Located behind the old Fluvanna Church, on the curve,
now called The Fluvanna Church Youth Center,
on Route 430, Town of Ellicott, Fluvanna,
Chautauqua County, NY.

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Burials updated to June 2001.
A daunting task;
This cemetery at one time was in tiers and at some point in time, the stones were all removed and the land plowed flat, so this does make for a lot chance for error; the old records we had online were found to have many errors and we hope this new record will help you find your kinfolk. There also were removals from other cemeteries buried here. As with any old data, this material to be used only as a guide and is certain to still have mistakes. This is a very large file so be sure to use your EDIT / SEARCH feature and all surnames will also show in the search engine on the main GenWeb page, As with any family, a lot of names are all mixed together.
Mack, Harold C. b. June 24, 1924 in Machias. d. Dec. 10, 1993. Age 69. s/o
William L. & Fern E. (Smith) Mack. In 1993 Harold resided at Fenton Park
Nursing Home. He was a former employee of the B & O Rail Road, retiring in
1953 due to a disability. He was a former member of the Springville Moose,
and the American Legion of Ellicottville. Survived by three brothers:
Donald, Earl and David Mack, all of West Valley; four sisters: Rae Razey and
Doris Baker, West Valley; Shirley Baker of Kennedy, and Lola Edwards of
Sanford, Fla. Preceded in death by three sisters: Alice and Alta Kelley, and
Adelia Mack and a brother, William Mack Jr. US Navy WW II

Maddox, Charles Augustus. b. 1879 Scranton, Pa. d. June 28, 1943. Buried
June 30, 1943. w/ Rose C. Parker.

Maddox, Rose C. (Parker). b. Mar. 8, 1882. d. Mar. 6, 1963. d/o Charles D. &
Sylvia (Norton) Parker. w/o Charles A. Maddox.

Maddox. Beatrice. b. 1904. d. 1906. Age 2. First child of Charles A. & Rose
C. (Parker) Maddox.

Magnuson, Robert L. b. May 27, 1932. d. May 29, 1979. s/o Oscar Magnuson. w/
Pearl Adell Joslyn. American Legion. US Air Force.

Magnuson, Pearl Adell (Joslyn). b. June 29, 1932. Pearl was a graduate of
Bemus Point High School, Class of 1951.

Main, Cleo. b. Jamestown General Hospital. d. Nov. 19, 1948, Jamestown
General Hospital. Age 3 months, 13 days. Buried Nov. 22, 1948 Lot A-6,
Section 9.

Maples, Charles G. b. Feb. 20, 1818 in Milo, Yates Co. d. May 29, 1886 at
Mayville, NY. Buried on the west side of the three-cornered Maples marker.
s/o Rev. War Soldier, Josiah MAPLES, 1762 - 1847 at Ellery but is buried in
East Aurora Erie Co., NY & 2nd wife Esther Rogers. m. Mar. 4, 1838 Ruth
Barney of Ellery. Came to Chautauqua County from Aurora, Erie Co. in 1836.
Came to a farm in Ellery 1838. His father, Josiah, a native of New London
Co., removed to Otsego Co., then to Yates Co. Charles the youngest of 18
children. Charles the 11th child of his mother.

Maples, Ruth (Barney). b. Mar.20, 1817. d. Feb27, 1901. Age 84. Buried on
the west side of the three-cornered Maples marker. d/o Rev War soldier,
Luther MAPLES and 2nd wife Ruth GARRISON buried at Bemus Point.

(Children of Charles G. & Ruth (Barney) Maples included: Infant son, who
died Apr. 1, 1840.; Infant daughter who died July 3, 1841; Florence; George;
Mary Ann; Florell Sophis; Charles Byron; Frank Lee; and George W. their
adopted son).

Maples, George, d. Apr. 1, 1840 as an infant. Buried on the north-east side
of the three-cornered Maples marker. s/o Charles & Ruth (Barney) Maples.

Maples, George. b. 1841. d. Sept. 28, 1845. Age. 4. Buried on the north-east
side of the three-cornered Maples marker. Adopted s/o Charles & Ruth
(Barney) Maples.

Maples, Infant daughter. d. July 3, 1841. Buried on the north-east side of
the three-cornered Maples marker. d/o Charles & Ruth (Barney) Maples.

Maples, Mary Ann. b. 1844. d. Jan. 6, 1846. Age 2/5/4. Buried on the
north-east side of the three-cornered Maples marker. d/o Charles & Ruth
(Barney) Maples.

Maples, Charles Bryan. b. 1850. d. July 3, 1851. Age 1/3/2. Buried on the
north-east side of the three-cornered Maples marker. s/o Charles & Ruth
(Barney) Maples.

Maples, Florence Ruth. b. Aug. 11, 1845. d. 1906. Buried on the south east
side of the three-cornered Maples marker. d/o Charles & Ruth (Barney)
Maples. m. Feb. 15, 1865. Samuel Morris Whicher. (When they were married
Samuel was age 26 and Florence age 19). Both buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Maples, Florell Sophia. b. Feb. 26, 1848. d. June 24, 1868. Age 20/3/28.
Buried on south-east side of the three-cornered Maples marker. Florell died
at Eddy, NY. She had gone there to her mother's brother who was a doctor.
d/o Charles & Ruth (Barney) Maples. m. June 28, 1894 in Mayville, Edward A.
Hersperger, who survived her in death.

Maples, Frank Lee. b. July 11, 1853. d. Aug. 11, 1862. Age 9/1/0. Buried on
the south-east side of the three-cornered Maples marker. s/o Charles & Ruth
(Barney) Maples.

Marker, Corydon J. 1890 - 1978. w/ Gertrude C.
Marker, Gertrude C. 1891 - 1976. w/o Corydon J. Marker.
Marker, Everett C. 1918 - 2000. w/ Ruth S.
Marker, Ruth S. 1916 - ?. w/o Everett C. Marker.

