BUSTI, NY (Baker Street Extension)

The regrading of Baker Street Extension is cutting in close to the old Wilcox Cemetery which was on the rear of the former Homer Firth farm now owned by Ivar Carlson.  The home of Norman Martlett is in front of it facing Baker Street.
We talked with Ruth Wilcox Terhune, daughter of the late George Wilcox whose parents, grandparents and great grandparents are buried here.  He does not think the cemetery will be disturbed since there is a row of houses separating the cemetery from Baker Street.
Nearly all the stone are in rubble and many have disappeared.  We first heard of this cemetery when the late Mercy Dye VanVlack (Mrs. H.G.) phoned us and said her son had just lugged home a stone from there.  Some playmates had thrown several stones over the embankment into the creek and each had taken one home, but since they were heavy some of the boys abandoned their stones along the way.  The path home to Royal Avenue would likely be along the present Howard Street which was then not cut through.  If anyone living along this route knows of the location of these stones please phone us at the Fenton Mansion.
Stephen Wilcox was born in Rhode Island and served as a corporal in Captain Heacock’s Company from Dutchess County, New York, in Col. James Vanderburg’s Fifth Regiment New York Militia. His name appears on the army pay roll dated 23 September 1778 at which time he was but sixteen years old.  In 1782 he married Sabra Palmer born 15 Oct. 1862, daughter of Jonathan Wyatt Palmer and wife, Jemima Satterly.  Stephen and Sabra came to Busti in 1815 with their seven children.  The remains of his shaft can still be seen although the top is gone.  Their seven children were:  Stephen Jr., Eunice who married John Steward of Harmony, Ephraim, Abel, Alfred, Lura who married Edward Akin, and Roxanna who married Adin Russell.
A year ago Carmen Missildine of Des Moines spent a few days with us looking for her Palmer and Penhollow families.  Her family records stated that Jonathan Palmer, brother of Sabra Palmer Wilcox, and his wife Ruth Wilcox, daughter of Whitman and Patience Kenyon Wilcox, were buried in this cemetery.  No stones exist for them and we had not known that they were there.  Through Willard Ayres of Busti, who had the copy of the Palmer family made by Sabra Palmer Wilcox we were able to help Mrs. Missildine prove her Palmer, Wilcox and Stearnes lines.
Cyrus Fish came to Chautauqua County with Stephen Wilcox and Henry Baker.  Cyrus was born in 1762, probably in Stonington, CT.  In 1778 at the age of 16 years he enlisted as a drummer boy on Captain Stanton’s Company and served until 1781.  After the war he married Bridget Jones at Groton, CT.  Her father is said to have been one of the solider who was at Lexington in 1775.  They came via Albany and Unadilla Forks to Busti where he died 25  Jan. 1816 aged 54.  His wife died 17 Jan. 1819, aged 51.  According to Hazeltine’s "Early History of Ellicott" p 402, Cyrus and his wife were buried in this Wilcox Cemetery.  When Lake View Cemetery was established his was one of the bodies exhumed and brought there.  He was placed in the Soldier’s Mound with other Revolutionary Soldiers.
The Jamestown Journal for 21 Nov. 1862 tells of a fatal accident:  "Jonas Cloyce, an old resident of the Town of Busti, a farmer, was killed on Saturday afternoon by the running away of his ox team and throwing him out of his wagon to the ground.  He was unconscious when taken up. He was 61 years old and leaves his family."  Young’s History of Chautauqua County p. 326 says that Hannah, daughter of William Smiley Jr. and wife Hannah Wilcox married first Arnot B. Hopkins and secondly Jonas Cloyce.  She was a resident of Busti.
Young also says on p. 343 that the first bridge across the outlet in Jamestown was build by Rufus Landon in 1814 and a later one was erected in 1825 by Henry Morgan and Jonathan Spencer.  This would be the Jonathan Spencer whose wife Bethiah is buried here.  He may also be here or he may have remarried and be buried elsewhere.
The stone of Draper (?) Brown was joined together like a jigsaw puzzle.  We would be glad to have a correct version if there are descendants who can tell us.
Something happened to our questions in the August issue so we are printing them here with a few additions.  We like to hear from you about these questions so please phone or write us if you can help.


C8  DUNHAM-VANGAASBEEK-SHAVER.  William Dunham settled in Chautauqua County near Portland in 1816.  He built the first saw mill there and was instrumental in forming the Methodist Church there.  William had a dau. Lucy who married Matthew P. VanGaasbeek who was also an early settler in Portland.  In 1828 Joseph Shaver (Shaffer) settled in Portland and his son Joseph Harris Shaver married Elizabeth VanGaasbeek dau. of Matthew and Lucy (Dunham) VanGaasbeek.  Want data re this family.  Pleasanton, Texas.

