Villenova Circuit Church Records

Hamlet, Chautauqua County, NY

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These records were transcribed from microfilm on loan from through the local Family History Center.
The original records were faded and the filming process made reading very difficult.
Hopefully there will be some information that will help your research.

The Methodist Episcopal Church at Hamlet originated in the formation of a class, December 25, 1823, by Elder Daniel Prosser.  The class consisted of Polly Smith, Obadiah Warner and Rebecca, his wife; Taylor Judd, Polly Judd, [since the wife of Edmund Wright]; Lewis Barmore, Maria, his sister; Diadema Warner, Lura Nun, Polly Baker, Hiram Kingsley, Milton Foot and Lois, his wife, and Brinty Congdon and perhaps others.  A class had been previously formed at Wright's Corners, which was merged in the society at Hamlet.  Among the early circuit preachers were John Kent, ___Buel, Richard Wright, ___Ayres.  Their meetings were first held in dwellings and barns.  Their present house of worship was built in 1836 [in 1875].  Present Minister, Rev. Mr. Clarke.  -- from Young's History of Chautauqua County New York, 1875 p. 584.

SOURCE - Transcribed by Jay T. Priest, Webster, NY.