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Jamestown Post Series - 1939-1940

Arkwright & Pomfret School No. 6 - ???? (from Dorothy Newton)
The Abbey - ???? (from Kathleen Newcomer)

This photo was in a box that my grandmother, Lois Houck McNamara, kept. She was born and raised in "the Abbey" in Arkwright township. The Abbey was a very small part of Arkwright near Walnut Creek and Straight Rd. where the Houcks settled in the 1820's. It derived it's name from the school house, 'the Abbey', that was built there.   All that was written on the back of the photo was "School at the Abbey".


Frewsburg Class of 1884 in 1934 (from Ward White)
Frewsburg Hiring Certificate - Eva B. Abbey - 1891 (from Peggy Karuza)
Frewsburg Union School Fourteenth Commencement - 1892 (from Bonnie Kidder)

Frewsburg School - 1893 (from Peggy Karuza)
Eva Blanch Abbey - Teacher
Frewsburg High School - 1913 (from Ward White)
Frewsburg School - 1949 Programs :Baccalaureate p1 p2; Class Night p1 p2; Commencement p1 p2 (from Ward White)
Frewsburg High School Graduates - 1884-1991 partial (from Ward White)
Frewsburg High School Graduates - 1947-1950 (from
DeForest & Joyce (Thierfeldt) Warn & Ward White) [higher resolution]

Sinclairville School 1st & 2nd Grades - 1938-39 (from Dolores Davidson)
The names on the back of the photo are not listed by rows and in no paticular order (I know some of the people, that's how I could tell). So, I will just list them as they are on the back of the photo. I'm not sure of some of these spellings, either.

Barbara Noble (my mother), Ruth Hullett, Norma Brunson, Ruth Childs, Hazel Childs, Marion Stein, Betty Lawson, Virly (?) Koterass, Delia Roberts, Joanne Weller, Mary Ann McIntosh, Richard Rose, Gail Hotchkiss, Henry Seekins, Richard Snow, David Peterson, Charles Green, Corky Baker, Carl Smith, Roger Mellor, Richard King, Jack Bartlett, David Hullett, Charles McChesney, Beverly Hotchkiss, Margaret Seekins, Cathleen Walters, Wilfred Grout, Tom Peck, Norman McIntosh, Junior Lorenzo, Leland Emmott, Mrs. Raymond (teacher).

Chautauqua High School - 1920s (from Tina Scott)
Chautauqua School 7th Grade - 1934 (from Ginny Schroeder)
[Photo is labeled for Cecile Root-Fuerschbach.  Please reply if you can identify other students.]
Goodrich School - 1934-5 (from Nora Shreve)

The Teacher was born in 1910 & married Harvey Russell in 1937
Goodrich School was on the corner of Hartfield – Stockton Road & Coe Road
Chautauqua High School - 1945 (from Ginny Schroeder)
[Photo is labeled for Ruth Root Palacio.  Please reply if you can identify other students.]

Cherry Creek School 10 - 1909 (from Gladys Priest Pecoraro)
Cherry Creek School 10 - 1910
(from Ronald Priest)
Cherry Creek School 10 - 1912 (from Ronald Priest)
Back Row: Frank Priest, Ward Plank, Howard Essex, Mae Howard Thompson, Elizabeth VanAlstine (teacher), Maude Howard Chase, Fred Ruttenbur, Ray Halstead, Morris Priest, Lester Hooker, Harley Essex.
Front Row: Walter Priest, Gladys Priest Dersam, Elizabeth Atwaters, Marion Hooker Burris, Edward Atwaters, Newell Hooker, Elmer Ray, Stanley Ruttenbur, Burdette Weaver, Harry Savony, Gordon Savony.

Cherry Creek School 10 - 1913 (from Gladys Priest Pecoraro)
Cherry Creek School 10 - 1915?
(from Ronald Priest)
Cherry Creek Sunday School - 1916 (from Gladys Priest Pecoraro)


The Tattler 1925-1927 Various issues (from Joni Graeff)

Clymer School No. 4 Souvenir - 1901-1902 (from Covedill)
Minnie F. Schurers - Teacher
Clymer High School Primary Department - 1917 (from Joni Graeff)
Virginia Pitt, is the 4th girl from the left in the second row. She has a dark bow in her hair. Her brother, Donald Pitt, is in the front row, 7th from the right.
Clymer School 5th Grade - 1920
(from Leslie Graeff)
Clymer Students - 192? (from Joni Graeff)
Clymer High School Teachers - 1925-26 (from Leslie Graeff)
Mr. Weaver, History, Science and Drawing
Miss Chapman, English and Spanish
Evans, 5th and 6th grades
Mrs. Almy,  3rd and 4th grades
Miss Johnson, 1st and 2nd grades
Mrs. Wassink, 7th and 8th grades
Miss Weber, Math and Latin
Mr. Bretch,  Agr. and Physics

