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Andrews, Asahel; b. Jul 20 1777 CT; d. Jul 4 1862; Capt. In War of 1812 serving in Herkimer Co. NY; bur. Busti Cem.
Andrews, Nehemiah; d. 1852, age 80; bur. Busti Cem.
Eveleth, Joseph; d. May 22 1865, age 70-6-0; bur. Busti Cem.
Fling, Erasmus; d. age 73; bur. Busti Cem.
Martin, William Capt.; b. Nov 7 1789 Claverack NY, d. Sep 13 1875; bur. Busti Cem.; h. Roxy Pier b. Busti, bur. Kiantone Cem.
Whiting, Danforth; b. Jun 17 1795, d. Sep 13 1870, age 75; bur. Busti Cem.

Bain, James G.; b. 1787, d. 1874; bur. Maple Grove Cem. Frewsburg

Covey, John; d. 1866; bur. Thayer Cem. Frewsburg
Cowan, Samuel; b. 1790, d. 1847; bur. Thayer Cem. Frewsburg
Drayton, William J.; b. Apr 7 1791 England, d. Sep 10 1874, age 83; bur. Fentonville Cem.
Evens, Emerick; d. Jan 9 1872, age 81; bur. Maple Grove Cem. Frewsburg
Jackson, Abijah; b. 1788, d. Jul 8 1882, age 86; bur. Maple Grove Cem. Frewsburg
Marks, James; d. Feb 8 1855, age 66; bur. Maple Grove Cem. Frewsburg
Moore, Wilbur; bur. Maple Grove Cem. Frewsburg

Tobey, Ahbem; b. 1790, d. 1853; bur. Maple Grove Cem. Frewsburg
Tobey, Job T. II; b. Aug 1 1762 England, d. Jun 1 1832; bur. Maple Grove Cem. Frewsburg; Rev. War & War of 1812
Tobey, Lemuel Sr.; b. 1788, d. 1855; bur. Maple Grove Cem. Frewsburg
Wheeler, Simeon; b. 1780, d. 1829; bur. Maple Grove Cem. Frewsburg


Bowen, John; b. Aug 5 1789, d. Oct 11 1844; bur. Evergreen Cem. Sinclairville
Cleland, John; b. Feb 19 1792, d. Aug 26 1876, age 84-6-17; bur. Pickett Cem.; s. John & Thankful Cleland
McAllister, John; d. Dec 17 1876, age 89; bur. Evergreen Cem. Sinclairville
Walker, Jessie; d. Mar 11 1879, age 85; bur. Evergreen Cem.

Barnhart, Henry; b. Jul 31 1791, d. May 5 1877, age 85-9-4; bur. Dewittville Cem.; s. Peter & Molly (Bower) Barnhart
Cole, Pardon; d. Jun 1845; bur. Magnolia Cem.; NYS Vol.
Flanders, Moses; b. Apr 6 1792 Warner NH, d. Jan 9 1869; bur. Magnolia Cem.; s. Moses & Sally (Gould) Flanders
Freeman, Jonathan; d. May 17 1854, age 73; bur. Pleasantville Cem.

Goyt, Philo; d. 1893, age 104-11-1; bur. Mayville Cem.; NY Home Guards
Green, Joseph; d. Sep 19 1831, age 48; bur. Pleasantville Cem.
Hall, James Rev.; d. Oct 6 1882, age 92-6-29; bur. Hunt Cem.
Hanchet, Aseal; b. Apr 12 1794 Worthing MA; bur. Dewittville Cem.
Jacobs, John; d. Apr 24 1863; bur. Magnolia Cem.; NY Vols.
Leet, Anson; b. Apr 17 1777 Guilford CT, d. Jun 21 1843; bur. Dewittville Cem.; Capt.
McCoul, James; d. Dec 10 1877, age 83-5-4; bur. Dewittville Cem.
Miles, John; d. Jun 29 1840, age 73; bur. Pleasantville Cem.
Morton, John; b. 1784? Stoughton MA, d. Mar 20 1860, age 72-1-20; bur. Magnolia Cem.; h. Betsy GREEN of Onondaga Co. NY
Palmer, Noyes; d. May 23 1858, age 87-3; bur. Magnolia Cem.
Prendergast, William Jr. Col.; b. Apr 13 1779, d. Nov 11 1857; bur. Prendergast Cem.; s. Wm. & Mehitable
Russell, Ashael; b. Jul 8 1786, d. Jan 20 1866; bur. Pleasantville Cem.
Washburn, Stephen; d. Nov 12 1820, age 29; bur. Pleasantville Cem.
Wisner, David; d. Jan 11 1875; bur. Dewittville Cem.

