livonia Goodrich
Wife of Henry Goodrich offered herself to the Church
??? and told her Christian Experience
and the Church Voted to Receive her, Abigal
?? offerd herself to the Church
told her Experience and was Received by
The Church, Rosannah Ailesworth wife of
Watterman Ailesworth came before the
Church and presented a letter of her good
?? and was Received by the Church,
She? offerd her two eldest Children for babtism
??? and Hazelius, Waterman Ailesworth
Foster? Mitchel oferd his Child for babtism
??? name of Frederick ??? and ???
??? by the ??? ??? ???

April 2nd 1830 Casadaga
Church Meeting agreeable to
Adjurnment Meeting opend
With prayer
Vote, Dea. Henry Look, Moderator ??
Henry Goodrich, Church Clerk
then proseded to anact adit-
ional Buylaws for said
of Stockton, & Gerry
Article 1 All Church meetings?
opened & closed with prayer
2 All persons examined as
to their Religious Experience
who may present Letters
3 All persons are Relating
of their Experience as new
Candidate for the Church ???
??? propounded? two wee-
ks --  Exception case of ap??
Bring Communion
4 No ??? will be
??mited to ???
one year without presenting
a letter unless they offer a
reasonable excuse
5 The sisters entitled to vote
in all c??es Except in ex-
6 In the case of Receiving mem-
bers the whole shall be a
7 In the case of excom-
munication two thirds shall
be a majority
8 The Church shall ??? a
Standing commity? of 2 or
More persons whose duty
It shall be to examine
the Credentials of Ministers
who may call to preach
9 No travioling? Minister
??? is a Stranger? Perm-
ited to preach by the Church

Examined by the com[mitee]
Or Moderator of the Church
10, The Church shall appoint
a delligate & substitute
at their anuel meeting
yearly whos duty it sha-
ll be to Meet the ???
ati??dys with which we are
11, No one person permitted
to speak in Church Meetings
more than twice upon
one subject without leave of the
Voted, that our anuel mee-
ting be on the first Monday
in Jan.
Voted, that tis Church have
a Church meeting on the first
Monday in each Month
& that the Monthly ???
?? prayer be connected [to]
Voted Decon Henry Look
Foster Mitchel
Henry Goodrich
Decon Ichabod Fisher
To com[mittee] to inspect the
Credentials of strangers
Who shall offer to preach
With us the gospel of Christ

Voted that Abel Stockwell
?? Dellagate to presbytery
Foster Mitchel Substitute

Voted Peter P. Sanders
??? for Church

Meeting Adjourned to Bear?
Creek? first Monday in May at 10 A.M.

June 29 1830
?? Lavonia Goodrich wife of Henry Goodrich ???
[Livonia Goodrich stone in Cassadaga Cemetery
has death date as June 13 1831.]

Received by the Church Mr. Wells Mitchel’s
Wife by Letter July 5th 1830

Thus far examined & approved
Presbytery with the following excep-
Tions.  1. The signature of the clerk
To the proceedings of the church is
2. The 5th, 6th, & 7th, bylawas of the
church are incorrect & unconsti-
tutional.  Sylvester Eaton ??
Fredonia Sept 8th 1830

At Church Meeting first monday
In Dec. 1830 H. Goodrich chosen
Secretary praterm

??? to take into consideration
the subject of becoming Presyte-
rian.  Several reasons offered in favor
of Presbyterian made of of Governor
with several objections – the ??-
est laid over to next Church
meeting,adjourned to first
Monday in Jan. 1831.
Mr. Harry Goodrich

Jan. 3rd 1831 Meet according
To adjournment. Obe Beards-
Ly Mod.  Henry Goodrich
Chosen clerk.  The Subject of
Becoming Presbyterian again
Resumed & layed before the whole
Church after some time spent
??ingitting light upon the
subject, voted unanimously
to become Presbyterian
Voted for 3 Ruling Elders &
Two of them serve as Deacons
The following persons were chosen
Henry Look Dea. & Ruling Elder
Abel Stockwell Dea. & Elder
Henry Goodrich Ruling Elder

Mrs. Tabaty Wait wife of
Adin Wait presented her
Letter from the Chruch in
Fredonia & was received a member
Of this Church, adjourned

To Bear Creek first Monday in
Feb. at 2:00 P.M.
Casadaga Jan. 3rd 1831
Henry Goodrich

Saterday Feb. 19 1831
Preparatory to communion
The ?? Mr. Beardsley preaching
After Meeting Henry Goodrich
Chosen Clerk in the place of
Ichabod Fisher

20th Communion admins-
tered by Mr. Beardsley
also Henry Look, Able ??
& Henry Goodrich ordained
ruling Elders.
Feb 21 1831
Henry Goodrich

December 4th 1830
The congregational Chruch of Stockton and
Gerry met to take into consideration
The expectientcy of adopting the pres-
Byterian form of government.
The Meeting being opened by prayer
Henry Goodrich was chosen moderator
The church had free conversation on the
Subject of church government after which
They voted to adjourn to meet at Casadaga
The third day of January next
Henry Goodrich ???

Casadaga Jany 3rd 1831
The church met according to adjournment
Opened by prayer. The Rev. Obidiah
Beardsley chosen moderator and Henry
Goodrich chosen Clerk.

