The Samuel D. Babcock Family

Submitted by Allie Babcock, 2006.

The Samuel D. Babcock family came into Chautauqua County from Cattaraugus County in 1838 to Pomfret.  Later moving to Dunkirk.  This family began to break up after 1865.  Their father Samuel has died and the mother in 1865.  Isaac and Henry have died in the war.

The Babcock Brothers in the Civil War.

Ellen has lost her husband Niles Robbins.  Niles had enlisted in the Pennsylvania Volunteers, Infantry, Co. H., 58th Regiment.  She has his eight month old son.  I believe Niles died as a result of the war.  She later married a Heminger

My great grandfather Minard who had married a Pennsylvania girl, Caroline Elizabeth Cornelius moves his family from Dunkirk in 1869.  They moved to Iowa and later to the Dakota Territory

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