Located behind the old Fluvanna Church, on the curve,
now called The Fluvanna Church Youth Center,
on Route 430, Town of Ellicott, Fluvanna,
Chautauqua County, NY.

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Burials updated to June 2001.
A daunting task;
This cemetery at one time was in tiers and at some point in time, the stones were all removed and the land plowed flat, so this does make for a lot chance for error; the old records we had online were found to have many errors and we hope this new record will help you find your kinfolk. There also were removals from other cemeteries buried here. As with any old data, this material to be used only as a guide and is certain to still have mistakes. This is a very large file so be sure to use your EDIT / SEARCH feature and all surnames will also show in the search engine on the main GenWeb page, As with any family, a lot of names are all mixed together.
Taylor, George N. d. Nov. 15, 1887. Age 25/5/15. m. June 11, 1885 Etta M.
Taylor, Etta M. (Near) ?? - ??. d/o Charles D. & Electa (Rice) Near. w/o
George N. Taylor.

Terry, Jennie (Johnson). 1875 - 1897. w/o Roy J. Terry.

Thompson, Clarence W. b. 1865. d. Aug. 23, 1924 Jamestown, Age 59/11/14. s/o
W. Thompson of Akely, Pa. m. Sept. 27, 1893 at home of bride's parents in
Ellery, Ida May Hollenbeck.

Thompson, Ida May (Hollenbeck). b. Feb. 8, 1867 Ellery. d. June 1951. d/o
Silas & Lydia M. (Rhodes) Hollenbeck.

Thompson, Ann (Crick). b. Nov. 4, 1811 in South Lopham, England. d. Jan. 20,
1881 as a result of a fall. Age 62/9/15. d/o Jonathan Elijah & Ann crick.
Came to America with parents in spring of 1830. Ann m. 1st Aug. 17, 1831
Isaac O. Griffin. Ann was survived by 5 daughters and l son. w/o V.R.

Thompson, Roger N. 1925
Thompson, Treva E. 1930

Thorstenson, Thorsten E. 1900 - 1997. m. Sept. 1, 1927 Greta L. Broman.
Thorstenson, Greta L. (Broman). b. July 7, 1907 Vastervik, Sweden. d. Mar.
27, 1994 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 86. d/o Anders Gustaf & Hannah
(Chindstrom) Broman. w/o Thorsten E. Thorstenson. She is survived by a
sister, Esther M. Anderson of Vastervik, Sweden. Preceded in death by
sisters: Gunhild Alm and Marta Gynnerfelt.

owner lot 117 Ephraim H, Tracy
Alletta SIMMONS d 1902 age 4
Myrtle Simmons, d 1906 age 5

Travers, James E. 1900 - 1999.
Travers, Mildred M. 1915 - 1984.
Travers, William J. 1933 - 1990.

Truitt, David B. b. Dec. 29, 1924 Philadelphia. d. Mar. 3, 1998 Hamot
Medical Center, Erie, Pa. Age 73. s/o David R. & Martha H. (Schow) Truitt.
m. Sept. 1, 1950 Ann Pierson. David R. s/o Leon Truitt. Martha d/o Peter A.
& Mary (Mason) Schow. David B. a 1942 graduate of the former Lakewood High
School and Cornell University. Was a veteran of WW II serving in the US Army
with the 721st Engineers. Prior to retirement in 1988 was employed as a
supervisor by the Jamestown and Chautauqua County Sociual Service
Departments. Was a member of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, War Vets
Recreation and was a member of Fluvanna volunteer Fire Department. Survived
by a half sister, June Truitt Weinstein of Haddonfield, NY.

Truitt, Ann (Pierson). 1929 - ??. w/o David B. Truitt.

Truitt, Martha S. 1888 - 1871.

Turner, Dea. Rinus Dickenson. b. June 8, 1808. d. Feb. 28, 1878. s/o William
& Sarah (Graham) Turner. m. 1sr Diana Winchester. m. 2nd. Oct. 3, 1877 in
Busti, NY, Mrs. Mehitable Smiley.

Turner, Diana (Winchester) b. Sept. 9, 1804. d. May 3, 1855 (1877 in
Cemetery Book. w/o Dea. Rinus Dickenson Turner.

Turner,Mehitable ( ) Smiley. Buried in Fluvanna Aug. 12, 1880.
w/o Dea. Rinus Dickenson Turner.

Turner, Augustus. b. Dec. 26, 1826. d. Feb. 9, 1855. s/o Dea. Rinus
Dickenson & Diana (Winchester) Turner.

Turner, Clark. b. Feb. 7, 1828. d. May 26, 1863, s/o Dea, Rinus Dickenson &
Diana (Winchester) Turner.

Turner, Melissa. b. Aug. 24, 1832. d. Nov. 10, 1834. d/o Dea. Rinus
Dickenson & Diana (Winchester) Turner.

Turner, Malvina. b. Oct. 11, 1830. d. Feb. 15, 1869. d/o Rinus Dickenson &
Diana (Winchester) Turner.

Turner, John Cornelius. b. Jan. 14, 1834. d. ??. s/o Dea. Rinus Dickenson &
Diana (Winchester) Turner. w/ Viola C. Wood.

Turner, Fernando G. b. Sept. 11, 1839. d. ??. s/o Dea. Rinus Dickenson &
Diana (Winchester) Turner.

Turner, George M. b. Feb. 13, 1859 West Oak Hill. d. May, 1944. Age 85. s/o
John & Elizabeth (Ward) Turner. Survived by a brother, Francis Turner. A
retired farmer. w/ Lionia.

Turner, Lionia. d. June 1943. Probably buried in Fluvanna. w/o George M.

Unknown Hallberg. ?? ? ? ? . WW II

Unknown, Charles H. 1868 1948 . Could be on the Phillips Lot A

Unknown, Emma L. 1867 1941 . Could be on the Phillips Lot A

Unknown, Lawrence A. 1877 1962 . Could be on the Phillips Lot A

Vandenberg, Ruby L. 1895 1984. SISTER.

Vanderwark, John. Owner of lot 83. b. Apr. 10, 1810. d. July 9, 1876. s/o
John & Magdalene (Pickard) Vanderwark. w/ Elizabeth "Betsey" Johnson. John
had a horseback mail route from Jamestown and Mayville and Fluvanna to

Vanderwark, Elizabeth "Betsey" (Johnson). b. June 16, 1811. d. July 26,
1892. Age 81. w/o John Vanderwark.

Vanderwark, Oliver. b. June 26, 1842. d. July 20, 1865. s/o John & Elizabeth
"Betsey" (Johnson) Vanderwark. Sergeant Major 9th NY Cavalry. Killed on the
cars on the way home. Civil War.

Vanderwark, Mary. b. July 9, 1848. d. Jan. 9, 1849. d/o John & Elizabeth
"Betsey" (Johnson) Vanderwark.

Vanderwark, James. Owner of Lot 86. b. Aug. 11, 1818 in Ellery, NY. d. Jan.
9, 1894. s/o John & Magdalene (Pickard) Vanderwark. m. Dec. 21, 1843
Priscilla Ann Lee of Ellery. James a farmer and dairyman.

Vanderwark, Priscilla Ann (Lee). b. Jan./Nov. 3, 1821. d. Mar. 20, 1880. Age
58. w/o James Vanderwark.

