Located behind the old Fluvanna Church, on the curve,
now called The Fluvanna Church Youth Center,
on Route 430, Town of Ellicott, Fluvanna,
Chautauqua County, NY.

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Burials updated to June 2001.
A daunting task;
This cemetery at one time was in tiers and at some point in time, the stones were all removed and the land plowed flat, so this does make for a lot chance for error; the old records we had online were found to have many errors and we hope this new record will help you find your kinfolk. There also were removals from other cemeteries buried here. As with any old data, this material to be used only as a guide and is certain to still have mistakes. This is a very large file so be sure to use your EDIT / SEARCH feature and all surnames will also show in the search engine on the main GenWeb page, As with any family, a lot of names are all mixed together.

Abplanalp, Elsie (Colander). d/o Theodore & Anna (Gustason)Colander. w/o
George W. Abplanalp. 1906 - 1968. The Spirit Shall Return Unto
GOD Who Gave It.

Abplanalp, George W. w/Elsie Colander. 1901 - 1971. The Spirit Shall Return
Unto GOD Who Gave It.

Abplanalp, Sally Ann. 1932 - 1934. Buried Apr. 2, 1934. d/o George & Elsie
(Colander) Abplanalp.

Ackmon, Gerald C. 1898 - 1978.

Ackroyd, Arthur. d. Nov. 24, 1952. NY PFC Co. D 59th Pioneer Inf. WW I.
(*Arthur Ackroyd, 59/7/16, Greenhurst, was instantly killed. He apparently
stepped into the path of an eastbound car on Route 17 at the intersection of
Sunnyside Road, Greenhurst. Was born April 8, 1893, at Halifax, Yorkshire,
England and came to this country in 1908 with his parents, the late Frank
and Ruth Holden Ackroyd. Surviving are his wife, Marguerite (Stone)
Ackroyd. (Newspaper clipping dated Nov. 24, 1952. See Obit). Buried Nov. 27,
1952, Lot 67, Section 10, Grave 1.

Ackroyd, Marguerite (Stone). Buried beside her husband, Arthur Ackroyd.

Ackroyd, Herbert. w/ Elizabeth. 1897 - 1974. (Brother of Arthur).

Ackroyd, Elizabeth (Thomas). b. July 14, 1907 Point Pleasant, W. Va.
d. July 22, 1995. d/o Enos & Evelina (Berkley) Thomas. w/o Herbert Ackroyd.

Ackroyd, Frank. b. England. d. Nov. 27, 1938 cancer of the stomach. Age
73/7/10. Buried Nov. 30, 1938. At the time of his death Frank was married.

Acocks, Phebe BAKER. w/o Maj William Acocks. b. Nov 2, 1780. d. Dec 21,
1831. Age 52/10/19. d/o Francis & Elizabeth Kelley Baker.
He is buried with 2nd wife at Lily Lake, Elgin Illinois.

Acocks, Grant Adam Sr. b. Jan. 31, 1833. d. July 16, 1887. s/o William Jr. &
Lydia Caroline (Kinsley) McLenathan Acocks.

Acocks, Grant Adam Jr. b. September 22, 1861. d. Oct. 21, 1861. Age 0/1/8.
s/o Grant Adam & Emeline "Emily" (Atherly) Rhodes Acocks.

Akin, John. b. July 3, 1829 Town of Carroll. d. Feb. 5, 1910 Ellery. s/o
James & Phebe Akin w/ Lucy Ann Blowers.

Akin, Lucy Ann (Blowers). b. Feb. 27, 1834. d. Sept. 13, 1913. d/o John &
Mary Ann (Ploss) Lovell Blowers. w/o John Akin.

Aken, Elton Liberty. b. Apr 7, 1878. d. 1964. s/o John & Lucy Ann (Blowers)

Akin, Frank Doran. b. Sept. 16, 1858 Ellery. d. Aug. 25, 1883 Ellery. Age
24/11/10. s/o John & Lucy Ann (Blowers) Akin. Never married.

Akin, Johnny. s/o John & Lucy Ann (Blowers) Akin.

Akin, James Lincoln. b. Aug. 8, 1865. d. Feb. 26, 1933. s/o John & Lucy Ann
(Blowers) Akin. w/ Mertie Aurilla Ingerson.

Akin, Mertie Aurilla (Ingerson). b. July 13, 1880 in Busti. d. Jan. 14, 1966
in Maple Springs, NY. Age 85. d/o Ira & Elizabeth (Thompson) Ingerson. w/o
James Lincoln Akin. From 1952-1957 Mrs. Akin traveled throughout Chautauqua
County taking snapshots of public buildings. Her photographs and research
notes were given to the Chautauqua County Historical Society.

Akin, Ruth Eleanor. b. July 24, 190l. d. March 2, 1905. Age 3/8/5. d/o James
Lincoln & Mertie Aurilla (Ingerson) Akin.

Akin, Janice Lou. b. Dec. 13, 1942 in Jamestown, NY. d. Jan. 28, 1945 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 2/1/15. Granddaughter of James Lincoln Sr. &
Mertie Aurilla (Ingerson) Akin. d/o James Lincoln, Jr. & Dorothy Arlene
(Simmons) Akin.

Akin, Fredrick H. 1908 - 1990.

Aldrich, Sophia M. b. Feb. 14, 1816. d. Sept. 14, 1896. Age 80/7/0.
Unmarried. Was the sister of Aurilla Aldrich who was the w/o John Haskins.
Buried on the John Haskins lot.

Aldrich, Etta May (Howard). b. Mar. 26, 1878 Centerville, Pa. d. Aug. 7,
1950. Buried Aug. 9, 1950, Lot Alley N 145, Section East. She m. Dec. 19.
1896 William Melvin Aldrich. They were separated in 1924. d/o Arthur Eugene
& Celinda Linne (Marsh) Howard.

Allenson, Elliott J. 1923 - 1977. w/ Marion L. Swanson. IN LOVING MEMORY.

Allenson, Marion L. (Swanson). w/o Elliott Allenson. 1921 - 1999 . IN LOVING

Anderson, John A. b. 1851. d. 1928. w/ Matilda Johnson.
Anderson, Matilda (Johnson). b. 1841. d. 1918.

Anderson, Marvin F. b. 1876 Town of Ellery. d. June 8, 1940. Age 63/4/2.
Buried June 10, 1940. s/o John A. & Matilda (Johnson) Anderson. w/ Amelia
Ohman. Obit. The death of Marvin F. Anderson of Ellery Center occurred at
WCA Hospital, June 10, 1940. He was 63 years old. Mr. Anderson is survived
by his wife, Mrs. Amelia Ohman Anderson; three sons, Stanley, Manley and
Wallace Anderson at home, and a sister, Mrs. Minnie Munson of Falconer. He
was a member of Ellery Grange. The funeral will be held from the Ellery
Center Baptist Church.

Anderson, Amelia (Ohman). b. Aug. 14, 1884 Town of Ellicott. d. July 29,
1943 Town of Ellery. Age 58/11/15. Buried Aug. 1, 1943. d/o Joseph & Johanna
Christine (Lindholm) Ohman. w/o Marvin F. Anderson. Obit, Jamestown paper,
July 26, 1943. Mrs. Amelia Anderson, 58, wife of Marvin Anderson, Town of
Ellery, died at her home Thursday at 11 p.m.. She is survived by three sons,
Private Stanley Anderson of Fort Eustia, Va., and Manley and Wallace
Anderson at home. The remains will be at the Falconer Funeral Home, 44 West
Falconer, Street, Falconer, until noon Sunday. Funeral services will be held
at the Ellery Center Baptist Church Sunda. Burial will be in the Fluvanna

Anderson, Aaron P. 1875 - 1928. Age 52. s/o John A. & Matilda (Johnson)
Anderson. w/ Minnie A. Wing.

Anderson, Minnie A. (Wing). w/o Aaron P. Anderson. b. June 7, 1886 Waupon,
Wis. d. Nov. 19, 1940. Buried Nov. 22, 1940, Lot 1, Section 10. (She m.
2nd. William Keefe. He is also buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.)

Anderson, Gust Frank. b. Feb. 14, 1919. d. the following Saturday. s/o Aaron
P. & Minnie A. (Wing) Anderson. Twin to Herman Valentine Anderson.

Anderson, Herman Valentine. b. Feb. 14, 1919. d. the folliwing Saturday. s/o
Aaron P. & Minnie A. (Wing) Anderson. Twin to Gust Frank Anderson.

Anderson, Albert T. w/ Viola L. 1901 - 1973. s/o Aaron P. & Minnie A. (Wing)

Anderson, Viola L. w/o Albert T. Anderson. 1907 - 1998.
Anderson, Alton W.E. w/ Lucille E. 1904 - 1981.
Anderson, Lucille E. w/o Alton W.E. Anderson 1904 ?.
Anderson, Carl M. w/ Dorothy E. 1913 - 1969.
Anderson, Dorothy E. w/o Carl M. 1915 ?.

Anderson, Grant W. w/ Lillian M. Swanson. 1914 ?. s/o Aaron P. & Minnie A.
(Wing) Anderson.

Anderson, Lillian M. (Swanson). w/o Grant W. Anderson. 1921 - 1999.

Anderson, Gregory W. b. May 23, 1950. d. Sept. 4, 1991. w/ Karen Woodhead.
s/o Paul T. & Barbara H. (Rensfeldt) Anderson. Gregory was a graduate of
Maple Grove High School and was employed as the steward of the John W.
Tiffany Post No. 53, VFW. Was an assistant coach for the Town of Ellery
Little League.

Anderson, Harry A. w/ Rubye E. Wahlgren. b. 1903. d. Oct. 2, 1970.

Anderson, Rubye E. (Wahlgren). w/o Harry A. Anderson. b. Sept. 5, 1900
Ellery. d. Mar. 29, 1993. Age 92. d/o Claus & Caroline "Lina" (Johnson)

Anderson, Helen Z. b. Mar. 8, 1915. d. Dec. 23, 1993.

Anderson, J Alfred. 1861 - 1930. w/ Lottie A. Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God.

Anderson, Lottie A . w/o J. Alfred Anderson. Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God.

Anderson, Richard O. 1926 - 1989. WW II.
Anderson, John. w/ Emily. 1827 - 1909.
Anderson, Emily. w/o John Anderson. 1833 - 1911.

Anderson, Joseph Henry. b. Apr. 15, 1912. d. Nov. 18, 2000 in the DeMay
Living Center, Newark, NT. Age 88. s/o Aaron P. & Minnie M. (Wing) Anderson.
m. Sept. 26, 1947 Elsie Elizabeth Warner. A lifelong dairy farmer and was
well known locally for Anderson Farm Potatoes. During WW II, he was employed
at Marlin Rockwell Corp. He was preceded in death by a son, David Allen
Anderson; two sisters: Alice Elmeer and Emily Morse; and three brothers:
James, Albert and John Anderson.

Anderson, Elsie Elizabeth (Warner). b. Jan. 10, 1921, Jamestown, NY. d. May
25, 2001 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 80. d/o Carl & Cecilia (Dawson)
Warner. (Elsie m. 1st to Henry Clayton Stearns - bd. Bemus Point Cemetery.
Elsie m. 2. Julius Wytaka. Elsie m. 3rd Joseph Henry Anderson. Elsie is NOT
buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery. She is buried in the Bemus Point Cemetery.
Elsie preceded in death by two sisters, Joyce Warner Sischo and Marian L.
Warner Starks and a brother Henry Warner.

Anderson, David A. b. May 3, 1945. d. May 3, 1945. Stillborn. Buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery. (Is this the s/o Joseph & Elsie (Warner) Anderson who was
named David Allen Anderson?)
Andrews, Ada K. (Solomon). w/o Michael Joseph Andrews III. 1913 - ? MOTHER
Do not stand at my grave & cry. I am not there. I did not die.

Andrews, Michael Joseph III. w/ Ada K. Solomon. b. 1919. d. Mar. 5, 1975.
FATHER Do not stand at my grave & cry. I am not there. I did not die.