Markham, Hiley J. b. June 17, 1869 Minnesota. d. Apr. 6, 1952 Mayville, NY.
Age 81/9/19. Buried Apr. 8, 1952. Lot 87, Section East, Grave 6. s/o Edwin &
Janet (Smiley) Markham. w/ Jennie Hazzard. * clipping dated April 7, 1952.
Hiley J. Markham, 82, of North Erie St. Mayville, a retired farmer, died at
11 a.m. Sunday after a week-long illness. He had spent most of his life in
the Stockton area and for the past three years had resided here. Surviving
are two daughters, Mrs. Fred Hallberg of Bemus Point, and Mrs. Gerald Dieter
of Stockton; two sons, Earl Markham of Watts Flats, and Alton Markham of

Markham, Jennie (Hazzard). b. 1887 Town Ellicott. d. Feb. 28, 1942 at her
home in Stockton. (Fenton has her death as Feb. 26, 1941. w/o Hiley J.

(Children of Hiley J. & Jennie (Hazzard) Markham included: Bertha, Alton,
Earl R., Ruby. Ruth, a son born Sept. 22, 1889 and an infant born and died
Feb. 26, 1915.)

Marston, Clarence Nelson. b. ?. d. Feb. 2, 1952. Age 59. Buried Feb. 6,
1952. Lot 54, Section 10, Grave 3. w/ Jessie I. In 1953 Clarence of Erie,

Marston, Jessie I. 1889 - 1962. w/o Clarence Nelson Marston. WIFE.

Martenson, Betty H. b. May 28, 1910. d. May 28, 1962. MOTHER.

Martin, William. b. July 6, 1753 in Mass. d. May 30, 1825. Age 72. w/ Olive
Averell. His military record is one of the most impressive of the county's
soldiers of the American Revolution. He enlisted May l, 1775 as private in
Col. Jonathan Ward's Mass. regiment and served 8 months in companies
commanded by Captains Drury and Hubbard. He was in the American lines at
Bunker Hill and again at Quebec. In Jan. 1776 at Montreal, he re-enlisted
and served 2 1/2 months. In the summer of 1776 he was serving at Ticonderoga
during a 4 month tour of service. In Jan. 1777, at Westmoreland, NH, he
enlisted in Capt. Benjamin Whitcomb's Independent Co. of New Hampshire
troops and served in this unit between 3 and 4 years. During this period he
was wounded in the right arm in the Battle at Drummond Island, Lake George,
NY. In Mar. 1782 he joined Captain Dustin's company of Col. George Reid's
New hampshire regiment. In June 1782, in an engagement with Indians and
Tories at Little Falls, NY, he was taken prisoner and carried off to
Montreal. He remained a captive there until making his escape Oct. 28, 1782.
He was awarded a pension Sept. 4, 1793 for disability resulting from his
battle wounds. His name appears on the 1818 Pension List as a resident of
Chautauqua Co., NY, and his age at that time was 64 yearss 9 months 24 days.

Martin, Olive (Averell). b. Mar. 7, 1759 in Vermont. d. Sept. 30, 1833. Age
74. w/o William Martin.

(Children of William & Olive (Averell) Martin included: William Jr., Ora,
Olive, Azubal, Isaiah, Mary "Polly", Martha "Patty" and Henry).

Martin, Orrello. b. 1759. d. Sept. 30, 1833. Age 74. REVOLUTIONARY WAR.

Martin, Rev. Henry. b. Aug. 4, 1795 in Vermont. d. Aug. 8, 1887. Age 92/0/3.
s/o William & Olive (Averell) Martin.) m. at Levant, NY. Anna Fenton.

Martin, Anna (Fenton). d/o Jacob & Lois (Hurd) Fenton. w/o Rev. Henry

(Children of Henry & Anna (Fenton) Martin include: Martha, Wesley D., Marcus
A., Clarinia, William H., Anna Malvina, and Melville H.).

Martin, Wesley D. Sr. b. Feb. 11, 1822. d. 1910. s/o Rev. Henry & Anna
(Fenton) Martin. w/ Cynthia Ann Bentley.

Martin, Cynthia Ann (Bentley). b. 1821. d. Apr. 3, 1900 in Salamanca. w/o
Wesley D. Martin.

Martin, Dr. Orello S. 1842 - 1921. s/o Wesley D. & Cynthia Ann (Bentley)
Martin. w/ Clara T.

Martin, Clara T. 1855 - 1929. w/o Dr. Orello S. Martin.

Martin, Melville H. b. Mar. 4, 1839. d. 1916. s/o Rev. Henry & Anna (Fenton)
Martin. (Brother of` Martha Martin 1819-1891. She w/o Alexander Griffith)

Martin, Marcus A. b. Oct 9, 1824. d. Dec. 27, 1895. s/o Rev. Henry & Ann
(Fenton) Martin. 1st w/ Chastina A. Holman. 2nd w/ Janette Mason Shaw.

Martin, Chastina A. (Holman). b. 1826. d. Sept. 9, 1857. Age 30. 1st w/o
Marcus A. Martin.

Martin, Mrs. Jeanette (Mason) Shaw. b. 1842. d. Jan. 29, 1911. 2nd w/o
Marcus Martin. (She m. first John D. Shaw. Janette is buried beside John D.
Shaw in the Fluvanna Cemetery.)

Martin, Chastina A. b. 1856. d. 1897. Age 40/3/1. d/o Marcus & Chastina A.
(Holman) Martin.

Martin, John H. 1880 - 1953. w/ Martha.

Martin, Martha C. b. 1876 in South Stockton, NY. d. Jan. 28, 1952. Age
76/0/24. Buried Jan. 31, 1951 Lot 43, Section 10, Grave 3. w/o John H.
Martin. At time of Martha's death her residence was in Salamanca, NY.

