Compiled from Military records - by Donna Mills

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Post #        Town
107            Jamestown
282            Kennedy
285            Jamestown
295            Sherman
304            Cherry Creek
393            Dunkirk
403            Fredonia
429            Stockton
439            Forestville
Chautauqua County Civil War Facts
Normal School Graduates

#107 - Jamestown - Chartered Aug. 23, 1869.

Colonel James M. Brown, 100th NYSV. Born Nov. 24, 1825, in Dundee, Scotland.
Studying medicine at Glasgow for a time, he emigrated to the US around 1844 and
settled in New Orleans. He was an assistant army surgeon during the Mexican War;
mustered out at Mackinac, Michigan. Admitted to the Michigan bar during 1851, he
married a woman from Argyle, NY, in January of the following year. In 1853, he
became a partner in a Chautauqua County law firm with Madison Burnell and John F.
Smith. Commissioned as captain of Company B, 72d NYSV, he resigned that post
November 5, 1861, in order to accept the colonelcy of the 100th NYSV. Col. Brown
was killed May 31, 1862, at the Battle of Seven Pines outside of Richmond, VA,
when the 100th NYSV was enveloped by a Confederate division under General D.H.
Hill. Brown's body was never recovered.

#282 - Kennedy - Chartered Aug. 2, 1882.

This post was named for Sgt.  H. Charles Sturdevant, Co. K, 49th NYSV. Joined at
Jamestown Aug., 1861, age 33; returned to ranks March, 1862; died of lung
congestion at Bakersville, MD, Sept. 30, 1862.
The officers in the year 1894 were:
Fayette Taylor - Commander ; H.D. Chandler - Senior Vice Commander
G.F. Soule - Junior Vice Commander ; N.F. Marsh - Surgeon
N.S. Ireland - Chaplin ; T H. Hinman - Quartermaster
O.D. Billings - Adjutant ; Geo. M. Phillips - Officer of the day
L. Sweet - Officer of the Guard ; Cap Shaw - Sgt Major
I. Stedman - Quartermaster Sgt.

#285 - Jamestown - Chartered Aug. 17, 1882.

Apparently replaced the “old” Jamestown Post # 107.  This seems to have happened with other Posts around the country.  But thus far have not come up with any explaination for this happening.

Colonel James M. Brown, 100th NYSV. See Post #107.
There were 46 charter members of this 2nd Post named for James M. Brown.
Charter members were:
James M. Harris ; Charles Parks ; Orea F. French ; George C. Smith ;  Edgar F.
Putnam ;  Hanry J. Yates ; W.T Hibbard ; Gilbert Strang ; Levi Wellington ; Isaac
Sherman ; Wm Heaton ; Edwin Leiper ; W H Howard ; John W Hale ; Augustus
Harriington ; Abraham Shiedecker ; T H Post ; Isac Shaver ; B F Lownsbery ; David
Sampson ; Parlen H Morey ; G W Russell ; Alex C Winchester ; Zaccheus Norton ;
Chas S Baker ; R B Jane ; Gambley Bradley ; James Douglass ; J D Lownsbery ;
Monroe F DeLing ; O B Clark ; W G Peckham ; Eugene Ceder ; D C Cady ;
Cornelius Moynihan ; H Billings ; Adam King ; Chas W Whitmore ; Heman S Fox ;
C H Harrington ; John Conway ; Robert Fuller ; Robert F, Smith ; A S Prather ; W T
Bradshaw ; John Conway ;  Dr A J Waterhouse ; C F Hidman ; R Eaton ; Conrad A
Hult ; J H Randall.
Those elected as officers were:
A J Prather - Commander ; W t Bardshaw - Sr. Vice Commander ;
John Conway - Jr Vice Commander ; Rev O B Clark  - Chaplin
Dr. A J Waterhouse - Surgeon ; C F Hidman - Quartermaster
Cornelius Moynihan - Officer of the Day ; R Eaton - Adjutant
Conrad A Hult - Officer of Award ; Charles Harrington - Quartermaster Sgt.
J H Randall - Sgt Major.