Andrews, Michael Joseph IV. b. Mar. 17, 1956. d. Nov. 15, 1980. Age 24. s/o
Michael Joseph III & Ada K. (Solomon) Andrews. Graduated from Maple Grove
High School in 1975. Attended Salem College, Salem, W. Va. An avid
fisherman & hunter. Surviving is his mother, with whom he resided. Was
preceded in death by his father.

Arnold, Thomas. b. Jan. 1, 1811, in Hamburg, Erie. Co., N.Y. d. May 1, 1880
in Ellery. Age 69. s/o David & 1st wife Dorcas (Waters) Arnold. w/ Harriette

Arnold, Harriette (Griffith). b. Feb. 24, 1812 in Busti, N.Y. d. April 22,
1894 in Ellery. Age 84. d/o Samuel & Nancy (Lewis) Griffith. w/o Thomas

Arnold, Ethel M. 1896 - 1960.

Arnout, Nancy ( ). w/o___________Arnout. b. 1786. d. Dec. 3, 1872. Age

Atherly, William H. b. 1779. d. Sept. 29, 1861. Age 82. 1st w/
Olive ?. 2nd w/ Jeannette Griffith.

Atherly, Olive. 1st w/o William H. Atherly. b. 1809. d. Mar. 3, 1849.

Atherly, Jeannette (Griffith). b. July 1, 1819. d. July 4, 1901 in Ellery.
2nd w/o William H. Atherly. d/o Samuel & Elsie (Simmons) Griffith.

Atherly, William Jr. b. April 20, 1861. d. April 21, 1862. Age l year. s/o
William H. & Jeannette (Griffith) Atherly.

Atherly, Willis P. b. Aug. 4, 1852. d. Oct. 16, 1861. Age 18/2/12. s/o
William H. & Jeannette (Griffith) Atherly.

Austin, Curtis H. 1903 - 1962. w/ Mildred G. Harvey.

Austin, Mildred G. (Harvey). b. Nov. 9, 1907 Greenhurst, NY. d. Jan. 23,
1989. s/o Carl Spaulding & Anna (Simmons) Harvey. w/o Curtis H. Austin.

Babcock, Barber. d. Jan 8, 1833. Drowned through ice in Chautauqua Lake. w/
Polly Harrington.

Babcock, Polly (Harrington). b. Aug. 31, 1798. d. May 18, 1876.
w/o Barber Babcock. d/o Isaac & Lydia (Carrier) Harrington. Polly Harrington
Babcock m. 2nd James Lee.

Babcock, Mary Ann. 1828 - 1902. d/o Asahel & Betsey Babcock. Mary Ann lived
in the Charles S. Maple family for many years.

Babyak, Betty J. ( ). b. 1923. d. June 30, 1979. w/o John P. Babyak.
Babyak, John P. b. 1921. d. Apr. 18, 1983. w/ Betty J. WW II.

Baker, Kenneth H. Jr. w/ Phyllis J. Pickard. 1918 - 1987. WW II.
Baker, Phyllis J. (Pickard). w/o Kenneth H. Baker. 1926 - 1996. d/o Leon
Edward & Lottie (Wellman) Pickard.

Baker, Richard L. "Ricky". b. Sept. 28, 1981. d. July 6, 1983.

Baker, Minnie A. d. Aug. 11, 1947 Congestive Heart Failure. Age 73. Buried
Aug. 14, 1947, Lot 270, Section East. Her last place of residence was
Ashtabula, Ohio.

Baldwin, Fanny A. (Smith) Sadler. w/o Henry J. Baldwin. 1848 - 1928. Fanny
m. 1st to Horatio Sadler of Ellery.

Baldwin, Henry Isaac. w/ Fanny A. (Smith) Sadler. 1835 - 1915.

Baldwin, William Newton. b. Ellery, NY. d. July 24, 1943 Town of Ithaca,
Tompkins, Co. NY. Cause of death was TB. Age 66/4/3. Buried July 27, 1943.

Banse-Fay, Jurgen P. b. Dec. 7, 1965 Long Island, NY. d. Aug. 2, 2001 at his
home, 3468 Old Fluvanna Road, Fluvanna, NY. Age 35. s/o Ret. Col. Frederick
V. & Dr. Ingrid Banse-Fay. Besides his parents survived by two brothers:
Ralph P. Banse-Fay of Tualatin, Ore., and Eric P. Banse-Fay of Ashville: and
three sisters: Monica I. Dean of Bermantown, Md., Karen I. Higgs of
Jamestown, and Christel I. Tynan of Oswego, Kan. He attended elementary
school in Heidelberg, Germany and graduated from Maple Grove High School. He
was a graduate from the State College at Frdonia, where he earned a
Bachelor's degree in fine arts. He was a veteran of the N.Y. National Guard
and served as an executive officer with the HHC 2/142 Aviation Battalion in
Niagara Falls from 1990 to 1995 and was a marksman for the battalion rifle
team. He completed paratrooper training (jump school) at Ft. Benning, Ga.,
in 1986, UH01 (Juey) and AH-1 (Cobra) helicopter course in Ft. Rucker, Ala.,
in 1990, along with several other military courses. He was honorably
discharged in 1998, obtaining the rank of First-Lieutenant. He was confirmed
at St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Bemus Point. Since 1999, he had been
employed as a freelance production administrator and production technician
in Florida. From 1996 - 1999 he was operation manager at the Michael C.
Rockerfeller Arts Center at State College at Fredonia. Earlier he had been
involved in several areas of the artical production, including serving as
props master for the First Lucy Fest at Rg Lenna Civic Center in 1991.

Barclay, John Spencer. b. 1861 Wayne Co. d. Dec. 27, 1912. w/ Jennie

Barclay, Jennie (Simmons). b. 1867. d. Oct. 16, 1912. w/o John Spencer
Barclay. d/o John & Mary C. (Wilson) Simmons.

Barclay, Bert J. b. Sept. 22, 1887 Ellery Center, NY. d. Mar. 20, 1977. Age
89. s/o John Spencer & Jennie (Simmons) Barclay. Sta. Sgt.U.S. Army. WW I.

Bargar, Lewis Tompkins. b. Feb. 16, 1875 Gerry. d. Oct. 13, 1923. s/o Elias
C. & Alice (Totman) Bargar. w/ Elizabeth J. Rogers.

Bargar, Elizabeth J. (Rogers). b. 1883. d. 1948. w/o Lewis Tompkins Bargar.
Elizabeth m. 2nd Charles Rugenstine of Rochester, NY.

Bargar, Clarence E. 1911 - 1914. s/o Lewis Tompkins & Elizabeth J. (Rogers)

Bargar, Elizabeth H. 1922 - 1922. d/o Lewis Tompkins & Elizabeth (Rogers)

Bargar, Glenn Arthur. b. July 9, 1914 Jamestown, NY. d. Apr. 29, 1939.
Drowned along with brother, John C. Bargar in Chautauqua Lake in vicinity of
Grass Island at Greenhurst. Age 24/9/20. Buried May 1, 1939, Section 10. s/o
Lewis Tompkins & Elizabeth J. (Rogers) Bargar. Not married.

Bargar, John C. b. Mar. 23, 1907 Gerry, NY. d. Apr. 29, 1939. Drowned along
with brother, Glenn Arthur Bargar, in Chautauqua Lake in the vicinity of
Grass Island at Greenhurst. Buried May 1, 1939. Age 32/1/1. s/o Lewis
Tompkins & Elizabeth J. (Rogers) Bargar. w/ Carol Martin.

Bargar, Lisa Mary Anderson. b. Aug.30, 1959. d. July 29, 1998. d/o Paul T. &
Barbara R. (Rensfeldt) Anderson. Md. ________Bargar

Barr, Elton Jr. b. Aug.26, 1932 d. June 29, 2000. Age 67. Korean War US Navy
& US Army.

Barrett, Electa M. (Horton). b. Dec. 11, 1830 Tn of Gerry. d. May 12, 1857
Ellery Center. Age 26. d/o William & Phebe (Loucks) Horton. w/o Dr. Henry W.
Barrett. After his wife Electa died, Dr. Barrett went to Jamestown. In 1872
he joined his brother, Samuel in Waterville, Kan.

Bartlett, Ezra . d. Feb.7, 1855. 84y 3m 17d. w/ Lois.
Bartlett, Lois. d. May 8, 1865. 94y 8m 9d. w/o Ezra Bartlett.

Beart, Mary (Smiley). 1st w/o Joseph Beart. b. April 22, 1821. d. Aug. 16,
1856. d/o Joseph & Sarah (Lewis) Gorton Smiley. (Andrew Young's data). Twin
of Martha Smiley.

Beart, Hannah (Elma) of Poland. b. 1816. d. Jan. 14, 1874. Age 58. 3nd w/o
Joseph Beart.

Joseph Beart m. 2nd Dec. 4, 1857 in Jamestown ??. Joseph Beart m. 4th. in
1898 Mrs. Lucy Ann Mulkins of Silver Creek. Joseph Beart d. in 1899 in
Silver Creek.

Breart, Charles. b. Oct. 24, 1854. d. Aug. 1, 1856. s/o Joseph & Mary
(Smiley) Beart.

Beart, George. b. Jan. 29, 1852. d. Aug. 6, 1856. s/o Joseph & Mary (Smiley)

Beck, George C. b. Jan. 9, 1841 in Denmark. d. Feb. 17, 1888 in Town Ellery.
w/ Anna M. Granberg.

Beck, Anna M. (Granberg). b. 1854. d. 1917. w/o George C. Beck.
Beck, Baby. b. June 2, 1874. d. June 2, 1874.

Beck, Julius. b. July 3, 1872 in Illinois. d. Nov. 5, 1926. Age 54. s/o
George C. & Anna M. (Granberg) Beck. w/ Amelia Hoaglund.

Beck, Amelia (Hoaglund) b. Jan. 28, 1875 in Pennsylvania. d. June 15, 1949.
Residence at time of death was Collins, NY. Certificate of death signed at
Helmuth, NY. Buried June 17, 1949, Lot 100 Alley N. d/o Leander & Marie
(Johnson) Hoaglund. w/o Julius Beck.

Beck, Minnie A. b. Aug. 17, 1896. d. Oct. 27, 1933. d/o Julius & Amelia
(Hoaglund) Beck. Unmarried.

Beck, William L. b. Nov. 20, 1881 Ellery Center. d. Dec. 26, 1962. Age 81.
s/o George & Anna (Granberg) Beck. w/ Laura L. Hoard.

Beck, Laura L. (Hoard). b. June 9, 1883 in Conewango Township. d. Mar. 7,
1963. d/o Jesse & Ilona (Whitmore) Hoard. w/o William L. Beck. Clipping
dated Mar. 8, 1963. Laura L. Hoard Beck had resided in Jamestown area about
60 years.

Bedient, Harriet C. (Peterson) b. 1854. d. Mar. 4, 1898. w/o George Harmon
Bedient. (Double funeral with that of Candace (Holman) Peterson, w/o Cornell

Bemus, Henry D. b. 1883. d. Sept 29, 1925. w/ Inez Bell Shaver.
Bemus, Inez Belle (Shaver). Inez Belle m. 1st to C. N. Marston. b. Oct. 26,
1884 Ellery Center. d. Aug. 15, 1970 in DeLand, Fla. Age 85. d/o Charles &
Ida Belle (Smiley) Shaver. w/o Henry D. Bemus. Mrs. Inez Bemus formerly
operated the Bemus Bath Parlors and also had owned the Snow Dry Cleaners in

Bennet, Hannah. w/o Joseph. Jan.14, 1871

Bennett, Vere. b. Mar. 12, 1905 in Jamestown, Pa. d. June 1, 1979. Age 73.
s/o Charles & Katie (Peterson) Bennett. w/ Helen Eggleston.

Bennett, Helen (Eggleston). b. 1908. d. 1988. w/o Vere Bennett,
Bennett, Joanne L. 1936 - 1996. d/o Vere & Helen (Eggleston) Bennett.