Martin, John H. b. Corning, NY. d. July 10, 1953. Age 72/10/21. Buried on
Lot 43, Section 10, Grave 4. w/ Mattie Shedd.

McAdam, Arthur John. b. Oct. 10, 1880 in Forestville, NY. d. May 18 1940 at
home in Sinclairville, NY. Age 59/8/7. Buried May 21, 1940, Lot 28, Section
10. s/o John McAdam. w/ Laura Rebecca Johnson. Had a sister: Mrs. Daniel E.
Wiegand of Jamestown. Was educated at the Forestville Free Academy, later
graduated from Jamestown Business College. He was a bookkeeper at the former
Farmer and Mechanics Bank for three years and then entered the milk
business. For the past 19 years he had lived in Sinclairville and had been
milk inspector at the Borden's Condensery during that period.

McAdam, Laura Rebecca (Johnson) b. Nov. 27, 1882. d. Jan. 30, 1940 Jamestown
General Hospita. d/o Charles & Augusta Matilda (Johndohl) Johnson. w/o
Arthur John McAdam. Laura had sisters, Mrs. William Gane of Bonita, Mrs. C.
J. Wiston of Akron, Ohio, Mrs. James McCalligan (Genevieve) of Bemus Point
and brothers: Leonard Johnson of Buffalo, and Walter Johnson of Bemus

(Children of Arthur John & Laura Rebecca (Johnson) McAdam included John C.
McAdam and Georgia Louise McAdam).

McBane, Irene A. (Kosinski). b. Feb. 1, 1923 in Dunkirk, NY. d. May 21, 2001
in Sumter, S.C. d/o John and Elva (Gates) Kosinski. She was
preceded in death by a son, William H. McBane, and a daughter, Patricia
Marie McBane.

McBane, Patricia Marie. b. Nov. 1, 1937 Jamestown General Hospital. d. Nov.
2, 1937 Jamestown General Hospital. Age 1 day, 2 hours. Buried on Nov. 4,
1939. d/o William & Irene (Kosinski) McBane.
(PJ Obit).

McBane, William Jr. b. May 11, 1914 in Banjor, Maine. d. Aug. 3, 1967 at
Bemus Point, NY. Age 53. s/o William J. & Nellie (Foster) McBane.

McCullough, Mary. 1880 - 1955.

McNALLIE also spelled McNELLIE
McNallie, Dutton H. w/ Lottie May Near. b. Aug. 6, 1872 in Hamilton, Ont.
Canada. d. Aug. 31, 1951 at his home in East Randolph, NY. Buried Sept. 3,
1952 Lot 4 S. E. 1/4, Section 10, Grave 3. s/o Charles & Sarah Jane (Deaves)
McNallie. m. 1899 Lottie May Near. Dutton survived by a sister: Mrs. Fannie
Cracknell, of Paris, Ont.; a brother Charles McNallie of Port Tells British
Columbia. Dutton came to the U.S. in 1894. Until coming to East Randolph, 5
years ago, he owned and operated a farm on the Dry Brook Road, Town of
Poland for 24 years. He was a member of the Clyde D. Wilcox Post. Spanish
War Veteran.

McNallie, Lottie May (Near). b. Mar 23 1881 on Fluvanna Townline Road. d.
Sept. 9 1953. Age 72/5/15. Buried Sept. 11, 1953. Lot 4 SE 1/4, Section 10,
Grave l. d/o Lafayette & Lucinda Bernice (Shaw) Near. w/o Dutton H.
McNallie. A member Spanish-American War Vet. Aux.
Lottie survived by three brothers: Ora Near, Cassadaga

Florelle Sophia MAPLES b Ellery, 2/26/1848 died Wed. AM June 24, 1868 age
20-3-28 Inflamatory nervous fever and paralysis family lot, 1,2,27,28,29,30

lot 1
C.G. Maples LOT OWNER d 1886 age 68
Ruth Maples d 1901 age 84
Frank LEE d 1862 no age listed
Infant son, 1840
Infant Dau, 1841
Gerorge N Adopted son, 1845 age 4
Mary Ann 1846 age 2
Charles Byron 1851 age 1
Mary Ann BABCOCK, 1902 age 75

Lot 223
Henry MARTIN died 1887 of old age, no age listed;
(*Henry was born ca 1793 in Tolland,Connecticut he was married to Anna
FENTON dau of Jacob Fenton and Lois HURD See his bio) Anna is not listed
here in this old book

lot 226
Marcus A Martin lot owner d 1896 age 71

lot 92
Wesley J Martin, d 1910 age 88 (*Son of Henry MARTIN and Anna FENTON)
Cynthia A( Cynthia Ann SIMMONS) Martin d 1900 age 77

McNitt, William May 1, 1811 age 34
McNitt ,**Lucy (SMILEY)B. Thursday, April 7, 1785
d May 25, 1821 age 46y 1m 18d D/O Wm. Sr. & Hannah Wilcox Smiley
Lucy md 2nd Farrington Smith
McNitt ,George d Dec.7, 1838 1y 8m 20d

John Mead, son of Charles and ? Mead, died in Harmony, April 1st 1870 age 7
yrs, born in Gerry of Scarlet Fever sick, 30 hours lot 111

Mead, Ellen M w/o Richard G 1898 1982
Mead, Richard G w/ Ellen M 1901 1949

lot 141 David Mead Owner
Cyrenna or Syrenna or Syrenus CLARK d 1899
Caroline(a) wife of Syrennus? Clark d 1893