Vanderwark, Emma Delilah. b. Oct. 15, 1857 Ellery, NY. d. June 10, 1933
Allendale, NY. d/o James & Priscilla Ann (Lee) Vanderwark. w/o Albert Chapin
Jones. Both buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Vanderwark, James Birney. b. Mar. 21, 1845. d. June 6, 1859. Age 14. s/o
James & Priscilla Ann (Lee) Vanderwark.

Vanderwark, George W. b. Mar. 13, 1850. d. Oct. 13, 1904.

Vandewark, Adam. d. May 22, 1854. Age 71. w/ Catharine.

Vanderwark, Catherine. b. Dec. 28, 1783. d. Dec. 24, 1871. Age 87/11/26.
w/o Adam Vanderwark.

Vanderwark, John C. b. July 5, 1815. d. Jan. 18, 1878. Age 62/6/13.
His two wives were: Jane Putnam and Catharine Strunk.

Vandewark, Jane (Putnam). d. Dec. 15, 1881. Age 63. d/o Ephram & Phoebe
(Wilmart) Putnam. w/o John C. Vanderwark.

Vanderwark, Catherine (Strunk). Catherine m. 1st to Benjamin Lee Jr. b. Apr.
25, 1799 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Apr. 14, 1863 Ellery, NY. d/o Jacob &
Elizabeth (Dator) Strunk. w/o John C. Vanderwark.

Vanderwark, Benjamin. b. Aug. 17, 1828 Ellery, NY. d. Jan. 8, 1835. Age
6/5/3. s/o John C. Vanderwark.

Vanderwark, Catherine. b. Jan. 9, 1832. d. Jan. 13, 1835. d/o John C.

Vanderwark, Polly. b. Dec. 20, 1834. d. Feb. 2, 1835. d/o John C.

Vanderwark, Martin. b. July 18, 1840. d. age 1 month, 12 days.

VanDusen, Genevieve L. b. Aug. 30, 1913. d. Mar. 23, 1992. d/o Harry & Dora

Veiley, Ethel M. 1901 - 1968.
Veiley, Merton L. b. June 22, 1897 Jamestown, NY. d. Mar. 27, 1990 in the
home of LeRoy Brown, Maple Springs-Ellery Center Road, Bemus Point, NY. Age
92. He had lived for the past nine years with the Brown family. He had
been a railway postal cleck for Erie-Lackawanna Railroad, retiring in 1963.
During World War II, he served in the U.S. Navy from Oct. 1942 to May 1945.
He was a member of Ira Lou Spring Post American Legion. Obit. Post Journal

Vella, Lisa Rae. 1963 - 1979. DAUGHTER

Verrett, Emily Louise. b. Jan. 23, 1991. d. Feb. 23, 1992. Age 13 months.
d/o Lisa Verrett.

Vetter, Gustavus. owner of lot 16 in old section. b. 1844. d. 1918. w/ Mary
Jane Rhodes. Civil War.

Vetter, Mary Jane (Rhodes). b. 1846. d. June 1933 while visiting her
daughter, Agnes. w/o Gustavus Vetter.

(Children of Gustavus and Mary Jane (Rhodes) Vetter included: Agnes May who
married Charles Gustavus Cederquist; Willie; and Nellie G.).

Vetter, William "Willie". b. Jan. 27, 1887. d. Mar. 3, 1887. s/o Gustavus &
Mary Jane (Rhodes) Vetter.

Vetter, Nellie G. b. 1881. d. July 10, 1981. Age 100. d/o Gustavus & Mary
Jane (Rhodes) Vetter. She lived at 18 Bassett St. in Jamestown, NY.

Voelker, Leo P. 1899 - 1977. w/ Eva M.
Voelker, Eva M. 1898 - 1983. w/o Leo P. Voelker.

Vogt, Robert. ?? - ??. w/ Annie M. Sames.
Vogt, Annie M. (Sames). b. May 9, 1908 Smithville, Ontario, Canada. d. Feb.
9, 1993 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 84. d/o Jacob & Millie (Lacey)

Waggoner, George "Nelson". Owner of Lot 9 in old section. w/ Florence
Victoria Ferguson.

Waggoner, Florence Victoria (Ferguson). b. ca. 1850 Town of Ellicott. d.
Feb. 14, 1937. Age 87. w/o George Nelson Waggoner.

Waggoner, Elora. d. 1892.
Infant J. R. Longstreet. d. 1890.

Wahl, Nora A. 1889 - 1951. MOTHER.

Wahlgren, Arthur E. b. Sept. 10, 1885 Randolph, NY. d. Dec. 22, 1963 at the
Hope Haven Nursing Home. Age 78. s/o Claus & "Caroline Lina" (Johnson)
Wahlgren. m. Nov. 1, 1919 Martha Peterson of East Jamestown. Arthur was a
dairy farmer and a member of Union Grange. He had a twin sister, Miss Nell
Wahlgren and three other sisters, Mrs. Gust Pihlblad (Florence), Mrs. Harry
Anderson (Ruby), and Mrs. Kenneth Seymour (Arlene).

Wahlgren, Martha (Peterson). 1894 - 1973. w/o Arthur E. Wahlgren.

Wahlgren, Brian D. PFC. b. June 23, 1942. d. Jan. 2, 1966. s/o Edward W. &
Kathryn Lucille (Cederquist) Wahlgren. Edward s/o Arthur & Martha (Peterson)
Wahlgren. Arthur s/o Claus & Caroline "Lina" (Johnson) Wahlgren. Claus s/o
Joseph Wahlgren from Sweden. US ARMY

Wahlgren, Claus. b. Sept. 14, 1855 Sweden. Oct. 4, 1935 at his home. Age
80/0/18. s/o Joseph Wahlgren of Sweden. m. Sept. 15, 18__ Caroline "Lina"
Johnson. Claus came to America in 1895.

Wahlgren, Caroline "Lina" (Johnson). b. Jan. 24, 1855 Sweden. d. May 1, 1914
Town of Ellery. Age 59/3/6. d/o Johan & Louise (Peterson) Johnson. w/o Claus

Wahlgren, Edward W. b. Aug. 13, 1922 Jamestown, NY. d. June 9, 1991 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 68. s/o Arthur & Martha (Peterson) Wahlgren.
Arthur s/o Claus & Caroline Wahlgren. Claus s/o Joseph Wahlgren from Sweden.
m. Jan. 16, 1942 Kathryn Lucille Cederquist. Edward was a lifelong area
resident. He was a graduate of Bemus Point Central School, class of 1940.
Was a self-employed farmer and carpenter and a part-time rural letter
carried for the Jamestown Post Office. He was a member of Fluvanna Community
Church. Was preceded in death by a sister Lois LaMar Wahlgren Millward.
(Mrs. Carl Millward).

Wahlgren, Kathryn Lucille (Cederquist). b. Apr. 8, 1923. d. June 23, 1997.
d/o Albert & Carrie (Moon) Cederquist. 1997. w/o Edward W. Wahlgren.

Wahlgren, Walter Carl. b. Dec. 15, 1905 Long Island. d. Oct. 19, 1991. s/o
Charles L. & Ida (Swanson) Wahlgren. m. Nov. 25, 1936 Ida Marie Hallberg.
Owned and operated the Wahlgren Seed Store at South Main St., Jamestown, NY
for 26 years. Retired from the Garden and Home Center in 197l.