The subject of the last meeting was re-
sumed and after further discussion and
shining further light on the Presbyterian
??? of government, the church voted
unanimously to become Presbyterian.

Then church then proceded to elect
Their officers by ballot, when on couting
The ballots Henry Look, Abel Stockwell
And Henry Goodrich were elected to the
Office of ruling elder and Henry Look
And Abel Stockwell to the office of Deacon.
Mrs. Tabathy Wait presented her certificate?
From the Presbyterian church in Fre-
Donia with a request to be received [into]
The fellowship of this church.  The certi-
Ficate being in order she was accordingly
Received.  Voted to adjourn to Stockton
Corners to meet on the 7th of February
Concluded by prayer.  Henry Goodrich

Feby 7th met according to adjournment
Opened by prayer.  No special business
Coming before the church, the time was
Devoted to a season of prayer
Adjourned to meet at Casadaga the 4th of [March]
Concluded with prayer.
Henry Goodrich Clerk

Feby 19th 1831
The church held a meeting preparatory
To the sacrement of the Lords supper.

Mr. O.C. Beardsley preached a lecture
On the creation?  Sabbath 20th the elders
That were ordained and the Lords supper
Administered by the Rev. O.C. Beardlsy
Henry Goodrich Clerk

The Church and session? continued to meet
The first Monday in each month but no
Business of record coming before session.
The time was devoted to prayer, and no
Notes were taken.
Henry Goodrich Clerk

Monday Sept. 5th 1831
Session met according to pub?? No
?? present.  Henry Look, Abel
Stockwell and Henry Goodrich, Elders
opened by prayer.  Br. Abel Stockwell
was? ?? moderator ??

Mr. Wm. F. Winchell presented a cert-
Ificate from the Presbyterian church at
Sangerfield Oneida Co. Certifying his
Regular standing in that church and
That he had filled the office of ruling
Elder in said church, with his request
To become a member of this church.
The certificate being in or his request was
Accordingly granted.
Voted that he be reqested to serve
As ruling elder in this church and
Complied with that request.
Br. Winchell was chosen commission-
Er to attend the meeting of presbyte-
Ry at Jamestown Sept 6th
Adjournment to meet at the meeting
House on the 10th instant at 2 oclock P.M.
The church was invested to meet with
Session.  Concluded by prayer.
Attest Henry Goodrich

September 10th 1831
Session met according to adjournment
Opened by prayer.
Present Henry Look, Abel Stockwell,
And Wm. F. Winchell Elders. Absent Henry
Goodrich.  Wm. F. Winchell chosen Mod. P.t.
Then Amanda Matthews presented her
Certificate from the congregationall
Church in Cornwall VT accompanied
With a request to be received to the fellow-
Ship of this church, The certificate being
In order she was accordingly received.
Adjournment to meet at Casadaga Oct. 3rd
Concluded by prayer.
Wm. F. Winchell Mod.

Casadaga Oct 3rd met according to
Adjournment.  Opened by prayer.
Present Henry Look [struck out] Abel Stockwell
Henry Goodrich and Wm. F. Winchell, Elders.
Absent Henry Look on a journey
Henry Goodrich chosen Mod.

Mrs. Eliza C. Goodrich offered her certi-
Ficate from the congregational
Church in Columbus Chenango Co.
Accompanied with a request to be received
To the fellowship of this church. The certi-
Ficate being in order her request was
Granted.  Adjourned to meet at Delanti
Nov. 7th concluded with prayer
Henry Goodrich P.T.

November 7th Session met according
To adjournment. Opened with prayer.
Present Henry Look, Abel Stockwell
Henry Goodrich, and Wm. F. Winchell
Wm. F. Winchell chosen Mod.
Mrs. Mary Pickett and Miss Cordelia
Pickett presented their certificates from
The congregational church in Adison?
?? with their request to be received to
the fellowship of this church.  After
hearing some relation of their chris-
tian experience and their letter being
in order their request was granted.
Mrs. Almira Adams offered herself
For examination with a view to unite
With church.  Session proceeded to
Examine her in relation to her chris-
Tian experience.  When she had finished
Her relation she retired, when it was
Resolved? That her examination be sustained
And that she be received to the fellowship
Of this church when the way shall be prepared
Adjourned without ???. concluded by
Prayer.  Henry Goodrich S.C.

November 17th 1831
Session met at Casadaga according
To public notice.  Opened by prayer.
Present Henry Look, Abel Stockwell,
Henry Goodrich, and Wm. F. Winchell,
Br? O.C. Beardsley being present was in-
Vited? To serve as moderator and he took
?? ?? accordingly.  Moses Adams
presented?  Himself for examination with
a view to unite with this church.
Session proceded to the examination of
His Christian experience, after the exam-
Ination was closed, he retired, when the
Question was taken and his experience
Was sustained.  Concluded by prayer.
Henry Goodrich S.C.

Dec 4th The communion of the Lords
Supper was administered and the
Following persons admitted to the com-
Munion of the church (viz) Moses
Adams & Almira his wife
Henry Goodrich S.C.