Clymer High School Senior Class - 1926 (from Joni Graeff)
Left to right: Margaret Warnshuis, Mary White, Byron Blakely, Dorothy Einink, Bernice Neckers, Vera Fardink, James TenHaken, Dorothy Wiggers, Gordon Schermerhorn
Clymer Girls Basketball Team - 1926-27 (from Joni Graeff)
Left to right: Irma Legters, Captain, Elizabeth VanderSchaaff, Miss Evans, Coach, Mildred Fardink, Blanche TeWinkle, Aroline Christ, Hazel Onk, Manager, Myrtle Croscutt, Irene Ton
Clymer High School Senior Class - 1927 (from Joni Graeff)
Left to Right: John Legters, Ellen Gleason, D.M. King,Principal, Marjorie Hapgood, Alvin Bennink, George TeWinkle, Irma Legters, Hazel Oonk, Irene Ton, Virginia Pitt, Beatrice Johnson


High School - ???? (from Jay T. Priest)
Dunkirk Academy - 1909 (from Dolores Davidson)
Dunkirk High School, Junior Class - 1929 [names] (from Dolores Davidson)
Dunkirk Public School 7 - 1937 [Lake Shore Drive] (from Shiela Himebaugh Michaud)
Dunkirk High School - ???? (from Shiela Himebaugh Michaud)
Dunkirk Jr. High School - ???? (from Shiela Himebaugh Michaud)

More Dunkirk Schools (off site)


Ellicott School 4 - 1938 (from Randall Burt ) [ Route 60 and Moon Road, Jamestown NY, part of Falconer School. ]
Front Row.  Left to right. Unknown, Doris Carlson, Alvin Rhodes, Donald ???, Beverly Brown, Lois Ann Martz, Rosalind Jacobson-Teacher.
Middle Row. Left to right. Rudy Miller, Donald Cederquist, Joyce Melquist, Margrete Carlson, Gordon Carlson, Lynn Davis.
Back Row. Left to right. Nancy Lawson, Alice Reeves, Marjorie Smith, Elenor Overend, June Hoaglund, Joe Overend

Ellicott School 4 - 1941 (from Randall Burt ) [ Route 60 and Moon Road, Jamestown NY, part of Falconer School. ]
Front row. Left to right. (Short Boy with Ellicott on Legs) Alvin Rhodes, Rudy Miller, Joe Overend, Beverly Brown
Row 2. Left to right. Robert Davidson, Lynn Davis, Unknown, Margrete Carlson, Joyce Melquist, Donald Cederquist, Forest Lee Smith.
Row 3. Left to right-Jamie Lawson, Nina Davis, Jim Hoaglund, Marjorie Smith, Alice Reeves, Teacher-Lois Sorenson
Row 4. Left to right-Elenor Overend, Hazel Barron, Helen Barron, Jean Melquist, Melba Hoard.
Falconer North Side Grade School (1st grade) - 1934 (from
Carolyn Culver)
Back Row: John Schwartz, ?, Hollis Petersen, Whitman Newton, Roland Schultz, Clifton Lawson, James Culver, Roy Hine, Joe Farrer, Donald Olson, George Brakeman, Ronald Johnston.
Middle Row: Bertha Waith, Carol Johnson, Marie Van Buren, Mary Hanson, Albert Edstrom, Dana Wilson, Carolyn Waite, Mona Swart, Lorraine Storrer,
Burdette Carlson.

Bottom Row: Lola Leyman, Bonnelyn Mocker, John Gatto, Jerry Hudson, Joyce McChesney,  Sam Rebado, Jean McMurray, ?, ?, Rita Fadale, Dotty Felanzo,

Duane Sigerland.  Our teacher, Mrs. Anderson.