Benson, Axel C. b. Jan. 26, 1890 Big Stone City, S.D. d. Feb. 28, 1972. Age
82. s/o Oscar & Christina (Johnson) Benson. w/ Libby O. Faiman.

Benson, Libby O. (Faiman) b. May 24, 1900 in Conway, N.D. d. Mar. 25, 1983.
Age 82. d/o Julius & Marie (Valsick) Faiman. w/o Axel C. Benson.

Benson, Andrew. b. 1854 Sweden. d. July 3, 1940. Age 86/5/6. Buried July 6,
1940. w/ Christine. At time of death lived at 26 Columbia Ave., Jamestown,

Benson, Christine. 1847 - 1931. w/o Andrew Benson.

Bentley, Gustavus Adolphus (8) Jr. b. 1845 in Busti. d. 1924. s/o Alexander
& Lavantia M. (Norton) Bentley. Bro. of Charles M. Bentley. w/ Sarah M.

Bentley, Sarah M. (Williams) b. 1846. d. Dec. 1933. d/o Fredrick T. & Ann H.
(Aldrich) Williams. w/o Gustavus Adolphus (8) Bentley Jr.

Bentley, infant. child of Gustavus Adolphus & Sarah M. (Williams) Bentley.
1880 - 1880.

Bentley, Gustavus E. (9) 2nd. b. 1891 Busti. d. 1964 Fluvanna. s/o Gustavus
Adolphus (8) & Sarah M. (Williams) Bentley. w/ Lesbia Andrews.
He was principal of the Washington Jr. High School in Jamestown for 25
years. Mr. Bentley m. 2nd Ruth Jeannette Young of Rochester.

Bentley, Lesbia (Andrews). b. Aug. 30, 1891 Busti. d. Dec. 15, 1929 by
shooting herself. w/o Gustavus E. Bentley Jr. She was librarian in the
Washington Jr. High School for 5 years.

Bentley, Charles W. (8) b. 1849. d. 1919 at Old Forge, NY. s/o Alexander &
Lavantia (Norton) Bentley. Bro. of Gustavus Adolphus E. Bentley. 1stw/ Mary
B. Lee. 2ndw/ Harriet "Hattie" Carter.

Bentley, Mary B. (Lee). b. 1851. d. 1879. 1st w/o Charles W. Bentley.

Bentley, Harriet "Hattie" (Carter). b. 1860. d. 1889 in Randolph at home of
her father. Age 28. d/o L. B. Carter.

Bentley, Alexander (7). b. June 3, 1815 in Fluvanna. d. May 12, 1884 in
Fluvanna. Age. 68/11/9. s/o Uriah (6) and Nancy (Sweet) Bentley. w/ Lavantia
M. Norton. Father of Gustavus Adolphus (8) Bentley Jr. and Charles W. (8)

Bentley, Lavantia (Norton). b. Oct. 9, 1821. d. Feb. 3, 190l in her 80th
year. w/o Alexander (7) Bentley. She came to this country in 1842.

Bentley, Solomon S. (7). _____ - _____. s/o John (6)& Thankful (Clark)
Bentley. w/ Harriet Clark.

Bentley Harriet (Clark). b. ?. d. Aug. 22, 18__. d/o Caleb & Cynthia (Moon)
Clark. w/o Solomon Bentley. She was sister of Arvin Clark.

Bentley, Solomon (8). b. ?. d. June, 18__. s/o Solomon S.(7) & Harriet
(Clark) Bentley.

Bentley, John (8). b. ?. d. Sept. 5, 1833 in Ellery. Age 13. s/o Solomon
(8) & Harriet (Clark) Bentley.

Bentley, C. H. 1860 - 1889.

Bentley, John R. b. Nov. 27, 1929. d. May 19, 1994. Age 64. s/o William &
Bertha (Gloor) Bentley. w/ Lorene Ann Magnuson. Was sheriff of Chautauqua

Bentley, Lorene Ann (Magnuson). b. Sept. 22, 1929. d. July 9, 1985. Age 55.
d/o Gust & Anne (Carlson) Magnuson.

Bentley, A. (baby girl). d. Apr. 30, 1952 Stillborn. Age 0. Buried May 2,
1952, Lot 93, Section East, Grave 3.

Bentley, B. (baby boy). d. Apr. 30, 1952 Stillborn. Age 0. Buried May 2,
1952, Lot 93, Section East, Grave 3.

Bentley, Infant. d. May 24, 1954 Premature. Age 36 hours. Buried May 25,
1954, Section East.

Berg, Carl E. b. 1890. d. Oct. 10, 1972. w/ Judith R. Carlson.

Berg, Judith R. (Carlson) b. Dec. 10, 1893. d. Feb. 14, 1986. Age 92. d/o
Gust & Hulda (Miller) Carlson. w/o Carl E. Berg. She was a charter member of
the Fluvanna Volunteer Fire Dept. Preceded in death by brothers: Howard and
Edward Carlson.

Berg, Clare A. b. 1919. d. 1999. s/o Carl A. & Gertie Evaline (Swanson)

Berg, Mary "Della" S. (Hallberg). w/o Earl R. Berg. b. Nov. 8, 1894 Ellery
Center. d. July 21, 1985. Age 90. d/o Charles & Emma (Anderson) Hallberg.

Berg, Earl R. w/ Mary "Della" S. Hallberg. b. 1894. d. Jan. 1, 1969. s/o
Charles A. & Hulda (Nelson) Berg. Brass US Marker.

Berg, Howard F. w/ Lena L. Monfort. b. Feb. 28, 1915. d. Aug. 22, 1993. Age
78. s/o Carl E. & Judith (Carlson) Berg. Was owner of EMCO Finishing
Products, located on Crescent St. Jamestown, NY.

Berg, Lena L. (Monfort). w/o Howard F. Berg. b. Mar. 19, 1920 in Randolph.
d. Dec. 29, 1989. Age 69. d/o Judson & Hazel (Sage) Monfort. She was a
member of the National Ski Patrol for 12 years at Cockaigne and Eagle Ridge
ski resorts.

Berg. Mildred M. 1922 - ?

Berggren, Erik O. b. Sweden. d. Jan. 6, 1949 Coronary Thrombosis. Age
88/3/8. Buried Jan. 9, 1949, Lot 274, Section East.

Bergquist, Astrid V. (Fagrell). b. Aug. 25, 1901 Varmland, Sweden. d. Mar.
19, 1983. Age 81. w/o Axel H. Bergquist. d/o Gustav & Elien(Frykberg)

Bergquist, Axel H. b. 1899. d. Oct. 1971. w/ Astrid V. (Fagrell).

Bergquist, John Raymond, b. Apr. 2, 1942. d. July 9, 1983 in Hortonville,
Wisc. Age 41. Cremated. s/o Axel H. & Astrid V.(Fagrell)Bergquist. He was a
manufacturing manager at Fox-Brady-Piper Industry. Was a member of the U.S.
Army Reserves. m. lst Violet Arlene Crandall. She m. 1st to Carl Ahlbin.
Violet buried in Bemus Point Cemetery. m. 2nd Judy _______.

Bergsten, Hilma (Erickson). b. Sweden. d. Aug. 3, 1938 at family home in
Fluvanna, NY. Age 49/10/13. Buried Aug. 6, 1938. w/o Carl A. Bergsten. Hilma
has sisters: Emma Erickson, w/o Warner Carlson of Grenhurst; Mrs. John A.
Anderson of Jamestown. Hilma a charter member of the VFW Aux. and member of
Fluvanna Ladies Aid Society, Fluvanna Fire Dept. Aux. and Fluvanna Cemetery

Birney, James. ? Mar. 12, 1845

Bitely, Henry. b. Oct. 11, 1793 England. d. Jan. 14, 1875 Fluvanna. w/ Sibyl

Bitely, Sibyl (Rhodes). b. Nov. 22, 1807. d. Mar. 12, 1875. w/o Henry
Bitely. d/o Alfred Rhodes.

Bitely, John Rhodes. b. M__, 2, 1847. d. Nov. 17, 1920. Age 75/8/15. s/o
Henry & Sibyl (Rhodes) Bitely.

Bitely, William W. b. 1840. d. Jan. 5, 1905. Age 65/11/11. w/ Ellen Harris.
Veteran of Civil War.

Bitely, Ellen (Harris) w/o William W. Bitely. b. Feb.5, 1842. d. May 7,

Bitely, Emma J. b. Sept. 30, 1880. d. Jan. 17, 1881. d/o William W. & Ellen
(Harris) Bitely.

Blackmon, Minnie (Sondell). b. Nov. 21, 1892 Town of Ellicott. d. Mar. 11,
1964. Age 71. d/o Andrew G. & Alma (Mattson) Sondell. w/o Gerald C.
Blackmon. She was a charter member of Fluvanna Fire Dept. Aux. Survived by
two sisters, Misses Anna and Andrea Sondell, both of Fluvanna.

Blanchard, Elvera. 1924 - 1982. MOTHER

Bliss, Earl C. w/ Elinor R. 1887 - 1959.
Bliss, Elinor R. w/o Earl C. Bliss. 1891 - 1948.

Bloom, Gerald. w/ Vivian P. 1906 - 1974.
Bloom, Vivian P. w/o Gerald Bloom. 1900 - 1956.

Blowers, John. b. Aug. 22, 1785. d. Feb. 2, 1863 Ellery. Age 77. s/o James
Blowers. 1st w/ Phoebe Way. 2nd w/ Mrs. Catherine "Mary Ann" Ploss Lovell.
John Blowers built the first house in Jamestown for Mr. Prendergast.

Blowers, Catharine "Mary Ann" (Ploss) Lovell. m. 1st to Jesse Lovell. w/o
John Blowers. John Blowers did not like the name of Catharine so he always
called her "Mary Ann". b. ?. d. ?.

Bly, Asa. b. 1806. d. Aug. 9, 1877. Age 71/6/15. w/ Nancy Griffith.

Bly, Nancy (3)(Griffith). b. 1810/1811 in Cayuga Co., N.Y. d. Feb 16, 1896
Ellery. Age 85. w/o Asa Bly. d/o Samuel Jr. (2) & Nancy (Lewis) Griffith.

Bly, Marvin, Sr. b. Feb. 26, 1836. d. July 16, 1883. Age 47/4/23. s/o Asa &
Nancy (Griffith) Bly. w/ Betsey Maria Woodworth.

Bly, Betsey Maria (Woodworth). b. 1842. d. Mar. 29, 1908 Ellery. w/o Marvin
Bly Sr. Had brothers: Edward Eugene Woodwotth and Herman L. Woodworth of

Bly, Marvin "Emmett". b. Dec. 8, 1868. d. 1934. s/o Marvin Sr. & Betsey
Maria (Woodworth) Bly. w/ Myrtle Belle Bennett.

Bly, Myrtle Belle (Bennett). b. Aug. 21, 1870 Ellery. d. July 24, 1943. Age
82/11/3 Buried July 27, 1943. d/o James M. & Ruth Ann (Winsor) Bennett. w/o
Marvin "Emmett" Bly.

Bly, Mabel Ruth. b. 1895. d. Oct 6. 1896. d/o Marvin "Emmett" & Myrtle Belle
(Bennett) Bly.

Bly, Marvin H. b. Sept. 16, 1911 on father's farm on Dutch Hollow Road. d.
Aug. 19, 1987. s/o Marvin "Emmett" & Myrtle Belle (Bennett) Bly. w/ Margaret
M. VanAtter.

Bly, Wellman W. b. May 8, 1904. d. Mar. 31, 1966. Age 61. s/o Marvin
"Emmett" & Myrta Belle (Bennett) Bly. w/ Ruth Cederquist.
Ruth m. 2nd John W. Pitts.