Thus far examined & approved ??
Sodi Feby 2nd 1832
Samuel ?nington

??? 1832
The church met according to previous
notices at the Meeting house in Delanti; opened by prayer
??ded to the choise of two ruling elders
to fill the place of Henry Goodrich.
Deceased and Abel Stockwell removed
??? the addition of one of the former members, made choise
Samuel O. Olmstead, Wells Mitchell, and
Foster Mitchell, to the office of ruling
Elders, and Foster Mitchell stated clerk
Of this session.
The session then proceded to business
Opened by prayer
Present H. Look, S.O. Olmstead, W. Mitchell
And F.Mitchell, Elders, made of H.
Look Modr protem, proceded to the ???
??? of the following candidates for Church
membership viz, Mrs. Sally Olmstead and
Miss Cornelia Olmstead, when the examination
was closed the candidates retired, the question
was then taken separately and their ???
sustained. Adjourned  to the 10 inst.
?? the same place 1 oclock P.M.
Concluded with prayer ???
[very poor writing]

10 October 1832
Session met according to adjournment
But no business … before
Seesion.  The Session was spent in
Prayer… [too light]
F. Mitchell S.C.

November 3 1832
Session met according to adjournment
At the meeting house in Delanti
Opened with prayer
H. Look
W. Mitchell    Elders
F.C. Olmstead
& T.C. Mitchell
W. F. Winchell absent on Journey
H. Look chosen Moderator ptm
Proceded to the examination of the
Following candidates for admission
To the church viz Miss Mary?
Mitchell, Miss Emily Fisher
Mr. Joseph Mitchell, when the
examination was closed the candidates
retired.  The question was then taken
separately and … was
sustained. Adjourned to the … Month 1 oclock P.M.
to meet at the same place.
Concluded by prayer.
F. Mitchell F.C.

November 10th? 1832
Session met according to adjournment
At the meeting house in Delanti
Opened by prayer
Henry Look
Wells Mitchell    Elders
S.G. Olmstead
Foster Mitchell
Wm. F. Mitchell absent on a journey
H. Look chosen Moderator ptm.
Proceded to the examination of the
Following candidates for church mem-
Bership viz, Mrs. Candis M???
Mr. Silvester Olmsted, Mr. Seliah?
Goodrich, Mrs. Elizabeth Batcheller
And Mrs. Anna Harris when the
Examination was closed?, the candidates
Retired, and the question was taken
Separately and their ??? was
Sustained.  Concluded by prayer.
Attest F. Mitchell S.C.

Friday November 1832
The church held a meeting prob???
To those examined ??? ??? supported.
Mrs. K?S. Emery ??? ???
On the occasion

Saturday Nov 17 1832
The church set apart a day of fasting &
Humiliation and pray to almighty God
For his blessing on this Church & people.

Nov 8 1832
The following persons named
To the communion of the Church
?? the ??? Mr. Gregory viz Mr.
Silvester Olmstead and Sally his wife
Cornelia Olmstead,
Mary Mitchell, Joseph Mitchell
& Sehial Goodrich
The Lords supper was then administered
To the church
Attest F.F. Mitchell S.C.

January 7 ??? 1833
was observed by the church a
day of fasting and prayer
The Session having met according
to previous appointment. Present
H. Look, W.F. Winchell & H. Mitchell
Elders.  W. Mitchell. One of the elders
Henry Look did not attend.
W.F. Mitchell chosen Moderator ptm.
Resolved to give certificates of the
??? standing of Abel Stockwell and
his wife Millie? Stockwell
Attest F.C. Mitchell S.C.

January 20 1833
Session met agreeable ?? appointed
Opened the meeting by prayer
H. Look
W.F. Winchell    Elders
F. Mitchell
W. Mitchell
H. Look chosen moderator
Rev. Henry Look was appsent
Commissance? to attend the
Presbyterry at Springville on the
29 instant. Concluded by prayer
Attest F. Mitchell S.C.

Thus far examined & approved in
Prebytery Springville Jan 30 1833
T.S. Harris Mod.

Delanti Dec 28 1833
The Church met according to
To appointment opened by prayers
F. Mitchell was chosen moderator
Whereupon the church resolved
To elect 2 ruling Elders. One
To fill the place of Wills Mitchell
Deceased and one to act in
Concert with the session in
The absence of Brother Wm.
F. Winchell and Henry Look
Who were absent from the
Place and expected to be for
Some time.  The church then
Proceded to ballot and upon
Counting the ballots it
Was found that Sylvester
Olmsted was elected to fill
The place of Willis Mitchell
Deceased and Moses Adams
For ruling elders in this

The session then convened
And appointed Foster Mitchell
A delligate to attend the presbytery
On the 7th day of Jany held
At Fredonia
Concluded by prayer
F. Mitchell Clerk

January 24th 1834
Session met agreeable to appointment
Opened the meeting by prayer
S.C. Olmsted    Elders
& M. Adams

F. Mitchell & S. Olmsted absent
S.C. Olmsted chosen moderator prtm.
M. Adams Clerk prtm. Brother S.C.
Olmsted was appointed Delegate [to]
Attend the Presbytery on the 28th
January at Buffalo
Concluded by prayer
M. Adams Clerk

