Compiled from D.A.R. records available at the NYS Archives at Albany

(Information in square brackets represents conflicting data taken from different lists.)

Any additions or corrections to this information is appreciated!

ABEL, Thomas Born in Norwich, CT Oct 9 1749 Died Frendonia, NY Oct 10 1814 Served as private in Battle of Bennington, Aug. 17, 1777 Sergeant Col. Samuel Herricks Regt. of Vermont, Oct 11, 1780 and ten days thereafter. On an alarm Aug. 2, 1781 Under same command Sept 2, 1782 Lived in Fredonia, NY with his son Thomas Abell, whose grandson Mosley was the proprietor of the Johnson House at the time of LaFayette's visit to Fredonia in 1825. TOWN OF POMFRET - OLD FREDONIA CEMETERY

ADAMS, William Born 1754 Died Apr. 1 1841 Enlisted in 1775, private MA Regt. Cols. Fellows & Ward. Wounded Harlem Heights. Granted pension 1818 his wife Anna Walters Granted pension 1845 Had 9 children Two sons killed in war of 1812. TOWN OF FRENCH CREEK - FRENCH CREEK CEMETERY

ALLEN, Phineas Born 1758 Died 1851 TOWN OF POLAND - ALLEN CEMETERY


ANNIS, Jacob No record of birth of death TOWN OF ELLERY - LEWIS CEMETERY

ATKINS, Amos No record Record on his tombstone, "He was a Revolutionary Soldier" TOWN OF CHARLOTTE - PICKETT CEMETERY

BABCOCK, Jonathan Born 1762 Died May 16, 1842 Applied for pension 1832 Enlisted Apr. 1, 1782 Stephentown, NY, served 9 months as private under Col. Willett, Capt. Pearce. his wife Rebecca Died July 4, 1841 buried beside him TOWN OF ELLERY - BEMUS POINT CEMETERY

BACON, Samuel [Lemuel] Born 1764 Died Oct. 8, 1844 TOWN OF ELLERY - BEMUS POINT CEMETERY

BAKER, Seth Born 1760 Died June 5, 1842 his wife Cynthia Died May 5, 1837 aged 68 years. TOWN OF POLAND - LEVANT CEMETERY

BARKER, Hezekiah Born at Newport, RI April 14, 1757 Died at Fredonia, NY July 5, 1834 Married Sarah Wood at Little Compton, RI Nov 27, 1865. Enlisted from same town and saw 10 months actual service. After that he followed Washington at the request of the latter. He carried important dispatches, ran through the lines as a cow boy, and did great services. He was a pensioner. From Little Compton he moved to Paris, Oneida Co. and was neighbor to Zetta Cushing. In 1804 or 06 he moved west into Chautauqua Co. On the way he stopped at Batavia and bought 400 acres of land in the centre of the villiage of Fredonia. He gave the parks in the centre of the village of Fredonia to the town of Pomfret, the land known as the Old Cemetery to the villiage of Fredonia and the land where now stands the city hall. He died in what is now the Episcopal Rectory. TOWN OF POMFRET - OLD FREDONIA CEMETERY

BARNES, Daniel Born Dec. 4., 1762 Waterbury, CT Married 1783 Died Enlisted from Plymouth CT 1780 under Capt. ___ Col. Porter 1781 under Capt. Mansfield, Col. Porter 1782 under Capt. Asahel Dodge, Col. I. Sherman Battles engaed in not stated. Received a pension. TOWN OF PORTLAND - PORTLAND CEMETERY

BARNEY, Luther Born Mar. 4, 1754 Norwich, CT [1757] Married close of Revolution Abagail Winship She died 1799; Buried Genoa, NY Married 1800 Ruth Garrison She died 1831; Buried Ellery, NY He died Sept. 30 1844 Ellery, NY Minute Man, serving 2 years. Then joined Navy Served to close of the war TOWN OF ELLERY - BEMUS POINT CEMETERY [Maples, Ruth Barney Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery (daughter of Luther) Member of Patterson Chapter


BATCHELLER, Abraham Born Mar. 26, 1752 Sutton, MA Married Dec. 28, 1774 Rebecca Dwight Died Aug. 14, 1832 Stockton, NY Rank, Lieut. Enlisted as Corp, Capt. Andrews, Col. Learned Also under Capt. Reuben Sibley, Col. Davis Discharged Aug. 8, 1780. TOWN OF STOCKTON - STOCKTON CEMETERY


BELL, Arthur Born Feb 10, 1763 Cherry Valley Married May 19, 1784, Olive Hungerford Died 1830, Ripley, NY EAST RIPLEY CEMETERY

BEMUS, William Born 25 Feb 1762 in Saratoga County, NY. He died 2 Jan 1830, aged 67 years, 10 months, 7 days. He served as private in Capt. Ephraim Woodworth's Co., under Col. Cornelius Van Veghten's Regt., Albany Co. New York Militia. He moved to Chautauqua County in 1805 and settled at "The Narrows", now known as Bemus Point. He married Mary Prendergast in 1782. She was the eldest daughter of William Prendergast ans sister of James and Mathew Prendergast, both of whom were prominent in the affairs of Chautauqua County. She died 11 July 1845, aged 85 years. TOWN OF ELLERY - BEMUS POINT

BENEDICT, Samuel Born 29 July 1753 at Danbury, CT. He died 28 June 1845, aged 92 years. He served in Col. Philip Bradley's Battalion, Wadsworth Brigade, also in Capt. Reuben Scofield's Company, CT Militia. He is mentioned as a pensioner in the census of 1840, aged 87 years, residing with William Dean in the Town of Harmony. His wife Sarah died 17 March 1845, aged 90 years. TOWN OF HARMONY - ASHVILLE CEMETERY

BILL, Jonathan Born 1756 Died Jan. 19, 1843 Joined Continental Army at the commencement of the war, served 7 years. Was at Bunker Hill, with Arnold at Quebec, and at Trenton, Monmouth and Valley Forge. TOWN OF POLAND - DRY BROOK CEMETERY

BIRD, Col. Revolutionary Pensioner Not marked by US marker TOWN OF WESTFIELD - WESTFIELD CEMETERY


BRADLEY, Corp. Lent Born 1751 Died 1841 Enlisted at Stockbridge, MA TOWN OF WESTFIELD - WESTFIELD CEMETERY

