Methodist Episcopal Church

Sinclairville, Chautauqua County, NY

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Marriages 2

Year  M & D   Groom                    Bride                  G-age  B-age  G-res          B-res             Minister       Remarks
1892  Nov 26  Adison Strong            Adaline Strong                       Sinclairville  Pickard Hill      A.C. Ellis
1893  Dec 3   Gilbert H. Barber        May Pickard            54     32     Westfield      Pickard Hill      E.D. Mowry
1894  Jan 1   Frank L. Bumpus          Anna B. Cross          24     16     Charlotte      Charlotte         E.D. Mowry
1894  Aug 18  Frank J. Wheeler         S? S. Cross            24     22     Sinclairville  Charlotte Ctr     E.D. Mowry
1894  Sep 25  John S. Pickup           Minnie R. Mowry        23     23     East Leon      Conewango Val.    E.D. Mowry
1895  Sep 4   Blair F. Simons          Jennie Medbury         27     28     Hamlet         Cassadaga         B.M. Wynlan    Assisted by R.A. P? at Parsonage
1895  Nov 19  Daniel E. Traphagan      Alice Wakeman          26     36     Ellery         S. Stockton       C.C. Hunt      at home of Bride
1896  Feb 19  Frank H. Fox             Grace R. Jackson       24     19     Charlotte      Charlotte         C.C. Hunt      at Parsonage, Sinclairville
1896  May 9   Henry Bailey             Elisabeth L. Irvine?   56     53     Russell PA     Russell PA        C.C. Hunt      at Parsonage, Sinclairville
1896  May 12  John C. Rose             Mabel E. Dickey        24     20     Charlotte      Charlotte         C.C. Hunt      at home of Bride
1896  Sep 25  George E. Lake           Bernice Reed           21     18     Charlotte      Sinclairville     C.C. Hunt      at Parsonage, Sinclairville
1896  Oct 3   Claud E. Stafford        Jessie M. Harrison     21     22     Sinclairville  Sinclairville     C.C. Hunt      at Parsonage, Sinclairville
1896  Oct 7   Mervin C. Pickard        Maggie Sager           21     21     Ellery         Ellery            C.C. Hunt      at home of Bride
1896  Dec 25  Fred E. Thompson         Inez M. Barstow        25     20     Russell PA     Russell PA        C.C. Hunt      at Parsonage, Sinclairville
1896  Dec 30  Austin Olmstead          Clara E. Torrey        29     17     Sinclairville  Sinclairville     C.C. Hunt      at McNaughton's, Sinclairville
1897  Apr 13  Wm. E. Kapple            Nina M. Shattuck       30     26     Ellington      Cherry Creek      C.C. Hunt      at Parsonage, Sinclairville
1897  Jun 30  Charles H. Dewhurst      Edith C. Medberry      26     25     Laona          Cassadaga         C.C. Hunt      at Parsonage, Sinclairville
1897  Sep 9   John Jack Philip         May S. Hiliker         30     27     NY City        Sinclairville     C.C. Hunt      at Parsonage, Sinclairville
1897  Sep 30  Theo. F. Moll            Alice Loveless         30     25     Russell PA     Russell PA        C.C. Hunt      at Bride's home
1897  Oct 28  Fred A. Barber           Martha A. Wilbur       29     30     Stockton       Ellery            C.C. Hunt      at Bride's home
1897  Nov 17  Burton B. Nickerson      Bertha G. Lynn         25     20     Lilly Dale     Cassadaga         C.C. Hunt      Sinclairville Parsonage
1897  Dec 29  Geo. S. Martindale       Hattie A. Johnson      24     27     Warren PA      Russell PA        C.C. Hunt      Sinclairville Parsonage
1898  Mar 21  Wm. A. Roberts           Maggie Fenner          23     26     Stockton       Stockton          C.C. Hunt      at Bride's home
1898  Apr 9   Frank b. Walace          Ettie Gray             26     27     Ripley         Ripley            C.C. Hunt      Sinclairville Parsonage
1898  Apr 20  John C. Bentley          Alide Cobbe            21     29     Sinclairville  Sinclairville     C.C. Hunt      at Bride's home
1898  Jun 29  Fred L. Cutting          Dennie E. Wood         28     22     Silver Crk     Sinclairville     C.C. Hunt      at Congregational Church
1899  Apr 12  Perl A. Butts            Anna S. Forstbauer     32     34     Jamestown      Jamestown         C.E. Byrain    at Bride's residence
1900  Nov 3   Harry M. Philbrick       Clara E. Hansler       21     19     Dunkirk        Dunkirk           H.C. Weaver    Mr. Claud Hansler; Mrs. Claud Hansler
1900  Nov 20  Squire Green             Addie Thompson         35     24     Charlotte      Charlotte         H.C. Weaver    Mr. C.L. Pierce; Mrs. C.L. Peirce
1901          Clyde H. Tickner         S. Minnie Spayner?     24     23     Sinclairville  Sinclairville     H.C. Weaver    Chas. Y. Spayner; Myrtle Blakeman
1901  May 2   Bert Chase               Agnes Cross            24     2?     Charlotte      Charlotte         H.C. Weaver    Fred Hooker; Carrie Hooker
1901  Jun 26  George Alfred Totman     Flossie Adell ???      22     18     Morris NY      Morris NY         H.C. Weaver    Chas. E. Ripast?; Adelia Totman
1901  Sep 5   Allen C. Cannon          Emma E. Hariman?       23     ?      Charlotte Ctr  Charlotte Ctr     H.C. Weaver    Lizzie Edmunds; Will Morrison?
1901  Dec 23  Glenn More               Emma Frances Strong    25     18     Ellicott       Gerry             H.W. Hunter    Viva T. More; Marion D. Strong
1901  Dec 24  Leonard Lewis Barstow    Kathy May Percy?       22     18     Frewsburg      Villenova         H.W. Hunter    F.M. McAllister; G.B. McAllister
1902  Jan 1   Berziah Gibson Parshall  Florence Crairn?       23     18     Wampum PA      Chewton PA        H.W. Hunter    G.B. McAllister; F.M. McAllister
1902  Jan 10  Charles Worden           Grace Adaline Strong   23     18     Tery Town      Ellery            H.W. Hunter    Florence C. Parshell; B.G. Parshell
1902  Aug 30  Lewis Batringer          Mrs. Lida Zahm         32     38     Gowanda        Sinclairville     H.W. Hunter    Elta Hunter; Abrose Hutner
1903  Aug 27  J.W. Kesky               Ina B. Newberry               19     Fairport       Ellery            S.E. Winger