Falconer - The Corridor - 1938

   Girls Class of 1941

   Boys Class of 1941

   Class of 1942


Ellington Free Academy - 1898-99 (from Bonnie Covedill)
Ellington Free Academy - 1901-02 (from Bonnie Covedill)
Ellington Free Academy - 1902-03 & 1903-04 (from Bonnie Covedill)
Ellington Free Academy - 1918 (from Bonnie Covedill)

Ellington High School Faculty - 1903 (from Donna Markey)
Ellington High School Faculty - 1908 (from Donna Markey)
Ellington High School - 1940
(from Donna Markey)
Ellington High School Class - 1940
(from Donna Markey)
Ellington High School Students - 1940
(from Donna Markey)
Ellington High School Deceased - 1957
(from Donna Markey)

Ellington School 1 - 2002 (from Jay T. Priest)
Ellington School 7 - 2002 (from Jay T. Priest) view 2

Fredonia Normal School - ???? (from Paul & Bonnie Kidder)
Fredonia State Normal School - 1927 (from Ward White)
Fredonia Teachers College - ???? (from Jay T. Priest)
State Teacher's College - 1946 (from Dolores Davidson)
Barker Street School - ???? (from John J. Bellman)
Corner of Barker St. & Center St. - Copy obtained from the Darwin Barker Library, Fredonia




Hanover Center School Picnic - 1911 (from Jay Warner)
The tall blond twins are Edna (Dean) Warner and Georgine (Dean) Fisk.
Forestville High School Faculty - 1932 (from Ron Merritt)
Miss Bessie Alice Merritt, (3rd from left) b Mar 23, 1882, d Sep 11, 1955, the daughter of Nelson George Merritt and spouse Alice Jane Tooke. Bessie was never married. She was the brother of James Tooke Merritt, the last Merritt with direct descendents still living in Chautauqua County, NY.
Babcock Avenue School, Silver Creek - ???? (from Jay T. Priest)
High School, Silver Creek - ???? (from Jay T. Priest)

Forestville District No. 8 - 1940-1 Grade 3-4  (from Nathan Towne)
Silver Creek 4th Grade? - 1948? (from Donald W. Priest)


Chautauqua School of Nursing Advertisement - 1909 (from Dolores Davidson)
Miss Thompson's class of elementary school kids - 1919
(from Edith Frost)
Jamestown High School Yearbook - 1926 (from Dolores Davidson)
Celoron Freshman Class 1928-29 (from Dolores Davidson)
Marian Hager of Jamestown sent the mystery photo of the freshman class at Celoron to Evelyn LeBarron Canfield of Henderson, Nev., who identified the students and the year the picture was taken, 1928-29. She lIsts them as,
front row, from left: Evelyn LeBaron, Rose Kelly, Margaret O’Nell, Ethel Doollttle, Jean Eloise Hurbut, Gretta Ewing, Genevieve Van Dusen, Pearl Maynard, James McGraw;
second row, Carl Jones, Marion Quist, MarIon Swanson, Evelyn Jensen, Marian Westran, Ethel Armanginger, Frances Kelly, Alice Thornton, Marie Anderson, Florence Bennett, Dorothy Terell, Florence Pratt, Mrs. Hatch;
third row, Dana Pickup, Robert Oberg, Roger Lane, Clare Chamberlin, Floyd West, Harold Marsh, Lavem Dowd, Era Scofleld, Harold Jaderstrom;
fourth row, Henry Butler, Verner Pearson, Gerald Gardiner, Vincent Mallare, OlIver Ellison, Frederick Morris, Leo Olson, Elmer Camfield, Clair Johnson.

Fairmount School, Jamestown - ???? (from Donna M.)
Boy on left with spenders is Marvin Walter Larson ( B: 3/24/1928 - )
Girl in front row is Carol Saxton



Elm Tree School - ???? (from Tina Scott)
Elm Tree School - 1915 (from Tina Scott)
L-R starting with the back row:  Teacher: Ernest Cowles
Back row:  Eva Shafer, Hattie Maine, Gladys Fisher, Marjorie Swart, Bertha Lefft, Mollie Fisher, Dorthea Johnston, Mabel Thorpe, Bernice James, Charles Rose
Middle row:  Merle Rose, Gerda Hanson, Mary Hanson, (I think the 2 shorter girls standing in front of the back row are listed in this row) Grace Cowles, Edna Selden, Erma Findley, Dorothy Lefft, Ivan Selden, Wallace Eastman
(My Aunt, Gerda Hanson is sitting down, 2nd from the left in the second row and my grandmother, Mary Hanson is the 3rd one from the left in the second row)
Front row:  Joe Shafer, Edward Elmore, Jimmerie Burns, Lincoln Fisher, Vincent Fisher, Emmett Selden

School House No. 2 - 2006 (from Jay Priest)