Bly, James Emmett. b. June 14, 1947. d. June 20, 1947 pneumonia. Age 6 days.
Buried June 21, 1947, Lot 46, Section 10. s/o Wellman W. & Ruth (Cederquist)
Bly. Obit PJ June 21, 1947. James Emmett Bly, six-day-old son of Wellman and
Ruth Bly, Dutch Hollow Road, died at the WCA Hospital at 4 p.m. Friday. He
is also survived by a sister, Carol Bly, at home and his maternal
grandmother, Mrs. Calista Cederquist, Strunk Road. A committal serevice was
held this afternoon in the Fluvanna Cemetery.

Bly, Randall James. b. Nov. 4, 1958. d. Sept. 22, 1982 from injuries
received in an automobile accident on Aug. 13, 1982. Age 23. s/o Maurice D.
& Ruth (Swanson) Bly. He was a grandson of Marvin H. & Margaret M.
(VanAtter) Bly.

Boak, Thomas (4). b. June 30, 1824 Skirwith, Cumberland Co., England. d.
Oct. 20, 1909. Age 84/4/20. s/o John (3) Boak. w/ Ann Slack. Thomas and 2
brothers emigrated to Canada. In 1884, Thomas and wife and 3 children
purchased a farm near Jamestown, NY. He imported the first Shorthorn cattle
to the American continent and continued his breeding of the cattle until his

Boak, Ann (Slack). b. 1820 Ainstable, Cumberland Co., England. d.
Apr. 4, 1905 in Ellery. d/o Isaac & Jane (Barnfather) Slack. w/ Thomas Boak.

Boak, Edward (5). b. Jan. 11, 1850 (1852) in Penrith, Cumberland Co.,
England. d. Mar. 17, 1906 Ellery. s/o Thomas (4) & Ann (Slack) Boak.

Boak, John William (5). b. Oct 21, 1859 Milton, Halton Co., Ontario, Canada.
d. Sept. 18, 1952 Ellery. Age 92/10/27. Buried Sept. 20, 1952, Lot 2,
Section 10, Grave 4. s/o Thomas & Ann (Slack) Boak. w/ Ida Helen Ayers. John
carried on the cattle business of his father. He became a naturalized
citizen of the U.S. in Sept. 1887.

Boak, Ida Helen (Ayers). b. Jan. 4, 1860 Cuba, N.Y. d. May 28, 1927 Ellery.
Age 67. Died from blood poisoning from a cut on her finger from a paring
knife. d/o James Dana & Sophronia Abyrene (Brownell) Ayers. w/o John William
Boak. She taught school at the Lenox School on Townline Road where the Boak
farm was located.

Boak, Hattie E. (6). b. Sept. 9, 1891 Town of Ellery. d. May 28, 1987. Age
95. d/o John William & Ida (Ayers) Boak. Never married. A school teacher.

Boak, William Ellis (6). b. July 9, 1894 Ellery. d. July 11, 1968 Fluvanna.
s/o John William & Ida (Ayers) Boak.

Boak, Anna Delora (Sampson) b. Apr. 8, 1894 Gerry. d. 1990. d/o Alexander F.
& Lillian J.(Akin) Sampson. w/o Thomas Isaac Slack (6) Boak. Thomas s/o John
William & Ida W. (Ayers) Boak. Thomas broke away from farming and herdsman
business. He was at one time general manager of Winchester Arms Division of
Olin Mathieson Corp. Later became president of a Machine Tool Co. in New
Haven, Conn.

Boak, Margaret Slack (5). b. June 25, 1852 Penrith, Cumberland Co., England.
d. Oct. 25, 1936 Fluvanna, NY. Age 84/4/4. Cardiac dilation. Buried Oct. 27,
1936, Section 10. d/o Thomas (4) & Ann (Slack) Boak. Thomas (4); John (3);
Robert (2); James (1) Boak. m. in Ellery about 1900, William Watson. 1851 -
1924. William s/o Douglas & Mary (3) (Boak) Watson. Both buried in Fluvanna

Botka, Ralph W. b. 1934. d. Mar. 16, 1975. s/o Alexis W. & Allene (Wilcox)
Botka. w/ Betty Anderson

Bottomley, John. b. 1848. d. 1931. w/ Sarah Jane Stubbs.

Bottomley , Sarah Jane (Stubbs). b. Apr. 25, 1845. d. Apr. 17, 1922. w/o
John Bottomley.

Bottomley, Fred. b. 1874. d. 1957. s/o John & Sarah Jane (Stubbs) Bottomley.
w/ Martha S.

Bottomley, Martha S. b. 1878 Thornton, England. d. Aug. 9, 1935. Age
56/8/28. Buried Aug. 12, 1938, Lot 39, Section 10. w/o Fred Bottomley.

Bottomley, James Earl. b. Nov. 10, 1887 Kent, Ohio. d. Dec. 22, 1951. Age
63/1/13. Buried Dec. 26, 1951, Lot 10, Section 10, Grave 2. w/ Hilda Guest

Bottomley, Hilda (Guest). b. May 3, 1894 Newark, N. J. d. Nov. 30, 1972. w/o
James Earl Bottomley. d/o Isaac & Marie Guest. Hilda was dropped off at the
children's home at age 10. She lived in the home until she married James
Earl Bottomley.

(Children of James Earl & Hilda (Guest) Bottomley included: James F.; Dale;
Elizabeth; Sarah "Sally"; Patricia; Hazel Jeanette).

Bottomley, Hazel Jeanette. b. 1927. d. 1929. d/o James Earl & Hilda (Guest)

Bottomley, Thomas. b. Aug. 8, 1876 Yorkshire, England. d. June 19, 1951
Jamestown General Hospital. Died of shock from third degree burns. Age
74/10/1. Buried June 21, 1951, Lot 10, Section 10, Grave 4. s/o John & Sarah
Jane (Stubbs) Bottomley. w/ Blanch Mosher. At time of his death he was
divorced. Thomas's last place of residence was 368 Buffalo St., Jamestown,
NY. He was a retired textile worker.

Bottomley, Margaret. b. Sept. 21, 1878 Yorkshire, England. d. June 27, 1952
Jamestown General Hospital. Age 73/9/6. Buried on June 30, 1952, Lot 10,
Section 10, Grave 3. d/o John & Sarah Jane (Stubbs) Bottomley. w/o Joseph
Stapelton. Margaret & Joseph were divorced. Last place of residence for
Margaret was Mayville, NY. Her occupation was housekeeper for a hotel.

Bottomley, b. England. d. July 5, 1940. Age 74/8/0. Fractured skull - hit by
an automobile. Buried July 8, 1940. At time of death he was divorced.

Boyd, Mildred Justine "Millie" (Lundquist). b. June 6, 1914. d. Dec. 15,
1999. d/o Paul & Anna (Abrahamson) Lundquist. She m. 1st to Elmer Eugene
"Yank" Hooper. m. 2nd Dr. Luke Howard Boyd Jr.

Bradigan, Henry E. b. 1852 Forestville. d. 1928, Age 76/4/13. Had resided
in this vicinity for past 45 years. Unmarried.

Bragg, Lewis. b. 1812. d. Apr. 9, 1901. Age 68.

Branch, Chester W. 1911 - 1999. w/ Ethel K. Nordland.

Branch, Ethel K. (Nordland). b. June 22, 1914 Jamestown, NY. d. Feb. 9, 1993
at home of her daughter, in Warren, Pa. Age 78. d/o Gotthard & Mary (Hedin)
Nordland. w/ Chester W. Branch. A 1933 graduate of Jamestown High School.

Bratt John. b. 1886 Saratoga Co. N.Y. d. Mar. 22, 1912. s/o John & Mary
(Bennett) Bratt. w/ Amanda Minerva Smith.

Bratt, Amanda Minerva (Smith). b. 1876. d. Jan 24, 1912. d/o Nicholas Smith.
w/o John Bratt.

Bredahl, Emmy K. b. 1897. d. July 1, 1985. w/o G. Hugo Brendahl.
Bredahl, G. Hugo. b. 1905. d. Sept. 12, 1975. w/ Emmy K.

Britton, Jane B. 1834 - 1929.

Brown, Samuel H. b. Oct. 16, 1827. d. Mar. 16, 1905. w/ Abigail Gates.

Brown, Abigail (Gates). b. Dec. 26 or Jan. 27, 1825. d. Apr. 24/26, 1903 in
Fluvanna. Age 77. d/o Alonzo & Emily (Mount) Gates. w/o Samuel Brown.

Brown, Willie A. b. July 18, 1857. d. Mar. 2, 1860. s/o Samuel H. & Abigail
(Gates) Brown.

Brown, Alexander. b. 1773. d. June 23, 1843.

Brown, Alexander S. b. ?. d. May 13, 1849. Age 47. s/o Alexander Brown I.
w/ Lucy Hoard.

Brown, Lucy (Hoard) b. ?. d. Apr. 17, 1890. Age 86/9/16. d/o Samuel & Lucy
(Gates) Hoard Sr. w/o Alexander S. Brown II. Lucy (Hoard) Brown and her
husband Alexander Brown & two children arrived in Fluvanna some time between
Dec. 25, 1825 and Oct. 1827. Mr. Brown built a shingled house opposite
Minor Shaw near Chautauqua Lake shore in 1828 and also a tannery, which he
operated until about 1846.

Brown, Sarah M. b. 1844. d. 1919. Unmarried. d/o Alexander S. & Lucy (Hoard)

Brown, Alexander Sherman. b. 1833 at Fluvanna. d. 1922. w/ Sarah Melvina

Brown, Sarah Melvina (Hudson). b. Aug. 16, 1883. d. July 1, 1895. Age
55/10/20. d/o John & Betsey (Bartlett) Hudson. w/o Alexander Sherman Brown.

Brown, Alexander Hudson. b. Jan. 5, 1871 at Fluvanna, NY. d. Aug. 31, 1939.
Age 68/7/26. Buried Sept 3, 1939. s/o Alexander Sherman & Sarah Melvina
(Hudson) Brown. w/ Eva Irene Rhodes.

Brown, Eva Irene (Rhodes). b. Mar. 28, 1874 Town of Ellery. d. 1850. d/o
Ambrose & Jennie (Robin) Rhodes. w/o Alexander Hudson Brown.

Brown, James Lorenzo. b. Aug. 31, 1873 Fluvanna. d. Apr. 14, 1946. Age
72/7/13. Buried Apr. 17, 1946. s/o Alexander Sherman & Sarah Melvina
(Hudson) Brown. w/ Grace Stevenson. James Lorenzo Brown spent his entire
life in Fluvanna. He was superintendent of Highways.

Brown, Grace (Stevenson) of Rochester. b. July 4, 1878. d. July 16, 1956 at
Hackensack, N.J. Age 77. d/o Frederick J. & Elizabeth A. (Doherty)
Stevenson. w/o James Lorenzo Brown.

Louise Brown. d/o James Lorenzo & Grace (Stevenson) Brown. died in
childbirth. She m. 1st _____Henning. Divorced. She m. 2nd. _____

Nancy Jane Kemper. d/o Louise Brown and ________Kemper. b. & d.
May 26, 1943.

Brown, William. b. 1793. d. Oct. 25, 1817. Age 24/7/9. The following is the
text on the nearly obliterated marker which looks like the DAMON type of
shale-marker. "The Death of William Brown, - Here lies the body of William
Brown aged 24 years, 7 months, 9 days. He died on Saturday the 25th day of
October in the year of our Lord, 1817.

Brown, Martin. b. 1852. d. Aug. 18, 1861. Age 9/10/0. s/o Eliphelet &
Eveline (Martin) Brown.

Brown, Charles Manley. b. 1859. d. Aug. 31, 1861. Age 2/0/10. s/o Eliphelet
& Eveline (Martin) Brown.

Brown, Ramon C. b. Mar. 16, 1922. d. Nov. 6, 1981. s/o Carl A. & Frances
(Flint) Bown. w/ Helen J. Hedberg. Ramon C. Brown had lived in Greenhurst
for 33 years. A graduate of Bemus Point Central School. Served in Army Air
Corps in France and Germany from July 17, 1945 to Jan. 14, 1947.

