BUSTI, NY (Kortwright Road)

We had come across the Wellman Road from the Boomertown bridge and had reached Kortwright Road.  Ahead was no twenty foot embankment towering over the road.  Gone was the farmhouse across from the embankment.  That was a wooded area.  The long meadow once sweet with wild strawberries had a house on the corner at the crossroads.  In back was all brush and trees.  What twenty-five years had done to this area!  The road was shifted and regraded.  The embankment was a mere eight feet.  Wintergreen Cemetery was still there but only three stones remained erect.
Mr. George Fowler has never known who Jared Tillison was.  We had conjectured about the name.  Was it a poor spelling of Tillotson?  Kortwright Road leads west to Niobe, the home of Tillotson.  (Remember the Tillotson Cemetery in the Sept. 27, 1969 issue of the Saturday Magazine?)  The Marsh and King families are unknown to us but through the years Way data has trickled in.  Some came while tracing the Eggleston family of Harmony.  Mrs. Eggleston on the Hoag Road happened to mention that her great grandparents, Hiram and Amanda (Way) Woodin were buried without stones in the Town of Busti in a little cemetery called Wintergreen.  Amanda’s mother was Betsey but she didn’t remember the name of Betsey’s husband.
In the September 1965 issue of Tree Talks, a quarterly magazine issued by the Central New York Genealogical Society, it lists a John Way from Litchfield, CT and a Revolutionary Soldier, who was married 10 Jan. 1788 at Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY to Mary (Polly) Morse (or Moss) at the home of Landon Reuben, also a Revolutionary Soldier, and Polly came to Busti via Herkimer County in 1912.  John Way, however, passed us by.  He settled at Angelica, Allegany County, NY.  When he applied for a pension in 1831 he mentioned relatives John Way (Jr.) of Angelica and Mary Landon of Pine Grove, Warren Co., PA.
If one uses a state map which shows a little of Pennsylvania, one can see that the Wellman-Kortwright Corners is only one mile from Sugargrove.  The maps do not show all the small dirt roads but just south of Kiantone between Sugargrove and Lander are three or four small desterted cemeteries.  One of these is the Fairbanks Cemetery.  It contains Squire Phillips, a Revolutionary Soldier, and the Houghwout grandparents of Robert H. Jackson, among other, but of interest to us are three Way graves.  Timothy Way died 31 Jan. 1879 aged 77-3-13, his wife Nancy Borthwick born 20 Jan. 1802, died 18 July 1894, and Orrin Way who died 9 Feb. 1860 ae 25 yrs., probably a son.
In tracing the Gregory family of Russell and Chandlers Valley we found a Willard Way who married Isora Gregory, daughter of Ezra of Russell.  We would like to learn more of these Way families and how they are connected.
During the Buffalo blizzard we were marooned in a Buffalo hotel biting our nails because the library was closed due to the storm.  But when it reopened on Saturday morning our friend Mr. Kidder was there.  He is writing a history of the Kidder family and he had spent his time photostating the Chautauqua County branch for our Fenton Library.  We came home with photostat copies of the Brewster line of the Fargo family, the Drake family early of Mayville but later of Ellery, the Rogers family of Forestville.  This last needs updating for the last couple generations.
We want to correct a very serious error in our December copy.  When it was called to our attention we hastened to our original copy but found it correct.  Marie Antoinette Fargo, 9th child of Dr. Samuel Fargo, was born 17 April 1833; married David Ostrander; died 27 Sept. 1918 and is buried in the Gerry Hill Cemetery.  Her sister, Mary Theresa, was born 2 May 1835 in Gerry and died 11 June 1913.  She married Henry Starr and they are buried in the Gerry Cemetery.
Some Fargos are under the impression that Mahala, wife of Enos Preston, was a Barber.  Her death record in the Gerry Town Clerk’s book in Wyoming County, NY, daughter of William and Rebecca (Hartley) Clark.  She is buried in the Gerry Hill Cemetery.  There was a whole century error in the death for Carl J. Sander.  He was born in 1840 and died 1914.
Leon Niles of Stockton says that John Chrowe did live at Chrowes Corners and his son John Jr. also lived there.  They are not in the Chrowes Corners Cemetery.  We found an obituary in the Journal for a Mary Chrowe, widow, aged 73, born in Ireland and died 12 June 1888, daughter of Martin & Mary (Duffy) Cunningham, buried in Jamestown.  Would she be the wife of John Chrowe or no connection?  She is not in the Lake View Cemetery on North Main, in the Northwest section of Lake View but has no connection with it.  SS.  Peter & Paul Catholic Church say that many of their early records were burned and they have no record of Mary Chrowe.


