Oldest Streets in the
City of Jamestown

1. Allen street-------------named for Gen. Horatio Allen.

2. Baker Street-----------named for Henry Baker.

3. Barrett Street----------named for Samuel Barrett.

4. Barrows Street--------named for Barrows' family.

5. Broadhead Ave.-------named for William Broadhead.

6. Brooklyn Square------once called "The Flats."

7. Chandler Street-------named for Woodley Chandler.

8. Crosby Street----------now Liberty Street----named for Samuel Crosby.

9. Cross Street------------connected Second and Chandler Streets.

10. English Street---------so called because so many English families lived on it.

11. Fifth Street

12. First Street

13. Foote Avenue---------once called Quaker Street----named for Judge Foote.

14. Forest Avenue--------so called because so thickly forested-----once called Busti Street.

15. Fourth Street.

16. Hazzard Street-------named for Hazzard family.

17. Lakeview Avenue-----once called Henry Street.

18. Marvin Street-----------named for Hon. Richard Marvin, now Washington Street, once called Swamp Road.

19. Newland Avenue------named for Robert Newland.

20. North Main Street-----once called Plank Road.

21. Pine Street---------------so called, probably, from the number of pines on it.

22. Prendergast Avenue---named for Prendergast family-----once called James Street.

23. Second Street.

24. Sixth Street.

25. Spring Street-------------so called because there was once a spring on it.

26. Steele Street--------------named for the Steele family.

27. Warren Street-------------once called Warren Road.

28. West Seventh Street----above North Main Street----once called Africa Street on account of the large number of negroes living

      there before the war.

29. Willard Street--------------named for Hermis Willard.

30. Winsor Street---------------named for Samuel Winsor, formerly called Distillery Street, because of a distillery upon it.

SOURCE:  Taken from "Jamestown Past and Present" 1913. Provided by Bonnie Covedill, 2003.