C9a  THOMPSON, Robert and wife Elizabeth (Donaldson) Thompson moved to Westfield when their two children Alice and Henry were young.  Robert and Eliza are buried in Westfield.  In what cemetery?  Did Henry remain in Westfield?  Did he marry and raise a family?

C9b  MCGINNIS, Alice Thompson born 13 June 1854 in Painsville, Ohio married 17 Sept. 1873 Hugh A. McGinnis born 26 March 1853 in Westfield, son of James & Ann McGinnis who emigrated from Ireland and settled in Westfield.  In what cemetery are James and Ann buried?  When did they die?

C10  HOUSE, Betsey Francella was the first wife of (James) Duane Glidden.  She is buried in Forestville, think in the Pioneer Cemetery in section nearest Forestville.  Who were her parents?  San Jose, Calif.

C11a  FOX, Charles J. died Jamestown 1876 aged 66.  He married in Carroll in 1832 Clarissa Mason.  Whe were her father and mother?

C11b  FOX, Oscar 1876-1916, their son m. (1) Sarah Jane Griffith.  Whose dau. was she?  (Couldn’t find her in History of Fluvanno-Griffith family).

C11c  FOX, Sarah Jane divorced Oscar Fox.  Did she remarry?  Her children were:  Wellington, Henry and Mrs. Augusta Perry of Bradford and Mrs. Mary Kensel of Jamestown.  Would like to learn more about these children and their descendants.

C11d  FOX.  The father of Charles J. Fox was Joseph S. who died 1832 on the St. Clair River, Michigan where he was a ship builder. His wife Olivia made her home with son Charles in Jamestown.  She was 88 in 1876 when he died.  She had sons Horace and Albert living in Frewsburg.  There is no record for her in Lake View or in Maple Grove of Frewsburg.  Not listed in Fentonville or Ivory either.  When and where did she die and where is her grave?  Cayahoga Falls, OH.

C12  Wish to contact these people or their descendants:  Mrs Carrie Huttenbacher of Mayville and her sister Mrs. Alice Piancoo of Buffalo, daughters of Mrs. Evaleen Burnell who died 16 June 1944. Mrs. CA Powell of Florida has some family momentoes for you.  Phone or write Mrs. Ingham.

C13  NICHOLS.  Desire information about Dudley Nichols who in 1850 lived in Charlotte with wife Mary and dau. Zora.  Wish date of death, maiden name of wife and parents of both Dudley and Mary.  Are there any descendants?

C14a  BULLOCK.  Searching for Bullock family data, especially for Almina Melvina (Stone) Bullock and Mary (Stone) Bullock Ames.  The Bullock and Stones were of the Cherry Creek area.

C14b  NARAMORE.  Also want to contact descendants of Emma Elizabeth (Stone) Naramore and husband Marvin Naramore, son of William and Arvilla (Bullock) Naramore and grandson of Reuben & Anna (Muncy) Bullock.  Anna died 23 July 1898 in Bradley, Clark Co., South Dakota.  The Naramores were also of the Cherry Creek area.  Would appreciate any Naramore information.  San Jose, Calif.

C15a  Does anyone have a copy of "The Descendants of Charles Glidden of Portsmourth, Exeter, NH" complied by George Walter Chamberlain and edited by Lucia Glidden Strong?  Mrs. Ingham would like to consult it.

C15b  GLIDDEN, Daniel C. 1806-1875 of Jamestown married Almira Steward 1817-1886 of Panama.  Their children were Eunice who married James H. Ransom and went to Ottawa, Kansas; Leona who married Dr. Frank D. Ormes; Amos born about 1849; Gilbert d. 1850-1927 m. Clara Wheaton; and Helen who married a Winsor.  What happened to Amos?  We have no information at all.  Whose dau. was Clara Wheaton?  What Winsor did Helen marry?  Are there any descendants of Helen Glidden Winsor?  Whose son was James H. Ransom?  When was he born and when did he die?  Eunice had a dau. Myra who m. Byron Bennett 13 Nov. 1884.  Is anyone in Chautauqua County in contact with her descendants? Mexico, Missouri.

C16  LANGDON, Frederick born 9 Aug. 1856 of Kennedy married Elizabeth A. Smith at Clear Crek 27 March 1878.  She was the dau. of Philip & Nancy J. Smith of Clear Creek.  Is Phillip the one who died 6 Sept. 1896 ae91, born Providence, RI?  If not, when did he die?  And when did Nancy die?  Howell, Mich.