Year M & D   Names of Partners       Residence       Place of Birth Age  Wedding                                         Witnesses
1906 ??? 29  M.W. Briggs             Bemus Pt.       Bemus Pt.      20   Ellery - Mr Theis res.
             Carrie Teft             Ellery          Ellery         20   George William Strathard

1907 Mar 6   Morris L. Stearns       Sinclairville   Gerry          22   Sinclairville - ME Pars
             Genevive A???           Sinclairville   Sinclairville  18   George William Strathard

1907 Jun 19  Clyde C. Campbell       Frenchline PA   Butler PA      28   Ellery - Father's res.
             Delsie Haines           Ellery          Sangertown PA  24   George William Strathard

1907 Jun 25  George V. Ingersoll     Sinclairville   Sinclairville  28   Sinclairville - Bride's home
             Mary Kish Bruck         Sinclairville   Sinclairville  24   George William Strathard

1907 Jul 1   Glenn H. Chase          Gerry           Charlotte      28   Gerry - Mr Thelonder's res.
             Elma Luce               Charlotte       Charlotte      18   George William Strathard

1907 Jul 10  Willimon J. Ayers       Jamestown       Randolph       40   At the home of the Bride's father
             A. Pearl Westley        Sinclairville   Custer? City   29   George William Strathard

1907 Sep 29  John C. Stovall         Ellery          Chautauqua     78   Pickard M.E. Church
             Lena F. Person          Ellery          Ellery         73   George William Strathard

1907 Dec 25  Neils Terry             Gerry           Gerry          18   Bride's res.
             Anna E. Johnson         Jamestown       Charlotte      17   George William Strathard

1908 Jan 1   C.S. Erwin              Sinclairville   Stockton       24   Bride's res.
             Emma Mansfield          Sinclairville   Charlotte      23   George William Strathard

1908 Oct 13  Frank G. Soule          NY City                             The res. of the Bride's father
             Nora B. Mansfield       Sinclairville   Charlotte           Geo. W. Strathard

1908 Nov 11  Willis M. Miller        Ellery                              At the M.E.C. Parsonage
             Ruby L. Cross           Ellery                              Geo. W. Strathard

1909 Nov 4   Ludwell B. Davison      Charlotte                      24   Charlotte Ctr - The res. of Frank Turney
             Mary Lee Krichland      Baltimore MD                   30   Wm. C. Mealing

1909 Dec 1   Harry L. Geer           Forestville                         Gerry - res. of Bride's father, Mr. E. Simmons
             S. Mae Simmons          Cassadaga                           Wm. C. Mealing

1910 Apr 5   Herman N. Dahl          Jamestown                           Sinclairville - Res. of Bride's Father, Perry A. Wallace
             Ida Wallace             Sinclairville                       Wm. C. Mealing

1910 Apr 17  Erie Chester Robbins    Sinclairville                       Sinclairville - res. of Bride's father
             Nora Bell Whitney       Sinclairville                       Wm. C. Mealing