Brown Helen J. (Hedberg) b. June 14, 1926. d. Jan. 17, 1990. Age 63. d/o
John A. & Anna O. (Olson) Hedberg.

Brown, Lillian B. 1896 - 1971. MOTHER

Brunson, Abel. b. Mar. 25, 1786. d. Sept. 30, 1861. Is also recorded in the
Red Bird Cemetery, Town of Ellery. Same dates (Don't think this is correct,
- he is in Red Bird).

Butts, LeRoy. 1887 - 1967. w/ Goldie Seely.

Butts, Goldie (Seely) 1888 - 1910 at her home in Stow. Age 21. d/o Charles
W. & Bertha J. (Shoemaker) Seely. w/o LeRoy Butts. Goldie died when her
son, Gerald Butts was 9 days old. Gerald lived with his grandparents,
Charles W. & Bertha J. (Shoemaker) Seely.

Callahan, William M. 1842 - 1924. w/ Ann A. Loucks.
Callahan, Ann A. (Loucks). 1846 - 1926. w/o William M. Callahan.
Callahan , William M. 1842 1924.

Camp, John. b. ??. d. on a steamer on Mississippi River sometime before
1874. He is NOT buried at Fluvanna Cemetery. w/ Abigail Simmons.

Camp, Abigail (Simmons). 1804 - 1873. d/o Jonas & Elsie (Strunk) Simmons.
Abigail m. 1st to Holder Gifford. w/o John Camp, (brother of Wilson Camp)
see Charlotte Evergreen Cemetery)**John CAMP husband of Almira was born
about 1803 and is probably buried here with his family
[notes DAR - see Young P237 The widow Lemira (*WILSON) Camp with her family
came in March 1819 and settled on 200 acres of land in Charlotte Center, NY.
She had been preceded by her son Samuel. Her sons were Milo,
Merlin,**John**, Wilson , Herman and Samuel. ]

Camp, Herman. 1845 - 1865. s/o John & Abigail (Simmons) Camp.

Camp, Wilson. b. 1841. d. May 24, 1919. s/o John & Abigail (Simmons) Camp.
w/ Nancy Wilkins Halladay. Veteran Civil War.

Camp, Nancy (Wilkins) Halladay. b. Oct. 26, 1838. d. 1916. Nancy m. 1st to
Norman Halladay. m. 2nd Wilson C. Camp.

Camp, Harold S. b. 1897. d. Feb. 22, 1935 of second degree burns. Buried
Feb. 25, 1935. Single.

Harold Halladay Sherman. 1897 - 1935. Grandson of Nancy(Wilkins) Halladay

Candler, Emma Agnes (Johnson). Emma m. 1st to Fred Johnson. b. June 17, 1890
Ellery Center. d. Nov. 11, 1942. Age 52/4/25. Breast Cancer. d/o Charles
Ludwig & Augusts Matilda (Johndol) Johnson. w/o Warren Candler.
Her last residence was in the Town of Carroll.

Cane, Edward C. b. ?. d. Apr. 19, 1863. Age 4y 5m. s/o James & Emily

Cane, John. b. ?. d. Sept. 15, 1868. Age 4y. s/o James & Emily Cane.

Carlson, Howard R. b. Jan. 26, 1896. d. Sept. 29, 1983. Age 87. s/o Gust &
Hulda (Miller) Carlson. w/ Lucille Knott. The good we do today is our gift
to GOD. He had been proprietor of Fluvanna Grocery for 17 years. A graduate
of Bryant & Stratton Business School, Buffalo, NY. A World War I veteran,
serving as a corporal in the U.S. Army in France, from April 1918 to March
1919. He fought in the Eanould, Rabadeau, St. Mihiel, and Argonne-Meuse

Carlson, Lucille M. (Knott). b. July 12, 1908 Cassadaga, NY. d. Apr. 25,
1993. Age 84. d/o Winfield S. & Lottie (Marsh) Knott. w/o Howard R. Carlson.
The good we do today is our gift to GOD.

Carlson, Clifford H. b. Sept. 6, 1911. d. Aug. 8, 1997. Age 85. s/o Warner
B. & Emma (Erickson) Carlson. w/ Marie Close. He had been employed by
Chautauqua Hardware and formerly by Chautauqua Flower Fields for 32 years.

Carlson, Marie (Close). b. July 14, 1911 Dunkirk, NY. d. June 6, 1997. Age
85. d/o Michael & Evelyn (O'Rourke) Close. w/o Clifford H. Carlson.

Carlson, Bruce Edward. b. Mar 1940. d. June 5, 1940. Age 3 mo. Grandson of
Clifford H. & Marie (Close) Carlson.

Carlson, Albert C. 1919 - 1995. w/ Anna Greta.
Carlson, Anna Greta. 1918 - 1985. w/o Albert C. Carlson.

Carlson, Axel M. b. 1852. d. 1934 at his home on Dutch Hollow Road. w/
Sophia Svenson. Axel had sisters: Amanda Johnson, Amelia Webeck and
brothers: Axel Nelson and John Nelson of Sweden.

Carlson, Sophia (Svenson). b. 1852 Sweden. d. Nov. 28, 1936. Age 84/10/0/
Buried Dec. 1, 1936, Section l0. w/o Axel M. Carlson.

(Children of Axel M. & Sophia (Svenson) Carlson included: Carl A.; Clarence;
Ernest Henning; John H.; Anna w/o Clyde Catlin; Mary w/o Hector Swan; Harold

Carlson, Clarence A. b. May 5, 1890. Forestville, NY. d. Nov. 4, 1971. Age
81. s/o Axel & Sophia (Svenson) Carlson. Veteran of World War I.

Carlson, Bradley K. b. Mar. 18, 1964. d. Feb. 21, 1986 while walking - hit
and run by auto. Age 21. s/o Leonard C. & Ethelyn W. (Heglund) Carlson.

Carlson, Ethelyn (Heglund). b. July 30, 1923. d. Dec. 20, 1987. Age 64. d/o
Edwin & Laura (Beckman) Heglund. w/o Leonard C. Carlson.

Carlson Leonard C. 1862 Jamestown, NY. d. Mar. 27, 1947. Age 64/9/25. Buried
Mar. 31, 1947, Lot 4 N W 1/4, Section 10. w/ Irene Roberts.

Carlson, Irene (Roberts). 1895 - 1959. w/o Leonard C. Carlson.

Carlson, Leonard C. "Little Lenny". b. Sept. 15, 1988 Westfield, NY. d. Nov.
24, 1988 Buffalo Children's Hospital. s/o Leonard E. & Deborah (Cramer)
Carlson. Leonard s/o Leonard C. & Ethelyn (Hedlund) Carlson. Leonard C. s/o
Leonard D. & Irene (Roberts) Carlson. IN LOVING MEMORY

Carlson Edward E. b. Jan. 31, 1898. d. Jan. 31, 1982. Age 84. s/o Gustaf &
Hulda (Miller) Carlson.

Carlson, Bruce A. b. Feb. 14, 1956. d. Nov. 23, 1970.

Carlson, Edith L. "Duffy". b. Oct. 3, 1921. d. July 11, 1996. Roswell Park
Mem. Park Inst. Buffalo, Age 74. d/o Leonard & Irene (Roberts) Carlson.

Carlson, Anna J. 1913 - 1982.
Carlson, Anna L. 1852 - 1921. MOTHER
Carlson, Anna M. 1907 ?
Carlson, Mary Louise. 1916 - 1917.

Carlson Gust. b. 1870 Sweden. d. Dec. 29, 1953. Age 83/9/3. Buried Dec. 31,
1953, Lot 48, Section 10, Grave 1. w/ Hulda Miller. Gust Carlson in 1948 a
caretaker for Fluvanna Fire Dept.

Carlson, Hulda (Miller). 1869 Sweden. d. Mar. 15, 1951 Cancer. Age 81/5/20.
Buried Mar. 17, 1951, Lot 48, Section 10, Grave 2. w/o Gust Carlson.

Carlson, Wallace C. b. Oct. 4, 1918. d. Aug. 7, 1989. Age 70. s/o Leonard C.
& Irene (Roberts) Carlson. w/ Anne J. Malpede. A veteran of World War II,
serving in the U.S. Army in central Europe, Normandy, France and Rhineland.

Carlson, Jeanne (Day). b. Mar. 13, 1928. d. Apr. 3, 1995.
Carlson John H. 1895 - 1962. m. 1931 Anna M. Boossert.

Carlson, Anna M. (Boossert). b. Jan. 10, 1907 Oefingen, Germany. d. July 8,
2001 in Gowanda, NY. Age 94. d/o Jacob & Ursula Bossert. w/o John H.
Carlson. She immigrated to the U.S. in 1924. Became a U.S. citizen in 1934.
During 1920's was employed by several families in Dunkirk and Westfield.
Was an accomplished seamstress. Anna preceded in death by an infant son; and
two sisters, Agnes, and Marie, and six brothers: Fritz, Jacob, Wihelm,
Johann, Robert and Ernst. In 200l she was living in Gowanda, NY, where her
daughter lived. Formerly had lived in the Fluvanna area.

Carlson, Ronald (baby). 1933 - ?. s/o John H. & Anna M. (Bossert) Carlson.

Carlson, Jerome E. "Jerry". b. Sept. 4, 1909. d. Aug. 9, 1976 at home at
Coldsprings. s/o Warner & Emma (Erickson) Carlson. w/ Tena Young.

Carlson, Tena (Young). b. Feb. 6, 1909. d. 1997. d/o DeForest & Tena
(Sutton) Young. w/o Jerome E. "Jerry" Carlson. A 1927 graduate of Jamestown
High School and a 1919 graduate of Fredonia Normal School. She was a
25-year teacher at the Fluvanna Elementary School.

Carlson, Axel A. b. June 15, 1889 Sweden. d. Aug. 17, 1958 Jamestown General
Hospital. Age 78/2/4. Buried Aug. 22, 1958, in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Victor
Carlson. w/ Agnes Jolly. Axel's last place of residence was at Bemus Point,
NY. At one time he had lived on the Pest Road, Ellery Center, NY.

Carlson, Agnes (Jolly). b. Nov. 16, 1902 Butler Co., Pa. d. Dec. 29, 1974
WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 72. d/o John & Flora (Wiles) Jolly. w/o
Axel A. Carlson. Agnes had brothers and sisters: Mrs. Tressa Jolly Waite,
w/o Carl Waite; Richard and Perry Jolly of Jamestown; John Jolly of Texas;
and Mrs. Margaret Waite, of Jamestown.

Carlson, LaVern Frank. b. Jamestown, NY. d. feb. 15, 1941. Age 34/8/23.
Buried Feb. 18, 1941. At the time of his death he was married.

Carlson, Duane Wallace (baby). b. Jamestown, NY. d. Feb. 7, 1950. Age 3
hours. Premature. Buried Feb. 8, 1950, Lot 270 Alley North.

Carlson, Emil C. b. Sweden. d. Dec. 17, 1952 liver problems. Age 65/9/24.
Buried Dec. 19, 1952, Lot 51, Section West, Grave 5. At time of his death he
was married.

Carlson, Ivan. d. Jan. 12, 1954. Age Unknown. Buried Jan. 15, 1954, Lot 12,
Section West, Grave 6A. A the time of his death he was not married.

Carlson, Eskil. d. Mar, 1934. Buried Mar. 23, 1934. Lived in the Town of

Carlstrom, Sophia. b. Sweden. d. Sept. 28, 1950. Age 90/7/27. Buried Oct. 2,
1950, Lot Alley North #28, Section West. Single.

Carpenter, Maria A. (Pease). b. Feb. 28, 1846. d. Jan. 3, 1926. d/o Charles
Pease. 2nd w/ Kingsley Carpenter. Kingsley Carpenter, a Civil War Veteran is
buried at Red Bird Cemetery.

Carpenter, Juliette (Warren). b. Mar. 18, 1850 in Ellery. d. Aug. 14, 1886
in Ellery. d/o Hiram P. & Lana (Klock) Warren. w/o Sherman Oliver Carpenter.
Sherman O. Carpenter. 1852 - 1918, is buried in Clearwater, Kansas. s/o
Joseph & Emily (Blowers) Carpenter.