Thus far examined in
& approved
Buffalo Jany 29 1834
J.B. Drestan

April 20th 1834
Session met agreeable to appointment
Opened by prayer. Present
H. Look
M. Adams    Elders
F. Mitchell
L. Olmsted and S.C. Olmsted
Absent Brother Wm. F.
Winchell applied to the
Session for a letter from the
Church to any church where
God in his providence shall
Cast his lot.  His request
Was granted.
Concluded by prayer.
F. Mitchell Clerk

May 22 1834
At a meeting of the session
Present all the elders of
The church F.C. Mitchell
Was appointed
As delligate to attend the
Presbytery at Westfield
On the 10th day of June 1834
F.C. Mitchell Clerk

June 15 Sabbath day 1834
The Rev. Mr. Bradly preached
And ordained the following candidates
As ruling elders in this church
Viz. Sylvester Olmsted, Samuel
C. Olmsted, Mrs. M. Adams
& Foster Mitchell
F. Mitchell, Stated Clerk

August 25th 1834
Session meet at the Meeting-
House agreeable to appointment
Opened the meeting by prayer
Present all the Elders of
The church
H. Look was chosen Moderator
Pro. Tem
Br. Sylvester Olmsted was
Appointed delligate to attend
The Presbytary in Sept.
Next at Jamestown
Session chose a committee
Of their number to visit and
A member of the church to con-
Verse on the great Subject of
Religion and ??? to ??
Them up to duty
Closed by prayer
F. Mitchell Stated Clerk

September 4th 1834
The church and session meet at
The meeting hous agreeable to appointment
This was one of the most interesting
Meetings that had been held for
A long time, much confession of
Each other and praying for each
Other was the the characteristic of the
Williard H. Fisher offered him-
Selfe for examination with a
view to unite with this church
The session proceded to the examin-
Ation of this Christian experience
Of the examination was closed
He retired.  When the question
Was taken and the examination
Sustained.  Closed by prayer.
F.C. Mitchell Stated Clerk

September 4th 1834
The Session being conveined
Miss Cornelia Olmsted produ-
Ced a letter from the Congre-
Gational church at Rushville
Yates County certifying of
Her good and regular
Standing and by virtue
Of her said recommend she
Was received in this
F. Mitchell Stated Clerk

Oct 11th 1834
The church and session meet
Agreeable to previous notice
The Session after Prayer
Moved to business.
Miss Julia Ann Batcheller offered
Herself for church membership
With a letter from Cazenovia
And was received by the Session
After which Rev Wm. Bradley
Delivered a dis[c]orse prepass??
To the Lords Supper

Oct 12th 1834
Rev. Wm. Bradley preached &
Admited? to fellowship of the Church
The Following Pearsons Viz
Mr. Willard H. Fisher
Profesion of his faith in Christ
Having been approved by the
Session on the 4 of Sept last
Having been baptized in ???
Also Miss Julia Ann Batcheller
By letter from the Church in Cazenovia
And then administered the
Lords Supper and in?
Evening Preached on behalf
Of the A.T. Soeuly and took
A subscription of $3.
F. Mitchell Stated Clerk

Sept 5th 1835
The church & Session meet agreeable
To notice of the Church Session.
M. Adams & F. Mitchell were present
S. Olmsted & S.G. Olmsted absent and away
?? having causery? before the sessions
the time was spent in prayer and religious
conversation adjourned to Thursday the 17
instant at one oclock at the Meeting house
Concluded by prayer.
F. Mitchell Clerk

Delanti June 24th 1836
The Church and Session meet
Agreeable to Notes. Opened by
Prayer. Mr. Eaton Ford &
His wife Almira presented
Letters from the Congregational
Church in Great Barrington
Ms Certifying their good standing
In that Church and therefore
At their own request they
Were received in the fellowship
Of this Church as fellow
Laborers in the Vinyard of
The Lord
Closed by prayer
F. Mitchell Clerk

Delanti June 25th 1836
Church meet agreeable to
Public notice at the meeting
All the Elders having removed
Their relations from this Church
Save one F. Mitchell it was
determined to procede in Church cap-
acity opened the meeting by prayer
F. Mitchell was Chosen Moderator
Mr. Jasper King offered
Himself for examination with
A view to unite with the Church
Where upon the Church proceded
To hear his Christian experience
And proof of his having been
Baptized in infancy after
The examination was
Closed he retired and the
Question was taken
??? his examination sustained
and was ??? admitted to Church
??? ???

Delanti Dec 15th 1835
Church meet agreeable to
Public & Notice
Opened by prayer
E. Ford was chosen moderator
When a proposition was made
To choose Ruling Elder but
Was thought best to defer it
Untill some? others had ???
A vote was taken enacting?
Brother Wm. F. Mitchell to
Take part in an deliberat??
??? he ?? in this
place to which he gave consent
Voted, a committee of two
Be appointed to visit
All the members of the
Church but especially
Brother Ichabod Fisher
Who has not taken?
any? part with the
Church for the last three
Years and also Sister
Mary Mitchell now Mrs.
Lenard Who has declined walking
With the Church.  Brothers E. Ford &
Wm. F. Winchell were appointed said
Committee.  Brother E. Hitchcock
Was called upon to give his reasons
For not walking with the Church
After same consideration of the cases
Was refered to the committee
Who were requested to report
At the next meeting
Adjourned two weeks from today
At 1 oclock PM at the Meeting
Closed by prayer
F. Mitchell Clerk

