CHARLOTTE, NY (North Hill Road)

This warning is carved on a high white shaft on the North Hill Road out of Charlotte Centre.  You will find this lonely spire on the right, just after you pass the green shed and before the (dirt) Cassadaga cross-roads.  The fence on the road is down and the plot is full of weeds.  It was "cut over" just before Memorial Day and looked quite majestic but one cutting a year, especially in the springtime, does not last.
Another side of the shaft carried this eulogy:  "Our parents rest we revere, there principles we admire, which were a regard for the word of God and the rights of man in equal laws, equal rights and universal education."

The following notes are from Luce genealogy by Francis Berton Luce and from family notes and cemetery stones.
William Luce was born 26 Sept. 1798 in Hampshire Co., MA, son of William Luce who died 1812 (vital records of New Salem, MA 1811) aged 36-3-27 while attempting to save a neighborís child from drowning.  His mother was Hannah Moulton, born 16 March 1777, died 14 March 1818, daughter of Daniel and Hannah Moulton of Hampshire Co., MA.
They lived in New Salem, MA until 1835 when with four children they traveled by wagon over the Vermont hills to Albany, up the canal to Buffalo, where they took a boat on Lake Erie for Dunkirk.  From there they hired rigs to take them to the town of Charlotte (then called the Town of Gerry) arriving in October 1835.  There they lived out their lives.
William and Lydia Burt Luce had these children:  William born 17 Feb. 1827 in New Salem, died 12 March 1904, married (1) Anganette E. Wade died 22 Jan. 1860 age 33-4-2 and is buried with her parents, George and Elizabeth Wade in the deserted Richmond Cemetery; married (2) Roxanna Simons; Willard D. born 23 April 1829 New Salem died 5 Jan 1917, married (1) Jane Mansfield 1835-1860, (2) 2 Sept. 1861 Mary Tozier 1845-1891 (see Charlotte Centre Cemetery).  John C. born 23 June 1830 in New Salem, died 25 April 1892, married (1) Sarah Mansfield, (2) Carrie Rounds 1845-1941 (Charlotte Centre Cemetery).  Joseph W. born 27 April 1832 died 24 April 1905 married (1) Amanda H. Simmons (1835-1866) (2) Lucy P. Simons (1840-1916); originally buried in the Richmond Cemetery, they were transferred to Valley View Cemetery in the town of Ellington; Nelson born 30 May 1836 in Town of Charlotte, died 10 Feb. 1911, married Ellen Luce (she died 27 Feb 1919); Lydia born Charlotte 11 Oct. 1837 died 1899, married Joseph Webster Hoyt.
This North Hill Road forks right into the Griswold Road (dirt) and ends in Burnham Hollow.  Turning right, towards the east, we passed the regular road from Charlotte Centre and the first house on the right, now in Arkwright, was the Liekam farm.
Behind the barn on a steep knoll is another tiny cemetery with one visible stone, another showing three inches above the ground, seven field stones, and a number of depression, possibly some were exhumed. The stone says:  Lydia, wife of Daniel P. Rundell, died July 26, 1854 in 30th year of her age.  On same stone was Frank, son of above died Sept. 28, 1853 aged 6 mos, 8 days.  We looked for other data and decided it should have been 6 years instead of months, perhaps the stonecutterís error.
The Ruttenbur Family reunion records, so beautifully kept by the late Clarence Black, states that Sally Ruttenbur, daughter of Jenks and Betsey Carpenter Ruttenbur, married David Rundell (see Hamlet Cemetery) and their fifth child, Daniel P.H. Rundell born June 30, 1822 married Lydia Scott.  Daniel died May 29, 1903 and is buried in the Arkwright Summit Cemetery at Blackís Corners.  Their children were:  Mary Etta 1844-1923 married ___ Crawford; Margaret born 1845; Jesse 1847-1914 married Jane Thompson Amidon; Jennie 1848-1928 married ___ Reed; Harriet born 1849; Helen 1851 married (1) ___ Gates (2) ___ Carnahan; Farnk.
The Fenton Historical Center would like very much to have descendants contact us.  These cemeteries and queries are a cry for help in rounding out our information.
This Liekam Cemetery was one of several "plums" from our Weaver Cemetery in August.  We also received many early death records, family records, family records of Holton White, Cardot, Ball, Clark and Burnham, early tax assessment rolls of Arkwright (even 1834) and some Bible records, one of which fitted right into the Lewis family of Harmony.
The third side has five names and dates:


A81  In the course of preparing a FESSENDEN genealogy, I am seeking information of various members of the family who lived in Chautauqua County in the early 1800s, namely:  Benjamin Franklin FESSENDEN who married Louise TILSON.  They moved to Iowa prior to 1867.  Wanted are birth dates and places of birth, names of parents and names of children born in Chaut. Co.  Also, Horace FESSENDEN who married Salome BEEBE.  They came to Chaut. Co. in 1830 and were there until 1846 when he moved to Wisconsin.  Wanted are birth dates and places of birth, marriage date and names of their parents.  EFW of Vestal, NY.

A82  Need to prove that Henry PALMER, born about 1817 in Busti, married Clarissa PENHOLLOW and that he was the son of Jonathan and Ruth (WILCOX) PALMER.  Where are the parents buried and death date?  CWM Des Moines, Iowa.

A83  The father of Henry PALMER was Jonathan PALMER brother of Sabra PALMER who married Stephen WILCOX, Revolutionary War Soldier buried in the old Wilcox Cemetery on Baker Street Extension.   Jonathan married Ruth WILCOX and came to Busti where they died.  When did they die and where are they buried?  CWM Des Moines, Iowa.

A84  Albert HITCHCOCK who was postmanster at Fluvanna around 1907 was a brother to my grandmother, Mary Ellen Hitchcock BOICE.  Their mother is buried in Homer, NY cemetery but I do not know her first name, nor her husbandís name.  Could you find out the names of Albertís parents?  Did he have a wife and children?  HBG Cortland, NY.

A85  Seeking information about my grandfather Stephen A. MILES born 19 May 1836 in Ontario Co., NY, died 29 January 1894.  About 1868 he built a house in Jamestown, NY and owned a blacksmith shop at the back of the Ford block.  He was active as a volunteer fireman and received a certificate in recognition of seven years service from the Village of Jamestown, service which started 23 Nov. 1867.  He was presented  a silver fire horn 25 Jan. 1871.  He was a member of the Independent Order of Forresters, joining 27 Mar. 1880.  This was Pioneer Court No., 29.  I have a benefit certificate in that Court which seems to have been the equivalent of an insurance policy.  I am seeking a record which would show his parentís names and his birthplace in Ontario county.  He had a disagreement with his family and left home at an early age and worked on the Erie Canal.  The date of his marriage to Mary Ann ANDERSON, daughter of James and Phoebe SCOVEL ANDERSON, of Gerry is also sought.  HLM Meadville, PA.


A82  PALMER:  Querist writes that newspaper items of marriage of Henry Palmer and Clarissa Penhollow together with notarized statement by Willard Ayes regarding his grandmotherís Palmer records had been accepted by the DAR.  She asks that we thank Mr. Ayres.

SOURCE: Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series.  From the Jamestown Journal 26 October 1968, compiled and written by Edna Ingham