GERRY, NY (Chautauqua Hill Road)

On Saturday morning May 2 at 10:00 a group will search for buried tombstones in the Old Chautauqua Hill Road Cemetery in the Town of Gerry.  In case of rain the search will be postponed one week.
In 1813 the Holland Land Company made a survey from Mayville to Ischua in Cattaraugus County, a distance of 60 miles.   This road leas off present Route 60 about a mile south of Sinclairville at a corner once called Loves and the cemetery lies between Robbins and East roads on the north side just past an old farm house that in 1961 had kennels.  Perhaps it still does.  It is just inside the East Road.
The cemetery has a "wall" but it doesn’t look like a wall.  It is a six inch ledge of about three or four flat stones piled on one another.  We went past sveral times without seeing it in the weeds.  The lady in the farmhouse said, "Well, don’t drive so fast."  When we crept along we spotted it.  The blackberry bushes were shoulder high and the place only passable because the bushes had been trampled down.  We turned over one large stone which was under six inches of dirt and myrtle.
We need some able bodied men with crowbars to turn the stones over.  Bring your own sandwiches and thermos.  Come and participate or come and be a spectator, cheering us on.
From a bound volume of Cherry Creek News owned by the Fenton Society we found this "Feb. 16, 1900 Ellington:  Cyrus Andrus died Feb. 12 1900 at his home aged 85 yrs 8 mos." And in the Feb. 23 edition of News:  "Cyrus Andrews was born in Middletown, Rutland County, VT 12 July 1813.  At the age of 18 (1831) he settled in the Town of Gerry where he resided over 29 years.  He removed to Ellington in 1860 to the farm where he has since lived.  In 1841 he married Lydia Ward who died in 1843. He married second 24 Sept. 1844 Clarissa Thorn who survives. Also surviving is one daughter Mrs. Lemira Andrus Baldwin and tow sons Hiram and Adelbert."  He is buried on lot 142 in the Valley View Cemetery out of Ellington with Adelbert and Hiram and their families and Clarissa 1824-1914.  We suspect Clarissa may be a daughter of John and Mahala Thorne buried in this old cemetery.
We spent a day in Mayville with the 1850 census of Gerry with interesting results.  Cyrus Andrus was aged 37, born in Vermont.  His wife Clarissa was 24, born in New York State.  There was Lydia 8 and Almira aged 4.  Daughter Lydia’s age subtracts to make her birth 26 June 1843 so her mother Lydia Ward Andrus must have died in childbirth.  Almira and Emma would be children of Clarissa.  In the next house was Albert W. Andrus aged 34 born Vermont with wife Permelia aged 30 and child Mary D. aged 5.  In this household was also Minn Whitmore aged 66 born Vermont.  Possibly she was Permelia’s mother.
Mrs. Ingham would be glad to have people phone in names of anyone known to be interred in this cemetery.


