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Soldier Burials from each War: Revolutionary , 1812 , Civil , Spanish-American , & WWI.
Schedules of Pensioners for
1813, 1835, 1840, 1883 - from Military Records.
Veterans of the Town of Ellery: Revolution - WWI, WWII (A-J, K-Z), Korea - present. - Compiled by Loraine Smith
Veterans of the Town of Villenova:  Revolution - WWI, WWII, Korea - present. - Compiled by Jay Priest
Stray Soldier Burial Records from other sources.


Comprehensive list of all known Revolutionary War Soldiers and Soldiers Wives.
Revolutionary Soldiers of Chautauqua County - from D.A.R. Records.
Revolutionary War Soldier Graves by Town.
Revolutionary Soldiers Biographies - from GenWeb users.
1840 Census Pensioners - Compiled by Dee Davidson.
Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834) - Submitted by Dee Davidson

WAR OF 1812

Officers of Chautauqua County - Compiled by Donna Mills.
Soldiers of Chautauqua County - Compiled by Jay Priest
War of 1812 Biographies - from GenWeb users.


Civil War Soldiers - Compiled by Dolores Davidson
Index of Civil War Soldiers [
A-J, K-Z] ; Text Version [A-J, K-Z] - Compiled by George D. Graham.
Civil War Information - Compiled by Donna Mills.
G.A.R. Posts of Chautauqua County - Compiled by Donna Mills.
Regiment Flags - Colors flown by Chautauqua Soliders - Submitted by Dolores Davidson.
Andersonville Prison - A brief history and link from the National Parks Service

Soldier Biographies & Portraits sent in by GenWeb users.
    Alonzo Cushing, Medal of Honor recipient

Unit Information [Listing]

44th NY Vol. Infantry, People's Ellsworth Reg't Company B - Provided by Terry Heismann.
112th NY Vol., Statistical History - From Donna Mills.
112th NY Vol. Co. D Roster - submitted by Betty Rhodes
13 Separate Co., Fenton Guards - From Lloyd Lanphere.
2nd NY Mounted Rifles - submitted by Dolores Davidson

Town Listings

Cherry Creek Soldiers in the Civil War & Spanish-American War.
South Hill Veterans 1812 and Civil Wars 

Web Sites

Civil War Soldiers & Sailors - National Parks Service
112th NY Infantry site
112th NY - Long Island Genealogy
95th NY Infantry site
Civil War Archive
Salisbury Prison -
11,700 unknown Union soldiers are thought to be buried in 18 trenches.

General George Stoneman (of BUSTI) burned the prison buildings April
12-13, 1865.


1913 - Fredonia Censor


Spanish-American War Soldiers of Chautauqua County - Compiled by GenWeb users.
List of Solders from burials in Chautauqua County - from Cemetery lists
United Spanish War Veterans - from the Fredonia Censor

20th & 21st CENTURY WARS

Military Veterans who did not serve in a war.
WW I Memorial for Chautauqua County

WW II Memorial for Chautauqua  County - compiled by Dolores Davidson & Kathy M. Sloan
WW II Honor Roll for Chautauqua County - copied by Nancy Sampson from the Buffalo News.
WW II Honor Roll for Chautauqua County - from official US Archives.
WW II Casualties

Korean War Casualties

Korean & Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans - submitted by Dolores Davidson

Soldiers Killed in Action - submitted by Dolores Davidson

Vietnam War Casualties

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