CHARLOTTE, NY (Sinclairville-Cassadaga Road)

The Pickett Cemetery at the left angle turn on the old Sinclairville-Cassadaga Road in the Town of Charlotte is the burial place of some of our earliest pioneers.  Though it is enclosed by an iron fence and is kept free of brush and high grass, many of the stones are broken and are lying prone.  Many too, have disappeared.  It would be nice if some organization would "adopt" this cemetery and repair the stones as has been done in the old Pleasantville Cemetery near Dewittville by the William P. Jackway Veterans of Foreign Wars and its Auxiliary.
Amos Atkins, a soldier of the Revolutionary War, came to Ellery in 1808 and settled near William Bemus.  In 1810 he moved to the town of Gerry, was town supervisor in 1814.  As part of a surveyor team he selected a lot in the town of Gerry for himself and one for his brother-in-law, Stephen Jones.  Stephen Jones’ wife Clarissa died in 1844 and is buried in the old Gerry Cemetery, possibly because there was a church there.  But Atkins’ wife Clarinda died in 1815 and this was the first death in the town of Gerry which then comprised the present towns of Gerry, Charlotte, Cherry Creek and Ellington.  We believe that Clarinda, named in a cemetery list of 1930, is the wife of Amos.  Her stone was missing, as was his, when last we were there.  The person who copied the stones in 1930 made 18 known mistakes.  Young’s "History of Chautauqua County" says Amos and Stephen went to the far "west," but when the DAR copied the stones in 1925 for their book, "Soldiers of the Revolution buried in Chautauqua County," they included Amos Atkins, saying his stone had the words "A Revolutionary Soldier" written on it, but that they could find no verification of his service in Washington.
Caleb Clark, also a Revolutionary Soldier, served over two years in Captain James Norris’ Company, Second New Hampshire Regiment under Colonels Poor and Haley.  He took part in the battles of Hubbardton, the second battle of Stillwater and was at Monmouth.  He was also in General Sullivan’s expedition.  He moved at an early date from Colchester, Conn. To Exeter, NH where he married Lodoma Gage, 28 Feb. 1784.  They moved from there with their family to Exeter, NY, and from there to Chautauqua County, settling in Charlotte.  He and Lodoma had 12 children:  Clarissa, born 10 Sept. 1787; Adin, born 13 July 1786 (married Mehittie Palmer); Charlotte 1789-1795; Jacob Tilton born 16 June 1791; Chelal born 18 Feb. 1793; John born 31 Aug. 1794, died June 1826; Charlotte born 12 July 1796, died 1833; Polly born 21 July 1798; Harry born 24 June 1800; Orton born 20 June 1802, died 1868; Curtis born 11 March 1804; and Cyrus born 28 June 1805, died 1827.
John Cleland, a Revolutionary War Soldier, served two years under Captain Thomas, enlisting February 1778.  During his service he is said to have been an orderly to General Washington and to have seen considerable active service.  He lived in Plainfield, MA but was married in East Windsor, CT 27 April 1780 to Thankful Eaton.  In 1807 with eight children they moved to Otsego Co., NY.  In the spring f 1811 his sons Nathan and Oliver made the long trip of 300 miles to Chautauqua County where their brother John had preceded them in March 1810.  Being pleased with the land, they reported favorably to their father, and in the fall, John and Thankful brought their other children to join the three sons in what is now the town of Charlotte.  The homestead farm was on lot 54 just east of present Charlotte Center.  According to family records, John Cleland and his wife were buried in the Pickett Cemetery, a plot of ground given the neighborhood for burial purposes by John Pickett off the original Pickett farm.  John and Thankful had 11 children, two dying in infancy.  The others were:  Beriah born 15 Nov. 1781; Edna born 28 June 1782; Samuel born 14 May 1788; Thankful born 22 April 1790; John and James, twins, born 19 Feb. 1792; Oliver born 25 Oct. 1793; Nathan born 5 March 1795; Martin born 10 April 1797.  In 1810 John was but 18 while Oliver and Nathan were 17 and 15.  Very young to make a 300 mile trip through almost trackless woods and to decide that the land was favorable.  The Cleland brothers were said to be men of great strength and endurance and all lived to be over four score.
The Pickett family were from Columbia County, NY and via Chenango County came to Chautauqua.  They settled on lots 62 and 63 in Charlotte in 1809.  John built the first log house in the town of Charlotte or perhaps anywhere in this locale.  John came here unmarried with his brother Daniel and his family and Daniel’s brother-in-law, Arva Taylor.  The latter settled on lot 63 with Daniel.  These folk were the only people who passed the winter of 1809-1810 in Charlotte and were truly the earliest settlers in Charlotte.
Since the Cleland records state so clearly that John Pickett established a cemetery on his land we feel sure that he and his wife, and probably the Arva Taylors, are buried here though no stones now exist except that for Samuel’s wife Lite.  The Stockton Pickett family do not seem to be of this family, though they may be related.  We have no records nor can find any of this Pickett family.  Are David, Ira and Selah, in the 1825 census, sons of Daniel or of John?  What happened to them?  We have searched neighboring cemeteries without results.  Are these people here?