#295 - Sherman - Organized October 1882

Benjamin J. Coffin, commander.  Sixty-one members enrolled.  In 1911 the following veterans lived in Sherman.  Luman Clark,  A.B. Smith,  *Abram Wallace,  J.T. Leonard,  J.C. Page, *Jason McCray, Abram Clute, John Smith,  Wm. Robbins,  Frank Dutton,  Hiram Marshall, W.H. Hubbard,  D.H. Stebbins,  Charles Peck,  *Henry Mina,  *Chas. Greeley, Wm. S. Phelps,  * Peter Casler,  Tyler Dewey,  *Albert Adams,  Wilbur Peck, D.C.Robbins,  Darius Ketchum,  C.A. Fowler,  Levi Gates,  *H.A. Reynolds and A.J. Vidal.   of these in 1923 only 7 were living - marked by *

#304 - Cherry Creek - Organized November 2, 1882
  Bullock Post No. 304 - Cherry Creek, NY.  Had 20 charter members and 65 members at it most. Officers in 1900 were: Commander: H.P. Smith S.V. Commander: Wm. Wildey I.V.: Geo. W. Oswold Chaplain: Joseph Bullock Surgeon: Chas. T. Reade (Reed) Quartermaster: Delos F. Boutwell Officer of the Day: Chas. Bullock Officer of the Guard: Lewis James Guard: John Dexter Master Assistants: A. Helmick and S.M. Sweet Delegate: Harry N. Shepard Alternate: Delos F. Boutwell [As recorded in History of Cherry Creek, NY by Chas Shults, Historian. Original Roster book not yet located.]

Cherry Creek Soldiers

The following is a complete record of officers, soldiers and seamen composing the quota of the troops furnished by the United States by the Town of Cherry Creek, NY [from History and Biographical Sketch of Cherry Creek by Chas. Shults - 1900.] Gideon Bannister priv. Co. C. 112th reg. En: 08/09/62 dc: 08/12/65 Franklin Bronson priv. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/31/62 died at Suffolk, VA, 02/26/63 Charles Bullock priv. Co. E. 11th reg. En: 09/02/64 dc: 06/04/65 Franklin Bullock priv. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/23/62 kia: 10/27/64 Jas. H. Bullock capt. Co. C. 112th reg. En: 08/01/62 dc: 12/28/63 Peter Bullock priv. Co. K. 9th reg. En: 09/11/61 dc: 12/28/64 Reuben Bullock priv. Co. K. 9th reg. En: 09/11/62 killed by guerillas at Berrysville, VA, 08/13/62 Richard Bullock capt. Co. C. 9th reg. En: 01/05/62 dc: 07/17/64 Alonzo Carr sarg. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/28/62 dc: 06/11/65 Joseph Dewherse priv. Co. K. 9th reg. En: 06/03/64 dc: 06/02/65 C.J. Emery sarg. Co. H. 100th reg. En: 10/23/61 dc: 06/30/65 Marion Gariner (Gardner) priv. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/25/62 died on Felley Island, SC, 10/30/63 John M. Green corp. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/25/62 dc: 06/13/65 Geo. Hadley corp. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/26/62 dc: 07/22/65 Artemus Hall corp. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/28/62 wia & dc. Orton Hill corp. Co. F. 194th reg. En: 03/28/65 dc: 05/03/65 G.A.S. Kent corp. Co. H. 100th reg. En: 10/10/61 dc: 09/10/62 Willard King corp. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/01/62 dc: 11/14/64 A. Lawrence, Jr. priv. Co. F. sharpshooters dft: 08/19/63 dc: 07/21/65 Chas. W. Mount corp. Co. C. 112th reg. En: 08/01/62 dc: 07/01/65 Geo. F. Mount 1st lieut. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/25/62 killed while on picket duty, 08/25/64 S.V. Mount priv. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/28/62 kia: 01/15/65 O.C. Myres priv. Co. C. 112th reg. En: 08/09/62 dc: 06/13/65 Ensign Northrup priv. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/28/62 dc: 05/26/65 Royal W. Powers priv. Co. H. 112th reg. En: 08/30/62 dc: 06/30/65 L.H. Reade priv. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/27/62 dc: unknown N.B. Richardson priv. Co. C. 112th reg. En: unknown dc: 06/13/65 Everit Shattuck priv. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/25/62 died in hospital near Fortress Monroe, VA, 07/20/63 S.M. Sweet priv. Co. K. 112th reg. En: 08/25/62 dc: 12/12/64

