This small family plot is on lot 59 in the extreme south-west corner of the Town of Cherry Creek.  Since so many of you like to go look at these cemeteries we will tell you how to find it.  Look at a map showing Sinclairville and Cherry Creek and you will see two roads out of Sinclairville joining at Thornton at the junction of the Cherry Creek Road.  It makes a rough oval.  The cemetery is on Route 85 soon after the junction.  It is on the left about fifty feet in from the road in the middle of a cornfield.  It is roughly ten feet square, a thicket of brush and small trees and there is a rusty wire fence lying on the ground.  We didn’t see any poison ivy, but it is a good place for it.
This farm was once owned by John Luce who bought it from the Holland Land Company in April 1825.  We found no stones for him and wife Sarah Smith but Clayburne has them listed in the Sinclairville Evergreen Cemetery and he also listed those we did find.  We have not checked the Evergreen Cemetery.  It may be that Mrs. Sampson placed them there so that the record would not be lost.
According to the death record of their son William Ryland Luce, sometimes called William and sometimes Ryland, his father John Luce was born in Canada.  Ryland always said, according to relatives, that he was next to the oldest of 13 children and that his father fell off a roof when he (Ryland) was quite young and he had to help support his mother and other brothers and sisters.  But when John Luce died in 1866 Ryland, born in 1831, was married and had four children of his own.  His death record firmly states he was a son of John and Sarah Smith Luce so there was something wrong with Ryland’s memory.  He died in 1900.  We have been unable to find out any information about Brigham Smith.  Sarah must have been his daughter.  Are there any Smith descendants besides the Luce family?  We have wondered about the Luce connection between Brigham’s wife Eliza Luce and John Luce.  Was she an older sister or his mother by a former marriage?  John Luce was born 5 May 1803 and died 29 Aug. 1866.  Sarah Smith Luce his wife was born 16 Feb. 1810, died 2 Sept. 1882.


B81  DEJEAN (DUJEAN) Searching for the parentage of Julian F. DeJean who I believe was born in Chautauqua County (Jamestown) on 27 April 1822.  I have reason to believe but cannot prove that his father’s name might have been Stephen DeJean, who migrated to Jamestown, NY in 1816 but removed to Waukesha, Wisc. In 1837.  Stephen DeJean married Cornelia Rouse about 1815 in Genesee County.  Are there any records such as birth, baptism, school, census or family histories in the Fenton Library that might give mention of Julian F. DeJean?  EA Sterling, IL.

B82  HOTCHKISS.  The Hotchkiss Association of CT is trying through Charles and Eva Hooker Hotckiss to get some data of Jeremiah and son Fordyce (and other children if any) who are buried in the Levant Cemetery.  Are there any descendants who could help?

B83a  SWAYTON.  "Your name was given to me by Mr. George Fowler of Niobe.  He thought you might be able to help me.  I desire information and death date of Reuben Slayton and family of Ashville who came here in 1811 and built a sawmill there."

B83b  SLAYTON.  "My grandfather was Kirk White.  His aunt Ann White married Richard Slayton as her first husband.  I would like to know who his parents were.  My third great grandfather was Col. Richard Cary, a Revolutionary soldier.  After the war he was in the linseed oil mill business with Reuben Slayton in Otsego County.  Reuben and Washington Slayton went to Chautauqua county after selling their land in Otsego at public auction.  I have old letters which mention Cornelius, George and wife Marcia, Horace and wife Lucy, Alonzo and James Slayton.  How do these people fit into the Reuben Slayton line?  MM Springfield Center, NY.


B81  DEJEAN.  From the Bible records of Elick Jones we found a Harriet DeJean 1809-1898 whom he married as a second wife in 1832.  The Bible states she was a daughter of Stephen and Cornelia DeJean.  Julian must have been a brother of Harriet.  However, Stephen must have married Cornelia Rouse much earlier than 1815.  If Harriet stayed behind when her parents went to Wisconsin in 1837 perhaps other children married and remained here.  If you have a DeJean in your ancestry, do contact us.

