GERRY, NY (west side of Route 60 about 2 miles north of Gerry.)
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The Methodist Episcopal Church in Gerry was the first religious association and was formed about 1819 by Elder Jonathan Wilson.  In 1828 a deed was executed by the Holland Land Company of 100 acres on lot 53, appropriated for religious purposes to James Scofield, William Alverson and Stoddard Cannon, Methodist members, as trustees.  It was the first church in the Cassadaga Valley.  Adjacent to it a public burying place was set apart.
The old church has long since disappeared, and the earnest, faithful fathers who built it sleep in the burial spot where the church, so dear to them, was reared.  Of the builders of this church and early members whose influence was so long felt in Gerry, (once known as "Vermont" from the many early settlers from the state of Vermont), are buried:  James R. Alverson; his wife Damaris; his brother William; James Heath; and Gilbert Strong, age 92.  Here are buried also John McCullough; James Langworthy; Robert Lenox; David Strong; David Cowden; and Susannah Woods who died June 15, 1873 age 100 years, 8 months and 22 days.
When the Church merged with the Methodist Church of Sinclairville, the meeting house went into disuse and was destroyed by fire.  (Centennial History of Chautauqua County Vol. 2 p.585.)
This record of burials was copied from records of the late Clayburne B. Sampson, known as CBS.  Mr. Sampson had no record for David Cowden.
In 1961 the cemetery was full of poison ivy and overgrown with briars.  About two years ago the Town of Gerry cut the brush and now gives it some care, but undoubtedly the poison ivy, rampant just now, is still there.
This old burial ground is located on the west side of Route 60 about 2 miles north of Gerry.  Persons believed or known to be buried in the cemetery are:


A-11  Whose wife was Damaris Alverson who died Dec. 1, 1879, age 71, buried in the Gerry (village) Cemetery?  Whould she have been a second wife of Jonathan Alverson?

A-12  What happened to Stoddard and Polly Cannon?  We don’t find stones for them in any cemetery.  When did Levi die.  Child or adult?

A-13  Does anyone have the Heath family records?

A-14  Does anyone have the death date of Cynthia St. John McCullough?

A-15  Can anyone clarify the Phelps stone?  We need first, name of Susan’s husband?  Please, someone, send us the children of Robert Jr. Lenox and name his wife.

A-16  Does anyone have death dates for David Cowden and his wife?

A-17  Samuel YOUNG father of Samuel Jr., David, Enoch and Zenas was and early settler in Ellery.  When did he die and where is he buried?

A-18  Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, mother of Esek, Joseph, William, George and David was born 1784, lived in Town of Chautauqua, died 1867, buried in Westfield.  She was a widow for nearly 30 years.  What was given name of husband?  What was the date of his death?  Where is he buried?

A-19  Where is the place of burial of Capt. Henry Mumford 1797-1879 and his wife, Lydia Thayer Mumford?

A-20  What was the relationship of the Cochran and Gulick families of Clymer?  Wanted:  the ancestors of Carlisle P. Cochran.

A-21  Daniel WING, a Revolutionary Soldier, buried in Clymer, had a son Daniel Wing 2nd, who lived in Clymer.  Wanted:  His wife’s name.

A-22  James PRICE of Mayville died 1829.  Was there a relationship between James and John Price of Portland?

A-23  Wanted:  The ancestry of Bigelow CUTLER and his wife Eve who are buried in the Magnolia Cemetery.  He died Jan. 12, 1867 and she died March 3, 1851.

A-24  Almon BEEBE, Revolutionary Soldier, was born May 7, 1750.  Where?  He died Feb. 21, 1830 in Clymer.  His wife was Eunice - born July 1749.  Who was she?  Are they buried in a Clymer Cemetery?  Wanted:  Parents of both.  Are there descendants in Chautauqua County?

A-25  In the Kiantone Vital Records there is a Joshua WILLSIE who died March 15, 1886, age 79, who was born in Mindon, Dutchess Co., NY, lived in Chautauqua County 50 years, son of William Willsie and Sally?  According to the death of a child, his wife was Adelaide Sheldon.  The records state that he was buried in MUD CREEK.  Where is Mud Creek?  The 1874 directory does not list him in Carroll, Kiantone, Poland, Busti or Ellicott.  The Wiltsie Family Records do not place him.  It would seem he must be the first born of William Wiltsie and Mary Hull, a year older than John Hull Wiltsie.  Can anyone identify him?  His daughter was Eliza A. Braley who died Nov. 23, 1906 and is buried in the Kiantone Cemetery on the Bradley Lot.