Delanti Dec 29th 1836
Church agreeable to adjour-
Nment. Opened by prayer
When Mr. Osmond Hall &
Mrs. Deborah E. Hall his
Wife presented their letter
Of recommendation from the Church
In Sherman with intent to
Unite with this church which
Was read and they admitted to
The fellowship of the church as
Member.  Mrs. Ruggles King
And Mrs. Laura his wife
Also presented letter from the
Church in Sheridan which were
Read and the admitted to the
Church as members.
The Committee appointed
At the last meeting then
Made their Report.
Viz, M. Ford stated that he
Called on Mrs. Mary Leonard and
Had free conversation with her
And she said she was well
Satisfied she was deseived? as to
Her hope when She gained the Church
And that she could not be persuaded
To walk with the Church and
Requested to be expelled. Therfore
It was proposed to the next Meeting.
Br. Ford also stated that he
Had conversed with Br. Hitchcock
And that he still refused to
His walk with the Church
Br. Winchell reported that the
??? had visited Br. Fisher and
that they Stated to him that
he was accused of Neglect of
walk with the Church,
of intemperance and the neg-
lect of family worship
and traffick in ardent Spirits
To all of which Brother Fisher
Acknowledged was true in a light?
His case was postponed to
The next meeting and
The committee requested to
Continue their efforts to
Reform Br. Fisher and
The other Delinquents
Adjourned two weeks
From today at 12 oclock
At Mon at the Meeting
Closed by prayer
F. Mitchell Church Clerk

Jany 12th 1837
Church meet agreeable to
Adjournment. Opened by prayer
Mr. Samuel P. Cloud and his
Wife Selenia presented letters
Of recommendation from the Cong-
Regational Church in Granville
VT Certifying their good
Standing in said church with
A view of being admitted to
The fellowship of this church
After the letters were read and
The questions asked if there was
Any objections to their request
No objections being given their
Request was sustained by voting
That they be admitted
The other business before the
Church was postponed until
The next meeting. Adjourned 2 weeks
Closed by prayer
F. Mitchell Clerk

Stockton June 16th 1837
Church meet agreeable to
Previous notice for the purpose
Of making choice of ruling
Elders opened by prayer by
Rev. S.B. Wilson M???
Made and carried that the church
Procede to Ballot for two
Ruling Elders after Balloting
And counting it was
Declared that Osmond Hall
And Erton Ford were
Duly Elected Ruling Elders
In the Church
Adjourned without date
Closed by Prayer
F. Mitchell Clerk

Stockton July 1st 1837
The Church meet at the meeting
House after hearing a lecture pre-
Paratory to the administration of
The Lords Supper t?? the morrow
By the Pastor the session
conviened after being Constituted?
by Pray. Present the Pastor
O. Hall E. Ford & F. Mitchell
Elders. Mrs. Ruth Hall
Offord herself for admission to
This church after stating that
She had formerly been a member
Of the Congregational Church in
Chelsey Vt and having lost her letter
The session proceded to hear her stat-
Ment of religious experience in
Regard to her Christian hope. When
She had finished she retired. When
It was resolved that her experience ??
?? ??? and that she be admitted
to the fellowship of the church ???

Session.  July 1st 1837 continued
Mr. Henry Barnes and his wife
Genet presented their certificate
From the church in Holland Patent
With a request to be admitted as
Members of this church and their
Letter being in order the request
Was granted
Mr. Ithesmer Warley? His wife
Polly and Sam ?? the brother of Ithesmer? Presented
Letters of the candidates from the
Church in Summer Hill with a
Request to be admitted as members
Of this church and their letters
Being in order they were admitted
Mrs. Catherine Burr presented
A letter from the Church in Perry
With a request to be united to
this church and her letter
being in order She was
admitted at her request.
Mrs. Mary L Wilson and Miss
Chloe Ann Robert presented their
Certificates from the Church in Watts-
Burgh Pa and their letters being
In order their request was granted
The Session then called up the
Case of Brother Ichabod Fisher
After much converse and deliberation
It was resolved that the clerk be
Required to issue a citation on Br.
Fisher to appear before the session
On the first Monday of Augt. Next
At 3 oclock PM to answer to the
Following charges viz a neglect
Of walk with the church for several
Years past, of the Neglect of family
Worship, of intemperance 4th of trafic-
King in ardent Sprits and that
Such citation be suspended two
Weeks that further labor be taken
??? Br. Fisher of the result is
??? not to be served?

The case of Sister Mary
Lemell was then called up
And ordered that further labour
Be had with her pat??
The Case of Brother Calvin
Hitchcock was then called up
And ordered that further labour
Be had with him pat??
Closed with prayer
Adjored to the Meeting house
An the first Monday in
August next at 3 oclock
F. Mitchell Clerk

Thus far examined ap-
Proved with the following
Exceptions viz that the
book has not been brought
Before  Presbytery since 1834.
Sept. 6 1837 Wm. Bradley

The Church & Session continued
To meet on the first Monday in
Each month for the monthly consent?
And the Session not having
Business redy? Far a ??? The
Time was spent in prayer

Delanti Sept 30th 1837
The meet at the Meeting house
And …
The Rev. J.B. Wilson after
Lecture the children of H. Barnes
And Genet Barnes were Baptised
Viz. Jane Barnes, Julia Barnes
Killik Barnes & Henry Barnes jr. also
Lucy Jane daughter of Ruggles & Laura
King.  After which the session
Was constituted by prayer
Then Mrs. Ruth & Miss Mary
Kasten presented certificates
From the Church in Middlebury VT
Said letters on file.

