Compiled from Military records - by Donna Mills

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The following are names of officers, commissioned and non-commissioned, of the companies of Chautauqua militia under the command of Col. Hugh W. Dobbin.

Capt. Moore's Company- July 4 to October 4, 1812.
Captain- Jehiel Moore. Lieut.- David Eaton. Ensign- Charles Burritt. Sergeants- Alpheus McIntyre, John Ingersoll. Samuel J. Smith. John Dull. Corporals- Amos Wright, Jonathan S. Pattison, Daniel Densmore. Fifers- Arnold Russell, John BAte.
Capt. Moore's Company- October 4 to Dec. 31,1812
Captain- Jehiel Moore. Lieut.- Samuel D. Wells. Ensign- Charles Burritt. Sergeants- Alpheus McIntyre, Asa Johnson, Issac Badgley, John Dull. Corporals- Hezekiah G. Canfield, Jonathan S. Pattison, Josiah Gibbs. Drummer- John Bartoo. Fifer- Horatio Hopkins.
Names of commissioned and non- commissioned officers under Col. John McMahan.
Capt. Silsby's Co. Dec 20, 1813 to Feb. 3, 1814.
Captain- John Silsby. Lieut- Charles Bemus. Ensign- Clark Parker. Sergeants- Zephaniah Phelps, Abijah Bennett, Peter Simmons, John Wisner, Wm. Russell (substitute for H. Tinkcom) David Bly. Corporals- Robert Latham, Stephen Deming, Samuel Griffith, Hezekiah Seymour, Asa Martin. Drummer- John Lee. Fifers- Myron Bly, Alanson Root.
Lieut. Forbes Company- Dec. 20, 1813 to Feb. 3, 1814. [This company was set off from Capt. Silsby's. Solomon Jones was appointed captain; Wm. Forbes, lieut.; and William Martin, ensign. Mr. Jones declining the appointment, Forbes was the senior in command]
Lieutenant- William Forbes. Ensign- William Martin. Sergeants- Amos Bird, Phineas Palmeter Jr., Isaac Martin, Elijah Akin. Corporals- Stephen Hadley, Ira Owens.
Capt. Adams' Company- Dec. 20, 1813 to Feb. 3, 1814.
Captain- Moses Adams. Lieut.- David Eaton. 2nd Lieut.- Campbell Alexander. Ensign- William Ingersoll. Sergeants- Nathaniel Fay, James Dickson, John Dull, Philip Stephens, Daniel C. Northrup, Robert C. Dickson. Corporals- Pliny Case [sub for I. Sweet], Friend Johnson-(taken prisoner at Black Rock), Rufus Perry, Wm. M. Riddle, Wilder Emerson, John Smith (wounded). Drummer- George Hall. Fifer- Barney Turtelot.
Capt. Tubbs' Company- Dec. 20, 1813 to Feb. 3, 1814.
Captain- Martin B. Tubbs. Lieut.- Peter Ingersoll. Ensign- Guy Webster. Sergeants- Miles Webster, Joel Barrell, James Knapp, Nathaniel Barney, Jonathan S. Pattison. Corporals- Salmon Munger, Ira Clothier, Allen Denny, Asahel Burnham, Uriah Nash, Moses Hines. Fifers- Wm. Wilcox, Thomas Nevins. Drummers- John Bartoo, Samuel Nevins.
Capt. Tubbs' Company- Aug. 1, 1814- Sept. 26,1814.
Captain- Martin B. Tubbs. Lieut.- Benj. Perry. Ensign- Samuel Smith. Sergeants- Miles Webster, Sudim Graves, Jonathan S. Pattison, James Knapp,. Corporals- Chester Smith, Arunah Gilmore, Rufus Ransted, Preserved Wells, Ira Clothier. Drummer- Jno. White. Fifer- Thomas Nevins.
Capt. McMahan's Company- August 1, 1814.
Captain- James McMahan. Lieut.- Charles Bemus 2nd Lieut.- Campbell Alexander.- Ensign- William Ingersoll. Sergeants- Zephaniah Phillips, Nathaniel Fay, Isaiah Martin, Daniel C. Northrup, Reuben Ellis, Daniel Bennett. Corporals- Robert Latham, Stephen Dunning, Pliny Cass, Lorel Nichols, Rufus Berry. Fifers- Wm. Bandel, Myron Bly.

from Elias T. Foote papers at CHS- McClurg House.

SOURCE - Donna Mills, 1997