BRIGHAM, John Born in CT 1758 Died in Fredonia, NY Aug. 21, 1828 His first home was on one of the roads leading from Dunkirk to Fredonia known as the Brigham Road. TOWN OF POMFRET - OLD FREDONIA CEMETERY

BURNHAM, Augustus Born Aug. 4, 1751 Hartfield, CT Died 1823 Laona Enlisted in CT. Marched with first troops for the relief of Boston at the Lexinton Alarm. TOWN OF POMFRET - LAONA CEMETERY

CAMPBELL, Capt. John Born 1762 Died Sept. 2, 1851 U.S. Navy during Revolution TOWN OF CLYMER - CLYMER CEMETERY


CARTER, Elias Born Died Enlisted 1776 Leominster, MA with his three sons. Little known of his history. TOWN OF CHARLOTTE - CHARLOTTE CEMETERY

CARTER, Elisha Born Jan. 16, 1762 Leominster Co., MA Died 1833 Charlotte, NY Enlisted at age of 14 from MA going with his father Elias. Pensioner TOWN OF CHARLOTTE - CHARLOTTE CEMETERY

CHAMBERLAIN, Phineas Born 1760 Died Mar. 23, 1847 Granted pension Enlisted Hopkinton MA under Cols. Cole and Brown. his wife Rebecca Granted pension 1849. TOWN OF HARMONY - TOWN LINE CEMETERY

CHENEY, Ebenezer Born at Orange, MA 7 Sept. 1761. Died 12 [13] Aug. 1828, aged 66 years, 11 months, and 26 days. He enlisted in April 1775 at Mendon, MA as a Minute Man in Capt. Gennison's Co., third Regt. of Worcester Co., MA, Col. Tyler commanding. He spent the winter suffering at Valley Forge, and witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis. He married Anna Nelson, at Milford, MA 17 Feb 1785. She died 10 Nov 1835. [Enlisted in 1779 and served in MA Militia and then Continental Army; was at Lexington and Bunker Hill.] The children were Ruby, Polly, Nelson, Levi, Anna, Abigail and Maria. They came to Chautauqua County in the winter of 1813 from Dover, VT. TOWN OF KIANTONE - KIANTONE CEMETERY

CLARK, Caleb Born Died Second NH Regt. Served 4 years 2 months. Trenton, Stillwater, and other Battles in NJ. TOWN OF CHARLOTTE - PICKETT CEMETERY

CLELAND, John Born 1758 Died Feb. 16, 1827 Charlotte Enlisted 1778 under Col. Willis Served two and one half years. TOWN OF CHARLOTTE - PICKETT CEMETERY

CLEVELAND, Gardiner Born 1763 Died Apr. 22, 1851 Received pension TOWN OF CLYMER - CLYMER CEMETERY



COLE, Seth Born in Chesterfield, MA 1756 Died in Dunkirk (no date on stone) Enlisted May 6, 1777 and served two months and seven days, age 22. Enlisted second time Sept 20, 1777 and served 29 days. Third enlistment for nine months and fourth for same length of time. First enlistment under Co. Wells. 2nd under Col Ezra May 3rd under Capt Weber, Col Chapin Roll dated at Chesterfield. He was 5 ft. 9 in in height and fair. Came to Fredonia in 1805. He lived at the mouth of Canadaway Creek which flows into Lake Erie. He contracted with the Holland Land Co. to cut and clear a road one rod wide from the town line between Pomfret and Portland to Siver Creek for $10 per mile. His wife did great service in the war of 1812 by calling help when the British invaded TOWN OF POMFRET - OLD FREDONIA CEMETERY

CONEY, John Born 1783 Boston, MA Married Palmer, MA, Lovina Paterson Died 1838 Portland, NY Served two years in Continental army and in Goverment employ to close of war. TOWN OF PORTLAND - PORTLAND CEMETERY


COVEL, Benjamin Born 1761 [1751] at Harwich, MA. Died 22 [27] Nov 1822, in the Town of Carrol, Chautauqua Co., NY. He enlisted in the Continental Army in 1777 and served during the remainder of the war. It is recorded that he was at the taking of Burgoyne, at Sullivan's Defeat, and at The Battle of Monmouth. He was married in 1784 to Sybil Durkee in Washington Co., CT. She died in 1831 aged 69 at Covington, NY. He moved to the Town of Carrol in 1810, where he died. His sons and daughters were all settlers in the same neighborhood; also his brother Seth. The settlement was called Covelton. TOWN OF SHERMAN - CARROLL CEMETERY

CRAWFORD, Andrew Born 1761 Died May 28, 1839 Enlisted at Hatfield, MA Served in Co. Capt. Ward Applied for pension 1838 CITY OF JAMESTOWN - LAKE VIEW CEMETERY

CROSBY, Simon Born in Brewster, MA 1764 Died in Fredonia, NY 1836 Rank - Private Enlisted Sept 29, 1777 Served under Capt. John Maynard, col. Cushings Regt. Discharged Oct 1, 1777 Roll dated at Shrewsbury. TOWN OF POMFRET - OLD FREDONIA CEMETERY

DAVIS, Col. Paul Born Nov. 10, 1760 Died Dec. 28, 1826 Enlisted Meridian MA Minute Man. At Lexington, Bunker Hill. Military Sec Washington's Staff. At Valley Forge, Yorktown. TOWN OF ELLICOTT - FALCONER CEMETERY


DELAMETER, Benjamin Born Florida, NY Died at Busti. Buried in Lake View but exact location unknown. wife buried beside him CITY OF JAMESTOWN - LAKE VIEW CEMETERY

DEMING, Daniel Born Mar 28, 1762 Washington, CT. Married Kensington, CT Died Oct. 28 1828 Stockton, NY Rank, private. Enlisted 1778 Sandersfield, MA Served under Sergeant French, marched through Gt. Barrington, Canaan Schodack to Albany. Enlisted 2nd in May 1779 under Capt Nobles of New Canaan, Lieut. Rexford, New Lebanon Service. Marched through Albany to Schoharie. Held garrison there under Col. Vrooman. Later sent to Fishkill under Col. Waterman till Dec. 1, 1779 TOWN OF STOCKTON - STOCKTON CEMETERY


DIX, Joseph Born 1753 Died Sept 16, 1822 Charlotte, NY Rank, sergeant. Enlisted from Sturbridge 1775 age 27. Martins 15th Mass Regt. Three enlistments. Discharged Mar. 10, 1780 Served two and one half years. At surrender of Burgoyne, Princeton and other important battles. TOWN OF CHARLOTTE - PICKETT CEMETERY [Born 1755 Died Sept. 16, 1822 MA Militia under Col Bigelow At Battle of Lexington CITY OF JAMESTOWN - LAKE VIEW CEMETERY]

