Name & Family                       Dates, age
Benjamin H. 1850-1920
Ida M. "Mother"  1867-1952

Minor B. 11/14/1812, d 1/6/1875
Wife Harriet M  ROBBINS 4/6/1816 d 8/24/1876
Son James Fernando, d 6/1/1865 age 14-10-14

Stephen, d  2/12/1853 age 26

Elsana WILCOX  w.of James AKIN, d 10/15/1851 ae 34-11-0
Son Abel A d 7/4/1848 age 6
Alternate data*: Able Akin, 1848 - 1852
Dau Patience d 4/15/1847 ae 1
Alternate data*: Patience Akin, Abt 1846 - 15 Apr 1847, age 1
Dau Almina, d 8/26/1849 ae 1/6/0
Alternate data*: No such person, but do have an Emma, d. 26 Apr 1846 age 1/6/0
Dau Caroline d 1/31/1860 ae 5/10/0
Alternate data*: Caroline Akin, d 12/31/1850 age 6/10/0
Dau Lucy A. d 12/4/1841 ae 1/8/0
Alternate data*: Lucy A. Akin, 1841 - 1841, died in infancy

SOURCE: These records were copied by Clayton B Sanford, from Rupert C. LOUCKS.  Records "done"  Dec 21 1955.  They then were updated by Edna Ingham in 1960 and there are several differences in dates and names, and much confusion. I have attempted to find and list here the correct data by referring to records of Chautauqua Co., NY.  Census and IGI and other online data.  This is to be used only as a guide. - Dee Davidson, 2000.

*Lois Schultz is the source for Alternate data. She wrote in her manuscript that the data was from Helen Traver Anderson (a noted local Chautauqua researcher), census data, and records made available to her from the FentonLibrary in Jamestown.