Mecusker, Marguerite (CURTISS). w/o Glenn S Mecusker d Sept 26 1955 age 72
born in Great Valley, September 12, 1883, the daughter of William and Eliza
Corbett Curtiss.
Mecusker, Walter Dudley w/Margaret E 1924 -1995 . HUSBAND (Son of Glenn and
Marguerite Curtiss Mecusker)
Mecusker, Margaret E W. w/o C. Dudley 1929 - . WIFE
Mecusker, James A . 1953 1976 . SON
Mecusker, Mary Lou . 1957 1967 . DAUGHTER

lot 74
first owner, Matthew Mecusker, 2nd was Dudley Mecusker, and an infant son of
his was buried there1876 then removed the lot sold then to Daniel RHODES
buried there 1907 Daniel D. RHODES age 67 Daniel was a soldier of the Civil
Daniel Rhodes
Enlist Date 19 August 1863 Ellicott, NY Priv 25
Served New York Enlisted E Co. 97th Inf Reg. NY disch disability at
Washington, DC on 16 February 1865
Alvin Rhodes, 1892 age 17
Nellie Rhodes, 1892 age 14
Lennox Rhodes, 1892 age 8
Bertha Rhodes, 1892 age 7

(old book)
Esther Mecusker, wife of James, died at his residence in Gerry NY, Jan 2,
1882 of Typhoid Fever (*She was Esther J.STRUNK b 27 Sep 1844 dau of Henry
and Jemima Strunk )

Lot 84 owners V. Walkup and James Mecusker
Mary M Walkup, d 1881 age 35 spinal fracture
Laura B Walkup d 1906 age 63
Esther S. MECUSKER 1882 age 37 Typhoid fever

Melin, Harold w/ Loretta M 1908 1990
Melin, Loretta M w/o Harold 1912 1998

Messenger, Hiram W. b Sept.14, 1833 Oct. 19 1850 28y 1m 5d
Messenger, Usley Holdridge w/o Hiram W July 15, 1828 d Feb.18, 1858
Messenger, Mary E. . 4 Nov 1850 d 4 Dec 1874 . dau/Hiram W & Usley HOLDRIDGE
M Messenger
Messenger, Stephen w/ Clarissa b 30 Oct 1786 d 4 May 1858 . War 1812 (*See
his Bio)
Messenger, Clarissa (DOWNER) w/o Stephen d 28 Sep 1848
Messenger, William C. b. 30 Jul 1811 d. 23 Aug 1845 age
Messenger, Elvira b. 27 Oct 1812 d. 24 Jul 1839 age
Messenger, Harriet b. 4 May 1808 d. 10 May 1841 age
Messenger, Mary b. 6 Jun 1820 d. 9 Aug 1844 age
Griffith, Carrie (MESSENGER) b. 25 Apr 1848 d. 23 Jan 1882 1stwife of Guy
Messenger, Lois . d 17 Dec 1909

Miller, George W w/ Mae K 1902 1981
Miller, Mae K George W 1908 ?
Miller, John G w/ Marguerite L 1903 1959
Miller, Marguerite L John G 1917 ?

Lot 3
George W. MILLER, LOT OWNER d 1885 age 61
Wife Hannah M. Miller d 1883 age 59/ Heart
Dau Died in Ellery, June 5th 1865 of Diptheria, Flora Etta Miller, dau of
George and Hannah Miller, age 6-5-14 buried lot 3
Dau, Died in Ellery, June 30th 1865 of Diptheria, Corrilla Eve Miller, dau
of George W and Hannah Miller, age 7-8-26 buried lot 3
"They were lovely in all their lives, and in death were not divided"

lot 31
William B Miller owner,
Mrs William B Miller d 1899 no age listed
Melvin O Miller, d 1861 age 2

Millward, Carl A L.w/ Lamar 1921 ?
Millward, L Lamar w/o Carl A. 1924 1978

Monroe, Anna E w/o Geo.H Monroe 1868 1911 . Wife/George H Monroe

Moon ,Charles w/Mary M. RHODES 1845 1926
Moon Mary M. Rhodes w/o Charles 1847 1902

Moon, Samuel b. Jun 1801 d. 22 Mar 1868 age 67 b. Middletown, NY
(from the old book) Samuel MOON was born in Middlesex Ontario Co NY, Jun
1801 Died Nov 22 1868 age 67
Jonathan MOON and Phebe and his wife moved to Chautauqua CO in 1816, Samuel
Moon was married 1st to ? SILVERNAIL, in 1836, they had 4 children he
married 2nd to Susan CRICK July 12, 1845 buried on lot 116
Moon, Sabrina w/o Samuel . d. 6 Mar 1848 age 26 (Would be the Silvernail)
Moon , Betsey . ? Oct.1855 18 dau of Samuel & Sabrina
Moon , Susan Creek? (*CRICK) . 1823 - 1901 (2nd wife, Samuel)

Moore , Clarissa w/o Almon d June 24, 1861 age 22y 3m
Moore, Janelle Elizabeth . Aug.16, 1981 July 8, 2000

Morgan, A. Burton w/ Ada Mae 1911 1994
Morgan, Ada Mae A. w/o Burton 1913
Morgan, Edna M. w/o John W 1904 1988
Morgan, John W. w/ Edna M. 1900 1960

The name is MORNINGSTAR and they were from Canada
Morningstar ELIAS E. (not Eliza as prev record). 1863 1899
Morningstar, Mary BUSK . 1889 1928
Infant male child of Grace M and Samuel J WILLETS 1912
this lot is 1 in the West section, owned by Mrs E. A. MORNINGSTAR

lot 2s
F.H. LAWTON d 1908 age 70

lot 2 1/2 P D MORNINGSTAR owner
Frank O Morningstar, d 6/7/1942 age 86
Mary Best or Burst Morningstar no data

Morse , Hannah d Feb.5, 1868 age 80y 10m 5d born in Liester MA March 31,
1787 old age and consumption lot 142

Morse, Louise w/o Willard 1929 ?
Morse, Willard w/Louise 1919 - 1978

Morton, Joyce M w/o Phillip L 1927 ? . BELOVED MOTHER
Morton, Phillip L w/ Joyce M 1931 1982 . BELOVED FATHER

Motter, Gilbert C . 1913 1975
Motter, James W. . 1888 1958
Motter, Jane M . 1892 1957

Munson, Minnie Louise w/o Christian Dec.24, 1878 d Apr.12, 1955 age 76
Munson, Christian Rev. w/ Minnie Louise d 1939

Near, John Conrad. b. July 31, 1795 Montgomery Co. NY. d. Feb. 21, 1882
Town of Ellicott. s/o Conrad Jr. & Anna Nancy (Fox) Near. m. Aug. 2, 1817
Stone Arabia Reformed Church, Tamison "Tammy" Lounsberry.