#393 - Dunkirk

William O. Stevens Post 393
List of Members:
Alling, David G.; Ashton, John S.; Arnold, Jacob; Alling, Wm. G.; Adams, E.P.; Aular, Geo. W.; Averill, Thos. J.; Bowyer, Edward; Boehm, Herman; Bush, Joseph H.; Bauer, Peter; Babcock, Wm.; Beuter, Albert; Babbitt, Wm.; Barton, Geo. W.; Buttle, Milford E.; Burns, John; Blackham, Geo. E.; Benson, C.M.; Bourne, John; Brightman, A.; Burbee, Horace; Butler, M.G.; Beardsley, Emmet; Cronyn, W.J.; Carrington, L.B.; Chapman, Eugene; Cadro, Peter H.; Carney, C.J.; Chesebro, S.M.; Crowell, Hilan C.; Darrell, Geo. O.; Daley, John; Davis, Wesley; Evertse, Paul; Egloff, Peter; Ersny, Frank; Foster, Homer, B.; Fell, Chas. E.; Gibbs, Henry J.; Graff, Andrew; Glasser, Peter; Gibson, Wm. H.; Gawn, Henry K.; Gates, Barnard; Gibson, Geo. E.; Gifford, Edw. P.; Hilton, John; Heyl, Frederick; Horn, Frederick H.; Hartman, John; Harris, Manly S.; Hulet (Hulit), Asahel; Hammond, David; Helwig, Fred; Hiller, O.M.; Hill, M.D.; Hart, Chauncy; Hequembourg, Chas. E.; Heacox, Chas.; Jones, Thos. C.; Jackson, A.H.; Kresse, Johan; Kern, John C.; Kinner, Fred B.; Klock, Chas. S.; Kaiser, Wendall; Koch, Herman; Kensley, Adam; Kugler, John; Lewis, Gilbert H.; LaCroix, Alexander; Lynch, Wm. J.; Link, Andrew; Loeb, Daniel O.; Lemintz, John O.; Lucas, C.E.; Lawrence, John W.; Maidel, Joseph; Morian, Thomas H.; Mullett, Walter P.; Miller, Robert; Morgenstern, Rbt. J.; Miller, Paul; Morgan, Chas H.; McGovern, Michael; Mahoney, James; Morewood, Samuel; Nelson, James; Norris, Thomas A.B.; O'Donnell, John F.; Ostrye, Luke; O'Neil, John; Potter, F.M.; Pattison, Loran E.; Peck, Thomas B.; Paxton, Thomas; Parker, Chas. C.; Pipp, John, Sr.; Pipp, John, Jr.; Powers, John; Pasho, Wm. A.; Pratt, Volner J.; Pugh, Wm. H.; Peeler, James Monroe; Parr, James; Parker, Lyman J.; Power, Alonzo H.; Robinson, James; Rider, Victor; Rider, Jacob; Randall, U.S.; Reynolds, W.P.; Ryan, Thomas; Rose, Ranklin B.; Roberts, D.L.; Rusch, Geo.; Rudd (Rood) Geo. Wm.; Shaw, Alexander; Shade, Henry; Stickney, Geo. F.; Stafford, R.R.; Skidmore, O.W.; Sinfield, Wm.; Smith, Chas.; Sisson, Edward K.; Seybolt, Geo. F.; Schafer, Henry; Steward, Wm.; Starr, Thomas; Stryker, Daniel; Seitz, Edward; Schilling, John; Schneider, George; Stanley, C.S.; Saxer, Lawrence; Schzeur, John; Sheward, Geo. Henry; Stickney, Chas. D.; Studeman, Ernest; Thomas, J.W.; Toomey, Wm.; Timmons, Frank; Toles, C.F.; Thompson, John A.; Taggart, T. Robert; Urban, John; VanWyck, Cortland; Wright, John; Winters, Joy; Winter, Theodore; Williams, Alexander; Wittstun, J.W.; White, C.F.; Weyler, Wm.; Wheelock, Oscar; Wirtner, Baldus; Wesley, David; Wirtner, Martin; Winchester, W.H.

Names listed as taken from original register book.