Cleveland, John Sgt.; b. Sep 22 1788; d. ????; bur. Old Clymer Cem.; Tuttles NY Militia
Gallup, Benjamin H.; b. 1784, d. 1863; bur. Old Clymer Cem.
Jaquins, Peter; b. Jun 25 1795, d. Mar 25 1877; bur. Old Clymer Cem.
Phinney, David; b. Apr 6 1761, d. Feb 18 1842; bur. Old Clymer Cem.; h. Theodocia Ambler (b. 1764); m. 1784

Andrus, Hazard. 1825 in Town of Ellery. b. Oct. 3, 1788 Kings Co., NY. d. Mar. 3, 1862 was a private in Capt. D. Eldridge’s Co., New York Militia. Pleasant Lake Cemetery, Edwardsburg, MI.
Arnold, Barney. 1805-1848. Bemus Point Cemetery. Lot 61E G 4 N end lot - marble
Arnold, Henry. 1772-1818. Bemus Point Cemetery. Lot 61F G 1 - Monument

Bemus, Charles; b. Aug 31 1791 Pittstown NY, d. Oct 10 1861, age 70; bur. Bemus Point Cem.; s. William & Mary (Prendergast) Bemus
Bemus, Daniel Prendergast. 1784-1866. Cemetery in Meadville, Pa.

Burbank, John; b. abt 1796; d. Aug 21 1876, age 80-6-0; bur. Bemus Point Cem.; m1. Sarah Ann Swan; m2. Relief Swan; sisters
Dunton, Ebenezer. 1786-1874. Fluvanna Cemetery.
Ferguson, Amos. 1775-1859. Fluvanna Cemetery
Griffith, Jeremiah Jr. 1795-1880. Fluvanna Cemetery
Griffith, Samuel. 1775-xxxx. Fluvanna Cemetery
Hoard, Samuel. 1758-1848. Fluvanna Cemetery.

Horton, Ezra; b. Mar 22 1794 Goshen NY, d. Jun 20 1874; bur. Bemus Point Cem.; s. Ezra & Hannah Horton; m1. Sally Reynolds; m2. Naomi Turner; Lot 4W G 3 Center lot - marble
Klock, David. 1794-1863. Fluvanna Cemetery
Lee, John. 1786-1866. Fluvanna Cemetery
Lee, William H. 1794-1867. Fluvanna Cemetery
Livingston, James. 1775-1851. Fluvanna Cemetery
Loucks, Henry. xxxx-xxxx. Fluvanna Cemetery
Loucks, Peter. 1788-1855. Fluvanna Cemetery
Messenger, Stephen. 1786-1858. Fluvanna Cemetery

Miller, John II; b. Oct 29 1792 Dutchess Co. NY, d. Feb 11 1870, age 77-3-12; bur. Bemus Point Cem.; s. John & Catherine (Winkart) Miller; h. Betsey Miller; Lot 9W G 1 north end - marble slab.
Morse, Eliza. 1794- 1871. Findley Lake Cemetery.
Parker, Dea. Charles. 1789-1866. Bemus Point Cemetery. Lot 72E G 5 S end - marble slab
Parker, Thomas. 1791-1880. Bemus Point Cemetery. Lot 63E G 2 Center Lot - marble slab.

Pickard, Peter; b. Jan 17 1791 Little Falls NY, d. Sep 28 1872; bur. Red Bird Cem.; s. John & Margaret (Gerlock) Pickard; m1. Unknown; m2. Mrs. Mary (Fenton) Miller; m3. Mehitable Green; m4. Mrs. Sarah Knight Stevens
Rappole, Adam; b. Oct 23 1788 NY, d. Sep 1860, age 66; bur. Bemus Point Cem.; h. Elizabeth Rice
Rooker, Benjamin buried at Red Bird Cemetery in Ellery.  He was a musician in Pliny Adam's Regt, enlisting at Whitehall, Washington Co., NY.  This regiment was comprised of residents of Hatch Hill with no battle engagements.  Benjamin then served 7th Regt (Green's) NY Militia, as drummer and was at the Battle of Lake Champlain.  