Near, Tamison "Tammy" (Lounsberry). b. 1800 Schaghticoke, NY. d. Aug. 30,
1871 Town of Ellicott. d/o Thomas Jr. & Elizabeth ( ) Lounsberry. w/o
John Conrad Near.

Near, John B. b. Apr. 30, 183. d. Nov. 15, 1919 Ellery, NY. s/o John Conrad
& Tamison "Tammy" (Lounsberry) Near. m. 1st Jane Rockwell. m. 2nd Alice

Near, Jane (Rockwell). b. 1840 Ellicott, NY. d. Jan. 19, 1882 Ellery, at 12
o'clock midnight of typhoid and bilious fever. Age 41 yr, 11 mo. w/o John B.

Near, Alice (Shaw). b. Towerville, NY. d. Dec. 17, 1914 Jones General
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 57/11/14. 2nd w/o John B. Near. Alice had
sisters, Mrs. Bernice Fish and Mrs. Eunice Cook.

Near, Jane. b. Oct. 4, 1833. d. Dec. 26, 1864. Age 31/2/11. d/o John Conrad
& Tamison "Tammy" (Lounsberry) Near. w/o Unknown Rhodes.

Near, Rosa May. b. Mar. 29, 1875. d. Oct. 8, 1879. d/o Lafayette & Lucinda
Bernice (Shaw) Near.

Near, Elroy. d. Irvington, Warren Co., Pa. He is NOT buried in Fluvanna
Cemeter. s/o Charles D. & Electa (Rice) Near. w/ Elva. L. Barker.

Near, Elva L. (Barker). b. 1855 Ellery. d. Nov. 13, 1882. Age 25. w/o Elroy

Near, Lafayette A. b. Apr. 7, 1843 Town of Ellicott. d. June 6, 1910 Town of
Ellicott. s/o John Conrad & Tamison "Tammy" (Lounsberry) Near. w/ Lucinda
Berneice Shaw. His grandson still lives in Sugar Grove.

Near, Lucinda Bernice (Shaw). b. Aug. 22, 1850 Gerry, NY. d. Dec. 19, 1922
Ellery. Age 72/3/27. d/o Henry W. & Anne (Salisbury) Shaw. w/o Lafayette A.

(Children of Lafayette A. & Lucinda Bernice (Shaw) Near included. Hercules
Lafayette Near; Nellie Florence Near; Ora Milford Near; Charlotte "Lottie"
Near; Hiley John Near; Rosa May Near; Hurley A. Near).

Near, Charlotte "Lottie May" (Near). b. Mar. 23, 1881 Fluvanna Townline
Road, Town of Ellicott. d. Sept. 8, 1953 Jamestown, NY. d/o Lafayette A. &
Lucinda Bernice (Shaw) Near. m. Oct. 17, 1899 in Ellery, Dutton Henry
McNallie. Dutton McNallie b. Aug. 6, 1872 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. d. Sept
or Oct. 1951 at his home. s/o Charles & Sarah Jane (Deaves) McNallie. Mr.
and Mrs. McNallie observed their 50th wedding
anniversary Oct. 17, 1949. Both buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery.

Near, Rose "Rosie". b. April, 1890 Freehold, Warren, Co., Pa. d. Aug. 26,
1893 Freehold, Pa. Age 3/5//20/ d/o Elmer A. & Adelle (Norton) Near.
(Charles D. Near ordered her buried in Fluvanna in family plot)

Near, Charles D. b. May 16, 1826, Spartensburg Co., Pa. d. May 19, 1909. w/
Electa Rice. (Originally buried in Wrightsville, Warren County. I have seen
his tombstone still in Wrightsville next to Electra Rice's plot. Removed to
Fluvanna ????. His g granddaughter lives in Bear Lake, Pa.) He died on Near
Hill in Sugar Grove around corner from Loomis homestead and on the Elmer
Near homestead. ; this NEAR family data from Bud Near bfnjr@icdc.com.

Near, Electa (Rice) b. Nov. 23, 1827 Ellery. d. Nov. 26, 1894 Freehold, Pa.
Buried in Wrightsville and then moved to Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Peter &
Elizabeth "Betsey" McCrary. Electa sister of Henry Rice.

Near, Ida Viola. b. July, 1853. d. Oct. 10, 1861. Age 8/4/22. d/o Charles D.
& Electa (Rice) Near.

Near, Etta. ?? - ??. d/o Charles D. & Electa (Rice) Near. m. 1st Sidney
Chipman. m. 2nd June 11, 1885, Jamestown, NY, Geroge N. Taylor. George d.
Nov. 15, 1887 at age 25/5/15. George is buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Near, Merle. 1881 - 1931. A soldier buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Near, Hurley A. b. Jan. 31, 1892 on Fluvanna-Townline Road, Town of
Ellicott. d. June 22, 1965. Age 73. s/o Lafayette & Lucinda (Shaw) Near. w/
Nellie Foster McBane. Hurley A. Near was a dairy farmer and also was an
insurance agent for the Chautauqua County Patron's Association. He lived on
the Mahanna Road near Walkers Corners, Bemus Point, NY. He was a descendant
of a pioneer area family. He had resided in this area all his life. He was a
member of Ellery Grange. Bearers at his funeral were: Allen McNallie,
Ridgway McNallie, William Near, Jesse Near, Kester Near and George Dewey.
His funeral was held at the Ellery Center Baptist Church. He had a brother
Ora Near, l965 of Orlanda, Fla.

