Located behind the old Fluvanna Church, on the curve,
now called The Fluvanna Church Youth Center,
on Route 430, Town of Ellicott, Fluvanna,
Chautauqua County, NY.

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Burials updated to June 2001.
A daunting task;
This cemetery at one time was in tiers and at some point in time, the stones were all removed and the land plowed flat, so this does make for a lot chance for error; the old records we had online were found to have many errors and we hope this new record will help you find your kinfolk. There also were removals from other cemeteries buried here. As with any old data, this material to be used only as a guide and is certain to still have mistakes. This is a very large file so be sure to use your EDIT / SEARCH feature and all surnames will also show in the search engine on the main GenWeb page, As with any family, a lot of names are all mixed together.
Haight, Arthur James. b. 1914. d. Jan. 1946. Age 32 of a heart attack. s/o
Arthur James & Ellen (Wallmark) Haight. w/ Marilyn Eckstrum. Marilyn m. 2nd
Richard A. Danielson. (Post Journal, Jan. 29, 1946. Arthur James Haight, 32,
of Belleview Road, a llfe long Town of Ellery resident suffered a heart
attack and died at 11:10 p.m. Friday. Mr. Haight was graduated from Bemus
Point Central Sahool and attended Jamestown Business College. He was
employed by the Crescent Tool Co. and had worked his usual hours Friday,
prior to the attack. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Marilyn Eckstrom Haight; 3
sons, Richard David, John Arthur and James Edward Haight of Bemus Point, and
one brother, Taylor F. Haight of the Town of Ellery.

Hale, James Jr. b. 1817. d. Nov. 22, 1901. Age in 85th year. m. Betsey
Parker Sept. 27, 1841.

Hale, Betsey (Parker). b. Apr. 2, 1825 Ellery. d. July 15, 1909 Ellery. Age
80/3/4. d/o Phillip 2nd & Lydia (Kelley) Parker. w/o James Hale Jr.
Betsey survived by brother Aaron H, Parker of Ellery.

(Children of James Jr. & Betsey (Parker) Hale were: Seeley S. and Emily J.)

Hale, Seeley S. b. 1844. d. July 3, 1914. Ellery. Age 70. s/o James Jr. & Betsey (Parker) Hale. Survived by sister Emily J. Hale. Unmarried.

Hale, Emily J. 1850 - 1930. d/o James Jr. & Betsey (Parker) Hale. Unmarried.

Hale, Elijah Ensign. b. Oct. 26, 1805 Pittsfield, Mass. d. Oct. 11, 1898
Ellery. Age 92 yr, 11 mo. s/o Alfred & Lucy (Ensign) Hale. m. Nov. 27, 1825
at Hancock, Mass., Eliza Ann Acocks.

Hale, Eliza Ann (Acocks). b. June 9, 1810 Hancock, Berkshire Co., Mass. d.
Dec. 28, 1893 Ellery. Age 83/6/19. d/o William Jr. & Phoebe (Baker) Acocks.
w/o Elijah Ensign Hale.

Elijah Ensign Hale was left an orphan at the age of 12 years, and worked for
a neighboring farmer three years. He was then apprenticed to learn the
blacksmith trade in the tool and blacksmith shop of William Acocks of
Hancock, Mass. In 1825, he married Eliza Ann Acocks, his employer's
daughter. He was partner with his father-in-law until he moved to New York
State. He was connected with the militia organized in his native country,
holding the position of lieutenant and quartermaster of a battalion of
artillery. He located with his family at Fluvanna in 1830, settled on a
farm near the present location of Driftwood Station, his late home, in 1833.
In 1834, Mr. Hale was one of the organizers of the Christian Church at
Fluvanna and was chosen deacon, because of his exemplary life, which
position he held while the church existed. Temperate from principle, long
before temperance societies existed, his excellent health and manly
countenance were evidences that he was temperate in all his habits.

(Children of Elijah Ensign & Eliza Ann (Acocks) Hale were: Milton A.,
William Franklin, and Phoebe Lucy.)

Hale, Phebe Lucy. died as an infant. d/o Elijah Ensign & Eliza Ann (Acocks)

Hale. William Franklin. b. July 15, 1827 Hancock, Berkshire Co., Mass. d.
Apr. 4, 1919. s/o Elijah Ensign & Eliza Ann (Acocks) Hale. m. May 25, 1853
Mary A. Stilson of Jamestown.

Hale, Mary Ann (Stilson). 1833 - 1919. d/o Benoni & Hannah (Brown) Stilson.
w/o William Franklin Hale.

Hale Milton Alfred. b. Apr. 21, 1831 probably Ellery. d. Apr. 2, 1923 at his
home in Greenhurst, NY. s/o Elijah Ensign & Eliza Ann (Acocks) Griffith. m.
Feb. 9, 1855 in Town of of Ellery, Ariette Arnold.

Hale, Ariette (Arnold). b. Oct. 20, 1836 Ellery. d. Mar (Apr.) 6, 1925. d/o
Thomas & Harriette (Griffith) Arnold. Thomas s/o David & 1st w. Dorcas
(Waters) Arnold. Harriet (3) d/o Samuel (2) & Nancy (Lewis) Griffith. w/o
Milton Alfred Hale.

(Children of Milton Alfred & Ariette (Arnold) Hale were: Ellen Armenia, and
William Franklin).

Hale, Ellen Armenia. b. Dec. 24, 1858. d. 1929. d/o Milton Alfred & Ariette
(Arnold) Hale. m. 1st Anthony Yorker. m. 2nd J. Sackett Griffith. (all
buried in the Fluvanna cemetery)

Hale, William Franklin "Will". b. Apr. 29, 1861. d. Feb. 1945. Age 83. s/o
Milton Alfred & Ariette (Arnold) Hale. m. March 10, 1886 at home of bride's
mother on Oak Hill, Chestina Ellen Bedient. (Post Journal Feb. 6, 1945.
William F. Hale, 83, of Dutch Hollow Road, a lifelong resident of Ellery and
one of the most widely known men in the town, died at the Jamestown General
Hospital on Monday evening. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Chestina E.
Hale; three daughters, Mrs. Walter Harvey and Mrs. Hart Harvey of
Greenhurst, and Mrs. Gertrude Dunham of the Dutch Hollow Road; a son, Alfred
B. Hale of Buffalo; 16 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Mr. Hale
was a member of the Union Grange of Jamestown, which he had served as
master, and a director of the Fluvanna Cemetery Association. He and his wife
celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary on Mar. 10, 1944. Burial will be
in the Fluvanna Cemetery.)

Hale, Chestina Ellen (Bedient). b. 1863. d. Nov. 1948. d/o Franklin & Alsina
(4) (Griffith) Bedient. (Post Journal Nov. 12, 1948. Mrs. Chestina E. Hale,
85, widow of Will Hale, lifelong resident of the Town of Ellery, Dutch
Hollow Road, died at 57 Fairmount Ave., Jamestown, at 8:15 a.m. today. She
was a member of Union Grange of Jamestown, and in 1939 received the Golden
Sheaf Certificate for 50 years of membership. She was also a member of the
Fluvanna Cemetery Society and the Fluvanna Study Club. Surviving are three
daughters: Mrs. Walter Harvey and Mrs. Hart H. Harvey, both of Greenhurst,
and Mrs. Gertrude Dunham, Jamestown; a son Alfred B. Hale, Kenmore; 17
grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Burial will be in Fluvanna

(Children of William Franklin & Chestina Ellen (Bedient) Hale were: Kate E.,
Irwin F., Gertrude A., Ruth Arielle, and Alfred B. Hale.)

Hale, Alfred B. ?? - ??. s/o William Franklin & Chestina Ellen (Bedient)
Hale. m. July 11, 1883 Hattie Haskin.

Hale, Hattie (Haskin). b. 1861. d. Dec. 1901. Age 40/8/8. d/o Aaron A. & (Simmons) Haskin. Janie d/o Alexander & Laura Ann (Clark) Simmons. Alexander
s/o Walter & Roxanna Simmons. Hattie w/o Alfred B. Hale.

Hale, Irwin Thomas. b. July 27, 1888. d. Sept. 21, 1889. Age 1 yr 2 mo. s/o
William Franklin & Chestina Ellen (Bedient) Hale.

