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Family Photos - Sent in by GenWeb users.

Genealogies of many families.

Portland Historical Sketches (A-E) (F-M) (N-Z)


ABBEY - The Abbey Family of Cherry Creek - Peggy Karuza
ALLEN - Biography of Orrin S. Allen - William Rockwell
APTHORP - Descendants of John Apthorp - Robert Apthorp
ARCHER - These biographies are sent by Norma Nielson.
BABCOCK - The Samuel D. Babcock Family - Allie Babcock
BENTLEY - The Family of Eldred Bentley - Dolores Davidson
BROWN -Biography and photo for the Samuel Brown family, Ashville - Terry Heismann
- Seven generations of the Brunson family - Karen Black
BUSH - The Bush family of Chautauqua County - Douglas Bush
BUTTON - The Button family of Harmony NY - Dee Davidson
BYRD - Byrd, Wilder & LaTona Families - Randolph Byrd
CAMPBELL - The Campbell family of Portland - Lois Campbell
COLBURN - Descendants of Jonathan Colburn - Edward Colburn
COE - The Coe Family in New England & Chautauqua County - Frank S. Coe & Martha Coe Friddle
COWING - The John Cowing Family - Joe W. Cowing
CROWELL - Ancestors of Polly Crowell of Villenova NY - Elbert Phillips
FARNSWORTH - Calvin D. Farnsworth and Family - David Elwin Farnsworth
FLICK - John F. Flick of Dunkirk -
Carolyn (Koester) Dentice
FROSS - Bible records - Clark Kidder
HANDY - Bible records of the Joy Handy family - Jay Priest
HASKINS - Descendants of David G. Haskins - Dolores Davidson

HOBART - Joseph & William Hobart - Glydie & John Nelson .
HOWARD - Roswell Howard family - Dolores Davidson

HUNT - Andrew Hunt &Hepsibah Kelly - Dolores Davidson
IVES - Descendants of Amasa Ives - Ken Ives .
JOHNSON - The mystery of Abiathar Johnson & Jeremiah Johnson - Linda Talbot
JOY - Descendants of David Joy - Dolores Davidson
KLUMPH - Descendants of Jacob Klumph - Dolores Davidson

LEACH - Several Leach families of Chautauqua County.
LINCOLN - The descendants of Alfred Lincoln
LUDLOW/LUDLAM - The descendants of William Ludlow
MARCY - Hiram Marcy Family - Ginny Schroeder
MCINTYRE-KOHLER - Some ancestors of Clement McIntyre & Bertha Kohler - Jack McIntyre
NICHOLS - The descendants of Johnathan Nichols
OLMSTEAD - Descendants of Justus W. Olmstead - Ed Wall [pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]
ORCUTT - A brief biography of Cyrus Orcutt - Penny Orcutt-Hill.
PALMER - Some Palmer families - From James Dobbins

PALMETER – Descendants of David Palmeter – From Nan Colburn Wolf
RICHMOND - Descendants for Ezra Richmond - Nora Cutting Shreve

ROBBINS - This tree includes surnames of Norton, Gowan, Atherly, Morse, Mason, Acocks, Robbins, and Bull.- From David Robbins
SACKETT - One thread of that family - Richard Heath Sackett
SAXTON - Harry Saxton & Early history of Kennedy - Bonnie Covedill
SCOFIELD - The Ancestors of Polly Scofield - from Barbara Kaye
SMITH - The Milton Smith Family -  Marilyn King
SMITH - Letters by Calvin Smith -  Marilyn King
STAPLES - Letters by Scammel Staples - Dolores Davidson
SWANSON - This database is an extensive list of SWANSONS - From Steve Kirsch
SWANSON - George Elaf Swanson family of Jamestown - From Paul Frost
SWIFT & LEE - Families of Silver Creek - From Candace M

THAYER - Royal & Mercy (Moffett) Thayer 1791-1917 - Glenda E. Thayer
WARD - This database contains research on the WARD family - From Carl Ward
WARNER - The Warner family of Villenova, NY
WATERMAN - The Zebediah Waterman Family - Melissa Bruno Ward
WEBSTER - Eight generations of the descendants of Gov. John Webster - From Nola Parkey

WEATHERUP – Of Westfield - From Michelle J. Speirs

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