Near, Nellie L. (Foster) McBane. Nellie m. 1st to William J. McBane. b. Mar.
23, 1892 Gerry, NY. d. Dec. 9, 1937 due to diabetis. Buried Dec. 13, 1937,
Lot 188, Section Old. d/o Elmer & Emma (Cram) Foster. w/o Hurley A. Near.

Near, Hiley John, b. June 11, 1888 Town of Ellicott. d. Oct, 28, 1957 Town
of Ellery. Age 69/4/17. Buried on Oct. 31, 1957. s/o Lafayette & Lucinda
Bernice (Shaw) Near. w/ Ethel Whitmore. At time of death Hiley was widowed.
He was a farmer.

Near, Nellie Florence. b. May 10, 1873 Town of Ellicott. d. Oct. 11, 1925
Town of Ellicott. d/o Lafayette & Lucinda Bernice (Shaw) Near. m. Dec. 16,
1896 Robert S. Chambers. Robert Chambers b. Nov. 6, 1872 Mercersburg, Pa. d.
Dec. 24, 1925 Town of Ellicott. s/o Theophilus & Julia Ann (Moore) Chambers.
Both buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. Robert S. Chambers was killed while
walking on East Lake Road in Fluvanna carrying suit cases full of presents
for his family to whom he was returning to spend Christmas. A 53 year old
farmer, living on Town Line Road, but employed at Buffalo during winter
months. The fatality occurred at 6:30 just in front of the Fluvanna

Neil, Mabel O. d. Aug. 31, 1935 Pittsburgh, Pa. Age 58. Buried Sept. 8,
1935. At time of death she was married.

Nelson, Edward. 1865 - 1927. w/ Alice M.
Nelson, Alice. 1873 - 1898. w/o Edward Nelson.
Nelson, Nils P. 1824 - 1897. w/ Gunilla.
Nelson, Gunilla. 1820 - 1897.

Nelson, Herbert M. "Stub". b. Feb. 11, 1901 Levant, NY. d. Dec. 14, 1977 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. s/o Andrew & Anna (Johnson) Nelson. m. Jan. 2, 1925
Marian Sabra (Hayner).

Nelson, Marian Sabra (Hayner). b. July 20, 1906 Ellery. d. July 23, 1983
Brooks Memorial Hospital, Dunkirk, NY. Age 77. d/o Hugh F. & Laura (Simmons)
Hayner. w/o Herbert M. "Stub" Nelson.

Nelson, Alfred W. 1899 - 1979. w/ Sarah E.
Nelson, Sarah E. 1903 - 1980. w/o Alfred W. Nelson.

Nelson, Axel I. 1892 - 1969. w/ Ethel May Loun.

Nelson, Ethel May (Loun). b. Oct. 3, 1900 Town of Ellery. d. Apr. 25, 1948
at her home in Greenhurst, NY. Age 47/6/22. Buried Apr. 28, 1948, Lot 56,
Section 10, Grave 2. d/o John E. Loun. w/o Axel I. Nelson. PJ Obit. Mrs.
Ethel May Nelson, 47, wife of Axel I. Nelson, died at her home in Greenhurst
at 11:15 a.m. Sunday. She was born in the Town of Ellery, Oct. 3, 1900. Also
surviving are a son, William Nelson, Greenhurst; her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John E. Loun, Fluvanna, and a sister, Mrs. C. Harry Anderson, Buffalo. The
remains are at the Henderson-Lincoln Funeral Home. Services will be
conducted from the Community Church of Fluvanna at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Burial
will be in Fluvanna Cemetery. Friends may view the remains at the church
prior to the service.

Nelson, Bernice M. (Smith). 1912 - 1996. d/o Elizabeth ( ) Smith.

Nelson, John. d. Nov. 15, 1921 at his home on Town Line Road, Town of
Ellicott. w/ Jennie Sampson. John is probably buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Nelson Jennie (Sampson). b. Sweden. d. Jan. 30, 1940. Age 82/2/8. Buried
Jan. 19, 1940. w/o John Nelson.

Nelson, Henry L. b. July 3, 1896 Jamestown, NY. d. Aug. 10, 1985 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 89. s/o John & Jennie (Sampson) Nelson. w/
Bobbie Kelly. Before retiring in 1970, he was employed as an interior
decorator with Bigelow's Department Store, in Jamestown, for more than 25
years. He was a graduate of Jamestown High School and Jamestown Business
College. He was a member of St. Timothy Lutheran Church, Bemus Point. He was
formerly a dairy farmer and bus driver for the Bemus Point School District.

Nelson, Bobbie (Kelly). b. 1901. d. Apr. 25, 1974. w/o Henry L, Nelson.

Nelson, Emanuel. 1884 - 1973. w/ Eva Ragina.
Nelson, Eva Regina. 1891 - 1965. w/o Emanuel Nelson.

Nelson, George Carl. b. 1907. d. 1985. m. Aug. 1925 Ethel Marie Cederquist.

Nelson, Ethel Marie (Cederquist). 1906 - 1959. d/o Axel & Belva (Cowing)
Cederquist. (Belva m. 2nd Paul A. Johnson. Belva d/o James R. & Isabelle
(Strunk) Cowing). Ethel Marie w/o George Carl Nelson.

