BUSTI, NY (Lawson & Sandbury Roads)

The Knapp Cemetery is in the town of Busti at the junction of the Lawson and Sandbury Roads.  In May 1811, the Rev. Palmer Phillips settled on lot 11; Levi Jones settled on lot 12 to the north; and in 1825 Jarius Buck settled on lot 19 adjacent to lot 11 on the west.  John Buck Jr. settled on lot 29 north of lot 19.  Xavier Abbott took lot 10 in 1824.   He probably faced the Sandbury Road.
In 1811 Busti was still a part of Harmony.  Palmer Phillips was elected supervisor for Harmony in 1816, which office he held until Busti was set off in 1823.  He was the leader of the First Methodist Class formed in Busti by Elder John Lewis, and he and his wife and two sons Joseph and Daniel, were among the original members.  His son Daniel became a preacher and located in Sugargrove where he died in 1851 at 42.  In Feb. 1812, one Joseph Phillips bought from the Holland Land Company a part of lot 11 on which Palmer Phillips was located.  Unless son Joseph was much older than Daniel, this Joseph must have been a brother of Palmer.  In 1944, on the Phillips lot, was a large base but the stone for it was missing.  This could have been for Joseph and wife Almira.  We do not find them elsewhere.
Peleg Benson and Chileon C. Washburn came to Chautauqua County from New Salem in 1819.  They stayed a year, probably to build cabins, and then returned to Massachusetts for their parents and families.  Consider Benson, a soldier of the War of 1812, and his wife Hannah Torrey Furrington and William Washburn, a Revolutionary War soldier and his wife Hulda Clark.  Three of the Benson children married children of William Washburn:  Peleg married Hannah, his sister Judith married Erastus, and his brother Sacson, married Luania.  There are no stones ehre for Consider and Judith, but they must be here.  Nearly all the rest are in Pine Hill Cemetery, Falconer, Alfred Benson of South Main Street, Jamestown is a descendant and gave us his records.
The Bensons and Washburns lived in the town of Carroll and later in and around Falconer.  We were amazed to find these graves here.  The Jamestown Journal in the issue of March 9, 1831 gives:  "Married in Carroll on the 3rd inst by Samuel Cowan, Esq. Mr. Peleg Benson and Miss Hannah Washburn."  Incidentally, when the body of William Washburn was exhumed and brought to Lake View and put in the Soldier’s Circle perhaps they mad a mistake.  The stone is that of his son Chileon.
Quoting from the Whitney Family of Connecticut by S. Whitney Phoenix 1878, Vo. I. Page 324: "Xavier Abbott born Danbury, 30 June 1783, son of Ezra and Ruth (Morehouse) Abbott of Milton married at Milton, Dec 1804 Elizabeth VanNess born Milton 3 Nov. 1784, the daughter of John and Martha (Whitney) VanNess."  Xavier and Elizabeth settled in Westmoreland, NY; moved to Newburgh, NY; April 1815 to Dover, NJ; and in 1824 to Busti where Xavier died 10 July 1865 and Elizabeth died in the town of Ellicott (probably at home of son Ezra) 9 May 1874.  "She was buried beside her husband at Busti."  In the issue of Wed., Feb. 27, 1833 Jamestown Journal is this:  "Died in Busti on the 24th inst of a lingering illness Mr. Ezra Abbott a Revolutionary War Soldier, in the 77th year of his age.  He left an aged consort and a numerous circle of friends to mourn his loss.  He was a native of Ridgebury, CT.  Editors of newspapers in Rutland, VT and Danbury, CT and of the Commercial Advertiser of New York will confer a favor on the friends of the deceased by giving the above a place in their papers."
We have scoured the town of Busti and all cemeteries surrounding Sugargrove (there are so many Abbotts there) but have found no trace of their graves.  Are they in this Knapp Cemetery as they should be?  Their son Ezra who married Mary Bush, daughter of Heman, was so solicitous that he exhumed his tow infant children from the old cemetery where the James Prendergast Library now is and put them on his lot in Falconer.  He brought his sister Emily Berintha from Little Cooley, PA and put her on his lot.  Why was he so remiss in providing for his parents and grandparents.  Could all four stones disappear?
One son of Xavier, Harvey, and one daughter, Alba Cinda, who married John Stevens, are here, also herer is the first wife of his son Whitney.  She was Mary Eleanor Lopies, daughter of Isaac and Roxana (Gibson) Lopies of Ellery.  Whitney married (2) Martha Southwick and moved to Battle Creek.  He spent 10 years in Richardson County, Neb. and in 1876 was living at Neodesha, Kans. Xavier had two other daughters; Melissa born Morris Co., N.J. 6 Dec. 1822, married Charles F. Temple and lived in Sugargrove and Emily Berintha, born in Busti 25 May 1827, married 5 oct. 1851 Francis Herrick and lived at Little Cooley, PA.  She died 7 May 1876, and is buried on her brother Ezra’s lot in Falconer.


