At the little cemetery on Waterboro Hill in the Town of Ellington the brush is too high to drive up the road and the gate, if a gate it was, and blocked by a fallen tree.  It is three iron pipes, 15 feet long joined together. The brush inside the cemetery was far more dense than it had been 20 years previously.  We doubt that we could have found all the stones.  When we talked with Mr. Carlson, the Ellington cemetery caretaker, five years ago, we understood that the cemetery was to be kept mowed now that the supervisors for Ellingotn had taken over the deserted cemeteries in the town.
The fences on each side of the roadway were solidly built and wired but the wire around the cemetery was sagging and rusty.  Soon the cattle will be free to roam through the cemetery.  We were glad to see that the devils clubs in the south end were gone. Twenty years ago we beat  a path through them to reach a lone grave in the center.  We just had to read that stone!  It was the babe without name or parentage.
This cemetery is not far off Rout 17.  One turns left instead of crossing the Waterboro bridge.  It is on the right among a heavy stand of trees about a mile from Route 17, and is located on the Davis property.  On Sunday, we went to the Gerry Home to talk with Hattie Davis Williams, age 91.  She remembered that her parents were Leroy Davis and Julia Ann bush.  This is probably the Julia Adaelaide born in 1841 in the town of Conewango, Cattaraugus County, daughter of Nelson Bush and wife Julia Ann Leach.  She would be a sister of Deloss and an aunt of the late Burnett Bush.  (Taken from the Nelson Bush Bible.)  We cannot find any graves for John and Polly Davis.  Hattie thought they might be in the Kennedy Cemetery with her parents.  We didnít find her parents, there though she said they had a marker.
The next day we went to see Edna Colburn Price in the Town of Poland and discovered she had a Bible with some good Colburn records in it.  She didnít think she was descended from David Colburn until she phoned the reunion registrar, who had lovely records.  We copied only a little and must return for the rest.  David Colburn Sr. born 1771 came from Plainfield, NY.  His wife Rebecca Locke was born 1775.  They had Polly, Sophrona, Harvey, Rebecca, Lucy (probably the one who married Lewis Arnold), Clarinda, Emeline and David Jr.  Wife Rebecca we did not find, though the registrar said she had seen a stone with Rebecca on it.
David Jr. married (1) Ann Walters (could it have been Waters?) 1 Oct. 1839 and (2) Altheda Maria Lille 30 Jan. 1846.  His children by Ann were William H. who married Lucy Smith; Charles D. who married Eliza E. Ingersoll;. Mary E. who married John Smith; and by Theda Mariah were Anne who married Elison Bagg; Luther C. who married Lucy Butman and 3 children who died in childhood.  These Colburns are not listed in the Robert-Edward Colburn Genealogy from whom other Chautauqua County Colburns are descended.  (Fenton has Ellison Bagg m. Ann Wilbur and official death record, listing her as dau. of Nelson & Emeline Wilbur.)
In 1822 Zenus Bemus from New Hampshire bought lot 1 in the Town of Ellington.  Among the official death records at Ellington is that of George Bemus who died 11 Feb. 1892, age 82-11, born in NH, son of Zenus and Caroline Bemus.  Bethany his wife was Bethany Bentley daughter of Eldred and Betsey (Abigail) Allen Bentley.  Henry the son of H. & .L. Bemus is the son of Horace and Lucy Bently Bemus.  Two brothers married two sisters.  Horace and Lucy moved to Augusta, Wisc.  Since we have never found graves for Zenus and Caroline, we wonder if they too went to Augusta.
In the Foreman-Farman Genealogy is Esther 1777-1872 daughter of Richard Goodwin of Haverhill, MA who emigrated to Bath, NH where Esther was married, and then they all came to Ellington via Augusta, Oneida County, NY.
The Ellington records give Martin V. Ingersoll as having died 21 Feb. 1904 instead of the 19th as the stone says.  He was the son of Peter and Lois (Smith) Ingersoll.  In the Ellington records is also Betsey Waters who was born in Machias, daughter of Daniel & Polly (Lafferty) Phillips, both born in Cherry Valley, NY.  According to the record she died in Clear Creek, perhaps at that time she was lving with a son or daughter.  There is no Ellington record for her husband Lora Waters.  Nor is there one in the Town of Poland.
In the Jamestown Journal for 17 Feb. 1865 was the notice "died in Busti 14 Feb. Ebenezer Knapp formerly of Otsego County aged 84 years 23 days."  From the dates it must be the Ebenezer buried here.  Probably Hiram and Elijah buried in the Busti Cemetery are his sons as well as Ira buried here.  In the Weaver Genealogy is Hannah W. Knapp, first wife of William Perry Weaver.  She is buried on the left of Ebenezer and is probably a daughter.  Ira Knapp, born 22 March 1818, died 3 April 1892, married Lucinda Weaver born 15 Sept. 1825, died 3 Dec. 1879 daughter of Thomas and Isobel Weaver.
I found that the lower part of this road nearest Rte 17 lies in the Town of Poland.  Sylvester Brown, buried without a stone, has his death listed in the Poland records while he is always listed in the Ellington census.  The house he built with a stone foundation recently burned.  It was quite visible from the road Monday.  His first wife Julia Ann was buried in Dexterville Cemetery but not put in this cemetery as far as we know.  In Valley View Cemetery on the Frank Smith lot No. 155 the map lists Julia Ann Brown.  We think this is she.  His second wife Mercy is not thought to be here either.
For those of you who are wondering about the Dexterville Cemetery.  We have found several records in Lake View Cemetery that merely state that they were transferred from Dexterville.  They seemed to be in the 1880s.  Does anyone know about this?  Was there once a cemetery there which was razed to make room for some factory?  Just where was it located?


