NORTH HARMONY, NY (Panama-Stedman Road)

About two miles north of Panama on the Panama-Stedman Road at the old Baker School House Corners were two small cemeteries.
The old Stannard farm cemetery lay on the northeast corner across from the school.  The other was across the road.  Under the sumacs, were John and Eunice Phelps and three of their sons.:

PHELPS, John, born June 11, 1792, died March 9, 1867
PHELPS, Eunice A., wife of John Phelps, born Feb. 18, 1789.
PHELPS, Sylvester, died Aug. 7, 1847.
PHELPS, Levi, son of John and Eunice Phelps, born June 21, 1826, died Nov. 18, 1872.
PHELPS, Philo, son of John and Eunice Phelps, born Sept. 15, 1821, died Jan. 3, 1867.

We were anxious to find out who the Phelps were and who might have been interred on the Stannard farm so we went to the court house and looked up the land records and probate records.
The probate dated July 23, 1894 says Freeman S. Stannard died intestate July 26, 1889, in the Town of Harmony and his land, comprising several lots, were inherited by his tow sons, Sheldon and Martin.  The northeast corner where we think the cemetery was located was deeded to Feeman by John Dunn and others and by Hannah Stannard.
We have found the name Hannah Stannard in the 1855 census as aged 70, born in New Hampshire and living in Harmony 32 years.  We are inclined to think she was his mother.  In the same census was Freeman S. Stannard age 40, born in Madison County, and living in Harmony 31 years; his wife Harriet, age 38, born in MA and living in Harmony 16 years; Sheldon was 15 and Martin 12.  The Stannard boys were eccentric. Floyd Darrow in his book on the History of Harmony speaks of them and says that they had been known to drive into Jamestown in mid-summer with wheels on one side of their wagon and sled runners on the other.  Sheldon later taught school.
We have been unable to put together a lineage for the Stannards.  In the many deeds recorded at Mayville we found the following names:  Alanson bought land in 1855; Elijah bought land in 1838; Elizer in 1839; Hannah in 1841; John in 1832 and 1835.
The administration of the Phelps family was fascinating reading.  Their son Sylvester had married and had a son, William.  John had promised the farm to Willie if he would come and live with them and take care of them.  Willie agreed but he got married the first of the year and changed his mind. John was cross about this and greatly disturbed for Euniceís welfare.  HE offered the farm to his nephew John H. Phelps, son of his brother Isaac, but John H. declined saying he had his own farm over in Sherman and his own aged parents to care for.
On the morning of his death, a neighbor, James Pease, a justice of the peace, stopped by on his way to work in the woodlot.  Mrs. Phelps wanted a doctor for him.  John wanted his will to be drawn up and Mr. pease took down what he wanted to do about the property and came back in the afternoon with the legal papers ready for Johnís signature.  He says that he and Mrs. Pease, his wife, old Mrs. Phelps, Levi, Mr. Green, John H. Phelps of Sherman and Alsena Blackmer were all present at the signing of the will.
To his grandson Willie he left his pew in the Presbyterian Church in Panama and his hoss stall there; to his wife Eunice and son Levi all his real estate and chattels as long as they should live and then the same estate, etc. given and devised equally to these relatives here he names.  Euniceís sister Sarah Graham and her children, her niece Mary Cornish and Marice C. Green, then to his grandson and his nephews and nieces.  John H. Phelps of Sherman was appointed executor.
About five years ago we had a query from a woman saying her neighbor was hunting for John and Eunice Phelps. Had we ever found their graves?  We wrote what we had found out and back came a lot of genealogy.  John was the son of Eliakim and second wife Elizabeth Davis and Eunice was the daughter of Eleazer and Kalate (Bartlett) Alvord.  She took the family back into the 1500ís. All she had lacked were the death dates for John and Eunice.


C27  MAYBEE, Hiram was the first husband of Nancy Lenos, daughter of William and Lana (Becker) Maybee of Ellery.  He had a son William born Nov. 4, 1861 or 63 in Jamestown who married Alvera Katherine Post and lived in Scott, Wis.  Want birth and death of Hiram and his parentage.

C28  BROWN-WILCOX.  Almon Brown 1836-1934 married Mary Jane Wilcox 1846-1927. His parents were Alexander Brown Jr. and Lucy Hoard and were of Fluvanna.  The Wilcox family was of Harmony. Who were the parents of Mary Jane?

C29  PEARSON.  In Nov. 1828 at Mayville, Thomas Pearson born 1802 in England, married Catherine ___ (who?).  They had a son Thomas Moody Pearson who was naturalized at Mayville in 1864.  What were the date of Thomas Moody Pearsonís birth and death?  This Thomas Moody has a son Thomas Richard who married Margaret Lyon.  When and where was Thomas Richard born?

C30  MILLER.  Dexter Monroe Miller was born May 7, 1831.  Where?  He married in Pomfret March 31, 1854 Juliette Chambers who was born in Westfield Sept. 2, 1838.  He died at State Line, PA April 12, 1877. His father was Walter Miller.  Who was his mother?

C31  STEARNS of Arkwright or Villenova. Want dates and burial place of Benjamin Stearns and wife Electa Halstead.

C32  STANNARD.  What was the maiden name and death date of Harriet, wife of Freeman S. Stannard?  She was dead when he died in 1889.

C33  STANNARD.  Who were Hannah, Alanson, Elija, and Elezer Stannard?

C34  COBB.  Want death and parentage of Hattie Cobb wife of Fred White 1859-1901 of Arkwright.  Did she remarry after Fredís death?

C35  ROOD.  Norman Lewis Rood 1815-1903, son of Miles & Patience (Parks) Rood married 1837 Amy Rebecca Clark 1822-1901, daughter of Elisha and Julia Ann (Wellsworth) Clark.  Of their 9 children some were born in Charlotte and younger ones in Cherry Creek in the 1840 and 1850ís  Need ancestry of these people.


C32  STANNARD.  We have had several calls and letters about this family and were referred to two people who could tell us a great deal.  We have been just too busy this month to contact them but plan to do it after the holidays.  The Mayville Sentinel lists the following death:  Died in Harmony 5 Feb. 1891 Harriet Stannard wife of late F. Stannard.  Burial was in the Potter Cemetery.  Since the two sons, Sheldon and Martin are buried in the Chautauqua Cemetery we concluded it was once named Potter.

SOURCE: Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series.  From the Jamestown Journal 28 November 1970, compiled and written by Edna Ingham