Hale, Gertrude A. b. Oct. 16, 1890 Town of Ellery. d. Monday, Feb. 16, 1981
at Eden Park Nursing Home, Albany, NY. d/o William Franklin & Chestina Ellen
(Bedient) Hale. m. 1st Selden Phillips. (Their children were: Mabel Ruth
Phillips, George William Phillips.) Gertruce Hale m. 2nd Laverne Dunham.

Hall, Myra. b. 1832. d. Mar. 28, 1842. Age 10 yrs.

Hall, Elmer. b. Jan. 24, 1885 Cumberland, Pa. d. Apr. 7, 1967 at home of his
daughter, Mrs. Edmund W. (Harriet) Lord at Fluvanna. s/o Harold & Edith
Hackenburg) Hall. w/ Minnie. Elmer Hall was employed at Watson Manufacture
Co. for many years prior to retiring. He had been a Jamestown resident most
of his life. He attended Fluvanna Community Church. (The daughter Harriet A.
Hall Lord, was b. Sept. 23, 1906 in Indianapolis, Ind. d. Jan. 5, 1991. Age
84. She is buried in Fluvanna Cem. Her husband Edmund W. Lord is also buried
in Fluvanna Cemetery).

Hall, Minnie. 1880 - 1962. w/o Elmer J. Hall.

Halladay, Amos H. b. Aug. 3, 1802. d. Jan. 11, 1897. w/ Amanda Fisher.

Halladay, Amanda (Fisher). of Harmony. Believed to be buried in the Fluvanna
Cemetery. w/o Amos H. Halladay.

(Children of Amos H. & Amanda (Fisher) Halladay were: Norman, and Lyman).

Halladay, Norman. b. Aug. 28, 1830. d. Jan. 23, 1876. s/o Amos H. & Amanda
(Fisher) Halladay. w/ Nancy S. Wilkins.

Halladay, Nancy S. (Wilkins). b. Oct. 26, 1838. d. 1916. w/o Norman
Halladay. Nancy m. 2nd Wilson Camp. All are buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

(Children of Norman & Nancy S. (Wilkins) Halladay were: Mary A. and Lavina).

Halladay, Lyman. b. Oct. 22, 1828. d. 1908. s/o Amos H. & Amanda (Fisher)
Halladay. w/ Helen Sutledge. Helen is buried in the Magnolia Cemetery.

Halladay, Mary A. b. Mar. 3, 1864. d. Dec. 19, 1892 Thurs. evening at home
of her mother Mrs. Wilson Camp in the Town of Ellery at 7 o'clock of
diptheria, aged 28 Years, 9 months and 24 days. Besides a mother she leaves
one sister, Miss Lavina Halladay of New York City. Burial in Fluvanna
Cemetery. d/o Norman & Nancy S.(Wilkins) Halladay. Unmarried.

Halladay, Lavina I. b. July 11, 1873. d. Aug. 23, 1897. Age 24 years. d/o
Norman & Nancy S. (Wilkins) Halladay. m. Merritt T. Sherman. (Merritt m. 2nd
Anna Taber).

(Children of Lavina Halladay & Merritt T. Sherman were Mary Sherman and
Harold Harmon Sherman. Both children were adopted by their step grandfather
Wilson Camp and their grandmother, Nancy (Wilkins) Halladay.
Harold Harmon Sherman "Camp" is buried in Fluvanna Cemetery).

Halladay Charles H. b. Apr. 25, 1834. d. 1859.

Halladay, Herman. b. Aug. 28, 1830. d. Jan.28, 1876.

Halladay, James H . ? ? .

Halladay, Mary E. b. June 26, 1826. d. ?.

Halladay, Rev. Eli. b. 1781. d. Aug. 30, 1867. Age 86/6/0.

Halladay, Mrs. Jenette. d. at age 79/10/6 at Dickerson St. at home of son,
John S. Halladay. Jenette survived by sister, Mrs. Eliza Norton of

Halladay, Nancy Steves. b. Mar. 1804. d. Oct. 22, 1831.

Hallberg, Charles R. b. 1855 Gottenburg, Sweden. d. Apr. 8, 1937. w/ Emma C.

Hallberg, Emma C. (Anderson). b. 1861. d. Oct. 14, 1934. w/o Charles R.

(Children of Charles R. & Emma C. (Anderson) Hallberg were: Mala, Mary
"Della", Evelyn, Theodore Clarence, Frank Oscar, Fred Gust, Louie, Albert,
Amel Ernest, and Clayton.)

Hallberg, Albert W. b. June 12, 1883 Town of Ellicott. d. Dec. 23, 1956
Jamestown General Hospital. Age 73. s/o Charles R. & Emma C. (Anderson)
Hallberg. m. Mar 11, 1916. Martha Sophia Carlstedt Smith. Martha's 1st m. to
_______Smith. b. 1888. d. June 26, 1918 Ellery. Age 30/4/16. She is buried
in Lake View Cemetery in Jamestown. No children.

Hallberg, Edith M. (Edmunds). b. May 24, 1902 Town of Ellicott. d. May 31,
1939 at home in Ellery. Age 37/0/7. d/o Henry B. & Jennie (Anderson)
. Edith 2nd w/o Frank Oscar Hallberg. Frank Oscar s/o Charles R. & Emma C. (Anderson) Hallberg. He is buried in Gerry cemetery with his 1st
wife Reba Waite.

Hallberg, Fred Gust, b. Jan. 30, 1893 Town of Ellicott. d. May 10, 1973 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown. Age 80. s/o Charles R. & Emma C. (Anderson) Hallberg.
m. Dec. 30, 1917 Bertha Markham.

Hallberg, Bertha (Markham). b. Nov. 22, 1898 Frewsburg, NY. d. Apr. 24,
1968. Age 69. d/o Hiley J. & Jannie (Hazzard) Markham. w/o Fred Gust

Hallberg, Clayton G. b. Nov. 30, 1901 Town of Ellery. d. Dec. 4, 1953 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 52. s/o Charles R. & Emma C. (Anderson)
Hallbrg. w/ Mary O. Nelson.

Hallberg, Mary O.(Nelson). b. May 9,1904 Town of Ellicott. d. Mar. 19, 1993
in her home 88 Hooker Rd. Sinclairville, NY. Age 88. d/o Andrew & Anna
(Johnson) Nelson. w/o Clayton G. Hallberg. Mary formerly lived on East Ave.,
Greenhurst, NY. Prior to her retirement she had been employed as a cook at
the Fluvanna Elementary School. She was preceded in death by a sister,
Myrtle L. Graham; three brothers, Rubert H., Herbert M. and Harold F.
Nelson; and her stepfather, Charles Joslyn.

Hallberg, Louie G. b. Aug. 24, 1896 Town of Ellery. d. Nov. 4, 1967 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 71. s/o Charles R. & Emma C. (Anderson)
Hallberg. m. June 28, 1930 Ina C. Peterson.

Hallberg, Ina C. (Peterson). b. Sept. 12, 1908. d. July 7, 1978. Age 69. d/o
Bert & Edna (Johnson) Peterson. w/o Louie G. Hallberg.

Hallberg, Sandra Louise (Gustafson). b. Mar. 14, 1938 Warren, Pa. d. Feb.
10, 1985 Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo, NY. Age 46. d/o Walter & Jaynell (Tipton) Gustafson. w/o David Charles Hallberg. David s/o Louie G. & Ina (Peterson) Hallberg. Louie s/o Charles R. & Emma C. (Anderson) Hallberg.
Sandra was a graduste of Warren High School, Class of 1956 and Clarion State
Teachers College, Class of 1959 and earned a master's degree from Fredonia
State College. For the past 16 years she had been a teacher at Celoron
Elementary School. She had also taught in the Bemus Point School
system. She has a brother Allan L. Gustafson.

Hallberg, Carl Lavern. b. Dec. 5, 1929. d. June 22, 1996. s/o Amel Ernest & Stella (Casselman) Hallberg. Amel Ernest s/o Charles R. & Emma C. (Anderson)
Hallbrg. m. Sept. 20, 1954 Bernice Louise Covert. Carl served two years in
the Army overseaas in Korea.

Hallberg, Bernice Louise (Covert). b. June 28, 1937 d. ?. d/o Lester D. & Eva L. (Spencer) Covert. w/o Carl Lavern Hallberg.

