A Thread from the New Haven branch of the Sackett family 1632-1999
Compiled and Submitted by Richard Heath Sackett of West Palm Beach, Fl

  1. * A thread from The NewHaven branch of the Sackett family 1632-1999 *

  2. Simon Sackett and wife Isabel (of England) were the parents of:
    Simon Sackett b 1630 d July 9, 1659 m Sarah Bloomfield and
    * John Sackett b 1632 d Oct 8, 1719 m Abigail Hannum

    * John Sackett, the colonist, founder of the NewHaven, Ct branch of the Sackett family,
    came to New England from Bristol, Eng. with brother Simon and 3 yr old son John Sackett Jr.,
    on the ship Lyon in the winter of 1630-31. No record of any other member of his immediate
    family has been found. He was a companion of the brilliant and popular non-conformist
    minister Roger Williams, whom he followed, first to Plymouth settlement and afterwards to
    Rhode Island. Tiring of life in the wilderness, he made his way to New Haven settlement,
    where in the records, he is mentioned, as early as 1640 and as late as 1684. He was married
    to Abigail Hannum 1640. John and Abigail were parents of * John Sackett Jr.

    * John Sackett Jr b about 1628 d Sept 3, 1684 m Agnes Tinkham. John Jr and Agnes were
    parents of: * Joseph Sackett

    * Joseph Sackett b 1660 d 17?? m 2nd wife Hannah Denison. Joseph Sackett served as Lieut in
    the New Haven militia for active service against the 'common enemy'. Joseph and Hannah were
    parents of * Joseph Sackett

    * Joseph Sackett b Oct 27, 1712 New Hawn, Ct. d 17?? m Hannah Denison.
    Joseph and Hannah were parents of Sarah, Reuben, Joseph, Hester b 1743 d 1816 and
    * Samuel b 1747 d Aug 20, 1816

    * Samuel Sackett b 1747 in New Hawn, Ct d 1816 m Thankful Wood (daughter of John Wood) in
    1767 and in same year settled on a 250 acre section of Big Nine Partners, in Dutchess Co.,
    NY near Huns Lake. He built a comodious farm house, in which all but the two oldest of his
    nine children mere borm and all grew to maturity. Gradually, as his children became able to
    assist him, his wilderness section was transformed into a cleared and exceedingly productive
    farm and at his death Aug 20, 1816 he was reputed a man of large means. Several of his
    children had died previous to his demise and were buried in a family plot on his farm and
    there he too was laid to rest. His wife Thankful lived to her 92nd year. In the war of the
    Revolution he was an active patriot, serving through several campaigns in the Sixth Dutchess
    County Regiment. By the terms of his will his Dutchess Co. farm passed to his sons Isaac
    and Joel. The children of Samuel and Thankful were: Jehial b July 24, 1768 d in 1822
    m Samantha Knapp, Samuel W. Sackett d Feb 10, 1845 m Anna Hanmond of New Haven, Ct.,
    James m Susan Pulver, Hannah m Mathew Scott, Phoebe m James Jermond, Polly m James Rowe,
    Betsey m Darius Sweet, * Joel b in 1786 d in 1836 and Isaac b in 1786 d in 1836 m Betsey ??.

    * Joel Sackett b in 1786 in Stamford, Dutchess Co., NY, son of Samuel and Thankful Wood
    Sackett, was married to Betsey Husted. The children of Joel and Betsey were: Nathan b
    Nov 1796 d Nov 1876 m Martha Wilson, Leonard b 1798 d 1868 m Ruth Gildersleve, Theron
    b 1800 d 1882 m Flora Blake, Egbert b 1802 d 1877 m Harriet Latham, Maria b 1804 d 1883 m ??
    Gildersleve, Cynthia b 1806 m ?? Ward, John b 1808 d 1895 m Jane Brown, Julia b 1810 d Dec
    18, 1883 m Edward Latham, * Hiram b Dec 6, 1812 d 1895 m Millicent Smith, Morgan b Sept 8,
    1814 m Almira Ward, Eliza b 1818 m ?? Smith and Emma b 1822 m Richard Bartlett

    Note: Capt. Isaac Sackett, 1786-1836, of Dutchess Co., NY, was the son of Samuel and
    Thankful Wood Sackett, He was in 1815 commissioned a Lieutenant in the 29th Regiment NY
    Infantry and the following year was promoted to captain in the same Regiment.