Note: His muster roll data is in the Ancestry.com as Benjamin Rooken (variant spelling).  Benjamin applied for pension but listed his regiment as Capt. Sumway & Worden's Regiment.  His wife Luranna Arnold received a pension.  The file does confirm that they lived at Cayuga County, NY prior to moving to Ellery.  Benjamin Rooker died at his home in Ellery but witness statements indicate he died in 1864.  His headstone is engraved with death as 1867.

Silsby, Captain John. xxxx-1860. Died in Iowa.
Simmons, Amos; b. 1738, d. 1825, age 87; bur. Red Bird Cem.; Rev War Veteran; War of 1812 Veteran; no marker
Smiley, Joseph, xxxx-xxxx. Fluvanna Cemetery.
Smiley, William Jr. 1783-1813. Fluvanna Cemetery.

Smith, William Lieut; b. Apr 19 1778 Boxford MA, d. Apr 29 1849 Ellery, age 71; bur. Bemus Point Cem.; s. Asa & Abigail (Town) Smith; h. Orilla Fenton; Lot 20W G 2 Center lot - marble slab.
Tower, Elisha Sr.; b. May 10 1788 New Bedford MA, d. Jan 9 1865, age 77-0-5; bur. Red Bird Cem.; s. Isaiah & Sylvia (Toby) Tower; h. Philenah Morgan; War of 1812 - Battle of Buffalo
Young, Charles Price. 1790-1883. Quincy Rural Cemetery, Ripley, NY
Young, Samuel Jr. 1787-1857. Dewittville Cemetery.

Bedient, Gilead H.; b. Aug 27 1785 Wilton CT, d. May 12 1849; stone at Ross Mills Cem.; d. cholera at Cincinnati OH & bur. there
Dunton, Ebenezer; b. 1786, d. Feb 25 1874, age 88-10-18; bur. Fluvanna Cem.
Klock, David; b. Aug 27 1794 Mohawk Valley NY, d. Jan 7 1863, age 68-4-10; bur. Fluvanna Cem.

Lee, John H.; b. 1786, d. Oct 20 1866, age 80-9-7 or 17; bur. Fluvanna Cem.
Lee, William H.; b. 1794, d. May 11 1861, age 73-8-28 or 12; bur. Fluvanna Cem.

Loucks, Henry; bur. Fluvanna Cem.; s. Joseph & Margaret (Mabie) Loucks; h. Margaret Rice
Loucks, Peter; b. 1788, d. Aug 28 1855, age 67-7-10; bur. Fluvanna Cem.; s. Joseph & Margaret Loucks
Messenger, Stephen; b. Oct 30 1786, d. May 4 1858; bur. Fluvanna Cem.
Norton, Levi; d. Jan 10 1870, age 79-1-12; bur. Ross Mills Cem.

Smiley, Joseph; b. Nov 12 1781 VT, d. Nov 8 1862; bur. Fluvanna Cem.; s. William & Hannah (Wilcox) Smiley
Smiley, William Jr.; b. May 25 1783, d. 1813; bur. Fluvanna Cem.; killed in Battle of Black Rock; s. William & Hannah (Wilcox) Smiley

Nesse, Isiah; b. May 5 1789, d. May 25 1869; bur. Ellington Pioneer Cem.

French Creek
Matteson, Peleg; d. Jan 27 1874; bur. French Creek Cem.; Capt. 157th NY

Barnett, John Sr.; b. 1798, d. 1882; bur. Gerry Hill Cem.
Cowden, David; bur. Hemenger Cem.
Fisher, Sylvanus M.; d. Oct 14 1872, age 89-6-0; bur. Gerry Village Cem.

Amidon, Davis; d. Feb 8 1872, age 90-0-29; bur. Forestville Pioneer Cem.
Bartoo, John; b. Oct 27 1794, d. Sep 19 1887; bur. Forestville Pioneer Cem.