Hallberg, Mary "Della". b. Nov. 8, 1894 Ellery Center. d. July 21, 1985
Kinzua Valley Health Care, Warren, Pa. Age 90. d/o Charles R. & Emma C.
(Anderson) Hallberg. m. Sept. 15, 1921 Earl R. Berg. Earl Berg b. Apr. 5,
1894 Jamestown. d. Jan. 1, 1969 Town of Ellery. Age 74. s/o Charles A. & Hulda (Nelson) Berg. Both are buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery. Mary "Della"
survived by sister Evelyn Hallberg Frederickson. She was preceded in death
by brothers and sisters, Mala Hallberg Simmons, Theodore, Fred, Louie,
Albert, Amel and Clayton Hallberg.

Hallquist, Anton E. 1906 - 1967. w/ Vivian. WW II.
Hallquist, Vivian. b. 1916. d. ?. w/o Anton E. Hallquist.

Hallsen, August. 1867 - 1952. Age 85. clipping dated Sept. 6, 1952 Mr.
Hallsen came to this country in 1911 from Sweden. Died at the home of his
son, Emil (See his obit). Mr. Halsen had lived on the Townline Road for 34
years. Survived besides his son is a grandson.

Hallsen, Emil G. b. Apr. 13, 1896 in Tierp, Sweden. d. Apr. 20, 1982, WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. s/o August Hallsen. m. Dec. 27, 1924 Ruth M.
Anderson. Emil G. Hallsen was preceded in death by 2 sisters: Selma Leif and
Beda Ericson, both of Sweden.

Hallsen, Ruth M. (Anderson). b. July 20, 1899, in Linkoping, Sweden. d.
2000. Age 100. d/o Adolf and Hilma (Karlson) Anderson. w/o Emil G. Hallsen.

(Child of Emil G. & Ruth M. (Andserson) Hallsen was: James E. G. Hallsen.)

Hallsen, Sandra Lee. b. Nov. 11, 1956. d. Nov.19, 1956. Our Darling

Halvarson, E. Birger. 1911 - ??. w/ Marian E.
Halvarson, Marian E. 1916 - ??. w/o E. Birger Halvarson.
Halvarson, Erik. 1886 - 1967. w/ Lisa.
Halvarson, Lisa. 1878 - 1970. w/o Erik Halvarson.

Hamer, Samuel D. 1883 - 1943. w/ Dagmar C.
Hamer, Dagmar C. 1892/93 - 1988.

Hamilton, Wayne J. Rev. 1916 - 1990. w/ Dorothy P. WW II.
Hamilton, Dorothy P. 1920 - ??. w/o Rev. Wayne J. Hamilton.

Hansen, Lilly E. (Wistrom). 1898 - 1974. 1st w/o Clarence H. Hansen. 1896 -
1976. Clarence and Lilly were divorced. Clarence is buried in the Bemus
Point Cemetery.

Hansen, Ruth "Beverly" Hansen. b. Feb. 9, 1921 Bemus Point. d. Jan. 20, 1988
WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 66. d/o Clarence H. & Lilly E. (Wistrom)
Hansen. m. Jan 1, 1942 John Malcom O'Neill. Ruth "Beverly" was employed for
over 40 years with the WCA Hospital, retiring in 1982. She attended Bemus
Point and Jamestown Schools.

Hanson, Christian D. b. Mar. 19, 1849 Denmark. d. June 8, 1940 at his home
in Fluvanna. Age 91. m. 1st Charlotte J. m. 2nd Carrie. Christian Hanson
died at 6:10 o'clock Wednesday evening at his home in Fluvanna. Aged 91
years. He is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Anna Meek of Raymond, Wash.,
and Miss Josephine M. Hanson of Hazelton, Pa.; a brother, Christopher Hanson
Jamestown; a grandson, Albert Meek of Raymond, Wash., and a niece Mrs. Anna
Anderson of Jamestown. Mr. Hanson was born in Denmark, March 19, 1849 but
came to this country when a young man. He had lived in Fluvanna nearly 70
years operating a blacksmith shop there until his retirement. JamestownPost
Journal clipping dated 6/6/1940.

Hanson, Charlotte J. b. 1847. d. May 2, 1880. 1st w/o Christian D. Hanson.

Hanson, Carrie. 1847 - 1935. 2nd w/o Christian D. Hanson.

Hanson, Albert T. 1882 - 1916. s/o Christian D. & Carrie Hanson.

Hanson, Mabel Caroline. 1888 - 1925. Age 36. d.o Christian D. & Carrie
Hanson. Until her health failed she was supervisor of music in the public
schools of West Chester, Pa. She died at the home of her parents. Survived
by her parents and 2 sisters; Mrs. Gelen D. Meek of Raymond, Wash. and Miss
Josephine Hanson of Hazelton, Pa. Post Journal 11/4/1925.

Hapgood, Joel. b. 1802. d. Oct. 16, 1883 Ellery. Age 81/5/25. m. in White
Plains, Susan Maria Harrington.

Hapgood, Susan Maria (Harrington). ?? - ??. w/o Joel Hapgood.

(Children of Joel Wilson & Susan Maria (Harrington) Hapgood were: Daniel
Smiley, Albert, and Clarles Elmore).

Hapgood, Daniel Smiley. 1832 - 1914. Age 81/2/21. s/o Joel Wilson
& Susan Maria (Harrington) Hapgood. m. Jan. 1, 1856 in Ellery, Clarissa
Laura Johnson.

Hapgood, Clarissa Laura (Johnson). b. May 5, 1835 in Ellery. d. June 5, 1891
or June 17, 1892 in Ellery. d/o Jacob & Sally (Swan) Hills Johnson.
(Children of Daniel Smiley & Clarissa Laura (Johnson) Hapgood were: Cora May
and Clarence.)

Hapgood, Charles Elmore. b. 1842. d. July 20, 1904. Drowned in Sllippery
Rock Creek Flood. s/o Joel Wilson & Susan Maria (Harrington) Hapgood. m.
Oct. 20, 1867 in Ellery Center, Mrs. Loranda (Simmons) Klock.

Hapgood, Loranda (Simmons) Klock. (She md. 1st to Franklin Klock). b. Nov.
19, 1838. d. Oct 21, 1896. d/o Walter & Roxylana (Lyon) Simmons. w/o
Charles Elmore Hapgood.

(Children of Charles Elmore & Loranda (Simmons) Hapgood were: Clifford E.
and Frank J. Hapgood. Children of Loranda & 1st husband, Franklin Klock
were: Kate and Minnie.)

Hapgood, Albert. 1847 - 1934. s/o Joel Wilson & Susan Maria (Harrington)
Hapgood. m. Ella Baldwin.

Hapgood, Ella (Baldwin). 1852 - 1924. d/o Sarah Ann Baldwin. w/o Albert

(Children of Albert & Ella (Baldwin) Hapgood were: Maud, Flora, Minnie,
Ethel, Earl, Leon and Claude).

Hapgood Maud. 1874 - 1937. d/o Albert & Ella (Baldwin) Hapgood.

Hapgood, Claude. b. 1870. d. Mar. 5, 1871. Age 0/10/11. s/o Albert & Ella
(Baldwin) Hapgood.

Harmon, Edward Westley. b. 1896. d. Apr. 23, 1976. m. Apr. 4, 1931 Catherine

Harmon, Catherine (Costello). b. June 24 1910 on the family farm in Bemus
Point. d. Jan. 23, 1993 Holy Cross Hospital at Silver Springs, Md. d/o
Michael "Edward" & Lottie "Grace" (Lawton) Costello. Catherine was a
Maryland resident since 1931. She was employed at the former Bergwall
Printing, while in Jamestown, NY, and later was a hairdresser in Silver
Springs. She had brothers F. Edward Costello and sister Anna (Costello)

Harns, Frank. 1891 - 1943.
Harns, Lena. 1889 - 1932.
Harns, Theodore. 1911 - 1930.
Harns, Walter. 1913 - 1929.

Harnes, Minnie A. (Parker) b. 1873. d. Aug. 11, 1947. d/o Charles D. & Sylvia (Norton) Parker. w/o Will Harnes.

Harrington, Stephen. b. 1797 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Mar. 21, 1892. Age
95/10/21. w/ Sarah Ann Brown.

Harrington, Sarah Ann (Brown). b. 1804 in Rhode Island. d. Mar. 31, 1869.
Age 65. w/o Stephen Harrington.

(Children of Stephen & Sarah Ann (Brown) Harrington were: Allen, Emily, Emma
and Sarah).