Nelson, Harold F. b. 1906. d. May 1937 from coal gas from a stove. Buried
May 5, 1937. s/o John & Maria (Stohl) Nelson. w/ Isabelle Maus. Some
records indicate that he was buried in the Bemus Point Cemetey.

Nelson, Isabel (Maus). b. 1911 Ellery. d. May 1937 from coal gas from a
stove. d/o Elliott & Margaret (Warnock) Maus. w/o Harold F. Nelson. Some
records indicate that she is buried in the Bemus Point Cemetery.

Nelson, John F. 1946 - 1970.

Nelson, Melvin F. b. 1904. d. May 14, 1992. m. 1st. ??. m. 2nd. Apr. 23,
1943, Isabel M. Skinner.

Nelson, Isabel M. (Skinner). b. Nov. 21, 1911 Corry, Pa. d. June 3, 1994
Heritage Village, Gerry, NY. Age 82. d/o West & Ruth (Baldwin) Skinner. w/o
Melvin F. Nelson. She was a resident of Jamestown most of her life, except
from 1946 to 1948 when she lived in Muskegan, Mich. Had been employed by
Corry-Jamestown Corp. prior to her marriage. A 1929 graduate of Corry High
School, and of St. Louis School of Music, as a piano teacher. Member of
Fluvanna Community Church, its ladies aid and was formerly Sunday School
secretary and church pianist. Preceded in death by sister, Louise Thomas,
and step-granddaughter, Lisa Vella.

Newman, Wendy Jo (Baby). b. Aug. 26, 1957 Jamestown General Hospital. d.
Aug. 27, 1957 Jamesown General Hospital. Buried Aug. 28, 1957. d/o George &
Ellen (Harvey) Newman.

Nixon, Cleo H. b. 1913. w/ Frances Hamilton Warner.

Nixon, Frances M. (Hamilton) Warner. Frances m. 1st to Mr. Warner. b. Feb.
2, 1908 Columbus, Pa. d. Jan. 8, 1973 Roswell Park Memorial Hospital. Age
64. d/o Ira & Leona (Chapman) Hamilton. w/o Cleo H. Nixon.

Nixon, Alvin Cleo. b. July 6, 1943 Albion, Pa. d. Apr. 25, 1968 Jamestown,
NY, due to an accident. Age 24. s/o Cleo H. & Frances (Hamilton) Warner
Nixon. In 1966 Alvin was employed at Jamestown Laminating, Inc. m. July 1966
Judy Eileen Morrison, d/o Ervin L. Morrison of South Dayton.

Noble, Isaac A. b. Oct. 13, 1809. d. Mar. 16, 1894. m. 1st Nancy E. Jacobs.
n. 2nd Sibyl E. Bentley. m. 3rd Mrs. Sarah Jane Miller.

Noble, Nancy E. (Jacobs). b. abt 1811. d. Jan. 27, 1839. Age 28. 1st w/o
Isaac A. Noble.

Noble, Sibyl E. (Bentley). b. July 19, 1808. d. Mar. 5, 1870. d/o Uriah &
Nancy (Sweet) Bentley. 2nd w/o Isaac A. Noble.

Noble, Mrs. Sarah Jane ( ) Miller. b. abt 1834. d. Oct. 21, 1895. Age 61
yr 4 mo. 3rd w/o Isaac A. Noble.

Noble, Sibyl "Minerva". b. Feb. 22, 1853. d. Sept. 8, 1916. d/o Isaac A. &
2nd wife Sibyl E. (Bentley) Noble.

Noble, Nancy E. b. 1850. d. Apr. 16, 1850. Age 0/11/6. d/o Isaac A. & 2nd
wife Sibyl E. (Bentley) Noble.

Nordlund, Gordon G. 1916 - ??. w/ Margaret E. "GORDY"
Nordlund, Margaret E. 1918 - ??. w/o Gordon G. Nordlund. "PEG"

Nordstrom, Marie. 1902 - 1963.
Nordstrom, Robert. 1896 - 1970.

Norton, Ruth. 1824 - 1906. w/o Alonzo Hawley. Both buried in Fluvanna

Norton, Lavina. b. Nov. 6, 1881, Jamestown, NY. d. Apr. 11, 1953 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 71/5/5. Buried Apr. 13, 1953, Lot 20, Section
10, Grave 4. d/o Joseph & Elizabeth (Gowan) Norton. Lavina m. 1st Joseph
Gilligan. m. 2nd Leon Simmons.

Norton, Randall E. b. Dec. 22, 1948 Jamestown, NY. d. Apr. 7, 1989 Town of
Ellicott. Age 40. s/o Ellis R. & Mary L. (Carlson) Norton. Was employed by
Chautauqua Hardware Corp. He was a 1968 graduate of Maple Grove Central
School. His maternal grandmother is Lucile Carlson of Jamestown. He was
preceded in death by his matrnal grandfather, Howard R. Carlson and his
paternal grandparents Raymond G. & Marian Norton. RANDY.

Norton, Sylvia E. 1902 - 1967.

O'Dell, Harry H. b. 1875 Meadville, Pa. d. Apr. 10, 1948 Jamestown General
Hospital. Age 73/4/25. Buried Apr. 12, 1948, Lot 49, Section 10, Grave 3. He
was widowed at the time of his death.

Ohman, Joseph A. b. Sept. 12, 1836 Sweden. d. July 28, 1928 Ellery Center,
NY. Age 91/10/16. w/ Johanna A. Christine Lindholm.

Ohman, Johanna A. Christine (Lindholm). b. 1842 Sweden. d. Nov. 11, 1905
Ellery. Age 61 yr 11 mo. w/o Joseph A. Ohman

(Children of Joseph A. & Johanna A. Christine (Lindholm) Ohman included:
Amelia Ohman w/o Marvin Anderson and Fritz Conrad Ohman).