1910 Aug 11  Harry J. Willson        Sinclairville                  22   Sinclairville - res. of Bride's father
             Ruth Brushton           Sinclairville                  18   Wm. C. Mealing

1910 Oct 24  George B. Gane          Charlotte                           Cassadaga (1/2 mi north) - res. of Mr. Tarbox
             Emma L. Green           Charlotte                           Wm. C. Mealing

1910 ??? 14  Chester A. Holland      Gerry                               Sinclairville - M.E. Parsonage
             M? ? G?                 Ellery                              Wm. C. Mealing

1911 Feb 22  Glenn J. Baker          Ellery                              Sinclairville - M.E. Parsonage                  Ethel O. Bargar
             Winifred E. Penhollow   Ellery                              Wm. C. Mealing                                  Mrs. W.C. Mealing

1911 May 3   Wm. F. Horton           Charlotte                           Sinclairville - M.E. Parsonage                  Mrs. W.C. Mealing
             May A. Ginchard                                             Wm. C. Mealing

1912 Mar 26  Edgar J. Snow           Cattaraugus                         Charlotte - home of Robert R. Fessenden         Mr. R.R. Fessenden
             Bessie M. Faulkner      Sinclairville                       Chas. C. Campbell                               Mrs. R.R. Fessenden

1912 Apr 3   R. Claire Sharron       Fertigo PA                          Sinclairville - M.E. Parsonage                  Mrs. Estella Campbell
             Inez Miller             Coal Hill PA                        Chas. C. Campbell                               Mrs. Lucy Marz

1912 Apr 10  Ezra J. Johnson         S. Stockton                         S. Stockton - home of Groom                     Mrs. Helen Hutchen
             Cleora Albro            Gerry                               Chas. C. Campbell                               Mr. H.T. Hutchins

1912 May 15  Thomas F. Stone         Ellery                              Sinclairville - M.E. Parsonage                  Mrs. Estella Campbell
             Myrtie Dean                                                 Chas. C. Campbell                               Erdis Newbury

1912 Jun 1   Geo. Fox                Charlotte                           Sinclairville - M.E. Parsonage                  Mrs. Estella Campbell
             Nellie G. Snyder        Sinclairville                       Chas. C. Campbell                               Anna E. Jersey

1912 Oct 26  Louis P. Card?          Grand Valley PA                     Home of Mr. & Mrs. McMichael                    Mr. & Mrs. McMichaels
             Eva Hoover              Grand Valley PA                     K.E. Shindledecker

1912 Oct 26  Franklin Dean           Ellery                              Home of Groom                                   Mr. & Mrs. Dean
             Blanch Rinehart         Ellery                              K.E. Shindledecker

1913 Mar 26  Bert Samuel Berger      Pickard                             Home of Bride                                   Mr. & Mrs. Dean
             Gertrude Dean           Pickard                             K.E. Shindledecker

1913 Jun 14  Geo. A. Tyrell          Jamestown                           Home of Bride                                   Mr. & Mrs. Westley
             Bernice May Westley     Sinclairville                       K.E. Shindledecker

1913 Jul 25  Merrel Harrington       Pickard Hill                        Parsonage
             Alice Washburg                                              K.E. Shindledecker

1913 Aug 25  Thomas P. D?            Jamestown                           Parsonage                                       Mrs. Shindledecker
             Mildred Blyork?                                             K.E. Shindledecker

1916 Feb 16  Geo. V. Linley          Charlotte Ctr.  Charlotte Ctr. 29   Wm. Pierrie? home                               Frank V. Darling
             Grace A. Darling                        ???            19   Rev. C.P. Pierce?                               F.M. Darling

1916 Apr 17  George A. Lortone       Charlotte                      19   M.C. Parsonage                                  Rev. C.P. Pierce?
             Unice M. Chase                                         17   W.S. McKelvey                                   Mrs. W.S. McKelvey

1926 Nov 11  J. Clayton Cleland      Sinclairville                       Home of Bride                                   Large company
             Miss Ruth Higgs         Sinclairville                       J.C. McDonald

1927 Jan 8   Sylvester T. Clark      N. Warren PA                        Parsonage                                       Mrs. MacDonald
             Miss Mildred L. Spade   N. Warren PA                        J.C. MacDonald

1928 Oct 1   Claude Anderson         Frewsburgh
             Ferrell Blood           Falkner                             J.C. MacDonald

1930 Feb 4   Harrey Horton Lynn      Union City                          Parsonage                                       Mrs. May Miller
             Mildred Marie DablstreetCorry PA                            Wm. W. Hastings                                 Miss Elizabeth F. Horton

1931 ??? 25  John Holtz              Cassadaga                      60   Parsonage                                       Mrs. Mary Cobb
             Alice Reichster         Cassadaga                      42   Wm. W. Hastings                                 Miss Jean Strong

SOURCE - Original Church Records filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah; transcribed by Jay Priest, 2002.