The lady who put in query A104 re Turner is back with another query.
B73  TURNER.  Was Elder Asa Turner the first pastor who organized the Baptist Church in Ellery Centre the father of William Turner, a pioneer in Ellery and grandfather of John P. Rinus and Isaac Graham Turner?  CHS, Boulder, CO.

B74  RANSOM, Cementha was born 5 April 1801, died 3 Sept. 1880, buried in Dry Brook Cemetery, wife of Norton Bill.  Where were her parents?  Where did the Ransoms come from?

B75  a. FORBES, Mary Ann, born 14 May 1816, died 21 June 1845 dau of Aaron and Betsey Forbes of Town of Poland.  Was Aaron the son of Aaron & Lois (Hills) Forbes of East Hartford, CT?  JLT Houston, TX.  b. What was Betsey’s maiden name and names of her parents?

B76  HOISINGTON, Daniel 1804-1886 early settler of Arkwright?  Who was his wife Mary 1802-1880? Both buried in Burnham Hollow Cemetery.  Who as the Hoisington Bible?  Fenton.

B77  HUTCHINS  Want infor on this family.  Asenett Hutchins married a Mr. Hoag and in 1836 moved to Perry, Lake Co., OH where Mr. Hoag died.  She then married John Hawkins in 1841 and died in childbirth in 1843.  B.B. Greenville, CA.

B78  OLMSTEAD, Justus W. died 1 May 1876, age 77.  Want dates for his wife Almeda Gifford.

B79  BUTTON, Squire is bired in the Pioneer Cemetery at Ellington.  He died 5 Oct. 1854 age 59.  He is buried in the extreme rear corner in weeds and poison ivy.  There seems to be only his son Sylvester with him.  According to the 1850 census his wife was Lovica born about 1803.  What was her maiden name and when did she died?  Is she buried on the lot?  Their children were William 1826, Jane 1830, Laura 1832, and Sylvester 1839-1861.  There is no mention of these children in Ellington records.  What happened to them.

A80  COWDEN, William, a Revolutionary Soldier is buried in the Cowden Corners Cemetery on Rte 83 not far from Laona.  His wife was Sarah Crawford but there is no stone for her nor for any children.  Want dates for her and parentage for both.  Are there any descendants in Chautauqua County?  There was a Robert Cowden who came from Madison County in 1811, and an Andrew J. Cowden born 1852 married in 1877 Locicy Ann Weaver daughter of Walter Smith Weaver.  What relation if any are these two men to William Cowden?


Wintergreen Cemetery
The Libestadt’s who presently own the land on which this cemetery is located generously loaned us their search to copy.  As the property was sold through the year it carried a clause:  "excepting and reserving the burying ground of half an acre of land near the southwest border."  The deed of Abram and Anna M. Woodin of the Town of Busti proprietor and owner of the following described burying ground, Liber 40 of Deeds p. 304:   "Conveys all that certain piece of parcel of land lying in the Town of Busti, aforesaid, being a part of lot 33 Town 1 Range 1w, being known and described as the burying ground lot, 8 rods by 10 heretofore fenced out as reserved in a deed this day made by Abram and Ann M. Woodin to Hiram L. Barton."
So the burying ground must still belong to the estate of Abram Woodin.  Or does it in time revert to the County?  An interesting question.  The only Abram Woodin listed in the Woodin Family records is Abram born 3 October 1809 and died 23 November 1860 who is said to have moved to Michigan.  He was the son of Jeremiah Woodin 1786-1872 and wife Martha Walling 1793-1861, who came to Warren County, PA in 1816.  They lived in Lottsville until 1820, then moved to Sugar Grove and then to Busti where he settled on the northern part of lot 41.  Jeremiah died in the Town of Harmony.  He possibly lived there with a child after the death of his wife.  They are buried in the Busti Village Cemetery.