B10  ENOS, Tannah 1814-1909, daughter of Charles and Keziah Arnold married Norman Griswold Enos 1807-1894.  They are buried at Bemus Point.  He came from Herkimer County and the 1810 and 1820 census of Herkimer shows a Griswold, Enos in the Town of Fairfield. Could Norman have been his son?  DB, Florida.

B11  FREEMAN, Hiram born 25 August 1835 in the Town of Ellington, son of Caleb 1783-1852 and wife Sibel (Ralph) 1797-1848, buried in the old Pioneer Cemetery on the edge of Ellington village, married 1862 Pauline Sickles of Albany and had a son Silas born in Buffalo in 1864.  Wanted:  Data on Caleb and Sibel.  Were there other children besides Hiram?  GW, Iowa.

B12a  PIERCE, James born about 1815, came to Chautauqua County about 1825 from Vermont or eastern New York State.  His wife was Polly.  What was her maiden name?  She was born in Erie County, PA and according to the 1865 census was under the care of the poormaster, apparently of Dewittville.  They had at least 6 children, all born in the 1840s:  Matilda, Sylvia, Lucinda, Selina, David, and Celestia.  Sylvia married first William Wing and second Daniel Fowler of Niobe.  Wanted dates and marriages for these children other than Sylvia.  SP

B12b  PIERCE.  Wanted parentage of James.  Could he have been a son of David listed in Panama in 1860 census as aged 68 (born 1792).  SP.

B13  BARNEY, Samuel 1799-1865 (son of Luther of Ellery) lived in Harmony.  He married Eliza (no dates, no stone) daughter of Thomas Bemus of Harmony.  Their children were:  Betsey born 1829 married George Wooley Losee in 1849; Thomas 1831-1865 Civil War vet; Charles 1842 born and died same day; Jane Atkins born 1845; Luther born 1848 married Cornelia Houck in 1876; William Marvin 1852-1862.  Samuel and Eliza are buried at Magnolia with 3 sons, Thomas, Charles and William Marvin.  Wanted to learn of descendants of Betsey, Jane and Luther; the death dates and marriages of these three and where they are buried.  RE, Idaho.

B14  Gist of letter received:  I recently saw a book you wrote on the Descendants of General Putnam Farrington.  It was a wonderful complete, book on the family.  My ancestors are from Pennsylvania. Are you familiar with that area?  I enclose chart showing my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.  Please be so kind as to trace may family back further and write it up in book form:  Long Beach, CA.
Answer:  Dear Long Beach, it costs $300 to print the book, $200 in postage to get the data, another $100 incidentals and two years of undivided attention and devotion.  I never did recover all the postage.  My next book will have to be self-supporting and Iíd like to be paid something for my time.

B15a  BURCH. Does anyone have information on Admiral Burch born in Vermont or CT.  He served in the Revolutionary War from Albany Co. as a second Lieut.  At one time he lived in Ripley.

B15b  BENSON, John born about 1773, perhaps in Dutchess or Rensselaer County, was the son of Joel Benson, Revolutionary soldier and his wife, Mary Shaw Benson.  John married Mary Burch, daughter of above Admiral Burch.  John died in Ripley in 1840.  He had these children:  William, John Jr., Edward, Thomas, and Mary Ann.  Mary Ann Benson married John B. Tinker.  She and brother Thomas lived and died in Ripley.  What happened to the other children?  William, John Jr. and Edward were still in Ripley with their mother in the 1840 census. North East.

B16  THOMAS.  There were two Thomas families in the 1850 census of Harmony.  Wanted information on the Jedidiah Thomas family of Blockville.  Jedidiah was born 1793 in New Jersey and died between 1850 and 1855, probably in Blockville.  His wife was Eliza Root 1804-1849 buried in the Blockville Cemetery.  Her daughter Matilda married Russell Tanner, son of Nathan & Susan (Pettis) Tanner.  Matilda was living in 1905 in Busti in the household of Elmer Morey (Morley?), the husband of her daughter, Mary.  Surely someone can help.  North East.