A101  SMITH, James 1776-1871 and wife Hepsabeth HARDY 1780-1852 lived in Villenova.  The 1855 census of Villenova shows James living with his son Nathan C. Smith and Nathan’s wife Thankful.  Nathan’s stone is in the Hamlet Cemetery, but none for wife Thankful.  Are James and Hepsabeth buried there without stones?  Is Thankful there and what was her maiden name?  Are there descendants of this family in or near Villenova?  HD

A102  Cynthia BLODGETT WILEY is said to be buried in Burhams.  Is this Burnham Hollow?  Couldn’t find a stone for her there.  Can anyone tell us where Cynthia and husband Abraham WILEY are buried?  HVD [ANSWER]

A103  BLODGETT.  Where are Bernard, Rufus and William Blodgett buried?  Are they related to above Cynthia Blodgett Wiley?  HVD

A104  TURNER.  Wanted:  Parents and dates for John P. Turner born Ellery 1811; married Catherine born 1831.  What was Catherine’s maiden name and who were her parents?  CHS Colorado

A105  TURNER.  John and Catherine Turner had a daughter Emily born Ellery Center 1856.  She married Henry Leigh Hunt born 1852 Kansas.  Were his parents from Chautauqua County?  CHS

A106  STILES, Hermon and Ellen VOAK Stiles were both born in Yates Co., NY, but died and are buried in Fredonia.  Does anyone have any records about these people? [ANSWER]

A107  THOMPSON, Florella 1845-1902, married 1873 Fredonia, Clarence Harmon Stiles, son of above Herman and Ellen (Voak) Stiles.  Who were Florella’s parents?

A107  BAILEY, WAB wishes the descendants of Samuel J. Bailey and Henrietta Winsor to contact her through the Fenton Library.  Please ask for Mrs. Ingham or leave your name, address and phone number.

A108  RHODES.  Wanted: Parents of Alpheus Rhodes of Carroll.  Also the maiden name of this wife Lydia.  Who were the brothers and sisters of each:  Known children of Alpheus were Henry Alvin born 14 April 1834, Eliza Uhl who married a Hiller, Lydia who never married.  Did one child marry – Bunce?  Who were the two wives of Henry Alvin Rhodes?  Who were the children by the first wife?  HTA

A109  BAXTER-BURKE.  Need all data on Cornelia M. Baxter born 19 March 1813 in Duanesburg, NY, married 25 Dec. 1835 (where?)  Jones Burke born 27 July 1815.  They went to Wisconsin in the 1850s.  Think there is a connection in Kennedy.  HWF

A110  RHODES.  Who was Fred Rhodes born 10 August 1857?  To whom did these Rhodes belong:  Harriet, Leslie, Maurice, Ralph, Alice?  (Not necessarily related but could be).  Does anyone have a Rhodes genealogy or family records?  HTA


A103  BLODGETT.  A reader has sent us the name and address of a Blodgett who may be able to help our correspondent.

A104  TURNER, John P. born 1811 in Ellery Center married 13 Aug. 1848 Catherine Rice age 19.  He was the son of William Turner and Sarah Graham.  The 1825 census of Ellery lists William with four males and five females.  Among his children were:  Naomi born Owasco, Oneida Co., NY 24 Aug. 1808, married Ezra Horton as his second wife, died 17 April 1897 and is buried in Bemus Point Cemetery.  Also Linus Dickinson Turner who died 28 Feb. 1878 in South Stockton, married (1) Diana Winchester and (2) Mrs. Methitable Currier Smiley, widow of Asel Smiley.  Another son was Isaac Graham Turner born 31 Dec. 1799, died 24 Feb. 1887, married (1) Elizabeth (who?) (2) Mrs. Mary Aldrich Barney Arnold.  They are buried in Bemus Point Cemetery.  Dixon was another son.  We have no data on him.  Perhaps William Harrison Turner who married 24 Feb. 1842 Phebe S. Winchester was a son too.  Can anyone help us?  Fenton.