DUNN, Capt. James Born 1761 Lyconing Co., PA Married 1791 Mifflin Co., PA, ___ Alexander Died Oct. 23, 1838 TOWN OF PORTLAND - PORTLAND CEMETERY

DURAND, Fiske Born 1766 Enlisted 1775 as Drummer Boy Milford, CT TOWN OF WESTFIELD - WESTFIELD CEMETERY

FENTON, Adonijah Born 1753 [54]. Died 4 Feb 1844, aged 90 years. He enlisted May 1775 at CT and served 3 years and 6 months with the rank of Corporal and Sergeant. He applied for pension, 15 April 1818 at which time he was residing in Oneida, NY. The claim was allowed. He is mentioned in the Pension List of 1840 as aged 86 and residing with Henry Whitney in Chautauqua. He married Drusilla Kinckley, of Westmoreland, NY who was born in 1768. Their daughter, Aurelia Fenton, was born in Willington, CT 11 Aug 1794 and married Henry Whitney brother of Thomas Whitney, who was son-in-law of Samuel Davis, a Revolutionary War Soldier. In 1820 his wife was 52 years old and a son, Lathrop, 10 years old. At his death, Adonijah Fenton left the following children: Amariah Jackson, Washington Co., NY and Ambrose of Windsor, OH. TOWN OF CHAUTAUQUA - MAGNOLIA CEMETERY

FENTON, Jacob Born 1765 at Mansfield, CT. He died 21 Jan [10 June] 1822 at Fluvanna, NY aged 58 years. He enlisted in the Continental Army about the age of 15 years and served during the remainder of the war. He was a pensioner. He was a brother of Nathaniel Fenton. He married Lois Hurd of New Milford, CT 13 Sept. 1790. He moved to Mayville in 1812 and to Jamestown in 1813 and to Fluvanna in 1817. His wife died 11 Nov 1845 aged 76 years. They had 8 children. TOWN OF ELLICOTT - FLUVANNA CEMETERY [Lois Fenton Society C.A.R. receives its name from his wife.]

FENTON, Nathaniel Born 1764 Died Jan. 25, 1846 Enlisted at 17 for the war. Was a pensioner TOWN OF POLAND - ALLEN CEMETERY

FISH, Cyrus Born 1753 Died Jan 25, 1816 Enlisted at Stonington CT Drummer, under Capt. Stanton his wife Bridgett Died Jan. 17, 1819 aged 51. CITY OF JAMESTOWN - LAKE VIEW CEMETERY

FITCH, Roswell Born Dec. 7, 1765 Died after 1841 in Pomfret. Enlisted Dec 17, 1782 in CT troops under Josiah Bissell, Col. Levi Wells Regt. Taken prisoner at Horse Neck. Confined Sugar House, NY until 1783. TOWN OF POMFRET - WEBSTER STREET CEMETERY

FOX, Veniah Born 1763 at New Hartford, CT Died in Pomfret 1849 or 1851. Enlisted at East Hartford, CT Served in Battle of Long Island, Westchester Co., Springfield, NJ, Jamestown, VA and present at the surrender of Cornwall at Yorktown. He was a pensioner and was among the Rev. Soldiers who served as Body Guard to LaFayette when he was entertained at Fredonia in 1825. His son Simon Fox was a boat captain on the lakes. Veniah Fox was buried in West Main Street Cem. long known as the Porter Cemetery. James Hart now lives in the Fox Homestead. TOWN OF POMFRET - WEST MAIN STREET CEMETERY

FRANK, John Supposed soldier of Revolution. No stone or marker. his wife Eve Born 1743 in Germany Died Nov. 5, 1833. Captured by Indians aged 10. In Canada, prisoner 3 years. Grave beside her husband TOWN OF BUSTI - HATCH CEMETERY

FRANK, Lawrence Born 1749 Died April 6, 1813 Col. Van Rensellaers Regt. Prisoner on board ship in New York Harbor his wife Mary Myers buried beside him TOWN OF BUSTI - HATCH CEMETERY [TOWN OF BUSTI - FRANK SETTLEMENT CEMETERY]

GATES, Luther Born in Preston, CT 1761 Died in Pomfret, NY Sept 1826 Enlisted from Windham, CT as drummer under Capt. Abner Bacon, Col John Durkee and served three years. Drummer also in 4th CT Regt. to close of war. Went into camp at Peekskill, NY Sept., was ordered to Washington's army in PA Was in Battle of Germantown, wintered at Valley Forge in 1777 and was in the Battle of Monmouth in June. Was a pensioner. Came to Dunkirk, NY in 1819. TOWN OF POMFRET - FREDONIA CEMETERY

GLEASON, Jacob Born July 23, 1766 Windham Co., CT Married May 3, 1792 Rachel Barnes Married Jan. 16, 1796 Mehitable Hudson Died Oct 12, 1842 Stockton, NY Enlisted 1782 in CT Served 2 years. TOWN OF CHARLOTTE - SINCLAIRVILLE CEMETERY

GOLDSMITH, James Born 1759 CT Died Feb. 20, 1837 Portland, NY Enlisted from CT. Feb. 14, 1777 Sargt., Col. Return Meiggs Feb. 14, 1777 Sargt., Col Herman Swift? 1790 under Phelps Served to June 1783. TOWN OF PORTLAND - PORTLAND CEMETERY

GRIFFITH, Jeremiah Born 28 July 1758 at Norwich, CT. He died 20 [10] June 1842 aged 83 years and 10 months. He enlisted in the American Army in 1775 and served for 5 months in the company of Capt. Hezekiah Baldwin of the CT Militia as a private. He re-enlisted and served under Capt. Beebe, CT Militia 6 months, and again in 1776 under Capt. Link Hanford and in 1777 was on the northern frontier in the winter campaign in Canada. Again he re-enlisted and in 1778 under Capt. Hamcrack, NY State Militia. At the time of his application for pension, which was granted, he was 68 years old and it is recorded that he mad the trip from Griffith's Point to Washington on horseback. In Feb 1806, with his wife and 6 children, and all his family possessions stowed away on a wood-sled, which was drawn by oxen, he took up his line of march from Madison Co., NY for the west. He reached Chautauqua Co., and leaving his wife and children at Mayville, proceeded down the east side of the lake, where he found William Bemus, who had made a settlement at what is now known as Griffith's Point, and returned to Mayville for his family. On the way back down the lake they were all lost for a time in a blinding snowstorm, finally reaching the cabin of William Bemus. Three days later, they had a cabin erected at Griffith's Point. He married Mary Cropsy or Crapsey who was born 8 Feb. 1764. Their children were John, Seth, Samuel, Polly, Jeremiah, and Alexander. He was mentioned on the Pension List of 1840, aged 82 years and residing with A. Griffith of Ellery. TOWN OF ELLICOTT - FLUVANNA CEMETERY