B81  DEJEAN.  We found a lot of DeJean records in Warren County Historical Society headquarters, but we could not tie them in.  They might have been children of another son of Stephen & Cordelia Rouse DeJean.  After listening to a fascinating talk by Ernest Miller the other night on "The Daze of Oil" I began to wonder if our Chautauqua County Mr. Rouse for whom Rouseville, PA is named, might not have been a brother or at least some relation of Cordelia Rouse DeJean.

B82a  SLAYTON, Reuben Jr. born 23 Sept 1780 in Brookfield, MA moved to Chester, MA with his parents and then to Springfield, NY where he settled at the head of Otsego Lake and where he married Lois Hutchins.
In 1809 he bought land in Chautauqua County at the present site of Ashville and built a sawmill.  His brother Thomas born about 1783 came with him bringing his family.  He had married about 1805 in Springfield, Clarissa Miller born 9 Oct. 1783.  Shortly after the Salytons’ arrival, Lois and Thomas both died approximately 1810-1811.  Reuben married Clarissa.  Clarissa had children by both marriages.  By Thomas she had Udolpho 1806-1834, Ezra 1807-1809, Clarissa 1809-1844 m. Samuel Brown, and Thomas Jr. 1810-1871 who never married.  By Reuben she had Washington 1812-1840, Sophronia 1814-1892 married Eliphalet Miller, Henry D. 1816-1885 married ___ Bentley, Ruth C. 1818-1877 married Cyrus Horton, Miller E. 1820-1854 married Martha Harvey, Maria 1822-1891 married ___ Hall and remvoed to Kenosha, Wisc., and James 1824-1856.  Reuben and Lois had Louisa born 23 Jan. 1803 married Alvin Way and had William, Lois, Freedom, Mary and David Way; William 1804-1873 married Miriam H. Wells.  Mary Ann 1806-1881 married Howard Blodget.  Charles D. 1807-1873 married Cynthia Kent.  Reuben the 3rd 1808-1833 a Baptist Preacher and Susan 1809-1875, an epileptic.

B82b  SLAYTON, Reuben Sr. born 30 May 1748 in Brookfield, MA, married Mary Moore about 1777.  He came with son Reuben to Chautauqua County but on returning to Otsego for his wife was taken ill and died.  His children were Washington born 27 Dec. 1778 who came to Chautauqua County but moved on to Conneautville, PA; Reuben Jr. whom we discussed in a; Thomas also discussed in a; Catharine born 1785, married Russell Ludington; Polly born Chester, MA, married William Smith; Susan born Chester, MA married Elijah Averell; Ruth born Chester, MA, married Cornelius Cary, son of Co. Richard Cary of Revolutionary fame who settled on "Cary’s Patent" at the head of Otsego Lake in 1785; had on child Hawley; James Born 1790 married Phebe Wood; and Sophia born 1800 in Chester, MA and married Isaac Marsh.
The eldest son of Washington and Dorcas Waite Slayton was Cornelius who was born 1800 and married Nancy Cary, daughter of Col. Richard Cary.  They made their home in Springfield, NY.
David Slayton, a brother of Reuben Sr., married Martha Thayer.  Their eldest son Amassa born Dec. 1761 served in the Revolution in Vermont militia.  He married Hannah Allen of Woodstock, VT and all their children were born there.  About 1815 he moved his family to Royalston, Niagara County and in 1825 he bought land on Lot 43 in the town of Busti where he died March 1833.  They had then children.  None of his brothers or sisters came here.
The Horace and George mentioned in the letter were sons of Washington and Dorcas Waite Slayton.  The James was the son of Reuben Sr. and Mary Moore and they had a son Alonzo.