Wahlgren, Ida Marie (Hallberg) 1907 - ??. d/o Mala Hallberg. w/o Walter
Carl Wahlgren.

Wahlgren, Nell. b. Sept. 10, 1885. d. 1966. twin of Arthur Wahlgren. d/o
Claus & Caroline "Lina" (Johnson) Wahlgren.

Wahlgren, Ruby E. b. Sept. 5, 1900 Town of Ellery. d. Mar. 29, 1993 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. s/o Claus & Carolina "Lina" (Johnson) Wahlgren. w/o
Harry A. Anderson who died Oct. 2, 1970. Ruby had been employed by Nelson's
Dept. Store and was a confirmand of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Survived
by two nieces, Mary Jane Wilson of Lakewood and Marilyn Seymour of
Jamestown; and two nephews, Gordon Philblad of Syracuse and Gordon Wahlgren
of Williamsville. Preceded in death by three brothers: Leonard, Gordon, and
Arthur Wahlgren and three sisters: Nell Wahlgren, Allene Seymour and
Florence Philblad.

Waid, Merton. ?? - ??. s/o George Edwin & Lula L. (Miller) Waid. w/
Marjorie Driscoll.

Waid, Marjorie (Driscoll). b. Apr. 12, 1902. d. Feb. 7, 1998. w/o Merton

Waid, Baby Roy E. 1937 - 1938. s/o Merton & Marjorie (Driscoll) Waid.

Waite, Floyd. 1932 - 1985. WW II.
Waite, Gloria. 1923 - 1981.

Waldart, Waldert Dorothy M. b. 1841. d. Feb. 24, 1916 in North East, Pa. at
Maple Grove at home of daughter, Mrs. Grant Parker. Age 74/2/6. Louise Meyer
(Mrs. Grant Elmo Parker) was b. 1877 and died Oct. 24, 1934. She is buried
at Fluvanna.

Walker, John M. b. Aug. 17, 1895. d. Feb. 24, 1968. m. Aug. 14, 1919 Elora
Hoard. He and his wife Elora, owned and operated Walker Gardens and
Greenhouses at 1250 N. Main Street, Jamestown, for more than 35 years. SGT.

Walker, Elora (Hoard). b. Apr. 15, 1899 Jamestown, NY. d. Jan. 12, 1999 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 99. d/o Albert Lee & Myrmell (Clark) Hoard.
Albert s/o Jesse N. & Ilona (Whitemore) Hoard. w/o John M. Walker. Elora
and her husband owned and operated Walker Gardens and Greenhouses at 1250 N.
Main Street, Jamestown for more than 35 years. She was preceded in death by
two sisters: LaQueen Trimm and Fern Bauda, and two brothers, Lawrence and
Melville Hoard. MOTHER.

Walkup, Van Ness. b. Nov. 25, 1839. d. Dec. 8, 1926. s/o Marinda (Andrews)
Walkup. m. 1st Dec. 23, 1868 Mary M. Strunk. m. 2nd Mar. 12, 1885 Laura
Lester Bentley of Fluvanna. m. 3rd Sept. 4, 1907 Mrs. Celia Pond. Van Ness
Walkup was First Sergent Co. A. 118th Illinois Regt. Civil War. Engaged in
Oil Field, Bradford.

Walkup Mary M. (Strunk). b. Apr. 1, 1844. d. Oct. 28, 1881. d/o Henry &
Jemima (Ward) Strunk. 1st w/o Van Ness Walkup. While her husband was engaged
in the Oil Field, in Bradford, Pa. she lived with her mother at Fluvanna,

Walkup, Laura Lester (Bentley). b. 1844 in Busti, NY. d. Apr. 11, 1906. Age
62. d/o Alexander & Lavantia M. (Norton) Bentley. 2nd w/o Van Ness Walkup.
Laura had brothers, Gustavus Adolphus Bentley Jr., 1906 of Fluvanna; Sardius
D. Bentley, 1906 a lawyer in Rochester; Uriah Bentley, 1906 of Detroit; and
Charles M. Bentley, 1906 of Fluvanna.

Walkup, Celia ( ). Celia m. 1st to _____ Pond. d. Dec. 8, 1926.

Walkup, Marinda (Andrews). b. Feb. 2, 1807. d. Oct. 1, 1885 Town of
Ellicott. Age 78/6/29. Mirinda m. 1st to ______Walkup. She m. 2nd James

(Children of Marinda (Andrews) and Mr. Walkup included: Mariette Walkup; Van
Ness Walkup; and Charles Walkup).

Walkup, Mariette. b. Mar. 2, 1848. d. Sept. 2, 1921. d/o Mariette (Andrews)
Walkup. m. Albert Griffith. 1844 - 1920. s/o William Bemus & Mary (Dunton)
Griffith. Both Mariette and Albert buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery.

Walkup, Charles. d. 1905. s/o Mariette (Andrews) Walkup. News item 1874.
Charles Walkup of Bemus Point has purchased the Ferry barge and 12 boats of
Mason brothers.

Ward, Caleb T. Owner of lot 146 in Fluvanna Cemetery. b. Oct. 18, 1808
Guilderland, Albany Co., NY. d. Sept. 3, 1855 Town of Carroll, of Typhoid
Fever. m. Apr. 26, 1833 Amy A.

Ward, Amy A. ( ). b. Nov. 2, 1817. d. Oct. 24, 1904. Age 87. w/o Caleb
T. Ward.

Ward, Andrus J. Owner of Lot 147 in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Ward, Ella J. d. Feb 8, 1866 Town of Ellicott of inflammation of the brain
and spine. Age 1/6/5. d/o Aaron & Isabelle (Dillingham) Ward. Buried on Lot
147 in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Ward, Aaron. d. 1903. Age 77. s/o Angeline ( ) Ward. w/ Isabelle
Dillingham. Aaron Ward is in the town of Ellicott, 1880 census;
Aaron WARD Self M M W 55 NY
Occ: Farmer Fa:b NY Mo:b NY
Isabella A. WARD Wife F M W 40 NY
Fa: NY Mo: NY
Emma C. WARD Dau S W 21 NY
Henry A. WARD Son M S W 19 NY
Geo. Edeard WARD Son M S W 17 NY
Almina A. WARD Dau F S W 13 NY
Theodore A. WARD Son M S W 11 NY
Angeline WARD Mother F W Widow AGE 99 NY
Fa: NY Mo: NY

Ward, Isabelle (Dillingham). d. 1903. w/o Aaron Ward.

Ward, Theodore A. b. 1869. d. Jan. 28, 1937 Jamestown General Hospital. Age
67. s/o Aaron & Isabelle (Dillingham) Ward. w/ Addie M. Bitely. Theodore had
been employed for 9 years as an assemblyman at Blackstone Manufacturing Co.
He had a brother G. Edwin Ward.