When we wrote about the Chautauqua Road Cemetery in the April 25th issue we had a flu bug and had been unable to go out and look over the site.  We went the Sunday following the article and found many motorists viewing the scene.  The area is very different than eight years ago.  The road bed has been raised four feet, according to Mr. Sandy.  A drainage ditch has been dug and a new embankment of boulders complete with steps contain the cemetery from the drainage ditch.
We have been told that the proper name for this cemetery is Applegren Corners.  We worked on a woman’s lineage in the fall and her father’s people were Applegren and came from Sweden not so many years ago.  Perhaps this is not the same family.  Rhoda Throop died in 1877 and there were two others around 1871 but nearly all died in the forty and fifties.  The original name probably was Chautauqua Road Cemetery.  The Centennial History of Chautauqua County, Volume 2, page 583 has a very interesting account of this old road.
May 2, set for the probe, was a rainy day so the probe took place on the following Saturday, May 9, which was a lovely sunny day.  At 10:00 in the morning, thirteen of us met:  Robert Sandy of Sinclairville, H.V. Davis of Mayville, Vernon Nord of Willard Extension, Jamestown, Russel Grilles, home on leave from Vietnam and his wife Susan, who is the director at the Fenton Historical Center, Ray Wefing and Robert Calimari from the Jamestown Boys Club with five of their boys, Rich Clark, Dave Wordelmann, Bob Sisley, Chuck Volpe and Mickey Lyons.  Mr. Wefing reports that the boys want to go on another probe and their enthusiastic account has other boys asking to be included next time.  Burton Lesser of Jamestown also came but did not take part in the probe.
In the article of April 25 we listed Squire Howe and a probable grandson, Squire Howe Shaw.  We turned the stone over and found his brother, Joseph W. Shaw, son of Joseph and Juliette Shaw "killed in front of Petersburg, VA" 30 July 1864 aged 19 years, 7 months, Co. B 112 Regt. NYSV.  This stone had been bolted to a huge base.  The bolt is still there.  The base is about 36 inches square and slopes down a curve and levels out  about 5 feet, all one continuous stone and very thick.  We all were puzzled over the extension.  The headstone had a curved sculptured top and bottom which had broken off when the bottom split at the bolt.
From records of Ellicott Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution we have found that Squire Howe called "the second" was the son of Captain Squire Howe, a Revolutionary Soldier and wife Martha Field.  Mrs. Marion Snow of Falconer has a very interesting account of the capture of Martha Field Howe and son Squire II by the Indians.  They were taken to Canada and suffered greatly before being rescued.  Squire II’s wife is not here.  She was Mary Townley born 6 May 1797 in Ludlowville, Town of Lansing, Rensselaer County, NY, died 6 June1838 at Dryden, NY.  They were married 2 Nov. 1815 (Howe Gen. Pp 89 & 168).  Their son Squire III was the father of the late Inez Howe Crosby of Falconer.
We discovered that Mahala Campbell’s death date was 1866 and not 1855 as listed in April.  We probed for Hiram, her husband, but had no luck.  Near her were two footstones, SL and CR.  We did not find the headstones for them but have decided to return sometime and try again.
Under ten inches of sod and soil we found stones for Eliphalet Case who died 24 Dec. 1847 (the men read it 1850) aged 82-3-12 and his wife Lavinia who died 4 Jan. 1849, aged 86-6-15, and we found Laura Case, wife of H.D. Phillips, who died 9 Sept. 184(?)0.  The bottom with the age was missing.  The Mayville Sentinel for 10 Feb. 1848 has "Died in Ellington 24 Dec. Mr. Eliphalet Case aged 82" and the Centennial History Vol. 2, p. 567 says, "He came from Pittsfield, MA in 1835 and settled on the old Chautauqua Road."  His son, Salmon, is buried in Valley View Cemetery out of Ellington.  The Sentinel for 1 Feb. 1849 says, "In Ellington Jan. 4 Mrs. Lavinia Case, aged 86, widow of the late Mr. Eliphalet Case."  The Sentinel for 20 July 1848 lists "Married on July 7th by S. Morehouse Esq., Mr. Hiram Phillips of Ellington to Miss May Hartwall."  Could Hiram be H.D. Phillips, husband of Laura Case?
We found one stone with the name Millard in raised letters in a semi-circle but he rest of the stone was broken into several pieces and utterly unreadable except for a 7.  We have tacked to our dining room door two tracings of names from two eroded stones - no dates.  As yet we are unable to decipher them.  From past experience we expect someday the name will suddenly shine forth.

ANDRUS, Lydia, wife of Cyrus Andrus and dau. of James & Jane Ward died 26 June 1843 age 27-3-6.
ANDRUS, Lydia J., dau. of Cyrus and Lydia, died 10 Nov. 1852, age 11-4-14.
ANDRUS, Emma J., died 19 Sept. 1861, age 6 months.

BATES, Rensselaer J., son of James and Sally Bates died 23 March 1859, age 31-5-4.
BATES, another top gone, aged 13-2-21.
Their parents are buried in the Sinclairville Cemetery.

CAMPBELL, Mahala, wife of Hiram died 22 May 1855, age 57-8-25.