B82  HOTCHKISS.  From Falconer we received the information that Jeremiah Hotchkiss pioneer in the Town of Poland came from Perry, Wyoming County, NY in 1827.  His children were Fordyce who married twice.  (Who were the wives?); Abner in the Town of Pland married Lucy Jane (Who?); Jeremiah Jr. at Dexterville married Louise (who?); Maria, widow of Alonzo Sears of Town of Poland and Charity the wife of __ Gifford.  She died in Busti.  We find no grave in the Town or Village of Busti but in the Bentley - Lakewood Cemetery are two large lots with many Giffords but also there are many unmarked graves on the lots though the cemetery records indicate that the lots are full.  Charity and her husband may be there.  Lakewood would welcome any information on any unmarked grave.  Gifford or others.


Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 21:08:35 -0500
From: Charles Hooker <>

The Hotchkiss Association of CT is trying through Charles and Eva Hooker Hotckiss to get some data of Jeremiah and son Fordyce (and other children if any) who are buried in the Levant Cemetery.  Are there any descendants who could help?

The Charles Hooker mentioned [above] is my Grandfather. He died in 1984. I have all his Geneological Research.  The surnames are Hooker, Hotchkiss, Hankinson, Mansfield, etc.

If I can be of help in the question listed or with other info based on the files I have, let me know.

Charles J. Hooker, III


ABNER HUNTINGTON, born in Norwich, Conn., as his sons testify, July 21, 1752; married October 15, 1781, Abigail, daughter of James Leavens, according to Mansfield, Conn., Town records, and in 1800 moved to New Haven, Vt. In 1817 he moved to Perry, N. Y., where he died January 8, 1819. He was a justice of the peace in Vermont. He was in the revolutionary war and was present at the battle of Bunker Hill. His wife died in January, 1795.
* 1. CHARLES, born April 21, 1783.
* 2. SOPHIA, born in August, 1785.
* 3. LUCRETIA, born in July, 1787.m HOTCHKISS, Jeremiah
* 4. DAN, born March 1, 1790.
* 5. MARIA, born in July, 1792.
* 6. ABNER, born December 20, 1794.
7. NABBY, twin with Abner.

LUCRETIA (HUNTINGTON) HOTCHKISS, born in July, 1787; married, in 1815, Jeremiah HOTCHISS , and lived in New Haven, Vt. (**And Chautauqua CO NY)
1. FORDYCE, born in 1817, and lived in Levant, N. Y. (Chautauqua Co)
2. ARNER, born in 1819, and lived in Levant, N. Y.
3. MARIA, born in 1821, and lived in Ellington, N. Y.
4. CHARITY, born in 1823; married, in 1855, a Gifford, and lived in
Levant, N. Y., where she died in 1857.
5. JEREMIAH, born in 1828; married, in 1853, a Miss Gifford, and
lived in Levant, N. Y. (Louisa)
Data Source
Huntington Genealogical Memoir
Jeremiah HOTCHKISS was born 22 MAR 1792 son of Elisha (*Rev War) and Lydia LEE Hotchkiss
In 1850 and Jeremiah SENIOR age 59 and wife LUCY (Lucretia)age 68 are in Poland Twp
also here is CHARITY Hotchkiss age 26
JERY is Jeremiah JUNIOR age 21
Live next door to FORDYCE 33
DeWitt 6
Henry 4 Children of 1st wife
Alva age 1 male of Sarah HILLS 2nd wife
Son Walter Dana must have died young

Other connected / RELATED HOTCHKISS
Addie Marion CASE 9, daughter of Frederick Wesley8 Case and Eunice Eliza DeWitt, was born in Waterloo, Iowa, March 10, 1863; married Waldo Jeremiah HOTCHKISS, Oct. 12, 1882; he was born in Jamestown, Chautauqua Co NY N.Y., March 17, 1855, and is a son of Fordyce H. HOTCHKISS and Sarah B. HILLS; is a farmer, and resides 3 miles west of Waterloo, Iowa, which is his post office address. Child:
1 Caro Relief Hotchkiss, b. Nov. 1, 1884.