Harrington, Allen. b. 1830. d. Sept. 18, 1848. Age 18 yrs. s/o Stephen & Sarah Ann (Brown) Harrington.

Harrington, Emily. b. 1848. d. June 9, 1848. Age 3 mo. s/o Stephen & Sarah
Ann (Brown) Harrington.

Harrington, Emma. b . ?. d. Oct. 15, 1857. d/o Stephen & Sarah Ann (Brown)

Harris, Almon Morelle. 1857 - 1953. m. Jan. 11, 1883 Emily C.Sherwin.

Harris, Emily C. (Sherwin). b. Oct. 26, 1858 in Bad Axe Co., Wisconsin. d.
1941. d/o Francis E. & Cornelia (Lucas) Sherwin. w/o Almon Morelle Harris.

Hartson, Leland B. 1927 - 1987. w/ Dorothy E. Widlund. "POPS"

Hartson, Dorothy E. (Widlund). b. Dec. 12, 1928 in Jamestown. d. Mar. 10,
2000 in Tampa, FL. d/o Elmer & Gerevieve Widlund. w/o Leland B. Hartson.

Hartson, Timothy A. b. Oct 28, 1951 Jamestown. d. Oct 27, 1978.
s/o Leland B. & Dorothy E. (Widlund) Hartson. Timothy survived by brothers
and sisters: Douglas, Fred, Cynthia, Cheri, Susan, Gena and Patricia.

Hartson, Cheryl M. deceased. d/o Leland B. & Dorothy (Widlund) Hartson.
Cheryl had m. ________Short. Place of burial not certain.

Hartson, Rena K. 1907 - 1971.

Harvey, Carl Spaulding, b. Nov. 12, 1880 Town of Randolph. d. 1943. s/o
Oscar & Ada (Spaulding) Harvey. m. Nov. 2,1902 at Falconer, NY, Anna

Harvey, Anna (Simmons). b. Aug. 4, 1883/4 Town of Ellery.
d. 1967. d/o Orvin & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons. w/o Carl Spaulding Harvey.

(Children of Carl Spaulding and Anna (Simmons) Harvey were: Kenneth and
Mildred G. Harvey).

Harvey, Mildred G. b. Nov. 9, 1907 Greenhurst, NY. d. Jan. 23, 1989 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 81. d/o Carl Spaulding & Anna (Simmons) Harvey.
w/o Curtis Austin. Both buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. Prior to her
retirement Mildred was proprieter of Mildren's Beauty Salon from 1955 to
1979 and had been formerly employed by Bigelow's and Victor's Beauty Salons.
She is survived by a niece, Paula Thorpe of Jamestown; and a nephew, Robert
Harvey of Golden, Colo. Preceded in death by nephew Kenneth Harvey. These
are children of Mildred's brother Kenneth Harvey.

Harvey, Clarence O. 1878 - 1940. s/o Oscar & Ada (Spaulding) Harvey. Brother
of Carl Spaulding Harvey. m. Apr. 3, 1901 in Falconer, NY, E. Adell Simmons.

Harvey, E. Adell (Simmons). 1877 - 1931. d/o Orvin & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons.
w/o Clarence O. Harvey.

Harvey, Chester R. b. July 31, 1928. d. Feb.6, 2000. Age 71. s/o Hart H. & Ruth Ariette (Hale) Harvey. (Hart s/o Oscar & Caroline "Addie" (Spaulding)
Harvey. Ruth d/o William Franklin & Chestina E. (Bedient) Hale. Chester was
preceded in death by 4 brothers: Harold, Ralph, Arthur and Clarence Harvey
and a sister Carol Harvey Rieser. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving
during the Korean Conflict.

Harvey, Velma. b. Apr.28, 1888 Randolph, NY. d. Dec. 17, 1981 Chautauqua
County Infirmary. Age 93. d/o Oscar & Caroline "Addie" (Spaulding) Harvey.
m. May 31, 1961 Blaine G. Wilbur. Post Journal Clipping 12/18/1981. Velma
Harvey Wilbur, 93, formerly of Livingston Ave., Celoron, and Sheridan, died
Thursday evening Dec. 17, 1981 in Chautauqua County Infirmary, Dunkirk. She
was the widow of Blaine G. Wilbur, who died May 31, 1961. Mrs. Wilbur was
born Apr. 28, 1888 in Randolph, the daughter of Oscar and Addie Spaulding
Harvey. Surviving are two daughters: Beverly Niebel of Sheridan and Bernice
Taylor of Ft. Dix, N.J.; 7 grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren; and 4
great-great-grandchildren. Mrs. Wilbur was preceded in death by her husband;
two daughters; Bertha Lombardo and Betrice Bourdage; and one sister, Pearl
Joslyn; five brothers: Clarence, Carl, Walter, Frankie and Hart H. Harvey
and one grandson, Robert Lombardo. Burial will be in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Harvey, Hart Harold. b. May 11, 1891 Ellery Center. d. Aug. 29, 1981 at his
home in Greenhurst. Age 90. s/o Oscar & Caroline "Addie" (Spaulding) Harvey.
m. Dec. 31, 1919 Ruth Ariette Hale. WW I.

Harvey, Ruth Ariette (Hale). b. Oct. 25, 1892. d. June 25, 1974. d/o William
Frankin & Chestina E. (Bedient) Hale.
Ruth Ariette (6) Hale. Chestina E. (5) Bedient, Alsina G. (4) Bedient,
Alexander H. (3) Griffith, Jeremiah (2) Griffith, Seth (1) Griffith.

(Children of Hart Harold & Ruth Ariette (Hale) Harvey were: Clarence Milton,
Harold Burdette, Ralph Oscar, Arthur L., Chester R. & Carol O.)

Harvey, Clarence Milton. b. July 19, 1920 Town of Ellery. d. Jan. 4, 1979.
Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Age 58. s/o Hart Harold & Ruth Ariette (Hale) Harvey.
Probably never married. In Merchant Marines during WW II.

Harvey, Carol O. b. Oct. 31, 1934 Jamestown, NY. d. Nov. 23, 1992 St.
Vincent Hospital, Erie, Pa. Age 58. d/o Hart Harold & Ruth Ariette (Hale)
Harvey. w/o John C. Rieser. She was a Chautauqua Co. resident her entire
life. Was a graduate of Bemus Point High School, class of 1952. She was a
homemaker for most of her life, but was employed as a secretary for various
companies, the last being Moore Business Forms in Jamestown. She is
survived by two brothers, Arthur and Chester Harvey, both of Greenhurst.
She was preceded in death by two brothers, Ralph and Clarence Harvey.

Harvey, Arthur L. b. Mar. 27, 1925 Greenhurst, NY. d. May 11, 1996 Buffalo
General Hospital. Age 71. s/o Hart Harold & Ruth Ariette (Hale) Harvey. m.
Oct. 18, 1958 Mary J. Eckles. Arthur was a veteran of WW II. Served in US
Navy as an aviation radio man 3rd class and a torpedo bomber. Attended
Sullivan Vocational Techincal Institute in Louisaiana, the American
Television Institute of Technology in Chicago, Ill. and was employed by
Bowling corp. On the Apolla Saturn V5 Project, where he was on the Appolo
Role of Honor receiving the Appolo Achievement Award. Following retirement
in 1971, he moved back to the Jamestown area where he was employed by the
Local Masons Union. Survived by brother Chester Harvey of Greenhurst.
Preceded in death by 2 brothers, Ralph and Clarence Harvey and a sister
Carol Harvey Reiser. TOGETHER FOREVER

Harvey, Mary J. (Eckles). b. Mar. 28, 1924 Pratt, Kan. d. Nov. 5, 1991 St.
Vincent's Hospital, Erie, Pa. Age 67. d/o Ralph A. & Maudie M. (Clark)
Eckles. w/o Arthur L. Harvey. An area resident since 1970. Has a brother,
Jerry Eckles of Pratt, Kan. Four sisters, Bertha Faye Powell of Selina,
Kansas, Maudie Bergman of Wichita, Kansas, Louise Waters of Pratt and Debbie
Carter of Jarales, NM. She was preceded in death by two sisters, Beulah
Kitch and Bernice Lewis and 3 brothers, Joe, LaVern and Willard Eckles.

(Child of Arthur L. & Mary J. (Eckles) Harvey was: Melinda M. Harvey.)