COY, Erastus, died 3 Oct. 1851, age 70-5-4.
COY, Amy, his wife, d. 20 May 1850, age 65-2.

ELDRIDGE, Sylvester W., died 27 Feb. 1871, age 86-8-6.
ELDRIDGE, Sibble, his wife, d. 22 July 1870, aged 85-9-8.

HOWE, Squire, died 12 Feb. 1855, age 69-6-23.
Squire Howe, son of Joseph and Juliette Shaw was killed at Cold Harbor, VA 1st June 1864, age 23-6-?.

RIDER, Luke H., son of Nathaniel and Susan Rider died 17 Aug. 1852, age 12-8-10.
RIDER, Sarah Ann, their daughter, died 24 Oct. 1840, age 3-3-?.
RIDER, Eugene, their son, died 26 June 1842, age 6 mos. 8 days.

THROOP, Rhoda, wife of George Throop, died 23 June 1877 in the ? yr of her age.
THROOP, Anthea, wife of D. Throop, died 1 Nov. 1852, age 45-9-9.

THORNE, John died 10 Dec. 1862, age 77-5-10.
THORNE, Mahala, his wife, died 19 Feb. 1870, age 79-6-5.
Young’s History p. 255 says he was one of those from England in 1834.


B90a  BUHALL - DERBY.  Looking for the burial place of Polly Tanner, born 23 Feb. 1819, died 30 Jan. 1884 in Town of Busti.  Married (1) James Buhall (2) Morris Derby of Busti.  What are birth and death dates for her two husbands?

B90b  BUHALL - DERBY.  Matilda Tanner died after 1905; where and when?  She lived in the Town of Busti with her daughter Mary Tanner Morey.  BDG, North East.

B91a  PRATT, Capt. Hiram, died 1814, will probated in Cambridge, Washington, Co., NY Sept. 1814.  His wife Rachel Allen Pratt died 6 Feb. 1872 and is buried in Magnolia Cemetery.  His son Hiram Abiff Pratt died 23 July 1886 in Fredonia at the home of his sister Mrs. Harriet Lossee.  He is buried in the Westfield Cemetery with wife Minerva Wyman Pratt and possibly a second wife Nancy Pratt 1806-1855.  Buried on same lot is Minerva’s mother Abigail Deming Wyman who died 28 Feb. 1842.  Want information on these people. Are there any descendants in Chautauqua County?

B91b  PRATT. Amanda Farrell Buel who died 13 Sept 1883 in Fredonia is buried on the same lot.  Whois she?  HRT, Idaho Falls.

B92  COWDEN.  Who were the parents of Emogene Cowden Brown who died 12 Nov. 1937 and is buried in Bemus Point?  She had five brothers:  Dr. Morris Cowden of Gerry, Grant and DeForest of Bemus Point, Charles of Jamestown and Mark of Warren County, PA.  Fenton.

B93  ROUNDS.  Want information about Milo Rounds who lived in Town of Busti.

B94  HASKIN.  Want parentage of William Haskin born 9 June 1813 (where?) died 10 Dec. 1883 in Wisconsin.  He married Aurilla Vosburg of Ellery.  Their son Elmer was born 1844 in Town of Carroll.  Other children were Theodore, Horace, Elizabeth and Frank.  LJH, Minneapolis.

B95a  AKIN.  Want identity of first wife of John Howard Akin.  His second wife was Fidelia Churchill.

B95b  STEVENS.  Want identity of Wesley Stevens connected with this Akin family.

B95c  EGGLESTON.  Want identity of Silas Eggleston a cousin of the Akins.  EDS, San Diego.

B96a  HARMON.  Need information on a Harmon family that moved into a log cabin at Volusia around 1830.

B96b  FELLOWS.  Want information about John Fellows who lived in Town of Portland around 1845.  EMM, Westfield.

B97a  MEAD.  Want information about Sarah Ann Mead born 26 July 1837, died 27 July 1874, buried Youngsville, PA, wife of Franklin Davis.

