CHARLOTTE, NY (Cobb Hill Road)

This cemetery is on Cobb Hill Road about two miles east of the village of Sinclairville. One follows the Main Street where the stores and hotels are past the bandstand park (donít turn) up on the hill. The cemetery was copied in 1948 and rechecked in 1960.
Deacon Ezra Richmond lived down below and gave the land for the cemetery.  Grace Richmond, the author, and her husband, related to the Richmonds, lived in this area before moving to Fredonia.  A nephew of Ezra Richmond married a Cutting.
We talked in 1960 with some of the older members of the area but no one know what had happened to the records.  In fact, there are two veterans, believed to be Civil War Veterans, for whom two flags are erected near the entrance as no one seems to know just whom is honored or where they lie.  None of the stones face the road.  All are at right angles facing Sinclairville.
We were told that the Freeman family raced with the Torry family to see who would have the most children.  We were not told who won, but the Freemans had 14 or 15 children.
George Wade, son of Lewis and Rebecca (Peck) Wade and wife Elizabeth Bowen were the grandparents of the late Arthur Wade of Jamestown.  There is a large base without an upper stone.  We were told that it was for Joseph Luce and wife and two infant sons who were exhumed and taken to Valley View Cemetery in the Town of Ellington.  We checked and they are in Valley View.


B83  HALL.  The Mayville Chamber of Commerce referred Mrs. A. to the Magnolia Cemetery and they in turn handed the query over to us.  "These are my relatives:  Henry Hall died in 1898, his wife Sarah, died in 1890; their sons John and Amon and grandson Eugene died around 1900.  Please help identify the cemetery where they are buried or give some information about them."  Mrs. A., Elizabeth, Colorado.
Fenton looked through the 1874 County Directory and the only Henry Hall listed was in Clymer.  We have no records of that area.  Can anyone help Mrs. A.?

B84  COOLEY, Regina was born in 1825 in Chautauqua County it is believed.  She was married in Wisconsin.  Wanted:  her parentage.  Mrs. L.S., Indianola, Iowa.
The Cooleys lived in and around Forestville.  Fenton has a copy of the Chautauqua part of the Cooley Genealogy but we did not find Regina.  The records are quite incomplete however and perhaps somone has the answer.

B85  COOLEY, Dwight, born 13 Feb. 1826 in Town of Villenova near Balcomís Corners.  Married 1 Feb. 1874, age 48 in Moroni, Sanpeco County, Utah to Rosena Story born 8 Oct. 1850.  Dwight lived in Jamestown and family records say he was married in Jamestown.  Since he was 48 when he married Rosena he probably married twice, the first time being in Jamestown.  Does any reader know?  H.F. Demerst, NJ.

B86  COOLEY.  "We are trying to prove the children of Aschar & Polly Giddings Cooley.  Also the parentage of Polly who was born in MA.  The children we have are 1-James married 3 Dec. 1846 to Lavina Barber born 25 Oct. 1825, daughter of David and Azabach (Azubah?) Hitchcock.  James died 1881 in Blue Rapids, Kansas.  We cannot find his grave.  Was his body shipped back east and buried in a cemetery near Balcoms Corners?"  J.F. Willmar, Minn.
Quite a coincidence to receive three Cooley queries.  Perhaps the Cooley Family Association is putting on an intensive research effort.  The Cooley Genealogy lists three children found in the 1850 census:  Alum, born 1816, age 24, James, no age given, and Ann, no age given, and there is no further information on those children.  We are glad to know about James and hope to secure further information.

B87  SAXTON, Charles, born 17 Sept 1804 died 17 June 1876, wife Samantha (Samantha who?) born 9 Oct. 1806, died 13 Aug. 1860, both buried in Magnolia Cemetery near Chautauqua Assembly Grounds.  His son Ray 1840-1899 married Josephine Wheeler who is not buried with him.  Who was Josephine and what happened to her?  Fenton.

B88  LOUCKS  "I am writing to ask about my great grandfather Joseph Loucks who moved from the Mohawk Valley to a farm on Ellery Hill in Chautauqua County.  I would like to find out if he is buried on the farm or in a cemetery nearby.  His son Ebenezer married Cordelia Cole for a second wife and moved to Erie County, PA.  They had Wallace, Paul, Ellsworth, called Jack, and Mary, my mother, who married Philo Hyde, had 3 children and died young.  I am 87 and would like to find out all I can about the Loucks."  Mrs. E.E. Clymer, NY.


B87  SAXTON, Josephine Wheeler died June 1938 and is buried on the lot of her daughter Grace Saxton Swart in the Magnolia Cemetery and she lied just across the aisle from her husband, Ray Saxton.  After his death she married (1) Thaddeus Cook of Panama and (2) David Smith of Wellsville.

B88  LOUCKS, Ebenezer is buried on his farm near Macadonia, Erie Co., PA.  Mrs. Emory sent us the record of his descendants.  Mrs. Richard Loucks of Ripley sent us the name of the first wife, Margaret Bellows.  Donít know her dates or where buried, however.  The second wife Cordelia is buried in Spartansburg, PA.

B89  TUCKER, A great granddaughter of David Tucker accompanied Davidís daughter Melissa Tucker Day to the grave of her parents which was unmarked.  The parents of David were also beside him.  Then she lost the location and it was years before someone showed her where the cemetery was.  This was the Dry Brook Cemetery reached either by Sprague Hill or by the Dry Brook Road.  Think the cemetery is on the first paved road intersecting Dry Brook Road on the left.
Youngís History of Chautauqua County says David came to the Town of Poland from Oneida County and that he had married a Miss Montgomery.  In the Dry Brook Cemetery is a stone for John, son of David & Betsey Tucker and for a daughter Hannah.  Also for John Tucker died 27 Jan. 1852 age87 and Nettie M. his wife 1778-1858.  So the parents of David have sotnes even if he does not.  Our records say that after his wife died he moved in 1853 to South Valley in Cattaraugus County and that he died at the home of his youngest son on Onoville in July 1894, age 88-10-20.  We have marked our Dry Brook records to include David and Betsey Montgomery Tucker.  Now for the question.  Can anyone give us the exact dates for David and Betsey?
We would like to compile a short record for this family but we need the names of Davidís children and his brothers and sisters too.  Perhaps some descendant already has made a family record of this.  We would like very much to have a copy.

SOURCE: Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series.  From the Jamestown Journal 04 April 1970, compiled and written by Edna Ingham