Harvey, Milinda M. b. Mar. 12, 1960 in Wichita, Kansas. d. Jan 20, 1993.
Murdered between 3:30 & 4:30 a.m. at the intersection of Foote Ave. and
Marion St. Jamestown, NY, while on break from her job at the Foote Ave.
Immediate Care Facility. Age. 32. d/o Arthur L. & Mary J. (Eckles) Harvey.
m. Aug. 5, 1079 Gregory W. Juul.

Harvey, Kenneth O. b. July 26, 1905. d. Oct. 4, 1950. s/o Carl Spaulding & Anna (Simmons) Harvey. m. Agnes Carlson. (Post Journal clipping Oct. 6,
1950. Kenneth O. Harvey, 45, of 16 West Linwood St., Celoron, a truck
driver, died in Jamestown Beneral Hospital at 6:55 p.m. Wednesday. He was b
July 25, 1905 at Sheldon Hall. He was a member of the Fraternal Order of
Eagles, the Lakewood Rod and Gun Club and the Fluvanna Volunteer Fire
Department. Mr. Harvey was also a member of the Chautauqua County Firemen's
Fraternity. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Agnes Carlson Harvey, two sons,
Harvey Jr. of Oakland, Calif., and Robert Harvey at home; a daughter, Miss
Paula Harvey at home; his mother Mrs. Anna Harvey and a
sister, Mrs. Mildred Jones, both of Greenhurst. Burial will be in Fluvanna

Harvey, Agnes (Carlson). b. Nov. 5, 1905 Jamestown, NY. d. Oct. 27, 1982
Manor Oak Skilled Nursing Facility. Age 75. w/o Kenneth O. Harvey. She had
been employed by Midstate Telephone Co. for 49 years, retiring in 1971 as
chief operator. Survived by two brothers, Edwin Carlson of Lakewood and
Rolland Carlson of West Ellicott and a sister, Elvira Bloss of Falconer.
Preceded in death by two brothers, Millard and Edgar Carlson.

(Children of Kenneth O. & Agnes (Carlson) Harvey were: Kenneth Harvey Jr.,
Robert A. Harvey and Paula D. Harvey Thorpe).

Harvey, Etta "Pearl". b. Mar. 9, 1876. d. Feb. 14, 1955. d/o Oscar & Addie
(Spaulding) Harvey. m. Mar. 29, 1900 M. Walter Joslyn.

Harvey, Walter A. b. Feb. 20, 1886 Town of Randolph. d. Dec. 9, 1972 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 86. s/o Oscar & Addie (Spaulding) Harvey. m.
Oct. 26, 1910 Kate Ellen Hale. Walter has brothers and sisters, Hart,
Clarence O, Carl S., Frankie, and Pearl Harvey Joslyn.

Harvey, Kate Ellen (Hale). b. Oct. 16, 1886. d. Sept. 6, 1968. d/o William
Franklin& Chestina E. (Bedient) Hale. Chestina (5) Bedient, Alsina (4),
Alexander H.(3) Griffith, Jeremiah (2) Griffith, Seth (1) Griffith.

(Children of Walter A. & Kate Ellen (Hale) Harvey are: Dorothy A., Ruby ,
Bertha Ruth, Oscar William, Walter A., Sherwood A., Virginia Rae, and Ellen

Harvey, Walter Jr. b. Dec. 1, 1922. d. Jan 13, 1923. s/o Walter A. & Kate
Ellen (Hale) Harvey.

Haskin, John. b. 1808. d. Apr. 1, 1876. Age 68. w/ Aurilla Aldrich.
Haskin, Aurilla (Aldrich). b. 1812. d. Dec. 8, 1893. w/o John Haskin.

Haskin, Edwin. b. 1836. d. Nov. 23, 1864. Age 28/10/5. s/o John & Aurilla
(Aldrich) Haskin.

Haskin, Aaron A. b. Jan. 28, 1840. d. Feb. 15, 1905. s/o John & Aurilla
(Aldrich) Haskin. w/ Jane Simmons.

Haskin, Jane (Simmons). b. Feb. 18, 1842. d. Jan 7 or 3, 1925. d/o
Alexander & Laura Ann (Clark) Simmons. w/o Aaron A. Haskin.

(Children of Aaron A. & Jane (Simmons) Haskins were: Hattie, Alice "Allie",
and Ida Bell).

Haskin, Hattie. 1861 - 1901. d/o Aaron A. & Jane (Simmons) Haskin. m. July
11, 1883. Alfred Hale. Alfred Hale s/o William Franklin & Chestina Ellen
(Bedient) Hale.

Haskin, Alice "Allie". 1862 - 1909. d/o Aaron a. & Jane (Simmons) Haskin.

Haugan, Bryan M. b. Dec. 30, 1978. d. Dec. 21,1993. He asked for so little
but He gave so much.

Hawley, Alonzo. b. ??. d. ??. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. w/ Ruth Norton.
Hawley, Ruth A. (Norton). 1824 - 1906. w/o Alonzo Hawley.

Hayes, John B. Jr. b. 1854. d, Dec. 23, 1943 nursing home in Bradford, Pa.
Age 89. s/o John B. Sr. & Laura (Hull) Hayes. w/ Ida L. Warner. Post Journal
clipping Dec. 23, 1943. John B. Hayes, 89, lifelong resident of this village
(Bemus Point) died early this morning in a nursing home at Bradford, Pa.,
the home of his son, Dr. Floyd W. Hayes, formerly of Jamestown. Besides his
son, Mr. Hayes is survived by his wife, Mrs. Ida Hayes; four sisters, Mrs.
Susie Mahanna, Mrs. Minnie Miller, Mrs. Grace Culver and Mrs. Laura Cross; a
brother, Zile Hayes of Bemus Point and three grandsons. Burial will be in
Fluvanna Cemetery.

Hayes, Ida L. (Warner). b. Apr. 1, 1862. d. ?. d/o Albert & Amanda (Wilcox)

Hayner, John D. b. Oct. 31, 1884 Town Ellicott. d. Apr. 25, 1962. s/o John
J. & Irene (Cole) Hayner. w/ Mrs. Iva L. Bignell.

Hazzard, Robertson. b. ??. d. ??. Bd. Fluvanna Cemetery. w/ Louisa L.

Hazzard, Louise L. (Riker). b. ?. d. Nov. 12, 1870. w/o Robertson Hazzard.

Hazzard. Oscar H. b. 1844. d. Feb. 6, 1849. Age 5/0/6. s/o Robertson & Louisa L. (Riker) Hazzard.

Hazzard, Charles. 1833 - 1892. s/o Robertson & Louisa L. (Riker) Hazzard.

Hazzard, Charles. 1828 - 1892. w/ Ophelia.

Hazzard, Sarah M. (Acocks). b. 1843. d. 1917. d/o Thomas & Ann (Delano)
Acocks. w/o Jason Hazzard. Jason d. Jan. 7, 1874 in Santa Barbara, Cal.
Jason was a blacksmith.

Hazzard, Marion S. 1862 - 1938. Possible d/o Jason & Sarah (Acocks) Hazzard.

Heath, H. Earl. b. 1896. d. ??. Probably buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.
w/ Martha Williamson.

Heath, Martha (Williamson). b. 1890. d. Dec. 1941 Buffalo General Hospital.
age 52. Post Journal clipping Dec. 31, 1942. Towerville - Mrs. Martha
Williamson Heath, 52, wife of Earl Heath, of this place died suddenly at the
Buffalo General Hospital, Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. She was a member of the
Gerry Home Bureau and actively identified with Red Cross and other community
work. Burial will be in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Heath, Ira. 1840 - 1915. s/o Isaac & Lucretia (Lee) Heath. He was married to
Sarah Copp. (Where is she?)

Heath, Austin. b. 1827. d. Oct. 29, 1886. Age 58/10/0. m. in 1857 Minerva

Heath, Minerva (Allen). b. June 20, 1841. d. June 19, 1887.

Heath, Charlie C. b. Dec. 23, 1858. d. June 23, 1863. s/o Austin & Minerva
(Allen) Heath.

Heaton, Orville D. 1859 - 1943. w/ Sarah A.
Heaton, Sarah A. 1833 - 1897. w/o Orville D. Heaton.

Heberle, John W. Sr. 1900 - 1980 w/ Svea Hendrickson.