B97b  DAVIS.  Want dates for Franklin Davis, husband of above, said to be buried in Youngsville.

B98  MCDONALD.  In the Abbey Cemetery by the creek is Chloe McDonald born 16 April 1786, died 1 Oct. 1867.  Whose wife was she?  Who were her parents?  What relation was she to Hatton McDonald?

B99  HULL.  Want parentage of Warren W. Hull born 19 April 1835 in Chautauqua County, died 1894 at Shirland, Illinois, married 8 Dec. 1856 Elizabeth Stillwell.  Who were her parents?  HCH, Lake  Bluff.

B100  AMES.  Want parentage of Edson David Ames born about 1840 near Sinclairville.  He was a Civil War vet; married Clementine Hart born 18 Sept. 1846.  Whose daughter was she?  When did they die and where are they buried?  Their four sons were Adelbert David, a dentist in Ellicottville, DeHart Henry, a state assemblyman, Guy C. of Franklinville, and Allen Edson of Ellicottville and there was one daughter name unknown.  EAJ, Clarence, NY

B101  JAMIESON, Robert, born in Scotland 16 Feb. 1818; fought in the Civil War and was killed at Williamsburg, VA 5 May 1862.  Where in Scotland was he born?  Hjs wife was Euphemia 1821-1903.  What was her maiden name?  His son Walter enlisted at Westfield 7-17-1861; was wounded at Gettysburg.  He was born 22 Jan. 1843 in Oswego County, NY and died 16 April 1922 at Brandon, Iowa. He married Martha H. Newcomb born 18 July 1850, died 2 July 1911.  When and where were they married and who were their parents?  Are there any Jamieson descendants in Chautauqua County? JDJ, Waterloo, Iowa.


C1  PHILLIPS, Horatio born 1819 in CT, died 11 Nov. 1865 in Parkersburg, W. VA.  Married Chautauqua Co. (Mayville?) Julia Bloomer born 1814.  Whose daughter was she?  They were married about 1849.  Would like exact marriage date.  He was the son of Daniel and Hilda Phillips.  Did they come to Chautauqua County?  If so, did they die here or did they too go to West Virginia?  Any information welcome.  Jamestown.

C2  ALLEN  My grandfather George Arthur Allen was born 10 April 1821 in Chautauqua County.  Where?  On 21 May 1843 he married Julia Cordelia MOSES in Erie Co., PA.  Whose daughter was she and what were her dates?  They lived most of their life around North East, PA.  HE was in the Civil War; killed 29 Dec. 1864 at Alexandria, VA.  Served in Co. K 145 Regt. PV.  Please help me.  GHE Colorado.

C3  BRUMAGIN, Simeon born 1829 at Summerdale outside of Mayville, died 3 June 1907 in Lakewood.  Had two sons, Perry and Burdete who went to Oregon and two daughters, one m. a Cornell, the other m. a Mallen.  Want name and dates of Simeon’s wife and children.  Where is Simeon buried?

C4  POWERS.  Want parentage of Rev. Simeon Powers, a Baptist minister from West Cornwall, CT who came to Harmony in 1816.  His daughter, Fanny, m. Dr. Ebenezer Pratt who was a physician, teacher and scholar in Bradford Co., PA.  His wife was Polly Goodyear.  Would like to have parentage and dates for Polly and data on this family, especially, Fanny.  OA Marion, Iowa.

C5  WHEELOCK.  Fenton wishes to see Bible records and family records on this family.  Eliab Wheelock born 21 July 1785 married Ruth Blackman born 22 April 1780.  We have been unable to find their graves.  They died in Town of Poland on lot 39.  Can anyone help us?  We need their death dates.  Their children were:  William F. b. 16 Nov. 1808, Adaline b. 19 Oct. 1810 m. Elijah DeVine, Warren E. b. 4 Dec. 1812, Orren E. b. 2 Jan 1815, Horace C. b. 1 Oct. 1817 m. Lydia Walker, Eliza A. b. 3 April 1824, Francis Henry b. 20 Sept. 1826 m. Nancy J. Dewey. Francis Henry 1826-1904 & wifre Nancy Jane (who? also need her dates) both buried in Levant Cemetery.  Apparently no stones, need information about both.  Andrew their son born around 1850 married Laura Lindquist who died in Town of Poland 5 July 1895 aged 35-5.  Both buried Levant.  No stones.   Need dates.  Was told he married a second time and she also was named Laura.  Who was this Laura?  Grateful for any Wheelock information.  Trying to write up a family history on Wheelocks.