#403 - Fredonia

Erastus D. Holt, Post No. 403 Department of New York Grand Army of the Republic was organized October 5th 1883 in Woodford Hall Fredonia, NY. Mustered in by Commander A. Prather of James M. Brown Post No. 285, Jamestown, NY. Assisted by Commander J.H. Towle of Post 324 Dunkirk, NY E.O. Furman of Post 292 & W.G. Conger of Post ___. The following named comrades to the number of 35 was mustered in as charter members.

R.W. Gifford; Ammon B. Cobb; George Tate; J.E. Wooster; James A. Simpson; Amos Bolster; John Rodenbaugh; H.F. Weaver; Benjamin Frazer; W.J. Delvin; James N. Rennie; Charles E. Randall; Sidney Wilson; William S. Sly; Joseph W. Rood; Joseph C. Russ; Jessie A. Putnam; J.D. Maynard; M.H. Shannon; John N. Clark; Hiram P. Morse; Nicholas Wise; Stephen W. Sweet; Thomas W. Glisan; Milton M. Fenner; John S. Lathrop; George M. (Marvin G.) Holt; Thomas N. Barber; Sylvester E. Scott; David N. Thayer; Henry Martin (Martins?); Solomon Wheeler; Philander Barber; Delos D.O. Ramsdell; Theodore Wheelock

Moved by Sidney Wilson that this Post No. 403 adopt the name of Erastus D. Holt. Carried unanimously. The officers Elected for the year were named. Commander - Sidney Wilson Senior Vice Commander - M.M. Fenner Junior Vice Commander - Ammon B. Cobb Chaplin - James M. Rodenbaugh Quartermaster - J.E. Wooster Officer of the Day - Amos Bolster Officer of Guard - J.A. Simpson Adjutant - George Tate - appointed Sergt Major - W.S. Sly Quarter Master Sergt. - J.W. Rood

The above named officers were unanimously elected and duly installed completing the formation of E.D. Holt Post No. 403 Dept. of NY, Grand Army of the Republic.

The above named officers were again unanimously elected to succeed themselves for the years 1884, 1885, 1886.

#429 - Stockton - Formed December 1, 1883.

John F. Smith Post 429 Stockton, NY. Formed December 1, 1883 with 16 members.

Commander Joseph C. Russ; Charles E. Skinner; Fred A. Lindel; Epherson Burroughs; Joseph Bloomfield; Julius Pickett; Stanley E. Smith; A. Matthews; Joseph D. Wilder; Dewitt C. Hotchkiss; Frances Pangborn; Augustus Elisha Herrick; Jirah D. Crissey; John C. Bloomfield; George L. Mowyer; Levant H. Derby; Albert R. Woodard

Later Members: Israel R. Raymond; Sylvester Scott; Charles Randall; Clarence Crane; E.P. Putnam; Delos Ramsdell; Wm. Winchester; Christian Fandt; Amenzo Miller; August Grazier (Glasser); George Gibson; Levi Darby; Theodore Williams

#439 - Forestville

Gordon L. Pierce Post 439 Forestville, NY. Gordon L. Pierce was from Hamlet, Lieut. Co. C. 112th Inf. Reg. Killed at Cold Harbor, VA. Minutes run from February 2, 1885 through September 20, 1929. Meetings were held once a month. The last member, Charles McNeal died January 4, 1932 (b. October 9, 1841)

Brown, D.H.; Babcock, Albert; Brown, Thomas; Barney, Peter; Brownell, Ira J.; Crow, Oroin; Cory, Com.; Carpenter, Com.; Cook, George; Corenrod, Edgar; Chase, Wm. P.; Candie, W.E.; Cook, A.C.; Dye, Charles; Dunning, E.P.; Elder, John; Green, Herman; Gage, Judson; Heald, N.E.; Horn, W.R.; Hancock, Royal; House, Com.; Jones, L.M.; Keopke, Charles; Little, W.P.; Lord, LeRoy; Lynch, Com.; Morell, Com.; Moon, W.R.; McNeal, Charles; McCoy, Alex; Nevins, I.M.S.; Orton, Com.; Pierce, Com.; Remington, Com.; Squires, Rev.; Smith, David L.; Stoddard, T.C.; Stubbs, Com.; Scott, Thomas; Stanley, Com.; Smith, Gilbert; Weaver, Com.; White, Frank; Waterman, Robert; Warren, Horace; Yennant, G.L.