Heberle, Svea (Hendrickson). b. Jan. 1, 1912 in Holland, Sweden. d. Apr.
25, 1993 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 81. d/o John & Gertrude
Hendrickson. (Svea m. 1st to Edward Larson) For many years Svea was a cook
at the Apple Inn and the Fountain Bowl, retiring in 1966.

Heberle, Ronald. b. Oct. 14, 1937 in Jamestown, NY. d. Oct. 21, 1982 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 45. s/o John & Dorothy (Breckenridge) Heberle.
He served with the New York State National Guard. A construction worker.

Heglund, Dennis L. 1952 - 1970.

Hern, Margie E. 1907 - 1985.

Herou, Nels. 1906 - 1967. w/ Svea A.
Herou, Svea A. 1901 - 1978. w/o Nels Herou.

Herrick, Anne. 1819 - 1893. w/o William Herrick.

Heston, Sara. 1833 - 1897.

Hettenbauch, Leland N. b. Nov. 30, 1919 in Randolph, NY. d. June 19, 1989
WCA Hosppital, Jamestown, NY. Age 69. s/o Leon V. & Cora (Grant)
Hettenbaugh. m. 1st Maude Burnside. m. 2nd. Evalyn Carrick. He served in the
U. S. Army during WW II. For 34 years, he was employed by the former
Jamestown Finishes and Essex Specialty Products on Blackstone Ave.

Higgins, James. 1883 - 1933. w/ Ethel V. Gates.

Higgins, Ethel V. (Gates) 1895 - ??. w/o James Higgins. Probably buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery.

Higgs, Richard Levi. 1925 - ??. w/ Mary Ann.
Higgs, Mary Ann. 1930 - ??. w/o Richard Levi Higgs.

Hilldale, Adoctus. 1887 - 1964. w/ Selma L.
Hilldale, Selma L. 1889 - 1970. w/o Adoctus Hilldale.

Hills, Henry G. 1831 - 1908. Died in Ellery. Age 76/8/2. s/o Truman & Sally
(Swan) Hills. w/ Mary Ann Smiley.

Hills, Mary Ann (Smiley). b. 1836. d. June 28, 1913 at home of son Lawrence
Hills of Jamestown, NY.

Hills, Endora E. b. ca. 1855. d. Oct. 10, 1865. Age 10/2/0. d/o Henry G. & Mary Ann (Smiley) Hills.

Hills, Mary B. b. 1865. d. Mar. 15, 1870. Age 5/8/22. d/o Henry G. & Mary
Ann (Smiley) Hills.

Hoaglund, Leander. 1835- 1901. w/ Marie Johnson.

Hoaglund, Marie (Johnson). b. 1846. d. 1906 on Ellery Ellicott Townline
Road of a lightning strike. Age. 60. w/o Leander Hoaglund.

Hoaglund, A. Martena. 1877 - 1933. d/o Leander & Marie (Johnson) Hoaglund.
w/o Robert Edward Lenox.

Hoaglund, Clyde L. b. Aug. 12, 1908 Town of Ellicott. d. June 20, 1996
Greenhurst Health Center., Age 87. s/o Edwin & Hulda (Nelson) Hoaglund. m.
May 8, 1937 in Jamestown, NY, Genevieve P. Plano. Clyde was a lifelong area
resident. He had owned and operated a horse and dairy farm on the Falconer
Stillwater Road since 1941, retiring in 1993. He and his wife operated a
tack and cowboy boot shop. He would make trips out West and bring back
truckloads of horses. The couple's home was a resting stop for the Amish
traveling between Sugar Grove and Conewango. Was preceded in death by a
brother Roy E. Hoaglund in 1970.

Hoaglund, Genevieve P. (Plano). b. 1909. d. Nov. 5, 1989. w/o Clyde L.

Hoaglund, Roy E. 1907 - 1970. w/ Maybel K. Brother of Clyde L. Hoaglund.

Hoaglund, Maybel K. 1910 - ??

Hoard, Samuel (2). b. Feb 25, 1758 in Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island. d.
June 16, 1848 at his home in the Town of Ellery. Age 90/4/21.
s/o Edward (1) & Martha (Cole) Hoard. Samuel was the youngest of 7 children.
m. 1st Lucy Gates. (Lucy d. abt. 1803 in Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NY). m. 2nd
Susannah Harrington of Fluvanna. Samuel Hoard already a resident of New York
state at the time of the American Revolution. His military service was
performed as a private in Capt. Stephen Niles' Company of the 4th Regiment,
Albany County, NY, Militia, commanded by Col. Kilian Van Rensselaaer. His
name will be found in the regiment's roster of enlisted men on P. 105 New
York in the Reolution (1898). The pension application of Samuel Hoard shows
that he was a resident of Little Hoosick, Rensselaer Co., NY 1832 and the
pension application of his brother Simeon, filed from Ohio in 1838, shows
that he was living in the Town of Ellery, Chautauqua Co. in 1838.

Hoard, Susanna (Harrington). b. ca 1762. d. June 6, 1848. Age 83/11/20.
2nd w/o Samuel Hoard.

Hoard, Carl D. b. Jan. 26, 1907 in Jamestown, NY. d. Dec. 31, 1966 in
Jamestown General Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 59. s/o Carl & Juanita
(Ewing) Hoard. w/ Nettie M. Chase. Carl had sisters, Mrs. Ella Olson and
Mrs. Juanita Newkirk. Carl was a sales representative for the Texaco Co. and
the Proper Oil Co. of Sinclairville, NY retiring in June 1966 due to ill

Hoard, Nettie M. (Chase). b. 1912. d. Feb. 8, 1972. w/o Carl D. Hoard.

Hoard, David W. 1932 - 1986. s/o Carl D. & Nettie (Chase) Hoard. US Army

Hoard, Edward C. 1890 - 1959. w/ Nora A.
Hoard, Nora A. 1897 - 1984. w/o Edward Hoard.
Hoard, Lawrence M. 1900 - 1988. w/ Norma A.
Hoard, Norma A. 1912 - ? . w/o Lawrence M.

Hoard, Albert Lee. b. Aug. 18, 1879 in Randolph, NY. d. Nov. 10, 1965. Age
86. s/o Jesse N. & Ilona (Whitemore) Hoard. m. Aug. 30,. 1898 at home of
bride's Aunt, Mrs. Nelson Waggoner of Jamestown, NY, Myrmell Clark. Albert
Lee Hoard and his wife owned and operated a large dairy farm on N. Main
Street Ext. Jamestown, NY, for many years and also owned and operated a
creamery and milk route in the vicinity of his home and in Jamestown for
some time. He owned the Curve In Gasoline Service Station on N. Main St.,
later operated by his son Melville Hoard. In his younger days, Mr. Hoard was
an enthusiastic horseman and was known for his beautiful carriage horses. A
sister and three brothers preceded him in death.

Hoard, Myrmell V. (Clark). 1880 - 1977. w/o Albert Lee Clark.

Hodges, Minnie J. 1867 - 1929.

Hoff, Anthony A. 1900 - 1966. w/ Mildred C.
Hoff, Mildred C. 1889 - 1988. w/o Anthony A.

Hollenbeck, Edward. b. 1804. d. Oct. 18, 1880. Age 76/10/8. w/ Mary "Polly"
Lounsbury. Edward m. 2nd Phoebe (Becker) Mecusker.

Hollenbeck, Mary "Polly" (Lounsbury). b. ??. d. ??. w/o Edward Hollenbeck.
(Children of Edward & Mary "Polly" (Lounsbury) Hollenbeck were: Addison E.,
Silas P., Barthana , Ann, Julia, Abraham, Jacob and Rosetta.

Hollenbeck, Barthana. b. Jan. 21, 1829. d. May 17, 1848. Age 19. d/o Edward
& Mary "Polly" (Lounsbury) Hollenbeck.

Hollenbeck, Ann. b. 1866. d. ??. d/o Edward & Mary "Polly" (Lounsbury)
Hollenbeck. w/o Merrill Clark.

Hollenbeck, Alexander. b. June 17, 1815. d. June 23, 1875. m. 1st Abigail M.
Strickland. m. 2nd Martha L. Sackett.

Hollenbeck, Abigail M. (Strickland) b. May 18, 1816. d. Feb. 19, 1946. 1st
w/o Alexander Hollenbeck.

Hollenbeck, Martha L. (Sackett). b. Feb.20, 1815. d. Nov.6, 1891. d/o Filer
& Deborah (Waterman) Sackett. 2nd w/o Alexander Hollenbeck.