GUGLE, Joseph Born CT. Married Sally Hunt Died 1825 Portland Private Enlisted in CT under Capt. Barten Stationed in RI and was in the hazardous adventure under Capt. Barten which resulted in the capture of the British General Prescott. TOWN OF PORTLAND - PORTLAND CEMETERY


HAZELTINE, Daniel Born 1761 Died June 26, 1828 Enlisted Oct. 2, 1779 Discharged April 1780 Private Capt. Hartwells Co. Stationed at Rutland, VT his wife Susanna Born 1766 Died June 23, 1852 CITY OF JAMESTOWN - LAKE VIEW CEMETERY

HEMPSTEAD, Capt. Nathaniel Born 1748 in CT. Died Jan. 23, 1841 aged 93 Fredonia, NY Attained rank of Captain. Bought land of Holland Land Co. TOWN OF POMFRET - OLD FREDONIA CEMETERY

HILL, Zimri Born 1762 CT. Married Ferrisburg, VT, Matilda Palmer Died Nov 15, 1844 Portland Tombstone reads, "Was a revolutionary Soldier" Battle at Plattsburg and other important battles in VT TOWN OF PORTLAND - PORTLAND CEMETERY


HOLLISTER, David Born 1756 Died July 15, 1844 Enlisted Col. Douglas Regt. 2nd enlistment under Col. Chester 3rd enlistment under Col. Talcott Received pension. his wife Sarah Received pension buried beside him. TOWN OF HARMONY - ASHVILLE CEMETERY

HOOD, William Born 1762 Providence RI Died Aug. 8, 1858 Pomfret, NY Married three times. Was a pensioner. Ulster Militia Col. Livi Laulings Regt. Served 9 days Dec. 17, 1776 - Jan. 10, 1777 Served in May for 12 days. TOWN OF POMFRET - OLD FREDONIA CEMETERY


"The last surviving veteran of the War for American Independence to die within the borders of Chautauqua Co., NY, WILLIAM HOOD was born at Providence, R.I. in 1762 and died in the town of Pomfret, Chautauqua Co., NY, Aug. 8, 1858. His grave is marked by a modest headstone in the rear corner of Pomfret's venerable Pioneer Cemetery where it joins Forest Hill Cemetery. WILLIAM HOOD enlisted in 1776 at the age of 14 yrs & served 3 separate terms of duty as a private in Capt. John Hardenbergh's Company of Col. Levi Pawling's 3rd Regiment of Ulster Co., NY militia. WILLIAM HOOD married 3 times, but only the name of his 3rd wife is known -- SALLY MCLEAN. She was born in 1792 and died in 1851. The old soldier was survived by a daughter, ELIZABETH HOOD PERKINS, whose mother was Sally (McLean) Hood, & who, as Mrs. Elizabeth PERKINS, was prominent in Daughters of the American Rev. affairs in the early 1900's as a real daughter of a soldier of the Amer. Rev. (She died in California (where?). An S.A.R. emblem stands at William's grave. The gravestone is inscribed with his name and dates and the name and dates of his wife, Sally."

NOTE: The above is contradictory to the following death notice from the FREDONIA ADVERTISER dtd 8/27/1858:

From Fredonia Advertiser dtd 8/27/1858: "Died in this town (Cordova) Aug. 19th, WILLIAM HOOD, one of the oldest citizens of the town & county. He was born in TAUNTON, MASS, JAN 1763; and was consequently within 4 yrs & 5 months of being 100 yrs old. He came to this town from Windham, Greene Co., NY, and settled near VanBuren Harbor, about 30 yrs since. He was, a portion of the time, in the Revolutionary Service, but never received a pension, we believe."

He married ?? and had a daughter, SARAH in 1806 in WINDHAM (GREENE CO) NY. Sarah died March 6, 1858 in FREDONIA, NY. She married EGBERT FRANCIS ca. 1832 in New York.

JONES, John Born 1744 at Mendon, MA. Died in 1828 at Busti, NY age 84 years.In company with his nephew, Ebenezer Cheney, he enlisted 19 April 1775 as a Minute Man in Capt. William Gennison's Co., Col. A. Tyler's commanding 3rd Regt. of Worcester Co., MA and participating in the battles of Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill. He re-enlisted in 1776, serving throughout the war and was with Washington's Army in the vicinity of New York, was at Valley Forge, witnessed the surrencer of Cornwallis. His wife was Abigail Cheney of Mendon, MA and whose father was William Cheney. He moved to Chautauqua Co. in 1810 and settled in the town of Kiantone. His wife died and was buried in VT. They had 7 sons and daughters. One of the sons was Benjamin with whom he lived. John Jones was the first deacon of the Kiantone Congregational Church. TOWN OF BUSTI - HAZELTINE CEMETERY

LANDON, Reuben Born 28 March 1757 at Litchfield, CT. He died 23 Nov. 1854 aged 97 years, 7 months and 25 days. The records in the adjutant-general's office in Hartford, CT show that Reuben Landon served in the Revolutionary War in Capt. Alexander Waugh's Co. 17th Regt. CT State Militia and in July and Aug. 1779 under the command of the Lt. Col. Andrew Adams. He was married to Mary Way previous to 1779. He moved from Herkimer Co., NY to Busti in the year 1812, where he purchased land and resided until his death in 1854. TOWN OF BUSTI - HATCH CEMETERY

LIGHT, John Born Died 1827 Portland Seven years in Continental Army TOWN OF PORTLAND - PORTLAND CEMETERY

