CARROLL, NY (Robbins Hill Road)

The Graves Cemetery in the Town of Carroll is no longer "abandoned." Recently [1999] it has undergone a complete restoration.  A local Boy Scout undertook the renovation of the cemetery as a project to attain the rank of Eagle Scout. It is now in excellent  condition with regular maintenance to be addressed in the future.

Abraham Kightlinger Graves   b 6/12/1821  d 1/15/1890  (Founder of Graves Cemetery).  Left provisions in his last will & testament, to set aside the plot of land 6 rods square  to be used as the family cemetery.  Many burials had taken place before that, but it hadn't been incorporated as a cemetery until his will on 1/14/1890. This must have been near a death bed request because he died the next day.

Graves cemetery had appx. 25-30 burials, beginning in the mid 1830's.  An attempt is being made to reconstruct them from family records & town of Carroll Town Hall.   To present with certainty they are as follows:

Ruth Mary Burch                     b.  7/20/1928     d.  7/20/1928
Gertrude Jennie Burch             b.  11/23/1917   d.  12/12/1918
Betty May Burch                      b.  8/14/1933     d.   8/14/1933
Martha Ada Burch                   b. 11/27/1934    d. 11/27/1934

Minnie Melissa Hopkins         b.  7/26/1870     d.  4/15/1878
Lucille Hopkins                       b.  9/30/1898     d.  10/17/1898
William Ulysses Hopkins Sr.  b. 11/10/1867    d.  4/14/1900
William Ulysses Hopkins Jr.  died as infant, date unknown

Mary B. Graves                       b. 7/6/1849       d.  5/27/1863 diptheria epidemic
Melissa Lovica Graves           b.  6/18/1847     d.  5/27/1863 diptheria
Arvilla Edna Graves               b.  4/4/1851       d.  5/18/1863 diphteria

Helen Haskins                         date unknown

Abraham Kightlinger Graves  b. 6/12/1821      d. 1/15/1890  (Founder of Graves Cemetery)
Lydia Louissa Graves             b. 5/4/1823        d. 2/24/1884 (wife of founder)

William Abraham Graves       b. 1/10/1854      d. 5/6/1918 (Cenotaph*)

*Cenotaph - indicates an empty grave, with the stone erected in honor or memory of a person buried elsewhere.

SOURCE: Compiled by Phil Baker, 1999.  [Thanks for all your hard work on these families, Phil!]