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Of Thirty Brave Men Who Went When Lincoln Called, Twenty-Three Have Answered Final Roll Call – The List of Honored Dead

(By. E.S. Plank)

South Hill, Jun 1. – As no cemetery is located at this place it does not mark the resting place of any soldier dead, but thirty brave men who responded to Lincoln’s call for troops and risked their lives in defense of their country back in the early sixties have made South Hill their home.  Of their number twenty-three have answered to the final taps and crossed the line.

Names and record of the dead follows:

Newell B. Richardson inspired with patriotism at the age of 19 years.  He gained his mother’s consent and in Sept. 1861 enlisted in Company C, 112th regiment, N.Y. Volunteers and served three years.  He was wounded around Cold Harbor, Va., where the battle commenced May 20th, 1864, just fifty years ago this Memorial day.  He was removed from the battlefield to Chestnut, Pa.  He died in Cherry Creek, Jan 1866, aged 24 years and was laid to rest in Highland cemetery at Cherry Creek.

Henry B. Lusk of Co., G, 49th regiment, N.Y.V., was the first to enlist at Ellery Center and went out under Captain Drake in July, 1861, and served 2 ½ years.  Weary and worn out the closing day of the fight before Richmond he fell exhausted and was conveyed by his comrades on a rude stretcher to Harrison’s Landing, where he was discharged six months later.  He died on his farm at this place, Jan. 29, 1890 and rests at the foot of the soldier’ monument in Highland cemetery.

Julius N. Wentworth served in Co. E, 90th regiment, N.Y.V.  He was last seen by comrades in the midst of the battle at Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864, when he fell mortally wounded.  His body was never again recognized and at the age of 28 years he filled an unknown soldier’s grave on southern soil.

Wm. Wallace Wentworth served in the 14th Pennsylvania cavalry from 1862 until mustered out in June 1865.  While mounted on this horse in one of the battles in Virginia the animal was killed and in the fall he sustained an injury that disabled one leg the remainder of his life.  Died at Pittsfield, Pa., June 7th, 1899, aged 72 years, and rests in Pittsfield cemetery.

Eugene Wentworth was a member of Co. E. 90th regiment, N.Y.V. and served about one year.  Was wounded at Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19th, 1864.  He died on his farm in Villenova, June 6th, 1892, aged 52 and rests in Hamlet Cemetery.  The three Wentworths, whose record is given were brothers.

Delos F. Boutwell served three years in the 151st Reg., N.Y.V. and took part in 12 engagements besides the siege of Charlestown.  He died on his farm at this place Oct. 26th, 1911, aged about 70 years.  At the time of his death he held a commission as aide-de-camp ad was commander of Bullock post, G.A.R.  He was buried in Highland cemetery with comrades as a special guard of honor. Six sons of veterans were his pall bearers.

Benjamin F. Atwater enlisted in the 58th regiment, Illinois volunteers, Dec. 1861.  Was wounded at Pittsburg Landing, Va., April 16th, 1862, and was discharged in Jun 1865.  Died at his home at this place July 15, 1905 aged 73 years and rests in Hamlet Cemetery.

Corporal Charles Avery Wagoner enrolled at Sinclairville, Aug. 27, 1862 in the 154th regiment, N.Y.V. and served three years, was at Lookout Mountain, Chancellorsville and other battles.  He died in Cherry Creek June 11th, 1908 aged 77, burial was in Highland cemetery.

Joseph Duhurst, joined Co. K. 9th New York cavalry, Sept. 3, 1864 and served nearly one year.  While on a cavalry charge at Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19th, 1864, he was thrown from his horse and sustained injury from which he never recovered.  Died at Fredonia Oct. 14, 1909, aged 69, and rests in Forest Hill cemetery.

William Harper joined Co., F. 154th Reg., N.Y.V., Sept. 1862, and served until mustered out June 11th, 1865.  He died at Stockton, April 13th, 1905.  The interment was at Stockton.  At present five of his sons are charter members of M.M. Fenner camp 71, S. of V., at Fredonia.