Sept 30th 1837 Continued
And Mr. Lucius L. Batcheller
And Mrs. Emeline his wife
With ??? ??? Lemain
Also Mrs. Susan? B??
And Mrs. Olive Haynes
Certificates from ??? to
All of which were approved
& each individual admitted to
the Church at their request
Mr. Ichabod Fisher then
Appeared before the Session
And answered to the charges
entered against him on
Page 35 to the 1st charge (neglect to
Attend Public Worship and meetings of the
Church) he plead infirmity of Body,
And want of means to convey him
To the 2nd charge (neglect of Family
Worship) he stated he had no?
Worship in his family.

To the 3rd charge (Intemperance) he denied
But admitted that he had been in
The habit of drinking occasionally
But of late had abandoned that pract-
Ice almost entirely.  To the 4th
Charge (rendering ardent Spirits) he
States that he must do so in order
To please some ??? table prope??
But dose not aime to sell to
Those who are intemperate
The session requested that Mr.
Fisher make such acknowledge-
Ments to the Church as he ??
And postponed his case until
?? ??? meeting of the
Closed by prayer
F. Mitchell Clerk

Sabbath Oct 1st 1837
The Lords Supper was administered
And Sarah Olive Daughter of
Mr. John & Olive Haynes was
F. Mitchell Clerk

Stockton Jany 6th 1838
Preparatory lecture to the Church
By the Pastor Rev. ? Bill??
After which the Session was
Constituted by prayer and
Mrs. Nancy Pierce presented
A letter from the Church in Whiting
VT Stating her good standing
In that church. After which it
Was decided by the Session
That She be received to
This Church
F. Mitchell Clerk

Stockton Jany 21st 1838
Session Conveined after worship
In the after noon of the Sabbath
And voted Br. O. Hall a delligate
To attend Pres. At Lodi on the
30th inst. F. Mitchell was app-
ointed a Substitute
F. Mitchell Clerk

Stockton Feby 12th 1838
Session continued after David No??
Opened by prayer. Voted
To give Juliana Batcheller
A letter of recommendation to
The Church in Marion NY
At her own request
F. Mitchell Clerk

March 27th 1838
The Session met at the call of ???
??? at the house of Mr. Wilson, the
meeting was called to order & opened by
prayer by the moderator, all the
members of the session being present, Mr.
Wilson ??? to the Session that agree-
able to their request …
different times ??? with Mr.
Hichcock in relation to his ???
Of complaint against him ???
But without any happy ???.  That
Mr. Hitchcock did not appear ? ??
The labour either in a Christian
Spirit or in kindness.  He ???
The Church as having abused him
But Manifested no disposition to
Take up a gospel labour with
Any one according to the rule in
Matter? And not only ?? ??
He is a very ??? man now?
reported the behavior to ???
??? but of the church mis-
stating & ridiculing the Conversation
Mr. Wilson further stated that it was
Absolutely manifest that further labour
with Mr. Hitchcock would be to no
avail. Mr. Hall stated that he in
company with Mr. Baranius? had had
a particular and faithful labour
with Mr. Hitchcock without gaining
any Satisfaction that Mr. Hitchcock
manifested an obstancy ???
?? accountable and that they parted
with him fuly satisfied that further labour
would be wholly unavailing.
Thereupon it was unanimously resolved that
Mr. Hitchcock be cited before Session
To answer to the matters charged against him
Also as ??? the Clerk of Session cite Mr.
Calvin Hitchcock to appear before Session to
Answer at the ??? meeting ???
??? ??? April 12 at 4 oclock ??? ???
???session was then adjourned ???
??? by Mr. Hall to at 2 ???
??? PM
F. Mitchell Clerk

Stockton March 31st 1838
Served a written citation
On C. Hitchcock as directed
At last meeting of Session
Of which the following is a  ??
Viz that Mr. Calvin Hitchcock , Mr. Yates?
Are hereby cited to appear before Session
At the Presbyterian Meeting house at
Delanti on Thursday, April 12 at 4
Oclock PM to answer for your
Conduct 1st for refusing to walk with the
fellowship the church for a long
time past. 2nd For Slandering the Church
as having abused same.  3rd For having
violated the rule laid down in M??
18th in neglecting to take gospel steps
with the Church or any member of it.
Dated Stockton March 31st 1838
F. Mitchell Clerk

Stockton April 12th 1838
Session met according to adjournment
And was opened by prayer by the
Moderator & after calling the roll & reading
The minutes the Clerk was asked if
The Citation had been served according to
The rule on Mr. Hitchcock; and
Answered in the affirmative.  Mr. Hitchcock
Being present was asked if he was
Redy to answer to the charge alleged against
Him in the citation.  When he arose &
Objected to proseding as he said because
There was not a quorum according to the
Rule (see forms of government Chap 9
Sec. 2) the whole Session being present
the Moderator overruled by stating? that
there was a quorum according to the rule
Mr. Hitchcock objected again that the
Sessoin was not the Church. The Mod. Again
Overruled that the Session was the only
Legally constituted authority of the Church
Where upon Mr. Hitchcock became