Bartoo, Samuel A.; b. 1797, d. 1893; bur. Forestville Pioneer Cem.
Birdsey, Comfort; bur. Evergreen Lawn Cem. Served as 2nd and 1st Lieut and Capt of a light infantry company of NYS Militia

Bliss, Leonard; b. 1794, d. Feb 26 1862, age 68-9-3; bur. Evergreen Lawn Cem.
Brown, Marshall; b. 1764, d. 1838; bur. Evergreen Lawn Cem.
Bumpus, Lyman; b. 1783, d. 1877; bur. Forestville Pioneer Cem.
Davison, Henry; d. Oct 8 1840; bur. Evergreen Lawn Cem.
Fuller, David P.; d. Mar 1880; bur. Evergreen Lawn Cem.
Holmes, Jabez; b. Nov 7 1795, d. Aug 16 1880; bur. Evergreen Lawn Cem.; GAR & War of 1812
Johnson, Samuel; b. Oct 16 1782, d. Dec 5 1861, age 79; bur. Forestville Pioneer Cem.
Little, Gardner; d. Jan 16 1871, age 81; bur. Forestville Pioneer Cem.
Nevins, Samuel; bur. Evergreen Lawn Cem.; s.Thomas Nevins (Rev. War); Served as drummer in Capt. Martin Tubbs' company, recruited in this area.

Odonaghey, William S., bur. Glenwood Cem. Silver Creek
Rathbun, Demarcus; d. Nov 10 1878, age 90-6-10; bur. Rathbun Cem.
Sackett, Niram; b. Oct 31 1797 Stanford NY, d. Oct 22 1869; bur. Evergreen Lawn Cem.; Appointed Captian by Gov. DeWitt.

Spink, Norman; b. Dec 30 1788 Adams MA, d. Oct 18 1873; bur. Doty Cem.
Tower, Lansom Col; b. Apr 22 1805, d. Apr 19 1888; bur Evergreen Lawn Cem.
Tower, Otis; b. Dec 3 1779 VT, d. Aug 16 1854, age 74-8-13; bur Evergreen Lawn Cem.
VanVlack, John; b. 1781, d. 1859; Captain in charge of a small fort on the Hudson River and in Regular Army.
Watrous, Ashabel; b. 1786, d. Mar 8 1870; bur. Evergreen Lawn Cem.
Wells, Nathaniel; bur. Glenwood Cem. Silver Creek
Whitney, Asa Capt.; d. May 18 1860, age 77; bur. Doty Cem.

Estee, Silas; d. Nov 18 1842, age 56-9-7; bur. Tillotson Cem. Niobe

Bratt, Christopher; d. Oct 12 1871, age 75; bur. Lakeview Cem.

Findley, Alexander; d. Oct 2 1832, age 73; bur. Findley Lake Cem.; Sgt. in Rev. War; War of 1812
Johnson, Thomas; bur. West Mina Cem.
Kible, Joseph; d. Apr 28 1853, age 75-6; bur. Findley Lake Cem.
Skellie, Hugh I. or Y.; d. Feb 26 1874, age 78-9-21; bur. West Mina Cem.
Weaver, Thomas S.; d. Nov 15 1849, age 57-7-7; bur. West Mina Cem.

Barber, Elihu C.; b. Feb 4 1799 Williston VT, d. Jan 21 1873; bur. Myrtle Cem., Clark's Corners; Served as drummer boy
Bill, Norton; d. Oct 26 1873, age 76-10-0; bur. Tuckertown Cem.
Cass, Pliny; b. Feb 28 1796; d. 1876?; bur. Allen Cem.; Capt. McMahan's Company
Harrington, Richard Sir; d. Feb 9 1839, age 67-9-7; bur. Myrtle Cem. Clark's Corners
Jenks, Obidiah; b. Dec 21 1792 Clarendon VT, d. May 31 1873 Poland; bur. Myrtle Cem. Clark's Corners; s. James & Phebe (Tripp) Jenks; lot owner 29
Peck, Aaron; b. Jan 3 1777, d. Jun 10 1864; bur. Allen Cem.; Lot 58 owner
Russell, John; bur. Levant Cem.
Tucker, John; d. Jan 27 1852, age 87; bur. Tuckertown Cem.; possibly a Rev War or War of 1812 soldier
Wheelock, Eliab; b. Apr 12 1790 Pittsfield MA, d. 1850 or 55 Poland; bur. Levant Cem.
Winsor, Abraham; d. May 25 1844, age 66-1-?; bur. Levant Cem.; s. Rev. John & Phoebe (Dexter) Winsor; lot owner

Ramsdall, Erastus W.; b. 1787, d. 1848; bur. Laona Cem.