B90  DERBY, Morris was born 25 Dec. 1817 at Montpelier, VT, died in Busti and was buried on lot 6 grave 3 of the village cemetery.  There seem to be no dates for him.  Doesn’t anyone know?  He married (1) Miss Button by whom he had two children, one of whom, Charles, died in infancy.  He married (2) her sister Evelina A. Button born 17 Aug. 1832 died 1 March 1869.  She has a stone in the Busti Cemetery.  Married (3) Polly (Tanner) Bohall widow of James Bohall by whom she had Hutlett (?), Fern who married John White of Busti, Frank and George.  Would like to hear from descendants of these Bohalls.

B90  DERBY.  Through Mrs. Florence Miller of Jamestown we received a great deal of material on the Derby family and on Luther POWERS, son of Rev. Simeon Powers of Harmony.  From Mrs. Ethel Kranking of Magnolia we received material on Bohall.  We thank these ladies and are compiling a short history on each family.

B91  PRATT-BUEL.  Amanda Farrel Buel was the mother of Aurelia Buel wife of Anson Wyman Pratt, oldest son of Horace A. & Minerva (Wyman) Pratt.

B92  COWDEN.  According to Clayburne Sampson’s records and to descendants, Emogene Cowden Brown was the daughter of Ephraim  & Mary Ann (Hapgood) Cowden but Wallace H. Cowden of Warren says that the Hapgood Genealogy he owns says she was Mary Ann Wilson, daughter of Joel Wilson.  If so, why is she in the Hapgood Genealogy?  We wonder if he miswrote it.  There was no Joel Wilson in Ellery but there was a Joel Hapgood who died in 1883 aged 81.  His wife Susan Harrington lacks dates.  Can anyone supply them?

B93  ROUNDS.  From the Gregory records and cemetery headstones we find a Milo Rounds born 21 June 1828, died 24 Sept 1865, aged 37-8-3, a Civil War veteran, son of Reuben Rounds born 14 March 1796, died 25 May 1850 and wife Anna Gregory born 22 March 1804, died 14 Nov. 1887.  All are buried in the little cemetery outside Lander and variously known as Pond Cemetery, State Line Cemetery, and correctly, Maple Grove Cemetery of Lander.

B93  ROUNDS.  Mrs. Rose Rounds Thomas says that her father was Milo Rounds born Clearfield or Deerfield, PA in 1902 son of Joseph & Viola (Wilson) Rounds.  Joseph lived in Youngsville, PA and at Rounds Corners near Lander and Milo thinks that when he was very young the family lived for a while in Busti.  Joseph was the son of Milo & Asa Rounds who lived at Rounds Corners.  His brothers were Horace, Warren and Wilbur.  Question:  Is this Milo the Milo who died 1865?  We did not find Milo’s name in Presidents, Soldiers & Statesmen which lists the Civil War veterans of Warren Co., PA.

B93  ROUNDS, Milo.  Mrs. Rose Rounds Thomas has connected the various Rounds we discussed last month and is compiling quite a Rounds record.  But we have heard from another Rounds family.  Jewel Rounds Lanphere took us to talk with her father Oran Rounds who was born in South Valley, Cattaraugus County, the son of Aaron Rounds and wife Rena Bentley who was the daughter of Arnold Bentley of the Town of Randolph.  She died in the Pierce Run section of South Valley when Oran was three days old.  Aaron had brothers Lane and Ted.  There may have been others and possibly sisters.  We want to learn more about this Rounds family.  Perhaps Aaron was closely related to the first Milo Rounds.