Mr. Hitchcock’s Case
Very boisterous & angry & disorderly
But after being repet…
& Commands to take his seat he at
length became silent & took his seat &
after a little reflection acknowledged
himselfe out of order.  The charges
were then red to hem Separately & he
replied to them in the following words.
Charge 1st In refusing to walk with
The fellowship the Church for a long time past.
This charge Mr. Hitchcock denied on
The ground as he alledged that he had
 Not left the Church but that the Church
Had left him.  Charge 2 In Slander-
Ing the Church as having abused him.
This charge he attempted to explain
By saying that he did not mean to
The church as a boy had abused him
But that two individuals one former
A member & the other Still in
Fellowship had abused him

Charge 3 In neglecting to take
Gospel steps with the Church or
Any of its members according to the
Rule M?th 18.  To this charge
He pleads that because the Church
Was a Presbyterian Church therefore
He could not walk with it nor?
Take up any labour with its mem-
Bers.  After he had done.  These replies
Were severly red to him & he was aksed
If these were the replies he intended
To make & he answered in the affirmative.
Some time was spent in friendly Con-
Versation in hope of reclaiming him after
Which he was asked by the Moderator as
The result of the labours, what was the
Chance? he ment to ??? to church.
He replied he never could com?? With
the Church as long as it was a Presbyterian
Chruch.  The Session ??? ??? by

Mr. Hitchcock’s Case
Themselves & after M?? deliberation voted
Unanimously that the pleas of Mr. Hitchcock
Were not sustained & Mr. Hitchcock was
Found guilty of all the Charges preferred?
Against him.  The Session then
Resolved themselves into a committee to
Prepare a minute ??? of the Sence?
Of the body and after prayer adjourned
The the 14 inst at 10 oclock AM
F. Mitchell Clerk

Stockton April 14th 1838
Session met according to adjournment
Opened by prayer by the Moderator
The Session as Committee for that purpose
Prepared the following minute viz.
Reasons for the decision of Session
In the Case of Mr. Calvin Hitchcock
Mr. Hitchcock plead to the first
That he has not departed from the Church
But the Church has departed from him.

This plea the Session deem? Unsatisfactory
In the first place because not true the Church
Has not departed from him but he from
The Church.  This is evident from the following
1 Mr. Hitchcock by his own voluntary
??? voted to chang the forme of Government
in the Church from Congregational to
Presbyterian. 2 after the change was
Made he continued to walk with & fellowship
The church for a time and it further appears
To the Session that his disaffection at first
Was not so much from hostility to Pres-
Byterianism as from personal animosity
?? individual towards whom (tho with a
single exception) not now members of the Church
?? Cherishes the ??? ??? unforgiving
?? & is thus living in a direct violation
of the Sessions rule to forgive a brother
his trespass.  Secondly the Session
deem the plea unsatisfactory because
… [too poorly written]

Mr. Hitchcocks Case
Invariably & uniformly fellowship each other
The two demonstrations vertuly being on
Holding the Same doctrines & actions & giving?
The same principals of disaplin.  The only
Difference between them being mearly
In the Mode of administration.
To the 2 charge of Slandering the Church
As having abused him Mr. Hitchcock
Pleads that he did not mean to be under-
Stood that the Church as a body had don it?
But that certain individuals had.
This plea is insufficient because the frequ-
Ency & unjustified manor of his making
The declaration both befor the members of
The church also before the people of the
World have been such as to wholly
Unjustifiable & such as have manifested
A most unchristian spirit, they have been?
Seen that in a civil court would have Con?
him of a most? grandstander & ???
not to be suffered to ??? unanswered?
Civilized discipline.  Beside his g???
??? of telling and talking about the Church &
against it for a long time has been
most? unchristian as is well known by many
out of the Church and among the ???
of religion.
To the 3 charge of neglecting to take
Gospel steps with those he alleges to have
Abused him according to the rule in Math?
18. Mr. Hitchcock plead because the Church
Is Presbyterian therefore he can not
perform gospel labour with those
who have offended him.  This par-
ticularly specious & unsubstantial.  He
could not because he wanted not to.
??? did not Command to go to a
brother? of a particular denomination
and tell him his fault but any
person who exhibits the Spirit of the
Gospel is a brother & if in any
??? he may aggriev or offend,

Mr. Htichcock’s Case
The Command is go and tell him his
Fault.  Besides ??? Mr. Hitchcocks
Own sharing the cause of affence
Never could justify his ???
Manor ??? ??? act of  offence
Was don in the utmost ??? & was
Intended for his …
His ???.  If they have misjudged &
Whose ??? was ??? an off-
Ense has been given, Mr. Hitchcock
Is bound as a Christian to forgive.
If he dose not he is offend??
For these causes the Session ???
Not expulpate him from offence
But must pronounce him guilty in
Each of the Charges.