FORDYCE Huntington HOTCHKISS b27 JAN 1817 d Buried LEVANT 11 JUN 1875 married 1st to Eliza COURSER 2nd to Sarah HILLS
children 1st wife;
Walter Dana HOTCHKISS b: 1842
DeWitt Clinton HOTCHKISS b: 1844
Henry Clay HOTCHKISS b: 1846 Is probably this Henry; Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 03 September 1864 at the age of 18. Enlisted in Company H, 90th Infantry Regiment New York on 03 September 1864. Wounded on 19 October 1864 at Cedar Creek, VA. Died of wounds Company H, 90th Infantry Regiment New York on 29 October 1864 in Baltimore, MD

With 2nd wife SARAH
Alva HOTCHKISS b: 6 MAY 1849 in Poland, Chatauqua County, NY
Millard Filmore HOTCHKISS b: 1851 (* 1880 census Poland Twp) married EMMA b ca 1854 Son FORDICE b 1877
Nelson HOTCHKISS b: 1853 ( Roscoe ? ) m Effie HUNT ??
Waldo Jeremiah HOTCHKISS b: 1855 * m Addie Marion CASE left for Blackhawk Co Iowa where he died 17 Mar 1932 age 77 Cemetery: ElmwoodTown: Waterloo Iowa
Charity Lucretia HOTCHKISS b: 1857
Charles Huntington HOTCHKISS b: 1861 still single in 1880 in 1920 in Poland Twp he is 58 he is married to Bertha 57 No kids in house
Ida May HOTCHKISS b: 1864
in 1880 SARAH is a Widow, head of house;
Charity , 23, Charles 19 and Ida 15 still at home
ABNER HOTCHKISS in 1850 Poland Twp he is 31
Wife LUCY is 23 No children listed yet *Nee WOODWARD)
in Levant Cemetery is this data;
Roscoe Hotchkiss 1854-1910 Son of Abner and Lucy Jane Woodward
Effie (HUNT) Hotchkiss 1857-1926 /7 /23

Jeremiah Hotchkiss JUNIOR R 1/26/1829 d 6/15/1893
Wife Louisa C . b 4/16/1834 d ? *(Nee GIFFORD)

Abner Lee Hotchkiss 1819-1911 (Son of Jeremiah and Lucretia (HUNTINGTON)
Lucy Jane (WOODWARD) Hotchkiss 1826-1859
ABNER married again to one ELIZABETH b ca 1829 ( 1880 census)
had Jennie ca 1861
Willard 1864

Large monument
Children of J (*Jeremiah) and L (*Lucretia)Hotchkiss
Fordice H. d June 11/1871 age 54-4-18
Abner L.
Charity, d Jan 16, 1857 age 33-3-14 wife of GIFFORD
Jeremiah (*JUNIOR)

Dewitt C HOTCHKISS son of Fordyce in 1880 is lving in Stockton in 1920 in Poland age 75 alone a widower;
1880 family;
Dewitt C. HOTCHKISS Self Male W 36 NY Farmer Father VT
Mother NY
Betsey Ann HOTCHKISS Wife Female W 40 NY Keeping House
Parents b RI RI
Minnie Bell HOTCHKISS Dau S Female W 11 NY
Henry A. HOTCHKISS Son S Male W 8 NY
Mary D. HOTCHKISS Dau S Female W 5 NY

DeWitt C HOTCHKISS served in the Civil War;
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 02 August 1862 at the age of 18 Enlisted in Company A, 112th Infantry Regiment New York on 04 August 1862. Promoted to Full Corporal on 01 January 1865 Mustered out Company A, 112th Infantry Regiment New York on 13 June 1865 in Raleigh, NC

many in this family are buried LEVANT Cemetery in POLAND Twp

Dolores Davidson, 2003

Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series. From the Jamestown Journal 28 February 1970, compiled and written by Edna Ingham.