Martin, Zalmon; b. 1792, d. 1876; bur. Portland Evergreen Cem.; fa. William
Onthank, Lovel; b. 1792, d. 1860; bur. Portland Evergreen Cem.
Tucker, Samuel; d. Oct 12 1832, age 83-7-11; bur. Portland Evergreen Cem.

Adams, Moses Capt.; d. Apr 16 1855, age 71; s. JONATHAN ADAMS

Jonathon Esq. died October 17, 1844 aged 86 years stone lies flat and partially buried
Moses First wife, Annis (*COCHRAN) consort of Moses ADAMS died May 2, 1818 in her 35th yr
2nd wife Clarissa, w. Moses ADAMS d 2/14/1882 aged 87-1-5 * nee

Alexander, Campbell Lieut.; bur. South Ripley Cem.; d. of an illness after the Battle Of Canadaway Creek
Combs, Peter; b. 1787, d. 1891; bur. Quincy Cem.
Dickson, Benjamin Henry; b. 1791, d. 1881; bur. East Ripley Cem.
Jenkins, David; d. Jun 8 1866, age 75-1-18; bur. Quincy Cem.
Jones, Daniel; d. Apr 27 1865; bur. East Ripley Cem.; Private in Hopkins Regt. NY Militia
Royce, David Capt.; d. Nov 21 1847, age 74-4-0; bur. East Ripley Cem.
Stetson, Oliver Jr.; d. Oct 31 1833. age 55; bur. East Ripley Cem.; s. Oliver & Jennet
Winters, Alexander; d. Feb 21 1865, age 69; bur. Quincy Cem.


Bush, Asahel; d. Feb 2 1855, age 70 or 71; bur. Sheridan Center Cem.
Butler, Jonathan; b. 1781, d. Feb 19 1839, age 58-9-23; bur. Sheridan Center Cem.
Carrier, Alfred; d. Oct 31 1871, age 82; bur. Sheridan Center Cem.
Clothier, Artemus R.; b. 1787, d. 1879; bur. Sheridan Center Cem.
Griswold, William; b. Jan 4 1780, d. Feb 9 1878 or 75; bur. Sheridan Center Cem.
Knox, James; b. 1794, d. 1867; bur. Sheridan Center Cem.
Perkins, Zephaniah Capt.; d. Jul 28 1865, age 71-6-18; bur. Sheridan Center Cem.

Cross, George Cpl.; bur. Sherman Valley Cem.; 2ND US Art. Volunteer
Newell, Jesse; d. Sep 16 1880, age 90-5-0; bur. Sherman Valley Cem.

Flagg, Byron M.; d. Oct 25 1847, age 91-8-10; bur. Centralia Cem.
Shadrack Scofield

Dexter Barnes
Bela Todd
Comfort Morgan- bullet in his knee.
Elisha Morgan
Nathan Bugbee
Wyman Bugbee- hole in his hat.

Bronson, Enos; b. 1780 CT, d. 1858; bur. Hamlet Cem.; s. Ebenezer A. & Susannah (Parker) Bronson
Cummings, Isaac; b. Mar 2 1792, d. May 9 1872; bur. Pope Hill Cem.
Holcomb, John A.; b. Mar 12 1779 Simsbury CT, d. 1840; bur. Hamlet Cem.; s. Benjamin & Mercy (Kendall) Holcomb; h. Mary P. Lynde
Wheeler, Arad; b. abt 1791

Barrett, David; d. Dec 25 1877, age 84-6-3; bur. Westfield Cem.
Britton, William; b. Jul 13 1791, d. Mar 11 1869; bur. Westfield Cem.
Gould, Ezekiel; b. Sep 2 1789, d. Oct 6 1880; bur. Westfield Cem.
Hall, David; d. Dec 12 1881, age 83; bur. Westfield Cem.
Isham, Joshua; b. Apr 4 1790, d. Feb 11 1872; bur. Westfield-Portland Cem. lot 20
Johnston, Henry; d. Oct 8 1852; bur. Westfield Cem.
Noble, Perez B.; bur. Westfield Cem.
Northham, Solomon; b. Nov 16 1786, d. Oct 3 1858; bur. Westfield Cem.
Starkweather, Sylvester; d. May 8 1855, age 61; bur. Westfield-Portland Cem.

SOURCE - Compiled by Jay Priest, 2004