Carter, H.D. 1860 - 1889.

Case, Mrs. Anna Marie. b. 1866, Buffalo, NY. d. Oct. 9, 1936. Age 70/5/4.
Buried Oct. 12, 1936, Section Tree. At time of death she was a widow.

Cassell, Hattie P. 1896 - 1992.

Cattley, Allene L. 1900 - 1963. w/o Marshall E. Cattley.

Cattley, Marshall E. Sr. 1896 - 1965. w/ Allene L. 1918 AFE 1919 Co. A 306
MC Bn. 77 Div.

Cederquist, Frank A. b. Town of Ellicott. d. July 9, 1944. Age 71/0/7.
Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery, Lot 268. Section East. w/ Caleste Hoaglund.
Obit July 10, 1944. Frank A. Cederquist, 71, died at his home on the Strunk
Road, Town of Ellicott, Sunday at 3:45 p.m. He is survived by his wife, Mrs.
Caliste Cederquist; a son, Eugene Cederquist at home, three daughters, Mrs.
Henry Johnson of Chicago, Mrs. Edward Hoard of North Main Street Extension
and Mrs. Wellman Bly of Dutch Hollow Road, Town of Ellery; two brothers,
Albert and Charles Cederquist, and a sister, Mrs. Lillian Johnson, all of
Jamestown, four grandchildren and one great grandchild. He was a member of
Union Grange of Jamestown. The remains are at the Falconer Funeral Home
until Tuesday evening when they will be taken to the family home where
funeral services will be held with burial in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Cederquist, Caleste (Hoaglund). b. Aug. 26, 1872 Cherry Grove, Pa. d. 1951.
Age 78. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Leander & Marie (Johnson) Hoaglund.
w/o Frank A. Cederquist. Obit. dated July 6, 1951. Mrs. Caliste Cederquist,
78, died Tuesday in WCA Hospital where she had been a patient for the past
11 days. Her home was on Route 1, Strunk Road. Her husband, Frank Cederquist
died in 1944. Mrs. Cederquist was born Aug. 26, 1872 in Cherry Grove, Pa.,
the daughter of Leander and Marie Johnson Hoaglund. She is survived by three
daughters, Mrs. Henry Johnson, Route 1, Jamestown; Mrs. Edward Hoard, Route
2, Jamestown; and Mrs. Wellman Bly, Bemus Point; a son Eugene Cederquist,
Route 1, Jamestown; a brother, Edwin Hoaglund, Jamestown; two sisters, Mrs.
Charles Westerberg, Celoron; and Mrs. Harry Cullen, Jamestown; four
grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Funeral services will be at 2
p.m. from the Fluvanna Communtiy Church with burial in Fluvanna Cemetery.
The body will be at the Falconer Funeral home until noon Friday.

Chambers, James W. b. June 29, 1843. d. Feb. 19, 1907. w/ Emeline Rose.

Chambers, Emeline Rose ( ). b. ??. d. ??. w.o James W. Chambers.

Chambers, George, b. ??. d. ??. s/o James W. & Emeline Rose Chambers.

Chambers, Fred W. b. Town of Ellicott. d. Mar. 30, 1951 Heart Blockage. Age
73/8/29. Buried Apr. 5, 1951, Lot 24, Section West, Grave 3. Fred was
married at the time of his death.

Champ, Douglas V. w/ Nancy E Webeck. b. Sept.24, 1945. d. ?. s/o Forest J. &
Jeanne (Bergwell) Champ.

Champ, Nancy E Webeck. w/o Douglas V. Champ. b. Jan. 28, 1946. d. May 31,
1989. May Her Courage, Love & Humor Always Live On.

Champ, Forrest J. w/ Jeanne Bergwall. b. Apr. 12, 1912 Bellington, W. Va. d.
Mar. 6, 1985. s/o Charles & Georgianna (Good) Champ. He was a U.S. Army Air
Corps veteran of WW II, serving in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater.

Champ, Jeanne B. w/o Forrest J. Champ. 1909 ? .

Chapin, Jay S. b. Mar. 13, 1871 Crawford Co., Pa. d. Nov. 19, 1940. Age
69/8/6. Buried Nov. 20, 1940, Lot 296, section West. s/o John W. Chapin. w/
Bertha May Lown. Was a prominent farmer on the Fluvanna-Townline Road.
Former president of the Fluvanna Library Association and the Fluvanna
Cemetery Association. He was assessor of the Town of Ellery. He was a
former president of the Chautauqua County Farm Bureau.

Chapin, Bertha May (Lown). b. 1875. d. Nov. 4, 1917. d/o Andrew & Fanny
(Rhodes) Lown. w/o Jay S. Chapin.

Chapin, Martha. 1875 - 1917.
Chapin, Lyle W. 1906 - 1908. s/o Jay S. & Bertha May (Lown) Chapin.

Chapin, Mabel L. b. 1905. d. Feb. 7, 1937 of heart problems at her home on
Town Line Road. Age 32. Buried Feb. 9, 1937. d/o Jay S. & Bertha May (Lown)

Chapin, Marjorie (Costello) w/o Shirley J. Chapin.

Chapin, Shirley J. b. Feb. 11, 1901 Town of Ellery. d. Apr. 8, 1955 Bemus
Point, NY. Age 54/1/27. Buried Apr. 11, 1955. w/ Marjorie Costello. s/o Jay
S. and Bertha (Lown) Chapin (*Surviving are his wife, Marjorie (Costello)
Chapin; a daughter, Frances Shirley Chapin at home; two sisters, Mrs. Ernest
Engdahl, Sinclairville; Mrs. Lawrence "Ruth" Phillips, Route l, Jamestown.
Clipping, April 8, 1955). Mr. Chapin was a miller at Grandin Milling

Chapman, Ursula A. b. Apr.6, 1968. d. Dec. 30, 1997.

Chase, Irma H. w/o John W. Chase. 1892 1977. BELOVED PARENTS
Chase, John W. w/ Irma H. 1881 - 1970. BELOVED PARENTS

Chase, Oscar Gillman. b. 1883. d/ Jan 29, 1947. Age 66/ Buried Feb. 12,
1947, Lot 45, Section 10, Grave 1 W. 1947. s/o Lynn & Cora E. (Harrinton)
Chase. Cora m. 2nd Ephriam Hatch Simmons. Cora 1861 - 1940. Buried in

Chase, Thomas M. b. Oct. 14, 1949. d. Jan. 5, 1985. s/o Edward M. & Helen
(Hodges) Chase. w/ Elizabeth M. Wilcox. Owned and operated the City Sign Co.
A graduate of Maple Grove High School, class of 1967. A veteran of the
Vietnam War, serving in the U.S. Air Force. For my sake & in my name live
on & do all things the same.

Chase, William B. b. Apr. 16, 1914. d. Apr. 2, 1997. Age 82. w/ Irene
Hodges. s/o John W. & Irma H. (Brockway) Chase. He was a 1934 graduate of
Celoron High School. Survived by sister, Edith Dennis of Jamestown; two
brothers; Edward M. & Howard W. Chase, both of Jamestown. Preceded in death
by a brother Richard E. Chase and a sister, Helen Chase. Jamestown Post
Journal Clipping 4/3/1997.

Chase, Irene (Hodges) B. 1922. d. ?. w/o William B. Chase.

Cheney, Daniel P. b. 1806. d. Aug. 31, 1866. Age 60/11/16. w/ Lucy

Cheney, Lucy (Parkhurst) b. 1836. d. Dec. 24, 1866. Age 30/10/0. d/o John &
Amanda Parkhurst. w/ Daniel P. Cheney.

Cheney, Jennie. b. 1859. d. May 20, 1859. Age 0/3/25. d/o Daniel P. & Lucy
(Parkhurst) Cheney.

Cheney, Nahum E. b. 1840. d. June 5, 1844. Age 4/3/0. s/o Daniel P. & Lucy
(Parkhurst) Cheney.

Cheney, Joshua. b. Apr. 22, 1828 Dewittville. d. Mar. 7, 1899 after a fall
in the barn. Age 70/10/15. s/o Calvin & Lydia (Bly) Cheney. w/ Mary T.
Gifford. Joshua had brothers: Spencer, Asa, Abel & William Cheney. Joshua
Cheney m. 2nd Harriet I. Clark, widow of Samuel Clark.

Cheney, Mary T. (Gifford) b. 1827. d. May 1, 1881. d/o Holder & Abigail
(Simmons) Gifford. w/o Joshua Cheney.

Cheney, Albert T. b. Dec. 25, 1854. d. Aug. 10, 1877. s/o Joshua & Mary T.
(Gifford) Cheney. Never married. MAY HE REST IN PEACE.

Cheney, Alfred "Morelle". b. Aug. 7, 1857 on his farm in Ellery. d. June 8,
1935 Ellery. Age 77/8/0. s/o Joshua & Mary T. (Gifford) Cheney. 1st w/
Minnie Tracy. 2nd w/ E. Maude Tracy.

Cheney, Minnie (Tracy). Sister of E. Maude Tracy. b. 1863. d. Mar. 7, 1886.
Age 22/11/22. d/o Oscar & Jemima (Lent) Tracy. 1st w/o Alfred "Morelle"

Cheney, E. Maude (Tracy). Sister of Minnie Tracy. b. Aug. 8, 1868 Falconer,
NY. d. Oct. 6, 1942. Age 74/1/28. Buried Oct. 10, 1942. 2nd w/o Alfred
"Morelle" Cheney. d/o Oscar & Jemima (Lent) Tracy. At time of her death she
lived on the East Lake Road, in the Town of Ellery.

Alfred "Morelle" Jr. b. July 4, 1902. d. Sept. 1963. s/o Alfred Morelle & E.
Maude (Tracy) Cheney. w/ Anne W. Nystrom.

Cheney, Anne W. (Nystrom). b. Nov. 21, 1902 Kane, Pa. d. May 9, 1997. Age
94. d/o Olaf & Hilda (Anderson) Nystrom.

Cheney, Kathleen Joan. b. Nov. 26, 1926. d. Aug. 24, 1990. Age 63. d/o
Alfred "Morelle" and Anne (Nystrom) Cheney.

Cheney genealogy: Alfred "Morelle" 10, Alfred "Morelle" 9, Joshua 8, Calvin
7, Jonathan 6, Daniel 5, Ariel 4, William 3, Thomas 2, William 1 Cheney.

Chipman, Etta ( )b. Crawford Co., Pa. .d. June 7, 1946 County Farm at
Dewittville, NY. Age 85/1/21. Buried June 9, 1946. At time of death Etta was
a widow. Last place of residence was Mayville, NY.

Chris, Harold E. b. Nov.30, 1925. d. May 3, 1987. US Army WW II.

Christianson, A Waldemar. 1909 - 1989. w/ Ruth I.
Christianson, Ruth I. 1905 - 1971. w/o A. Waldemar.

Christoferson, Ernest A. b. 1881. d. Nov. 13, 1959. w/ Gertrude A. Chase.

Christoferson, Gertrude A. (Chase). b. Dec. 24, 1883. d. Feb. 6, 1964. d/o
Lynn & Cora E. (Harrington) Chase. w/o Ernest A. Christoferson. (Gertrude
was m. 1st to James P. Phillips).

Christoferson, Ralph Ellis "Bud". b. Oct. 20, 1912. d. Dec. 27, 1975. s/o
Ernest A. & Gertrude (Chase) Christoferson. w/ Halcyon Mildred "Holly"
Bowen. U.S. Army WW II.

Christoferson, Halcyon Mildred "Holly" Bowen. b. Jan. 26, 1919. d. Nov. 3,
1987. Age 68. d/o ____________& Lydia (Wells) Bowen. w/o Ralph Ellis "Bud"

Christy, W. Charles. b. 1889 Pittsburgh, Pa. d. Oct. 2, 1951. Age 62/2/4.
Buried Oct. 5, 1951, Lot 50, Section 10, Grave 3. w/ Blcnche M. Schow. Same
stone (Christy & Johnson).

