Lake Shore Camp 107

News article from the Fredonia Censor, 1934.
(Scanned image is very difficult to read.)

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The United Spanish War Veterans of New York State was formed …authorization was Aug 3 1904 and the same year the … was formed.

Lake Shore Camp 107 was formed Jan 25 1924.

Charter members were J.W. Barnes.  Hattie? B. Burkholder, S. Ray Fairbanks, Henry Fick, Fred E. Gladwin, Peter W. Galbraith, Charles? R. Hubbard, Don F. Fenton?, Frank Kaminski?, Charles Kiewe, Thomas South?, Ed J. Schultz, Frank Sanders?, and John F. Wagner.

Those who are past commanders are Fred E. Gladwin, Henry Fick, S. Ray Fairbanks, Arch W. Walker, Edward B. Ames, Frank L. Frost, J. W. Bennett, Milo B. Bailey, J. W. Henderson, and A. J. Miles.

Meetings are held the third Tuesday in each month in the Dunkirk Business College.  During the summer picnics are held at homes of members.  Upon formation members gathered in the Armory in Dunkirk, later in the S.O.V. Hall in Fredonia, or the past two years, since Charles S. Schilz has been commander, members have met at the business school.

Edward B. Ames has been the quartermaster nearly all the years since formation except the period when he was commander.

With their object to perpetuate patriotism, members participate yearly in Memorial Day parades both in Fredonia and Dunkirk.  They hold early morning services at the graves of departed members.  That is the most important day in the year for them.

Neither Dunkirk or Fredonia had any enlistments during the Spanish American War, so all members of this organization are men who have moved in from other parts, or who enlisted in other localities.

A list of the present officers, chosen Dec. 13, 1934.

Commander, Charles S. Schilz; senior vice commander, Alto Schumaker; junior vice commander, William D. Campbell; adjutant, A. J. Miles; quartermaster, Edward B. Ames; trustee Fred E. Gladwin; patriotic instructor, S. Ray Fairbanks; surgeon, Dr. J. W. Henderson; chaplain, Arch W. Walker; officer of the day, John W. Bennett; officer of the guard, Milo B. Bailey; sergeant major, Chester Borowinski; quartermaster sergeant, Dorr F. Johnson; and junior color sergeant, Charles Kiewe.

Members at present are from Fredonia, Dunkirk, Kennedy, Portland, Arkwright, Laona, and Silver Creek.

They are:

Edward B. Ames, Clinton M. Bailey, John W. Bennett, Chester Borowinski, William Ehmke, S. Ray Fairbanks, Henry Fick, Frank L. Frost, Peter Galbraith, Fred E. Gladwin, Dr. J. W. Henderson, Dorr F. Johnson, George W. Kern, Charles Kiewe, A.J. Miles, Thomas Nolan, Oscar Ogren, W.L. Perault, A.S. Schumaker, Arch W. Walker, William D. Campbell, Lewis H. Hull and Charles S. Schliz.

Others who have been members are William J. Pinder, John J. Oliver, Samuel Tefft, and Harry Gates.