WAY – There has been a great deal of interest in this family.  Quite a number of people have phoned or written us.  RupertLoucks was one.  He gave us the name and address of a man from Gary, Indiana who was here a few years back looking for Ways.  We will contact him.
We had written to Miss Mary Elizabeth Way in California asking if our Chautauqua Ways were in her new book on the Way family.  She said no but she had received the mildewed manuscript of Charles Granville Way which was not published.  She is in the process of deciphering it and copying it.  She gave us quite a bit of information—too much to review here—and she corrected our data of those in the Wintergreen Cemetery.  We spent Wednesday in the Warren Historical Society Center and copied Way data which corroborated what she had written us.
Betsey Way was the daughter of Timothy Way and wife Mollie Baker (or Barker) who were married in Pittsfield, MA 1778.  She was born January 1791 and was a cripple.  The charts do not show a marriage for her.  Amanda Way who married Hiram Woodin was the daughter of Chauncey Way born 1813 in Cayuga County and wife Sophronia Trask born 1834 dau. of Elziah and Azuba (Farlin) Trask.  We have not yet found the burial place for Chauncey & Sophronia.  They are ing the 1870 census of Busti although the records say they were residents of Sugar Grove.  The Warren Historical Society has copied all the cemeteries in Warren County.  We searched those in and near Sugar Grove but did not find them and there is no record or any stone for them in Busti.  We are interested too in Elziah Trask.  Silas Trask is in the Busti Cemetery.
William Way in the cemetery 21 March 1822-24 March 1854 was the son of Alvin and Louisa Slayton (see Slayton query).  He married Catherine Purdy born Clymer 9 Oct. 1846, dau. of Silas Purdy.  James D. ad Diana L. the children of F &  L Way were the children of Alvin and Lois (Way) Way  We must have misread the A for an F.
And strange to say, we had a letter from a lady in Springfield, NY asking about Alvin and Lois (Slayton) Way and her people.  Fortunately we have the Slayton Genealogy in our library and can help the lady out nicely.  See partial answer to B83.

GRAVES.  We received the Graves data we spoke of in our last article.  It says Henry and wife Charlotte Woodworth Graves were born and married in Canada.  Six of their children were born there.  They then moved to near Meadville where six more were born.  Another report says that Henry was born in Germany and lived several years in Onondaga County.  He served in the War of 1812 under General Perry.  His mother lived to the age of 110 (she being remembered by some of the older ones of today – written 1927).  It goes on to say that they resided for a while in Athens in Crawford Co., PA and had in all twelve children, all of whom are named and spouses and children given for each.  One son was Abraham Kightlinger Graves who married Lydia Lovina Toby.  They had a daughter Christine who married ___ Hopkins and had a son William Hopkins who died in 1900 and a daughter Minnie M. who died in 1879.  Abraham and Lydia lost three daughters by diphtheria May 18 to 27 1863.  They are believed to be buried in the Graves Cemetery.  One Jennie (think a daughter of Abraham) married William Burch the father of Ross Burch from whom we received this data. There are four typed sheets of data.
We are interested in the 110 year old mother.  Did she die in Crawford County or is she here in the Graves Cemetery?

CHROWE.  Last month we spoke of a Mary Chrowe.  We found her grave in the Gerry Hill Cemetery.  There are no other Chrowe stones listed in Clayburne Sampson’s records.  Her husband must be with her.  Who as the records for this cemetery?

B77  HUTCHING-HOAG.  The History of the Town of Portland mentions a William and Mariah Hutchins and among the children is an Asenath.  We didn’t find any Hoag family in Portland.  We are still looking for Asenath’s marriage to a Mr. Hoag.

B80  COWDEN.  From Clymer we had a letter suggesting we read the Tales of Early Fredonia by Ellen E. Adams published 1931, pages 72 through 74.  In it is mentioned a William Cowden which she believes is the Revolutionary Soldier mentioned in the Query.  It also speaks of a son Robert Cowden and a grandson David, both of Fredonia.  Fenton does not have a copy of this book.  Who has one to loan us?
From Cherry Creek another lady writes that Lovicy Weaver who married Andrew J. Cowden was a cousin of her mother.  Andrew kept a clothing store in Fredonia.  She mentions, too, a David who lived near Fredonia in the early 1900s who had Jersey cattle.  She said there was a Levi Cowden living near Laona.

B80  COWDEN.  Two readers responded to our plea for a copy of Tales of Early Fredonia.  Mr. Vern Nagle of Panama brought a copy in for us to read and Mrs. Shirley Wilcox of the Cherry Creek-South Dayton Road offered hers.  We are most grateful to both of them for being so kind and cooperative. The book is very informative.  Does anyone have a copy they would donate or sell to the Fenton Library.  According to the book on pp. 72-74, William Cowden, father of Robert had come to Arkwright to visit him.  Robert had set a bear trap and the two went to see if anything was in the trap.  As they drew near, they could hear the infuriated howls of the bear.  The excitement was too much and William Cowden dropped dead from a heart attack.  Now we know why his wife is not buried with him but we don’t know from whence William came.  Robert came from Madison County but his father might never have left New England until this visit.

SOURCE: Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series.  From the Jamestown Journal 31 January 1970, compiled and written by Edna Ingham