A94  STICKLAND, Wanted (1) a list of the children of Marinus Strickland and wife Julia Lucas with dates of birth and death; (2) What religion was he? (3) Where was he married?  (some of his children were born around 1850) (4) Is there a family Bible listing this family?  (5) Is there a family crest?  (6) Marinus was the son of Samuel Kelley Strickland and Pamelis or Amelia Waltz.  They are buried in Cottage, NY.  What is the name of Samuel’s father?  Understand he came from Cherry Valley in Otsego County, specifically Salt Springfield.  (7) Is there a Revolutionary service in this family? (8) Marinus taught penmanship.  Where and when?  (9) I understand there were 11 ministers in the family.  How can I find out who they were?  Some of the Stricklands came in to Chautauqua County.  PH

A95  NEWTON, John, wife Sally Loomer, came to Busti 1832 from Norwich, NY.  They had 5 children.  One was Wm. M. who married Prudence C. Barber.  Who were the others?  What are the birth and death dates for John and Sally?  Note from Fenton:  John is buried in grave No 1 on lot 167 in the Busti Village Cemetery without a stone.  No data on records.  MPL

A96  BARBER, Elihu, wife unknown, was a resident of Town of Poland.  They had a daughter Prudence C. who married William M. Newton.  Wanted dates for Elihu and also for his wife and her name.  Wanted names and dates for other children of Elihu.  MFL (see answers)

A97  ATWOOD, Solomon Heath, born town of Tryingham, Berkshire Co., MA.  Married Canaan, NY (?) 2-7-168.  Betsey Strong of West Stockbridge.  Lived Egremont, Berkshire County til 1811 when they moved to Victor, Ontario Co., NY.  Served in the War of 1812 from Victor.  Between 1829 and 1837 he moved to Harmony.  His hymn book is dated "Harmony 1837."  Their farm was on the south side "of the road a mile or so east of Niobe and on the road running east and west through it."  (Is this near Cherry Hill—Kortwright?)  In their old age they went to the town of Busti to live with their daughter Amelia who had married Edward Handy.  They lived where there is now a golf club (Mapelhurst).  There Betsey died, 24 March 1872, and was buried in Tillotson Cemetery near Niobe.  Solomon went to Michigan to live with his son, Alfred Stron Atwood at Alma.  He died there 24 Nov. 1874 and is buried in the Riverside Cemetery there.  Query—where was the birthplace of Betsey and when was she born?  Answer from Fenton:  Betsey was 87-0-20 when she died according to her stone so she must have been born 4 March 1785.  From another genealogy I recall that West Stockbridge was either 2 or 4 miles from Stockbridge and all records were kept at the Stockbridge church.  Betsey Atwood Wilbor was her daughter.


A95  NEWTON-LOOMER MPL:  John and Sally Loomer Newton lived on the Burton Road in Busti across the ravine from the present Carroll Blodgett farm, then the Hoyt farm.  Among their children was Dr. Oman Newton. His wife was Fidelia (Delia) Blodgett, born March 22, 1829, died May 24, 1918, the daughter of Cephas and Sally (Hughes) Blodgett of Ellicott and Poland townships.  Fedelia married (1) David Conic of Falconer area, (2) Dr. Oram Newton (3) Nathaniel Hurlbut (Blockville Cemetery, who died Sept. 3, 1873)  (4) Aaron Scranton Jr. of Farmington Twp., Warren Co., PA.  Delia is buried in the Foster Cemetery at Lander with Aaron Scranton Jr. Oman and Delia were the parents of one child, Meigs Charles Newton.  In later life he went by the name of Charles  but older people including his mother called him Meigs.  The writer thinks that the 1855 census lists Delia and Meigs as lving with the John Newtons so that Dr. Newton is thought to have been dead by 1855.  Delia was from the Falconer area.  Further information on this family is in the Warren public Library under the "Starrett Records."  They were provided by Ida Starrett Newton, second wife of Charles Meigs Newton married (1) Laura Scranton, daughter of Aaron Scranton Jr. by Aaron’s (1) wife Mary Cady.  After Laura’s death he married Ida Starrett by whom he had a son named John.  Charles lieved on the Jackson Run road, Warren County between Sugar Grove and North Warren.  He inherited the formulas for extracts and medicines developed and peddled by his colorful grandfather Cephas Blodgett.  Amng hem was "Blodgett’s Balm" which Charles advertised in the papers as "the greatest little pain killer of the age."  Advise querist to look for probate records for John Newton at Chautauqua County Court House.  May list the children.  RCL

A96  Elihu C. Barber was born at Williston, NY 1 Feb. 1799, died Poland, Chaut. Co. 21 Jan. 1873.  This is on his stone in the Myrtle Cemetery at Clark’s Corners.  Beside him is Elizabeth wife of Elihu Barber born 27 Oct 1802 died 8 March 1893.  Elizabeth should be recorded in the town clerk’s records.  Mrs. Lauretta Hansen, Kennedy, NY 14747.  Believe the charge is one dollar.  Be sure to ask Mrs. Hansen to include the parent’s names.

EMS quoting the 1881 Chautauqua County Atlas and from family records:  Hiram E. Knapp, a school supervisor, bought the Palmer Phillips farm in Busti which is the one by the Knapp Cemetery.  His children by his first wife live in Warren, PA.  He married (2) Mary Ann McKinley (Williamson) Matthews widow of John Matthews.  He was the son of Lorenzo Matthews buried in the old Frank Settlement Cemetery.  John is buried in the Busti Village Cemetery and  Mary Ann beside him.  By John she had Elizabeth Jane Matthews, a long time corsetiere in Jaemstown and Anna who married Dexter Mead of Busti.  Anna lived in the Knapp home for a while after her marriage.

PHILLIPS, Ethel was a man.  The Storams were Negroes and Sidney Wills is listed as a Negro in the census records.  There was abolitionist activity in that area and these people may have been involved with it.  RL

SOURCE: Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series.  From the Jamestown Journal 28 December 1968, compiled and written by Edna Ingham