LOOK, Elijah Born Mar. 27, 1752 Marthas Vineyard Died Aug. 27, 1852 Stockton, NY Rank, private. Enlisted Jan. 18, 1776 Capt. Smith, Col. Notton Second enlistment 1778 Capt. Foster, Col. Notton Engaed in capture of British ship at Nantucket. Also in recapturing American Brig grounded on Marthas Vineyard. His tombstone reads, "A soldier of the Revolution and of the cross of Christ, Aged 95." wife is buried beside him. TOWN OF STOCKTON - BENTONS CORNERS CEMETERY [TOWN OF CHAUTAUQUA - PLEASANTVILLE CEMETERY]

LOOMIS, Simon Born at Tulland, CT in 1756. Died at Blockville 26 Nov. 1842 [1843] aged 86 years. In 1775 he served as a private in 3rd CT Regt. under Capt. Experience Storm and Col. Putnam. In 1775 he commenced service in the 2nd troop, Col. Sheldon's Light Dragoons. In 1779 in a detachment of Militia Horse, in command of Col. Seymour. It is of family record that he was with the troops of Washington at the crossing of the Delaware and also was at the Battle of Yorktown and witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis. He was married to Mary [Molly] Carpenter in 1787. They moved from Thompkins Co., Ny about 1836 to Chautauqua settling in the Town of Harmony where they had been preceeded by a son, Daniel. Another son, Solomon Loomis, born 1786 married Hannah Armstrong. Simon's wife died aged 85 years, 5 months on 9 [2] Mar. 1853. TOWN OF HARMONY - BLOCKVILLE CEMETERY

LOUCKS, Joseph Born 1754. Died 20 [30] April 1825 in the Town of Ellicott. On his monument is inscribed, "Remains of J. and M. Loucks, settlers of the town in 1814." In 1814 he moved from Madison Co., NY to Chautauqua Co., NY and settled in the south-east part of the town with his sons John, Daniel, and Hiram and 2 daughters, Margaret wife of Jeremiah Griffith Jr. and Polly wife of William G. Yonker. Later came the older sons Joseph, Henry, Peter and David and a daugher Charity, wife of John Rice, all of whom had families or came with them. TOWN OF ELLICOTT - FLUVANNA CEMETERY

LOWELL, Willoughby Son of Moses Lowell Born May 1749 Amesbury, MA Married Sally Saloan Died June 17, 1823 Lamberton Enlisted May 9, 1775 Served in Continental 3rd Regiment under Corp. Roger Enos. TOWN OF PORTLAND - LAMBERTON CEMETERY

MADDEN, David Born Died Said to have been Revolutionary soldier, but no record of birth, death or history TOWN OF MINA - ???

MARSH, Jasper Born 1758 Died Apr. 30, 1841 Enlisted June 7, 1778 in Capt. William Warrens 10th MA Battalion Pension List 1825-1841 TOWN OF KIANTONE - STILLWATER CEMETERY

MARTIN, Aaron Born 1760 Died Feb 18, 1842 wife buried beside him TOWN OF KIANTONE - STILLWATER CEMETERY

MARTIN, William Born 1753 Died May 20, 1825 TOWN OF ELLICOTT - FLUVANNA CEMETERY

MATHER, Nathaniel Born 1759 Died Jan 30, 1852 TOWN OF HARMONY - NIOBE [NIBE] CEMETERY

MATHER, Stephen Born 1758 Died June 7, 1837 his wife Elizabeth buried beside him TOWN OF ELLINGTON - CLEAR CREEK CEMETERY

MATHEWS, Benjamin Born 1760 Died 1848 Received a Pension TOWN OF GERRY - GERRY HILL CEMETERY

MATHEWS, Thomas No Record TOWN OF SHERMAN - [Lakeview Cemetery - Jamestown]

MATTISON, William Born 1762 Died Apr 1858 Served under Cols. Willis and Swift. Applied for pension 1838 TOWN OF HARMONY - NIOBE CEMETERY [Connelly Farm near Stow]

MOORE, Asa Born 29 June 1762 at New Haven, CT. Died at Kiantone, Ny 22 Jan 1848 aged 86 years. [Minute Man at Lexington and Bunker Hill.] His war record furnished by the Bureau of Pensions claim 23817 says, "While residing at Windsor, Hartford Co., CT, he enlisted in March 1778 and served as private for one year under Lt. Daniel Heyden or Hayden and Col. Roger Newberry in the CT troops and was guarding the military and hospital supplies at Windsor. He enlisted in July 1779 and served 2 months in Capt. David Barber;s Co. under Maj. Elijah Kent, CT troops. He enlisted in June 1780 and served 6 months as private in Capt. Abner Priors's Co. Col. Bradley's CT Regt." He was allowed a pension on his application executed 12 Oct. 1832 while a resident of Carrol, NY. He stated that he and his family in 1794 or 95 left Windsor, CT and moved to Wardsborough, VT and in 1799 moved to NY State. In company with his friend Ebenezer Cheney, he came to Chautauqua Co. in 1812 and settled in Kiantone where he was later well known as Deacon Asa Moore. He is mentioned in the Pension list of 1840. His wife Huldah King, was born in 1767 and died 1840. Joseph King, their son, was born in 1791 and died in 1872 and was a soldier in the War of 1812. Their daughter Amanda was born in 1793 and died 1832. He continued to live in Kiantone. TOWN OF KIANTONE - KIANTONE CEMETERY

MOORE, King Born 1762 in MA. Died Apr. 15, 1837 Pomfret. First enlistment Nov. 1, 1779 under Seargent White. Second enlistment Jan. 11, 1781 Col. Crane. First discharge Dec. 31, 1780 Capt. Burbuck, Rank Matross TOWN OF POMFRET - OLD FREDONIA CEMETERY


MUNSON, Samuel Born July 9, 1762 Farmington, CT Married Feb. 3, 1784 Hartford Co., CT, Martha Barnes Died Feb. 27, 1841 Portland, NY Enlisted from Southington, CT First 1778, Capt. Woodruff, Col. Stocker Second 1779, Capt Hoges, Col. Russell Third 1779, Capt. Goodrich, Col. Skidmore M. Fourth 1781, Capt. Woodruff, Col. Skidmore M. Fifth 1782, Capt. Woodruff, Col. Sanford TOWN OF PORTLAND - PORTLAND CEMETERY