Christy, Blanche M. (Schow). b. 1896. d. Apr. 17. 1982. d/o Peter A. & Mary
(Mason) Schow. w/o W. Charles Christy. Same stone (Christy & Johnson).

Clark, Cynthia (MOON). w/o Caleb William Clark. b. 1775. d. 1859
and is Mother to Arvin Clark, (dau of Benoni Moon 1755-1810 and Lois Warren.
Brother is the Augustus Moon of Chaut. Co also).

Clark, Arvin. b. Nov. 11, 1799. d. Jan. 24, 1864. 1st wife, Jecheliah
VanZandt. 2nd wife of Arvin Clark, Betsey, b. 1789 d. 1869.

Clark, Jecheliah (VanZandt). b. June 14, 1803. d. Dec. 25, 1828. 1st w/o
Arvin Clark.

Clark, Carey. b. Rhode Island Jan. 28, 1765-68. d. Ellicott Dec. 10, 1857.
Age 91/11/0. 1st w/ Dorcas Moon. Dorcas d. 1810 and was buried "East". 2nd
w/ Ruth Baltrum.

Clark, Ruth (Baltrum). b. Jan. 13, 1756. d. Aug. 24, 1845. w/o Carey Clark.

Clark, Warren. b. Apr. 11, 1804 in Vt. d. Nov. 10. 1877. s/o Carey & Dorcas
(Moon) Clark. w/ Sibyl Corey.

Clark, Sibyl (Corey). b. Mar. 24, 1791. d. Nov. 23, 1878. w/o Warren Clark.

Clark, Truman. b. Oct. 21, 1830. d. Jan. 29, 1833. Age 2/3/2. s/o Warren &
Sibyl (Corey) Clark.

Clark, Warren M. b. 1825. d. 1897. m. his cousin Minerva Clark. s/o Caleb

Clark, Minerva (Clark). b. 1826. d. 1869. w/o Warren M. Clark. d/o Warren &
Sibyl (Corey) Clark.

Clark, Emma D. b. 1858. d. 188l. d/o Warren M. & Minerva (Clark) Clark.
Clark, Elliott C. 1851 - 1861. s/o Warren M. & Minerva (Clark) Clark.
Clark, Orrello F. 1856 - 1861. s/o Warren M. & Minerva (Clark) Clark.
Clark, Albert J. b. Feb. 10, 1844. d. 1893. w/ Kate E. Moon.
Clark, Kate E. (Moon) b. Sept 16, 1848. d. 1941.

Clark, W. Herbert. b. 1887. d. 1941. A.E.F. France. s/o Albert J. & Kate E.
(Moon) Clark.

Clark, Dora M. b. July 25, 1866. d. Jan. 10, 1885. d/o Albert J. & Kate E.
(Moon) Clark.

Clark, Lewis H. 1872 - 1906. s/o Albert J. & Kate E. (Moon) Clark.

Clark John O. b. June 6, 1870 Chautauqua County, NY. d. Oct. 13, 1841. Age
71/4/7. Buried Oct. 15, 1941, in alley between Lots 241-243, Section East.
s/o Albert J. & Kate E. (Moon) Clark. m. ?.

Clark, Minnie. b. June 24, 1874 Town of Ellicott. d. Oct. 31, 1963. Age 89.
d/o Albert J. & Kate E. (Moon) Clark. Minnie m. 1st _____Blackmon. Minnie
m. 2nd. Harvey Johnson.

Clark, Frank L. b. Sept. 13, 1871. d. ? s/o Albert J. & Kate E. (Moon)

Clark, Ida R. b. Jan 25, 1879 d. ? d/o Albert J. & Kate E. (Moon) Clark. m.
Roy Driscoll.

Clark, Forest. b. 1859. d. 1921. w/ Mary Hanley.
Clark Mary (Hanley). b. 1842. d. 1908. w/o Forest Clark.

Clark, Charles Wesley. b. Oct. 19, 1837. d. 1923. s/o Warren & Sibyl (Corey)
Clark. Warren s/o Carey & Dorcas (Moon) Clark. w/ Martha L. Putnam.

Clark, Martha L. (Putnam). b. May 17, 1837. d. 1914. d/o Rev. Oren B. &
Alvira (Scofield) Putnam. w/o Charles Wesley Clark.

Clark, DeForest. b. 1859. d. 1912. s/o Charles Wesley & Martha L. (Putnam)
Clark. w/ Mary Lauffanburg.

Clark, Mary (Lauffanburg). b. 1862. d. 1908. w/o DeForest Clark.

Clark, Minnie M. 1871 - 1924. d/o Charles Wesley & Martha L. (Putnam) Clark.
w/o David Green.

Clark, Carey B. b. Jan 6, 1799, Wallingford, VT. d. Sept. 8, 1866. Age
67/8/2. s/o Carey & Dorcas (Moon) Clark. w/ Jerusha.

Clark, Jerusha. b. ? d. Nov. 11, 1866. Age 61/7/18. w/o Darey B. Clark.

Clark, Carey Darius. b. 1833 d. 1899. w/ Laura H. Cole.

Clark, Laura H. (COLE). b. 1850 d. 1923. w/o Carey Darius Clark. (Laura m.
2nd John Cothrell).

Clark, Zillah E. (Hankin). b. 1839. d. 1878. w/o Carey Darius Clark.

Clark, Carey. b. Oct,27, 1832. d. Aug. 12, 1904. m. 1st his cousin Phoebe
Clark. m. 2nd Emma Ferguson.

Clark, Phoebe (Clark). 1st w/ Carey Clark also his cousin.

Clark, Emma (Ferguson). 2nd w/o Carey Clark. b. May 22, 1852. d. Feb. 5,
1948. Age 95. d/o Amos John & Mahala (Clark) Ferguson.

Clark, Ursula. b. Feb. 25, 1825. d. Apr. 14, 1898. d/o Carey & Emma
(Ferguson) Clark.

Clark, Melville F. b. May 5, 1881 Fluvanna, NY, Town of Ellery. d. July 29,
1952, at his home on Fluvanna Townline Road. Age 71/2/24. Buried on Aug. 1,
1952, Lot 2, Section 12, Grave 4. s/o Cary & Emma (Ferguson) Clark. w/
Lilliam M. Melville F. Clark spent his early life on the Townline Road,
Fluvanna, as a farmer, before moving to Ivory where he was owner and
operator of the Ivory Grocery Store for ll years.

Clark, Lillian M. b. 1811. d. 19__. w/o Melville F. Clark.

Clark, Florence. b. Warren, Pa. d. June 2, 1939. Age 37/6/6. Buried Jan. 6,

Clark, Clarence Cyrus. d. Feb. 1, 1935. Age 40/2/28 inhalation of natural
gas. Buried Feb. 4, 1935. Single.

Clark, George F. b. Jamestown, NY. d. July 4, 1935 heart disease. Age
71/5/24. Buried July 8, 1935. s/o Carey Darius & Laura M. (Cole) Clark.

Clark, Gilbert Riley. d. May, 1934. Buried May 29, 1934, Lot 295, Section
Old. s/o Carey Darius & Laura H. (Cole) Clark. Place of his last residence
was 5 West 16th Street, Jamestown, NY.
Clauson, Arthur E. b. Aug. 4, 1917. d. Dec. 5, 1991. Age 74. s/o John &
Selma (Eliason) Clauson. w/ Audrey Lucille Swanson. WW II Sgt. US Army Air
Corps 649th Signal Corp.

Clauson, Joyce April. b. Apr. 28, 1947 Jamestown, NY. d. Apr. 30, 1947. Age
2 days. Buried May 1, 1950, Lot 18, Section 10. d/o Arthur E. & Audrey
Lucille (Swanson) Clauson. BABY

Close, Keith E. b. Nov. 12, 1918 Dunkirk, NY. d. May 19, 1999. Age 80. 1st
w/ Margaret Bradin. (Margaret m. 2nd James Canon of Elmhurst). 2nd w/ Betty
Hosier. Age 80. s/o Michael and Evelyn (O'Rourke) Close. Pfc. US Army WW
II. Purple Heart.

Close, Betty J. (Hosier). w/o Keith E. Close.

Close, Keith Charles. b. May 18, 1947. d. Feb. 22, 1976. Age 28. s/o Keith
E. & Margaret (Bradin) Close. To Live in hearts we leave behind is not to

Cobb, Frank W. Sr. 1912 - 1966. w/ Margaret H.
Cobb, Margaret H. b. 1926. d. ?. w/o Frank W. Cobb Sr.

Cobb, Marshall W. b. Feb. 22, 1915 Ashville. d. Apr. 17, 1993 Hamot Medical
Center, Erie, Pa. Age 78. s/o Ray & Nellie (Rush) Cobb. w/ Myrtle I. Hamer.

Cobb, Myrtle I. (Hamer) b. 1915. d. ?. w/o Marshall W. Cobb.

Colacicchi, Maria. D. 1885 - 1929. She lived with the Loffredos.

Colander. Theodore W. b. Dec. 11, 1864 Sweden. d. Nov. 27, 1949 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 84/11/16. Buried Nov. 29, 1949, Lot 263,
Section East. w/ Anna Gustafson.

Colander, Anna (Gustafson). b. Oct. 1873 Sweden. d. Apr. 5, 1946 at her home
on Fluvanna-Townline Road. Age. 72/5/17. Buried Apr. 8, 1946. w/o Theodore
W. Colander.

Colander, Ernest. 1901 - 1911. s/o Theodore W. & Anna (Gustafson) Colander.

Colander, Warner Eric. b. Aug. 18, 1936. d. Aug. 18, 1936. s/o Oscar V. &
Vivian (Vanstrom) Colander. Grandson of Theodore & Anna (Gustafson)

Colby, Mary Ann (Cowden). b. 1897. d. June, 1941. d/o Charles & Effie
(Newville) Cowden. w/ Martin Colby, Sr.

Colby, Martin Sr. b. Feb. 3, 1894. d. Nov. 16, 1968. Age 74. He is buried in
Anaheim, Calif. He was a steamboat pilot on Chautauqua Lake and lived in
Greenhurst for many years. w/ Mary Ann Cowden.

Colby, Martin Edwin, Jr. b. 1920. d. Aug. 16, 1945 in Long Beach,
California. He fell from a roof during V-J day celebration and died of a
fracctured skull without regaining consciousness. Remains received and
buried Oct. 13, 1945 in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Martin & Mary Ann (Cowden)
Colby. He was formerly of Greenhurst, NY.

Colby, May Violet ( ). b. Ellery. d. Apr. 24, 1941. Age 43/6/9. Disease
of the lungs. Buried Apr. 27, 1941. Last residence was the State Farm
Hospital, Olean, NY. At time of her death she was married.

Conden, John. 1817 - 1896. w/ Joanne. Brother of Michael Conden.
Conden, Joanna. 1821 - 1897. w/o John Conden. Their daughter, Hannah Conden
married Merritt Simmons. Mr. and Mrs. Conden are buried on Lot 35 in
Fluvanna Cemetery, which is owned by Merritt Simmons.

Conden, Michael. b. ?. d. Jan. 23, 1884 at County Home at Dewittville.
Brother of John Conden.

Cone, Edward, b. 1859. d. Apr. 19, 1863. Age 4 yrs., 5 days. s/o James G. &
Emily (Griffith) Cone.

Cone, John "Johnnie". b. 1864. d. Sept. 15, 1868. s/o James G. & Emily
(Griffith) Cone.

Conklin, Arlene E. b. 1915. d. Sept. 21, 1982. w/o Robert F. Conklin.
Conklin, Robert F. b. 1909. d. Jan. 19, 1985. w/ Arlene E.

Cook, Earl. b. Oct. 20, 1892 Ross Mills, NY. d. Oct. 4, 1951. Age 58/11/14.
Buried Oct. 7, 1951, Lot Alley N. 46. Section East. m. Nov. 25, 1925 Maude
A. Hooper.