Ward, Addie M. (Bitely). b. 1875. d. ??. w/o Theodore A. Ward. Probably
buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Ward, Benjamin. Owner of lot 160 in Fluvanna Cemetery. b. Aug. 29, 1806. d.
June 28, 1890. w/ Sarah.
In the 1880 Town of Ellicott Census is Benjamin WARD b ca 1807 NY Wife Sarah
age 73 b ca 1809
Daughter Elizabeth TURNER Dau Widow age 40 NY
Geo M. TURNER Son M S W 21 NY
Francis E. TURNER Son M S W 17 NY

Ward, Sarah ( ). b. Nov. 8, 1809. d. Sept. 6, 1893. w/o Benjamin Ward.

Ward, Andrew I. b. Oct. 18, 1779 Albany Co., NY. d. Apr. 26, 1854 Ellicott.
Age 74. His Wife would have been the Widow ANGELINE age 99 in 1880 census.

Ward, Angeline. Age 99 in 1880 census. w/o Andrew I. Ward. Their son was
Aaron Ward.

Ward, Edward L. b. 1835. d. Jan. 13, 1836. Age 10 months. On lot with Caleb
and Theodore A. Ward.

Ward, Edward. b. Apr. 13, 1836. d. Apr. 14, 1836. Age 1 day. Buried on lots
of Caleb T. and Theodore A. Ward.

Ward, Harriet. d. Dec. 16, 1866. Age 22y.

Ward, Laurence E. b. May 19, 1900 New Richland, Pa. d. Mar. 28, 1980 Brooks
Memorial Hospital, Dunkirk, NY, where he had been a patient since Feb. 28.
Age 79. s/o William & Viola (Childs) Ward. m. 1st Eleanor M. Abbott. m. 2nd
Mrs. Matilda G. Anderson. Laurence had resided in the Town of Stockton for
the past 13 years and was a former resident of Jamestown. Was a member of
the South Stockton Church of God and a member of the Audubon Society. He
retired from the Erie Railroad as an inspector after 41 years of service.

Ward, Eleanor M. (Abbott) b. July 31, 1905 West Salem Township, Pa. d. Sept.
13, 1965 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 60. d/o Grant & Jane (Artman)
Abbott. w/o Laurence E. Ward. Eleanor came to Jamestown from Meadville, Pa.
24 years ago. She was an invalid for many years and was affiliated with the
Bethany Church of God. She was survived by one sister, Mrs. Dorothy Gulley,
and one niece, Mrs. Doris J. Mastin both of Greenville, Pa. She was preceded
in death by three brothers and one sister.

Warn, Leonard. d. 1980. May be buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. m. Mar. 8, 1927
Florence Swanson.

Warn, Florence (Swanson). b. Oct. 14, 1900, Jamestown, NY. d. Mar. 8, 2000
at Heritage Green Health Care Center, Greenhurst, NY. Age 99. d/o Charles &
Mattie (Olson) Swanson. Widow of Leonard Warn. She had lived formerly at 612
Willard Street, Jamestown, NY. Funeral was in Fluvanna.

Warner, James S. Owner of Lot 145 in Fluvanna Cemetery. d. 1888. Age 79.
Buried on Lot 145 in Fluvanna Cemetery. w/ Mrs. James Warner. CIVIL WAR.

Warner, Mrs. James. d. Age 65 of heart problems. Buried on Lot 145 in
Fluvanna Cemetery. w/o James Warner.

Warner, Niles T. b. 1841. d. Dec. 19, 1862. Age 21/10/7.

Warner, Wealthy. d. Dec. 17, 1882. Age 64/11/21.

Warner, William Nelson. d. Dec. 18, 1854. Age 16/3/1.

Some data from the KLOCK Family + old cemetery records.
Warren. Enos. b. Oct. 11, 1801 in Orwell, Rutland Co., Vt. d. Oct. 21, 1881
(book date) at his residence in Ellery, NY. Buried on Lot 4 in old section
of Fluvanna Cemetery. His father was Jabez Warren (Jabez is buried with wife
Hannah Sumner in East Aurora, Erie Co., NY). m. about 1825 Polly Persons of
East Aurora and remained there until 1839 when they came to Ellery. Enos was
postmaster of the Union Ellery post office located in Ellery Center, NY. The
Union Ellery was established Feb. 8, 1826. The funeral of Enos was largely
attended at the Baptist Church in Ellery Center, Oct. 23, 1881.

Warren, Polly (Persons). b. Aug. 24, 1803. d. Mar. 21, 1882 Ellery, NY. Age
78 y 6 m. d/o Uriah Persons. w/o Enos Warren. Both buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery, old section, Lot 4.

(Children of Enos & Polly (Persons) Warren included: Hiram P. Warren who
married Magdalena Klock; Enos A. Warren who married Mary M. Crick; Maria
"Polly" Warren and Betsey B. Warren who married Riley David Wilbur).

Warren, Hiram P. Owner of Lot 21 in Fluvanna Cemetery. b. Aug. 17, 1825 at
East Aurora, NY. d. Apr. 17, 1913 Jamestown, NY, at the home of his son,
Enos Warren. Age 89/7/28. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery on Lot 21. s/o Enos &
Polly (Persons) Warren. Hiram came to Ellery at the age of 19. w/ Magdalene
"Lana" Klock. Hiram ssurvived by son Enos and niece Mrs. Dwight Perrin.

Warren, Magdalena "Lana" (Klock). b. 1828. d. Apr. 2, 1887 of pneumonia. Age
59. Buried on Lot 21 in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o David & Catherine Klock. w/o

Hiram P. Warren.

See notes below Probable son of JABEZ and BROTHER of Enos both sons of
Jabez) (added b/d data to records from DAR 1799-1841) Son Joseph Franklin
WARREN b 11-22-1833 d 8-21-1866 ae 32 yrs, 4 mos, 20
das. Married Lorando Simmons (Called Lorand)* (b 11-19-1838) dau of Walter
and Roxalana (Lyon) Simmons of Fluvanna, NY both buried here;
Their Dau., Kate Luella Warren b in Ellery 3-14-1862 d in Ellery 5-18-1934
m Hiram L. Smith of Ellery (b 5-25-1861 d 11-21-1927 bur Fluvanna Cemetery)
Warren , Hiram P. w/ Lana ( * there are several DAR files list wife of ONE
Hiram Warren, Son of JABEZ NOT ENOS who would be his brother), (1796-1879)m.
1820 Rachel Steward (1799-1841). If this is the same Hiram and the DO dates
fit, he is the son of JABEZ not Enos and Lana was his 2nd wife)

Warren, Julietta. b. Mar. 18, 1850 Ellery, NY. d. Aug. 14, 1886. Age 36. d/o
Hiram P. & Magdalene "Lana" (Klock) Warren. m. Jan. 10, 1886 at the Warren
home near Jamestown, NY, Sherman Oliver Carpenter. Sherman b. July 28, 1852
at Watts Flats, NY. d. July 14, 1918 Clearwater, Kansas. Age 65/11/16. He is
buried in Clearwater Kansas. s/o Joseph & Emily (Blowers) Sherman Carpenter.
After the death of Julietta he returned to Kansas and married 2nd in Aug. of
1888 Edna Wright.