OSBORN, Isaac & wife Panama Cemetery - near Harmony

OWEN, John Born 16 Apr. 1735. [1741] Died 24 Feb. 1843 [Feb. 6, 1843 aged 102] while a resident of the Town of Carrol aged 107 years, 10 months and 8 days. He was a native of Winsor, CT, a soldier in the early French War, and in the American Army throughout the Revolution. It is related that he was with General Wolf at Quebec in 1759 and with Col. Ethan Allen at Ticonderoga. He served as private in Capt. Nathaniel Buel's Co., Col Hinman's Regt. CT Militia, May to Dec. 1775. As private in Capt. Roger Moore's Comany and Col. Fisher Day's Regt. CT Militia, May to Oct. 1776 and July and August 1777 and as private in Capt. Archelaus Buel's Co., CT Militia Oct. 1777. He came from Susquehanna Valley, NY to Warren, PA in 1806 and in 1808 located in the town of Poland, Chautauqua Co., NY. In 1816 he sold his farm and settled in the town of Carrol and at one time kept a tavern at Fentonville. He is mentioned in the Pension List of 1840 as residing with Reuben Owens in Carrol. He was the maternal grandfather of the late Gov. Fenton of Jamestown. His wife Lydia, worn at Sunderland, CT 30 Jan 1773, died 7 Nov. 1851 aged 78 years, 9 months, and 8 days. WARREN, PA - WARREN CEMETERY

PALMITER, Phinias Born 1763 Died July 4, 1849 TOWN OF SHERMAN -

PARKER, Benjamin Born 1765 Died Nov. 7, 1843 his wife Mary Davis buried beside him TOWN OF ELLERY - BEMUS POINT


PENDEGAST, Matthew Born 1756 Died Feb. 5, 1838 TOWN OF SHERMAN -


PETERS, Joseph Phelps Born Nov. 7, 1761 Hebron, CT Married Apr. 8, 1794 Pittstown, NY Died Sept. 21, 1843 Portland, NY Enlisted from Hebron, CT Apr 1776 Capt. Phelps, Col. ___ May 1779 Squire Hill, Col. McClellen Apr 1780 Capt. Wales, Lieut. Wales Battles engaged in, not stated. Pensioner TOWN OF PORTLAND - BROCTON CEMETERY

PHELPS, Jonathan Born Feb. 1, 1764 Lyme CT. Married Aug. 14, 1784 East Haddam, CT to Charity Beckwith Died Sept. 26, 1857 Fredonia, NY. Enlisted from Lyme CT. March 1781 under Capt Ely ___ Col. ___ May 1782 under Capt. Morgan, Col Wells. ___ 1783 same ___ 1783 or 4 Capt. Burnham, Col. Wells. Private, Corp., and Capt. Mariner on Privateer Marshall. Capt. Shofield Commanding. Seige of Yorktown. Came to Fredonia from Norwich, CT with Col. John Forbes. TOWN OF POMFRET - FREDONIA CEMETERY

PICKARD, John Born 29 May 1760. Died 30 Aug. 1827 aged 61 years, 3 months and 2 days. Enlisted at or near Johnstown, NY 1779 and served in the Continental Army under Capt. Koch, Ruff, and House, and in Col. Jacob Klock's Regt. NY State Militia. He was captured by the Indians on the Mohawk, near Little Falls, and was kept prisoner about 2 years. His father, Joseph Pickard, lived near Little Falls, NY. He was married at Herkimer, NY 6 Jan. 1784 to Maria Margaret Garlock. She died 26 Mar. 1851. Their children were Charity, Stone, Peter, Nancy, Ludden, Sylvanus, Henry, Albert, Abraham, Magdalen, Adam and Catherine. He became a resident of Chautauqua in 1816. TOWN OF ELLERY - RED BIRD CEMETERY

PIER, Levi Born 3 June 1754. Died in March 1826, aged 72 years. He was a native of Great Barrington, MA, a grandson of Thomas and Margaret Pier who settled in Great Barrington in 1732. He served in the American Army of the Revolution as a Minute Man under Capt. Goodrich and was at the Battle of Bennington. His wife Ann Dewey was born in Great Barrington, MA 1754 and died in Busti about 1816. Levi Pier Came from Oxford, NY to Busti about 1814. Their children were Elijah, Lois, Namah, Amasa, Sally, Abraham, Reuben, Oliver, Lovisa, Roxa and David. TOWN OF BUSTI - ELIAS JENNING FARM CEMETERY

POTTER, Jeremiah Born Apr. 17, 1765 RI Married Nov. 9 1799 Herkimer Co., NY Polly Barnes Died Aug. 12, 1812 Rank, Captain TOWN OF PORTLAND - PORTLAND CEMETERY


REYNOLDS, Joel Born Oct. 16, 1776 Applied for pension Oct. 9 1833 TOWN OF SHERMAN -

RHODES, John No record of birth or death. TOWN OF ELLICOTT - FLUVANNA CEMETERY


RISLEY, Elijah Born Dec. 1, 1757 in CT. Died Jan. 11, 1839 Fredonia, NY Pensioner and Soldier of Revolution. He moved from Cazenovia to Fredonia in April 1807 and settled on the west side of Canadaway Creek and built a grist mill. TOWN OF POMFRET - OLD FREDONIA CEMETERY

ROOD, Jeremiah Born 1753 Died 1830 Cousin of Joseph Rood His gravestone reads, "A Revolutionary Soldier" TOWN OF POMFRET - OLD FREDONIA CEMETERY

ROOD, Joseph Born 1749 in CT. Died Mar. 31, 1843 When the Revolutionary War broke out he could not enlist because of his dependent parent. All the others in the family enlisted. He bought horses for the army at the risk of his life and conducted them to the recruits. This service would often take three or four days. His descendants live in Laona. TOWN OF POMFRET - OLD FREDONIA CEMETERY

RUMSEY, David Born Jan 28, 1759 Redding, CT Died June 22, 1849 TOWN OF WESTFIELD - WESTFIELD CEMETERY

SCHOFIELD, William Born 1764 Died Sept. 26, 1851 TOWN OF ELLERY - LEWIS CEMETERY

SCOFIELD, Sealey Born 1758 Died June 15, 1845 Enlisted at 18. Served six years first in CT Militia, Capt. TenEyck CT Light Infantry Last in Webbs Regt. TOWN OF CHAUTAUQUA - DEWITTVILLE CEMETERY


SEAVER, Robert Born July 3, 1762 Worcestor, MA Died July 31, 1836 Charlotte, NY Enlisted 1776 Served 6 years 8 months Was with Washington and under laFayette at Yorktown. Discharged at close of the war. TOWN OF CHARLOTTE - CHARLOTTE CEMETERY