Resolved that whereas Mr. Calvin
Hitchcock has been clearly ???
??? the charges of refusing to walk
with & fellowship the church

For along time past & of grossly
Undermining the Church and of violating
That most Christian rule of our
Savior go and tell they brother
His faults ye. And where as after
Much Christian labour & accompanied
With prayer, for his action to the fellow
Ship of the Church, he absolutely refused
But persisted in his determination not
To return to the fellowship of the
Church & whereas he has ???
Afforesaid? a determination So to ???
as to compel the Church to exolade him
??? in their fellowship therefore is
the judgment of the Session he aught
to be & hereby is disponded from
the fellowship of the Church
until he gives evidence of importance
after? prayer. in the Session was adjourned
??? ?? the date.
F. Mitchell Clerk

July 12th 1838
Church meet
In pursuance to Public Notice
Opened by Prayer.  Osmond
Hall chosen  Mrs. E. Ford Clerk
Church take in to consideration
the expediency of changing this
from a Presbyterian to a Congregational
Church, after free discussion think
It not advisable.  But Vote unani-
Mous that in case of Discipline the
Accused shall have the priviledge of
Sharing the cause tried either
After the Presbyterian or Congregati-
Onal form of government
Meeting Disodvd by
Attest E. Ford Clerk

August 4th 1838
Session met
Immediate presiding a Lecture
Preparitory to the administration
Of the Lords supper, Rev. M.
Lane administrator, when the
Following persons presented letters
Of Dismission & recommendations
From Sister Churches (to vit.)
Mr. Thomas King and wife Judith
Mrs Chloe Goff, Miss Sophia Flagg
Miss Emily A. Ford, the latters
Being read, Session vote them in to
Full communion with this Church
Opened & Closed with Prayer
E. Ford Clerk

Sabbath August 5th 1838
Lords Supper administered by
Rev. M. Lane immediately before
The supper, Mr. Edmund Barnes
And wife Rebecca Robert?
Present letters recommending
Them to the watch? And fellowship
Of the Christian Church, whare
The providence of God should
Cast those Lot, they were
Accordingly at their own request
Rec’d into fellowship and comm.
Union with this Church, By
Vote of the Session, the same
Time, Mary Tilda, Infant
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Clous
And Chloe Ann Goff, were
Delanti August 5th 1838
Attest E. Ford Church Clerk

Delanti Jan 1st? 1839
At a Church Meeting, Previous
To a Lecture preparatory to
The administration of the
Lords Supper.
Resolved that the Br.
William J. Wilcox be Moderator
Of this Church during the time
He continues to Preach in this
Vicinity.  Mr. Ezekiel Metcalf
Abigail Metcalf & Lucinda
Metcalf presented letters
Recommending them to the
Watch and fellowship of the
Presbyterian Church in
Stockton, their letters being
In order they were received
In full Communion
Also Mrs. Olive Metcalf ???
Herself for examination with
??? to unite with this Church
after examination the Church
vote to Receive her in fellowship
Vote this meeting be adjourned
To the Friday preceding the 1st
Sabbath in February at 11 oclock
Opened & Concluded with Prayer
E. Ford Church Clerk

Church meet agreeable to
Public Notice.  Opened by
Prayer, Mr. Thomas King
Moderator, Voted a committee
Of two be chosen to ??? Individuals
The Church Shrink? out of the
Any of Duty in not attending
More punctually to the
Ordinance of Public Working.
Vote Thomas King & Eaton Ford
Be that Committee.
Elder, Osmond Hall asked?
For resignation? of the ???
… [unreadable]
After free conversation on
The subject and the motion
Being tried by vote, unanimous
Not to accept Elder Halls
Resignation, the Church then
Procede to the choice of two
Deacons to act in concert with
The Elders of this Church
Vote by Ballot, unanimous
For Thomas King and Eaton Ford
Mr. King after making some
comments relating to his advanced
age and incapacity to discharge
the duties of that important
office, signify all after received
the promise of the prayer
of the Church.  His willingness
to accept the appointment
& Mr. Ford after ???
the Church of the many?
??? they ??? and
… [unreadable]

which were altogether incons-
istent with the dignity of
that office tells the Church
as he had previously done
when elected to the office of
Ruling Elder that he could
Not be under a conscientious
Discharge of Duty accept that
Responsible office.
Vote to adjourn this meeting
To the Friday preceding the
Last Sabbath in February
At one o clock PM
Stockton Jany 21st 1839
E. Ford clerk

Friday 22nd of February Lecture
Preparatory to the administration
Of the Lords Supper after ???
The Church awaiting ?? ?? government proceeded to hear the
Report of the committee appointed
to ??? individual members who
had not attended Public Worship
to the satisfaction of the Church
Report they have attended to that
Appointment and received the promise
Or more punctual attendance on the
Ordinance? of Divine Worship
In other business the Church vote
To dissolve the meeting, Closed with
Prayer.  E. Ford Clerk

Lords day, Feb. 24th the Lords supper
Administered by Rev. Mr. Wilcox? When
The following persons after giving their
Assent to the articles of Faith Rec’d by
The Church and entering in covenant
Sat down at the table of our common
Lord, (to wit) Mrs. An Maria Grennell, Mrs.
Olive Metcalf, Miss Rebecca Metcalf, and
Miss Lucinda Metcalf, Mr. Ezekiel Metcalf
Presenting his letter recommending
Him to the watch and fellowship of
This Church but before ???
To the articles of Faith.

SOURCE - Transcribed by Jay T. Priest, 2003.