Warren Betsey B. b. June 6, 1833 East Aurora, NY. d. Mar. 5, 1909. Age
75/6/6. d/o Enos & Polly (Persons) Warren. w/o Riley David Wilbur. Riley b.
Dec. 11, 1834. d. July 16, 1913. Age 79 Years. s/o David & Sally M. (Barber)
Wilbur. Both Betsey and Riley are buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. Their
daughter, Alta Marie Wilbur, 1867 - 1931, the wife of Adelbert L. Dexter, is
also buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery.

Warren, Lester. ??- ??. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Warren, Enos, E. 1904 - 1973. w/ Augusta.
Warren, Augusta. w/o Enos E 1900 - 1982. w/o Enos E. Warren.
Warren, Ella R. 1860 - 1939. w/o Enos A. Warren.
Warren, Enos A. 1853 - 1938. w/ Ella R.

Waterman, Alfred J. 1889 - 1969. w/ Laura L. Ecker.
Waterman, Laura L. (Ecker). w/o Alfred J. 1893 - 1972. w/o Alfred J.

Waterman, James D. b. July 30, 1919 Laurel, KY. d. Mar. 9, 2000 in his home
in Lakewood, NY. Age 80. s/o Alfred J. & Laura L. (Ecker) Waterman. m. 1st
Evelyn E. Larson who died July 14, 1986. m. 2nd Shirley Bergman. James
survived by two brothers: Douglas L. and Leslie P. Waterman and two sisters:
Ora Stanford and Bernice Gastol. He was preceded in death by four brothers:
Andrew, Bruce, Russell and Glen Waterman. A veteran of U.S. Army serving
during WW II.

Watson, William. 1851 - 1924. w/ Margaret Boak.

Watson, Margaret (Boak). b. 1852 in England. d. Oct. 25, 1936. Age 84/4/4
Buried Oct. 27, 1936 in Fluvanna Cemetery, Section 10. w/o William Watson.

Weaver, Mary. d. Nov. 26, 1867 of spotted fever. Age 2/11/23. d/o Henry M. &
Adelphia L. (Rice) Weaver. (Henry and Adelphia were married in Chautauqua
Co, NY, ca 1864-66).

Wenstran, Theodore G. 1883 - 1962. w/ Selma L.
Wenstran, Selma L. 1878 - 1931. w/o Theodore G. Wenstran.

West, Bessie E. 1891 - 1968.

Westergren, Arthur D.C. 1926 - 1970.
Westergren, David R. 1892 - 1974. w/ Signe A.
Westergren, Signe A. 1899 - 1968. w/o David R. Westergren.

Westley, Wilford. b. 1895. d. Mar. 3, 1972. May be buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. m. Aug. 6, 1949 in Ripley, Jessie C. Cobb.

Westley, Jessie C. (Cobb). b. July 23, 1923 Curwensville, Pa. d. June 4,
1999 Lawson Care Center, Jamestown, NY. d/o Ray & Nellie (Rush) Cobb. Was a
resident at 842 N. Main St., Jamestown, formerly of 812 Newland Ave.,
Jamestown, NY. She had been a Jamesyown area resident since 1977. She had
been employed by the former Fenton Park Nursing Home as a dishwasher and the
Lakewood United Methodist Church as a custodian. Surviving are a stepson,
Rober Westley of Clymer, a sister, Waveline Keith of Fla., and a brother
Sheridan Cobb of Warren.

Wetsel, James Alexander. b. 1847 Wisconsin. d. Jan. 13, 1913 WCA Hospital,
Jamestown, NY. Age 65. s/o John C. & Emeline (Simmons) Wetsel. w/ Flora Eva

Wetsel, Flora Eva (Dickerson). b. 1862. d. July 9, 1927 Jamestown, NY. Age
64/11/19. d/o William S. & Olive M. (Parker) Dickerson. w/o James Alexander
Wetsel. Flora had a brother, Fred Dickerson.

Wetsel, Infant Twins. d. 1888. Children of James Alexander & Flora Eva
(Dickerson) Wetsel.

Wetsel, John C. ?? - ??. Where is John buried? w/ Emeline Simmons.

Wetsel, Emeline (Simmons) d. Apr. 4, 1851 in the 25th year of her age. w/o
John C. Wetsel.

Wetsel, Merritt. 1851 - 1921. s/o John C. & Emeline (Simmons) Wetsel. He
lived with Alexander Simmons family...and he took the name of Simmons. w/
Hannah Conden.

Wheeler, Zenas. b. Oct. 4, 1769. d. Sept. 7, 1850. w/ Shuah Fifield.
Wheeler, Shuah (Fifield). b. Jan. 27, 1769. d. Apr. 20, 1842. d/o Benjamin &
Hannah (Peters) Fifield. w/o Zenas Wheeler.

Wheeler, William F. of Concord, N.H. b. Oct. 22, 1793. d. Sept. 7, 1835. Age
43. w/ Susan C.

Wheeler, Susan C. d. July 15, 1851. Age 56/9/24. w/o William F. Wheeler.

Wheeler, George. b. Oct. 27, 1829. d. June 17, 1856.

Wheeler, Harley E. b. Nov. 24, 1932. d. Aug. 28, 1998. s/o Elton & Clara
(Person) Wheeler.

in old reading is spelled Wicher. In Book is Whicher.
Whicher, Samuel Morris. b. ca. 1839 Mayville, NY. d. May 31, 1875. Age
35/11/24 Corry, Erie Co. Pa. of malignant diphtheria. He was in good health,
on Friday, May 28th. Was attacked on the morning of the 29th and died at 7
p.m. on the 31st of May. m. Feb. 15, 1865 Florence Ruth Maples. (Samuel was
age 26 and Florence Age 19 when they were married in Ellery). Samuel was a
trading agent.

Whicher, Florence Ruth (Maples). b. Aug. 11, 1845. d. 1906. Buried on the
south east side of the 3-cornered Maple marker. d/o Charles G. & Ruth
(Barney) Maples. w/o Samuel Morris Whicher.

Whicher, Alice Lee. b. ca 1866. d. Apr. 16, 1875 in Corry, Erie Co., Pa. of
scarlet fever and spinal meningitis. Age 9/4/0. Oldest d/o Samuel Morris &
Florence Ruth (Maples) Whicher.

Whicher, Morris Pierce. d. Sept. 19, 1871. Age 1/13/0. s/o Samuel Morris &
Florence Ruth (Maples) Whicher.

Whitcomb, Sandra J. (Abplanalp). b. Jan. 22, 1946. d. Oct. 1, 1994. w/o
Henry Whitcomb.

White, Lana Jane (Vanderwarker). Owner of Lot 45. b. ca 1836. d. May 29,
1887 at Mapleton, Dakota. Buried on Lot 45 in Fluvanna Cemetery beside her
son Wilbur F. White. Age 51/10/9. w/o Edmond White.

White, Wilbur F. d. Aug. 22, 1883. Age 15/7/0. Buried on Lot 45 in Fluvanna
Cemetery. s/o Edmond & Lana Jane (Vanderwarker) White.

White, C. Vincent. b. Nov, 13, 1921. d. Apr. 18, 1994. w/ Marilyn L.

White, Marilyn L. b. July 8, 1927. d. Aug. 28, 1983. w/o C. Vincent White.