SEYMOUR, Deacon William Born on Nov. 15, 1754 in New Hartford, CT. Married on Mar. 20, 1783 in Stillwater, NY, Sarah Patrick Died Dec. 22, 1842 in Fredonia, NY Enlisted under Capt. ___ Col. ___ First, Mar. 1, 1776 Capt. Austin, Col. Burrell Second, Apr 1777 Capt. John Strong, Col. Burrell Third, Aug 1778 Capt. Lawrence, Col. Burrell Fourth, 1778 Capt. J. Thompson, Col. John McCrea Served until the fall of 1783. First and third enlistments were from CT. He was a very devout Presbyterian and it is said he prayed so often in his barn that he wore a hole in the boards of the floor and a groove in the chair upon which his elbows rested. TOWN OF POMFRET - OLD FREDONIA CEMETERY

SHATTUCK, Samuel Born Sept. 18, 1741 Deerfield, MA Married Chloe Field Died Sept. 1, 1827 Rank, private. Served in French and Indian Wars Was at Bunker Hill, Bennington, Yorktown and other battles TOWN OF PORTLAND - PORTLAND CEMETERY

SINCLEAR, Samuel Born May 10 1762 Nottingham, NH Married Feb 8, 1786 Sally Perkins, Sinclairville Married March 2, 1805 Fanny Bigelow widow of Obed Edson Died Feb 8, 1827 Sinclairville Military Record Rank, private. Enlisted from Barnstead June 21, 1778 under Col. Silley. First NH Regt. of Poors Brigade. Discharged June 20, 1780. Battles of Saratoga, Valley Forge and Sullivans expedition against Indians. Applied for pension. When but a youth he attended his uncle Col. Joseph Cilley as a servant and afterwards enlisted in that regt. Founded Sinclairville 1810. Title of Major was attained after the Revolution in military service state. TOWN OF CHARLOTTE - EVERGREEN CEMETERY

SMILEY, John B. Born 18 May 1763 in Donegal County, Ireland. Date of death is not known. When eleven years old, he came to America with his father's family. They located at Bedminster, NJ where the son, John, enlisted in the army in March 1780, served until 1 Jan 1781 as a teamster Capt. John Davis in charge, under Col. Richard Butler, PA Militia. He applied for a pension in 2 Feb. 1836 at which time he was residing in Busti and he is mentioned in the Pension List of 1840 as residing with his son Samuel Smiley, aged 78 years. His wife, whose maiden name was Mary Mott, died many years before he did and is buried at Lansing, NY. They had a son Samuel and a daughter Matilda. TOWN OF BUSTI - PALMITER CEMETERY

SMILEY, William Born in CT 25 May 1753. Died Jan 1825, aged 72 years. He served in Capt. Stanley's Co. from Farmington, CT in Gay's Regt. and according to the War Dept. records (served) his name appears in an account dated 18 July 1776 of the time of enlistment, and marching of the men of that company to join the Continental Army in New York, which shows that he enlisted 23 Juen, marched 4 July, and joined the army 7 July. He was married to Hannah Wilcox of Exeter, RI about 1780. She was born in 1760 and died in 1832. Their children were Joseph, born 12 Nov. 1781, William born 25 May 1783 and Lucy born 7 April 1785. TOWN OF ELLICOTT - FLUVANNA CEMETERY

SMITH, Ebenezer Elder Born Oct. 4, 1734 South Hadley, MA Married July 1, 1750 Remember Ellis Married 1796 Lucy Shepardson Married 1809 Esther Harvey Died July 6, 1824 Served in French and Indian wars helping to build fort around his father's home as a refuge from Indian attacks. Enlisted as private Sept. 23, 1777 Served in Capt. Chapins Co, Elisha Potter Regt. Discharged Sept, 29, 1777 Served in expeditions to Northern Dept marching 120 miles. Was a Baptist minister, ordained at 19 and preached 72 years. His first wife died in 1795, 2nd in 1808, and the 3rd in 1814. TOWN OF STOCKTON - STOCKTON CEMETERY

STAPLES, Isaac Born 1764 Died May 28, 1848 his wife Esther Benson buried beside him CITY OF JAMESTOWN - LAKE VIEW CEMETERY

STEARNS, Captain William Born 1754 Died Feb 18, 1834 Attained rank of Captain. Minute Man and at Boston when the British evacuated. wife buried beside him. TOWN OF KIANTONE - STILLWATER CEMETERY



STEWARD, Eliphalet Born 1759 Died Nov. 3, 1837 Enlisted at Stonington CT Later at RI. Served under Col Topham and in Gen Cornwalls Life Guards. his wife Mercy Born 1764 Died Apr. 18, 1818 CITY OF JAMESTOWN - LAKE VIEW CEMETERY

STOW, John Born 1763. Died 9 Nov. 1837. He was a native of Southboro, MA and it is said enlisted in the Continental Army at the age of 17 years, serving as a private and fifer. His wife was Sally Healy and they had five sons and daughters. The sons came to Chautauqua Co. in the early 1800's and were followed by their father. He made his home with his eldest son, John Stow Jr. and was residing in the town of Busti. His wife died 13 Dec. 1852, aged 84 years. TOWN OF HARMONY - ASHVILLE CEMETERY

TAYLOR, Reuben Born Feb. 8, 1759 Colchester Co., CT Married 1784 Hebron Co., CT Anna Skinner Died March 9, 1833 Portland, NY Enlisted from Glastonbury, CT Dec 1775 Capt. Wright, Col. Wyllys May 1777 Capt. Wright E., Col. Swift May 1778 Capt. Woodbridge, Col. Sherman Mar 1779 Capt. Branne, Col. Enos TOWN OF PORTLAND - PORTLAND CEMETERY

THOMPSON, Reuben Born Sept. 5 1762, MA Married, twice. Died. Rank, private. Enlisted June 1778 Capt. Flower, Col. Nixon First, Capt. Nicols, Col. Holmes Second, Capt. Fowler, Col. Greaton Also under Capt. Allton, Col. Davis Re-enlisted for war Mar 25, 1780, Capt. Crocker, Col. Greaton Promoted to Fifer Sept. 1, 1780 His tombstone reads, "A Soldier of the Revolution" TOWN OF POMFRET - OLD FREDONIA CEMETERY

TRACY, Elias Born 1763 Died May 24, 1848 Served in Col. Chapmans Regt. Was a pensioner TOWN OF POLAND - ALLEN CEMETERY