B94  Jewel’s husband told us that our friend Mr. Smith of Fredonia had the Lanphere family records.  Perhaps he has the records in it of Jonas Lanphere (Lampheare) of Busti and Hanover.  Both Miss Marguerite Lee of Florida and Mrs. Lieb of Houston, Texans are  looking for Jonas Lampheare records.  His name is spelled differently in various records.

B96  HARMON. From the Volusia Cemetery:  Luther Harmon died 29 May 1856 aged 86.  No stone for a wife.  Luther D. Harmon died 24 July 1860 in the 60th year of his age.  Mrs. D. Harmon 1810-1893 (probably wife of Luther D.).  Eliza Harmon on same Stone as Mrs. D. 1834-1888.  Martin Harmon 1838-1916 and Marian his wife 1844-1886 and on the Tillinghast lot is Phebe S. Harmon, wife of Martin 1843-1923.

B96  FELLOWS.  We sent her a photostat of p. 411 from the Town of Portland by H.C. Taylor 173 and some records of Revolutionary Soldiers who are probably ancestors.

B100  AMES.  We had two letters on Edson Ames.  He moved first to Little Valley and later to Ellicottsville where "He died early and Clementine died in old age."  The daughter’s name was Laura.  She married Robert Cross and lived "back East."  She died in 1910.  Her son lived in Springfield, MA and was president of a bank.  Clementine died about 1920.  Both she and Edson are buried in Little Valley.

B100 AMES.  Last month we told you about Edson Ames being buried in Little Valley Cemetery.  That must have been Edson Jr. We had a letter from a lady who attended Edson Ames funeral and the service at the cemetery and she states that it was held in Sinclairville and he was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery there.  She had no dates for him or his wife.  If anyone has them please contact us.

C4  POWERS  Sent her p. 440 from Young’s History of Chautauqua County and tombstone dates from Panama Union Cemetery.  Rev. Simeon Powers died 13 Nov. 1842 aged 73-8-12 and his wife Polly died May 1859.  Her stone was sunken so we do not know her age.  Fenton would like to hear from their descendants.


PRATT, Capt. Hiram, died 1814, will probated in Cambridge, Washington, Co., NY Sept. 1814. His wife Rachel (ALLEN) Pratt died 6 Feb. 1872 and is buried in Magnolia Cemetery;
*.They had 11 PRATT Children Their son Hiram *Abiff (*ABEL)Pratt died 23 July 1886 in Fredonia at the home of his sister Mrs. Harriet (*PRATT) Lossee.(*12/25/1813-5/15/1909 in Magnolia) He is buried in the Westfield Cemetery with wife Minerva (WYMAN) Pratt and possibly a second wife Nancy Pratt 1806-1855. Buried on same lot is Minerva's mother Abigail (DEMING) Wyman who died 28 Feb. 1842. Want information on these people. Are there any descendants in Chautauqua County? (*He was Hiram A. Pratt son of Capt. Hiram Pratt and Rachel Allen) (Abigail DEMING was the wife of Benjamin WYMAN))

Probably not; He had come here for a visit and died; this branch of Pratt seems to have all gone west; Hiram A Pratt b March 05, 1807 died June 23 1886 in Westfield at the home of his sister, In 1836 he was supervisor of public works in Barcelona NY. He was born in Cambridge Co Ny and after retirement from work in Chautauqua, went to Minnesota to his son, Hiram was supervisor of Chautauqua in 1852 he was visiting his sister and the Chautauqua Institute when he died.
Dolores Davidson, 2001. (

Query same page and family;
B91b PRATT. Amanda (Farrell) BUEL who died 13 Sept 1883 in Fredonia is buried on the same lot as Hiram A PRATT . Who is she? HRT, Idaho Falls.