Whittemore, Samuel. b. June 18, 1799 Linesboro, NH. d. 2:30 p.m. Jan 16,
1875 at his home in Fluvanna, NY, of kidney disease and dropsy. Buried on
Lot 200. s/o Samuel Whittemore Sr. & Jane Renew ? (From Igi) but in book
looks like Jane Bemus). m. 1822 Shuah Fifield Wheeler. Partnership in Fenton
Whittemore Kiln near Fluvanna, Later opened a temperance hotel which became
a famous lake resort. Was postmnaster in Fluvanna when post office was
established May 22, 1827. Postmaster until 1875. He was the first to assist
in opening the cemetery grounds at Fluvanna.

Whittemore, Shauh Fifield (Wheeler). b. Dec. 29, 1799 Concord, N.H. d. Dec.
30, 1876 Fluvanna, NY. Age 76 years, 1 day. Buried on Lot 200. d/o Zenas &
Shauh Fifield (Wheeler) Whittemore. w/o Samuel Whittemore. She was attended
in her last illness by Dr. Parsons. She was in decline about 3 years. For 2
years was attended by Dr. Cornelius Orris.

Whittemore, Francis Orman. d. June 18, 1853. Age 21. s/o Samuel & Shuah
Fifield (Wheeler) Whittemore

Whittemore, Henry A. Owner of Lot 200 in Fluvanna Cemeetery. b. ca 1829. d.
Sept. 7, 1901 Berwyn, Ill. Age 72. Buried on Lot 200. s/o Samuel & Shaul
Fifield (Wheeler) Whittemore. m. Mar. 6, 1850 Sarah Abigail Griffith.

Whittemore, Sarah Abigail (Griffith). b. Mar. 12, 1827 Ellery, NY. d. Jan.
7, 1890 at Syracuse at home of her daughter, Mrs. C. D. Cowles (Jennie
Henrietta). Oldest d/o Seth & Polly "Mary" (Reynolds) Griffith.

Whittemore, Ida Eudora. b. Aug. 4, 1853. d. Mar 24, 1854. Age 5/8/0. d/o
Henry A. & Sarah Abigail (Griffith) Whittemore.

Whittemore, Eudora. b. May 14, 1855. d. Oct. 22, 1855. d/o Henry A. & Sarah
Abigail (Griffith) Whittemore.

Wicks, Andrew W. 1847 - 1923.
Wicks, Minnie E. (Scofield). b. June 26, 1859 Panama, NY. d. May 26, 1953 at
Warner Home where she had been a resident since 1923. Age. 93. s/o Ezra C. &
Esther (Pray) Scofield. w/o Andrew Wicks. Minnie spent her early childhood
in Panama, and from 1881 to 1886 taught in the Village Union School. PJ

Wicks, Sophia (Ward). d. Dec. 8, 1851. Age 32/2/0. 1st w/o James H. Wicks.
James d. Mar. 1891 and is buried in Lake View Cemetery, Jamestown, NY.

Wilbur, Job. d. Mar. 12, 1855. Age 74/4/9 also given as 73/4/9. w/ Rebecca
Sisson. This is probably Job Wilbur of Unadilla, Otsego, NY. s/o of Simeon
Wilbur and Phebe Wood.

Wilbur, Rebecca (Sisson). d. Mar. 14, 1867. Age 82/10/0. w/o Job Wilbur.
(Probably the Rebecca Sisson, b. 29 May 1783, Hoosick, NY. d/o of John
Sisson and A. Crandall)

Wilbur, Simeon. b. Feb. June 22, 1822 Unadilla, Otsego Co., NY. d. Feb. 17,
1875 Gerry, NY. Age 52/7/25. Died of rheumatism of which he was a great
sufferer for many years. Buried Lot 200. s/o Job & Rebecca (Sisson) Wilbur.
m. May 9, 1848 Christiana Griffith.

Wilbur, Christiana (Griffith). b. July 3, 1827. d. Jan. 24, 1924. d/o Samuel
& Elsie (Simmons) Griffith. (Christiana (4), Samuel (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth
(1) Griffith). w/o Simeon Wilbur.

Wilbur, Charles. b. Dec. 6, 1850. d. Aug. 16, 1899 Prairie City, Ohio, of
pneumonia. s/o Simeon & Christiana (Griffith) Wilbur. m. 1st 1872. Abbie
Damon. m. 2nd Delle Carrier.

Wilbur, Chestina Elsie. b. Aug. 6, 1853. d. Jan. 23, 1854. Age 5 months, 12
days. d/o Simeon & Christiana (Griffith) Wilbur.

Wilbur, Frank Simeon. b. July 25, 1862. d. Apr. 8, 1920 Wichita, Kansas.
Buried in Whichita, Kansas. s/o Simeon & Christina (Griffith) Wilbur. m.
July 21, 1880. Jessie Cobb. Jessie d. Apr. 4, 1817.

Wilbur, Riley David. b. Dec. 11, 1834. d. July 16, 1913 at Tioga, Pa. Age
79/7/5. s/o David & Sally M. (Barber) Wilbur. Riley m. at the age of 31, on
Dec. 29, 1864, Betsey B. Warren. Riley survived by brothers, Aaron of
Ellery; Nathan in the West; and sisters Mrs. Viola D. Wood of Lakewood and
Mrs. Mary Brown of Bemus Point.

Wilbur, Betsey B. (Warren). b. June 6, 1833 East Aurora. d. Mar. 5, 1909
Ellery. Age 75/6/6. Betsey survived by a brother Hiram P. Warren of

Riley WILBUR Self M M W 46 NY
Occ: Farmer Fa: NY Mo: NY
Betsey WILBUR Wife F M W 46 NY
Occ: Keeping House Fa: NY Mo: NY
Robert WILBUR Son M S W 14 NY
Atta WILBUR Dau F S W 13 NY
Almeda WILBUR Dau F S W 11 NY
Alice WILBUR Dau F S W 7 NY

Wilbur, Alta Marie. b. 1867. d. 1931. d/o Riley David & Betsey B. (Warren)
Wilbur. w/o Adelbert L. Dexter.

Wilbur, Almeda M. b. 1868. d. 1939. m. Merritt C. Lord.

Wilbur, Blaine G. b. 1879. d. May 31, 1961. s/o Aaron & Mary Jane (Haskin)
Wilbur. w/ Velma Harvey.

Wilbur, Velma (Harvey) b. Apr. 28, 1888 Randolph, NY. d. Dec. 17, 1981
Chautauqua County Infirmary. Age 93. d/o Oscar & Saddie (Spaulding) Harvey.
PJ clipping 12/19/1981. Velma Harvey Wilbur, 93, formerly of Livingston
Ave., Celoron, and Sheridan, died Thursday evening (Dec. 17, 1981) in
Chautauqua County Infirmary, Dunkirk. She was the widow of Blaine G. Wilbur,
who died May 31, 1961. Mrs. Wilbur was born April 28, 1888 in Randolph, the
daughter of Oscar and Haddie Spaulding Harvey. She was a member of Norolec
Rebekah Lodge of Odd Fellows No. 110 of Celoron. Surviving are two
daughters: Beverly Niebel of Sheridan and Bernice Taylor of Ft. Dix, N.J.;
seven grandchildren; 16 great grandchildren and four
great-great-grandchildren. Mrs. Wilbur was preceded in death by her husband;
two daughters; Bertha Lombardo and Betrice Bourdags; one sister, Pearl
Joslyn; five brothers: Clarence, Carl, Walter, Frankie and Hart H. Harvey;
and one grandson, Robert Lombardo. Burial will be in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Wilkinson, Thomas "Sharp". b. Nov. 24, 1892 Sharon, Pa. d. Dec. 29, 1969 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 77. s/o Robert & Mary (Thompson) Wilkinson. w/
Marguerite Gibson.