TUCKER, Capt. Samuel Born May 10, 1760 Worcester Co., MA Married Anne Logan Died Oct. 14, 1832 Portland, NY Enlisted 1776 Served six years and six months Present at hanging of Andre. Served under Col. Ethan Allen TOWN OF PORTLAND - PORTLAND CEMETERY

TUCKER, John Born 1763 Died Jan. 27, 1852 TOWN OF POLAND - DRY BROOK CEMETERY

TURNER, Asa Born June 14, 1765 at Watertown. Died Nov. 27, 1847 Stockton Enlisted 1778 1st Harwinton, CT 1779 2nd Capt. Hewett, Col Canfield 1779 3rd Capt. Penn, Col. Hopkins 1780 4th Capt. Selden, Col. Starr 1781 5th Capt. Range, Col. Wells 1782 6th Capt. Fitch TOWN OF STOCKTON - STOCKTON CEMETERY

TURNER, William Born 1753 Died CT Militia under Col Webband, Col Hune Twice wounded, once prisoner Applied for pension 1818. TOWN OF SHERMAN -


WATERBURY, Samuel Born 1761 Died March 1, 1834 wife buried beside him. TOWN OF CHAUTAUQUA - PLEASANTVILLE CEMETERY

WEBSTER, Elisha Born Died in Fredonia, NY Lived on Webster Street TOWN OF POMFRET - WEBSTER STREET CEMETERY

WELLMAN, Barnabas Born 15 Aug. 1756 at Killingsworth, CT. Died 7 March 1847, aged 91 years. He served 4 years and 8 months as drummer and drum-major in the Revolutionary Army. He enlisted at Killingsworth, CT. Was in the Battles of White Plains, Trenton, Germantown and Monmouth. He applied for pension in 15 May 1818 while residing in Chautauqua Co. and is mentioned in the Pension List of 1840 as aged 83 years and residing with his son, Homer Wellman in the the own of Busti. His wife Lois Page, was born in 1761. They were married in 1780. Their children were James, born in 1763; Homer born 1786, who married Charlotte Lord and died in 1858; Barnabas, born 1793 and married Pamela Bullock and died 1874; Ford, born 1796 and married Sally Patchin and died in 1830; Millie, born 1791 who married John Deming and died 1859; and Hannah. TOWN OF BUSTI - WELLMAN CEMETERY

WELLMAN, John Born 1760. Died 25 May 1841, aged 81 years. Residence at time of enlistment: Killingsworth, CT. Enlisted 3 Jan. 1777, served to Jan. 1780 as privated under Capt. Aaron Stevens and Col. Herman Swift, CT Militia. Enlisted in 1781, served as teamster under Capt. Ransom. Battles engaged in: Monmouth and Valley Forge. Date of application for pension: 13 April 1818 -- claim allowed. Residence at date of application: Otsego Co., NY. In 1820 was living in Elba, NY. He was married 12 May 1787 to Phebe Tuttle on her 17th birthday. She was allowed a pension on her application 20 Mar. 1845 while a resident of Chautauqua Co. She died 9 De. 1854. He is mentioned in the Pension List of 1840 as living with William Blanchard in the town of Harmony. Their children were John Jr., Ira, Sally, Lydia, Barnabas, Stephen, Polly, Samantha, Oran, Philemon, and Philander.

WHITNEY, Richard Born 1759 Pittsfield, CT Died May 10, 1844 Said to be Capt. in Continental Army his wife Ruth Died Oct. 28, 1851 TOWN OF CHAUTAUQUA - MAGNOLIA CEMETERY

WILCOX, Stephen Born 1762 Died Sept. 15, 1846 Dutchess Militia, Heacocks Co. Name appears on pay-roll Sept. 23, 1778 when he was 16. wife buried beside him. TOWN OF BUSTI - WILCOX CEMETERY

WILLIAMS, Daniel Born 1759 Died Feb. 14, 1846 Wounded at Battle of Saratoga losing two fingers. Served under Col. Ezra May and Capt. Benjamin Benny his wife buried beside him TOWN OF CLYMER - CLYMER CEMETERY

WING, Daniel Soldier of Revolution. No record of birth and death TOWN OF CLYMER - CLYMER CEMETERY

WOOD, Charles No record TOWN OF SHERMAN -

WOODWARD, John Born Aug. 7, 1757 Died June 12, 1845 Enlisted in Jan 1776 and served 4 years, the last in Col. Sprouts R. his wife Sally Galloway TOWN OF POLAND - RIVERSIDE CEMETERY

WOODWARD, Joshua Born 1755 Died July 10, 1844. CT Militia under Col. Colt TOWN OF POLAND - ALLEN CEMETERY


YOUNG, Samuel Born in 1762 in Middletown, CT. Died 17 July 1848. There is no record of his Revolutionary service. He married Elizabeth Hubbard Braden at Old Haddam, CT in 1786. He moved to VT in 1793 and to Chautauqua County, NY in 1816, settling on Lot 54 in the Town of Ellery. They had 4 sons, Samuel Jr., David, Zanas, and Enoch and a daughter Phoebe Hubbard. But he was known locally and in CT as a Revolutionary Soldier. TOWN OF CHAUTAUQUA - DEWITTVILLE CEMETERY


D.A.R. - Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers - 1922. Chautauqua County Compiled by the Historical Committee of 1913-1914 of the Benjamin Prescott Chapter National Society Daughters of American Revolution. Record of Military service and place of burial of Soldiers of the American Revolution who are buried in Portland, Pomfret, Stockton and Charlotte, Chautauqua Co., NY. Historical Committee of 1913-1914: Mrs. Miram Cooper, Mrs. Elizabeth, Abell Mrs. Belle Edmonds, Miss Edith Patterson, Mrs. A.O. Thompson. Historical Committee of 1911-1912: Lottie Louise Dean, Mrs. William Martin, Jessie Thurber Hequemborg, Mrs. Russell Lawrence, Mrs. Clinton Tarbox. The Committee especially wishes to thank Mr. Deville White (the eldest resident in Fredonia, aged 96) who personally and officially [knew] many of these men while acting in the capacity of dispenser of pension funds to Revolutionary soldiers in the township, for his interest and for the valuable information he has so graciously contributed.

D.A.R. Bible Records. Volume 85, pp. 382-389. Revolutionary Soldiers who settled or died in Chautauqua County and whose descendants are either past or present members of Lois Fenton Society C.A.R., Jamestown, NY