She is the Mother in Law of Anson Wyman Pratt, son of above Hiram Pratt and Minerva Wyman; Her daughter, Aurelia Adelaide BUEL b 4/8/1834 d 1913 in Everett WA, married to Anson Wyman PRATT son of Hiram A. May 6, 1856 at Mayville NY. Also here is another 2 wives of Hiram A. one is Nancy KESSLER b 1806 died Dec 14, 1856 buried Westfield this lot; and another wife, was Mary Goodrich b Barcelona, but I am not sure where she is buried; This PRATT lot with a large monument is in the old section of Westfield Cemetery near the right treeline just off US Rte. 20
Dolores Davidson, 2001. (

B92 - Answer;
JOEL WILSON HAPGOOD 6 (Asa5, Asa4, Thomas3, Thomas2, Shadrach1), born April 21, 1802, at Fairfield, Vermont; married, September 1, 1830, at Carrol,Chautauqua County NY New York, Susan HARRINGTON, born in Whitehall, New York, August 18, 1808. Settled in Ellery, Chautauqua County, New York, and became an extensive and wealthy farmer and fruit grower. He died October 21, 1883, and his widow died at Buffalo, New York, October 8, 1889
II. Mary Ann HAPGOOD (NOT WILSON) , born November 19, 1834; married, December 19, 1851, at Ellery, Ephraim COWDEN, born November 18, 1824, at Kiantone. They resided in Ellery where he died January 30, 1888. Mary Ann (HAPGOOD) COWDEN d. Mar. 18, 1921 at her home on Alburtus Street in Bemus Point. both are buried at FLUVANNA Cemetery
1. Emogene COWDEN, born January 22, 1853; married, October 10, 1868, at Ellery, Romatur BROWN; a farmer.
2. Louise Mary, born June 12, 1855; married, December 25, 1870, at Ellery, Eugene SCOFIELD ; a farmer.
3. Ernest Joel , born August 13, 1858; married, October 29, 1890, at North Warren, Pennsylvania, Mary LOTT resides in North Warren; a doctor.
4. Morris Wells, born June 28, 1861; married, March 8, 1895, Blanche OLMSTEAD ; resides in Gerry, Chautauqua County, New York; a doctor.
5. Grant, born November 14, 1864; resides in Ellery; a cheese maker.
6. Charles George , born March 15, 1867; married, March 10, 1895, Effie Newville; resides in Ellery; a teamster.
7. De Forest, born October 29, 1870; resides in Ellery; a cheese maker.
8. Mark Finley, born November 10, 1874; resides in Jamestown; a book-keeper.

B100 - Answer;
Edson was buried in the Sinclairville Evergreen Cemetery and he and his wife Clementine were reburied by their son DeHart Ames in the Rural Cemetery in Little Valley, NY. There is also some incorrect information on his daughter Lora.
Edson David Ames born October 14, 1840 in Town of Charlotte on the Ames Farm. He died May 06, 1915 in Ellicotville, N.Y. He served with the 154th Vol Reg. for three years during the Civil War. His parents were Clarissa Edson and David Hardy Ames. He married Clementine Carolyn Hart on January 01, 1868 at the home of her parents Louhamah Abbey and Thomas Hart in the Town of Charlotte. Clementine was born September 18, 1946 Ellington, N.Y. and died September 21, 1941 in Ellicotville, N.Y. They were buried in the Sinclairville Evergreen Cemetery where both their parents were buried. About 1947 their remains were removed by their son DeHart Ames to the family plot in the Rural Cemetery in Little Valley, N.Y. They had 5 children Adelbert 1869-1943, DeHart 1872-1955, Guy 1873-1957, Allen 1875-1962 and Lora Ames Cross 1880-1960. She married Charles Cross of Conn.and lived in Ridgeway, Pa, Springfield MA and St. Petersburg, Fl. They had two sons Robert and Adelbert. Robert 1911-2001 was a banker in Springfield Mass. Adelbert was a Aviation Engineer 1917-1981 and lived in California. EAJ was Elizabeth Ames Johnson 1901-1989 the daughter of Guy Ames.

Mark Peebles, 2002.

SOURCE: Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series.  From the Jamestown Journal 25 April 1970, compiled and written by Edna Ingham.