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Miss Clarissa, died 4/7/1864 age 78/2/23

CLEMENT NOTE:  I noticed that you had listed under Clement a son born to John and Annabelle on July 11, 1930.  This is wrong information.  It was a girl born on that date (she would have been my sister) and my mothers name was Annette Putnam Clement. She was the daughter of Fay Putnam.  Both my parents (John and Annette Clement) are interred also in that cemetary.  Mother was born May 11, 1907 and died March 1978. My dad was born Nov.27, 1904 and died Jan. 17, 1987. - John Putnam Clement

AKIN NOTE:  I have been involved with Akin family research for quite a long time.  I notice what I believe is an error in the listing of the Centralia Cemetery for Gertrude (Putnam) Akin, w/o George Morris Akin.  While I agree with the dates of birth and death that are posted, I disagree with the posting of her parents names.  Your site has: "dau of Gilbert Putnam and Thankful ROGERS".  I believe that she was actually the daughter of Charles Brown Putnam and Mary Ann (Hoag) Putnam.

As a source, I cite the 1870 US Census for Stockton, Chautauqua, NY, p. 707 on Ancestry.com.  It clearly shows Gertrude Putnam, age 7, living with her parents, Charles and Mary Ann Putnam.  My other source is the manuscript by Lois Akin Schultz entitled, "Some Akin Cousins", p. 93.  Lois was a major Akin genealogist who spent considerable time in Chautauqua County and all over New England documenting the Akin family is a 350-page manuscript, a copy of which I believe is in the library in Fredonia.

Source:  Robert Larry Akin, 2008 ]

SOURCE: Compiled by Dee Davidson. 2000