Wilkinson, Marguerite (Gibson). 1889 - 1931. w/o Thomas "Sharp" Wilkinson.

(Children of Thomas "Sharp" & Marguerite (Gibson) Wilkinson included: Lois
who m. Herbert Rexford; Ruth who m. Frank Sack Jr.; a daughter who m. Thomas
Kail; a daughter who m. Jack Haupin; a daughter who m. Gary Wolf; Elizabeth
who m. Arthur H. Carpenter; and Rhea who m. _____Starks).

Willits, Mary Jane (Strunk). d. Feb. 6, 1872. Age 25. w/o William Willits.

Williams, Marshall I. Jr. b. Aug. 17, 1914. d. May 25, 1979 WCA Hospital,
Jamestown, NY. Age 64. s/o Ira & Florence (Hedlund) Williams. m. Mar. 17,
1948 Lois Ruth Ackroyd. Prior to retiring in 1965, Marshall was employed by
the City of Jamestown Board of Public Utilities at the Light Plant for 20
years. Survived by brothers: Ronald Williams of Dutch Hollow Road, and Jack
Williams and a sister, Helen Fellows, both of Jamestown. Marshall lived on
Sunnyside Road, at Sunnyside, NY.

Williams, Lois Ruth (Ackroyd). b. 1929. Living in 2001. d/o Arthur &
Margurite (Stone) Ackroyd. Arthur s/o Frank & Ruth (Holden) Ackroyd. w/o
Marshall I. Williams.

Williams, Ronald A. b. Mar. 12, 1905 Jamestown, NY. d. Dec. 3, 1979 stricken
while driving his car. Age 74. s/o Ira & Florence (Hedlund) Williams. w/
Grace Simmons. Ronald survived by a brother, Jack D. Williams and a sister,
Helen Fellows of Jamestown. Preceded in death by brothers, Stanley, Marshall
and Richard Williams.

Williams, Grace (Simmons). b. Apr. 26. 1904 Town of Ellery. d. Sept. 26,
1964 at her home. Age 60. d/o Marcue "Mark" & Sarah M. "Sadie" (Barclay)
Simmons. w/o Ronald A. Williams. Grace had lived in the area all of her
life. Has a sister: Mrs. Eva Swanson, Dutch Hollow Road; one brother, Leon
Simmons of Greehhurst.

Williams, Jack D. b. 1922. w/ Phyllis L.

Williams, Phyllis L. 1924 - 1988. w/o Jack D. Williams.

Williamson, Jane B. 18334 - 1928 w/o Elias Strunk. She m. 2nd Dr. J. Wells
Button. Her daughter Georgiana Strunk w/o Dr. Ernesto Loffredo, 1858 - 1943
is also buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Willsie, Marjorie (Cederquist). 1902 - 1980. 2nd w/o Leo J. Willsie. Leo d.
Jan. 28, 1971 and is buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Mayville, NY.

Willsie, Irene E. 1908 - 1989.

Wilson, Miriam M. b. Feb. 19, 1866 Isle of Mann. d. Aug. 11, 1919 Jamestown,
NY. w/o Ernest Frank. Miriam sister of John "Joseph" Wilson.

Wilson, Clarissa (Hill). d. 1902. Age 79. Bd. on Lot 168. Lot owned by
Solomon Hill.

lot 63 owner book
Winchester, Jonas F. d. 1876. Probably the Jonas Frederick Winchester b. 21
Sep 1829 s/o Frances W. Winchester and Harriet Castle.

Winchester, Jane L. no data
Jane W. Howard. d. 1889. Age 22.

Winsell, Bert. 1913 - 1995. w/ Virginia.
Winsell, Virginia. 1919 - 1990. w/o Bert Winsell.

Lot 244 owner was David Elliott. Bodies removed and lot sold to Alexander
Hannah (Winslow) Elliott died 1884 age 24 of Consumption and her infant also
died 1884 age 6 months 4 days and they were removed from this cemetery,
place not shown in book records.
Sarah M. Brown. b. 1844. d. 1917 d/o Alexander & Lucy (Hoard) Brown.
Alexander S. Brown d. May 13, 1849. His wife, Lucy (Hoard) Brown d. Apr. 17,
1890. Both buried at Fluvanna.

Winsor, Henry M. b. July 15, 1829. d. Oct. 8, 1898 at home on 8 Price St.,
Jamestown, NY. w/ Sophia A. Cheney.

Winsor, Sophia A. (Cheney). d. Nov. 7, 1861. Age 29/9/4. w/o Henry M.

Winsor, Nahum. d. Apr. 23, 1859. Age 5/3/5. s/o Henry M. & Sophia A.
(Cheney) Winsor.

Winsor. Lillie Belle. b. Feb. 16, 1870 Ellery. d. Mar. 14, 1870 of Cholera
Infantum.. Age 0/6/13. Buried on Lot 118. d/o Henry M. & Sophia A. (Cheney)

Winsor, Henry Clement. d. at his home 705, W. 8th St., Jamestown, NY. Age
49/8/21. s/o Henry M. & Sophia A. (Cheney) Winsor.

Wise, William. b. Apr. 26, 1942. d. May 19, 1998.

Wolfe, Gail R. b. June 9, 1918 Stoneham, Pa. d. Aug. 13, 1993 Fenton Park
Nursing Home, Jamestown, NY. s/o Gail M. & Clara M. (Lawson) Wolfe. m. Jan.
1, 1942 in North Warren, Pa, Thelma Renne. Gail was a hammerman for Crescent
Tool Co. for over 30 years, retiring in 1983. He attended Fluvanna Community
Church and was a member of the Moose Lodge, the War Vets Recreation and a
life member of Fluvanna Volunteer Fire Dept. He was preceded in death by a
brother, Richard L. Wolfe, who died in May of 1943.

Wolfe, Thelma (Renne) b. Nov. 8, 1922. d. Apr. 3, 1996. w/o Gail R. Wolfe.

Wood, Clair O. b. 1928. ??. w/ Gladys L. Hetrick. FATHER.

Wood, Gladys L. (Hetrick). b. Feb. 15, 1930 Clarion, Pa. d. Mar. 24, 2001
Jamestown, NY. Age 71. d/o Floyd & Mary Elizabeth (Brooks) Hetrick. w/o
Clair O. Wood. MOTHER.

Wood, David J. b. Dec. 12, 1953. d. Mar. 21, 1999. s/o Clair & Gladys
(Hetrick) Wood. U.S. Air Force

Woodard, James R. b. Nov. 23, 1823 Ellery. d. Dec. 21, 1868 Jamestown, NY.
Age 39/0/21. w/ Kate SEE. James died of inflamation of the bowels. He was
buried on lot 69 at Fluvanna. Following data from old cemetery book: The
body of James R. Woodard was disinterred and opened by Dr. Charles Hazeltine
and portions of the liver, pancreas, intestines and lungs were removed and
carried to Jamestown for investigation. Dr.'s Waterhouse, Ormes ? were
present, with Mr. Price as? with a jury from Jamestown and Deputy Shangle
(hand writing from old cemetery book is faded and ink blotched making it
impossible to make out more details).