Andrew Hulett of Co., C, 112th Reg. N.Y.V., served from 1861 until mustered out June 1865.  It was Veteran Hulett and a drummer boy that carried General Curtis after he was wounded, out of Fort Fisher.  After Hulett’s return to the fort he was slightly wounded by a piece of flying shell.  He died at South Dayton, June 9th, 1903.  Burial was in Villenova Cemetery.

Asa Hulett served two years in Co. C., 112th Reg., N.Y.V., was wounded in one of the battles in Virginia.  Died in Sheridan about 1894 and was buried in Villenova cemetery.

Richard Cameron of the 187th Reg., N.Y.V., was wounded at Hatchers’ Run, Va., about Oct. 27th, 1864.  Died in Cherry Creek village, Feb. 3, 1913, aged 71.  Burial in Highland cemetery.

Martin Crowell enlisted June 21, 1863, and served as captain of Co. H, 68th regiment of the National Home Guards.  After the war closed he represented this assembly district in the state legislature.  Died at Hamlet June 13, 1903, aged 74 years.  The interment was in Hamlet cemetery.

Elias L. Rowe enlisted in Co., D, 72nd Reg., N.Y.V. The first engagement in which he took part was the battle of Williamsburg, Va., May 5th, 1862, where he lost his life at the age of 25 years.  His body rests in the south.

John Dexter served three years in Co., K. 116th Reg., N.Y.V. Died in Cherry Creek village Nov. 25, 1901, aged 59.  Burial was in Highland cemetery.

Frank Bronson lost his life on the battlefield in Virginia by a flying shell.  His body was returned and interred in Highland cemetery.

Oscar Brunson served four years in a New York regiment.

Jacob VanHousen went out with the 73d regiment and served until the war closed.  He died in a soldier’s home in a western state.

Charles Kimball lost his life on the battlefield.  His resting place is in the south.

John VanWormer served in Co. E. 90th regiment, N.Y.V., and died in Michigan about 1894.

Harvey Ells served the 9th New York cavalry.  Died at this place and rests in Highland Cemetery.

John Essex enlisted.  More than this his record is not available.  He died at Corry, Pa., Dec 24th, 1906. Burial was in Hamlet Cemetery.

Besides the veterans of the Civil war Daniel Ruttenbur was a drummer in the war of 1812.  He was at Buffalo Dec. 30th, 1813 when the British burned that village of fifteen hundred inhabitants.  He died at his home here in 1857 an was buried at Hamlet cemetery where his grave is decorated on each Memorial day.

The surviving veterans are:

Orlando E. Bennett served three and a half years in Co. K, 9th New York cavalry.  He was wounded before Richmond, Va., was with Sheridan in the Shenandoh valley.  He is now a retired resident of Hamlet nad a member of Nash post, G.A.R.

George A. Peavy first enlisted in Co. E, 85th N.Y. Reg., was discharged at Baltimore, Md., June 30th, 1862.  Re-enlisted in the 130th regiment, was later transferred to the First New York Dragoons.  Was wounded at Fair Oaks, Va., June 1st, 1862.  Served three years.  Now resides at Albion, Wash.

C. VanWormer served three years in Co. D, 72d Reg., N,Y.V, was wounded while on picket duty the night before the battle at Northand, Va.  Is now a resident of Warren, Pa., and a member of the James M. Brown post, G.A.R., at Jamestown.

William VanWormer while at Dunkirk enlisted in Co. F, 194th Reg., N.Y.V.  He is now a resident of Cherry Creek village and a member of the Bullock post, G.A.R, of that place.

Jacob VanWormer went out in 1864 and joined Co. E, 90th Reg., N.Y.V., and served one year.  He is now a resident of Little Falls.

William Ells served four years in the Ninth New York cavalry, was wounded.  Now resides at Cattaraugus.

Edgar Jay served in the 68th regiment, N.H.G.  He is now a Villenova farmer and assessor of that town.

Besides the surviving veterans of the Civil war, Merle C. VanWormer served three years in the U.S.N.  He saw service at Nicaraugua and was some time stationed at Camp Elliott, Canal Zone.  He rose to sergeant.  He is now a resident of Warren, Pa.