B17  CORNELL.  Searching for information on Amos Cornell, born Fort Ann, NY 7 Feb. 1800 or 1802, died Bear Lake, PA 1884.  His son, Lorenzo D. by his first wife Belinda Rice, is buried in the Grant Cemetery at Niobe.  North East.


1)  A letter from Conewango Valley re Ervin E. Guest listed in the cemetery his father Edwin R. Guest b. 22 Sept. 1831 d. 15 May 1905 and his mother Lydia M. Badgley Guest b. 28 April 1832, d. 25 Dec. 1901 are on the same lot.  Also a brother DeLeslie E. Guest b. 26 Sept. 1856 d. 26 March 1861.  They have no stones.
2)  A lady from Sodus, NY writes she has a grandfather and grandmother Ingersoll there.  She also has a lap robe used by Governor Fenton which she wishes to give to the Fenton Historical Museum.  Her brother was coachman for the Governorís daughter, Mrs. Gilbert.
3)  Had a telephone call from Randolph that a woman had written up several family records of Waterboro Hill early residents.  We spent an evening at her home, purchased Lyman Wade and McKoon genealogies and came away with much material on the David Colburn family buried in this cemetery.

A) In regard to Erwin E., son of E.R. and Lydia Guest listed here last month --  his father and mother are buried here also on the same lot with him.  They are Edwin R. Guest born 22 Sept. 1831 died 15 May 1905 and Lydia M. Badgley Guest born 28 April 1832 died 25 Dec. 1901.  Another son is here too.  DeLeslie E. Guest born 26 Sept 1856 died 26 March 1866.  Other children of Edwin and Lydia were Frank E. born 29 Sept. 1868 died 29 Dec. 1959 in Altadena, Calif, and Alice B. born 5 March 1861 died 16 Nov. 1940 wife of Adelbert M. Spaulding.  They are buried in Valley View in Ellington.  Contributed by H.S. of Conewango Valley.
B) Have been very much interested in your article.  I have relatives in this cemetery:  My grandfather and grandmother Ingersoll, 2 aunts and a baby sister.  Hattie Williams you spoke of is my cousin.  Her parents are buied in Valley View not Kennedy as you said.  LCM Sodus, NY.
C) While we listed Sylvester Brown in our comments we omitted him in the listing. HE was born in Delaware Co., NY about 1824 and died 15 June 1895 age 71.
D) Mrs. George Wade of Randolph contacted us and said she was writing up the family histories of the pioneers on Waterboro Hill.  We visited her and came away with 2 genealogies.  We hope to acquire others later on.
E) We mentioned the Dexterville Cemetery in the Waterboro article.  Mrs. Perry Secor called us to remind us that we would find reference to this in the 1857 Atlas of Chautauqua County.  We have a copy but did not think to consult it.  Thank you Mrs. Secor.

B11  FREEMAN.  A petition for adminstration papers by Silas Freeman for estate of Caleb Freeman 1783-May 27, 1852 buried in the old Pioneer Cemetery in Ellington gives the children as Phineas R., Ruby wife of Daniel Dunkle, and Silas of full age also living in Lansing, Mich.  It also lists minor sons George and Hiram both under 21 years of age and living in Lansing, Mich.

B13  BARNEY.  The Bible records of Joseph Barney, son of Luther the Revolutionary Soldier, came to Fenton to preserve and we have sent a copy to RE in Idaho who is writing up a history of this Barney family.  Any descendant is urged to send in their records so that they will be included in the record.

B18  VANRENSSELAER  Have received several letters from VanRensselaer descendants who are interested in knowing about the family.  One woman in New Jersey sent us the name and publisher of a VanR genealogy which we shall try to purchase if available.

B18  VANRENSSELAER.  We were able to purchase the VanRensselaer Genealogy which we mentioned in our last column.  While it does not carry the line down, it does give the record of Abram and Clarissa (Caswell) VanRensselaer and their childrenís names, but not the dates of the children nor whom they married.  We hope the VanR family will send us their records so the we may make an agenda.

B18  VANRENSSELAER, Abram.  A petition dated 29 Aug. 1890 by Clarissa VanRensselaer his widow seems to indicate that his sons Phillip and Abram Jr. and perhaps dau. Catherine were by a former wife and that by Clarissa Caswell he had Robert and Hope. HF of Demerest, NJ is questioning the above in a second letter.  Fenton:  The 1875 census for Cattaraugus County gives the age of Abram as 71 and Clarissa as 46.  It sounds very plausible.  But the descendants have not told us so.  H.F. has been touring New England on genealogical research and says ďThe New York City Library canít handle the crowds that come each day to the Genealogy Department.  The librarian said that genealogy has hit a new high this past year.Ē

COOLEY, H.F. is also interested in the Cooley family of Chautauqua County.  Frank Cooley married Clara VanRensselaer and she needs dates for them.  Also place of burial.

SOURCE: Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series.  From the Jamestown Journal 26 July 1969, compiled and written by Edna Ingham