A104  TURNER, Isaac Graham was born 12-31-1799, died 2-24-1887, married Elizabeth MacDuff daughter of Wm. MacDuff (Scotch) and Susan Sweet (English).  Isaac was my great grandfather.  HTS Cassadaga

A108  Our querist asked if a daughter of Alpheus Rhodes married a Bunce.  A reader sent two pages of data re Rhodes and Bunce and stated that Frances Rhodes, daughter of Ira A. Rhodes married (as second wife) Lester Fenn Bunce.  Frances 1859-1910 is buried in the Thayer Cemetery in the Town of Carroll.

A Pickett descendant wrote us she had been in the hospital when our article appeared but that she would like to share her Pickett-Cleland line with us.
When this article was written, I was in the hospital.  I am direct descendant of the Pickett and Cleland families.  Tehre was listed a marker for Lite, wife of Samuel Pickett.  Lite was a nickname.  She was Celestia.  I have records of both families, a picture of the 4 Cleland brothers taken in 1876 and a Bible brought from Scotland.  Would be glad to show them.  F.P., Jamestown.

Wiley, Abram- 12/20/1820 (Kingston, NY) died 3/05/1891
(Fredonia, NY) son of James Wiley and Katarine lot G/38
CYNTHIA BLODGETT WILEY Wiley, Cynthia B age 81y1m8d d 12/8/1904
(Fredonia, NY)
lot G/38 burial date 12/10/1904 several other of their family are also b here
Source: Dolores (Pratt) Davidson - 2008

Stiles, Barney 11/09/1781
(Worcester Co, NY)d 6/14/1869
(Fredonia, NY) son of Josiah Stiles
Lydia lot C/48
6/15/1869 burial date
Stiles, Cornelia (Clyde) 2/27/1784
(Newark, NY) 9/05/1870
(Fredonia, NY) d/o Joseph Clyde
Hannah C/48
9/06/1870 burial date
Barney son of ISAAC,
born Sutton MASS, manufacturer of Scythes in Fredonia, married NOV 1806 to Cornelia CLISBEE born at Newark NJ Feb 20, 1784 he died aged 88 yrs ;
children were
4, ORSON B JAN 4 1813

Stiles, Herman 3/19/1819 7/09/1895
(Fredonia, NY)
U/2 7/11/1895 Howard lot
Stiles, Ellen (Voak) 5/21/1818
(Voak, Yates Co, NY) 3/7/1906
(Fredonia, NY) James Voak
Rebeca U/11
in 1850 Herman and Ellen are in Dix, Chemung, New York Barney in Chautauqua Co
According to the STILES GENEALOGY
HERMAN is a son of ISAAC STILES (2) son of JOSEPH (1)
married Ellen VOAK in 1844 ch 1 Clarence married in 1884 Iowa, wife not named, ch ( question here A107 THOMPSON, Florella 1845-1902, married 1873 Fredonia, Clarence Harmon (herman) Stiles, son of above Herman and Ellen (Voak) Stiles. Who were Florella’s parents?)
ELLEN and HERBERT Thompson Stiles
and Emma married F W HOWARD Jeweler in Fredonia ;
HERMAN served in the Union Army in the Civil War, in 1884 was residing in
IRVIN, Marshall Co IOWA
Herman Stiles
Enlistment Date: 3 Sep 1862
Enlistment Place: Dix, New York
Side Served: Union
State Served: New York
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 3 September 1862 at the age of 43.
Enlisted in Company M, 10th Cavalry Regiment New York on 7 Feb 1863.
Discharged from Company M, 10th Cavalry Regiment New York on 27 Feb 1864 at Stevensburg, VA.
Herman and Ellen lived in Kansas and Iowa, buried in Fredonia distantly related to Barney here/ dau lived here
Source: Dolores (Pratt) Davidson - 2008

SOURCE: Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series.  From the Jamestown Journal 22 February 1969, compiled and written by Edna Ingham