Hollenbeck, Wallace. b. ?. d. Jan.13, 1871. 19/3/16. s/o Alexander & Martha
L. (Sackett) Hollenbeck.

Hollenbeck, Silas P. b. 1834. d. Mar. 16, 1911 near Greenhurst, NY. Age 77.
s/o Edward & Mary "Polly" (Lounsbury) Hollenbeck. w/ Lydia M. Rhodes.

Hollenbeck, Lydia M. (Rhodes). 1835 - 1915. d/o John & Matilda (Rhodes)
Rhodes. w/o Silas P. Hollenbeck.

Hollenbeck, Bertha B. b. 1872. d. Mar. 11, 1875. Age 3/6/8. d/o Silas P. & Lydia M. (Rhodes) Hollenbeck.

Hollenbeck Clara. b. 1869. d. Mar 22, 1869. age 0/1/26. d/o Silas P. & Lydia
M. (Rhodes) Hollenbeck.

Hollenbeck Edward H. b. 1878. d. Jan. 29, 1879. Age 1/8/18. s/o Silas P. & Lydia M. (Rhodes) Hollenbeck.

Hollenbeck, Addison E. 1836 - 1920. s/o Edward & Mary "Polly" (Lounsbury)
Hollenbeck. w/ Abigail (Abbie) Moore. He enlisted in Civil War. Enlist date
02 Aug 1862 Ellery, NY. Rank private. Age 27. Promoted to full Corpl. on 25,
1863. Served New York Enlisted E. Co. 112th Inf, Reg. NY. Disch at City
Point, VA. on 23 September 1864. (At base hospital).

Hollenbeck, Abigail "Addie" (Moore). 1840 - 1926. w/o Addison E. Hollenbeck.

Hollenbeck, Jacob. 1838 - 1922. Died at home of daughter Blanche. s/o Edward
& Mary "Polly" (Lounsbury) Hollenbeck. w/ Nancy Mecusker.

Hollenbeck, Nancy (Mecusker). 1840 - 1919. d/o Patrick & Phoebe (Becker)
Mecusker. (Phoebe (Becker) Mecusker m. 2nd. Edward Hollenbeck).

(Children of Jacob & Nancy (Mecusker) Hollenbeck were: Addie. Jerome and
Blanche M.)

Hollenbeck, Addie. 1861 - 1863. d/o Jacob & Nancy (Mecusker) Hollenbeck.

Hollenbeck, Jerome S. b. 1873. d. Aug. 22, 1915. s/o Jacob & Nancy
(Mecusker) Hollenbeck. m. Jan. 5, 1897 at Falconer, NY, Alice A. Wilbur.
(Alice m. 2nd Frank Crey Morgan).

Hollenbeck, Abram. 1826 - 1902. w/ Mary Ferguson.

Hollenbeck, Mary (Ferguson). b. Jan. 9, 1822. d. 1919. s/o Amos Sr. & Amy
(Arnold) Ferguson. w/o Abram Hollenbeck.

Hollenbeck, Hiram F. b. 1851. d. Nov. 17, 1862. Age 11/11/25. s/o Abram & Mary (Ferguson) Hollenbeck.

Hollenbeck, Amy Medora. 1862 - 1862. d/o Abram & Mary (Ferguson) Hollenbeck.

Hollenbeck, Wallace W. b. 1838. d. Sept. 19, 1842. Age 4/0/15. s/o William & Polly Hollenbeck.

Hollings, James. b. 1897. d. Jan. 10, 1980, m. July 24, 1920 Pearl R. Lager.

Hollings, Pearl R. (Lager). b. Mar. 18, 1896 in Jamestown, NY. d. Mar. 6,
1988 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 92. d/o Charles & Ida (Abrahamson)
Lager. w/o James Hollings. She was preceded in death by a sister Julia L.
Munson, who died Nov. 6, 1974 and two brothers: Arthur and Claude Lager.

Hollings, Ronald J. 1926 - 1999. s/o James & Pearl R. (Lager) Hollings. WW

Holmerg, Herbert. 1901 - 1989. w/ Ellen T.
Holmberg, Ellen T. 1909 - 1966. w/o Herbert Holmberg.

Holmstrom, H. Waldemar. 1906 - 1964. w/ Inez V. Together with Josephson.

Holmstrom, Inez V. 1913 - ?. w/o H. Waldemar Holmstrom. Together with

Hooks, Bertha A. 1922 - 1973. w/o Lebbous C. Hooks. Our Father which Art in

Hooks, Lebbous C. 1919 - 1998. w/ Bertha A. Our Father which Art in Heaven.

Hooper, Lowry. 1836 - 1907. w/ Celia Lown.
Hooper, Celia (Lown). 1842 - 1874.

Hooper, Fred M. b. 1867. d. Feb. 16, 1922. m. Mar. 19, 1887 at residence of
bride's mother in Ellery, Ida Belle Haskins. (Double funeral of Fred and son
Herbert W. Hooper).

Hooper, Ida Belle (Haskins). b. 1865. d. Jan. 7, 1925 (1926 on some
records). d/o Aaron & Jane (Simmons) Haskins. w/o Fred M. Hooper.

Children of Fred M. & Ida Belle (Haskins) Hooper were: Mabel E., Harry,
Leonard, Edwin, Elmer, Clarence, Clifford, May, Myrtle, Jessie, Maude,
infant son (twin to May) and Herbert W.)

Hooper, Herbert W. b. 1902. d. Feb. 17, 1922. s/o Fred M. & Ida Belle
(Haskins) Hooper. (Herbert and his father, Fred, had a double funeral).

Hooper, Infant son. (twin to May Hooper) b. May 11, 1897. d. 1897. s/o Fred
M. & ida Belle (Haskins) Hooper.

Hooper, E. Mabel. b. 1889. d. June 1950. Age 56. d/o Fred M. & Ida Belle
(Haskin) Hooper. newspaper clipping dated June 3, 1950. Miss Mabel E.
Hooper, 56, died at her home at Fluvanna on Monday at 3:30 p.m. She was a
daughter of the late Fred and Belle Hooper and leaves six brothers, Harry,
Leonard, Edwin and Elmer Hooper of Fluvanna and Clarence and Clifford Hooper
of Bemus Point; four sisters, Miss May Hooper and Mrs. Myrtle Lord of
Jamestown, five nephews and four nieces. She was a member of the Fluvanna
Cemetery Society, Fluvanna Fire Department Auxiliary, Fluvanna Library
Association and the Willing Workers. Funeral services will be held at the
Fluvanna Church on Thursday, at 2:30 p.m. Burial will be in Fluvanna

Hooper, Clarence M. b. Dec. 29, 1887 Town of Ellery. d. Oct. 30, 1975 Fenton
Park Nursing Home, Jamestown, NY. Age 87. s/o Fred M. & Ida Belle (Haskins)
Hooper. m. May 30, 1910 Bertha A. Haskin.

Hooper, Bertha A. (Haskin). b. Feb. 7, 1890 Ellery. d. Aug. 10, 1975
Jamestown General Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 85. d/o Fred G. & Marcia
(Smiley) Haskin.

Hooper, Elmer Eugene "Yank". b. Sept. 2, 1907. d. Aug. 22, 1966 at his home.
Age 58. s/o Fred M. & Ida Belle (Haskin) Hooper. m. Nov. 18, 1939 Mildred
Justine "Millie" Lundquist. Newspaper clipping dated Aug. 23, 1966. Yank
attended Fluvanna School and Jamestown High School. He had resided in
Fluvanna all his life until moving to Bemus Point 15 years ago. He had been
employed at Ramsey's Restaurant for more than 9 years and prior to that time
was associated with his brothers in Hooper Bros. Dairy. He was a member of
Ellery Rod and Gun Club; and was a life member of Fluvanna Fire Dept. Has
sisters, Mrs. Samuel Lord, Fluvanna; Mrs. Earl Cook and Miss May Hooper both
of Jamestown; four brothers, Clarence M. Hooper and Leonard N. Hooper both
of Jamestown; Clifford F. Hooper, Maple Springs, and Edwin L. Hooper,
Fluvanna. He was preceded in death by two sisters, Miss Mabel Hooper and
Mrs. Harry Wetsel, and two brothers, Herbert and Harry Hooper.