School House No. 2 - ???? (from Lois Campbell)
Thomas Campbell and his brother, John Campbell, in front of the school they attended.  Their oldest sister, Catherine, was the teacher.
School House No. 3 - ???? (from Emily Dahlstrom)
Old Stone School District no. 3, Portland, N. Y. Built 1828 [Attendants]
School House No. 9 - 1910 (from Edward Kurtz)
School House No. 8 - 1936-37 (from Joyce Higgins) [names]
Front Row:Charles Munson, unknown, unknown, Dave Hardenburg, Harry West, unknown
Second Row: unknown (girl), unknown (boy)
Third Row:  unknown, June Markham, Esther Boyland, Ilean Boyland, unknown, unknown, unknown
Fourth Row:  Gladis Brag, Joe Rondenelle Juleo Rondenelle, Gorden Bennet, Paul Markham, Merl West
Fifth Row:  Teacher Miss McFadden

Brocton Central School - 1949 (from Edward Kurtz)

Elementary class of Miss Margaretta Cochrane, Ripley - 1937-38 (from Terry Heismann)
Written on the back are the following names from top to bottom:
Row 1    Jack Bemis, Richard Johnson, Lyle Eckes, Chas Moore, Richard Way
Row 2    Robert Crippen, Helen Eddy, Lester Osborne, Robert Eckes, Sarah Gregory, Deforest Burden
Row 3    Robert Barges, Betty Roter, Ruth Pier, Agnes Snow, Douglas Coogan, Edith Eimers
Row 4    Jane Slocum, Wilma Hayner, Rose Sinden, Suzanne Marchand, Emogene Cochrane, Marilyn Dewey and Miss Margaretta Cochrane
Row 5    Harvey Lamphere, Mildred Day, John Testrake, David Miller, Doris Blodgett, Ann Cameron, and Kay Miller


Pupils from Sheridan School District No. 8 - 1881 (found in Grace Town Shero's 'address book' of genealogical information - Nathan Towne)
District No. 3 School (1849) - 2005 (from Jay Priest)
District No. 5 School (1859) - 2005 (from Jay Priest)

District No. 8 - 1895 (from Cindy Burmaster Coon)
District No. 6 School - 2005 (from Jay Priest)


Dean School 1938-39 (from Nora Cutting Shreve)
Row 1   Harold Ranney, Fay Barrett, June Thayer Niles, Patricia Cutting
Row 2   Eileen Cutting, Sarah Benson, Rita Cutting, Maxine Bristow (teacher)

Cassadaga School – 1912 (from Kathleen Newcomer)

Cassadaga School, possibly in front of Hill Home on High St., Cassadaga, Chautauqua County, New York

Front row: Mildred Francis

Second row: Mildred Mattoon, Alice Payne, Herb Smith, Dave Dorman, Earl Barnam, John York, Donald –

Third row: Edwin Wilcox, Agnes Richardson, ?, Marian Viall, Katie Webster, Emma Crandall, Francis Crandall, - Wilcox, Irene –

Fourth row: Maurice Payne, Monroe Wilcox, George Day, Nina Totman, Jean Hall, Ellen Anders, Marguerite Lawson, Martha Ahrens, Hollis Fisher, Margaret Derby.

Teacher: Jennie Carpenter

From the album of Agnes Richardson Dorman

Cassadaga High School Dedication - ???? (from Kathleen Newcomer)

50th year alumni & dedication of the old Cassadaga High School Bell, L to R, Elmer Horey, Elvira Crowey, Alice Spadon, Harvey Beebe, and Clarence Smith

Cassadaga Children - c. 1921  names (from Jessica Utts)

Cassadaga High Students – 1924 (from Kathleen Newcomer)

Cassadaga High Students - c. 1927  names (from Jessica Utts)

Stockton Intermediate Students - 1932 [List] (from Nora Cutting Shreve)
Stockton Grade School Students - 1933-4 [List] (from Nora Cutting Shreve)

Stockton Grade School - 1947-48 (from Nora Cutting Shreve)

Hamlet School No. 2 - 1852 (from Barbara Wise)
Villenova School No. 1 - 1939 (Virginia Ivett, Evening Observer)
Row 1   Ruth Frost, Nelson Dye, Geraldine Danker Yauchzy, Vern Frost Jr., Edna Samuelson Mikula, Ramona Burris Theilman
Row 2   Lawrence Hooker, Henry Storm Jr., unknown, Belle S. Ruttenbur (teacher), Roger Samuelson, Albert Storm

Villenova School - 1947 (from Norman McIntyre)

Balcoms Corners country school Spring of 1947. This was the last year they had school here. In the fall they merged with South Dayton. Located between Balcoms and Hamlet.
Front Row:  Penfield Dayton, unknown, Nancy McIntyre, Ruth ???, unknown, Norman McIntyre
Back Row:  Allen Priest, teacher, Cecila Mierzwa



Teacher Certificate - Estella Abbey - 1872 (from Peggy Karuza)
Teacher Certificate - Lura F. Abbey - 1877 (from Peggy Karuza)

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