    Note: Egbert Sackett, 1802-1877, of Irving, Chautauqua CO., NY, son of Joel and Betsey
    Husted Sackett, was married to Harriet Latham. Egbert and Harriet were parents of:
    Joel Sackett, of Bradford, Pa.

    Note: John Sackett 1806-1895, of Stanford, Dutchess Co., NY and Fairmont, Martin Co.,
    Minn, son of Joel Sackett and Betsey Husted was married Feb 16, 1833 to Elizabeth J. Brown
    1813-1894, daughter of Dudley Brown, 1778-1847 and Ora Daniels, 1774-1825.
    The children of John and Elizabeth were: George b 1834 d 1863, Cynthia b 1836 m Charles
    Otis, Dudley P. b 1842 d Sept 18, 1906 m Ida Curtis, Chauncey b 1845 d 1863 and William
    E. b 1849 m Ida Bennett

    * Hiram Sackett, 1812-1895 of Dutchess Co., NY, and Irving, Chautauqua Co., NY son of
        Joel and Betsey Husted Sackett, was married Dec 6, 1834 to Millicent Smith.
        The children of Hiram and Millicent were: Lucretia S. b 1836 m Ebenezer B. Slocum,
        Seward died young, * George m Catherine Burmaster and Frederick B. m Climentia Parker
        * George Sackett, of Irvng, Chautauqua CO., NY, son Of Hiram and Millicent Smith
        Sackett, was married to Catharine Burmaster. The children of George and Catherine
        were: Nellie Sackett m Frank Finen (Dunkirk, NY), Howard m Pearl Gilpin (Erie, Pa),
        Cora m Harley Salisbury (Silver Creek, NY), Lulu m Clarence Parker (Akron, W), Gertrude
        m George Gorndt (Silver Creek, NY), * Herbert Joel m Alice B. Heath (Silver Creek, NY),
        Edna m Samuel Wright and Clayton (unmarried)
        * Herbert Joel Sackett, b May 8, 1895 in Wng, Chautauqua Co., NY d Jan 31, 1990 in
        Erie, Pa. was married to Alice Katherine Heath, b Nov 8, 1892 in Hamburg, NY d June
        14, 1981 in Silver Creek, Chautauqua Co., NY. The children of Herbert and Alice were:
        * Richard Heath b Oct 11, 1919, Clare B. Dunlevie b 1921 d 1992, Charles Gordon b 1921
        d 1921 and * Robert Agnew b 1923
        Robert resides in Erie, Pa.
        * Richard Heath Sackett b Oct 11, 1919 in Hamburg, NY was married to Mary Theresa
        Baynes b Nov 30, 1919 in Elmhurst, Queens Co., NY. 'The children of Richard and Mary
        are: * James Richard b Dec 3, 1962 and Richard Heath Jr. b Oct 12, 1955
        Richard and Mary reside in West Palm Beach, Fl.
        * James Richard Sackett, b Dec 3, 1952 in Mary Immaculate Hosp., Jamaica, Queens Co.,
        NY was married to Kathleen Roecklein b May 15, 1954 in NewYork, NY. The children of
        James and Kathleen are: Emily Kate b 1889 and Mary Patricia b 1991
        James and Kathleen reside in Fairfield, Ct.
        * Richard Heath Sackett Jr., b Oct 12, 1955 in Mary Immaculate Hosp., Jamaica, Queens
        Co., NY was married to Karen Barker b June 14, 1956 in Astoria, Queens Co., NY. The
        children of Richard and Karen are: Sara Ann b 1989, Richard Herbert b 1990 and
        Catherine Rose b 1993
        Richard Jr. and Karen reside in Mastic, NY

        Ends .. I now wonder why Hiram came to Irving from Stanford, Dutchess Co.. was it just
        itchy feet or better farm land .. where might I obtain a map or drawing of the old
        town of Irving for the period 1895 .. I remember the outhouse, the chicken yard, the
        icy water from the pump in the front yard, but cannot remember the street or house
        number .. much of this information above is from Weygant's The Sacketts of America

        Bi now.