Ohman, Fritz Conrad. b. 1886. d. Jan. 17, 1893 Fluvanna, NY, of diptheria.
Age 7/1/17. s/o Joseph A. & Johanna Christine (Lindholm Ohman.

Okerlund, Jerold E. 1908 - 1975. w/ Doris R. "JERRY".
Okerlund, Doris R. 1919 - ??. w/o Jerold E. Okerlund.

Okesson, Einar T.K. June 23, 1906.

Olander, John G. b. on Island of Oland, Sweden in 1867. d. Apr. 25, 1947.
Age 80/1/25. Buried Apr. 28, 1947, Lot 43 N.W., Section l0. w/ Elda M.
Erickson. He came to Ellery in 1918.

Olander, Edla M. (Erickson). b. Feb. 12, 1873 Aland, Finland. d. Jan 11,
1957 Jamestown General Hospital. Age 83. d/o John & Elizabeth (Anderson)
Erickson. w/o John G. Olander. Edla was a member of Lutheran Immanuel Church
and was a charter member of the Ladies Aid Society of the church. She came
to the U.S. at the age of 12.

Olson, Bengt. 1824 - 1888. w/ Inga K.
Olson, Inga K. 1827 - 1916. w/o Bengt Olson.

Olson, Martin G. b. 1895 Voungsville, Pa. d. Aug. 18, 1939. Age 43/9/13.
Buried Aug. 22, 1939. w/ Cora E.

Olson, Cora E. b. abt. 1895. w/o Martin G. Olson.
Olson, Alvan. 1918 - ??.
Olson, Hilma E. 1897 - 1990.
Olson, Josephine. 1881 - 1957. w/o Lars J. Olson.
Olson, Lars J. 1869 - 1957. w/ Josephine.
Olson, Olaf V. 1901 - 1977.
Olson, Ruth. 1910 - 1994.
Olson, Ruth E. 1900 - 1978.

Olson, Arthur LeRoy. b. Jamestown, NY. d. Dec. 19, 1953. Age 44/8/6. Buried
Dec. 22, 1953, Lot 270, Section East, Grave 6. At the time of his death he
was married.

Olund, Lewis. b. Aug. 3, 1866. d. Nov. 22, 1935 Ellery. Age 69/3/18. Buried
Nov. 25, 1935. w/ Emma Engwall.

Olund, Emma (Engwall). b. Sept. 4, 1860 Sweden. d. Feb. 19, 1947 Ellery. Age
86/5/15. Buried Feb. 22, 1947, Lot 272, Section East, Grave 2. w/o Lewis

(Beula Olund, the adopted daughter of Lewis & Emma (Engwall) Olund married
Lloyd Winton).

O'Neil, Elsie A. b. Feb. 28, 1899. d. June 23, 1965. w/o Hugh F. O'Neil.
O'Neil, Hugh F. b. Dec. 21, 1897. d. Feb. 6, 1963. w/ Elsie A.

O'Neill, John Malcom. 1910 - 1996. s/o Clarence O'Neill of Warren, Pa. m.
Jan. 1, 1942 at bride's home, 7 Garfield St. Jamestown, Ruth "Beverly"
Hansen. John O'Neill had a brother, Morris O'Neill. He was educated at
Warren Schools and had been employed at Walker's Ice Cream Co. in Warren,

O'Neill, Ruth "Beverly". b. Feb. 9, 1921 Bemus Point, NY. d. Jan. 20, 1988
WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 66. d/o Clarence H. & Lilly E. (Wistrom)
Hansen. w/o John Malcom O'Neill. Ruth Beverly was employed for over 40 years
with WCA Hospital, retiring in 1982. She was a member of Fluvanna Community
Church. Has a brother, James N. Hansen of Houston, Texas and a sister
Maureen DeWynne of California. She attended Bemus Point and Jamestown

Ormsbee, unknown. ?? - ??.
Ormsbee, George Frederick, b. Troy, NY. d. June 6, 1945 Jamestown, NY. Age

55/1/24. Buried June 9, 1945, Lot 19, Section 10.

Osborn, Eunice M. 1885 - 1972.

Oste, Frank M. b. 1888. d. July 21, 1963. m. 1st Julia Samuelson. m. 2nd
Esther A. Pearson Olson.

Oste, Esther A. (Pearson) Olson. b. Mar. 22, 1890 Stoneham, Pa. d. Aug. 19,
1983 Corry Manor Nursing Home, formerly of 346 Falconer St. and Bentley
Ave., Fluvanna. Age 93. m. 1st to Mr. Olson. m. 2nd Frank M. Oste.

Ovitt, George B. w/ Regina Louise Hanson. George left the family early in
the marriage. Supposed to be related to P. T. Barnum (circus). He was never
heard of again.

Ovitt, Regina Louise (Hanson). d. Aug. 21, 1923. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. Age 58/10/8. w/o George G. Ovitt.

Ovitt, Grace May. b. Mar. 29, 1882 Richburg, NY. d. Aug. 8, 1910 Ellery. Age
28/4/10. d/o George B. & Regina Louise (Hanson) Ovitt. m. Feb. 24, 1901 at
parsonage of Baptist Church in Ellery Center, Francis Colfax Miller. 1870 -
1950. d/o William Babcock & Lorinda (Foley) Miller. Both buried in Fluvanna

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SOURCE: Compiled and digitized by Dolores Davidson, 2001.
Data from many sources, including the old records of Minnie Cohen transcribed in1932 and from the Enchanted Mountains Genealogy Cemetery site, compiled by EMGS Member James J. Emborsky with permission of the President, Mary Bryant, in a shared database old obits and bios newspaper clippings etc. and current obituaries and the records of Loraine Smith, and by family data; and all data corrected and edited by Loraine Smith, Town of Ellery Historian; according to her records.