Woodard, John H. d. 1873. Buried on Lot 69. This is the same lot as James R.

Woodard Elmer G. 1909 - 1972. w/ Adeline A. HUSBAND
Woodard, Adeline A. 1912 - 1952. w/o Elmer G. Woodard. MOTHER.

Worden, George N. 1903 - 1970. w/ Gertrude W.
Worden, Gertrude W. 1905 - 1972. w/o George N. Worden.

Wright, Wilbur W. b. Jan. 12, 1815. d. Oct. 15, 1881. w/ Caroline Griffith.
Wright, Caroline (Griffith). b. Aug. 1, 1819. d. Nov. 15, 1908. w/o Wilbur
W. Wright.

Wright, Edwin A. "Rick". 1952 - 1986. s/o Edwin F. & Bessie V. (Logue)
Wright. CPL US Marine Corps. Vietnam Veteran.

Wright, Harold. b. 1894. d. Jan. 8, 1975. m. Nov. 21, 1922 Margaret Johnsen.
Wright, Margaret (Johnsen). b. June 18, 1899 Warren, Pa. d. Apr. 9, 1987 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 87. d/o John & Petrea Johnsen. In 1987 lived
with daughter, Maxine Smith of Greenhurst. Preceded in death by five
brothers and a sister.

Yerdon, Gilbert. b. Feb. 7, 1863. d. Jan. 20, 1906. w/ Ariette L. Hooper
Yerdon, Ariette L. (Hooper). b. Jan. 20, 1865. d. Mar 2, 19__. w/o Gilbert

Yorker, Anthony. b. 1840 Germany. d. Feb. 14, 1905 Ellery. Buried on Lot 26.
Age 64/7/19. w/ Ellen Armenia Hale. Anthony came to America in 1854 with his
family. Anthony had brother Soph of Petrolia, Pa. and sisters, Mrs. Mary
Berneisen and Mrs. Amelia Myers of Dunkirk. Co. "E" 112 Regt, N.Y. Vol. Inf.

Yorker, Ellen Armenia (Hale). b. Dec. 24, 1858. d. 1929 Buried on Lot 26.
d/o Milton Alfred & Ariette (Arnold) Hale. w/o Anthony Yorker. Ellen m. 2nd
Jeremiah "Sackett" Griffith.

Youker, Charles. d. Jan. 31, 1862. Buried on Lot 61. Age 40/10/15. s/o
William G. & Polly (Loucks) Youker. w/ Elizabeth Wilcox. (Charles and
Elizabeth divorced).

Youker, George W. Owner of Lot 60. b. Feb. 8, 1825. d. Jan. 10, 1895 Ellery
Center, NY. Age 70. s/o William G. & Polly (Loucks) Youker. w/ Maria Polly

Youker, Maria Polly (Warren) b. Jan. 17, 1829 East Aurora. d. Apr. 4, 1880
Ellery Center, NY. Age 51/2/17. d/o Enos & Polly (Persons) Warren. w/o
George W. Youker.

Youker, Leone. d. Mar. 18, 1862. Age 10 months. d/o Charles & Elizabeth
(Wilcox) Youker.

Youker, Lester. b. Jan. 3, 1857. d. July 7, 1857. Buried on Lot 60. s/o
George William & Maria Polly (Warren) Youker. George s/o William G. & Polly
(Loucks) Youker.

Youker, William G. Owner of Lot 112 in Fluvanna Cemetery. m. 1st Polly
Loucks. m. 2nd Eliza Shepard McNitt.

Youker, Polly (Loucks). w/o William G. Youker. Polly not buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery but on the Will Hale Farm on Dutch Hollow Road.

Youker, Eliza (Shepard) McNitt. b. 1891. d. age 84. w/o William G. Youker.
(However some records have her married to David Youker the s/o William G.
Youker). Eliza had daughters Maria and Alvira McNitt.

Youker, Martin. Youker. b. 1827. d. Dec. 31, 1885. Age 56/9/7. s/o William
G. & Polly (Loucks) Youker. Unmarried.

Young, Eugene Powers. b. Nov. 4, 1850 Town of Gerry. d. July 17, 1932 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 81. s/o Wendell B. Sr. & Prudence (Carpenter)
Young. m. Nov. 14, 1877 Rosa Bell Smiley.

Young, Rosa Bell (Smiley). b. Nov. 14, 1856 Ellery. d. Aug. 27, 1943 Bemus
Point, NY. d/o John & Eliza Minerva (Briggs) Smiley.

Young, John Wendell. b. June 3, 1891. d. Oct. 9, 1922 Bemus Point where he
was visiting his parents, Eugene Powers & Rosa Bell (Smiley) Young. m. Aug.
31, 1918 Detroit, Mich., Ethel Pierre Burris. Ethel m. 2nd Henry Swanson who
died at Detroit, Mich., June 14, 1956. He and Ethel are both buried in
Detriot, Mich. WW I.

Young, Carrie M. b. July 4, 1882 Town of Ellery. d. Mar 16, 1969 Fenton Park
Nursing Home. Age 86. d/o Eugene & Rosa Bell (Smiley) Young.
Great-great-granddaughter of Joseph Boyd. Never Married.

YOUNG or WESTLEY (unsure of surname)
Young, Westley. w/ Frances V 1893 - 1973. Twin of Florence V.
Young Westley. w/ Jessie C . 1923 - 1999.

Zeestraten, Cornelius. d. 1961. w/ Bertha Hartz
Zeestraten, Bertha (Hartz). b. Sept. 16, 1899 Jamestown. d. Dec. 27, 1982
Anderson Memorial Hospital, Pelzer, S.C. Age 83. d/o Theodore Hartz. w/o
Cornelius Zeestraten.

Zeestraten, C. Robert. b. May 7, 1927 Jamestown. d. Nov. 15, 1996 Veterans
Med. Center, Buffalo. Age 69. s/o Cornelius & Bertha (Hartz) Zeestraten. m.
Aug. 1948. Kathleen Joan Cheney. (Robert & Kathleen divorced). During WW
II, Robert served overseas with the Army in European Theater. 1948
associated with his father in Chautauqua Flower Fields, Greenhurst, NY.

Zeestraten, Kathleen Joan (Cheney). b. Nov. 26, 1926. d. Aug. 24, 1990. Age
63. d/o Alfred "Morelle" & Anne (Nystrom) Cheney.

Zimmerman, Gertrude (Denslow). b. May 27, 1910. d. Nov. 12, 1998. w/o
William P. Zimmerman.

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SOURCE: Compiled and digitized by Dolores Davidson, 2001.
Data from many sources, including the old records of Minnie Cohen transcribed in1932 and from the Enchanted Mountains Genealogy Cemetery site, compiled by EMGS Member James J. Emborsky with permission of the President, Mary Bryant, in a shared database old obits and bios newspaper clippings etc. and current obituaries and the records of Loraine Smith, and by family data; and all data corrected and edited by Loraine Smith, Town of Ellery Historian; according to her records.