On the Jesse Mansion Farm on the hill side is a small clump of trees in which is 1 small marker still standing.

1. Joseph, son of J. and E. Boorman, died March 2, 1857, age 1 year.

Down the road is where the Mayborne family lived. The house burned on Christmas day a few years ago. For a walk, face down were markers taken from the above clump of trees. Since the walk was bull-dozed over, there were only pieces of markers left.

1. Mary - dau. of C & M.

2. Margaret

3. ___ Maybourne d. Aug 2, 1853, age 22 years.

"Upon her lips sweet council develt
and in her heart pure love
and reigns with him above."

Mary Kidder tells me the Boormans went west and wrote letter to have the bodies moved into town on the Boorman lot.


John C. Mayborne 11-10-1862
Thomas S. Mayborn 6-14-1863
Charles Mayborn 8-12-1865
Hiram Mayborn 8-12-1865
Mrs. Joseph Boorman 5-1-1881
Mary Boorman 2-8-1897
Joseph Boorman 2-16-1899
Jeannie Boorman 10-29-1938
John Boorman 4-2-1900
Mrs. Richard Boorman 3-16-1890

The Maybourne Girls mother married Edwin Boorman.

[Note: Some of these dates are in varience with those on the Sherman Cemetery page.]

SOURCE: Article by Edna Ingraham.