Cook, Maude A. (Hooper). b. Jan. 7, 1894 Town of Ellery. d. June 29, 1989
Hultquist Infirmary, formerly of 123 Weeks St., Jamestown, NY. Age 95. d/o
Fred & Ida Belle (Haskins) Hooper. w/o Earl Cook. She was preceded in death
by four sisters and six brothers.

Cook, Cecil K. 1915 - 1989.
Cook, Merrille E. b. Mar. 3, 1913. d. Sept. 29, 1992. U.S. Army WW II.

Cook, Joseph. b. May 27, 1782. d. Aug. 22, 1867. w/ Sally Ann Simmons.
Resided at Fluvanna - later at Dexterville.

Cook, Sally Ann (Simmons). b. Jan. 15, 1802 Rensselaer Co., N.Y. d. Sept.
30, 1878. Age 76. d/o Jonas & Elsie (Strunk) Simmons. w/o Joseph Cook.

Coon, Terry Gane. b. Aug. 21,1951. d. July 17, 1985. Excelled At Everything
She Did With Beauty And Grace.

Coons, David B. 1932 - 1933.

Coons, Robert Fuller. d. Nov. 28, 1952 of a fractured depressed skull. Age
22. Buried Dec. 8, 1952. His last place of residence was 86th Pine Street,
Tacoma, Washington. His remains were shipped from Washington to Fluvanna

Corbeth, Mrs. Ida. (last residence was Machcias, NY) d. Mar. 1934. Buried
Mar. 31, 1934.

Corcoran, Delbert P. 1911 ?. Weighed 16 lbs at birth. w/ Linnea Forsmark.

Corcoran, Linnea (Forsmark). b. 1917 in Kiruna, Sweden. d. ?. d/o Albert &
Emmy K. (Lundgren) Forsmark. w/o Delbert P. Corcoran.

Cornell, Edna (LeLonde). b. June 20, 1917 Buffalo, NY. d. April 11, 1986.
Age 68. d/o Lewis E. & Elsie P. (Reed) LaLonde. w/o Robert H. Cornell.

Cornell, Robert H. 1917 - ?. w/ Edna LeLonde.

Corke, Fred T. 1866 - 1930. W/ Anna L.

Corke, Anna L. b. 1870 in Buffalo, NY. d. June 28, 1936. Age 63/10/15. w/o
Fred T. Corke

Costello, Michael "Edward". b. Oct. 26, 1872. d. Nov. 25, 1934 at home of
son on Townline Road. Buried Nov. 27, 1934. w/ Lottie Grace Lawton.

Costello, Lottie Grace (Lawton). ?? - ??. probably buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. d/o Fabius H. & Amanda (Rappole) Lawton. w/o Michael "Edward"

Costello, Dale C. b. June 19, 1940 Ellery. d. Nov. 9, 1975. Age 35. s/o F.
Edward & Merna (Chambers) Costello. w/ Patricia Papageorge. American

Costello, Patricia (Papageorge). b. 1945. d. ?. PEACE

Costello, F. Edward. b. Mar. 9, 1902 Bemus Point, NY. d. July 18, 1994. Age
92. s/o Michael "Edward" & Lottie Grace (Lawton) Costello. w/ Merna F.

Costello, Merna F. (Chambers). b. Nov. 21, 1909 Town of Ellery. d. Dec. 11,
1972. Age 63. d/o Robert & Nellie (Near) Chambers. w/o F. Edward Costello.

Costello, Bonnie Sharon. b. and d. Mar. 14, 1945 WCA Hospital, Jamestown,
NY. Age 2 hours. Premature birth. Buried Mar. 15, 1945. d/o
F. Edward & Merna F. (Chambers) Costello.

Costello, Marilyn Marie. b. Feb. 28, 1954 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. d.
Feb. 28, 1954 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, Age 14 hours. Premature. Buried on
Mar. 2, 1954 in Fluvanna Cemetery, Lot 181, Section East, Grave 4. d/o
Ronald E. & Marilyn (Whiting) Costello. Ronald s/o F. Edward & Merna F.
(Chambers) Costello. Merna d/o Robert & Nellie (Near) Chambers.

Coules, Anna. 1935 - 1995. w/o John Coules.
Coules, John, 1932 - ?. w/ Anna.

Cowden, Ephraim. b. 1824 Ellicott. d. Jan. 30, 1888 Ellery. Age 63. s/o
Jeremiah & Sylvia Cowden. w/ Mary Ann Hapgood. A shoemaker - cobbler -
farmer in Ellery.

Cowden, Mary Ann (Hapgood) b. 1834. d. Mar. 18, 1921 at her home on Alburtus
Street in Bemus Point. d/o Joel & Susan (Harrington) Hapgood. w/o Ephraim

Cowden, Grant. b. Nov. 14, 1864 Ellery. d. Sept. 23, 1945. Age 80/10/9.
Buried on Sept. 25, 1945. s/o Ephriam & Mary Ann (Hapgood) Cowden. Never
Married. Obit, dated Sept. 24, 1945. Grant Cowden, well known resident of
Bemus Point, died at the WCA Hospital in Jamestown Sunday afternoon after a
short illness. He is survived by two brothers and several nephews and
nieces. He was a member of Bemus Point Lodge IOOF. A merchant in a general
store in the Town of Ellery. Burial will be in the family lot at Fluvanna

Cowden, Charles George. b. 1868 Ellery. d. Nov. 4, 1940 at home of his son,
Glenn Cowden of Jamestown. Age 72/7/20. Buried Nov. 7, 1940, Lot 273,
Section West. s/o Ephriam & Mary Ann (Hapgood) Cowden. w/ Effie Newville.
(Effie m. 2nd ________Homer.

Cowden, Rosina (Klock). d. Aug. 22, 1866. Age 41/9/22. w/o Orson W. Cowden.

Cowden, William M. b. Feb. 15, 1819. d. ?. w/ Amelia A. Brown.

Cowden, Amelia (Brown) b. ?. d. Apr. 19, 1870. Age 48-4-9. w/o William M.

Cowden, DeForest. b. 1870. d. Mar. 13, 1950 at residence of daughter at
Clearfield, Pa. Age 70 years. Buried on Lot 12 1/2, Section Tree, Grave 1.
s/o Ephriam & Mary Ann (Hapgood) Cowden. m. Apr. 2, 1903 Cora A. McNall. PJ
Mar. 4, 1950. Bemus Point, DeForest Cowden, 79, a former resident of this
village, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Earl Brown of Clearfield,
Pa., Monday. A resident of Bemus Point most of his lifetime, Mr. Cowden was
spending the winter months with his daughter. Surviving are his daughter and
two grandsons, Robert and Allen Brown of Clearfield, and a brother Mark
Cowden of Warren. The remains will arrive Wednesday at the Haskins and Evans
Funeral Home in Bemus Point for funeral services and burial in Fluvanna

Cowden, Cora A. (McNall). b. June 21, 1866 Charlotte Center, NY. d. June 12,
1948 at Clearfield Hospital, Clearfield, Pa. Age 67/10/4. Buried June 15,
1948, Lot 121, Section Tree. PJ June 14, 1948. Mrs. Cora A. Cowden, 67, wife
of DeForest Cowden of Bemus Point, died at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at the
Clearfield Memorial Hospital, Clearfield, Pa. She was a member of the Bemus
Point Study Club. Also surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Earl Brown,
Clearfield; two grandsons; and a brother Eugene W. McNall, Titusville, Pa.
The remains are at the Haskins and Evans Funeral Home, Bemus Point, where
funeral services will be held. Burial will be in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Crick, Robert. b. Jan. 25, 1818 in England. d. in Great Valley, NY. Age. 79.
NOT buried in Fluvanna. Buried in Great Valley, NY. s/o Jonathan Elijah
Crick. m. 1st Abigail L. Christening. m. 2nd. Susan. m. 3rd, Jane.

Crick, Abigail L. (Christening). b. 1819 Ellery. d. July 12, 1870 in Great
Valley, NY. Age 54/4/26. w/o Robert Crick.

Crick, Jonathan Elijah. b. Feb. 13, 1790 South Lopham, Norfolk, England. d.
Apr. 12, 1872. Age 82/1/28. 1st w/ Ann Boar. 2nd w/ Sarah Jane Brunson.
Jonathan Crick, wife and daughter Ann came to America in spring of 1830.

Crick, Ann (Boar) b. Aug. 11, 1792 South Lopham, Norfold, England. d. ?. w/o
Jonathan Elijah Crick.

Crick, William. b. Oct 9, 1825 South Lopham, England. d. and buried in
Manistee, Mich. s/o Jonathan Elijah & Ann Crick. m. 1st Margaret P.
Vanastine. m. 2nd. Prudence Carpenter. Mr. Crick went to Manistee, Mich.

Crick, Margaret (Vanastine) b. 1829. d. Aug. 21, 1857. Age 28/8/4. 1st w/o
William Crick.

Crick, Prudence (Carpenter). b. Sept. 10, 1826 Town of Ellery. d. Mar. 28,
1875 Town of Ellicott. d/o Oliver & Cynthia (Brownell) Carpenter. 2nd w/o
William Crick.

Crick, Maryette or Margaret. b. Feb. 24, 1865. d. Dec. 30, 1868. Age 3/10/4.
d/o William & Prudence (Carpenter) Crick.

(There are other children of this William buried here, probably not
marked; with both wives.) (Other children of Wm. & Prudence were: Lucinda
Jane Crick. b. 1861. d. and buried Manistee, Mich. She m. Will Parker of
Manistee: Phoebe Loret Crick. b. Dec. 31, 1862. d. Apr. 7, 1922 Manistee,
Mich. Her 1st marriage was to William H. Morse; Levi B. Crick. b. Sept 12,
1866. d. Mar. 26, 1868.)

Cross, Ray Walter. b. 1884 Town of Charlotte. b. Apr. 22 1940. Age 56/3/10.
Buried on Apr. 25, 1940. w/ Hattie Ellen Wetsell. At the time of his death
he lived at Sinclairville, NY. Town of Charlotte.

Cross, Hattie Ellen (Wetsell). b. Apr. 22, 1890 in Jamestown. d. June, 1955.
Age 65. d/o James Alexander & Flora E. (Dickerson) Wetsell. Had brother
Harry Wetsell.

Cross, Earl Raymond. b. Apr. 20, 1917. d. Dec. 28, 1918. s/o Walter & Hattie
Ellen (Wetsell) Cross.

Crossman, Julia . . 1862

Crossman, Minervia (Griffith) b. Nov. 4, 1834. d. July 12, 1855 Ellery. Age
21/8/8/ d/o Seth (3) Griffith; Jeremiah (2) Griffith; Seth (1) Griffith. w/o
Edward Crossman.

Crossman, Minnie . . 1865

Csorba, Mary. 1902 - 1987.

Culver, Smith L. b. 1848. d. 1918. Age 72/3/15. s/o Richard Beri & Lucy
(Haskins) Culver. m. 1st. Kate Acum. m. 2nd. Georgiana Victoria Griffith.
(She m. 1st to Douglas Clark). Georgiana buried in Corry Cemetery.

Culver, Nellie E. 1879 - 1916.

Curtis, Eben. b. Apr. 22, 1794. d. Feb.2, 1837.

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SOURCE: Compiled and digitized by Dolores Davidson, 2001.
Data from many sources, including the old records of Minnie Cohen transcribed in1932 and from the Enchanted Mountains Genealogy Cemetery site, compiled by EMGS Member James J. Emborsky with permission of the President, Mary Bryant, in a shared database old obits and bios newspaper clippings etc. and current obituaries and the records of Loraine Smith, and by family data; and all data corrected and edited by Loraine Smith, Town of Ellery Historian; according to her records.

UPDATED: THANKS to Roger Lundell, Treasurer of the Fluvanna Cemetery Assoc, who gave us access to the oldest books of burials of the Fluvanna Cemetery.