A-13  HEATH.  The complete Austin-Heath line was furnished by Miss Marion Hambleton of Jamestown.  The record has been placed in the Fenton Library.  We are trying to contact the local Heath families and bring the record up to date.  We also received the Hambleton line.  Others wrote in re the Heath line.

A-14 MCCULLOUGH.  I am writing in regards to CYNTHIA ST. JOHN MCCULLOUGH, wife of John McCullough, buried Hemenger Cementery, Gerry, N. Y. - question A-14 wants to know her death date.

According to "ESTATE BOND FOR DIVISOIN OF PROPERTY OF JOHN MCCULLUOGH, DECEASED" from Chautauqua County Courthouse - Cynthia St. John McCullough died January 22, 1876.  This division of property was filed by their son Thomas McCullough in 1878 and I have submitted it under the will section GenConnect boards of this web site.

Anita Stanford Bodman

A-17  YOUNG, Samuel, was born 1762 in Middletown, CT, died in Dewittville, July 17, 1848; married, 1786, to Elizabeth Hubbard Brainard; both buried in Dewittville Cemetery.  Children:  Samuel Jr., David, Zenas, Enoch, and Phebe.  Samuel moved from Connecticut to Vermont in 1793 and to Chautauqua County in 1816, settling on lot 54 in town of Ellery.

A-18  SMITH, Elizabeth, 1784-1867, was the wife of Abram Smith, born 1763, died 1831 or 1832, age 69 at Westfield.  Abram was buried in a plot on or near Raynor land near the Old Button’s Inn.  The plot was destroyed and the grave marker thrown near the Old Gorge.  They had five boys and five girls.  According to a grandson or Abram, Edward Smith who died in 1958, Abram married Elizabeth Harris, a daughter of an officer in the British army during the Revolution and the Smith family disowned Abram.  Tradition says Elizabeth was connected with the Peter Stuyvesant family on her mother’s side and that Abram, age 13, was with his father with Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain boys.  WGS.

A-25  WILLSIE, Joshua, was the gt. gt. Grandfather of one correspondent and the gt. Grandfather of another.  We hope to contact both very soon.  A visitor brought in the Willsie Genealogy for us to see, and we hope to have one in the library shortly.  We did see a few mistakes in the book and hope to correct them with the help of these two descendants.  Joshua, wife, and children are buried at Clarks Corners without stones and Clarks Corners is the famous Mud Creek.  Several readers wrote or phoned us this information.

A-26 WOODS, James married about 1789, Susannah McCullough who was born in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY Sept. 23, 1772, and died Jun 15, 1873, age 100.  Her father was a Revolutionary Soldier.  (Could this be Robert McCullough 1754-1811 of NYS who married Susannah Barbour?)  A son Samuel, born March 29, 1793 I Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, married Lydia Ingram, nee Chatfield, born Sept. 14, 1802.  By her previous marriage to ___ Ingram, she had two children, Dwight and Mary Ann.  Miss Woods who sent this letter, differs from the monument.  She says Lydia died in 1831 in Owego, NY, aged 29.  Samuel and Lydia Woods son Samuel born Sept. 9, 1831 in Springwater, Livingston Co., NY married (first) Harriet Wilson born Aug. 5, 1832 by whom he had a son J. Dell Woods, born June 22, 1854 in Gerry, NY and died there Feb. 19, 1946.  Samuel’s second wife was Eliza Scott.  J. Dell Woods married Viola Estelle, born Jan. 23, 1853 in the Town of Poland, daughter of Isaac Cobb (born in Gerry) and Nancy A. Tucker (born in Poland).  She died Dec. 22, 1932.  They were the parents of Miss Dora Woods.  Isabella Woods, daughter of Samuel and Lydia Woods, died single, according to the records of Gerry town clerk, and had lived in Gerry for 50 years.

A-27  SISCHO.  Omitted from the list of those in the Old German Cemetery, was Castle Sischo Sr. Born in Essex Co., NY and died in the Town of Gerry, Feb. 13, 1903, age 94.  A letter from a gt. Granddaughter called our attention to this omission.  We placed him in this old cemetery by this first wife, Anna whom the descendent thinks was a Barmore.  Do the Barmores have any data on this?  They had a son Castle Jr., born 1837 (no death date), who married Aurilla Cowden, born 1846 in Sherman.  She died in Gerry Nov. 24, 1904, age 68.  They are buried in the Gerry (village) Cemetery.  (VM)  Editor’s note:  Castle and Anna have two children buried in the Allen Cemetery on Willard Street Extension:  Rangelar died March 13, 1849, age 3 and Parmer died Jan. 12, 1849, age 9.

SOURCE: Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series.  From the Jamestown Journal 18 May 1968, compiled and written by Edna Ingham