Hooper, Mildred Justine "Millie" (Lundquist). b. 1914. d. 1999. d/o Paul and
1st wife Anna (Abrahamson) Lundquist. m. 1st. Elmer Eugene "Yank" Hooper. m.
2nd Dr. Luke Boyd of Bemus Point.

Hooper, Harry H. b. May 21, 1898 Fluvanna, NY. d. Feb. 1951. s/o Fred & Ida
Bell (Haskin) Hooper. Newspaper clipping dated Mar. 1, 1951. Harry H.
Hooper, 52, of the Town Line Road, chief of the Fluvanna Fire Department for
the past two years, died in WCA Hospital, Wednesday afternoon. He was born
May 21, 1898, in Fluvanna, and had been a life-long resident of this area.
For 19 years he was associated with his five brothers in the operation of
Hooper Bros. Dairy until the business was sold in 1947. Since that time Mr.
Hooper has been employeed by the City View Dairy in Jamestown. He was a
charter member of the Fluvanna Volunteer Fire Department, organized in 1925.
He was assistant chief of the department for many years until named chief
two years ago. He had served as a director of the group since its founding
and helped to organize the Fluvanna Rescue Squad. He was chief air raid
warden for the Town of Ellery during the last war. (WW II). Surviving are
five brothers, Clarence M. Hooper of Jamestown, Leonard L. Hooper, Edwin L.
Hooper, and Elmer E. Hooper, all of Fluvanna and Clifford F. Hooper of Bemus
Point; four sisters, Mrs. Jessie Wetsel of Falconer, Mrs. Maude Cook of
Jamestown, Mrs. Myrtle Lord and Miss May Hooper of Fluvanna, six nephews and
six nieces.

Hooper, Leonard L. b. Feb. 26, 1900 Jamestown, NY. d. Dec. 15, 1878 at home
in Frewsburg, NY. Age 78. s/o Fred M. & Ida Belle (Haskin) Hooper. m. Nov.
1, 1941 Marian Cattley. In 1941 Leonard L. Hooper was associated with his
brother in Hooper Bros. Dairy.

Hooper, Marian (Cattley). 1920 - 1960. d/o Marshall E. Cattley Sr. w/o
Leonard L. Hooper.

Hooper, Hattie. 1861 - 1901.

Hopkins, Thomas. b. ??. d. Apr. 6, 1847. Age 21.

Howard (?) Grandma Fanny. b. Apr. 11, 1917. d. July 30, 1991. Has a Heart
with RMA inside of it.

Howard, Arthur Eugene. b. Feb. 23, 1855. d. Mar. 22, 1926. m. 1st Calinda
"Linne" Marsh. m. 2nd May Clark.

Howard, Celinda "Linne" (Marsh). (Some records state that her nickname is
Lizzie). b. Apr. 11, 1859 Ellery. d. Aug. 15, 1937. d/o William & Polly Jane
(Jackson) Marsh. 1st w/o Arthur Eugene Howard.

Howard, Etta May. b. Mar. 26, 1878 Centerville, Pa. d. 1930. d/o Arthur
Eugene & Celinda "Linne" (Marsh) Howard. m. Dec. 19, 1896 (separated 1924)
William Melvin Aldrich.

Howard, May (Clark). 1866 - 1927. 2nd w/o Arthur Eugene Howard.
Howard, Lyle E. 1905 - 1990. w/ Jean H. Together Forever.
Howard, Jean H. 1918 - ??. w/o Lyle E. Howard.

Hubbard, Dora Elizabeth (Fenton). 1876 - 1921. d/o Nelson Orrin & Melissa
(Klock) Smiley Fenton. (Melissa m. 1st to J. Wallace Smiley). Dora m. Oct.
15, 1904 in Westfield, NY, at home of G. H. Barber, Willis W. Hubbard.

HUDSON /all on HUDSON Monument
Hudson, John. b. Nov. 11, 1795. d. Jan. 14, 1874. Age 78/2/5/ w/ Betsey

Hudson, Betsey (Bartlett). b. Dec. 23, 1803. d. Oct. 23, 1906. Age 102.
(Chautauqua County's oldest woman).

Hudson, Fanny M. b. Nov. 21, 1826. d. July 5, 1828. d/o John & Betsey
(Bartlett) Hudson.

Hudson, Sarah Minvina (Brown). b. Aug. 16, 1833. d. July 6, 1895. d/o John
& Betsey (Bartlett) Hudson. w/o Alexander Sherman Brown III. 1835 -1922.
Alexander also buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery.

Hudson, Catherine A. b. Oct 20, 1828. d. Apr. 3, 1829. d/o John & Betsey
(Bartlett) Hudson.

Hudson, William C. b. Aug. 8, 1821. d. Mar. 28, 1882. s/o John & Betsey
(Bartlett) Hudson.

Hudson, Losina (Shaw). b. March 26, 1835. d. May 20, ____. d/o John & Betsey (Bartlett) Hudson. (she first m. Ira Shaw. m. 2nd Lloyd Gibson).

Hudson, Lucinda M. (Crippen). b. Dec. 12, 193_. d. ??. (she md James

Hudson, Mary M. b. May 26, 1831. d. Sept. 29, 1840. d/o John & Betsey
(Bartlett) Hudson.

Hull, Daniel. b. Feb. 8, 1800 Yates Co., NY. d. Jan. 14, 1884. Age 83/11/6.
s/o Seth & Polly Hull of New York City. m. Apr. 3, 1840 at Fluvanna, NY,

Hull, Catharine. b. Aug 7, 1807 in New York City. d. Feb 11, 1870. Age 63.
w/o Daniel Hull.

(Children of Daniel & Catharine ( ) Hull were: Sgt. Marvin Hull, Seth
Hull. Laura Hull, and Mary Ann Hull).

Hull, Seth. b. 1852. d. Mar. 11, 1875. Age 23/6/2. s/o Daniel & Catharine

Hull, Sgt. Marvin. b. Apr. 4, 1840. d. July 16, 1864. Age 23/4/9. s/o
Daniel & Catharine Hull. Civil War.

Hull, Mary Ann. (I believe a small child....stone eroded) probably d/o
Daniel & Catharine Hull.

Hunt, Melzer. b. 1791 in Duxbury, Mass. d. Jan. 11, 1858. Drowned in
Chautauqua Lake. Age 67. w/ Abigail Brown. He emigrated to Chautauqua County
in 1818.

Hunt, Abigail (Brown). b. 1800. d. Jan. 19, 1880. Age 80. d/o Alexander the
first Brown. w/o Melzer Hunt.
(on the south side of the Melzer & Abigail (Brown) Hunt marker it reads
Abigail Dingley. What does this mean?)

Imus, Charles M. 1907 - 1954.

Ingerson, Charles D. b. Sept. 20, 1946. d. June 4, 1974. Spraying a dock in
Chautauqua Lake was killed by electricity. s/o Marion & Helen (Carlson)
Ingerson. Enl Army vet. Served in Germany and Vietnam. dis. Ser. 1965 1968.
Never married.

Ingerson, Sharon Ann. 1962 - 1963. d/o Marion & Helen (Carlson) Ingerson.

Irwin, Carson E. 1881 - 1968.

Isaacson, Albert E. "Ike". b. Dec. 16, 1893 in Olean. d. June 10, 1966 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 72. s/o Harold & Ida (Olson) Isaacson. w/
Victoria S. Danburg.

Isaacson, Victoria S. (Danburg). b. Feb. 8, 1897 in Jamestown, NY. d. May
14, 1981 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 84. d/o Victor & Sofia (Carlson)
Danburg. Mr. and Mrs. Isaacson lived on a farm on Pickard Street, Town of
Ellery, for 33 years. After the death of her husband, Victoria moved to 225
Weeks Street in Jamestown, NY. Victoria is survived by a sister, Evelyn
Danburg, with whom she made her home. She was preceded in death by a
brother, Dewey Danburg.

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SOURCE: Compiled and digitized by Dolores Davidson, 2001.
Data from many sources, including the old records of Minnie Cohen transcribed in1932 and from the Enchanted Mountains Genealogy Cemetery site, compiled by EMGS Member James J. Emborsky with permission of the President, Mary Bryant, in a shared database old obits and bios newspaper clippings etc. and current obituaries and the records of Loraine Smith, and by family data; and all data corrected and edited by Loraine Smith, Town of Ellery Historian; according to her records.