Dolores Davidson, 2007
John C. Sheldon, 2007

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SOURCE: DAR Records; Jamestown Chapter, Jamestown, NY, copied by Miss Jane Carol Wood


ELLIS DOTY is the probable son of ZURISHADDAI DOTY and Mary Warner and a
Soldier of the Revolution, Pensioned in Chautauqua Co NY 1819, and served on
the MA line
Ellis Doty (Listed here but burial not known Soldier )
Rank: Private
County: Chaulauque Co. (** is Chautauqua CO NY)
Annual Allowance: 96 00
Sums received: 1433 80
Description of service: Massachusetts line
When placed on the pension roll: June 2, 1820
Commencement of pension: March 29, 1819
Laws under which inscribed, increased or reduced OR Remarks: Transferred
from Windham co. Vermont.

Asa, s. of Zurishaddai and Mary, Sept. 9, 1765.
Betsey, d. of Zurishaddai and Mary, May 23, 1773.
Chauncey, s. of John and Mary, Feb. 16, 1781.
**Elles, s. of Zurishadai and Mary, Oct. 20, 1762.***
Ezra, s. of Zurishadai and Mary, Sept. 28, 1760.
Henery, s. of Chance and Isabella, June 25, 1804.
John, s. of Zurishadai and Mary, Sept. 12, 1756.
Jonathan, s. of Zurishaddai and Mary, July 27, 1767
Molly, d. of Zurishaddai and Mary, July 12, 1769.
Moses, s. of Zurishaddai and Mary, July 2, 1758.
Oratia Gates, s. of Zurishaddai and Mary, Aug. 28, 1779. .
Doty, Ellis d. 14 Jun 1836 ; age 74 years, 7 months, 24 days
Doty, Hulda H. KILBY? d. 31 Mar 1822 ; age 62 years, 2 months, 25 days,
wife of Ellis

CADY, Sylvester died 17 Aug 1851
he was born about 1777 wife Abigail ADAMS b ca 1782 d 1835 1 known child
Sylvester Simon Cady born Chautauqua CO NY ca 1817 d 1904 wife Ann Eliza

CASTLE, John Castle, John b. 1821 d. 1910
born Ireland MARCH 1825 came to the US in 1851 his wife Mary also b Ireland
Jan 1828 came in 1858;
they by 1900 in Kiantone have had 5 children, 4 living
in 1880 Kiantone, John and Mary son Alexander, is 27, b Canada, Henry b NY
is 23 Robert b NY is 19 and Ella is 17 NY also in house 1880 is Joseph
ABRAMS or ABRAHAM 66 a brother in Law of John CASTLE born Ireland
Castle, Mary Abraham or ABRAHAMS CASTLE b. 1832 Ireland, d. 1908
their son Alexander CASTLE died 1937 in Kiantone
wife Maria GODFREY , 1 child
buried Stillwater Cemetery
Alexander A. 1853-1937
Maria GODFREY 1858-1925
Mary Francis, 1941-1942 probably a grandchild

SHELDON, Nelson listed d. 25 Dec 1868 ; age 18 years, 27 days he was in
fact 48 yrs old
born 28 NOV 1820 in Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., NY
Death: 25 DEC 1868 son of John SHELDON and Polly CARROLL,
Nelson was living in 1860 in Warren Co PA with wife Barbara Unknown and 2
children, Orlin and a daughter Sheldon, John Sr. d. 1 Jul 1880 ; age
93 years, 1 month, 3 days Sheldon, Polly d. 9 Apr 1850 age 59
years,wife of John Sheldon
Sheldon, Editha A. d. 6 Oct 1854 ; age 19 years, daughter of J. & P.
Sheldon ( John and Polly)
Sheldon, Anna M. d. 27 Mar 1869 ; dau of N. & ??? Sheldon (Barbara)

SLOCUM, Jonathan H. b. 1842 NY d. 1917 ; his father was JAMES Slocum
Kiantone settler also (Father) Jonathan served NY in the Civil War as a
Jonathan H Slocum ,
Enlistment Date: 09 August 1862
Distinguished Service: \Side Served: Union
State Served: New York
Unit Numbers: 1685 1685
Service Record: Enlisted as a Sergeant on 09 August 1862 at the age of 22
Enlisted in Company 7th, 1st SS Regiment New York on 12 September 1862.
Received a disability discharge Company 7th, 1st SS Regiment New York on 17
February 1864 in Alexandria, VA
HIs widow Eliza pensioned and died soon after
Slocum, Eliza I. b. 1847 d. 1917 ; (Mother)
SLOCUM, Gertrude, died d. 16 Feb 1881
born about 1874 Kiantone, Dau of Eliza and Jonathan

SOURCE: Dolores Davidson, 2007


I hope I can add some clarification and value to your Kiantone Cemetery Update:
I have traced my relations to John and Polly (Betts) Sheldon in Kiantone and have
a quite a references that are of value:
Anna M. Sheldon was the daughter of Hiram and Helen (Beardsley) Sheldon.  The family
migrated to Nebraska in the fall of 1870.  Barbara was not her mother.   See attached biographical sketch: - "Portrait and Biographical Album, Lancaster County, Nebraska"
Then select Sheldon, H.
Also, Listed in Hiram Sheldon household of the 1860 Federal Census for Kiantone, Chautauqua County.
Barbra Ann (Loucks) Sheldon (spelling on her death certificate) NYS #44074
Died 15 November 1899  69 yr  8 mo  8 days
Buried: Ashville Cemetery
Father: Henry Loucks
Mother: Margaret Loucks
In the Federal Census of 1860, Farmington, Warren County, Pa  they have a
household of:  Orlin L. and Adelbert S. and Maria R.
In "Mostly Ellery" by Virginia Barden (1993) there is entries for Barbara, Adelbert, Orla and
Mrs. Randolph Morse [Myrta R. Sheldon] under Sheldon, Barbara and Morse, Randolph. 
Polly Sheldon was (Betts) not Carroll (Carroll was the place name).  That is wrong in many places on the web.  See biographical sketch from
Nebraska.  Also the Betts surname is on Adeline Willsie (Daughter) Death Certificate.  She is buried with husband Joshua Willsie
in Myrtle Cemetery, Kennedy, NY.  Several of their children in Kiantone cemetery.
Hope this is not too confusing but wanted to help.  If you have questions of need hard copy of references
I would be happy to provide them snail mail.
John C. Sheldon
Orignally from Frewsburg, NY