C17  FULLER.  Want parentage of Zera Fuller of northern Chautauqua County who married Betsy Ackler (or Ackley).  Both buried in the Webster Street Cemetery near Fredonia.  Want birth and death for each.  Texas.

C18  LAKE.  Want information about Nathan Spencer Lake born about 1825 in Chautauqua County died 19 April 1875, in Pomona, CA, m. Caroline Hatch born about 1825 in Chautauqua County, died in Pomona.  Who were their parents and who were their children?  Mrs. JM, Bakersfield, CA.

C19  PEEBLES.  Wish to contact descendants of Harvey Peebles of Arkwright who was still living in 1840.

C20 BARTOO.  Wish to have birth and death dates of Anner Bartoo, dau. of John Bartoo 1794-1867 of Forestville.  WFL, Eden, NY.

C21  CHAPMAN.  When did Lemuel Chapman 1780-1842 come to Harmony?  He later moved to Bear Lake, PA.  CEG, Lebanon, PA.

Dr. Charles E. Gardiner who visited us in late August and who asks the above question 21 gave us a great deal of Chapman family history and also his Gardiner line.  Mrs. Leonard of Eden sent us some Bartoo family history.  Mrs. Herrick of Pueblo, Col, sent us some Marshall-Kidder data and Frank Schruts of Ashville just brought us the same data with some additional information.  He also gave us a map of Blockville, numbered by lots and the lot owners.  We copied this cemetery in 1962 so now we are putting the lot numbers on our cards.  The October articel will probably have queries about people buried there. May lots have no markers.


C9a  THOMPSON, Henry was born 19 Dec. 1846 and moved to Westfield with his parents when about 6 years old.  Henry built a house at 29 Wood Street in 1869 for his bride Lydella Smith.  She died about a year later and is buried on the Smith lot in the Westfield Cemetery.  He married (2) Elizabeth Wing and they ahd two children, Robert H.D. and Ruth E.  Robert went to Fort Worth, Texas and had one son Robert Jr. who may still be living in that area.  Ruth worked for many years in Friendship House in Buffalo, later going to Florida where she engaged in similar work.  She is buried in the Melrose  Cemetery , city unknown.  Henry married (3) Ida Marie Simmons Crouch who had one daughter Hazel Crouch.  Henry died in 1935 and Ida in 1945. He and the last two wives are buried on the Thompson lot on the west side of the Westfield Cemetery.  PHW.

C11  GRIFFITH, Sarah Jane divorced Oscar Fox and married Mervin J. Taylor. Both are buried in Lake View Cemetery.  GTL.

C12  HUTTENBACHER.  We heard from the daughter of Mrs. Carrle Huttenbacher and have given her the address of Mrs. Powell in Florida who had some family mementoes for her.

C14a  BULLOCK.  There was a family history of the Bullocks written by Rose Bullock Bascom.  The address was given.

C14a  BULLOCK.  We were able to get a copy of the Bullock records by Rose Bullock Bascom and will be forwarding the data to our lady who is writing a book about the Stone-Bullock family of Cherry Creek.

C15b  RANSOM-GLIDDEN, Eunice Glidden married 1862 James H. Ransom, born 15 Nov. 1836, sono f Dr. Willard Ransom of Harmony and wife Maryette Briggs of Poland.  Willard was the son of Cyrus born 16 April 1771 who came from Laurens, Otsego Co., NY in 1825 and settled on lot 37 in Harmony.  Cyrus was the son of Thomas and Sarah Alger Ransom, who were living in Pownal, VT when Cyrus was born.  They later moved ot the Mohawk Valley.

C19  LANGDON, Frederick, married Elizabeth Smith daughter of Phillip M. Smith of Clear Creek who died 6 Sept. 1896 age 91.  He was born in Providence, RI and is buried in Clear Creek Cemetery.  His wife Nancy Hamilton Smith died in Calif. 22 Dec. 1915.  She is buried in Calif. Either in the Riverside or Pasadena Cemetery.  Philip and Mary were my grandparents.  PSS

DAVIS in Wilcox Cemetery.  The 1860 census of Busti shows Galusha Davis age 26 and first wife Lucy.  The 1892 census shows the second wife Anna W. age 44 born England.  MG

BROWN.  Fred Root says his great aunt Brown is buried in the Wilcox Cemetery but can give no details.  We went through his Root family records but could find no female who married a Brown.  Perhaps it is on the maternal side.

SOURCE: Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series.  From the Jamestown Journal 26 September 1970, compiled and written by Edna Ingham