Samuel Brown

Submitted by Terry Heismann, 2002.

The attached photo is of the Brown Family Home, Ashville, NY which still stands today.

Here is a portion of a write up regarding Mr. Samuel Brown, the original owner of the home from a bio written by his granddaughter, Mary Emogene Hazeltine abt 1935.

" ...  Samuel Brown settled in Chautauqua County about 1828-30 when it was a wilderness, cutting a clearing (afterwards Ashville) in which to build his first home, a log cabin.  He was twenty, and his bride, Clarissa Slayton, 19.  His energy, business ability, and personality soon made him a leader first in the little community, and later, in larger affairs of the county.  At the time of his death (of typhoid-pneumonia) in 1854 (aged about 45, if I recall correctly, he was born May 7, 1808), he owned many farms and had extensive cattle interests.  Among other enterprises he had built and ran the Ashville hotel, and had his hand in many other things;  both for his own affairs and for the community.

         Realizing that a hotel was not a place for a home, he was building a colonial house (quite the finest in the village) for his family, which was not completed at the time of his death.  His widow finished it and lived there until about 1870....   You may be interested to know that the Ashville house is now (1935) owned and occupied as a summer home by Floyd L. Darrow, the scientific writer who is an old Chautauqua County boy...."

Brown Home, Ashville

Terry Heismann